Redneck who gets a few lessons in sex

She lives right next door to us, Crazy does. Aw, I
guess it ain’t fair to call her that, but she has been
living alone there since her mom and dad died; both of
’em got killed riding their Harley Davidson “Hog” one
Saturday afternoon almost 11 years ago and she has been
aloof and acting sort of funny ever since. At least,
everyone in the neighborhood thinks she acts funny.
Adults, think that, but most of the kids in the
neighborhood think she is just another grown up k*d and
sort of cool.

When she sees us kids playin’ in our tree house in our
backyard, she comes out and yells such stuff as “are
ya’ havin’ fun?”, or “I wish I could come up and play
with ya” and stuff like that, but it always happens
that my mom or my dad or Charlie’s dad or mom hears
this and come out an yell at ‘er and she goes in and,
of course, acts kinda strange after that.

I’m only barely past my 15th birthday, but what the
adults seem to think is strange, to me, is bein’ a
little hurt and a great big lot scared of her
surroundings. Scared of adults, anyway.

Maybe I should start from where I remember and fill in
with what I heard and learned from what my folks and
Charlies’ folks talk about when the subject of Crazy
Needles comes up. So, bear with me and I’ll do my best
to fill you in and make the story sort of unified.

First of all, her first name ain’t Crazy. Nah, that was
tacked onto her by some of the adults in the area. It
may have even been my mom or my dad; I don’t know, but
it sure has stuck. Her real first name is Mary and her
second given name is Alice. I think that is kinda neat;
Mary Alice. Her real name ain’t Needles, neither. It
happens to be Kneedles; Mary Alice Kneedles. But like
knife, the “K” don’t sound and most everybody that
don’t know her think it’s spelled Needles. Mary Alice
is about 10 or 11 years older n’ me. The Kneedles
family moved in to that house a couple of years before
my family moved in and she used to baby sit for me.

When I was real little and my family used to go out on
occasion to play cards she was right next door and my
family liked her mom and dad and the deal was made.
When the folks, mine, went out Mary Alice baby sat and
I stayed at her house overnight.

I guess I was about 4 when they got killed and Mary
must have been about 13 or 14 somewhere in there. Now
I’m 15 so she has to be 24 or 25 and livin’ all by
herself. She don’t hafta work or anything, because her
dad and mom had made out a will or somethin’ like that
and all the folks around the area seem to think they
left her pretty well off. I know, fer sure, she don’t
go out to buy groceries, ’cause a friend of mine bags
at “Toffie’s Meat Market” and he says she calls on the
phone, gives her order and they deliver it right now.

Other than that, she don’t seem to have much contact
with the outside world, preferrin’ to sit on the front
porch and talk to her big German shepherd dog. She
talks to ‘im too, all the time and this, ah course,
don’t make her look like sh e is 50 feet tall in the
smarts department. But, talkin’ to yer dog ain’t no sin
as far as I can see and as long as he don’t talk back I
don’t see any problem.

Anyway, about five or six days ago, my mom and dad,
decided to go to the County Fair and Charlie and I
didn’t wanna go, because Charlie had got hold of a
whole box of these little dirty books that have names
like “Popeye Sucks Olive” or somethin’ like that. Beins
as I ain’t never seen one of ’em, I wasn’t about to go
to no County Fair and smell horse and cow shit all day.
So, I said no, I’d rather stay home.

We wus both inna tree house, smokin’ forbidden
cigarettes and goin’ through these books, fuck books is
what they was, and I noticed some activity over in Mary
Alice’s bedroom widow. Now, normally, the window shade
would be alla way down, but I had seen her tryin’ to
fix it yesterday when it got stuck and she gave up,
finally, and left it just like it was; open about a
foot or so.

I gave up readin’ the “little books” because what I was
seein’ was real life and not no cartoonists idea of
what guys do to girls. I didn’t let Charlie know and
pretended to go on readin’ and sayin’ stuff like, “Man
is his dick long” or “Ain’t he puttin’ it in deep” and
stuff like that; just to keep Charlie off guard. All
the while, though, I was lookin’ over the top of my
book and watchin’ what was goin’ on in Mary Alice’s

What had attracted my attention first of all was Mary
Alice with nothin’ on. I couldn’t see all of her, but
the bottom half was naked, definitely naked and as she
moved around within the framework of the window I saw
her pussy hairs and her nice ass and stuff like that.
This was bettern’ any fuck books; you can bet on that.
What I saw her do was put a little bowl of liquid stuff
on a table near the bed and then go out for a second.

When she came back in, though, she had her dog Rex with
her. Then she lay down on the bed and spread her legs
and spread this liquid on her pussy, whatever the
liquid was. Immediate, like, the dog comes up and
sniffs her twat real good and throws a lick or two into
it. When this happens Mary spreads more stuff on her
cunt and the dog goes after her like crazy, lickin’ her
muff and all the way down her asshole. Up and down up
and down.

When it is all licked of, apparently, she smears more
on, but this time putting lots of it deep inside her
pussy and asshole with her finger. Wow! Ol Rex really
went hog wild on this, diggin’ his tongue in both
places as far as it would go and, boy, he had one long

After several minutes of this carryin’ on, Mary gets
off the bed and smears some more in her asshole and
cunt and gets down on the floor on all fours and
reaches around and grabs hold of Rex’s pecker and gives
it a couple of squeezes or rubs or somethin’. I
couldn’t quite see, but she did somethin’ to cause his
old donger to shoot out, long and red and bendy. It
wasn’t even straight.

Sudden like, though, he started to lick her in both
places again, deep, cause you could see his tongue
disappear in her twat or asshole and then , bingo, he
reared up on his hind legs and in a flash buried his
pecker in her cunt. Then the fun began. He was givin’
her what for and shovin’ so hard he was nearly knockin’
her on her face, bu t she stuck it out wigglin’ her ass
from side to side and back and forth.

I’d seen dogs fuck before, but never a dog with a girl
and it had me so hard my pants stuck out a foot. About
this time old Charlie says, “Look at me”. He had his
big pecker out and was playin’ with it. The book got
him so hot he wanted to jackoff. But his suggestion
was, “These fellows spit on the end of their dicks and
shoved ’em in their buddies asshole. Wanna try it?”

No, I didn’t, but the pictures he was showin’ me sure
looked good. I din’t want him to interrupt what I was
lookin’ at, but didn’t dare tell him, either, and when
I looked back it was all over. The dog and Mary were no
longer visible. Shit, Charlie made me miss the best

So, sort of angry at him for that and wantin’ to get
even, I said, “Okay, I’ll do it if I can do it to you
first. Okay?”

He said, “Sure, man, then I get to fuck your asshole,

“Right,” I said.

The guys in the book were naked, so Charlie and I got
naked. He bent over, then, and I greased my dong with
saliva and tried to corn-hole him. No dice. He was too
tight. Then I saw the can of 3 in 1 oil on the shelf
and said I would try that. Charlie agreed and shot a
stream of oil on my cock. That really made it slicky
and man did it go in. Charlie was shocked and started
to moan that it hurt somethin’ fierce. I pushed further
and further in and before I could say, boo, I shot my
wad in ole Charlie and pulled out.

I leaned over our one and only easy chair, Charlie
greased his old ganger with 3 in 1 and shot it home.
Jesus Christ that did hurt, but once inside it felt
kinda good. He lasted longer than I did and while he
was pumpin’ away, I got a hard on and started jackin’
off. Just about the time he came, I came and that was

We both looked at each other and grinned and said
almost together, “Hey, buddy, ya’ know what? You’re a
fag.” And with that we rolled around on the tree house
floor roarin’ with laughter.

Pulling on my coveralls, the kind with a bib [that’s
all I wore in the summer], and puttin’ my shoes back
on, I said, “I gotta go pee.” I didn’t intend goin’ to
pee unless it was Alice’s house. Cause that’s where I
was headed. Not wantin’ Charlie to see me, nor any of
the neighbors, I dropped down behind our garage, went
behind Mary’s garage and slunk along the garden wall
until I was within dashin’ distance of her back door. I
had plans and I wanted to find out what was goin’ on.

When I knocked the damn dog raised a real fuss. I guess
very few had ever done that before and it was a strange
noise to him. For awhile, I didn’t think Mary would
answer and was about to turn around and do the escape
route, when the door opened and there stood my baby
sitter of long ago.

“Yo, Mary! Just thought ya’ might be lonesome and I
decided to come over an pay ya’ a little visit.”

Holding the dog with one hand and the door partially
open with the other she said, “Yeah, how come ya’ ain’t
never done this before today?”

“To tell ya’ the truth, Mary, I wanted to. I felt like
you needed a friend, but my folks wouldn’t let me, but
today they went to the fair and won’t be home until
sometime late tonight. So, I decided today was the day
to visit my old friend, Mary.”

“I ain’t been your friend old or otherwise for eleven
years. How come this bright and sunny day caused you to
change your mind?”

“Like I tole ya’. My folks object. And you know as well
as I do, when they object, nothin’ goes.”

“Okay, watta ya’ want, then?”

“Jesus Christ, just to talk to ya’ and be friends.
Can’t a guy want to do that without you lookin’ for
things to find wrong?”

“Okay, come on in, then. I’ll tell Rex your okay and he
won’t bother ya. Rex, good boy, down.”

That was that. Rex relaxed and allowed me to pat him on
the head. Mary turned and went into the living room,
invited me in and went over to the settee and sat down,
telling me to sit in the chair just inside the door.

She sat there with Rex along side, legs crossed and her
hands in her lap and staring at me like crazy. Finally,
she said, “Why did you come over? Really, why?”

“Aw, I was just thinkin’ of the good times we had a few
years ago and wanted to see how you was doin. That’s

“Crap. You don’t even remember that far back. Who you
tryin’ to shit?”

“Naw, Mary, you got it all wrong. I wanted to renew old
friendships and I see you sittin’ out there on the
front porch all alone with your dog and I feel like
everyone has let ya’ down and maybe I can be your

“Ya’ saw me’n my dog this afternoon, didn’ ya’? That’s
what brung ya’ over ain’t it? You wanna see what a
woman looks like after she’s been fucked by a dog.
Don’t ya? Aw, don’t deny it. I seen you guys up in the
tree house corn holin’ each other and I new ya’ could
see me, but I don’t care. So ya’ saw me and Rex
fuckin’. Did ya’ enjoy it?”

All I could think of to say was, “It got me hot and
gave me a big hard on if that’s any satisfaction to

“Big hard on. Haw! You couldn’t get a big hard on at
your age to save yore life. Why, when you was four
years old I tried suckin’ on your dick a coupla times
and it was too teeny to hold in my mouth. Big? Sheeit!”

“Okay, Mary Alice. If ya’ can’t talk to me like a good
neighbor then I don’t wanna talk with ya’ at all. All I
was doing was tryna be nice. Ya’ don’t wanna be that’s
okay with me.”

I started to get up then, but she told me to sit down,
she didn’t really mean it, but after havin’ been
ignored all these years and called crazy and nobody to
talk to except her dog it just seemed kind of funny
somebody wanted to be friends all of a sudden at this
very moment. She was right, but I couldn’t think of the
right things to say and just sat there with my mouth

Finally she said, “Really, why did you come? Did I
guess right? Ya’ seen me and the dog, didn’t ya?”

I had to admit that was the reason and said I was
sorry, but I just thought I’d come and find out what
was happenin’.

She said, then, “Well, at least you’re honest. But when
you ain’t got friends that are human you have to lean
on somebody and I found out Rex liked to fuck; I like
to fuck and that’s how it started. Anything wrong with

“Jeepers, no, Mary Alice, but if you want to do that
sort of thing wouldn’t it be better to do it with a
human prick than with a dog?”

“Sure it would. Do you think I like to do this? Hell
no, but like I said before who do you know that would
mess with Crazy Needles? And besides, it gives me a
nice cozy wanted feeling and I need that. No human is
gonna give me that.”

I bristled at that and said rather defensively, “I
would, that’s who. I’ll be your friend. I’ll even fuck
with you if you show me how. I only have a faint idea
of how to go about this stuff and I would need some

“What the hell’s to know. A man gets a hard on, sticks
it in and pumps a few times and the girl takes his
juices and that’s called fuckin’. What else is there to

“Gee, I never thought of it like that before, but if
you want to do it, I got some books that show all kinds
of things. Would you like to see ’em?”

“Sure. Where are the books?”

“In the tree house. I’ll go and get ’em. Wait here,
will ya’?”

“Where else am I gonna wait, dummy?”

Charlie was gone; tired of waitin’ for me to come back
from my pee, but the little fuck books were stashed
under the easy chair. I grabbed a couple of pockets
full and went back to Mary.

“I got ’em. Where should we go to do ’em?”

“Come on and follow me. Rex, you lay down and stay.
I’ll be right back.”

We went, then, into a little day room off the kitchen
which contained a small bed, some chairs a couple of
tables and a wall lined with books. Neat room, I
thought. Then Mary turned to me an said, “That chair is
big, we can both sit in that one and look at the books
at the same time. Okay with you?”

Yeah, it was okay with me. I was kinda nervous beins as
this was the first time I could remember being alone
with a girl.

But, I got into the chair with her; it was a rather
tight fit, but it felt kind of good being that close. I
could feel, too, that she had on nothing underneath
that simple house dress, so I said to her, “You ain’t
got nothin’ on under that dress and neither do I.

“I never wear nothin’ but my coveralls in the summer
except my shoes. How about you?”

She said she didn’t wear anything most of the year
around. It saved on buying clothes, washing and ironing
and stuff like that. Sides, nobody could see her
anyway. She did get a dress on when the grocery boy
came, but that was about it. So, if we were to become
friends, I could come over any time and find her naked
as a jaybird she said.

The first book was about Dagwood and Blondie and, boy,
was it hot. Dagwood would do anything and everything to
Blondie and she would take everything he had to offer.
She had a hot snatch and Dagwood had a big hard on. By
the time we got through with that Mary said, “Gee, I
never knew you could do it so many ways before. Wanna
try some of ’em?”

I was for trying all of them and going on to other
pastures, but Mary said let’s start with this and see
what happens.

I was the designated Dagwood and she was, of course,
the appointed Blondie. With that she slid out of the
chair, tossed her house dress on the floor and turned
to me naked. Jesus, I had never seen anything like this
outside of books before and it was something to see.
She wasn’t pretty, she had no make up on or anything
like that, but boy, oh boy she had everything else that
a girl could claim and just a bit more. In short, she
was stacked.

“Well, come on dummy. Ya’ gonna sit there lookin’ at my
tits or are ya’ gonna get your overalls off and fuck?”

Zing, went my claim to modesty. She looked at my dick
and said, “Man, it’s about 50 times bigger than when I
remember it.”

With that, she moved forward and, true to the book,
kneeled down and slipped my hard on into her eager
mouth. She sucked, she moved up and down the shaft, she
blew on it, she licked it and twirled her tongue around
it and, suddenly, jizz all down her throat. She gagged,
coughed, spluttered and looked up at me in surprise and
said, “Wait. Dagwood didn’t do it that fast.”

We both laughed and went and lay down on the bed. We
talked a little while and she asked me if I had ever
kissed a girl. I said nobody but my mom, but that
doesn’t count I guess. We lay there for a minute and I
said, “Let’s get another book and do something else.”

Her answer was, “We don’t need a book. Look, let’s just
sit here on the bed and take inventory or something. I
got a pussy, you got a dick; they go together. That’s
obvious. I got a mouth, you got one, too. They go
together. If my mouth can do to your prick what it just
did, then your mouth can do the same to my cunt; that’s
what Dagwood called it. So, I’ll lie down on the bed
and spread my legs and you see what you can do to me
down there.”

Wow, what could I do to her down there? I didn’t know
what to do, but figured I’d just start out by kissing
her there and see what happened next. I tried, but
found out the bed was too soft and she was too low for
me to really get at it, so I took both of my hands and
cupped her cheeks in each hand and raised her up to
meet my mouth.

Then, I got going. I started just kissing, then she
suggested that Rex used his tongue. Could I use mine?
Okay, I used mine. I went from top to bottom and side
to side just slipping my tongue through the various
grooves and folds and she started to wiggle and buck on
the palms of my hands. I pulled her into me tighter and
began to see that when I got near the little thing
buried in a channel at the top, whatever it was, really
got to her, so I got my lips on it and began sucking
and got a mouthful of stinging sour stuff, whatever
that was, but boy, she sure seemed to enjoy it.

Suddenly, I came for the second time today. Oh, I
jacked off before in my bed or in the bathroom and
today corn-holing Charlie, but this one really gushed
and the sheet was slimy wet all of a sudden. I started
to get up and quit, but she said, “Oh, no, don’t stop
now. Why are you stopping?” I explained I had shot
juice all over the bed and didn’t like the feel of it
and wanted to get away from that wet feeling.

“Okay, we’ll go into the living room, then and do it on
the settee. Come on.”

My jonker had shrunk considerably by this time and was
still dripping whatever it was as we walked into the
living room, but as soon as she sat down on the settee
she stopped me from sitting and asked me to just stand
in front of her for a second. I did and she immediately
took my little pecker in her mouth and started sucking.

She kissed and sucked and twirled her tongue around the
head and tickled the bottom part until, suddenly, it
began to enlarge and get hard again. When it was good
and hard she said, “Now, we’ll try putting it in me. I
ain’t never had a boy do that and I want to see what it
feels like.”

She rolled over, then, swung her feet up on the settee
and by pushing against the cushions with her heels and
swinging her butt around a bit she got herself centered
in the middle of the couch and left enough room for me
to get in between her legs. She spread wide and brought
her knees up with her feet flat on the couch. “Now,
climb on and I’ll guide it I,n, she said.

I didn’t know exactly how this was gonna feel after all
it was my first time sticking that thing in a woman,
but okay, I’m game. So, I moved forward a little and
positioned myself so the head of it was near her cunt
and she reached down, took my dick in her left hand and
put the head of it right in the channel and said, “Now,
shove it in all the way and see what happens.”

I wasn’t very gentle, I didn’t know I had to be and
just slammed the 6 inches all the way in. About two
thirds of the way, she let out a yell that brought Rex
running to see who was hurting his mistress and I
thought for a minute he was gonna take a chunk outta

Sort of scared of the dog, I pulled out and b***d
gushed all over her cunt and down her crack and on to
the settee. It was quite a bit, too. I was scared for
sure now, thinking I had really done something bad. She
was laying there sort of sobbing like and not saying
anything and I didn’t know what to say or do. I just
sat there with my dong still fairly hard.

“What do you want me to do, Mary? Did I hurt you bad?”

She grinned a kinda crooked grin and said, “No, I’m not
hurt the way you think. I just lost my virginity and
you’re the boy who did it. According to some of the
stories I’ve read, you are now the owner of my heart
forever and ever. Ain’t that nice?”

While she was saying that, Rex came up and started
licking my dick, cleaning all the b***d and pussy juice
off it and , boy, let me tell you that felt good. As he
licked, I pointed it out to Mary and she raised up on
one elbow to see and started to laugh. She thought it
was funny. As he licked, though, my old dick got bigger
and bigger and, suddenly, Rex wanted no part of it. He
backed off like he had been kicked.

“Rex, out!” she said. Away he went and then she said,
“Climb on me again. I’ll put it back in and,
supposedly, after a few strokes of your dick the
pain’ll go away. As a matter-of-fact it hardly hurts

I got on, she guided me into her, relaxed and I started
in pumping like she told me to do. Boy, this was
something. This is what the fuck books were talking
about; fucking a girl. I was doing it, too. With that,
I leaned down and kissed Mary hard on the mouth and
came, immediately, and while I was deep inside her.

Even I knew this wasn’t good and I yanked out of there
in a hurry.

“What did you do that for?” she saked.

“You’ll have a baby, won’t you?”

“Not this very minute dummy. It takes nine months for
that to happen. Don’t you even know that?”

No, I hadn’t known it, but the fact I could suddenly
find myself with a pregnant female, even nine months
from now, especially one that was not high on anyone’s
list around the neighborhood shook me up pretty bad and
I had begun to lose all interest in this fuck stuff.

I was beginning to wish I hadn’t made the decision to
come over and see her and was getting to the point of
wishing I was back in the tree with old Charley. Guys
can’t get knocked up, can they? It seems it would be
easier that way, but on the other hand I don’t want to
be known as a fag, neither. Jesus, why does the world
hafta be like this? Cripes. I like fucking her, but old
Charley’s bung hole didn’t feel bad, neither. Shit,
what am I gonna do?

She brought me out of my deep thoughts by saying,
“Forget it. I know ways to take care of that. No
problem. Let’s start all over, but this time we’re
gonna start with kissin’. Shaw, you don’t even know how
to kiss. My dad’s got books about alla this stuff and
it is called the “Rubiyat” or somethin’ like that. It’s
right there on the shelf. Tells you all kind of stuff
and how to go about it. But, lets go down in the
basement, first, and take a shower and you can help me
swish out my old pussy with the red siphon hose I keep
down there. Come on! Don’t be chicken shit. I’ll even
race ya’ down there.”

And away she went. Tearin’ out ahead of me, little
tight butt wiggling like all get out as she ran, with
her titties nearly hitting her chin as they bounced up
and down and I had to admit there was a lot more to
girls than Charley’s old brown stinkin’ asshole. A lot
more! By the time I got there, she already was under
the shower and had the red rubber siphon hose in her
hand. It was connected to the cold faucet and I was
wonderin’ what she used that thing for.

“Come on and get your feet wet, not to mention your
cock, my pussy and both assholes. Besides I would like
to have you help with this douche. “Come on.”

I hadn’t the faintest notion what “a douche” was, but
she seemed to know and I guess that is all that
counted. When I got in the shower with her she handed
me the hose and said, “Now, I’m gonna spread my legs
real wide and sorta squat down a little bit, then you
shove that hose up into my twat about this far and turn
on the cold water; not hard at first. I’ll guide you
with it and tell you to go deeper and turn on the water
a little bit harder until it gets to just where I can
feel it washing all the crud out of my pussy. Game?”

I guess so, but this didn’t look like much of a job for
a boy, but if she wanted it to happen, I guess I’d have
to help her. I knew old Rex couldn’t; maybe she did
alone, though under normal conditions. So, I sat down
on the shower floor with her ass and cunt almost over
my head, parted the lips and shoved the hose into the
point she had marked. It went in easy enough and I
reached up to turn the water on, but couldn’t reach the
handle. She said, “I’ll do it anyway. I can control it
bettern’ you can.”

I could feel the water slosh through the hose and,
suddenly, it came gushing back out all over me. She
thought that was funny, but I’m not to sure I wanted
all that stuff in my hair. Soon she turned it up pretty
high and it was really spraying back out of her slit.
Finally, she reached up and shut the faucet off and
said to me, “Now inspect me and tell me, do I look and
smell clean.” I got real close, parted the lips and
looked and sniffed and she did look and smell clean.

“Wanna kiss it and stick your tongue in it?”

“Yeah, why not.”

So, she squatted down a little further and nearly put
her cunt in my hair, so I looked up, stuck my tongue
out and pushed it in as far as it would go. She wiggled
around and sat down on my face a little harder and some
more water cascaded out all over me. She was peein’ fer
god’s sake; peein all over my face and hair and
everything. I had to admit, though, it was different
and felt kinda nice on my face. Warm and gushy like.

She finished and said, “I wasn’t gonna do that, but I
couldn’t hold it no more and figured you might not get
mad. So out it came. Mad?”

“No, I’m not mad and it felt kinda good.”

“Did it? Maybe we can do that again sometime, but let’s
get your hair washed and we’ll scrub each other good
with lots a soap and water. Okay?” I thought it would
be okay, but she interrupted with, “Before I put the
douche hose away, do you want your asshole cleaned

Not really. It looked too much like an enema to suit me
, but when I hesitated she said, “I’ll be real gentle
and you’ll like it. I do it lots of times. I just stick
it up my butthole, turn the water on and let it fill me
up until I can hardly stand it and then I let it fly
and do it again. Sometimes I even play with my pussy
while I’m doin’ it and does that make me cum. Wow!
Wanna try?”

“Well, okay, but don’t keep on goin’ if I ask you to
stop. Promise?”

“On a stack of bibles, crisscross my heart and hope to
die. I’ll keep one hand on the faucet and stop just as
soon as you tell me to.”

I still wasn’t too sure of this, because my mom and me
had a fight every time she wanted to give me an enema
and this was one fer damn sure. But I said, “Let’s give
it a try if you want to.”

Anyway, I thought to myself, I still got Charlie’s come
in there somewhere and I had no idea whether it was
good to leave that stuff inside too long. Maybe this
was a good idea after all.

She soaped the end of the hose up pretty good, put some
soap on my asshole and with her middle finger shoved it
as far in as her finger would go. Jeeps! It really felt
good. Not like when mom did it. Then she said, “Ready?
Here we go.” With that she started the hose in kinda
slow and gentle and it felt so good I started to feel
like I had to shit.

She kept it goin’ in slow and easy and, finally, I felt
the water goin’ up in my bowels. It was kinda cold in
there, but not too bad. As a matter of fact, I was
beginnin’ to like it and wondered how come I hated it
so much when my mom or dad did it. When I had about 15
gallons in me, that’s what it felt like, I started to
have notions of giving up on this sorta crap but,
suddenly, she reached around and took a hold of my dick
and started to stroke it back and forth.

After a little bit, she swung me around by my hips with
one hand and swallowed my dick all the way to the hair
and started to suck. Jesus. With my bowels gettin’
filled with water and her suckin’ on my pecker I didn’
want any of it to stop.

Within seconds, I was hard as a rock and starting to
feel weak in my knees. She could really suck a cock.
Where’d she learn alla this stuff? From that book by
Rooby? Must be some book. She said after another minute
or two, “Feel full?” Oh, did I, but it felt nice,
really, and I was gettin’ this kinda crampy feelin’ ya’
get just before ya’ cum. I wasn’t feelin’ like cummin’,
though, and, then, she stopped suckin’, got up and
turned the water off and told me to hold it fer a
little bit more.

I was strainin’, no question about it. Then, she took
hold of my dick with one hand, got behind me and put
her pussy right up against my ass and with the other
hand started to shoosh my big, fat belly up and down,
not hard but just enough to get the water sloshin’
around in there. My belly was really extended and hard.

All the while she was shooshin’ my belly up and down
she was jackin’ me off and I thought I was gonna’
faint. When she felt my belly muscles stiffenin’ ready
to cum, she bent over and took it in her mouth and
started to really lick and suck. When she sensed I was
on the verge of lettin’ fly with my dick she said, “Let
it all go from both ends.” and took my pecker back in
her mouth.

I shit all over the shower wall; it just flew out.
Mostly water, but there were lumps in there cause I
could feel ’em, but the best part was my pecker shot a
load into her mouth that made her gag and cough, but
she kept on suckin’ and took almost all of it down.
Some splattered out on me as she choked and, partially,
coughed, but she kept on until my pecker stopped
jerkin’ and she let it slip out of her mouth. Jeeps, I
really had filled her mouth full.

She grinned and said, “What a load. I didn’t expect
that much all at once and wasn’t prepared to swallow.
It did go down nice and creamy, though. I liked it. How
did it feel to you?”

My bank of big words ain’t very big, so the best I
could do was tell her it felt like floatin’ on a soft
feather bed and goin’ to heaven. She laughed at that
and came up and put her pussy right on my pecker, her
tits tight against my chest and gave me a big cum
smeared kiss right on the mouth.

Then she did something even stranger; she parted my
lips with her tongue and ran it around inside my mouth.
I started to rare back, but she held the back of my
head real tight and kept it up, stopping only long
enough to say, “Now, you do it to me.” So, I stuck my
tongue in her mouth and she started to suck on it,
hard, and I did her back and started to get another
hard on. She said we should stop for now; take a good
shower and see what happens.

She turned the warm water on and taking the soap in her
hands washed my hair real good, after she sloshed all
the shit down the drain, that is, and washed my face
and neck, my back, my chest under my arms, in between
my legs, took my pecker and nearly scrubbed too long,
cause it started gettin’ hard again, washed my asshole
by shoving her finger in and out and moving her hand up
and down the crack, then did each leg and both feet.
Then it was her turn and she warned me to do a “good
job” and not miss nothin’. I assured her I wasn’t gonna
miss a thing.

I wet her hair down and washed it real good, twice she
wanted, cleaned her ears and kissed them, washed her
face good and kissed her lips and shoved my tongue in
once more, washed and sucked each titty until her
nipples looked like little pink buttons. When I sucked
her nipples she nearly sagged against me, but I kept on
goin, her back was next and when I finished gettin’ her
back all soapy, I reached around with both soapy hands,
took a tittie in each one, pulled her back to my chest
and using my chest scrubbed her back all the way to the
waist line.

She was ohin’ and ahin’ by this time, then I had her
bend over and I did an a number one job washin’ he
crack and asshole. I slipped my finger in all the way
to my knuckles and pulled it in and out with the soap
foam makin’ squishin’ noises. Boy, this was somethin’
else, buddy. Then, I turned her around and had her sit
on a little three legged stool she had in one corner of
the shower and lean her back against the wall. Then I
went to work on her pussy. I soaped it good, stickin’
my finger in, first one, then two, then three and,
finally, she said for me to try to put my fist in.

“Let’s see how wide we can stretch the slit,” she said.

I didn’t wanta hurt her and declined to do that, but
she reminded me that girls give birth to babies that
weigh in excess of 9 pounds, sometimes, and my fist
ain’t anywhere near that size. Okay, I’ll give ‘er a
try. So, I did a four finger insertion and turned it
slowly around, put them in as far as I could, turned
them again and pulled them out. She was really
breathin’ hard by this time, so I balled up my fist and
soaped it real good and started it in.

No matter how hard I tried it just wouldn’t go, but by
the time I made three or four attempts she was so
soakin’ wet and I was drippin’ so hard with my
lubrication and my dick was so hard I could hardly
stand it and she was quivering all over so bad she
couldn’t stay still, so I just mounted her from the
front, she guided my dick inside and I started to pump
like crazy. She rammed her hips and pussy upward into
my plunging dick meeting me push for shove and grunting
like she was workin’ diggin’ a ditch.

Sweat was breakin’ out all over me and her, too, and
she had the cutest little smile on her face and as we
went further and further and I wasn’t doin’ my usual
cum bit after two or three strokes, she started a
muttering about, “Deeper make me cum, deeper push it
deeper, oh, god, this feels so good go, honey, go and
push and stroke, push and stroke and don’t cum for an
hour, please don’t come for a long time. I love it, I
love it, I LOVE it.”

Then she started gettin’ tense and stoppin’ her shovin’
and just held still while I pumped away. Suddenly, she
clenched her teeth and made a hissin’ noise and at the
same time sayin, “Oh, god, fuck me, I’m gonna cum, I’m
cummin’, oh, gooood, I’m cumin!” With that she got so
stiff and started buckin’ so hard she chucked my prick
right out of her cunt. Just as she did this, though, I
started to cum myself and it was drippin’ all over me,
her, the floor and every where. I came so hard, I hurt.

I put it right back in while it was hard and was still
in her when she said for me not to move and seemin’ to
want to hold me there, she wrapped her legs around my
back and started in squeezin’ real hard. I couldna’
moved if I wanted to. I stood like that with her
leanin’ in the corner and sittin’ on that stool with
her legs nearly up to my shoulders for I don’t know how
long and wouldna’ moved if old Rex hadn’t come in
sniffin’ around. I think that dam n dog was jealous; I
really do, but she shooshed him out and he left.

Finally, she opened her eyes, sighed, looked up at me
and said, “I love you. Oh, god, how I love you. You’ve
been so nice to me I want to have you come over any
time you want. You said, though, that your folks were
comin’ home late tonight. I don’t know what you mean by
late, but I think I heard their car drive in about 5
minutes ago, but couldn’t say anything ’cause we were
fuckin’ so hard. So yah better get off and have a look

Oh, good Jesus, they was home. The car was sittin’ just
under the tree house and dad was out lookin’ around. If
I wasn’t in the tree house or the house, itself, then
he had no idea of where I was short of being over to
Charlie’s place. I knew what to expect next. He’d go
inside and call Charlie on the phone and fin d out I
hadn’t been near the tree house since sometime this
mornin’. If that happened my ass was in deep trouble.
So, I jerked my dick out of Mary, grabbed my clothes
and said I had to go; quick.

She said, “You can’t go like that. You smell like a
well fucked pussy. You stink of jizz and my cum. Your
mom or your dad will smell it in a minute. They fuck,
too, you know and they know how it smells. Take a quick
shower and I’ll go out on the front porch and sit with
Rex. That’ll look normal and I’m sure your dad will ask
if I seen you. I’ll say somethin’ like yeah I think he
went down to the ball park or somethin’ like that.
That’ll slow him up some. Then you can duck out and
come around the back way and nobody will know the
difference. Okay?”

I took a quick shower, put on my coveralls and as I was
headin’ out the back door she took my head in her hands
and said, “I loved it. Thank you for being my friend
and my lover. Come back any time and we’ll look in the
Rubiyat or whatever those book s are and find zillions
of ways to fuck. I love you. Now go!”

I slid out the back door and crawled down the sidewalk
t o the back gate, slipped out and took off runnin’
down the alley so I could come around from High Street
and be able to say I was just down to the ball field
throwin’ fly balls to some of the guys. There was only
one hitch; Charlie seen me from his bedroom winda. I’d
have to think up a lie for him, for sure. I couldn’t
tell him I spent most of the morning and most all of
the afternoon with Crazy Needles. Nobody would believe
that; not even old Chuckie.

Slanting around our front fence and into the driveway I
almost ran full tilt into my dad who was, just now,
heading for High Street to go to the ball diamond, I
guess. He said, “Where ya’ been? You’re all sweaty.
Been tossin’ some fly balls with the guys, hey?”

Yeah, I sure was dad. Tossin’ some fly balls, but not
at the ball diamond. “What’s fer supper dad?”

He told me meat loaf and smashed potatoes and led the
way down the driveway. As we got abreast of Mary’s
front porch she threw me a kiss, lifted her skirt and
let me have a peek at her nooky and said something just
with her lips. It was, “Tomorrow?”

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