Raunchy sex and cross-dressing

Marcella and I were a perfect match. I was in my 40s
and just out of a 20 year marriage with all sorts of
sexual fantasies She was divorced, in her 30s and
scaring guys off with her sexual desires, fantasies and

On our first date she was very touchy with her hands.
We were out eating and she rubbed my leg and gave me a
boner. There was something special (weird?) about her
that grabbed me.

When we got back to her place she gave me a women’s
book showing pencil drawings of sexual positions. She
pointed to her favorites and said I could sleep with

I still remember her straddling my nervous soft cock
with her hairy cunt and rubbing it on her wet lips. She
got off and said the poor thing needed a kiss and
sucked it into her mouth. She could give a dead man a
hard on and I suddenly had a hard and eager 7″ fuck

She straddled it again and took my throbbing cock deep
in her wonderful wet hairy cunt. She rode faster and
faster, tits bouncing and I was in love, or lust, or

We came together and she inched up so her cunt was
above my face and had me eat her cum filled pussy and
had another orgasm. She was addictive.

After a few dates she was all over my fantasies and
told me hers. She was also bi and picked up on my bi
fantasies. We were perfect! For the first time in my
life I was hard all the time with her. She told me
about all the guys she had fucked and was still fucking
and saw it turned me on.

One evening she said she was going to treat me to my
first three some. She called a young black guy who was
the yard boy for her condo association. She said she
was horny and asked him over. He didn’t mind that I
would join them.

He arrived and I saw a very nice looking well built
young black man. We sat on the couch and they started
to neck. Pretty soon his hand was under her blouse and
she said she had found something hard in his pants. She
had me look at the big bulge and I wasn’t sure what to
say. Dumb me!

She led us to the bedroom and we undressed. He had a
beautiful well built body and an impressive cock. She
lay by him and they kissed and she had his rigid cock
in her hand. She told me it excited her to see his
black skin next to her white skin. She said from the
looks of my cock it excited me too.

I lay next to her and she took my hand and rubbed it on
his belly and then to his hard prick. She asked if I
liked his smooth skin and I said I did. With my hand on
his cock she leaned over and kissed the head. Then she
said she wanted me to taste his cock before he fucked
her. He told me it was ok so I got between his legs and
squeezed the base and licked the pre cum from the
massive head. Marcella gave my head a little push and I
had a real cock in my mouth.

After a too short suck she spread her legs and mounted
his black cock and took it to the hilt in her hairy
white cunt. As she rode him faster and faster she kept
smiling at me and actually held my hand. I knew she
loved me and I loved her dearly.

They both orgasmed and he loaded her cunt full of cum.
She spread her legs and asked if I would lick her cunt
and get her off again. His cum was all over my face as
I licked and sucked and she came and I drank his load.

He dressed and told me I was a cool white dude and
left. I was still so hard I hurt. She said she was a
little worried that I might not love her anymore after
watching her fuck his black cock. I assured her that I
loved her even more and thanked her for having him over
and letting me suck cock.

She laid back, spread her legs and told me she wanted
him to leave so I could fuck her, just she and I. She
was so beautiful, legs spread, cunt freshly fucked as
my throbbing fuck meat entered her slippery cunt and I
had the most intense orgasm ever.

We married and it was all about fucking. We would go
out drinking and she would introduce me as her cousin
and that she was visiting. She was so sexy, she would
dance and many times go home with the guy. When she
returned early next morning she couldn’t wait to tell
me about him as I ate her fucked cunt. Then I would
fuck the shit out of her.

Sometimes she would bring them home and take them to
the guest bedroom and fuck like a whore. I was so
filled with passion as I ate his cum and then fucked
her after he left.


One day she said she was going to give my female side a
treat. She had purchased stockings, garter belt, lace
bikini panties, high heels, make up, wig and short
black dress for me.

She said a group of friends were having a costume
party. They belonged to a bi sexual group of very open
minded and horny married couples. Every so often they
all got together and had a huge drunken no boundaries

She said that if I shaved my slender long legs, pubic
area, cock and let her dress me I would be a fucking
knock out.

She was going to dress as a high school girl and try to
seduce one of the wives she had the hots for. She said
she loved all the cock she got but hadn’t had a juicy
cunt in a long time.

As I sat in the warm water shaving my legs I started to
get excited. By the time I had shaved my ball sack and
pubic area and cock I was so fucking horny that I
wished I could suck myself off.

On the day of the party I was sitting nude on the bed
and Marcella was painting my toe nails. By the time she
helped pull on the black stockings she said she had
never seen me so hard and wet.

When she finished I looked at myself in our mirror.
Natural looking black wig, beautiful make up with red
lips, short black party dress that showed the tops of
my black stockings and garters, and high heels. Fuck
but I turned myself on. My throbbing cock was barely
contained in my soaked silk panties.

Marcella did look like a high school girl complete with
knee high stockings, short pleated skirt and even pig
tails. The give away that she felt like a slut were the
lack of a bra under her thin cotton blouse and no
panties covering her swollen hairy wet cunt lips.


The address was an old stone church that one of the
couples had purchased and set aside for parties. The
flyer said that the only thing to worship there were
wet cunts and hard cocks. Marcella thought that was

While driving and drinking wine Marcella told me that
the hosts put on great parties. Last time the husband,
Bob, was nude except for fairy wings and the drunker he
got the more cock he sucked off.

His wife, Alice, the one Marcella had the hots for, was
dressed as a leopard. She had a long tail, spots on her
nude body, cat’s ears, whiskers and “Pussy” painted
above her shaved cunt.

Marcella was disappointed that she couldn’t get close
to Alice, what with all the men lined up to fuck her
and the other bi wives got a little pissed too. She had
promised that this time her cunt would be for the

By the time we got to the church parking lot we had a
good buzz on and my cock was afloat in cum in my
panties from being so fucking horny.

The interior was dark and strong with marijuana smoke.
We were greeted by Alice, who hugged Marcella and
remarked that she had always been turned onto school
girls. She was nude with finger paintings all over her
body. She was also pretty wasted. She took Marcella by
the hand and off they went.

I felt a hand on my ass and saw a short slender man
with fairy wings and a very hard little prick. He
introduced himself as Bob and said I looked beautiful
and he would buy me a drink.

He took my hand and we went downstairs. It was also
dark and I saw couples dancing and necking in booths.
My cock was ready to cum again as I saw men necking
with men, women with women and some men and women.

Bob took me to a booth and left to get drinks. A man
dressed only in leather chaps and vest came over and
asked me to dance. His cock was large and dripping pre-
cum. I told him maybe later and he left.

Bob came back and sat close to me. We drank and chatted
and I felt his hand on my bare thigh, just above my
stockings. I leaned over and gave him a kiss and felt
his tongue in my mouth. I told him I thought he was
cute and if he got me any drunker he might get into my

The horny faggot little mother fucker rushed away and
came right back with a bottle. We drank and kissed and
I opened my legs for his wandering hand.

I pulled up my dress and let his hand enter my panties,
releasing my throbbing soaked fuck meat. He said I was
naughty to cum in my panties and put his mouth over my
cock and started sucking. I took his head in my hand
and started fucking his mouth.

Suddenly the leather guy was standing next to me and
stuck his big fucker in my mouth. Shit, I couldn’t get
enough cock and drank him dry. Then I came and Bob
gulped and got most of my load.

I was fuzzy with booze but realized I was on my back on
a couch. My dress was pulled up and guys were eating
cum from my panties, sucking my prick and I had a cock
in each hand and was sucking another cum load.

Finally I was helped to my car. Marcella was in the
driver’s seat and Alice told her she loved her and to
“cum” back soon.

Back in our bed and Marcella told me what a wonderful
time she had, with men and women. She said she heard
about me and was so happy I was so popular with the

She said she was glad I had some cock left for her as
she mounted me. What a wonderful wife.

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