Pervert brothers

I had always tried to pass my wisdom and experience to my younger
sister Jacklyn. She was eighteen and I was twentyone. She always
looked up to me and never hesitated to ask me questions or confide in
me. One afternoon I saw her reading one of those trashy romance novels.
She noticed me trying to read the title, “Driving Lust”, and offered as
explaination, “Lisa gave it to me at school.”

I thought nothing of it, she was about that age, so I continued
about my business. That weekend my parents left to attend a conference
and left me in charge. Friday night, I sat in my room leafing through
a well worn Penthouse. I heard a knock at the door and my sister stuck
her head in. I closed the rag and put it on my night stand. “Hey Brit,
ya busy?” she asked in her squeeky voice. “Not particularly” I said.
I was so used to the chicks in the Penthouse that I was barely arroused
by them anymore.

Jackie ran in and jumped on the bed, wearing a long T-shirt several
sizes to big that came down to mid-thigh. “I’ve been thinking
and…well, actually I have some questions” she said nervously. “Shoot”
I said.

“After reading that book, you know the love story, well I don’t
understand some things” Jackie started. “It kept talking about,
um…masterbation” she blurted, “…and um, how great it was…” she
paused. “But it never mentioned how to do it!” she finished, trying to
sound incredulous. “Anyway, it talked about sex, and this boy from
school wants me to do it.” Jacklyn said. “Who?” I asked. “Matt.” she
said. Not that little shit, I thought!

“So, I thought maybe I’d…you know…try masterbation first to see
if I liked it.” Jacklyn said, looking down. “And you need to know how?”
I asked. “Uh huh.” she said hopefully, glancing up at me, happy that she
had managed to get me to say it without her actually asking. “Jeez, I
donno…” I faltered. “well…you just kinda rub it.” I continued, not
communicating very well.

Jackie crawled up next to me and leaned against the head board. She
lifted up her hips and pulled the T-shirt up to her waist. She had no
undies on under her night shirt! Rubbing her thin muff with her hand
she asked, “Like this?” Temporarily stunned, I said “Wha?
Um…well…you gotta…um, I don’t know really.” Jackie charged, “I
know you do! I *see* that girlie mag right there! ”
pointing at my night stand. Busted. “Ok, ok!” I replied. She stopped
rubbing and clasped her hands on her chest. “Show me.” Jacklyn said.

I thought, “If I don’t show her that shit Matt will!” This is not
the kind of thing you learn in sex-ed or that little talk with Mom!
“Ok.” I said, taking on the tone of teacher, “First you need to know
about your body.” It was then that I realized that she had quite a body
for a girl her age. She was small, maybe four feet six inches, and on
the skinny side but she definitely had developing curves.

Her muff was thin and blonde allowing her pussy to show through.
“These are your lips.” I said, as I inserted my index finger under one
of her folds, sliding it up and down. “Oooooo, nice” she said.
“However, one of the most important parts is your clit” I continued,
“It’s the key to cumming.”

“What’s that?” she asked. “Don’t get ahead!” I quipped. “Now,” I
said, lifting and spreading her knees, “you spread your lips like this.”
I spread her full tender lips with my middle and index fingers, exposing
her bright pink meat within. My cock stiffened as my fingers
manipulated her labia. “You take your finger and stroke your clitoris.”
I said, as I begin stroking her nub, sliding it between my fingers. She
inhaled sharply between her teeth and wiggled her hips. “Oooo, harder!”
she said, getting into it.

I stopped. “Why’d ya stop, man?!” Jackie asked, slightly aggitated.
“Because!” I said, now feeling kind of like a perv. “I can see you’re
hard! Do this for me, ok? I’ll owe you!” she begged. “Alright, but
just materbation!” I said, trying not to lose ground.

“Eat me.” she said. What?! “I read it in the book!” she said. I
slid over between her legs, looking at her reclined there, spread for
me! I bent down between her legs, holding her lips open, my face inches
from her pick snatch. I could smell her and the aroma made me hornier.
I couldn’t beleive I was about to munch my eighteen year old sister’s

I began licking her open slit from bottom to top in long swaths
using the flat of my tongue. The taste of Jackie made me suck
voratiously at her twat. “Ummmm” she moaned as she watched me. I worked
my tongue into her small hole, tasting her tart juices. As I orally
assaulted her young twat she pumped her hips and moaned loudly. I
glanced up from her snatch and could see her dark nipples as her now
sweaty shirt clung to her tits. I slid my hand under her shirt to her
breasts. “Holy shit!” I said, “Your nipples are huge!” I pinched her
nipple and she let out a shriek.

She sat up and pushed me back. Jackie pulled her shirt off,
allowing me my first view of her tits. They were small, barely a
handful, but her nipples where the size of half dollars and swollen
beyond belief! I had never seen nipples that erect before, not even in
my stoke mags. I leaned forward and placed my mouth over her pointy
tit. I could fit most of it in my mouth. I swirled my rough tongue
around her nipple and sucked up and down — blowing her tit.

“Ohhhhh, yesssss!” she purred! I stroked her clit as I sucked and
in no time she came, arching her back, moaning and oozing her cum all
over my hand.

“There”, I said, “I jacked you off!” trying to keep my control.
“Fuck me!” she replied, “Pleeeease!” My will crumbled! “Ok”, I
relented. “Oh goody!” she said excitedly as I took off my clothes. I
pulled her down on the bed toward me.

Jacklyn wrapped her legs around my waist. “I’m gonna fuck your
brains out Jackie!” I said. She giggled with excitement. I stroked my
cock several times, spreading my slick pre-cum, bringing it up to its
nine inch length. I placed my cock against Jackie’s labia. Her lips
wrapped around my tip as I slowly pressed into her tight hole. “Ouch!”
she barked, as I slowly but forcefully pushed through her hyman. She
was so tight it felt like a fist squeezing my dick!
Holding her hips I began stroking into her, not all the way at first
but gradually increasing the depth of each stroke. She began using her
legs to pull me further into her dripping cunt. “Oh you want more?!” I
asked rhetorically. I violently shoved my cock into her. Burying it to
the hilt I could feel my head against her cervix! She screamed in joy
and pain and jerked in my hands.

I continued, increasing the speed of my thrusts but slamming my
throbbing tip against her cervix on every one! She gasped heavily
between my thrusts, “God!…Ouch!…Oooo!…Oh!…Jesus!…What is it?!
Oohhhhhhhhhh!” After her last gasp she fell limp. Her eyes rolled back
in her head, seeming to pass-out, as her body convulsed and spasmed!
Her hot cum soaked my balls!

“Are you ok?!” I asked, after she stopped. “Fucking A!” she
exclaimed, “That was awesome!” I repositioned my self on the bed. “Put
your feet on my chest”, I told her. She did. I leaned over her
bringing her knees to up next to her ears, causing her hips to extend
upward toward me. Placing my cock again against her vulva I hung poised
over her. I was so horny my mind was fuzzy, I felt like I was stoned.
I had never been this horny before! The very thought of fucking my
sister’s dripping little snatch was driving me insane with a perverse
and profound satisfaction! My cock was as hard as a steel pipe! The
thick smell of Jackie’s juices hung in the air like smoke and
intoxicated me!

I slid my cock into little Jackie. I began methodically stroking in
and out. Slowing going from tip to root, like a machine, same speed up
as down. My cock rubbed up against her clitoris on each stroke. Within
several strokes she began cumming, her hot tight twat pulsing and
squeezing me. I continued to stroke at a slow steady pace, extending
her short orgasms into one continuous one. She was smiling and crying,
tears running down her face in bliss, as I began to gradually quicken my

She began to moan in her soft squeeky voice, rising to a peak at the
bottom of each of my thrusts. She reached down and rubbed her wet slit
and massaged my balls as I penetrated her. I could feel my balls
building their heavy load as they slapped against her ass. I was
driving into her forbidden slit with a maniacal zeal. Lust enveloping
my body and mind as I consumed massive quantities of Jacklyn’s hot
sexuality. Jackie started whispering — “Is my vag ina
tight enough?” “Oh yeah!”, I grunted. “I love your big penis inside
me! I feel so delightfully dirty I can’t stand it! Fuck my nasty
hole!” she huskily pleaded! This drove to the edge. I violated her
school girl pussy with long hard thrusts evoking “Fuck me!”‘s and
I could feel my scrotum contracting. “I’m going to cum inside you
Jackie!” I heard my voice say. “Do it! Oh God, shoot it all in me!”
Jackie screamed. I was close. Stroke. Stroke. “Here it comes”, I
blurted. Jackie took her slick finger out of her slit and reached
around behind me. I was a second from cumming when I felt Jackie’s
finger thrust into my asshole! My balls ached, I felt a spike of pain
as I contracted harder than I ever had. I drove my cock deep into
Jackie, her cum spraying from her twat. I reached maximum penetration,
my hips smacking into her thighs just as hot cum erupted from my tip. I
grunted loudly. “Woooooooo!” Jackie shrieked as my white hot load
forcefully jetted against her cervix, deep into her spasming cunt. I
continued to plunge into her, squirting load after wonderful spasming
load into my sister. Eurphoria swept thru my mind.

Jackie sucked my cock as I lay on the bed, making it twitch and jerk
until it stopped seaping my nectar and it was soft. I butt-fucked her
the next morning on her floor — even wilder and more incredible than
the night before. And so it has been ever since. I am in college now
but I live just a few blocks away. Jacklyn comes over after school now
— “so I can help her with he r
homework.” We’re experimenting now, every wonderful hole and position!
She’s older now, but we know we’ll never find anyone better matched
than us — we can never marry, of course, but we don’t care. Maybe our
new “enlightened” society will realize that incest taboo has it’s roots
in ignorance dating back to the dawn of man. We know we can never have
children, it’s only responsible to acknowledge it. Given this, society
should accept these relationships. If your soul-mate in this life is
your sister, it is no less valid than if she were any other woman.