Pheromone therapy renews a retirees passion and more

The clinic was an unobtrusive white stucco structure
surrounded by gnarled oak trees on an obscure back
road. There were several cars parked in front but it
gave the overall appearance of being unoccupied. The
smell of late summer was in the air, with just a hint
of fall breezes – my favorite time of year. I was
getting on in years and just started retirement a few
short months earlier.

My wife continued to work to secure her retirement,
having entered the work force only after my two girls
had gained their independence. Able to retire early
thanks to “downsizing,” I was finally beginning to
enjoy what I had missed over the past thirty-five years
of unforgiving commitment. There was one nagging
problem, however, that had led me to this unobtrusive
structure and triggered the “butterflies” that had been
fluttering in my gut for the past several days.

My wife, Doris, is, and always has been the love of my
life. During the course of our lifetime of experiences
together, we had enjoyed many of the simple pleasures
that put my soul to rest. Yet, during the preceding
five years, much to the chagrin of my beloved, my
sexual appetite had waned and sputtered into non

We had played with Viagra and various other non-
intrusive therapies with little or no success and I had
resigned myself to accept the termination of my sexual
desires along with the onset of aging. My Doris had
not, and although I try to pleasure her to the best of
my ability, she remains unsatisfied and frustrated. All
the explanations, gifts, and promises in the world
would not deter her need for fulfillment, and, with no
other recourse, I responded to the recommendation of
her gynecologist to visit this small clinic where an
experimental therapy was being offered.

Walking up the small gravel walkway, I allowed the
anxieties to pass as foolishness and adjusted my
attitude to accept whatever may come. I was greeted at
the door by a busty blonde with a clipboard and a white
cotton miniskirt the exposed the better part of her
hefty thighs. She was mauling her gum like an
overweight cow, and could barely speak without slurping
or slobbering.

“Mr. Williams,” she slurped in a most unbecoming way,
“The Dr. has been waiting for ya – why don’t you head
into the exam place behind me and shuck your rags.
There’s a house coat on the hanger in the john.” She
unceremoniously wiped her nose with the back of her
hand, and I damn near turned for the door wondering
what kind of therapy was in store for me.

Stepping into the small and tidy room, I spied a nice
comfortable sofa, a small exam table and a couple of
plain medical cabinets along with a small alcove where
the “john” sat unceremoniously; partially obscured
behind a free standing curtain. Disrobing with doubts,
I slid into the harsh paper fabric of the “housecoat”
which was nothing more than a standard issue, open from
the rear hospital gown. I tried to make myself
comfortable on the plastic coated sofa, which was a
difficult task as any exposed skin immediately stuck
and made unflattering noises when I tried to move

Like a dream from an erotic move the Dr entered, with a
clipboard and a small stethoscope dangling from her
flawless neck. Tall, tanned, raven haired and leggy,
she strolled over to me with a smile that would melt
butter and her fragile right hand extended. I made
unflattering noises as I rose to acknowledge her
greeting and found my face reddening in embarrassment.

“Mr. Williams, thank you for coming;” she cooed with a
soft alto voice that immediately put me at ease. “You
can call me Eve if you’d like; mind if I call you Jim?”

“Uh, no…” I stammered.

She paused for a moment, quickly scanning her clipboard
and withdrew a pen from her lab coat which barely
concealed her low cut summer dress and the two firm
orbs the firmly rose from beneath. “Do you have heart
problems, allergies to any known medications, unusual
voiding habits?”

I kept shaking my head no, as my gaze fell to the
slender hips and sensual legs that tapered down to her
tiny, well manicured feet.

“Good, here’s five hundred of your dollars for your
participation; now let’s take a look at our
unresponsive little friend shall we?”

Despite the rapid and unexpected events, I slowly rose
to my feet as she lifted the gown and took my wrinkled
willie into her creamy soft hands. She quietly studied
my lifeless appendage in a gentle professional manner,
while I tried to think of football or the neighbor’s
dog that had taken a liking to defecating in my wife’s
favorite flower bed. .

“Looks must be quite deceiving in your case, Jim; it
looks like you’re supporting a fine piece of equipment
here. Could you bend over so I can check your prostrate
– you know the procedure.”

Again I nodded and leaned over grasping the arm of the
sofa as she donned a condom on the first two fingers of
her right hand. She smiled as she applied Vaseline onto
the condom and I spread my legs nervously while trying
to relax. Her fingers quickly found the weathered
orifice and slipped in quickly, immediately surging
towards my prostrate. For the first time in months I
felt my willie jump involuntarily.

Her fingers expertly caressed the engorged gland gently
and within just a few brief moments, a small stream of
semen oozed from my wilted appendage and dripped onto
the floor. I was now totally embarrassed as my mind
clamored for a fantasy to get lost in. Her un-gloved
hand circled my willie and, with gentle pressure she
began pumping life into the previously lifeless flesh.

Eve paused for a moment to remove the slippery condom
and mount the stethoscope into her hair hidden ears
before immediately resuming her skillful massage. As
her gentle hand coaxed long dormant sensations through
my groin, she placed the cool head of the stethoscopes
on strategic points of my now throbbing sexuality; on
the glans, along the shaft, on each individual gonad,
and finally on the perineum.

Apparently satisfied, she dropped the polished
instrument and gently cupped the quivering orbs in my
scrotum as her mouth encased my flared glans. Her
tongue began to circle the increasingly sensitive
corona as my gonads snuggled tightly against my groin
signaling the inevitable release. My knees were shaking
and my breath rasping as the muscle contractions

“Uhhhhhhhmmmggghhhh,” I grunted as my hips bucked
forward involuntarily and her lips slipped off of my
painfully pulsing willie. A long thin stream of my
essence erupted explosively into the air and splattered
on the sofa as her hand continued its’ gentle massage.
My lungs struggled to keep my vision clear. So intense
was my orgasm that I scarcely noticed her hand drop
from my over sensitized scrotum to her pocket to
produce a small syringe with a flexible plastic needle
that must have been over six inches in length.

“Goodness Jim, that was very uncharacteristic of a man
with your years; I bet our little friend here has quite
a bit of experience doesn’t he?”

As I tried to respond, I felt her thumb and forefinger
gently spread my urethral orifice open and a tiny
plastic intruder slide down the length of my willie. I
began to shift my torso with the discomfort as she
skillfully applied pressure to both the syringe and the
plunger simultaneously. By the time the tiny tube had
reached my bladder, my genitals were ablaze and I was
sweating profusely but she merely tightened her grip at
the base of my scrotum as she slowly emptied the
contents of the syringe.

With one swift motion, she withdrew the apparatus and
tossed it into a nearby trash can while keeping her
thumb firmly over my pee hole. Her free hand massaged
my perineum gently. I felt like vomiting as I felt the
burning serum moving slowly through my abdomen and down
into my prostrate and unsuspecting gonads.

“There – all done Jim,” she spoke triumphantly as her
cool hands slipped from my burning apparatus and she
turned towards her desk. “Forgive my lack of
explanations; I’m sure you’re must be somewhat
disoriented by the procedure. It’s necessary that the
serum is introduced immediately following orgasmic
ejaculation. The muscular contractions expedite the
distribution of the MOE throughout your reproductive
system – and especially you’re prostrate where it will
trigger the nerve centers that enhance your arousal.

“The discomfort should pass within an hour or two and
you should be able to resume your normal activities
although you probably won’t notice any immediate
effects for 24 – 48 hours. If you’re unable to cope
with the transitory pain, you’re free to ingest an over
the counter pain medication but it really shouldn’t be
required. Take this medication twice a day until it is
depleted to augment the injection you just received and
I hope to see you back here within seven days.”

She placed a small vial with tiny pill on her desk in
front of me and smiled expectantly. “Any questions?”

The burning in my torso not only produced an unwanted
erection, but it also fueled the incentive to disregard
my ‘victim’ status to learn all I could about this new
therapy. It would be interesting to note how many times
she had recited the same dialog to other unsuspecting
‘victims.’ I struggled to me feet and stared into her
beautifully expressive blue eyes, trying not to focus
on the full rich lips that, with even the slightest
movement, could distract me irrevocably into a
blubbering idiot.

“Uh, Eve… What is a MOE and how long will the effects
last in my system?”

“Good question, Jim; an MOE is a male orgasmic
enhancement serum that will simulate the sensations you
experienced as a maturing youth. It should actually
increase your arousal and sensitivity exponentially.
With proper diet and exercise, you should be able to
enjoy a healthy life of fulfilling intimacy without
ever regressing to the sexual doldrums you are
currently experiencing. That beautiful orgasmic display
we shared is trite compared too the anticipated effects
of the MOE serum. Any more questions?”

I was stunned, as the ‘orgasmic display’ I’d just
experienced was by far the most intense I could ever
recall, and the thought of the slightest elevation in
my ejaculation might blow my wife’s head off! After
pausing to reflect on Eve’s explanation, I knew there
could be no retort, so I just smiled and shook my head

“Very well, Jim; take care of yourself and we’ll see
you in a week.”
She left almost as quickly as she entered and as much
as I would have loved to feel her cool hands caress the
fire from my legs for the next several hours, I was
relieved to find the comfort of my clothes and the
knowledge that there would be no more needles in my

I gingerly slipped my slacks on and tucked my underwear
into my pants, knowing any pressure on my groin was
definitely unwanted. As I slipped on my shirt and
loafers, the slobbering blond floozy thundered into the
room and after a moment paused with her hands on her

“Gawd, what a mess,” she blurted sporting a look of
contempt. “Can’t you watch out where you point your

“I did,” I blurted as I grabbed the small vial of pills
and staggered from the room. On my way out, I saw a
gentleman slightly older than myself sitting in the
tiny reception room. He was trembling and in obvious
discomfort but he managed a timid smile as I glanced at
him. I wondered if he had just been ‘treated’ also, but
was too embarrassed to ask so I sauntered through the
creaking screen door and out to the comfort of my truck
resolved to sit in the bathtub filled with ice water.

By the time I got home from the clinic, the burning in
my torso was replaced by a dull throbbing, but my mind
was in overdrive from the morning’s events. Somehow,
the entire ‘session’ seemed surreal; the sex with a
beautiful – almost too beautiful doctor was
overshadowed by the burning memories in my groin.
Receiving money for therapy was, by itself,
extraordinary, especially in lieu of the exponential

The receptionist who obviously didn’t have a
professional clue what she was doing, and the old man
in the reception room only heightened my suspicions.
Yet the promise of fulfilling my wife’s needs overruled
my doubts to where by the time she arrived home, I had
a warm dinner on the table a tub of hot water to soak
her tired feet in.

Evading my wife’s questions with non-descriptive
answers, I tried not to build her hopes to high. Later
that evening, as Doris watched a rerun, I turned to the
internet for answers, but outside of the garden variety
pills and erection devices, there was no mention of an
MOE. It sure burned when I took a leak later that
night, and I could have sworn I saw some b***d in the
bowl before I sent the watery residue into oblivion.

The next day, I went in search of a new fishing rod and
two lures that promised to bring in the big ones with
the least amount of effort on my part. On the way home,
I hurried into the shoe store and spent the remainder
of the $500 on the most comfortable and supposedly
fashionable work shoes I could find for Doris being
sure to retain the receipt in case she didn’t like
them. As I was grilling some trout I had caught a month
earlier in hopes of convincing my wife that another
trip up to the mosquito infested lagoon would insure an
ample supply of fish for the next several months, the
burning began. It was a different kind of burning in my
groin than I had ever felt before.

At first, I tried to ignore the warmth, dismissing it
along with the occasional twinges I felt in the lower
end of my spine as part of the aging process. Yet the
spasms continued to grow in intensity as the trout
browned and by the time Doris walked through the door I
was obsessed. I kissed her tenderly, and before she
could even speak, her blouse was torn away, and her
skirt along with her silk panties were scrunched around
her ankles.

I’ll never forget the look on the face of my beloved as
I plunged my now hyper sensitive member into the tight
folds of her pelvis and began pumping away like the man
possessed. Her loving expression of surprise and
fulfillment was the crowning incentive for the first of
way too many orgasms. Several hours later, we lay
sprawled on the sofa in total exhaustion, my gonads
throbbing painfully, my willy chaffed and swollen and
the cramp in my perineum gradually subsiding.

Doris was exhausted; her tummy, hips, breasts, buttocks
and pussy were virtually numb from my continual
assault. There were pools of our orgasmic ecstasy
glistening throughout our home and our pubic regions
were matted and caked with the fruits of our labors. We
never ate the trout, and barely made the journey onto
our bed, satiated unlike we’d been for years.

It was almost four in the morning when a painful
erection nudged me from sleep. Although Doris had been
sleeping, my sudden movement awakened her and within
moments, her gentle hand found the source of my waking.
Her eyes shot open, and within moments she mounted me
lustfully in a desperate attempt to make up for the
frustrating years I had given her. As she guided my
tender glans into the inflamed lips of her sexuality,
the stimulation was more than I could bear, and I
erupted into her violently.

Her eyes widened noticeable only momentarily, then she
f****d her quivering torso onto me as my essence
augmented swift entry. Still fully engulfed in my
orgasmic throes, she rode me as a lover possessed;
emitting mewing sounds with her head thrown back and
her breasts gyrating wildly. Again, I could feel my
boiling seed erupting as she gave a shriek that
startled the cat and plunged her hips onto my torso
with her entire weight.

I could actually feel my seed ricochet from her the
mouth of her cervix, as she ground her pubis against me
frantically, releasing a warm flood of her own
delicious essence that flowed down my perineum and
pooled onto the sheets. She was gasping for breath and
I was still erect despite one of the most fulfilling
encounters of our lives. Her pussy continued to milk my
willie forcefully, as my gonads shrieked in spent
agony. The painful cramp in perineum reappeared as the
exhausted muscles f****d the few remaining droplets of
my essence through my painfully pulsating glans.

The alarm sounded startling sleep from exhausted body.
As I turned onto my side in the lake of our spent
passions to embrace my beloved, I wondered how long I
could continue these sexual escapades before my willie
either expired or exploded.. She was laying on her
back, spread eagle with a slight smile on her face and
a rosy glow about her that beckoned at my heart. Her
eyes fluttered open, as she reached for me and with a
quick glance confirmed that my willie was once again
gaining volume.

She kissed me; with the most passionate kiss she could
muster and held me so tightly that stars began to
flitter across my field of vision. Then her hand
slipped between our torsos and deftly guided me back
into the sticky, cum covered opening it had ravished
just a few short hours earlier.

The sweet stickiness, the pervasive odor of our spent
orgasms, and the erotic pressure of her legs wrapping
around mine to urge me within was more than I could
bear, as my genitals spasmed with a dry orgasm. Wave
after wave swept over me forcefully as she held me to
her bosom tightly, enraptured by the throes of my pent-
up passions.

With the onset of retirement have come closure and a
new awareness of the strengths of the fairer gender.
How Doris made it from her loving embrace, through the
shower and out the door looking like the queen she is
with enough time to grab a cup of coffee I’ll never
know. The cat loved the trout despite the grease it had
absorbed during the night, the bedding needed to be
washed twice and the house took several hours to clean.
It was shortly after midday when I finally collapsed
onto the sofa with a cool brew and a new stirring in my
loins. The phone rang and the persistent noise finally
stirred me from the memories of the night before.

“Williams residence,” I murmured into the receiver

“Hi Jim, this is Eve; how are you?”

“Uh Doctor… my willie feels like it’s going to fall
off and my I’ve found muscles that retired years ago.”

“Has your intimate life improved?” Her sultry voice was

“That’s an understatement.”

“Then the serum has had its designed effect.”


“Unless a medical problem arises Jim, a return visit
will not be required. Take care and thank you for your
participation!” The phone clicked followed almost
immediately by the dial tone.

Staring out the window at the kids in the street and
the neighbor dog as its nose sought a clean dumping
site in the flower bed, I saw Doris drive in. Watching
my beloved slowly walk up the driveway, I noticed she
was somewhat more bow legged than I could previously
remember despite a definitive spring in her step. As
she crossed the threshold with a loving smile on her
face, she locked her eyes first on my surprised face,
and then on my bulging crotch before she quietly closed
the door. With two leaps she had me tackled, and
moments later I was naked with her delicious bush
firmly planted on my torso.

Something in the recesses of my mind gave way, and I
silently accepted my station in life, at least for now,
was reduced to a life support system for my willie. As
I watched her bouncing up and down enthusiastically as
my dwindling seed once again erupted within her womb, I
couldn’t help but smile at the thought of retirement
being far more fulfilling than my youth had ever


Eve closed and locked the door to her tiny office
before emitting a series of low growls. A small video
screen appeared just above her desk and the familiar
face of the expedition commander appeared.

“Report,” it commanded unemotionally.

“Commander, the pheromone serum creates the required
effect on these life forms within two solar cycles.
Atmospheric dissemination is recommended immediately to
insure complete assimilation prior to the fleets’

“The species will be incapacitated for the invasion

“Agreed; with their collective energies focused on
reproductive copulation, minimal aggressive resistance
will be encountered.”

“Return to the command ship.”

“Should I not remain to monitor effective serum

“As you request, your anecdote will be issued by the
invasion force.” The screen disappeared and Eve smiled
to herself. It would be at least seventy-two hours
before the fleet arrived, and there were so many
inhabitants to sample. Eve opened her office door as
the bimbo blond strolled by. She gazed at her rotating
torso and wondered how fulfilling she would be without
a penis. Fulfillment aside, she would taste great!