Peaches and cream 2.

Jarvis felt her respond and gave a low, contented growl.
Gripping her hips hard, he backed out until all but the barbed
knob of his pecker were freed from her tight, clenching anal
passageway. Then, with a savage grunt, he pounded back into her.
Melanie screamed, but it was a scream of pure pleasure. She
wanted it. She wanted that thick, brutal pole battered deep
inside her simmering, suckling asshole.
And Jarvis was eager to oblige. Grunts of animalistic
passion spraying from between his clenched teeth, he began to
pound into her hard, slamming his huge mauler deep inside her, his
libidinous fires blazing in his loins, his head beginning to swim
with uncontrollable lust.
He couldn’t contain himself any longer. Gasping with
masculine pleasure, he slammed in and out of his sister’s
constricting asshole with all his might. Each time he banged into
her, a bone-rattling shudder rushed through Melanie’s body and she
groaned in ecstasy.
He threw back his head and howled in pleasure, ramming to the
hilt inside of her, shudders of white-hot pleasure rippling
through his body. His big balls tightened and boiled over, and
hot, heavy jets of jism hurtled up his tubes and blasted deep into
Melanie’s guts, spraying her full of his semen.
As soon as she felt the hot liquid spatter deep inside of
her, Melanie felt her stomach flip-flop with excitement, and a
gush of searing pleasure coursed through her. She gave an
impassioned shriek, bucking back against Jarvis’ lusty strokes,
coming again and again, in her ass and in her cunt, her entire
body blazing with promiscuous libidinous delight.
The incestuous siblings lay in one another’s arms for a long
time, gasping and tingling with delicious, tired delight. The
rich scent of sex and sweat wafted into their nostrils, and they
talked in low voices, caressing one another and kissing
“Whatever we do,” Jarvis said huskily, “We better not let
Daddy find out about it. I swear, he’s likely to get out his
shotgun and blast me full of holes if he thought I’d laid a hand
on my pretty sister!”
Melanie smiled at him voluptuously, closing her small warm
fingers around her brother’s limp sticky lance.
“I want you to lay your hand on me any time you want, Jarvis,
dear,” she said in a voice like melted honey, “And right now, I’d
like to have another taste of your cock. Now that I know what
it’s like, I’m not about to let an opportunity like this go to
She began to move her fingers up and down his slowly
stiffening rod and her horny older brother moaned in pleasure as
lust rekindled in his hard young loins. Melanie bent down and
blew hot breath on Jarvis’ cockhead, and then took it slowly into
her mouth and began to suck.
Jarvis closed his eyes and grinned in lascivious excitement.
It was going to be one helluva sensual afternoon!

Chapter 4

Melanie had never slept so well in her life. Jarvis had
fucked her for hours the afternoon before, and when it approached
the time when their father was expected home, her lusty brother
had shot four loads into various orifices of her body, and Melanie
had come too many times to count.
Rhett Wilkerson had commented during supper that he had never
seen his c******n looking so tired before.
“I just don’t see how you can be tired, Melanie,” he said,
winking at his lovely daughter, “What did you do today which was
so strenuous?”
“Oh, nothing, Daddy,” Melanie simpered, batting her long
lashes at him, “Nothing at all, and I was bored silly. Sometimes
there’s nothing that tires one so much as being bored.”
She turned her eyes toward her brother and flashed him a
voluptuous smile. He grinned back, and then hastily averted his
eyes, concentrating on eating his supper.
“You know, Daddy,” Melanie said sweetly, “Opal Wakefield is
having her debutante ball in less than a month and I’ve got
absolutely nothing to wear to it!”
“Oh, come now, honey, what about that pink and white thing
you just had whipped up? That cost me an arm and a leg!”
“But DADDY, I wore that to Roberta Hampton’s wedding! I
couldn’t possibly be seen in public with an old dress!” Melanie
Rhett Wilkerson made a comical expression of exasperation,
winking at his son.
“Women! I don’t pretend to understand their whims and
niceties!” he exclaimed, “Why a dress is considered ‘old’ after
it’s been worn once is beyond me! Well, sweetheart, you know you
can get yourself a new outfit any time you like.”
“Well, that’s just it, Daddy,” Melanie said, “I was wondering
if you’d let Brutus drive me into town tomorrow to Mr. Klinton’s
shop to pick out some material. I hear he just got a new shipment
of silks from France, and Livia Charlston’s mother is getting her
dress made there.”
Rhett frowned and said slowly, “Well, I suppose so. I’m
flying to Oaksbury in the morning, so I won’t be needing the car.
But don’t you go wandering about the town, now, you hear, Missy?
I don’t want to hear anything about your gallivanting about
without an escort, or you’ll be grounded for a month. Is that
clear? You go to town, pick out the damn cloth, and come right
straight home!”
“Well, of course, Daddy! You don’t have to be so suspicious
of me!” Melanie exclaimed, flashing him her most dazzling smile.
When she wanted to, Melanie could manipulate just about
anybody. Her domineering father could be wrapped around her
little finger when she wanted him to be. And now that she had
gotten a taste of what it was like to be a free woman, Melanie’s
appetite was ravenous. She knew she could have what she wanted
and still retain the saintly image her father wanted to ingrain in
her until he had married her off.
She awakened in the morning feeling deliciously rested. Her
cunt and asshole ached a little, but it was a delicious ache, and
one which sent ripples of excitement coursing through her when she
remembered what had caused it.
Jarvis was going to be away for the next few days with some
friends on a camping trip, so she had to seek sensual adventures
And she had been very titillated by the sight of Brutus and
Dahlia fooling around in the barn the day before. She wanted to
get a look at that huge pecker of Brutus’ up close.
After she had eaten breakfast, Melanie stretched luxuriantly
and said to Dahlia,
“Dahlia, please go tell Brutus that I’m ready to go into town
now, and he can bring the car around to the front of the house.”
“Yes, ma’am,” the pretty mulatto servant chirped, tripping
off to find her hulking black stud of a lover.
Melanie went back to her room and put some finishing touches
on her make-up, surveying herself critically in the mirror. She
smugly thought that she looked absolutely stunning, and she was
right, too. Dressed in a very revealing gown with a plunging
neckline, made of a virtually transparent blue material that clung
to her curvaceous figure, she looked sweet and sugary and very,
very sexy.
Melanie heard the car puff around to the front of the house,
and she darted downstairs, swinging her purse on her arm, and
dashed out of the front door.
Brutus got out of the car and respectfully held open the back
door for her.
“No, Brutus, I want to ride up front today, so I can see
everything!” Melanie said cheerfully, dazzling him with a
voluptuous smile.
“Yes, ma’am,” he said.
She slid in beside him in the front seat of the limousine,
and he started the motor and began to drive out of the family
“Brutus, could you drive the long way, around Mulligan’s
Lake? I’m in no hurry, and I’d love to take a scenic drive before
we get into town!”
“Sure, Miss Melanie, whatever you say,” Brutus said
amiably, and turned the car around, heading for Mulligan’s Lake.
Out of the corner of her eye, Melanie regarded the big black
stud with admiration.
He was neatly dressed in a white button-up shirt and black
slacks, but she could see the way his burly body bulged and
strained against the material. Her heart beat rapidly as a surge
of lust swept through her wanton loins. The titillating idea of a
forbidden, sexual encounter with a black man made her feel
promiscuously excited. She knew that her father would be utterly
aghast if he ever even suspected that she was attracted to a black
man, let alone actually had a sexual encounter with one. Well,
she had every intention of doing a lot of things that would shock
her father if he knew about them. And she had no intention of
letting her father find out.
Brutus couldn’t get over how dazzling Miss Melanie looked
that morning in her diaphanous blue gown. Her long golden hair
was thrown back and fell in brilliant tresses down her back, and
her large blue eyes sparkled like chinks of sky. He couldn’t help
stealing a look at her revealing, plunging neckline. Miss Melanie
had the creamiest, smoothest looking skin he’d ever seen and her
full ballooning breasts looked like round firm melons, good enough
to eat.
Brutus shook these disturbing thoughts from his mind, knowing
how dangerous they could be. You start messing around with the
boss’s daughter, you playing with fire, fool, he told himself.
Brutus didn’t know that the lovely sixteen year old wench had
plans to seduce him, and was squirming with excitement.
They drove along in silence for a while, and then Melanie
began to speak in her sweet, innocent sounding tones.
“You planning on marrying our Dahlia, Brutus?”
The big black stud cast an amazed glance at the daughter of
his employer.
“Me and Dahlia, getting hitched? No, ma’am! Where did you get
that idea?”
“But you like Dahlia a lot, don’t you, Brutus?”
The big man shrugged. “Why, sure. Dahlia’s a fine woman.
But I am not interested in her that way, ma’am. I got my own
fiancée in town.”
“Oh,” Melanie said, “Then, how come you have sex with Dahlia
in the barn all the time?”
Brutus nearly swerved the car off the road and into a tree he
was so overcome with shock. The hulking black brute was shaking
like a leaf in consternation, beads of sweat breaking out on his
“W-What’s that, M-Miss Melanie?” he gasped hoarsely.
Melanie gave a silvery laugh and patted his huge bicep
“Oh, don’t look so scared, Brutus, silly! I was just pulling
your leg! I’m not going to tattle to Daddy about your messing
around with his mistress, don’t you worry!”
Brutus gulped hard and stammered, “T-Thank you, Miss
She batted her lashes coquettishly at him and said in a
slightly lower voice, “That is, I won’t tell him if you promise to
do exactly as I say.”
Brutus swept a sidelong, startled glance at the pretty but
crafty blonde perched beside him in the front seat of the
“Anything you say, Miss Melanie,” he muttered, still in a
state of semi-shock.
“Good,” she said crisply, “Because I’d like to get to know
you a lot better, Brutus!”
She reached out and placed her small pale hand on his thigh
and squeezed lightly, feeling the play of solid muscle beneath his
black slacks. She was eyeing the enormous basket that bulged
between the black stud’s legs, and her pussy began to get all warm
and itchy.
Slowly, she ran her hand down the inside of his leg toward
the groin area, and a shudder ran through Brutus’ huge frame.
“M-Miss Melanie,” he stammered hoarsely, “I – I don’t think
you better do that. Your Daddy would be awful, awful mad if –
His voice trailed off weakly and he gave a little groan when
Melanie’s fingers closed around the big bulge made by his long
thick cock and balls. She squeezed it lewdly, caressing the
gradually expanding hose of flesh through the material of his
pants and making a cooing noise of excitement and admiration.
“Ooooh, Brutus! You’re so big down there, aren’t you? Like
a horse!” Melanie gasped.
Brutus gave a low groan of pleasure and alarm as the pretty
white girl’s fingers fumbled with his fly and slowly pulled down
his zipper. Melanie thrust her hand eagerly inside his pants. Her
fingers scraped through his tight, kinky pubic patch and brushed
over the thick, rope-like shaft of his donkey-sized schlong.
Grasping it at the base, she fished the flopping prong of meat out
of the black dude’s pants and gave a little squeak of admiration
when it sprang free and continued to grow and grow and grow in her
little lily white hand, a huge, purple-knobbed slab of dark flesh
and gristle, hot with lust and throbbing mightily.
“Oh, MY, Brutus! It’s even bigger close up than it looked
yesterday in the barn!” Melanie gasped, her blue eyes widening as
she ran her fingers up and down the thickening stem of the
impressive, rubbery pole.
“I – In the barn?” Brutus croaked, looking at her in wonder.
“Yes, Brutus, I was spying on you and Dahlia when you were
getting it on in the barn yesterday afternoon,” Melanie said with
a giggle, “But don’t worry, Brutus, Daddy’s not going to find out.
I’m a clever young lady, and you just do what I say and everything
will be just fine!”
The black brawny man had no choice but to obey the willowy
young blonde’s commands.
They were nearing Mulligan’s Lake, a large oval-shaped body
of water in the countryside where folks sometimes came to picnic.
Today, the area was deserted and looked idyllic and beautiful.
Melanie spotted a grove of oak trees near the water, and she
decided that was as good a place as any for the little sex session
she wanted to have with Brutus before going into town.
“Oh, Brutus! See that clearing in those trees over there?
Drive the car into it and park for a while, will you please?”
“Yes, ma’am,” Brutus muttered, his heart pounding hard.
The soft white hand which continued to pump up and down the
rigid length of his rigid phallus was sending darts of flaming
prurience through his lusty loins, and his fear was becoming
overwhelmed by the hot, unreasoning desire that was taking
possession of his senses. Hell, the prettiest, sexiest white girl
he’d ever laid eyes on was practically begging him to get into her
pants! What red-blooded guy could turn down an offer like that,
no matter what the potential consequences might be?
Brutus pulled the limousine into the clearing, parking
beneath an enormous oak tree which cast a shadow across the car
and camouflaged it somewhat.
Melanie went to work right away. Her fingers darted to
Brutus’ shirt, unbuttoning it rapidly and drawing it open. She
cooed in feminine pleasure as she ran her hands over the hard,
muscular slopes of his mahogany hued torso, scraping her fingers
through the tight kinky coils of hair that covered his chest and
belly. She bent forward and pressed her lips lightly to his warm
brown flesh. Lashing out her tongue, she lapped at it lewdly, and
inhaled the musky, pungent scent of Brutus’ masculine black body.
The big black stud groaned in pleasure, gaping at the
gorgeous girl who was so obscenely tonguing his body. Her silky
blonde hair spilled across his dark, rippling belly as she moved
downward, dipping her tongue briefly into his navel before
swirling it through the pungent mane of dark, kinky pubic hair
that surrounded the thick bulging root of his prick, which she was
still pumping with one hand.
Bending low, Melanie blew hot air on the huge, swollen nuts
that dangled to the seat of the car, and then pressed her
puckered, pink lips against the scumbag, kissing it wetly, the tip
of her tongue snaking out and sluicing across the wrinkly skin,
tasting the bittersweet flavor of his manhood.
The sultry blonde purred in excitement, lewdly swirling her
tongue around the fat, vein-etched base of his battering ram,
moving slowly up the trunk-like column, sucking her pouting lips
about the gnarled, rigid flesh and darting her tongue rapidly back
and forth across it.
She bathed the stretched, taut flesh with her warm saliva,
and hummed against the sensitized tower as she sucked at and
kissed it. Brutus gave a low, broken moan of pleasure, his senses
swirling with lust. Reaching down, he ran his huge, coarse
fingers through Melanie’s silken blonde tresses and shuddered as
he felt her lips brush over the bulging, mushroom-shaped knob of
his cock.
Melanie lapped the driblet of translucent liquid that had
pearled on the tip of his glans, and then stretched her jaws wide
apart and slowly let the first couple of inches of the enormous
phallus slide over her wriggling tongue and into her mouth. He
was truly gargantuan! Her jaws were straining so far apart they
threatened to snap, and ached with the effort required to
accommodate a log of flesh so large. But Melanie loved it. She
loved the heady, pungent taste and smell of the thick, unwashed
slab of black manmeat. Her vision was cloudy with sluttish
excitement, and she suckled the cock excitedly, running her
fingers up and down the shaft while with her other hand, she
tickled and caressed his balls.
Brutus clamped his hand on the back of her head, giving a low
cry of animalistic desire. He was becoming delirious with desire,
and began to pump his powerful hips up and down, feeding his
throbbing staff into Melanie’s willing mouth.
The perky blonde gagged slightly as the barbed tip of his
mammoth truncheon lodged suddenly in the back of her throat, but,
remembering Dahlia’s sword-swallowing prowess, her determination
to do better sexually than the mulatto wench persevered, and she
gulped hard, tears coming to her eyes which bulged when she felt
the gigantic length of black manmeat begin to squelch deep into
her constricting gullet.
Brutus howled in pleasure as he felt inch after inch of his
horsedick slide into the incredibly tight, satiny wetness of
Melanie’s mouth and throat. He bucked his pelvis frantically and
shoved down on the back of the blonde girl’s head with his hand
until her upturned nose was flattened against his wiry pubic bush.
Then, he released his hand in horror, realizing that he had just
rammed his huge dick to the root in his white boss’s sixteen year
old daughter’s throat.
Melanie pulled back her head just enough to allow herself a
gulp of air, and then she began to bob up and down, sucking
noisily, deep-throating the big slab of black meat again and
She hummed in delight, swirling her tongue around the
pulsating shaft, circling her lips about the base and sucking
wantonly. She felt his meat vibrate and grow hotter and hotter as
unbridled lust fanned through his lusty masculine loins.
But Melanie didn’t want Brutus to shoot his wad in her mouth.
She wanted to feel him ensconced in her hot, aching cuntal sheath,
which was dripping and twitching with excitement as she gave
Brutus a terrific blow job.
She lifted her head and released the stiff, dark sex tool.
It stood straight up from Brutus’ lap, shuddering and gleaming
with Melanie’s saliva.
Then, Melanie raised her warm, sensuous blue eyes to Brutus’
face, parting her wet, pink lips slightly. She reached for the
top of her dress and pulled out the full, pale lobes of her
breasts, releasing them from the low cleavage she had purposely
Brutus’ eyes bulged as he gaped down at the high, proud white
tits that pointed up at him, capped by large, reddish brown knobs
with turreting nipples. Pale blue veins could be seen beneath the
creamy smooth flesh of her melon-shaped knockers, and the big
black stud couldn’t resist reaching out and clamping his hand
around the swollen bowls of flesh. He squeezed them hard, mashing
the palms of his hands against the aching nipples, licking his
lips in excitement.
“Do you want to fuck me, Brutus?” Melanie breathed as she
wriggled against his hands, thrusting her tits against him
“Y-Yes, ma’am,” he croaked finally, his dark brown eyes
burning with lust.
“Good,” she said, “Because I want to feel that huge black
meat stuffed deep inside my pussy!”
She hiked her dress up lewdly around her waist, revealing her
sweet creamy thighs and the glistening lambent triangular patch of
hair on her pouting muff.
Melanie spread her legs salaciously, exposing the pink,
swollen lips of her vulva and the gleaming, oozing entryway to her
bower of bliss. She was wet and hot down there, ready for sex.
Melanie scrambled onto the seat and planted her hands on
Brutus’ broad shoulders, straddling his hips suddenly. With a
little whimper of anticipation, she slowly lowered herself upon
The black stud dropped his hands from her tits and slid them
lewdly over the succulent curves of her buns, gripping her firmly
about the hips and guiding her down upon the rigid upright tip of
his blazing sex organ.
Melanie threw back her head and gave a little sobbing moan of
pleasure when she felt the huge wet knob bump against her
quivering, slickened pussy lips, spreading them apart as the black
dude steadily pushed her down in his lap. Her eyes snapped open
as the thick rubbery tool began to gradually slide up inside of
her. Her cuntal canal was stretched impossibly as inch after
thick, corrugated inch slid into the furnace hot sweetness of her
vaginal sheath. Convulsive tremors of wanton pleasure wracked her
body as the gargantuan corona battered finally against her cervix,
stretching it as far as it could go. Her entire body on fire,
Melanie found herself nestling in the lap of the hulking
chauffeur, the enormous thickness of his obscenely erect phallus
imbedded in her hot, buttery chute.
Melanie gave a whimper of unadulterated pleasure, her nipples
swollen and aching with sensual delight, and she began to bounce
up and down, letting the long thick joint squelch in and out of
her tight, sucking glove-like interior.
“Yeah, Miss Melanie, that’s fine! Ride that black meat,
baby! Yeah!” Brutus began to mumble thickly, pumping his hips
back and forth, jamming his sex-thickened tool deep into the
gorgeous blonde nymphomaniac’s hot, twitching pussy.
Melanie gasped and lowered her face on his, pressing her
sweet pink lips to his big sensual black mouth. Brutus growled in
bestial pleasure, clamping his mouth to hers and kissing her
hungrily. His thick pink tongue plied into Melanie’s mouth,
swabbing up her sweet saliva.
He kneaded her tits with his big hands, catching the ripe
nipples between his coarse forefingers and thumbs and tweaking
them lewdly. At the same time, he humped his hips lustfully up
and down as Melanie deliriously rode his big horsedick, her body
wriggling, her big knockers jouncing, little squeals and mewls of
delight fluttering from her lips.

Chapter 5

“Oh, BRUTUS! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!” Melanie screeched,
oscillating her hips and lifting and falling on the big black
stud’s long, stiff pecker.
The brawny brute had his hands clamped around the white
girl’s middle and he was slamming her down savagely on his lap,
grunting like a bull in rut as he pumped his hips lustily back and
forth, ramming all eleven inches of his iron-hard poker deep
inside Melanie’s tight, clutching glove-like abyss.
The black limousine creaked and bounced on its axles as the
burly black dude violently churned his pelvis to and fro, driving
his thick joint to the balls into the blonde girl’s aching pussy,
swiveling his hips and savoring the sensation of having his stiff
tool encased with silken sweetness.
Melanie’s big, jutting breasts bounced and flopped together
before his eyes, the ripe, strawberry-hued nipples swollen and
aching in lust. Bending forward, he affixed his thick, sensuous
lips to one of her round, silver dollar sized nipples and sucked
it greedily as he continued to pump his prick in and out of
Melanie’s hot twat.
Melanie gave a high pitched shriek of frenzied passion,
tossing her blonde hair from side to side as she rode faster and
faster on the bulging tumescence which stretched and battered her
“OOOOH! OOOOH! OOOOH!” she gasped brokenly, “I – I’M GOING
She screamed in delirious ecstasy, her face contorted with
passion as white-hot blasts of explosive pleasure wracked her
hungry, cock-loving loins. She bounced frantically on the bloated
penis, her cuntal walls spasming, her hot, unctuous juices flowing
copiously around the sides of Brutus’ prick.
“AAWWW, ma’am, I – I am gonna come too, oh YES! YES, LADY,
YES! AARRRRGH!” Brutus roared, his white teeth gleaming as he
snarled in sensual excitement.
He gripped Melanie tightly about the hips and brought her
down violently on top of his quivering pecker, lifting his hips
clean off the car seat and ramming as deeply inside the pretty
blonde sixteen year old as he could. Great spasms of lust wracked
his powerfully built, masculine body, and Melanie whimpered as she
felt the huge shaft of his dick expand and convulse in orgasmic
Thick spurts of hot, juicy jism sprayed from his piss-slit,
blasting deep into her hungry, quaking womb, filling her up with
his pungent, heavy seed. Brutus groaned and shuddered, slowly,
luxuriously, humping his hips back and forth, continuing to squirt
blast after blast of semen into the white slut’s belly.
Shuddering in ecstasy, they ground to a stop, and Melanie
dropped limply against the big black stud’s body, laying her head
on his shoulder and panting loudly, mewling in regret as she felt
his thick tool begin to shrink inside of her.
The musky scent of sweat and sex filled the close space of
the car like incense.
After a while, Melanie raised her head, her eyes twinkling,
and she said in mocking tones, “Why, Brutus, you black devil you!
Fancy taking advantage of a vulnerable white lady when she’s
Brutus grinned wolfishly at her, feeling bold, and said
huskily, “Any time this white lady wants to be taken advantage of,
this black devil is ready and willing!”
“Well,” said Melanie with a sigh, sliding into her seat, “I’m
all messed up now!”
She glanced out the window at the lake, a shimmering body of
cool, clear water. There was no one to be seen any where around,
and Melanie had a sudden idea.
“Listen, Brutus,” she said quickly, “I’m going to take a
quick dip in the lake, to clean myself off, and then we’ll head
for town, O.K.?”
“You’re the boss, Miss Melanie,” Brutus drawled, tucking his
long, lusty manhood away in his pants.
Melanie opened the door and scampered out, shedding her
clothing and jumping into the cool water with a squeal of delight.
She frolicked in the water for quite a while, splashing it over
her body and rinsing away the sweat and love juice that had been
the result of the hot sex tussle in which she had just
From the car, Brutus watched with glowing, appreciative eyes.
He shook his head in wonder, grinning salaciously. Shee-it, she
was one helluva gorgeous, sexy little bitch! He sure was lucky to
get a piece of that gorgeous ass before it belonged to someone.
And he had no doubt that Melanie would some day find a man who
could take care of her sensual appetite. At least, she’d keep on
searching until she found him.
When Melanie scampered naked back to the car, she looked
flushed and excited and happy.
“Do you have a towel or something, Brutus?” she gasped,
shivering, goose bumps puckering on her creamy white flesh.
Brutus bent over and fished around in the back seat and came
up with a piece of cloth which sufficed for the moment, and
Melanie patted herself dry before scrambling into her clothes and
plopping into the seat beside Brutus, fresh and clean as a daisy.
“Let’s get going, Brutus! I have some shopping to do!” she
said brightly.
As they pulled into town, the traffic got backed up, and
crowds of people were to be seen on the streets.
Melanie frowned and exclaimed, “Why, what on earth is going
on here?”
“It’s him, ma’am,” Brutus said, pointing to a poster on a
lamp post.
It was a large picture of a ruggedly handsome man of middle
age, with a caption that read: “Hardman stands for Integrity.
Vote Democratic!”
“Oh, a political speech,” Melanie said, wrinkling her nose,
“I don’t know why the silly man even bothers. Daddy’s going to
win the election, everyone knows that.”
Brutus cast a sidelong glance at Melanie, repressing a grin.
Secretly, he was hoping that Lance Hardman would win the election.
Hardman was a strong supporter of civil rights and pro-black laws,
the type of governor a backward Southern state like this one badly
needed. On the other hand, Wilkerson stood for the old-fashioned
values and bigotries which Hardman was seeking to conquer.
“Well, this traffic is absolutely impossible!” Melanie
exclaimed petulantly, “And it’s only a few blocks to Mr. Klinton’s
shop! Pull over to the curb, Brutus and let me out. Meet me in
front of the shop in an hour.”
She paused for a moment, considering what she wanted to do,
and said slowly, “No, make that two hours, Brutus.”
The black stud raised his eyebrows in mild surprise.
“That should give you plenty of time to try on lots an’ lots
of dresses, ma’am,” he drawled with a twinkle in his eye.
Melanie made a face at him and giggled, jumping out of the
car and disappearing in the crowd.
Mr. Klinton’s dress shop was practically empty. Everyone had
gone out to hear Lance Hardman’s speech, and the disgruntled shop
keepers were left without customers. So, Mr. Klinton was
delighted when Melanie Wilkerson, one of his better customers,
tripped in to see him.
He showed her the line of expensive silks just imported from
France, and Melanie surveyed them for a long while, picking two
she liked; one a soft mauve, the other a delicate blue.
She glanced at the clock on the wall and said brightly,
“Well, I’ll take those, Mr. Klinton. I’ll be back next week to
discuss patterns and all. You can just bill my father, of course.
Oh, can you please save the material for me? I don’t want to walk
around carrying a heavy bag.”
“But of course I can, Miss Wilkerson,” Mr. Klinton said
eagerly, “You are welcome in my shop any time. Any time at all!
And I think your choices are superb! The blue especially will
complement your beautiful eyes!”
“Why, thank you, Mr. Klinton! How sweet of you to say so,”
Melanie simpered, and flounced out of the shop.
She strolled down the street, trying to keep out of the way
of the jostling crowds who were struggling toward the depot where
Lance Hardman was making his speech. She found herself making her
way in that direction, and climbing onto the porch of the general
store, she had a good view of the stage upon which the ambitious
politician was perched.
They had just set up a microphone for him, and Hardman began
his speech. He had a stirring, confident voice, and he said
intelligent, reassuring things which the crowd seemed to like.
But Melanie knew the politics racket backward and forward. All
politicians began sounding alike, whatever their party line, and
she knew for a fact that they promised the moon without any
intention at all of carrying through their promises.
Her eyes roved through the crowds, picking out attractive
men. Her cunt was deliciously aching from the hard, rugged fuck
session she’d just undergone with her father’s black servant. But
the sex had merely whetted her sensual appetite. She was
awakening to the delights of womanhood, and meant to savor every
moment of it.
She sighed, after a while, getting bored. It was a hot day,
even on the shade of the porch, and all the people and the dust
made her feel claustrophobic. She tilted her head back and looked
restlessly around. Her eyes were suddenly riveted on the sight of
a young man on the balcony of a building directly across from her.
She saw that it was a rooming house. The fellow was leaning
on his arms against the balcony railing, so that all she could see
of him was his face, which was resting on his arms. He was
listening to Lance Hardman, but there was a cynical smile on his
handsome young face.
And he was very, very handsome indeed. He had short blond
hair and eyes that were a deep sapphire blue, set in a rugged,
darkly tanned face. Melanie had never been so immediately
attracted to a young man before.
She hesitated for only a moment, and then, setting her head
with determination, made her way quickly across the street to the
boarding house. The door was open, because the proprietress was
standing on the porch, listening to the speech. Without a pause,
Melanie marched inside and climbed the stairs to the second floor.
A quick series of calculations made her determine that the room
which led onto the balcony was to the left of the stairwell.
Without bothering to knock, she turned the knob and was
delighted to find that the door was not locked. She sauntered in.
It was a modest room with two single beds, comfortable but not
opulent. A door opened out onto the balcony, and Melanie could
see the young man still leaning against the railing, looking down.
From behind he looked very attractive, too. He was wearing a
short-sleeved shirt and tight corduroy pants, and his figure
looked splendid. He was about six feet tall and well-built, with
strong legs, a small tight ass and a broad, powerful chest.
Melanie quivered in excitement, and, taking a deep breath, she
sauntered to the door, stepping onto the balcony and casually
wandered over beside the young man, leaning over the railing and
glancing down.
“Are you really listening to that boring man’s speech?” she
said petulantly.
The young spark nearly leaped a mile. He turned a pair of
amazed blue eyes on his companion, and a look of astonishment and
appreciation came over his face.
Melanie gave a silvery laugh and said with a twinkle in her
eye, “My! You look as though you’ve just seen a ghost!”
“I am sorry, ma’am,” he said with a courtly bow, “I didn’t
hear you come in.”
“I know,” she said impishly, “I meant it to be a surprise. I
saw you standing up here all alone and thought you might like some
He flashed her a sexy grin, exposing twin rows of white
“I would be glad of your company any time, Miss…?”
“Just call me Melanie,” she said sweetly, batting her long
lashes at him, “And what might I call you?”
“My name’s Randy,” the young man said, his hot blue eyes
raking boldly up and down her figure.
Melanie sidled sneakily closer to him until their arms rubbed
together and she said with a sigh, glancing down at the street, “I
don’t know why everyone’s so interested in that man Hardman. He’s
not going to win the election. Do you think he is?”
Randy gave a sheepish grin and said slowly, “Well, I’m rather
biased, I’m afraid. I don’t want to scare you away, honey, but I
think it’s only right to let you know. I’m Randy Hardman, and
that’s my father!”
Now it was Melanie’s turn to be astounded. She gaped at the
handsome young man in silence for a few seconds, and then burst
out laughing. Her laughter was so infectious that Randy soon
joined in.
“I know it’s a funny coincidence,” Randy chuckled, “I hope
you’ll forgive me my family.”
“It’s funnier than you can imagine,” Melanie giggled, but she
didn’t let him in on her part of the secret.
“Anyway,” she said with a smile, “You’re very nice and very
handsome and I like you a lot. I liked you the instant I saw
“My dear young lady,” Randy said huskily, “The feeling is
absolutely mutual, I assure you. I tell you, it’s very flattering
to be admired by the prettiest young woman I’ve ever laid eyes on.
And I am not pulling your leg, ma’am. You are an absolute angel!
But I can’t get over the feeling that I’ve seen you before,
“Perhaps you have,” she said, with a twinkle, “But all I’m
interested in is now.”
She turned and looked at him searchingly, her face flushed
with romantic ardor. Gazing down at her, the brawny young dude
was incredibly turned on. She was radiantly beautiful, and he saw
clearly the invitation in her hot blue eyes.
Bending down slowly, he brushed his lips against hers, and
then, slid his arms about her waist, drawing Melanie tightly
against his body and kissing her hard. Their tongues dueled as
their mouths strained against one another, and Melanie gave a
muffled moan of pleasure, throwing her arms about his strong neck
and flattening her breasts against his chest.
Randy ran his hands down her back and over the firm pliant
cheeks of her ass, squeezing them lightly and pressing their loins
together. Melanie gave a little whimper of excitement as she felt
the solid, throbbing log of his cock press against her belly.
She quivered quiescently when Randy’s groping fingers found
the zipper in back of her dress and slowly drew it down.
He pulled slightly away from her, hooking his fingers gently
in the lining of her dress and pulling it over her shoulders,
letting it drop in a soft heap on the floor of the porch.
He gave a low moan of carnal delight when he saw that the
luscious blonde wore nothing beneath. Reaching out, Randy drew
his big strong hands over her slender shoulders and down across
the full, trembling pillows of her boobs, kneading them
luxuriously, swiping the tips of his thumbs across the aching
breasts. Slowly, he ran his hands down her slender sides and over
her hips, sliding one hand across her thigh and between her legs,
cupping the full, tender mound of her throbbing mons veneris.
Melanie gave a throaty gasp of pleasure when she felt his
strong fingers feather through her lambent pubic bush and brush
across the pouting lips of her sensitized vulva. Bending down,
Randy gently kissed her on the cheek, on the mouth, on the eyes,
his fingers lightly stroking back and forth across her tingling
pussy. He pressed harder, sliding two fingers between the
glistening, slick petals of flesh, moaning in delight as he felt
the hot, buttery interior of her tight, sweet twat. He discovered
the throbbing, slackened knob of her clitoris and strummed it
skillfully, sending bolts of sheer ecstasy coursing through
Melanie’s middle.
She gave a low sob of pleasure, undulating her hips wantonly
against his hand, reveling in the ecstatic sensations that swam
through her hungry loins.
Randy bent down and pressed his mouth to her warm white
flesh, sliding his hand around one of her breasts and lifting it
to his lips. His long, athletic tongue whipped out and darted
across the puckered knob, slurping at it eagerly. He clamped his
lips to the pouting rivet of flesh and sucked hard, his mouth
swarming over her aching breast as he hungrily worked at it with
his tongue and lips.
Darts of pure pleasure coursed through Melanie’s trembling
body. The handsome young man was caressing her delicate body like
a violinist playing a Stradivarius, and his fingers and mouth sent
passionate ripples of delight to all of her nerve endings.
Randy Hardman dropped suddenly to his knees in front of the
beautiful blonde sixteen year old stranger who had wandered into
his room at the boarding house. He gazed at the lovely, pouting
snatch that glistened between her sexy legs and bent forward,
sniffing the sweet feminine scent of it. With a growl of
salacious pleasure, he buried his face in the soft fragrant bush,
brushing his hungry lips across the slippery petals of her vagina,
and sluicing his tongue lewdly up and down her slit.
Melanie gasped in rapture as he tongued her pussy,
titillating her throbbing clit and probing deeply into her aching
cuntal furrow. His hands ran up the backs of her legs and gripped
firmly around the full, marshmallow textured lobes of her
Below them, Lance Hardman’s voice was ringing out loud and
“And furthermore,” he boomed, “No man in this state shall go
hungry! Every mouth shall be fed!”
He was unaware that his son was at that moment feasting
voraciously on the honeyed box of his opponent’s lovely young
Melanie tossed back her lovely, leonine head and gave a soft,
whimpering moan of pleasure as Randy’s hot wriggling tongue
tunneled into her sweet, clinging furrow, sending flames of
passion through her quivering body. She undulated her hips
spasmodically, mashing her dripping pussy against the hungry young
man’s eager face. She ran her fingers through his short silky
blond hair and mewled and writhed in rapture.
After a while, Randy drew back, tilting his head and staring
up at her with smoldering blue eyes. His mouth was wet and
glistening with her honeyed juices, his face flushed with desire.
He stood up and drew her to him again, kissing her hard,
thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth. Melanie ran her hands
over his broad back, feeling the play of his muscles beneath his
Pulling away from her abruptly, his fingers flew to the
buttons of his shirt, and he rapidly undid them, tossing off the
garment and reaching for his pants. He unzipped them and let them
fall about his ankles, and quickly shucked off his jockey shorts.
Then, he stood in front of her in his birthday suit, and
Melanie’s warm blue eyes flickered in appreciative excitement over
his brawny young body.
He had a powerfully muscled torso, lightly covered with
blondish brown hair, deeply tanned by many hours in the sun. His
chest tapered into a slender waist, with a rippling, washboard
belly and tight hips.
From between his legs rose a lusty, king-sized member with a
swollen reddish head, not quite as big as Brutus’ gargantuan
horsedick, but certainly prodigiously proportioned. It throbbed
lustily a full ten inches away from his thighs, the thick sides
latticed with passion-bloated veins.
Melanie whimpered and reached out, closing her fingers gently
about the hot, throbbing shaft and running them lightly up and
down the rubbery stem.
Randy stepper nearer to her and slid his hands around her
back, gently pulling her svelte, naked body against his big brawny
hardness, rubbing their hot flesh together as he kissed her
hungrily. Melanie mewled in delight, running her hands down his
muscular back, shivering as she felt his thick, heated manmeat
sandwiched between their bellies.
Randy ground his dick lewdly against her body, panting into
her ear, digging his fingers into the sweet, pillowy ass.
“Let’s go into the bedroom,” he whispered hotly into her ear.
Melanie pulled away from him and glanced mockingly up into
his eyes.
“What, and miss your father’s speech entirely? For shame,
young man! We can make love here, on the porch,” she said
She turned away from him and grasped onto the railing, poking
her high, pale ass at him and wiggling it lasciviously, spreading
her legs wide and revealing the oozing, twitching muff.
Randy gave a low growl of salacious interest, sliding his
hand between her legs and fingering her sweet, sucking pussy. His
tumescent prick quivered in excitement, and he could delay no
Fisting his thick rod, he guided it between her legs,
gripping her by the waist with one hand as he pressed the thick,
mushroom-shaped cap against her pouting, liberally lubricated
cuntal lips.
Melanie sighed in contentment, oscillating her hips lewdly,
and Randy shuddered as he felt the maw to her tunnel of love grasp
at and hotly spasm around the glans of his sensitized pecker.
He groaned in pleasure, and gripped her tightly about the
waist. Slowly, he began to hump his hips to and fro, driving his
dick against her pouting twat. A shudder of delight wracked his
brawny young body as he felt his pulpy tool begin to slide into
the sweet, tight slickness of her pussy.
Melanie gave a sob of joy as the ten inch prick pumped into
her, and she pushed back against Randy Hardman’s muscular thighs,
skewering herself on his huge pole, gripping tightly to the
Randy grunted as he churned his hips rapidly to and fro,
sinking his turgid shaft to the balls in the furnace-hot interior
of Melanie’s love chasm. He rested for a moment with his belly
pressed against her buttocks, and then began to fuck her with
deep, vigorous strokes, pulling his cock almost all the way out of
her cunt and then ramming it to the hilt inside again.
He slid his hands around her waist and drew them up her
luscious, silken body, digging his powerful fingers into the
sweet, full globes of her tits, squeezing them hard. He caught
her nipples between his knuckles and crushed them lewdly, sending
darts of mingled pain and pleasure through Melanie’s body.
Randy was hammering into her lustily now, little grunts of
manly exertion spraying from between his clenched teeth as he
thrust deeply into the blonde slut’s cock-hungry pussy. Each time
he pounded into her, a ripple of delirious pleasure shuddered
through Melanie, and she bucked back wantonly to meet his thrusts.
Lance Hardman was winding up his speech in a burst of
passionate hyperbole.
“When I am Governor of this fine state, we shall together
soar to a pinnacle of glory…”
“AAAAH, AAAAH, R-RANDY, I’M CU-U-U-UMING!” Melanie gasped,
her body writhing, flames of rapture enveloping her loins.
Randy groaned in delight as he felt shudders of ecstasy
consume the gorgeous hussy’s body. Her cuntal glove began to
spasmodically tug at and milk his pounding boner, and wet sluicing
juices sloshed around his thick joint as the little slut came and
came and came.
“Oh, YEAH, baby, here I come,” he breathed hoarsely into her
ear, “I’m gonna blast you full with my juice! AAARRRGH!”
Melanie sobbed in pleasure when she felt his huge tool slam
deeply into her. Great thick spurts of heated semen blasted into
her womb with hose-like intensity, and Randy’s fingers dug deeply
into her breasts as convulsions of white-hot pleasure ran through
his brawny, sweating young body.
Their senses dizzy with lust, the young couple stood there
quivering, their bodies still moving and shuddering with the
aftershocks of orgasm. Below them, a thunderous applause had
begun with cheers for, “Hardman! Hardman for Governor!” echoing in
their ringing ears.
Randy reluctantly drew his long, bulging pecker out of
Melanie’s sopping pussy. She turned around, and he drew her
against him, kissing her lips hungrily.
She sighed and rested her head against his shoulder.
“I had better get myself together and leave before your
father comes barging in here,” she said.
They dressed quickly, glancing at one another frequently,
their eyes full of love and desire.
As she zipped up her dress, Randy bent down and kissed her
softly on the lips.
“May I see you again?” he said hotly.
“Yes,” she breathed, “If you want to.”
“I do, more than anything else in the world. But I don’t even
know your last name, or your address.”
Melanie smiled at him mysteriously, fished into her purse and
found a pen and a piece of paper. She scrawled something on it,
folded it up and tucked it into the pocket of his shirt.
Then, she kissed him lightly on the mouth and darted from the
room. He heard her light footsteps descending the stairwell
Immediately, Randy fished out the piece of paper and unfolded
it. She had written: “Melanie Wilkerson” in bold letters across
the top of the paper, followed by her address and phone number.
Randy gave an amazed chuckle, suddenly realizing that the
reason Melanie had seemed so familiar to him was because he had
seen her picture in the papers.
“Well, I’ll be damned!” he muttered.

Chapter 6

Melanie’s erotic adventures had led her to regions beyond her
wildest imagination. Imagine what Daddy would do if he ever found
out that I’ve not only been fucking Brutus, but Randy Hardman, the
son of his worst enemy! Worse than that, even, Melanie was
beginning to fall in love with the handsome young man…
Randy had called her the next day, and they had arranged a
clandestine afternoon together. It had been wonderful; a picnic by
a secluded pond and a long, luxurious bout of hot sex.
This liaison had been rapidly followed by others. In fact,
there was rarely a day that the two young lovers didn’t arrange to
meet some how. Both of their fathers were almost always busy with
the final stages of their heated campaigns, and had little time to
keep track of their offspring’s movements.
Melanie knew that she had at last found the man with whom she
could build a life, but she was not yet ready to give up her
independence. What Randy didn’t know about her other erotic
exploits wouldn’t hurt him, she decided. So, whenever an
opportunity arose for her to broaden her sexual horizons, she did
not turn it down just because she happened to be in love with
Randy Hardman.
One afternoon, several days after the meeting with Lance
Hardman’s son, Melanie stumbled into a scene which really expanded
her sexual horizons considerably.
She had informed her brother that she was going to a double
feature in town with her best friend, India Shilton. This was
untrue. She had planned to meet Randy for a clandestine sexual
encounter that afternoon, but to her great disappointment, he was
required by his father to accompany the would be governor on to a
meeting of Young Democrats, so she came on home at once, petulant
and unfulfilled.
As she flounced up the stairs to the second floor of the
Wilkerson’s spacious house, Melanie immediately became aware of
muffled noises from a room at the end of the hall. It sounded
like a woman gasping and crying out.
Puzzled, she hurried down the hall toward the sound. She
quickly figured out that the noises were coming from her brother,
Jarvis’ room, and she also decided that the noises were those of
Her heart pounding, Melanie slowly turned the knob of the
door and pushed it slightly open, peering in. What she saw made
her gasp in shock and excitement.
Dahlia was seated on her brother’s bed, stark naked, her ripe
brown bosoms glistening with saliva.
Jarvis Wilkerson was on his knees before her, his head
bobbing rapidly up and down as he noisily sucked and lapped at her
wide open, oozing black pussy. The buxom mulatto wench was
mewling and gasping in excitement, hunching her hips forward
Seated next to her on the bed was a hulking, brawny brute of
a white man. He was kneading one of her breasts in his huge
hamlike hand, squeezing the pointy nipple hard between his
It was Les Tyborg. Known as “The Bull” by his buddies, the
gigantic brawny guy was not particularly bright, but was renowned
for his brute physical strength and massively muscular body. He
had been a runner up in the state’s weight lifting competition,
and was a star quarterback for the college team.
At twenty, he was an enormous brute of a man, standing six
foot three and weighing two hundred and fifty pounds of raw, hard
muscle. His brawny chest was covered with curly ringlets of
reddish gold hair, and his biceps bulged like melons on his
powerful arms.
What made Melanie gasp aloud now was the sight of the
monstrosity that jutted up from between Les’ wide spread, heavily
muscled legs. The enormous tower of red-hot, rock-hard flesh and
gristle turreted mightily into the air, bulging with lust, a
quivering drop of come shimmering on the pouting glans.
Dahlia had reached out and closed her warm, soft fingers
around the base of the shaft, and her little hand could barely fit
around half of the enormously thick appendage. Now Melanie knew
the true origin of Les’ nickname of “The Bull!” He was absolutely
the most well-hung man in the county, with an incredibly thick,
foot long pecker that wouldn’t say die.
Now, his smoldering gray eyes raked over the mulatto woman’s
dusky, mahogany hued figure, and he smirked in crude excitement
while his buddy, Melanie’s brother, continued to slurp and suck at
Dahlia’s shuddering, squelching pussy.
“Am I intruding” Melanie said in a silvery voice, flouncing
in the room.
Jarvis lifted his head abruptly, his face smeared with
Dahlia’s unctuous juices, and Les and the black woman both jumped,
their eyes round with surprise.
Melanie fixed her eyes on Les Tyborg’s ruggedly handsome
face, and she said sweetly, “Now, don’t you think two girls would
make you men feel a lot better than only one?”
Her hands flew to her blouse and began to unbutton it
quickly. In a matter of seconds, she had shed the garment,
revealing her protruding, pink-tipped jugs. She shimmied out of
her skirt and stood before the bed in only her pink, lacy panties.
Sauntering over to Les, she said easily to her brother, “Keep
on eating, Jarvis dearest, don’t mind me.”
The handsome dark-haired youth grinned wolfishly at his
sister and dropped his head again between Dahlia’s dusky thighs,
sucking and laving at her hot, juicy twat.
Melanie perched on one of Les Tyborg’s knees and wrapped her
arms around the back of his thick, bullish neck. She tilted back
her head and looked at him with mocking blue eyes.
“Do you like me, Les?” she breathed sensuously.
He grinned lewdly at her and said huskily, “You better
believe it, baby!”
“Then, do with me as you please!”
The big quarterback needed no further encouragement. His
huge hands ran over the front of Melanie’s body, grabbing and
pinching her full, throbbing breasts. Melanie shuddered as she
felt the strength in his big, hamlike hands. A light squeeze sent
darts of mingled pain and pleasure coursing through her, and she
knew he had the power to crush her to death in his powerful arms,
if he so desired.
There was something thrilling about being caressed by a man
with that kind of brute strength. She wanted to feel him all
over, to explore his brawny masculinity, before she allowed him to
batter her sweet, pliant young body with his cruel, heavy bulk.
She bent down and pressed her mouth against his hard lips,
kissing him sensuously, her full, sweet lips feathering across
With a low lubricious growl, the big stud wrapped his arms
around her slender body and mashed his mouth hungrily to hers,
nearly squeezing the breath out of her as he probed her mouth with
his long, thick, wriggling tongue.
Pressing against his burly chest, Melanie pushed away from
him, finally breaking their kiss, and laughed breathlessly.
“My, Les Tyborg! You are a beast!” she gasped, her blue eyes
glowing with appreciation.
She ran her hands over his broad shoulders and bent down,
pressing her lips against his chest. She rained kisses across his
torso, and began to lash out her tongue, tangling it in the thick
curls of hair that whorled across his chest. She lapped at each
of his hard brown paps, running her hands up his bulging lats and
cooing in licentious pleasure.
Slowly, she moved down his belly, pausing to dip the tip of
her tongue into his deep navel. Then, the huge, bulging log of
his cock slapped against her cheeks and poked against her ear as
her lips brushed across the thick patch of pungently scented pubic
hair that surrounded his gargantuan pecker.
She lifted his huge, baseball-sized balls in her hand, giving
a low moan of admiration and delight as she perused them and
sniffed their heady masculine aroma. She kissed the hairy,
wrinkly sack and began to tickle it with the tip of her tongue,
drawing it back and forth in rapid licking motions.
A jerk of pure pleasure rocked Les’ powerful, heavily muscled
body and he gave a growl of delight, running his big fingers
through Melanie’s lambent golden tresses.
“Yeah, baby, lick my fuckin’ balls, you little slut,” he
snarled, his gray eyes gleaming with animalistic lust.
Melanie caught the wrinkly flesh between her teeth and sucked
and worried it gently, flicking her tongue along the underside of
his scrotum, sending shivers of carnal excitement through the big
dude’s knotted loins. Then, she reached up and grabbed onto the
hugely thick base of his steely joint with both hands, and lifted
her face until it was level with the protruding lance. Melanie’s
senses whirled in desire. It was so huge, she knew it would be
impossible to put it in her mouth. Her jaws simply would not open
that wide.
She puckered her lips and planted a wet, loud smooch on the
gleaming glans, thrusting out her tongue and delving into the
pouting piss slit. Then, she began to slowly, sensuously lick and
suck on the cock, flailing her tongue from side to side, taking
long, hungry licks up and down the corrugated, vein-etched sides,
working away at the humongous erection like a ravenous c***d
licking and sucking at an ice cream cone.
“Bull” Tyborg was very pleased by what the little blonde slut
was doing between his legs. Hot fires of kindling passion were
raging through his loins, and he was breathing harshly, his
muscles flexing and relaxing as he stirred restlessly. The
feathery brush strokes of her warm, silken tongue sent bolts of
electric rapture tearing through his balls and he groaned in
Meanwhile, Dahlia was frantically crying out and sobbing in
pleasure as Jarvis Wilkerson’s dexterous tongue and sucking lips
brought her to the brink of orgasm. The Wilkerson siblings were
on their knees, side by side, orally servicing the buxom mulatto
wench and the hulking football player who sat on Jarvis’ bed.
Jarvis lifted his head and watched with prurient interest as
his sister eagerly licked and sucked his friend’s impressively
proportioned penis. Her puffy coral-pink lips and flicking pink
tongue sent darts of excitement through the lusty youth’s body.
He loved to watch a hot young slut in action, and somehow, the
sight of his own sister getting off on a guy’s prick really turned
Jarvis on.
But he wanted to see something else, too.
“Hey, Melanie, honey,” he said hoarsely, “Why don’t you give
old Les a rest for a while and give me a hand – or rather, a head
– with Dahlia here!”
Melanie raised her head and looked at him in surprise, and
Les Tyborg’s eyes sparkled in lascivious interest.
Melanie glanced doubtfully at the pretty black girl. Her
eyes darted down Dahlia’s body, from the full, bouncing brown
breasts to the supple thighs. Her patch of kinky dark hair was
wet and glistening with Jarvis’ saliva, and her legs were spread
wide apart so Melanie had a good view of the gleaming pink jewels
of the mulatto girl’s vagina.
Suddenly, Melanie’s doubts were wiped away as she felt a stab
of salacious interest. Dahlia’s wide-open gash looked as juicy as
a peach, begging to be sucked and licked.
With a soft cry of excitement, Melanie shuffled over on her
knees beside her brother and leaned down, pursing her lips and
pressing them against the sticky, sweet slit. She inhaled
Dahlia’s musky feminine scent and flitted out her tongue, sluicing
it up and down the bloated, dripping furrow, tasting the unctuous
juices that were flowing from the black girl’s middle. She felt
Dahlia respond with feverish pleasure, mewling incoherently and
bucking her hips lewdly back and forth, mashing her wet, sloppy
pussy against Melanie’s face.
Then, Jarvis pressed his face along side of his sister’s,
their cheeks touching, and his long, wriggling tongue began to
swipe over Dahlia’s cunt, too. Their flailing, laving tongues
intertwined and delved deep into the hot, pungent furrow. They
took turns laving the sticky, throbbing clitoris and fucking
Dahlia’s tight hole with their tongues.
Les Tyborg wasn’t about to just sit there and gawk while the
Wilkersons ate out Dahlia’s buttery box.
He dropped to the floor behind Melanie, and ran his big hands
down the length of her smooth, sleek back, cupping her pillowy
buttocks in his hands and squeezing them lewdly.
He drew apart the cheeks of her ass and stared greedily at
the winking pink jewel of her anus. His belly tightened as white
hot coals of lust smoldered within him. His eyes darted lower,
catching sight of the pouting, golden fringed mound of Melanie’s
quivering vagina.
He dropped to the floor, rolling on his back, and scooted
between Melanie’s legs so that he was staring up at the spread,
oozing lips of her pink, twitching twat. Leaning up, he mashed
his hungry lips against her pussy and sucked it loudly, lashing
his tongue lewdly back and forth across the slit, digging it
deeply into the crevice. Hell, did she taste sweet and fine! He
dug his thumbs into the folds of Melanie’s delicate vulva, peeling
them back, and plunged his face deeply into her crotch, thrusting
out his tongue as far as it could go, driving it a couple of
inches into her deep silken sheath. As he felt it clinging
convulsively and sluicing around his tongue, the heat from her
insides blasting into his face, ripples of white-hot passion
coursed through the horny young stud’s body, making his rigid cock
quiver and jump.
Melanie gave a muffled moan of delight. She and Jarvis
continued to avidly eat out Dahlia’s pussy, and the black girl was
screaming and bucking her hips wildly now, her juices spilling
copiously onto the flicking tongues of brother and sister as they
brought her to orgasm. Melanie lapped up the sweet fluids,
shuddering as Les Tyborg’s probing tongue sent darts of hot
excitement shooting through her middle.
Les suddenly pulled his face away from the blonde slut’s hot
pussy and slid out from under her.
He got up on his knees, panting hard, and gripped the thick
base of his twelve inch lance. Bending it down, he guided it
between Melanie’s raised ass cheeks until it slid back and forth
across the slick, dripping mouth of her hot snatch.
Melanie shuddered as she felt the huge head of Les’ dick
scrape against the throbbing lips of her pussy, and she raised her
ass high, instinctively allowing him easier access to her sweet
chasm of love.
“The Bull” growled in salacious appreciation, jerking his
cock up, and churning his powerful hips back and forth until the
thick head banged against the tight, squelching maw to her sweet,
honeyed recesses. Melanie shuddered. It felt as though he were
grinding his fist against the opening to her vaginal chute. Her
heart was pounding rapidly, and shudders of expectant excitement
and some trepidation swept through her uncontrollably.
Les slowly edged forward, pumping his pelvis to and fro,
swiveling his hips as he thrust against the resisting mouth of the
cuntal orifice.
He gave a savage grunt of pleasure as he felt her tender
flesh began to stretch to accept his enormous truncheon.
Melanie’s eyes shot open and bulged as she felt herself getting
stretched far more than her insides had ever been stretched
before. Her jaw dropped and she shuddered in a soundless scream
as Les suddenly rammed his body forward, digging his hands cruelly
into her waist. His huge wedge of meat stuffed her vaginal sheath
full, bloating her belly as Tyborg pounded himself savagely into
her. Finally, he had f****d the entire length of his twelve inch
truncheon deep into her aching, violated cunt, and was mashing his
hairy thighs against her quivering buttocks.
Melanie lifted her head from Dahlia’s lap and uttered a
piercing scream. The room was reeling around her and her vision
had clouded. Tumultuous explosions were flying through her loins,
flames of rapture and agony interweaving as Les began to pump his
huge poker in and out of her impossibly tight sheath.
“Oh, yeah, baby! You’re tight as a drum in there, aren’t ya?
And hot as an oven!” Les growled salaciously, undulating his hips
and flexing his ass muscles as he relentlessly drove his
gargantuan joint in and out of her dripping twat.
As waves of incredible pleasure began to crash through her,
Melanie sobbed aloud in delirious delight, thrashing about, her
eyes rolling back into her head, her lips forming an ‘O’. Her
entire body jerked and shuddered each time Les Tyborg rammed
forward and pounded his steely member deep into her throbbing
Jarvis was staring at his sister with smoldering, excited
eyes. She was obviously really getting a brutal fucking, and
loving every minute of it! Jarvis’ cock twitched with lascivious
He was worming two fingers in and out of Dahlia’s cunt,
jabbing them deeply inside of her. With his free hand, he stroked
his own ten inch pecker which bulged and throbbed in front of him.
Les fucked Melanie hard for several minutes. He brought his
hands to her full, quivering butt cheeks and squeezed and patted
them as he pumped into her. Then, he peeled them back and ogled
the sight of her sweet, quivering pink rosebud of an asshole
again. Hell, it turned him on to look at that tiny orifice! He
wanted to know what it felt like to bury his massive mauler to the
hilt inside her guts. He knew if he continued to pound his pecker
in and out of her honeyed, sucking vagina he would shoot his jism
really soon. And he wanted to sample her other delights first.
With an abrupt movement, he drew the entire length of his
foot long prong out of Melanie’s sopping, shuddering pussy, making
a loud squelching pop as it left her body. Melanie gave a low
whimper of regret, mewling and swiveling her hips, so hungry for
cock she could hardly stand it.
Les Tyborg didn’t give her any time to cool off. He
immediately positioned the thick rubbery tip of his sopping,
slippery pecker against the puckered eye of her anus, then gripped
hold of her waist and, with an animalistic grunt, hammered his
hips forward violently.
Melanie’s eyes bulged as a wave of sheer, white-hot agony
ripped through her bowels. Her inflamed sphincter muscle was
stretched violently as the gigantic pole of flesh and gristle
plowed deeply into her colon and lodged itself in her quaking
guts. She screamed aloud, but this time in agony, trying
desperately to pull away from the brawny brute who had so cruelly
plowed into her asshole.
But Les held her in a viselike grip, relentlessly pressing on
until every last inch of his horse-sized tumescence had
disappeared inside of her. He moaned in ecstasy as he felt the
circle of her clasping sphincter muscle snap snugly around the
base of his dick, and the heated, satiny sheath formed by her
rectal membranes squelch deliciously over the pulsating sides of
his pecker.
He rocked from side to side, stirring his mighty too] inside
of her, very slowly beginning to stroke back and forth, gradually
increasing the rhythm and force of the movements.
Melanie was beginning to recover from the shuddering pain
which had temporarily brought spots before her eyes and
overwhelmed all of her other senses. Her anus still ached, but a
deep, dark rippling pleasure was beginning to roll through her
bowels. As Les began to pump his hips back and forth
rhythmically, the intensity of the pleasure increased steadily,
until she was yelping and gasping and sobbing in euphoric rapture.
“You like that, don’t ya, bitch? You like my fuckin’ pecker
rammed up your hot tight ass, huh?”
Melanie’s only response was an incoherent screech of blind
pleasure, and she bucked her hips frantically back against him,
impaling herself again and again on his gigantic ramrod.
Jarvis was so turned on by Melanie’s reaction to getting
sodomized by his brutish friend that he couldn’t resist getting
into the action. Scrambling down onto the floor, Jarvis rolled on
his back and slid under Melanie.
Les saw what his pal was trying to do and aided him by bodily
lifting the trembling, skewered girl and forcing her to straddle
her brother’s hips. Before Melanie knew what was happening, she
was being lowered upon her lusty older brother’s upright organ.
She sobbed in delight as his rock-hard ten inch dick
penetrated her to the core. Her entire body felt like it was on
fire. Two enormous cocks were imbedded to the balls in her body,
and two handsome young studs were bucking their hips savagely,
driving their dicks in and out of her as fast and hard as they
A thin delicate membrane of flesh separated the two bulging
logs of flesh, and Melanie could feel them rubbing together as
they stuffed her completely full time and time again.
Lying on his back, Jarvis reached up and grabbed Dahlia’s
legs, pulling her down on top of him so that her pussy was mashed
against his mouth. Then, he continued to eat out the black girl’s
throbbing cunt while he fucked his sister hard.
Delirious with lust, Melanie reached out and gripped hold of
Dahlia’s full, bouncing titties, squeezing them hard, savoring the
pliant, warm texture of the pillowy lobes.
“OOOOOH! OOOOOH! I’M GONNA COME!” Melanie shrieked
Jarvis redoubled his efforts, lifting his hips clean off the
floor and bucking them wildly back and forth, fucking his sister
as hard as he could. At the same time, “Bull” Tyborg battered
Melanie’s aching rectum violently, grunts of bestial passion
spraying from between his clenched teeth as he slammed deeply
inside of her.
Melanie shrieked again and again, her body writhing in
ecstasy as gushes of white-hot orgasmic passion washed through her
loins. She shuddered in mindless rapture, coming harder and
longer and more intensely than she’d ever come before.
Les sodomized her brutally, slamming his dick in and out of
her clutching, sucking guts with feverish strokes as his vision
clouded over with lust. Suddenly, he uttered a bellow of bull-
like pleasure and skewered her completely on his foot long
truncheon. Melanie whimpered in pleasure as she felt the huge
fleshy log expand and let loose with a gut-blasting burst of hot,
heavy man-juice. It fountained into her intestines again and
again, spurting her full of thick, creamy spunk.
At that moment, Jarvis gave a muffled moan of delight,
shudders of rapture convulsing his brawny young body as Melanie
swooned. He spasmed and spat, jets of semen catapulting deep into
Melanie’s throbbing womb. Her insides felt bloated with cock and
spunk, and when the two gasping young studs drew their moist,
shrinking dongs out of her body, Melanie collapsed on the floor,
weak and exhausted from the more than excruciating fuck session.
She could hardly move she was so spent, and Jarvis lifted her onto
the bed to rest.
Then, he and Les Tyborg took turns fucking the hell out of

Chapter 7

The days continued to speed by in rapid succession, and
Melanie was becoming quite reckless in her sexual exploits. A day
didn’t go by when she wasn’t embarking on another sexual
adventure. She fucked her brother constantly. Frequently, she
would sneak into his bedroom at night, or he would come into hers,
and they would copulate till dawn.
Then, she was seeing Randy Hardman regularly, and they found
all sorts of places to make love in. Once, she sucked him off in
a movie theater. A couple of times, they went to a drive-in and
fucked in the back seat. Once, they even made it in a phone
The last week before the election had come, and Jarvis and
Melanie saw even less of their father than before. He usually
breezed in late at night when everyone had gone to bed, and had
left early in the morning before either of his c******n had gotten
One day, three days before the election, Melanie was feeling
especially horn. Randy was unable to see her until that evening,
and Jarvis was out riding with his buddies.
Well, what about Brutus? She thought suddenly. She had had
sex with the hulking black stud on two occasions since the
excursion to town, but Brutus was a bit skittish about getting it
on with the boss’s daughter, and besides, Melanie had been so busy
“expanding her horizons” that she hadn’t had many chances for
repeat performances.
She rapidly darted downstairs and out the front door,
crossing around to the back of the house toward the barn, where
Brutus usually hung out. Sure enough, he was there all right,
splitting logs. Stripped to the waist, wearing a pair of tight
dungarees that were rolled up at the ankles, he lifted the axe and
brought it down with deft blows, cutting through the pieces of
wood like butter.
Melanie paused to admire the way his bulging muscles rippled
beneath his mahogany hued, sweaty flesh. A tremor of excitement
rushed through her groin, and she called sweetly, “Brutus! Oh,
The big black guy rested on his axe, panting hard, wiping the
sweat off his brow as he squinted through the sun’s blazing rays
at the pretty blonde Wilkerson girl.
“Yes, ma’am?” he said, inquiringly.
“I’m awfully sorry to disturb you, Brutus, your being so busy
chopping the wood and all, but I really do need some help!”
“Why, sure, Miss Melanie, what is it you want me to do?”
“I’ve been collecting some of my old things to give to the
Salvation Army, and I put them in a trunk, and I need to get
someone strong to carry it downstairs for me.”
She batted her long lashes at him coquettishly and flashed
him a dazzling smile.
Brutus felt a familiar tremor of excitement flood through him
when he saw the gorgeous hussy look at him that way, and he felt
his cock begin to stir in his trousers.
“I’ll carry it down, ma’am. Just give me a chance to wash
myself off some.”
“Oh, no,” Melanie said, a mite too quickly, “I mean, don’t
worry about that, Brutus. You’ll just get all hot and bothered
again lifting that old trunk, and have to get under the pump
“All right, ma’am,” he said, striding beside her toward the
Melanie’s eyes darted up and down his bulging, glistening
torso. Bathed in sweat, it looked as though his heavily muscled
body was oiled, and Melanie’s mouth watered in carnal desire. Her
pussy was beginning to itch and quiver with excitement, and she
could hardly wait to get to her room.
She darted up the stairs, and Brutus followed, taking two at
a time. When they came to her room, she pushed open the door, and
as soon as he was inside, she jumped in and slammed the door
behind them, standing in front of it.
Brutus looked around with a puzzled expression on his face.
“I don’t see no trunk, ma’am,” he exclaimed, glancing at her.
He gave a gasp when he saw what Melanie Wilkerson was up to.
She had quickly unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off and was
in the process of shedding her skirt as well. The black buck
gaped at the sight of the gorgeous blonde wench stripping in front
of him, her luscious, creamy body glimmering in the rays of the
sun which glowed through the transparent, lacy curtains on her
bedroom window.
When she stood before him, naked, Melanie sauntered up to the
hulking giant of a Negro and reached her hands out, stroking them
over his broad shoulders and down across the jutting slopes of his
pectoral muscles.
“I’m sorry, Brutus,” she said sweetly, “I lied to you, I’m
afraid. What I really want is a little satisfaction. I think you
won’t mind too much, will you?”
Brutus gulped and managed a weak grin. “I – I reckon not,
Purring with contentment, Melanie pressed her lips against
the furry, kinky coils of his chest hair, tasting his salty sweat
and inhaling the pungent, musky scent of his hard-working body.
She began to slowly, lewdly, lick his chest, her tongue laving
across the hard, contoured slopes of his brawny torso, lapping up
the rivulets of sweat that glistened on his dark flesh.
Her hands went to his belt and fumbled with it, unbuckling
it. Then, she found the top of his zipper and slowly drew it
down. Brutus gave a low moan of pleasure when the beautiful
blonde began to draw his trousers down about his knees. Then, she
dropped to her knees on the floor before him and gazed in rapture
at the long, rubbery schlong that dangled meatily between his
well-muscled thighs. Lifting it up, she blew hot air on the heavy
hose, and it rapidly began to expand, filling out with lust-heated
b***d. As it grew in her hands, she began to squeeze it gently
and pump her fingers up and down the thickening shaft. She leaned
down and began to rain wet lewd kisses on his pungent, sweaty
balls, tasting the salty masculine flavor of his scumbag, her head
reeling with lascivious ecstasy.
Brutus was groaning with pleasure by now, his face contorted,
his eyes closed. Melanie felt an overpowering need to taste his
big whanger, to have it shoved down her hungry throat.
With a whimper, she opened her full lips and circled them
into an ‘O’ shape, pressing them lewdly to the puckered glans of
Brutus’ prick. Sucking noisily, she drew the thick, mushroom-
shaped head into her mouth.
Savoring the taste of Brutus’ thick cock knob, swishing her
tongue around the pulpy tip and dipping it into the drooling piss
slit, Melanie hummed with satisfaction.
She ran her hands up the muscular backs of Brutus’ legs and
raked her fingers across the hard, compact buns of his ass cheeks.
She began to slowly dart her head back and forth, letting more and
more of his pecker slide into her mouth. Her tongue whisked
teasingly over the sensitized bloated sides of his cock as it
pumped back and forth, in and out of her puckered mouth.
Gulping hard, Melanie bravely took about an inch of the rigid
horsedick into her gullet, and Brutus gave a low, husky cry of
pleasure, bucking his hips forward suddenly and driving his
gargantuan dong deep into her throat. He eased back immediately,
allowing her to gulp down some air, and then began to lustily
hunch his hips to and fro, feeding her his donkey-sized dong again
and again.
Hell, Brutus said to himself, why fight it? The sex-starved
little bitch wanted to get fucked, so why not oblige her? Her Dad
was busy with his fucking campaign and wouldn’t be able to
concentrate on anything personal until the election was over. He
decided to just relax and enjoy himself.
Gripping hold of the back of Melanie’s head, digging his
fingers into her long, silken tresses, Brutus began to pump his
bloated phallus in and out of her mouth while the blonde slut
sucked noisily, making muffled mewling sounds of delight.
“Oh, YEAH, baby, YEAH!” Brutus groaned in sensual delight,
“Suck that pecker good! Suck my hot black meat, baby! YEAH!”
Rhett Wilkerson was tired. He was bone tired. He hadn’t had
a good night’s sleep in ages. He had spent the last few weeks
doing nothing but talking and talking and shaking hands and making
promises and phone calls. He needed a rest.
It was three days before the election, and he was booked up
until the last minute. He looked over the schedule his secretary
had handed him that morning. He had to preside at the opening of
a shopping mall, and then drive twenty miles to make a speech
before a ladies’ book club, and then another speech to a group of
religious leaders.
He picked up his phone and said wearily, “Matilda? Listen,
I’m going to cancel the shopping mall opening and the ladies’ book
club speech. I need some rest. I’m going home. Call me at four
thirty and send me a car to take me to the Episcopal Church for
the meeting with the religious leaders. Thanks, honey.”
He slipped on his coat and strode out of his office to the
parking lot, hopping into his dark blue Pontiac and speeding off
for home.
Rhett Wilkerson was a strikingly handsome man for his age.
At forty-two, he had dark brown hair and scorching brown eyes, set
in a ruggedly handsome face. He looked easily ten years younger
than he was. He had kept his body in excellent shape by hard
riding and regular work outs at a gym. His two hundred and thirty
pounds was chiseled in muscle across his large, six foot two inch
frame, and in his suit, he was a striking looking fellow, handsome
and powerful. He had a deep, resonant voice as well, and lots of
charisma. Combined with his enormous wealth, many people felt that
there was no question that Wilkerson would win the election, even
though it was pretty clear that the black vote was leaning heavily
in favor of Hardman.
Rhett pulled into the parking lot in front of his lavish home
and strode up the drive to the front door. Opening it, he gave a
sigh and strode inside, heading straight for the stairs.
He wanted to fall into bed and sleep for a year. He climbed
the stairs wearily, his legs aching from being on his feet almost
constantly all day. He was about to go down the corridor toward
his room when he hesitated, ruefully remembering that he had seen
virtually nothing of his son and daughter for the last week or so.
He guessed that Melanie was in her room, so he decided to look in
and say hello to her before taking his nap.
Humming reflectively to himself, he walked down the hall
towards his daughter’s bedroom and turned the knob of the door,
pushing it open and stepping inside before he was aware that
anything was amiss. What he saw inside came to Rhett Wilkerson as
such a shock that he was unable to move for several minutes.
Melanie was on the last lap of the terrific blow job she was
administering to the naked black buck who stood in the center of
her room. She was slurping at his prick noisily, her hands
running up and down the backs of his legs, occasionally stopping
to caress and tickle his balls.
Brutus was heaving his pelvis to and fro, thrusting his rigid
pecker deep into her gulping gullet.
“OOOH, Y-YES, Miss Melanie, YES! Your doing it good, baby!
Real good! Suck on my big black prick, lady! HELL, YOU GONNA
The big black stud threw back his head and roared in ecstasy,
undulating his hips lewdly and grinding his groin against
Melanie’s face. Melanie gave a muffled moan of pleasure as she
felt the stiff pole sink deep into her aching throat and begin to
throb violently. Then, the first blast of sizzling jism spurted
directly into her stomach, trickling down her throat in heavy
“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?” Rhett Wilkerson roared in a
voice like thunder, his dark eyes crackling with shocked rage.
If Brutus hadn’t been a strong young buck, there is little
doubt that he would have had a heart attack and died right away
then and there. As it was, his eyes snapped open, sparkling with
pure terror, and he leaped back violently. His throbbing cock
sluiced out of Melanie’s mouth, still squirting thick, pungent
jets of white cream. His wasted seed hurtled in the air and
splashed onto the floor as the hulking black stud staggered back
in blind terror, not knowing what to do.
Melanie turned her startled blue eves toward her father, her
moist ruby red lips dripping with a strand of man juice, her
nipples ripe and erect.
Through the veil of rage which obscured his vision and
thoughts, Rhett could not shake a very definite surge of desire
which cut through his lusty loins.
again, his angry eyes darting from Melanie to Brutus.
The blonde slut got to her feet and smiled coolly at her
father, making no effort to cover her luscious, womanly body.
“Now, Daddy, you know very well what was going on here, since
you barged in so rudely without bothering to knock. I was giving
Brutus a blow job, that’s all. It’s nothing to get excited
“NOTHING TO GET EXCITED ABOUT!” Rhett shouted, trembling with
He was so mad saliva frothed from the corners of his mouth.
Melanie turned to Brutus and said calmly, “I think you’d
better go, Brutus. My father and I would like to be alone for a
The black stud grabbed his pants and, shivering like a leaf,
sprinted from the room stark naked. He didn’t start to get
dressed till he was half way down the stairs. And within half an
hour, he had vanished completely. He never was seen in those
parts again from that day on…
“Young lady,” Rhett said through clenched teeth, “I have a
good mind to horse whip you and then kick you off my property for
Melanie pouted and said very petulantly, “Now, Daddy, don’t
be silly! You know what that would do to your chances of being
Governor. Can’t you see the headlines? ‘Prospective Governor
Throws Sixteen Year Old Daughter Out!’ It wouldn’t look good at
Rhett narrowed his eyes and looked at her through the haze of
anger that made him shake. He felt a sudden urge to guffaw.
Hell, she was a chip off the old block all right! The little
bitch knew exactly how to manipulate him. She was right, of
course. He couldn’t risk a scandal at this stage in the game.
He was also becoming more and more acutely aware of her naked
body, which Melanie made no attempt to hide from him. His eyes
raked over her large, jutting breasts, capped with strawberry-hued
nipples, and shot down to the lambent ‘V’ of golden pubic hairs
that lightly covered her pouting mons. He felt lust begin to knot
in his belly.
And Melanie quickly recognized the look in his eyes. She
smiled up at him voluptuously, her heart beginning to hammer in
Her own father was getting turned on by her! The big, virile
man who had always made her quiver with excitement when he hugged
her to his brawny, masculine body. It was almost too good to be
“Daddy,” she said sweetly, “I know you don’t hold with black
people and white people having sex with each other. At least,
that’s what you’re always saying. But I know you fuck Dahlia all
the time, so that seems a bit hypocritical to me! I like to have
sex, and I’m so lonely here all the time, that sometimes I just
don’t know what to do!”
Rhett stared at her with smoldering eyes, and a savage grin
suddenly played across his features.
“Well, honey, I ought to beat the shit out of you for this,”
he growled, “But I think I’ll mingle punishment with pleasure and
fuck the shit out of you instead!!”
He yanked at his tie, loosening it, and quickly began to
unbutton his shirt. Melanie whimpered in delight, perching on the
edge of her bed and spreading her legs as she watched her big
burly father rapidly strip to the skin in front of her.
She gaped at his powerfully muscled body, his torso covered
with a heavy mat of thick, dark brown hair. From between his legs
rose a mighty ten inch pecker, about the same size as Jarvis’,
thick and heavy with an angry reddish knob. He was panting with
lust, and she could tell that he was going to subject her to a
long and grueling fuck session, one she was not likely to forget
for a long time…
Rhett strode forward, his bulging pecker waving in front of
him like a flag pole. He stopped directly in front of Melanie and
she stared greedily at the bulbous knob that wobbled before her
eyes, glistening with a drop of pre-come.
Rhett reached down and gripped a hold of his daughter’s
silken blonde hair and jerked at it cruelly.
“Suck on this for a while, slut,” he growled thickly.
His head was whirling with lust, and his dark eyes glowed
like smoldering coals. Melanie gave a little sigh and puckered
her pretty pink lips, planting a moist, wet kiss on the tip of her
father’s penis.
She tasted the salty droplet of liquid on the piss-slit, and
strummed her full lips across the spongy surface of the corona.
Thrusting out her sweet pink tongue, she lashed it eagerly to and
fro across the knob, tasting her father’s manhood and shuddering
in salacious delight.
Then, opening her mouth wide, she let the entire crown of his
penis slide inside, and suckled it greedily, gently grazing the
flaming flesh with her teeth. She curled her tongue lewdly around
the underside of his cock head, and as Rhett pumped forward with
his hips, his prick slid over the satiny trough and batted against
her tonsils urgently. Melanie ran her hands up her father’s hairy
legs and raked her nails across his hard, compact buttocks as she
gulped hard, taking the entire length of his gargantuan pecker
deep into her hungry gullet. Rhythmically, she bobbed her head up
and down, deep-throating the mammoth appendage with expertise.
A tremble of pleasure wracked Rhett Wilkerson’s burly
masculine body as he felt the tender silkiness of his daughter’s
mouth and throat fold around the sensitized shaft and knob of his
tumescent sex organ, sending bolts of electric excitement to his
“Oh, YEAH, suck it, baby! Suck it, you little whore! Swing
on your Daddy’s heavy joint!”
He swiveled his hips lasciviously and sluiced in and out of
Melanie’s swarming oral orifice. His heart was pounding like a
jack hammer, and his mouth was dry with lust. His big sweaty
balls whapped up against Melanie’s chin each time he stroked into
her constricting throat.
Suddenly, Rhett backed off, drawing the ten inches of steely
flesh and gristle out of Melanie’s ravenous mouth with a moist
popping sound. The huge tool snapped up rigidly against his belly
and glistened, dripping with Melanie’s saliva.
“Lie back on the bed,” he ordered gruffly.
Mutely, Melanie complied, falling on the soft mattress and
throwing out her arms staring up at her father with big, baby-blue
Rhett’s hot eyes raked over her nubile young form, drinking
in the sight of her creamy, unblemished flesh, and the large
quivering mounds of her womanly boobs. He wrapped his big coarse
fingers around the twin lobes of creamy flesh and squeezed them
hard, the throbbing, juicy nipples scraping against the palms of
his hands.
Melanie gave a low mewl of pleasure and arched her back,
pressing her tits against her father’s powerful hands. He lifted
one of her boobs into the air, and crawled onto the bed beside
her. Bending down, he pressed his face against the upturned hill
of flesh.
Melanie felt her father’s hot breath on her tingling flesh,
and she shuddered in joy as his tongue whisked out and flicked
across the turreting finger of flesh that rose from her pinkish
aureole. Rhett gave a low, salacious growl and eagerly affixed
his mouth to the warm, throbbing nubbin, sucking it hard, taking
as much of her pillowy breast into his mouth as he could. He
worried it with his teeth and lashed his tongue lewdly back and
forth across the warm, smooth flesh, tasting the sweetness of her
Then, he moved on to her other tit, flicking the wet nipple
of the first one with his thumb nail. As he suckled her throbbing
breast, Rhett let his free hand slide slowly down her trembling
body, across the soft, silken slope of her belly and onto her
thigh. Soon, his hand feathered across the satiny fleece that
lined her ‘V’ shaped furrow, and he hooked his finger inward,
scraping it up and down the pouting, slippery slit.
Jabbing the finger in, he slid it into the crevice and began
to worm it back and forth lewdly, frigging her vigorously. His
coarse thumb sought out her clitoris and lewdly strummed the oily
knob, sending explosions of ecstasy ricocheting through her
sexually aroused sixteen year old body. Melanie cried out in
incoherent ecstasy and began to grind her hips back and forth as
her father worked a second finger into her aching cunt, all the
while stroking his thumb in circular motions across her sizzling
joy stick.
Rhett scooted down until he was facing the succulent pussy he
was fingering. He gazed at it greedily, peeling back the folds of
flesh that lined the vulva, and drinking in the sight of her
glistening pink jewels. Bending forward, he inhaled the
delicious, sweet freshness of her feminine scent, and thrust out
his long, hungry tongue, swiping it across the slippery, oily
pussy lips. Melanie gave a whimper of pleasure as his tongue
began to move up and down in long, lewd licks, slurping noisily at
her quaking box.
Rhett grasped her legs above the knees and forcibly spread
them wide apart, exposing her cunt fully. Then, he plunged his
face wantonly between her peach-like vaginal petals and sucked
greedily at the fruit of her sweet cunt. His tongue fucked in and
out of her clinging chasm, and Melanie moaned and screeched in
delight, arching her back and undulating her pelvis wildly,
running her fingers through her father’s short, dark hair.
Rhett growled softly and mashed his face deeply into her
thighs, working at her juicy snatch with his strong mouth and
Finally, he lifted his head, revealing a face that was
smeared wilh her unctuous juices, and scooted up again, planting
his hands on either side of her head and staring down into her
flushed, pretty features.
Slowly, he began to lower his heavy, hairy body upon her,
hunching his hips forward until the spongy, rubbery knob of his
pecker banged against the wet maw of her vagina.
With a savage grin, Rhett slammed his hips forward,
propelling his cock violently against her vulnerable cuntal mouth.
Melanie threw back her head and uttered a ragged scream of
mingled pain and pleasure as the gargantuan barbed javelin plowed
savagely into her throbbing bower of bliss, stuffing it full.
Rhett groaned in pleasure as he felt the succulent, heated
sleeve envelope the entire length of his hard truncheon, and he
dropped his heavy body upon Melanie’s trembling form, skewering
her completely with his mean mauler. Soon, his hairy belly was
mashed against hers, and he was drawing his cock half way out of
her succulent channel before ramming it all the way inside again.
Squelching noises emerged from their mating loins as his prick
sluiced like a well-oiled piston in and out of her love chute.
“You like that, don’t you, little slut?” Rhett breathed
savagely into his daughter’s ear, “You like this big thick cudgel
jammed up inside your whorish hot box!”
“Oh, YES, Daddy! YES!” Melanie whimpered with joy, “Fuck me
hard, Daddy! I want to be fucked hard! YES! OOOOOOH!”
Her small bed was creaking noisily as Rhett began to slam
into her vigorously, small bestial grunts flying from his throat
each time he plowed his pelvis forward and smacked his belly to
Melanie’s. He slid his big hamlike hands beneath the soft lobes
of Melanie’s ass and crushed them in a viselike grip, yanking her
brutally up against his body. His rigid truncheon battered
against her aching cervix, stretching it wide.
Melanie sobbed in ecstatic joy, her fingers raking across her
father’s broad, hairy, sweat-drenched back. His burly, hirsute
chest flattened her throbbing tits and she could feel his rippling
muscles as they slid across her sensitized, satiny skin. The
musky, manly scent of her father’s body filled her flaring
nostrils like a heady aphrodisiac and made her head whirl with
erotic fervor.
She wrapped her legs around Rhett Wilkerson’s middle, locking
her ankles together, and began to undulate her hips lasciviously,
gasping and sobbing with joy as Rhett humped violently on top of
her, giving her a lusty, bone rattling fuck.
D-DADDY! AIEEEEEE!” Melanie suddenly screamed in a frenzy, her
body wriggling frantically beneath his like an eel.
Her nails raked across his flesh as convulsive shudders of
ecstasy tore through her sex starved body, and flecks of light
sparkled before her eyes as rockets went off in her loins. White
hot, sizzling bursts of pure rapture ripped through her body as
she came and came and came once more. Her cunt spasmed violently,
sucking and milking at the log of flesh and gristle which had
elicited her violent climax. Rhett gave a growl of satisfaction
as he felt her hot, honeyed juices splashing around his plunging
pecker, and he redoubled his efforts, screwing her as hard as he
could, oscillating his hips and churning her sweet chasm to
buttery mush.
“YEAH, MELANIE HONEY!” he roared like a bull, “I’M GONNA FILL
Melanie sobbed in delight as Rhett plunged deeply into her
saturated, inflamed crevice and began to blast her womb full of
his heavy, creamy load. It hosed violently from his spasming
prick, jetting deep inside of her, mingling with her own sweetly
flowing juices.
Rhett shuddered as the last drop of sperm oozed from the tip
of his tingling pecker, and rolled off of Melanie with a groan.
“Hell,” he muttered, “I came home to have a rest and ended up
using more energy than I had all day!”
Melanie giggled and snuggled up against her big, virile

Chapter 8

The campaign headquarters for Rhett Wilkerson was a zoo.
Melanie perched on the edge of a table as far away from the
squealing swarm of enthusiastic Wilkerson supporters as she could.
At least five T.V. sets were blaring as the initial election
returns began to come in. Shouts of triumph pierced the room
whenever the returns indicated that Wilkerson had an edge, and
boos greeted any suggestions that Hardman was ahead.
On the walls of the room, gigantic posters of Rhett Wilkerson
were plastered. Melanie’s handsome father’s face grinned toothily
from the poster, and the slogan, read: WILKERSON: A SOUTHERN
Batches of multi-colored balloons were floating up to the
ceiling or tied around chairs or to people’s buttonholes. Most of
the campaign people wore dozens of VOTE WILKERSON buttons and
straw hats with more buttons pinned to them.
Melanie found the atmosphere utterly distasteful; a childish
circus-like atmosphere which was blemished by the obvious
hypocrisy of everything her father stood for. She didn’t take
this political hogwash seriously, and didn’t see how anyone else
could either. She yawned wearily and looked at her watch. It was
just seven o’clock. Polling results wouldn’t be in for another
few hours at least. It looked like it was going to be a long
night indeed.
But Rhett had insisted that both his c******n be at the
campaign headquarters on that memorable night.
“When I’m elected governor, I want the folks watching T.V. to
see my whole family there to support me.”
Melanie glanced around and saw that her brother, Jarvis, had
cornered a giggling, buxom blonde campaign worker whose tits were
the size of watermelons, and was turning on all his charm.
Melanie smiled and shook her head. Well, Jarvis wasn’t wasting HIS
time, anyway. She wagered that before the evening was over, her
lusty young brother was going to get laid.
She glanced around to see if there were any comely young guys
who she could set her sights on, but though there were a number of
good-looking dudes, she somehow just didn’t feel like putting out
the effort. Most of them were too caught up in the enthusiasm of
the political contest to care much about anything else, anyway.
Melanie yawned. Hell, what she needed was a good, hard fuck…
After their hot sex session, Rhett Wilkerson had sternly
reprimanded his daughter on her sluttish behavior.
“If the press ever got a hold of the facts about you, I’d be
ruined, honey,” he said, “Now, if you’re going to behave like a
slut, you do it circumspectly, and in your own home, and with a
white boy, please! What’s going to happen if that black buck gets
you pregnant? You tell me that!”
Melanie had batted her long lashes at him and looked properly
contrite and had promised to behave with nunlike virtuousness from
then on, lying through her teeth. Of course, she had no intention
of stopping what had become her most enjoyable hobby. She would
just have to be a bit more careful to insure that her father
wouldn’t catch her at it.
Suddenly, a familiar voice spoke near at hand.
“Well, you don’t seem as though you’re having a terrific
time, Melanie Wilkerson!”
Melanie jerked her head in astonishment and gaped at the
speaker. It was Randy Hardman! The son of her father’s political
opponent grinned at her impishly. He was dressed conservatively
in a blue suit, with his short blond hair neatly combed and his
handsome, tanned features scrubbed clean. In fact, he looked
absolutely fantastic!
And from the way he was looking at Melanie Wilkerson, it was
clear that Lance Hardman’s boy was very pleased by the way his
secret girl-friend looked.
Melanie was a picture of girlish prettiness. Her golden curls
were swept back from her pretty porcelain face, and tied with
small pink bows. She wore a frilly dress of frothy white, with a
pink sash, and looked absolutely dazzling.
“RANDY!” she squealed breathlessly, “What on earth are you
doing HERE?”
The handsome young man winked at her and said, “Well, I got
bored sitting around Dad’s campaign headquarters waiting for the
election returns, and I gathered that you might be feeling the
same way. I don’t see you hunched over a T.V. biting your nails
in anxiety.”
Melanie giggled in delight, very glad that Randy had done
such an audacious thing as sneaking into Rhett Wilkerson’s
campaign quarters.
“I hope no one here recognizes you,” Melanie said in a low
voice, glancing around.
“No one here is looking at anything except the T.V. screen,”
Randy retorted, slipping his arm lightly around her waist, “But I
would like some privacy. I have something to talk to you about.”
Melanie looked around for her father and spotted him at the
center of a knot of reporters, fielding dozens of questions.
“Come on, let’s sneak into one of the offices in the back,”
Melanie said, hooking her hand through the crook of his arm and
tugging him lightly.
They slipped through a door into the darkened passageway, and
crept up to one of the opaque glass doors leading into various
offices in the campaign headquarters. Trying each one, they
finally found one that was unlocked, and pushed it open. They
were about to step inside when they discovered that it was already
Jarvis Wilkerson had nailed the blonde floozy, Melanie saw
immediately. The buxom campaign worker was lying on her back on a
desk, her stockinged legs straight up in the air, her huge boobs
flopping free from her blouse as the hunky young stud lustily
pumped away on top of her, shoving his thick prick deep inside her
honeyed chasm again and again.
squeaked, kicking her spiked heeled shoes off and scraping the
heels of her feet against his hard buttocks.
“Looks like someone beat us to it,” Randy whispered as he and
Melanie hastily backed out of the room.
Melanie muffled a giggle and said softly, “Yes, that’s my
brother, Jarvis.”
Randy arched his eye brows in amazement and clicked his
tongue, a twinkle in his sexy blue eyes.
“My, my, you Wilkersons are a depraved lot, aren’t you?” he
said mockingly.
Melanie pushed him against the wall and nuzzled his cheek
with her full coral-pink lips.
“Now,” she said softly, “What was it you wanted to say to me,
Randy Hardman?”
Randy pressed his mouth hungrily to hers, and then said,
“First of all, I love you very much.”
“I know. And I love you.”
“And … I’d like you to elope with me.”
Melanie’s baby blue eyes opened wide. “I have a feeling
you’re NOT pulling my leg.”
“I’m deadly serious. I think we should run away together.
Tonight. And get married in the morning.”
Melanie studied his features for a long time. It was a crazy
idea. Both of their fathers would be utterly aghast when they
found out. In fact, they might get cut off without a cent. But,
Melanie decided suddenly, it was worth it. She was ready to get
hitched. And she was pretty sure she could bring her father
around in the end.
“O.K.,” she said lightly.
Randy gaped at her in amazement. “Really?” he gasped, “You
really mean you’ll do it?”
“Of course!” she said, “Now we’d better get out of here
before Daddy comes looking for me. We’ll have to stop by my place
so I can pack some things.”
They slipped out the back door and hopped into Randy’s
Chevrolet and zoomed off into the night.
An hour later, the maroon Chevvy pulled up in front of the
Bates Motel, ten miles outside of town, and a very good-looking
couple hopped out, hand in hand, carrying small valises and
looking very happy.
When the proprietor of the hotel asked them to sign the
register, the handsome young man scribbled: “Mr. and Mrs. William
Stark.” Then, they were shown to their room.
It was a small, gaudily decorated room with a double bed and
a television set.
Randy locked the door and strode over and switched on the
television set.
Melanie raised her eyes and said mockingly, “I thought you
weren’t interest in the election results.”
“I’m not,” he responded, “I’m just making sure our neighbors
don’t overhear what’s REALLY going on in here!”
He crossed quickly to the pretty blonde and slid his arms
around her, drawing her against his strong chest. Bending down,
he brushed his lips against her mouth and kissed her hungrily. His
fingers fumbled with the back of her dress, snapping open the
buttons. He unhooked her brassiere, and stood back, gently
drawing off her clothes and letting them fall to the ground. His
hot blue eyes raked over her lovely, creamy body, and he let his
hands slide over the curves and valleys of her womanly figure. She
was wearing only a pair of pink, frilly panties now.
“Get in bed,” he said huskily.
Melanie complied obediently, reclining on the white sheets
and gazing at him with voluptuous periwinkle blue eyes.
Randy stripped quickly, tearing off his conservative blue
suit, leaving on a pair of boxer shorts which were tenting at the
crotch conspicuously. Then, he sprinted over to the bed and dived
in on top of his wife-to-be. Melanie squealed with laughter as
they tussled playfully. Then, the young stud rolled on top of
her, his muscular body bearing down on her slender, curvaceous
figure, flattening her breasts against his powerful torso. He
crushed his mouth to hers and wormed his hungry tongue inside,
swabbing up her saliva. Melanie gave a muffled groan of delight
and ran her hands sensuously down his broad back and over the
hard, compact buns of his ass cheeks. She could feel the outline
of his rigid ten inch cock throbbing against her belly.
On the T.V. set, the election returns were coming in.
The newsman was saying, “At the moment, it seems as though
Wilkerson and Hardman are running neck to neck, with Wilkerson
having a slight lead. But political experts believe that Hardman
may sweep the western counties, which could mean a possible
victory for the young liberal from Bay Springs…”
The twenty-one year old son of “the young liberal from Bay
Springs” was now dry humping the daughter of his father’s
political opponent.
Drawing his mouth away from Melanie’s his eyes glittering
with lascivious excitement, Randy scrambled around on the bed
until he was facing the soft mound Melanie’s sweet cunt made in
the silky panties she wore. His bulging boxer shorts were in line
with Melanie’s face.
Bending forward, Randy pressed his lips against the panties,
sniffing the sweet, rich perfume of her girlish body. He felt the
softness of her tender cunt through the thin material, and hooked
his fingers in the elastic, slowly working the undergarments down
about her ankles. He gazed greedily at the glittering ‘V’-shaped
fleece between her legs.
Melanie fumbled with the elastic band that passed around her
lover’s middle and jerked his underpants down impatiently. His
huge, heavy prong flopped free, poking crudely against her cheek,
smearing it with a droplet of clear liquid.
She encircled the pulsating base of Randy’s cock with her
soft, small fingers, reveling in the feeling of the taut, silken
flesh, stretched across the hard rubbery pole of flesh and
gristle. Throbbing blue veins latticed the bulging sides, and
Randy’s big balls were bloated with heated man juice.
Purring with satisfaction, she lapped out her tongue and
stirred it across the moist tip of her lover’s pecker, licking at
it like an ice-cream cone. Her head darted up and down, and she
slurped eagerly at the corrugated sides, trilling her lips against
them lasciviously. Randy gave a muffled groan of pleasure, burying
his face between Melanie’s silken thighs and kissing and sucking
on her pussy.
“The election returns thus far indicate an unprecedented neck
to neck race for the governorship,” the newscaster was saying, “At
this point, there is no way of determining who will emerge
victorious. Wilkerson has an edge, but less than five thousand
votes separate him and Lance Hardman. Hardman is expected to take
the counties of…”
Melanie was sucking fervently at Randy’s throbbing pecker,
giving muffled squeals of delight as his tongue sluiced in and out
of her honeyed crack. Randy was moaning with rapture, humping his
hips back and forth, feeding his ten inch horse-dick to the
sixteen year old blonde.
After a while, he pulled out of her mouth and scrambled
around until he was facing her again. He planted a wet, sticky
kiss on her warm, moist lips and said huskily, “Roll over on your
belly, honey.”
Melanie obeyed, her lush young body trembling with
excitement. Randy ran his hand down the long slope of her back
and across her sweet, creamy buttocks. Bending down, he rained
kisses on the soft flesh of her back, moving slowly down toward
her dimpled ass cheeks.
He dug his thumbs into the pillowy, pliant flesh and peeled
the cheeks of Melanie’s tush apart, revealing the puckered pink
rose bud of her anus. It winked and sparkled merrily in the light
cast from the T.V. screen.
Bending down, he blew hot air against the pouting asshole,
and very gently brushed his lips across it. Melanie whimpered in
delight as she felt her lover thrust out his long tongue and swirl
it lewdly in a circular motion across the spasming surface of her
sphincter muscle, sending shivers of pleasure coursing through her
body. She squirmed and arched her hips slightly, allowing him
better access to her nether chute. Her head was swimming in
Randy gripped Melanie’s buttocks hard in his hand, and ran
his tongue in long, sloppy licks across her bunghole, making it
wet and sticky with spittle.
Then, he thrust his tongue out and began to wriggle the tip
of it against the puckered opening, feeling the way it clenched
and tugged at his tongue hotly. Randy plunged his tongue forward,
driving it deep inside the furnace-hot interior of Melanie’s
succulent colon, swabbing up her pungent juices. He fucked his
tongue back and forth hungrily, wiggling it inside her, loving the
way her asshole sucked and quivered with enthusiasm. His prick was
throbbing with anticipation and stabs of red hot passion shot
through his tightening belly.
“Now it’s Lance Hardman in the lead, folks, but by an
amazingly small margin of five hundred votes. Again, this is the
tightest gubernatorial race in recent memory, and there is still
no clear indication who will emerge victorious. Spokesmen from
both campaign headquarters indicate confidence that their man will
win the day, and at this point, no one can tell for certain which
way the final tally will slide.”
Randy rose up on his haunches, gripping onto the thick,
pulsating staff of his aching boner. He scooted up, rubbing the
fat, juicy knob of his cock up and down the crack between
Melanie’s translucent buttocks. He gently swirled the puckered
glans over the pouting anal orifice, tickling it seductively and
sending hot ripples of desire through his girl-friend’s trembling
He gripped tightly to her waist with his free hand and began
to slowly hunch his hips forward. He sighed with pleasure as he
felt her sphincter muscle give way with little resistance and
slide slickly over the rubbery crown of his truncheon, quickly
ensconcing it in the hot, silky interior of her anal chute.
Melanie tossed her blonde tresses in a frenzy of passion,
cries and gasps of unadulterated delight fluttering from her pink
lips as she felt the thick ramrod slowly penetrate her throbbing
bunghole. She groaned in rapture as Randy began to saw his pelvis
back and forth, driving inch after inch of the huge, throbbing sex
tool deep into her bowels.
Randy grunted in animalistic pleasure, bucking his ass
forward lustily, gripping tightly to his betrothed’s hips as he
impaled her on his stiff manhood. He felt the sleeve-like warmth
of her silky rectal chasm sluice over the entire length of his
aching pecker, and his muscular thighs came to rest against the
cool, pillowy slopes of her high ass cheeks.
He growled in delight, oscillating his hips and savoring the
sensation of having his barbed javelin buried to the hilt in the
ass of the girl he loved.
He bent forward and slid his arms around Melanie’s middle,
grasping onto her big, bouncing boobs and squeezing them hard. He
caught her throbbing nubbins between his forefingers and thumbs
and plucked at them sensuously as he fucked her ass hard.
Melanie mewled in pleasure, lifting her haunches high and
bucking back to meet her brawny lover’s athletic pumping motions.
“OOOH, FUCK ME, RANDY! Fuck my ass! Y-E-E-E-S!” she squealed
in glee.
Randy pressed his face into her golden hair and forked his
tongue lasciviously into her ear.
“You like that, huh, baby?” he said huskily, “You like my
thick, long dick jammed up your hot ass!”
“Y-Yes, Randy! YES!”
He held himself deeply inside of her hot chute, his heart
thumping loudly, his balls curdling with lust. He knew if he kept
up this ass fucking much longer, there would be no holding back.
And he wanted to prolong this session considerably.
After a few more deeply penetrating strokes, he abruptly
pulled out of her with a moist sucking sound.
“Lift your ass high, babe,” he ordered huskily, “I want your
sweet pussy now!”
Mewling in delight, Melanie wriggled her hips salaciously and
raised her ass, exposing the tender, dripping muff between her
With a lewd grin, Randy guided the mushroom-shaped tip of his
fat prong against the maw to her vaginal tunnel and gave a grunt
as he lunged forward.
Melanie sobbed in delight as the huge log of rubbery flesh
sliced up into her belly, filling her sweet, cock-hungry cunt to
the brim with rigid manmeat. He groaned in pleasure as the slick,
spasming membranes churned around his throbbing boner, and began
to stroke in and out of her lubriciously, his big balls slapping
up against her belly each time he sank to the hilt inside her
sucking, burning pussy.
“Yeah, baby, YEAH!” he moaned in delight, slamming into her
hot box again and again, “That feels SO GOOD! MMMMMMM!”
Melanie gasped and whimpered with ecstatic glee, pushing back
against him, digging her fingers into the sheets as tremors of
searing pleasure raced through her loins.
“From the campaign headquarters of Rhett Wilkerson, here is
the man himself being interviewed by our reporter, Nat Staunch.”
“Mr. Wilkerson, this is the closest gubernatorial race in our
state’s history. Do you still maintain that you will emerge
victorious in the end?”
“I think there’s no question about it, Nat. The people of
this state want stability and virtue, and sound, tried ideas.
They know that I will deliver what I promise. They know my
spotless record. Hardman is just a flash in the pan. I think
you’ll see soon, when the returns from the Southern counties come
in, that I will be ahead by a considerable margin…”
“OOH, Melanie, baby! I – I can’t hold it back much longer!
I think I’m gonna shoot!” Randy gasped hoarsely.
He rammed into her deeply, stuffing his thick horsedick to
the balls into her aching cunt. Melanie’s head whirled with
libidinous excitement. Ripples of hot, molten pleasure began to
accumulate deep within her loins. As Randy slammed into her again
and again, her cunt began to burn hotter and hotter, and suddenly,
a tumultuous explosion of incredible intensity wracked her middle,
and she screamed with joy, uncontrollable shudders of rapture
running up and down her body.
AAARRRRGH!” Randy roared.
He pounded into her hard, gripping tightly to her hips as his
balls began to tighten and seethe with boiling male juices.
Great spurts of white-hot semen hurtled up the tubes of his
spasming dick and fountained deep into Melanie’s quaking womb.
Randy groaned and shuddered and twitched with carnal delight,
Melanie’s sucking, spasming cunt milking every last drop of
pungent man juice from his virile balls.
He pulled out of her cunt, panting hard, his big pecker still
stiff as a ramrod.
“Turn over honey,” he said huskily.
Melanie rolled over on her back, gasping and shuddering with
the aftershocks of a mind-shattering multiple orgasm. Her sweet,
golden-fringed pussy was glittering with her juices and with
flecks of Randy’s creamy semen, which streamed down her thighs in
steady rivulets.
“I’m not through yet, baby,” he said thickly, “Not by a long
He rolled his brawny, sweaty body on top of hers, and moments
later, the bed was creaking and groaning as two lusty young bodies
slapped wetly together, their moans and cries mingled with the
steady voice of the anchorperson on the television set.
They fucked for most of the night, and were probably the last
persons in the state to find out who won the election.
Early the next morning, they woke up a preacher, and two days
later, the headlines of the scandal rags blared: GOVERNOR’S C***D
It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship…


Lance Hardman was furious. Not only had he lost the
gubernatorial election, but he had suffered the further
indignation of having his only son elope with the daughter of his
hated rival. And, what made it worse, he had learned of the
elopement not through private sources, but from the headlines of a
scandal sheet. He had chosen to laugh off the article as bogus at
first – until he received a phone call from Randy later on in the
day, apologetically telling him that the news was true.
Lance had blown his stack, demanding that Randy come home at
once, calling him an ungrateful, immature punk who needed to be
taught a lesson, and making all kinds of threats. After listening
to a few minutes of this ranting and raving, Randy had hung up on
his father, and Lance was left clutching the silent receiver in
his trembling, sweaty hand, seething in helpless rage.
At once, he had procured the services of a private detective,
and offered the man a lavish sum of money if he could locate the
whereabouts of the young “Romeo and Juliet,” as the press hastily
dubbed them.
He soon was informed that the couple were staying at the
Bates Motel under an alias, and decided to make a move. The young
liberal politician was not thinking too clearly. He had lost his
first major election, and that had been a pretty severe blow to
his ego. But this final act of humiliation seemed too much for
him to bear. He had to do something about it, though exactly
what, he hadn’t rationally considered. An annulment, perhaps. A
divorce, certainly.
When he received the information about where to find Randy
and Melanie, Lance impulsively jumped into a limousine and sped
off towards the Bates Motel without the benefit of a chauffeur.
He cruised to a stop in front of the hotel, and quickly spotted
his son’s car parked in front of one of the cottages. He sat
fuming in his limousine, trying to decide what the best course of
action would be. But before he could make up his mind, the door
opened and Melanie Wilkerson Hardman emerged from the cabin,
sauntering to the car.
The pretty blonde, with her saucy blue eyes and upturned
nose, certainly looked gorgeous in a frothy white summer dress
which clung to her lithe body, her curly hair hanging in golden
tresses about her shoulders. She got into his son’s car and
started the engine. Randy was no where to be seen. Lance
impulsively decided to follow her.
Melanie was going into town to pick up a load of groceries.
She and Randy were having an idyllic little honeymoon tryst at the
out of the way hotel. They had called the press the morning
afterwards and let the story break, so that there would be no way
for either of their fathers to hush up or quell the marriage
without causing a scandal.
Melanie had never been so happy in her life. She had left her
handsome husband sprawled naked on the motel room bed, fast
asleep, after a night of unbridled, passionate love-making.
She pulled up in front of the grocery and sprang out of the
car, not noticing the dark limousine that had trailed her from the
Her arms full of groceries, Melanie emerged from the store
and found herself confronting a tall, powerfully built man of
about forty, who was leaning against her husband’s car, a rather
severe expression creasing his craggy features. With a sudden
tremor of shock, she recognized Randy’s father, Lance Hardman.
Masterfully repressing her feelings of trepidation, Melanie
conjured up her sweetest smile and said in a voice like honey,
“Why, hello, Mr. Hardman! It’s nice to see you! Or, should I
call you ‘Daddy?'”
Lance Hardman hadn’t realized how radiantly beautiful his
unwanted daughter-in-law really was.
The sight of the lovely Southern belle up close was rather
disarming, and he felt his righteous indignation begin to get
tinged with reluctant admiration for his son’s choice of a mate.
“Miss Wilkerson, we must have a talk,” he said grimly, “If
you would be so kind as to get into the back seat of my
He ushered her with stiff politeness to the dark Cadillac,
and Melanie meekly complied with his request, realizing that she’d
have to tackle Randy’s Dad sometime or another anyway, and now was
as good as ever.
The windows of the limousine were tinted so that outsiders
couldn’t see in, though one could see out. As Melanie got in
beside her big, good-looking father-in-law, she suddenly realized
what an attractive guy he really was.
At forty, Lance Hardman was extremely well-preserved,
retaining the burly, muscular physique which had made him a first-
rate college athlete. He had short reddish brown hair and clear
green eyes. Now, he was wearing a rather disheveled short sleeved
shirt and tightly fitting corduroy trousers which clearly outlined
his amply sized basket.
As soon as he had closed the door, Melanie said sweetly, “Mr.
Hardman, you just called me Miss Wilkerson. Now, I think you know
by now that Randy and I are married. And we are quite determined
to stay married, no matter what you or my father might think. Of
course, we understand your consternation right now, and we wish
you could be spared the embarrassment, but our lives are separate
from your political lives. If you see what I mean.”
She spoke very rapidly, batting her long luscious lashes, her
sultry blue eyes flashing sensuously. Lance realized how utterly
bewitching the little minx really was.
He said awkwardly, “Look. I’m willing to give you quite a
substantial sum of money if you’ll divorce Randy…”
Melanie’s silvery laugh interrupted him.
“Oh, Mr. Hardman!” she exclaimed merrily, “Don’t be silly!
My Daddy has twice as much money as you have, and I’ve already
talked with him on the phone. He has no intention of disowning
me. But even if he did, and you did, Randy and I would not change
our minds.”
Lance glared at her, his green eyes darting over her luscious
figure unwittingly. Uneasily, he realized, he was getting turned
on by the proximity of the gorgeous Southern belle. He shifted in
his seat, his cock beginning to unfurl and pressing painfully
against the leg of his trouser.
Melanie’s eyes widened as they fell upon his crotch and saw
the sizeable bulge that tented the fly.
“Why, Mr. Hardman!” she exclaimed, “I do believe you like me
a little, after all!”
Before Lance had a chance to reply, the blonde teenager
reached out and lewdly squeezed his tumescent, rubbery organ
through the tight material of his trousers. Melanie cooed in
delight as she felt the expanding, lusty flesh. It was obvious
that Randy had inherited his prodigiously proportioned member from
his virile father.
“Wha-What are you doing?” Lance gasped weakly as the girl
began to unzip his fly.
“Oh, don’t be such a prude, Daddy!”