Refugee sex in Brasil

The previous weeks had been difficult. In a household breaking apart, each night we would go to sleep to the bitter shouting matches of our parents piercing the wooden floorboards. The only way to protect ourselves against the ravages of the interminable conflict and terror of the not knowing what might happen next, was to insulate our hearts with cold resolve and confide our fears in each other.

At nineteen years old I had finished secondary school with top results and was embarking on a gap year to see the world, do something worthy and get some quality ass. My natural instinct was to get as far away from the city as possible but my love for my fifteen year old sister, still stuck in the education machine, kept me at home to help her in these dark times.

We had a good relationship, she and I, and now she was older I started to view her as a more than just a younger sibling. We began to go out clubbing together, I was at first skeptical, but couldn’t refuse a night out with her nympho friends. And it wasn’t long before she started bringing home guys late at night.. Our conversations frequently fell onto sex, I would describe what it was like boning my various girlfirends, girls she saw everyday at school, she eventually confided in me she started shaving her pussy and was no longer a virgin.

We began to view each other with more respect, and undoubtedly, though unspoken, with a new sexual appreciation for each other. I certainly noticed she began checking me out as I got out of the shower, with only a short towel around my waist. If only she knew I had just been wacking off to the thought of her pert, round breasts wobbling above her beautiful flat stomach, covered with the finest soft hairs, as I clutched her generous ass and slid my engorged penis in and out of her hot, slippery cunt.

When the February holidays came about I announced my plan to fly to South America with only a backpack and work my way around the area, seeing the historical sights and to volunteering in the jungle… My real research for the trip however came from the website… I wanted pussy, and this, if anywhere, is where I was going to get it.

The night before I was set to board a plane to the Southern Hemisphere, all packed, with a few t-shirts, swimming trunks, sunglasses and a whole load of condoms. There I was browsing a magazine in my room on the best beach spots in Rio, when my sister appeared, dumped a bag on top of mine and quietly closed the door behind her.
“Er… Olivia, what are you doing?” I queried.
“I’m coming with you.” She whispered, earnestly.
“What?!.. what do you mean ‘coming with me’?”
“To Brazil dumbass! I absolutely fucking Had enough here, I can’t stand their bickering anymore, they don’t give us a second thought.”
“But… you can’t just… come along. What do you want to do? Hide in my rucksack?”
“Yeah right I’ll just make like your dirty underwear for the airport scanners. I got another ticket numbnuts, with mummy’s credit card, it was ever so easy.”
“Ok…” I said lamely, still slightly in shock, weighing up the consequences, “I’ve heard of kids running away from home.. but to Brazil??”
“Please bro, its horrible being here with mummy and daddy fighting all the time, anyway I’ll be safer with you than alone.”
“Christ… Umm, yeah… you know what, that’ll be fun, we’ll call them just before we take off shall we?” I sensed my visions of booty-heaven weren’t going to materialize as I’d hoped, but she needed a break, I sure wasn’t going to deter her easily, and anyways, it would be nice to spend some quality time with my little sister.

Arriving at our accommodation we jumped into our swimsuits – the taxi ride had given us a glimpse of the golden beaches packed with beautiful people, just like in the pictures! I had tried to rearrange the hotel booking last minute to accommodate us both on a budget for one. They didn’t have a spare second bed, so we opted for a double bed as a compromise. The walls were a peeling, timeless mix of creamy white with blotches of colour that could have been mould. The bathroom tiles, though clean, had lost their whiteness, and the door refused to close. The bed was decent enough, firm, raise thigh height, and covered with crisp white sheets pulled tightly down.

The beach was swelteringly hot at midday, I goggled behind my sunglasses at lithe bodies slithering through the mirage of heat to sounds of sloshing waves punctuated by snippets of conversation and laughter in a dozen languages.

“Oi, stop perving and put some cream on me.” Snapped Olivia. We settled down amidst the throng of gleaming buttocks, she lay on her front, and I squirted the cream over her shoulders and began rubbing it into the tender flesh of her perfect, sexy back. I was good at giving massages, and she sure was enjoying herself. As I moved my hands down her back a prick of lust sparked inside of me, I lingered by the plump twin globes of her ass cheeks.

“Go on…I can’t be bothered to do it myself.” Moving my hands down over her fleshy buttocks I ran them all the way down her legs to her feet, moulding the muscle as I went. And back up the thigh, pressuring the inner leg, causing her breath to catch. Being a fashionable city teenager the opportunity to flaunt her body in the latest dental floss bikini was to good to miss. As I manipulated her slender torso and generous thighs, I realized that with certain movements her cheeks parted, my jaw hung slightly as I caught a glimpse of her brown ring behind the threadlike garment. Daring, I f****d the cheeks apart briefly, as though by accident, and saw her pink pussyhole just below. I nearly drooled on her crack.

Laughter close by brought me back, we were on a beach full of people. I looked around, a group of three or four girls were giggling nearby and shooting glances over to us. Busted. I thought. And smiled back.

Then one got on all fours and began to crawl the few metres to us. She must have been sixteen/seventeen, but who can tell these days. Her toffee coloured body covered by a few patches of marine blue fabric prowling over the miniature dunes, firm breasts shuddering with each placement.

“Hola gringos,” her eyes seductive, mouth playful, “First time in Rio?”
“Uh hello.. yeah, first time.. you can tell then?” I grinned. Her friends had joined us. Olivia looked up and smiled but remained on her front. A girl in a yellow brazil bikini said something in Portuguese and the others laughed. All eyes were on my sister now.

“She say your girl has nice ass.” Translated miss blue bikini, before unexpectedly reaching out to grab it and give it a gentle slap, making her jump a little. Relief and surprise.

“Oh.. yeah, but she’s not my girlfriend,” I explained, “We’re just..” before I could drop that bombshell there was a chorus of appreciative noises and dark hands groped my sister’s behind,

“Easy guys…” said Olivia, a little taken aback but clearly also turned on by the unexpected forwardness of these hotties. There was a shout and the girls turned around, after second one in a white g-string lept up and waved, as soon as they had come they were getting up.

“See you out tonight.” said blue bikini with a wink before hurrying to join a recently arrived troupe of slick, muscled volleyball lads. I looked at my sister smiling,
“Sluts…” she said.
“I know… awesome.” I replied, staring after them. “You know you loved it.”
“Mmm… perhaps.” She finished, and I went back to rubbing cream into her.

I was beginning to see a pattern of single male westerners of all ages with predatory looks in their eyes. I guess I was one of them. That evening, at a bar aptly named Gringo’s, we sat down for some cheap exotic cocktails, soaking up the local mixes, served by scantily clad bar girls, with hip hop pulsing overhead. Olivia was certainly dressed for a summer’s night out, wearing loose white mini skirt, black thong on show, and an open semi transparent red blouse with a minimal bra. It seemed like every punter in the bar was checking out her legs or her cleavage. I didn’t mind too much, in fact it even turned me on a little seeing my little sister attract so many stares strafing her bare legs and cleavage. On one occasion she got up for the bathroom, and it gave me guilty pleasure to meld in with the other customers and stare after her disappearing ass. However, after several rounds of deceptively delicious cocktails, I came back from the bathroom to find her trapped by a sleazy looking middle-aged man with a bar mustache. A hand ran up her bare inner thigh covered in goosepimples and her expression became apprehensive, he nuzzled her hair, smelling her and made to plant a kiss on her. I was there in an instant and whisked her out of the bar.

By now the night was in full swing, so we sidled into a more respectable looking club with a buzzing atmosphere. I was beginning to feel a sort of excitement from the fact we were all alone in this vibrant party scene on the other side of the world, no-one knew we were siblings, and I was enjoying the jealous looks of other men at having this young western brunette babe at my side.

Later we find ourselves on the dance floor rocking out to latin music, trying in vain to dance as well as the locals and genuinely having a great time. I couldn’t help but noticing three young men in flashy white suits at a table in a corner have had their eyes locked on my sister for a while now, as we finish the song with a cheer, one gets up, he is incredibly slick and suave looking, almost like a d**g dealer… oh shit, the way he carried himself looked like he owned the place, the glittering rolex watch said he could have owned the district. I was savvy enough to know not to get into trouble in these parts. So I didn’t protest more than a brief stare when he took Olivia gently by the arm and initiated the next dance. Slightly bewildered, but impressed by the young man’s smoothness she went along with it. By the end she was clearly having the time of her life. Back home such men only came in magazines. He was leading in a toned down version of a salsa, his hands exploring. The music lifted a beat and he spun her several times, her young features surprised and exicted, dropping her down supported by his arms, I saw his hands gave an ass cheek a firm squeeze, lifting the skirt so his friends could see. But she didn’t look bothered at all, in fact, unless I was very mistaken her thigh definitely gave his crotch a good rub. I left them to it, she had known what she was in for in coming with me, let her have it.

Meanwhile I took a seat at the bar next to a woman in a green flowing dress, who introduced herself as Dalia, that parted around her slender tanned thighs, and ordered a beer. Minutes later, a familiar laugh floats across to me and I see the white suited man, his arm around my sister’s waist, walk off the dance floor through a beaded curtain doorway, with a sign marked VIP… lucky tart, I thought with a half grin. What was more curious was the other two fresh suited men getting up and entering the VIP area past the burly bouncer moments afterwards. Dalia saw the way I had stared after Olivia, and leaned closer,
“You know her?”
“She… she’s my little sister.” I blurted out.
“You bring her here??”
“Well… its not like she hasn’t been clubbing before, besides…
“Little?…” She repeated, clearly interested, “How little?”
“Um… fifteen…”
“Nooo… so young, but so sexy! Is she virgin?”
“Eh?! I don’t think so no, why?”
“You know what they do now?” She said, more aroused by the minute, “They fuck her. They fuck her tight teenage pussy,” She moved closer still, breathing more deeply and licking her lips, I was getting rock hard at this sultry latina fantasizing about my sister. “They fuck her hard, one by one, then,” I put my hand around her waist and lowered to her bottom, “then her asshole at same time, and fill her mouth…” she grabbed my crotch and , and whispered, “You want me?,”

Now veritably panting all I could do was nod fervently. In a flash she pulled me across the club, not hesitating for one moment to walk into the ladies toilets and bang the cubicle door behind us, with barely a raised eyebrow from two ladies adjusting their eyeliner at the mirror. She sat, pulled me by the belt towards her and we both fumbled with my trouser buttons, made more difficult by my throbbing knob. The top button gave and it sprang out, brushing her nose. Her eyes widened and she gave a hungry animalistic moan, flicking her gaze up to me and running the tip of her tongue up the underside of my six inch dick, wider in the middle, but dead straight. She reached the underside of the head; I could barely contain myself anymore, stomach tensed, grabbing her head, gripping her hair, and pushing it slowly but firmly down the back of her throat.
“Fuck yeah…” I mused. It felt like hot comforting lava running over my cock as contact with her ribbed throat caused her to gag. I felt a hand rising between my legs and pressure on my gooch, almost bloody fingering me!

Red faced and sex crazed beyond my normal self, I lifted her, span her around and pushed her head down onto the loo seat, running my hands up her body to feel her hanging breasts and pinch those hard nipples drawing a lustful moan.
“Oh yes, fuck me gringo!” I lifted her dress over her ass, exposing her black panties and brown back. She was breathing heavily, embracing the toilet like a lover. Wow, this bitch can do dirty, I thought, I had never done anal before… fuck it. I lifted her panties to the side, and pressed her brown sphincter with my thumb, her hip bucked, displaying her rear even better to me. I stroked down her wet vagina to feel the hard little clitoris filled with sensory neurones connected directly to her pleasure centres. She bowed her legs allowing me to cup her crotch. Suddenly I shoved my thumb into her rectum, drawing a wince. No more pussying about, I thought, gripping her hips tightly, and the head of my adamantium rod of r**e breach her sphincter’s valiant attempts to close and continued inside her. Up to the hilt it sank, and for a moment it paused bathing in the delicious core body heat, before withdrawing slowly. With every ensuing thrust, her light brown ass hole stretched to accommodate my penis, closing over the slightly thinner hilt. With strength born of runaway lust I rammed her insides again and again until I felt the climax rising within me. Now drawing whimpers as well as moans, the pace increased, her ever clinging asshole stimulating its intruder. Whiteout. I came. And I came and I came. Each load hosing deep inside her, until I could stand no more and collapse over her quivering, spent body.

I seemed minutes before I had the strength to get up and stroke the hair off Dalia’s face, yes, that was her name, she must have been in her thirties. Milf. But this anal slut had evidently met her match, I felt an odd twang of pride. I, not long ago a schoolboy, had out-fucked this Latina babe. Her eyes remained closed, breathing more relaxed now. I pulled out, dripping wet and turning soft. A trickle of white cum dripped out of her winking, raw pink hole and over her un-abused pussy. I reach into my trouser pocket, pulled out my phone, focused the camera on her asshole and took a photo. I grinned stupidly to myself as I thought of sending that image to mates back home with the caption, “Wish you were here?”

My head spinning slightly, and my heart thumping slowly, I closed the door behind me, suddenly embarrassed to be there when she decided to come back to reality. Dazed, I could barely believe what had just happened, and made towards the door by which we had come in, when I heard voices on the other side… shit, I was in a crowded club, people would see me coming out of the ladies, what if a bouncer saw me… I looked around in sudden panic. A panel on the opposite wall stood at angles and flashing lights played around the edge, could that be another way out? As the main door began to open and voices grew louder I dashed to this new opportunity, the panel – clearly a hidden door – swung open and I found myself in a darker room. More lavishly furnished, with columns and deep flat couches, a few people here and there, some shaping white lines on the tables with their credit cards, some deeply engaged in passionate actions.

Holy shit this was the VIP area. Memories of my last conversation with Dalia flooded back and my heart began to race and incredibly I felt my dick pulse and begin to fill. What a champ. A silhouette moved next to me. I looked and saw an imposing figure of a bouncer next to the door, sure I was about to be snapped in two and thrown out the front door, my heart pounded and I cringed. But nothing happened. I backed away behind the nearest column, peeking out at the bouncer and relieved he had not noticed me emerge. But surely that was his job, how could he miss me? I looked closer, he was clearly distracted by something towards the corner to the right as you come out of the hidden door. I followed his gaze and my breathing stopped.

A young female body sat astride a pumping rod, balls slapping, the labia drawing in and out, lit by a low light, which didn’t reflect off the velvet cushions. A pair of hands held her brunette head firmly in front of the crotch of a second man standing on the couch and leaning against the wall, moving back and forth slowly. A third pair of hands rubbed her tits coarsely inside her red blouse, which hung open, and guided her small, slightly chubby, young fingers of her right hand over a third erect penis laying next to the first.

A white skirt lay amidst discarded trousers and shirts on the floor, and a lacey black thong lay draped over an open bottle of champagne. The girl gasped and withdrew her head from the suffocating cock, turning to catch a breath. Livvy’s mouth dripped a mix of pre-cum and saliva, displaying feelings of ecstasy, her eyelids drooped in a tipsy, seductive manner. Bloody heck!! Dalia hadn’t just been fantasizing! My eyes were locked on the scene before me.

Number three grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head down to his swollen member, invoking a pang of anger in my chest, throwing his head back as she engulfed it. She moaned in desperation and drew back, coughing. The man gripped her jaw and gave slapped her face, bringing her head back to his crotch. Her little mouth, so familiar and lovely, packed full of Brazilian cock. My heroic dick was now once more straining at the fabric of my light trousers. Number one continued to pump in and out of her underage vagina.

A few words reached me from the hedonistic scene. Number one stopped and rolled out to the side, number two slid under my sister, lifting her by the waist. His cock head brushed up and down her parting labia and pushed inside, bigger than the previous number. She let out a little cry of pleasure and pain, her cute little mouth opening as she paused in sucking dick. He began to lift her hips up and down, she got the message and began working her hips and lower back. My, she sure had skills, how many boys had she fucked back home? Up, down, forwards, backwards, in circles, varying the tempo. Meanwhile number one had begun taking interest in her tight little hole writhing just above the pounding pussy. He stroked her crack as it rose and fell. Then taking both cheeks in hand and spreading them apart to full extent stretching her pink asshole surrounded by light brown iris, the same I had been peeking at earlier that day on the beach. For a minute of or so he continued to gaze at the innocent young hole. She continued to perform admirably on number two’s slippery penis and lick, suck and stroke number three’s cock and balls, her nostrils flaring to get enough air. A finger pressed her anus. It popped in much to her surprise and began sliding in and out, fucking her.

Holy fucking shit I’m watching my fifteen year old sister getting gang banged my a bunch of gangsters… I was trembling, with half a desire to rush in and break it all up. But sheer lust held me in check. The bouncer, still fixated, had his hand down his pants. It did feel a little wrong watching… but it was fucking hot, and besides, as long as they weren’t hurting her… I would still have a stern word with her.

Number three said something and the others responded with gleeful smiles. He took Olivia by the waist and positioned her crouching over him, facing outwards. He held her cheeks apart as she lowered onto his dick slick with her saliva. It met resistance at her anus, but slowly won its way through her virgin sphincter. A look of pain crossed her face. She lowered fully, pausing occasionally until her colon had completely swallowed up number three’s cock.

She paused, breathing rapidly, letting her ass accommodate the new sensation of being packed with dick. Prompted by number one she lowered herself so she was lying on top of three, cock in anus, sexy legs in the air, three ripped off her blouse and groped hard at her breasts, leaving red marks. A hand moved up and held her throat. Number one stepped onto the deep couch and pinned Olivia’s legs back by holding her ankles, so her swollen mound and soaking pussy lips were in the air. Three’s penis still penetrated her struggling sphincter. Number one lowered his hips, guiding his dick into her vagina and deep within. She let out a yelp, eyes wide and now looking vaguely anxious as if this was a step further than she had anticipated; she was in new territory. But the strong young men did not give her one moment of respite, and with jerking coordination they began sliding in and out of her vagina and anus, stretching the gooch skin between, she was whimpering. Number two stopped wanking his cock and got up to kneel by her head. He brutally ran his member across her pretty face, grabbing a handful of tit.

Double penetrated and with a face full of cock, this just about summed up my wildest shower-time scenarios involving my younger sister. And here she was before me in all her glory.

Number one began sliding in and out of her pussy faster and faster, each time rubbing the intruding lump in her rectum, crushing her g-spot. Sweating and breathing fast, he pulled out of the pink fleshy hole, leaving a dark cavern which slowly closed, pushed number two of the way, jammed his penis between her lips and pumped her mouth, her hands desperately trying to push him away. But he slowed down and withdrew, exhausted. Olivia coughed and white creamy semen spilled off her cum covered tongue. Number three continued filling her ass, but also reached around and started rubbing my sister’s ravaged cunt. Building up speed, she was getting close to orgasm.

At least these guys had the decency to return the favour, and not cum in her pussy.

Her legs bucked and her hips found new energy, now leading the butt fucking, as his coarse hands furiously masturbated her clitoris. Number two, clearly turned on by the sight jerked off onto her boobs, rubbing his cum all over the nipples and up into her mouth. Spent, one and two reclined with satisfied expressions to watch the finale. Faster, slower, rhythmical, slapping, she writhed in ecstasy only a female can achieve, sliding faster and deeper over the erection in her arsehole. Lucky number three held her legs spread-eagle and kept her on top of him. She cried out, panting, straining legs against strong arms. The man grunted and shoved hard inside her before relaxing and resuming the clit rub. A few seconds later all the tension built up in Olivia was released as she came, a little squirt of juice making dark patches on the floor. For a few moments she remained taught, then collapsed onto her side breathing deeply. The dripping dick inside her slowly was taken out.

They surrounded her with an air of a job well done. One of them maneuvered Olivia, reluctant but too exhausted to resist, so her ass hung over the edge of the couch. All eyes were on her rear. A finger stroked the wrinkly skin surrounding the still gaping hole. It responded, winking in and out. A thick drop of cum came oozing out, stretching before dropping to the floor. I had seen two creampies in one night… sweet. Cheers ensued, they laughed and high fived before moving collect their underpants and trousers.

Right, enough was enough… It was time we leave. I was just starting to move when a loud commotion sounded from outside. Someone yelled
“Policia!!!” The effect was immediate. People in cubby-holes still conscious enough jumped up and made for the exit, sweeping tables and pulling down skirts. The three lads, lost their cool in a split second, dressing in a flash and disappearing into the darkness. Not a second thought for my sister, who likewise picked up her panties and bra, pulled her skirt over her legs, put on the remnants of her raspberry blouse, and made for the door, if in a somewhat dazed manner.

I caught up with her in the street outside, she looked confused, lost, and a little scared.
“Olivia! There you are.”
“I’m exhausted. Lets go home.” She did sound exhausted, and like a young girl, not the slum whore I just saw. I raised my eyebrows as we started walking. “What? We were dancing all night. Oh don’t be a bore I can’t always dance with you, besides he was so hot don’t you think.” A sparkle lit up in her eye. I continued to raise my eyebrows. “ I mean he could dance like a pro, and god he was so fit!”
“What did you think of his friends then?”
“Wh.. what friends?.. I.. you mean the ones sitting with him before?” My eyebrows were still going skyward, but now accompanied by a wry smile. She blushed at my knowing look and turned her head away.
“Anyway you seemed pretty cosy with that woman at the bar.”
“Yeah, her name was Dalia. She thought you were sexy, she liked your arse. You seem to be a hit with the ladies here.” I grinned. “Not to mention the men…” I added.
“So did you get her number?”
“No! Don’t be silly.” I said nonchalantly. “We went into the ladies toilets and I fucked the shit out of her.”
“You… what?!”
“I fucked her in the arsehole in the toilets, she’ll be limping for a few days I tell you that haha!” Not quite sure what to say, Olivia smiled nervously. “Sooo what’s it like?” I probed.
“What’s what like?…” she replied turning a shade of maroon in the orange lit streets.
“Getting fucked in the ass silly! How was it?”
“I…” she looked extremely sheepish and a bit taken aback.
“Come on now I saw you. I saw the whole thing. Oh don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.”
We didn’t say another word on the way back to the room. “I…” she looked extremely sheepish and a bit taken aback.
“Come on now I saw you. I saw the whole thing. Oh don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.”
We didn’t say another word on the way back to the room.

“I like her swimsuit. D and G.” Olivia said knowingly.
“Mmm, she has nice tits…
“Oooh check out that ass too! She’s so hot. This has to be the best people watching spot in the world.”
“Uhuh. Its kind of depressing, all these women are so beautiful and sexy… and have such nice clothes.”
“So you find them attractive?” I asked.
“Well of course, who wouldn’t?”
“Oooh I’d tap that one, with the pale blonde in the green swimsuit, wait, those are panties… are they wet? Sweet you can see through them… Would you tap that?”
“Oi… she is kinda ho though… woah she just kissed that black girl in the flower bikini.”
“Looks like she wouldn’t be against tapping you.”
“Mmm maybe… Wow now that is sexy, no not the Lesbos, that.” She said, pointing at a pudgy, hairy man in a leopard thong.
“Urgh!” I snorted. “So you had fun last night?” I asked, changing the subject. We lay on the smoldering beach, the soft sound of lapping waves permeating the shimmering air.

“Stop asking me that… its just …weird talking about sex with you…”. A beach vendor with clinking chains and watches dangling over his arm came trudging past, kicking up sand. “I know you had fun, you won’t stop telling me about that bitch you screwed in the ass.”
“So you’re feeling ok then, not hurting or anything…?”
“I mean it seems three big dicks at once… and you’re still little, I just…”
“Just how much did you see then?” she said confrontationally.
“Aha! Finally admitting it are we? You drew quite a crowd, don’t know if you realized, even the bouncer was watching. I’ll tell you what I saw, I walked in and lo behold there was you sitting on a cock, another in your mouth and another in your hand. Can you deepthroat?”
“What… I…” She looked embarrassed and defensive. “Well I’ve had more experience than you.” She shot back. About to retaliate, I paused incredulous, she might actually be right…
“Well why do you think I wanted to come here then? To volunteer in schools?”
“I guess not,” she smiled understandingly, “I’m boiling, lets go for a swim.”

In the sweltering heat the cool ocean water was a welcome break, and a relief: I didn’t have to worry about my rocketing boner anymore.

We drifted into a more crowded area, full of frolicking young people, some locals, but quite a few foreign students apparent by their pale skin and lighter hair. My foot found purchase on a protruding rock and I lay back. The sounds of people in the water became muffled as my ears sank below the surface. I shut my eyes against the sun and savoured that moment of serenity in the sea.

Suddenly the sounds of splashing, laughter and screams rose. A body of water sloshed over my face and as I jerked up for air something hit me. BAM right in the crotch.

“Jesus! Fuck! What the hell?!!” I looked around squinting and a blonde girl had swum past me from behind. Clutching my nuts I said “Was that you? Did you just kick me in the nuts?”
“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean it, my idiot friend Paolo tried to dunk me.” She was hot, smoking hot, and American by her accent.
“Ooowww. You have no idea how much this aches.” I said, emphasizing the foetal ‘in pain’ grimace. “Seriously I could be impotent…”
“Awww I’m sorry… well have to see about that though…” she glanced at her friends who had carried on frolicking, eyed me up and came closer, the goosebumps on her thighs touching my hairy legs. “Here, let me make it better.” Score! A feminine hand pulled at the band of my trunks, exposing my particulars to the cool ocean water, and ran down the shaft of my cock to gently stroke my balls. I flinched slightly, having been on the receiving end of inexperienced females manhandling my testicles.
“Don’t worry,” she grinned, “I know what I’m doing.”
“You most certainly do… where are you from?”
“Miami, you gotta love Brazil though, nobody gives a shit. England?” I nodded. She fondled.
“About that impotence…”

“Oh right! A proper diagnosis is in order!” She withdrew for a moment but kept her brown eyes on mine. Glancing around, excited, she presented me with her bikini bottoms. I tucked them down my shorts.
“You are so hot.” I said. She guided my hand to her hairless pussy and I started rubbing. Her lips dropped apart and her eyelids drooped momentarily. She wrapped her legs around me and bit her lip with a twinkle in her eye. My cock head spent a moment tentatively touching her crotch, teasing, relishing this foreplay. Then it found her vaginal opening, guided by my hand I penetrated her slowly. Going from the cold water to her core body heat was hell of a pleasure train. I almost lost my footing on the underwater rock. Slowly in and out, clamped by her taught thighs raising and lowering her body, it didn’t take long. She was clearly as horny as I was, pert nipples and fervent movements.
“Tell me when you’re gonna cum.” She half whispered, half gasped.
“Right now baby!” She removed herself, took a deep breath, and dived under to my crotch. I felt her mouth rescue my dick from the sudden cold. The scratch of her teeth on the head of my cock sent me over the edge and I splurted into her throat. The whitewash wave of numb pleasure swept over me, I lay back into the water, perfectly comfortable. Then sudden cold again as her head rose out of the water. Brushing her disheveled, dripping hair out of her eyes, she squeezed out of her mouth my white cum onto the palm of her hand and showed it to me smiling.
“Doctor says you are just fine.”
“Well thank god for that!” She drifted away.

A masked head with snorkel dangling popped up a few metres away.
“Nice.” Said my sister.
“Oh bloody hell.” I grinned. “Touch?

That night we lay in the dark next to each other, the unfamiliar street sounds of a foreign country still drawing attention. Covered in two thin cotton sheets, I lay awake
My fear and trepidation grew to bold recklessness, protected by the smothering darkness and ringing silence, my hand gained an inch or so of new territory on the mattress. All societal taboo thrown out the window once the horn settled in me.

She was passed out drunk, after what was supposed to be an easy night out. We had gone sightseeing after our morning swim, and met a rowdy bunch of Germans, who insisted on meeting us at the beer house.

With a life of its own my hand moves until touching her hip. Heart pounding in my ears, so loud I’m certain it can be heard through the thin hotel walls. I gently explore her cool skin, moving down the increasing gradient. I encounter no hair, just the faintest hint at roughness. Pressing against warm thighs to burrow downwards, the third surface is slippery wet and I feel the contours of her cunt. She moves. I freeze. My heart about to burst out of my chest. Some gibberish is uttered from her mouth. Phew. My curiosity aroused, as well as my aching penis, I sat upright and carefully lifted her sheet. Peeling it off her inert body and uncovering the holy triangle of her crotch, I feasted my eyes on the sight of her pussy, shaved except for a little strip above her clit. I could get away with more, I thought. Slipping my hands under her legs I lifted them gently apart a few centimetres, enough to display her unconsciously dripping snatch. I realize my time may be limited so lowered myself. Excited,but terrified she might wake up, the tip of my tongue brushing the clit. I tasted her, acrid sweat mixed with musty vagina juices.

A loud bang and voices outside the hotel room door and I lay back down in a flash, heart thumping.

Time had passed by in a numb whirlwind of sand, booze and sex.

I had no idea this little trip would turn into such a sexual revelation, both for myself and my sister.

In the process I had practically forgotten the stowaway refugee nature of Olivia’s being here. I had even neglected checking my emails and phone messages.

So it was with added notes of desperation and relief that my parents sent a tirade of a bollocking through the hotel payphone and into my temporal lobe. I explained that everything was fine, we were in no way hurt, in trouble, nor even in need of money.

I tried to take the edge of their grief and anger at my sister’s actions: I spun it that had she run away alone she could have been in real trouble, but with me she had support. I stressed we had both learned a lot on this trip – anal sex, for example, but I didn’t say that – and that when she returned they should try to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of one another.

On one point I agreed, after nearly a week it was time she flew home. After all, she had school in a few days.

“I can’t believe you agreed with them!”
“Listen, you’ve made you’re point. I have spoken with mum and dad, they won’t be mad at you. Well… they will. But they are far more concerned with having you back home safe and reconciling the problems that shunted you away from home.”
“Do you realise how awkward it’ll be: me alone with them!!?? I can’t go back. I just can’t! At least not without you.”
I sighed.
“Well what would you have me do? I worked half a year to pay for this trip, you can’t just come with me. I mean, I’m off to South Africa in two weeks, we can’t keep booking extra tickets for you.”

She looked dejected and sullen. But still sexy in that open blouse and sitting cross legged on the bed against the wall with her bikini bottoms on. I smirked in my mind.

“…Won’t you miss me?..”
“Of course I’ll miss you…” a little taken aback. She looked at me differently, eyes a little wider, a hint of a smile. She had caught me staring at her crotch. I really would miss her.
“Look.” I said, recomposing myself, suppressing the butterflies that alighted in my stomach. “The longer you wait, the worse going back will become.”

She made a face. But didn’t move. A dilemma playing on her face.
“Well, how are you gonna get into clubs without me?”
“Oh come on, I can take care of myself.”

I tried to ignore her bare crossed legs. the taught groin tendons. the faintest hint of a camel toe. My dick throbbed once.

“It doesn’t make sense staying. I know you want to. you probably fit in here better than I do.” I said with a grin appearing on my face. I love her. As a sister.

“Mmm..” she relaxed The tension in her was released somewhat, and a smile broke across her pretty, round featured, face “I’ve had so much fun.” she yawned and stretched her arms up.

“So have I.” I replied, not looking at the way her cute breasts fought to escape the bikini fabric above the smooth bronze stomach that she was so proud of. “But all good things must come to an end.”

“Are you sure?” she said. Was she trying to gauge me? Her hands still in the air she looked straight at me with a smirk. a sexy smirk.

My eyes stayed on hers. I tried to control my breathing, my b***d rising. She angled her head. Still smiling with one corner of her mouth. Her lips dropped open. Full, pink lips. Still looking at me. What was happening?

Suddenly we had locked gazes too long. What did this mean. Could she… could she be thinking the same thing. The room was air was now charged. I didn’t remember what the room looked like. She was no longer smirking, hands now behind her head, stroking unconsciously her hair. Still looking at me.

Somehow I knew all it would take was one positive movement to slam us together.

I love my sister. As a sister. But that just made the lust so much deeper and more profound. I wanted her. But I was scared. Did she want me? As much as I craved her taboo flesh?

Someone had to move. My hips found themselves rocking subtlely back and forth. Despite the promiscuity of the past few days I was grounded by hesitation. ‘Come on!! lets fuck!!’ Throbbed my dick. ‘What are we waiting for??!!’ said my aching balls.

But how could I know. How could I know she would respond alike? It could go so wrong. so wrong.

I could not make the move, I resolved. That much was sure. I was the responsible older brother. If she wanted me then let her show it. I was trembling slightly. So was she.

My tongue wetted my lips, dry in this humid heat. Hers did the same.

Adrenaline was slowly building. Ringing in my ears. tension mounting seemingly to bursting point. I glanced down. A dark patch on the triangle of fabric over her mound.

She was aroused.

Her eyes flicked onto the bulge in my pants. They stayed there.
Her mouth grew wider. Breathing shallow, fast and raspy.

She had shifted. The edges of her vagina pink around the fabric. The cameltoe more defined. I could taste it now, salivating.

Her eyes still fixed lower down.

I glanced down. An overwhelming flush coursed over my skin and sudden embarrassment turned to a white rush then to opportune anticipation.

The tip of my one eyed monster was poking through the flimsy flap fronting of my blue cotton underwear, unable to contain what lay beneath. (lol)

This was it.

Trembling and seemingly on autopilot I was suddenly on all fours and crawling slowly and tiger like towards the hot glistening pussy at the other end of the bed.

I could smell it. Like an animal I wanted to devour that gleaming mound.

She was breathing deeply now, released from the bounds that had held her. She tipped her head back against the wall, eyes boring a hole in the ceiling. Her chest arched outwards, displaying the straining light blue/green and white fabric holding her breasts.

I was locked on to the taught groin. Legs parted as if of their own will to the full extent.

So close I could feel the warmth radiating onto my face. Smell the musky damp juices spreading. My mouth gaped, following the contours of her swollen pussy mound. So close. But not touching

I let out a breath. Her whole body flinched and a gutteral sound escaped from her throat.

Brushing the soaked cotton texture the full taste ran up my tongue like an electric bolt and into my jaw, clamping it down on the flesh beneath it and sucked hard.

She uttered an urgent and childish moan, between surprised t*****e and imprisoned ecstasy. She remained taught. Still arcing her head up to the ceiling, her jaw open but tensed.

Lost in the intense bliss my hands found their way down her legs, that I had coveted for so long, ran over her inner thighs and round to her buttocks.

Infused with strength I lifted her ass forward so she lay down, took the bikini bottoms in two hands and strained my muscles until the fabric tore.

My mouth clamped over her whole vagina and sucking the juices out of the cotton, I pulled off the broken bottoms.

Fresh, hot, saturated flesh replaced the rough texture.

Immediately my suction increased. Gnawing the mound with lips over teeth. My tongue shot into her pussy, so far I would have been surprised had I not been so enraptured in the revelation of tasting. Eating. My own sister’s pussy.

She bucked and writhed, not moaning but breathing rapidly and hoarsely, but my arms were wrapped around her hips like a lover. A lamprey. A leech. I always was a fan of eating pussy… curiously this one was the first I had tasted in Brazil.

She was sweating now, becoming more and more slippery to hold on to. Her blouse and bikini top still on. But her lower two thirds was completely naked. And mine to satisfy.

Totally immersed in her own juices and my saliva I licked and nibbled frantically up and down. From her clit, down through the labia to the bottom most U-shape of her vaginal opening. And flicking down to taste the different, but not unpleasant, asshole.

Her hands tightened on the sheets, and she gasped. I buried my face in her sweaty crotch. My nose filled with her scent.

My tongue tip worked circles. I spread her sweaty cheeks. My tongue f****d its way in, my jaws stretched wide.

Flipping her over onto her stomach my hands tore apart her cheeks leaving red fingernail marks on the baby soft skin.

After taking a brief and savage moment to appreciate the pink and brown circular orifice in front of me in all its depraved beauty, I lowered to ream her little asshole. The faster and harder I licked the more her buttocks tried to tense.

Burying her face in the mattress she moaned a muffled cry and her body and legs tensed and writhed.

The ridged arsehole, above spread legs, blinking in and out between the familiar fleshy buttocks which curved smoothly into the small of her perfect back; fulfilled some aesthetic need in me.

In and out like a woodpecker. The sphincter drew in and out, closing on my manically probing tongue. My lower jaw lightly raked her pussy, causing her legs to jerk and her foot to brush my cock.

I lifted my dripping face out of her crack and crouched over her behind. She lifted her head and looked round briefly, taking a stronger purchase of the mattress edge against the wall, anticipating what was to come. Breathing faster she grunted and grimaced in such a sexy manner as I angled my cock down and pressed the tip onto her shining brown ringed asshole.

Slowly it went in further. Her sphincter clamping down on my cock shaft as it slid inside her tight ass. For the last three inches her ass stopped rising to meet me and she gripped the sheets tighter than ever.

She gasped.
“Aaahh…ye.. yeeah… careful…” the first thing said since the beginning.

I felt an obstruction. But was beyond caring. Red faced, dripping with sweat and naked muscles taught I pushed in with my weight. Right up to the hilt I shoved into the trembling ass below me, arching up above the bed. I left it there for a while, my cock a full six inches up into her colon, savouring the moment. I could feel her insides contracting in peristalsis, trying to eject the invading object.

My hands flowed up her body, ripped off her top and slid under her boobs. Cupping the soft lumps of flesh I pulled towards me, she arched her body backwards in compliance. Left hand maintained a firm kneading grip on her tit, while my right ran up to her damp armpit, up her neck and over her face. Her tongue met my fingers and she bit hard. Hard enough to leave substantial marks.

My fingers ran down her underside, down her stomach to the flat mound just above her pussy. I flattened my hand on it, feeling the womanly shape of her pelvis, and touched her clitoris with the tip of my middle finger.

I pressed on the area and she rose, and fell, my dick emerging two or so inches from between her ass cheeks, I felt my balls caressing her pussy. I pressed again and she swallowed my cock back into her derriere. Starting a rhythm her asshole slid up and down my rock hard willy. It felt so good.

This was a change of pace to before, slow, deep and steady butt-fucking, as opposed to possessed pussy eating.

I began pumping too, so that I was really fucking her now. My left hand gripping her breast tightly, breasts I had oft masturbated about, pinching the pert little nipple. So wonderfully fleshy, and malleable. How many times had I leaned over her shoulder, helping with her homework, only to stare for minutes down her lovely cleavage. My right hand work her pussy harder, that perfect pussy I had peeked at last night. I Slammed into her a few time more. But gone was the rapturous expression, she winced quietly, so quietly that I hadn’t noticed.

Something stirred in me; something pitiful, violent, cruel, caring, aroused and, most of all, loving was awaken by the sight of a brother dominating his sister with anal sex. The word ‘r**e’ appeared in my confusion of emotions, but I banished it quickly. ‘Incest’. I couldn’t banish that one so easily. All of a Sudden I didn’t derive the same pleasure from penetrating my sister’s asshole. She must be in pain, i thought, coolly horrified. What was I doing.

I withdrew slowly. It was difficult, so far into her was I. With a patient sucking sound. Flecks of brown and a hint of red covered the tip of my dick. Oh no. My heart sunk. Ashamed. I moved up to kiss my sister on the cheek. She smiled, a tear in her eye.
“I’m sorry if that hurt. Really… I love you Livvy.”
Without looking at my pitiful cock she knew.
“I told you to be careful.” She rolled over and brought me down on top of her.

Guilt slowly replaced by renewed horniness I lay pressed on top of her. Body to body, breast to chest, stomach to stomach. I rolled her over so she was on top, feeling under my back the sheets drenched in her sweat. Our lips touched. Gently. Such similar lips. So wrong. Yet it felt so damn right.

“I want you to fuck my pussy bro.” She said in a voice I had not heard before. “I want you inside me where its supposed to go.”

I sat up, and carried her, pressed against me to the bathroom, set her down and entered the shower.

We stood together under the water as it gradually reached a comfortable temperature in the ambient heat.

“I love you.” The words came out.
“I love you too bro.” we smiled, looking into each others dazed eyes. I did. Love her. Very very much, I cared for her and desired her. Wiping my cock clean I touched her pussy. she bit her lip and raised her leg around my waist. Water coursing over our bodies, I slid up and inside her.

“That feel better?” She nodded and lay her head on my shoulder.

We made love for a long time. Standing, doggy, holding, with her legs wrapped around my waist, sitting on the shower floor, until we were wrinkly and the hot water ran out. I sat on the sink edge and spread my legs.

Her slightly shrivelled little hand stroked my cock
“mmm.I used to finger myself and think about your dick in my mouth.”
She lowered herself and took me in her mouth, looking up at me.
“I’m gonna cum in your face baby.” I said as she took me to climax.

“let me see.” My sister opened her mouth wide,
“say Aaaaah.” she gurgled. We both laughed, and looked at each other in a new, appraising way. She made a show of swallowing.
“A cumshot a day.. ” We loved our stupid jokes.
I hugged her as I always have.

“Parched ‘as bru..”
“Ha, lets have a nap then get some dinner… and decide on where you’re going.” I said reverting to a true brotherly manner.
“So you didn’t forget. Damn…”

We came back late, as usual, but this night neither of us had to worry about covertly peeking at the other. We fucked again and again. I was definitely going to miss her.

We lay there in the fresh golden striped light.

The sounds of the dawn from the lazy city restricted to the occasional whir of cars on the road below our window and unfamiliar bird calls.

Somewhere far off the sea reminded us of its presence with an undulating whisper.

A new dawn. With new meaning for both of us.

A weight shifted on my right, and a leisurely, measured, intake of air signaled my sister’s consciousness emerging from the depths of her mind. I, on the other hand, had been awake for an hour. I gazed into nothingness, soaking up the numb stillness of the early morning, in the calm before the reckoning; when we would inevitably have to come to terms with what had happened, and try to understand it.

I didn’t want to change this mind state. But time’s winged chariot is loath to stop. She was looking at me, half smiling, penetrating, lying on her side. I met her gaze and held it effortlessly. Her tanned shoulders led down to the suggestive contours of her breasts under the thin white sheet. And her waist plunged down before soaring with her hips half exposed, a bare leg pinning the sheets down. Just like in a James Bond movie, I thought.

For a while we considered each other silently. It was different in the clear headed morning. I think we both wanted to say something, but neither knew where to start.

“You are so hot…” I breathed. sweeping down over the sexy outline of her body my penis jump started.

“Oh [enter your name if you have a sister you fantasize about].” She bit her lip and her gaze strayed, she smiled innocently. Slut. My slut.
“Wha’ sh’ we do today?” She murmured.

I lost my speech in a gargantuan yawn. Smiling, I lay on my back stretching my arms right back, filling my lungs to bursting. Holding it. And releasing, flush faced and relaxed.

“Pleased to see me…?” she interrupted, grinning playfully. I let out a laugh as I saw the massively tented sheets above my Totem Pole.

“Morning Horn. A force of nature. One most definitely to be reckoned with.” I grinned back, raising an eyebrow in half mock seduction, the rush of my yawn still in my ears.

The touch of her cool hand made me flinch as it gently roamed over my chest. I didn’t pull the sheet off, there was something more arousing about keeping it over, sealing off its own private little world. Electric tingles sparked under my skin, set off by the probing fingers slowly feeling my pectorals. Down the sternum seductively, over the abs. It tickled, causing me to writhe, and sending more b***d into my already straining dick. Seriously, any man with know that a morning boner is not just any rock hard, its diamond hard, and will not subside without a siege of a wank. She reached my belly button and stuck a finger into my innie.

Eyes wide I gasped. “Oah! ..woah…” For some reason scratching the innermost bits of my belly button sends a sharp stimulus directly to the head of my penis, almost painful! My dick was straining like tyre about to explode.

Down over my bladder she brushed my pubic hair, making my stomach tense – I’m a hairy fucker, shaving is for pussies, literally – and brushed up my right leg.

“Oh my god Livvy.” I said rasped, exhasperated, “Stop teasing!…” Her wide grin turned to an expression of amazement as her fingers stroked the base of my monstrous shaft.
“Jesus bro! You’re hard ‘as! ” And ran her hand up and down the oblong gherkin tower shaped flesh.

I grunted in reply the building anticipation drawing me into my own world, just my crotch and the hand. I was seriously fucking horny, and thoroughly enjoying the heights of pleasure I was getting out her already. She had barely touched me and I was firing on all cylinders, hips revving at the lights. With a life of their own my glutes tensed, jerking my hips up and down, fucking her cute little hand while she looked on bemused. But mouth hanging in awe and fascination at quite how aroused I was. My body was tense, muscles taught, beginning to perspire. I gripped the side of the bed hard and strained my ankles down, hooking the bottom edge of the bed with my heels. She didn’t speed up but kept the slow pioneering rhythm.

I was making a massive effort not to snap and throw her down to ravage her young Face Tits Cunt and Arsehole.

Straining, grunting, sweating, at the same time as her hot breath swam over my shining bell end, the epiphany hit me. As the tip of her tongue connected and rose with a string of pre-cum I saw myself lying naked spread out, eyes closed, cock in the the air, my younger sister no less watching, feeling, tasting, appreciating MY body, MY penis. Her lips ran over my skin and I entered the luscious warmth of her mouth. As her wet tongue caressed its way around, tasting my sex, all thoughts were erased; replaced by joyous ecstasy. That simple fact that we were both openly comfortable with this made me so happy. This was paradise.

The monumental build up of feeling coursed through my body and into my genitals. Olivia’s head rose and fell, she felt no mirth, she had thrown herself fully into the task, no half measures, no more teasing. Slobbering up and down fervently, circling with her tongue, scratching with her teeth. I felt my cock hit the back of her throat repeatedly, making her gag, but she didn’t even slow her pace. What a brilliant little cocksucker.

Eyes closed, face red and uncaring about her now wild hair she wrapped her arms under my body and f****d my cock own her throat, pulling with her arms; mimicking the way I had embraced her own crotch last night to lap at her cunt and asshole. Deep into the back of her throat I plunged. Holy fuck she could deepthroat! She clearly wasn’t finding it easy by the gagging sounds and teary eyes but my GOD did this feel good. My whole cock thrust by her own volition down the back of her throat. I could feel the ringed oesophagus muscles and tongue work against me. Her body had experienced intrusions at both ends of her digestive system.

Spit and Pre cum drooled out all over my lap and balls. I lifted my legs and embraced her body with them, cradling her impaled head in my lap. I began to shudder as the orgasm rose within me spasmodically fucking her face. She was fingering herself too, i could see her ramming three fingers into herself, carried away with the moment. Cradling her head, pinning it down onto my cock, I reached down with one hand and pressed and rubbed the pink and brown lychee asshole. Nostrils flaring she was clearly turned on by this. Her body began squirming and I could hear her hand slip-slapping faster and harder into her fifteen year old vagina.

Higher and louder the b***d rush rose. I rubbed so hard on her asshole and gooch it must have left friction burns. But she only squirmed more violently and her hand reached the chorus, pumping pussy three or four times, pausing, then resuming until she was overcome by the tell-tale stillness. The calm before the storm. The breath before the plunge.

“MMM..” she moaned urgently, gagged, she choked, “MMMMM…MM..MM..MM..mmmm” Her hips buck and her stomach convulsed. She Came. Seconds later I unleashed the pent up starburst of neurotransmitters and shot load after load of thin creamy semen down her throat, with each body-wide contracting slamming into her face.
“FUCK…YES.” I exclaimed. “Oh shiit, oh my god.” Panting now.

She leaned over the bed and gagged, I thought she would throw up for moment, but she let her airways clear. A drizzle of white cum escape and splattered on the thin cheap red carpet. She shut her mouth and swallowed the rest. I pulled her towards me and took her in my arms, kissing her on the cheek. I took her hand that had brought her to orgasm and lifted it to my mouth. She watched me taste her girl-cum

“Holy shit bro… that was intense.” She said, massaging her ass tentatively.
“What you did was bloody amazing..” We shared a conquerer’s laugh. ” We have to do that again!” I said.
“Sure brother.” She collapsed in my arms, exhausted and out of breath. “I think I should shower before we go down to breakfast.”
“Yes my darling, We should.” I smiled down at her.

We both got up off the bed slowly and stumbled into the bathroom.

By this time I was on a high, we both were, fulfilling years of mutual last and fantasy, cemented by unconditional love. Which also meant I was constantly horny, and had to make an effort in public. In a strange country with nobody around we felt incredibly liberated, every time we went outside it was exciting to pretend to be a normal couple, with noone giving us any abnormal looks.

And so we sat, hand in hand, in a square between the beach and the seaside boulevard, the concrete bench hard between us. People thronged to and fro, families, couples, singles, groups of boys and girls, all seemed to possess a liberated sexual energy, people passionate about life and not a afraid to show it. We did our best to fit in.

Olivia was wearing a peachy sarong over blue bikini bottoms, and a tight white t-shirt with no bra, it hugged her slim figure and breasts, nipples clearly poking out. She wore a little make up as well, we weren’t planning on going in the sea just yet. I wore boardshorts and a baggy shirt as a boner precaution.

“Hey,” I said over the humdrum of people and cars, she looked up from my shoulder, into my eyes, “Kiss me.” Her eyebrows raised and she glanced around. Our eyes both settled on a loved up couple across the way deeply engrossed with each other. Her eyes returned to mine with a little smile. We hesitated. Despite last night’s and this morning’s passionate events, making out in public somehow made it more real, more real than my dick deep in her ass.

Our noses brushed and my heart started thumping.
“This… this is amazing.”
“Yeah it is…”
I let the feeling well up in my chest as our lips touched, like first time lovers we caressed each others mouths gently. Tasting the taboo face to face. So soft, her full lips squeezed against mine, biting gently.
My tongue flicked hers and our heads angled sideways, now pressing harder, our mouths interlocked. Her tongue caressed mine, I probed deep into her mouth, meeting passionate engagement. Her arm reach around the back of my head, I stroked down her pert breasts to her butt, and around to squeeze her upper thigh.
As we kissed I allowed my eyes to open a crack, revealing the world was still there and nobody was taking any particular notice.

A couple making out in public was not exactly an uncommon sight in these parts.
She pulled away biting her lip, looking around. I could tell her heart was beating just as fast as mine; she too must have felt giddy with excitement. Tired after last night, I sat back with a sigh, letting the ambient noises of waves and bustling holidaymakers fill my conscience.

“This is so perfect.” She murmured in my ear, resting her head back on my shoulder.

“Yeah, right here, it is.” Seagull squawked overhead, visible through the fronds of the palms lining the square.
“Listen, I…” My chest tightened with what I was trying to say, to come to terms with, summoning up courage.
“I don’t want this to end badly. I… I think it would be best if we talk openly about.. this.” Her body still, listening.
“You are the most precious thing to me in the world. And I won’t deny having had the hots for you for a while – Well thats obvious isn’t – ” I took a shallow breath, and the words tumbled out.
“Theres a reason people tend not to do… what we are doing. Lives get messed up and.. well I won’t talk about the genetics bit… I don’t want to be responsible for screwing you up.. Jesus.” I gave a nervous laugh.
“Think Cruel Intentions style… we have something awesome here, but… it can’t stop you from getting on with you’re life. If you sink into depravity, thats fine as long as you are able to crawl back out again.”
I was flushing red. Somehow saying it aloud brought back the abhorrance of incest, pushed away by proper brotherly feelings, but the dark side was always there.
“I … I want this, as I think you do, but …” A lump coagulated in my throat.
“Say something… Please… Promise me this won’t fuck up your life.” The Oedipan tragedy of it all hit me and tears threatened to surface.

She had to have been able to sense the guilt and responsibility flowing through me.
“Hey…” She nuzzled into my neck, no longer frozen. I sniffed back the emotions.
“Ever since you were about thirteen I was having thoughts about you, my big brother. Why do you think I kept asking sleeping in your bed? And wore only a long t-shirt? I was never asleep when you pushed your hand between my legs and touched me.”
My first vision of pussy flashed before me, my young sister legs apart, t-shirt ridden up, wriggling foolishly on my bed. When she had seen me she quickly retracted and covered herself in duvet.
“We live in the same house, you are hot… we can’t help our feelings. Can we? At night, when Im ..rubbing myself, I think about you. You must have heard me, I used to leave the door open so you could hear me.” Indeed I had heard her more than once, unmistakable slip-slapping of fingers rhythmically pumping in and out of a soaking wet cunt, legs spread wide.
“I knew you’d peek through the crack in the bathroom door when I was showering.”
She shifted against me
“Oooh sometimes I wanted it soo bad after school, I wanted you to come over and help me with my homework, both of us in school uniform. I wanted you to say comforting things in my ear, then I wanted you to the stress out of my shoulders and down inside my blouse.” I was picturing the sexy yet mature office dress she wore to school, tight smart black skirt over dark patterned tights following the curves of her behind up to her waist, a pretty white blouse often open enough to see her lacy pink bra and the wonders it held.
“When you let me sit on your lap I wanted to sit straight on top of your boner, to lift up my skirt and bend me over my maths homework and take me from behind.” She was looking at me now.
“Besides we’re not the only ones, I know Sandra used to let her older brother touch her when he picked her up from school, I saw it once, they were driving off in his convertible, his hand was down her pants. Lottie’s family is Catholic, she told me when she was drunk that her cousin had fucked her in the ass. And of course everybody knew Rachel was a little too cosy with her dad. So don’t worry, you haven’t fucked my life. Im big now, you can’t always protect me.”

I was pretty big now as well.

“When we are next at home together, I swear I’ll come and help you with your homework. Ill even wear my old school uniform.” She smiled up at me, eyes glinting. ” I could even pretend to be your teacher, ‘detention Olivia, see me in my office after school.” I grinned, she laughed.
“You dirty boy.”

“Tell me, when else have you fantasized about me?” I asked, intrigued now.

“Well.. your room isn’t that well sound insulated haha. I sat outside listening to you screw your girlfriend, fingering myself, wishing it was me in there, or that you would open the door and invite me in to join you.”
“Uh-huh,” she continued, “I remember when you took your girlfriend’s virginity.” I looked at her, incredulous.
” ‘Ouch it hurts’, and you would say ‘tell me how deep, fuck yeah!’. Mummy and Daddy obviously knew you two were humping up there, it was hilarious whenever you came down late for dinner smelling of pussy and baby oil HaHa!” I laughed too, flushing red again, but this time with amused embarrassment.
“That was about the same time I lost My virginity.”

“So who was your first fuck?” I asked.
Her demeanour changed, as if it was a ‘don’t ask’ question.
“Promise not to tell?” She looked at me more seriously. I shrugged an affirmative.

“Well this is what happened: You remember how daddy used to come home drunk, sometimes with another lady when mummy wasn’t there..?” She said tentatively. I had a sinking feeling about where this was going.
“Well this one time, I was in bed and he came up with some lady. I don’t know why but he must have thought it was a good time to kiss me goodnight or something. So he came in and sat on my bed… ”

“You were awake?” I interrupted. She nodded.

“But I pretended to be asleep as usual, he saying drunken goodnights, kind of cute really, and kissed me on the forehead. The lady also sat on my bed and murmured things in his ear, they started making out – seeming to forget they were sitting on his daughter’s bed. Then she broke away and bent over me. She folded up the bottom of my covers so my head was covered but my body was exposed on the mattress. I heard dad’s fly being undone, but noone touched me yet. She gave him head as he sat on the edge of my bed, the dirty whore, it must have turned her on to suck a man in front of his daughter. Then they swapped places and he fucked her while she lay back over me, Obviously trying in a totally drunken way to keep quiet and not wake me up. I was scared, but I also wanted so badly to finger myself, but my hands were exposed so I couldn’t move. The woman the started whispering how beautiful I was, and said she wanted a better look, daddy protested but you know how he his when drunk, she had her way.” Olivia gulped.
“Her hands groped my boobs and kissed my stomach, lifting my top up to my neck. Then.. then she lifted my legs and pulled off my panties. I remember the way she ate my pussy like a maniac, she made daddy fuck her while she stuck her tongue inside my pussy. Then she turned me over so I was on my front – would have been obvious I was awake if they hadn’t been wasted – and started playing with my ass.”

The way she was telling me all this sounded like it was something that pained her and she needed to get off her chest, she would have been only thirteen after all; and yet she was clearly aroused by the recounting of it.

“She stuck her tongue in my a-hole, and fingers in my pussy, I remember the moans as daddy fucked her to orgasm. Her fingers were so long her nails reached my… my hymen. It hurt quite a bit, but it didn’t completely open. Then it was all over, daddy was talking angrily – I think he even hit her, or just slapped her, and they were gone. I don’t know if he was too drunk to remember, but he definitely acted as though nothing had happened.” She stopped, looking at the ground.

“Jesus Christ.” I murmured. Well at least he hadn’t fucked her, I was one to talk.. “But… you said she didn’t totally do it.. what happened?”

“Right…” She said with a smirk and a rueful laugh. “I went and told our sex-ed. teacher Mr. Holden – Father Holden – he was also the school priest, and he convinced me it would be best if he finish the job, in the confession box in the chapel of all places. I should have known better. Dirty fucking priest, he made me spread my legs on the altar and licked me there. He had a tiny cock too, barely longer than the Whore’s fingers, shoved up my hole without second thought, and stuck his finger in my other hole while was at it – which wasn’t very long. The fucker made me swallow his cum.” She said with a touch of fire.

Horrified, I said,
“What the hell?! Thats screwed up!… actually its kind of kinky, but still. Why didn’t you report him?? He could have got thrown in jail for a long time.”

“Well, he knew what had happened with daddy, and.. i guess. I guess I was scared. And I kind of liked it in a way…”

“Don’t tell me you went back for more??”

“Only once.” she replied squirming with a guilty smile to my disbelief. “I wore little white socks with my cute black shoes, just as he told me to, he took my panties and skirt off and pushed my back on the altar again. He copped a good feel of my little boobs, actually they were quite big for my age back then… I’m sure you remember. Anyway he ate me for hours and hours, or at least until it got dark then he took a lit candle stick, put it in me, and tied a bit of cloth over my eyes. Thats when got his camera out I think. Yeah. He moved me around the chapel, making me pray with my arse in the air while he took pictures. It was new for me, so I didn’t protest much. He said the pictures were just for him. Should have known better. He made me sit in the confession booth, walk down the aisle, Kiss jesus’ feet. He locked the door of course. I had to get on my knees on the altar – he liked that pose – showing him my behind and arching my back while reciting singing some hymn, I was in the choir remember. He was videotaping I think, and put two candlesticks in me. All fun and games. Until he said next time his friends would be coming, and that I had to bring a skipping rope. That kind of freaked me out I guess, I avoided him from then on. Ha, God I was dumb. Anyway it turns out he wasn’t the only teacher in on it, and I wasn’t the only victim. You remember Amy? right? The Real slut? Well she told me about some crazy shit they did to her, scarred her for life she said Ha, not much could scar that girl.”

All this knew new information about my sister’s tumultuous sexual awakening was seeping in like water into the cracked hull of a sinking ship. My head was in a spin, emotions conflicted each other: anger, surprise, fascination. The other effect of this personal revelation was that my cock had been kept rigid as a totem pole the whole time. She had confided in me the kind of sexual encounters lewd, horny and taboo enough only to be permitted legally in stories found on dodgy websites. As much as I wanted to throttle the Dirty Priest I was mighty turned on.

Without a second thought to the hubbub of people around or the tales of c***d exploitation at her school, i pressed my mouth to hers, barely giving her time to react to the kiss before shoving my hand between her legs, pressing her cunt, with one finger reach underneath to pop a centimetre into her arse. She gasped through the kiss as my other arm encircled her and squeezed her breast, and responded by grabbing the massive lump in my loose shorts. Pulling away, panting, I looked around desperately, only a few pairs of eyes averted from my gaze. Like a sign from the heavens I saw the sign for the public showers. I got to my feet, head still spinning, and practically dragged charlotte across the paved square, onto the beach. The first cubicle had someone in it, the second had a couple in it, but a girl in a blue bikini was just leaving the third. We darted in, I pressed Olivia against the wall kneading her breasts and whipped off the bright sarong, while she fumbled frantically with my shorts. I helped her out throwing my shorts and underwear to one side, cock standing proud in front of her. She practically jumped onto me, knocking me off balance, one of her feet returned to the ground but her right leg I held in the air with my left arm, using the other hand to balance against the wall of the pentagonal room. Not bothering to take off her panties I lifted the dripping fabric to one side and moved my cock head up and down her crack, searching amongst the canyon for the place marked X.

“Stick it in me!” She said rather loudly, “Yes, like that! MMMHHhhhh FUCK Yeah.. ye. ye.. ye…”

It felt like the way it should be,a natural progression or solution – Problem: got major horn? Solution: stick it in a hot dripping pussy. She was tight around my shaft as I jack-hammered at the same time as she bounced. Electric tingles coursed down my engorged dock into my balls and filling my whole body with pleasure. Man it felt like a natural release, so good! Nothing else mattered, not even the faces peering over the top of the door… Wait.. Shit!! We were busted! Hang on.. it was the same girl we saw leaving the cubicle, she had evidently suspected something, and had come back with her friends, who were scrabbling through have a look by lifting themselves over the top edge of the door.

We both stared round wide eyed and helpless as the door opened letting four young bodies slither in. Giggling and voices filled the chamber, hands were everywhere. We didn’t stop fucking, but increased with a sense of urgency and fear as the newcomers groped everywhere.

“Hola Gringos.” A voice said seductively, and a feeling of recognition settle in me. It was the same bunch of girls who had greeted our first arrival!! And they were clearly no stranger to a little beach romp. I continued pounding my sister’s cunt. One of them got to her knees and put her mouth under Olivia, her tongue stroking the entry point. Another wriggled between the wall and Olivia’s ass, burying her face in her crack. The other two were touching the sibling’s bodies, feeling my sisters breasts and stroking my abs and pecs. One of them seemed more shy, and reserved about the whole thing. Probably just as amazed as we were by the sudden intrusion on a private fuck session. The girl in the Blue, saw this and took the shy girl in the Purple One Piece swimsuit (which showed off a respectable cameltoe) and pulled her down, making her lift my leg and lick my balls.

We went along with it as if it were a dream, or some wild fantasy – but reality is alway wilder than fantasy right?- An inquisitive voice spoke outside, none of the beach sirens seemed to take any notice. The voice cut off.

“Oh Meu Deus!…”

This time it was a man peeking in. My heart thudded harder and harder.

“Joninhio! come here! check this out!” The guy said in Portuguese.
“Hooooly…. looks like theres a spare hole or two eh buddy?”
“Fuck yeah.”

I didn’t know what to say.

The swing door banged shut and hairy arms grabbed a hold of the Shy girl’s ass and pulled her away, she gave a little yelp and the other girls laughed and squealed with excitement. The girl in the Red g-string fondling our upper bodies spun around, dropped to her knees and gulped a face full of big black cock.

I caught the dude’s eye and he winked,
“Can’t be selfish eh whiteboy? hehe.” he said in accented english.

I shrugged, ready to accept just about anything right now. What had started as a spontaneous fuck had turned into a spontaneous orgy. The little tiled cabin was now very crowded, thighs rubbed thighs and a plethora of sexual smells intermingled. The girl in the White bikini was still jammed between Olivia’s arse and the wall, smothered, her tongue flicking the brown hole. More moaning and panting arose: the Shy girl was getting rammed from behind by the whiter brazilian. Due to all the excitement I hadn’t progressed further to orgasm, but my sister’s pussy felt just as good. The Black dude lowered to sit on the floor, lifting the petite Red girl and turning her upside down so she was still sucking his cock, but with her ass in his face. As I watched him slurp on her cunt while she slurped on his cock, a big black middle finger found its way to her asshole, pushing all the way in.

Olivia was moaning, able to see all the fucking going on and getting even wetter for it, I rammed especially hard and there was a thud as White girl’s head hit the wall.

“Aaaiiiiiee!!” she wailed, emerged red faced, her lips and nose dripping.

“Shut up!” I commanded. What the hell, i thought, anything goes now. “Lick my arse asslicker!”
I grabbed her hair and spun myself and Olivia round so now her head was jammed between MY ass and the wall. She protested but I spread my cheeks, impaling my ass on her nose, her tongue found my virgin hole and rimmed. Damn that felt good. I was pumping my sister so my clench cheeks moved back and forth, her tongue passed my sphincter and was now properly fucking me. Shy girl, fucked from behind, the swimsuit crotch pulled aside to allow the six inch dick to penetrate her, crawled a foot or so forward and removed the other girl’s White bikini bottom, then with the guy’s hand pushing her head down, buried her face in her friend’s pussy, lapping furiously. The Blue girl who had spoken to us got up and stepped over to the black guy, pushed her Red friend out of his face and wrapped her legs around his head, exclaiming in ecstasy as the man sucked on the new pussy. The Red girl, now the right way up squatted over his dick guiding it into her pussy. But he was having none of it and slapped her asscheeks, redirecting his cock through her anal sphincter. Her mouth opened wide as she sank slowly onto the seven inch monster.

I slowed down a little, needing to catch my breath, and had an idea.

“Want this guy to fuck you too Olivia? huh?”
“Wha..? oh. Yeah, fuck yeah DP me yeeeh. Show him my asshole”, she said with little bit of glee.

My sister’s back was facing the white brazilian dude, I spread her ass cheeks, just feet from the guy’s face and rubbed her taught, sweaty, asshole in circles. Then I stuck fingers in gradually loosening it. All the while the guy was watching, transfixed, the young pinkinsh brown hole being intruded.
Eventually I put in two fingers either side and stretched it open giving the guy a view inside her. This was enough. He pulled out of Shy girl’s tight pussy, to her relief I think, stepped forward, straddling her, leaving her to lick the pussy of my arselicker.

He held her waist and pushed his cock a couple of inches inside. Olivia, slick with sweat, held tightly to my shoulders and lifted both her legs around my waist, better exposing her behind to penetration. We jerked individually at first, but found our rhythm and fucked her pussy and asshole at the same time.

“Ooooh myy GoooooD !” she moaned “Ahh Ah yeaeah!” Her face contorted. “Im gonna CuUuUuUm..” As we pounded her. Her thighs clenched my sides with a thunderous grip as she writhed between our sweat covered chests, her white, skin tight t-shirt, which stopped at her belly button, was nearly transparent. I found that incredibly sexy – innocent white t-shirt covering her tits up while her bare lower half gets ravaged. I thrust with renewed vigor.

Shy girl had extracted White girl from my ass and the two were now 69 on the floor between our feet in the hot, cramped cubicle.

Anal guy had clearly found Mecca in my sister’s asshole and going to cum soon as well. I caught his eye and shook my head. Groaning louder and louder he suddenly withdrew and rudely shoved his dick into the pussy of White girl, interrupting the 69, fucking her roughly, balls slapping against Shy girl’s face he splurted his load into the tight brazilian pussy, pulling out too late. He reached inside the pink cum-filled tunnel with two fingers and scooped it out onto the waiting lips underneath. Lubricated with his own semen, his fingers f****d their way into the tight asshole above pulling the girl down onto the face beneath. The girl winced.

I squeezed and kneaded my sister’s tenderized butt cheeks, feeling inside the gaping, fleshy, chasm of her violate hole.
“How was it?” I asked.
“Goood.” she crooned, adding, “Not as good as you though.”
“Mmmm, do you wanna taste it?” I said, feeling wonderfully dirty.
“Mmmm Hmm” she looked me in the eyes as I took my fingers out of her asshole and fed them to her mouth. She sucked and licked them clean.
“Now taste your pussy too.” Said I in a stern tone, setting her down and parting her lips with my cock head dripping with her very own pussy juice. “Ohhhh yes.” She massaged my cock-shaft with her tongue, savouring the aroma and taste of her pussy. As she began sucking I felt myself draw closer to the brink. I stood there in a drunken stupor of sexual ecstasy, but I didn’t want to cum just yet.

I lifted her up. “I want to taste you now sister.” Thrilled at saying that word out loud.

Lying on the floor next to the 69 girls and the guy manhandling every hole he could see, my head next to the two other girls, on their knees against the wall next to each other, both holes being thoroughly taken care of in turn by the black dude.

Olivia’s warm sweaty, nether region smothered me as I made her squat over me. I ran my open mouth all over her soaking hot cunt and loose arsehole. The gooch in between was particularly tender and I savoured the musky, salty aromas. My tongue flicking in and out of both holes. It was like being submerged in a warm scented bath. Slick pussy lips parted easily, the best kind of desert. she gyrated her hips squashing my face with her ass, rubbing coarsely over my mouth and nose. I gasped for air, and next time she passed overhead I lunged and bit her clit, pretty hard actually, she squealed with suprise.

I didn’t even care that my feet were sticking out from under the door. Until a vertical white line appeared, growing wider, revealing curious faces, and voices. Oh Great. Just great. The door opened wide.

An american voice reached my ears.
“And there seems to be quite some activity going on here – wow! my God its seventh heaven right here on Copabanca. Brought to you by with www.MikeInBrazil dot COM!! Hey Lola looks like this is your cue!”

What the fuck? I thought. Suddenly tense with embarrassment. But that didn’t last.

The light was blotted out, so was the view of the cameraman.

A low appreciative whistle. “This one looks free…” said a sultry, slutty female voice. A silhouette full of feminine curves descended, a pair of slender, tanned feet found their place either side of me. ” Mm Mmmm…” An unfamiliar hand kept my valiant prick on course as it touched something forgiving. Contracting, expanding, the large brown asshole easily swallowed up my six inch cock. Being inside that cavernous hole with seemingly room to spare was a new sensation for me, I was free to move about inside, unconstrained by tight teenage flesh. Fuck she knew what she was doing, gyrating in all directions, her ass moving up and down on its own in ways I didn’t know possible.

Trainers and jeans stepped cautiously through the tiny, now even more crowded fuckfest. The camera man was getting a full shot of the black brazilian double arse pumping, the exhausted guy’s a***e of the two girl’s holes – who were clearly more interested in each other; and the double ended show of my sister on my face and the star of the show sitting on a random cock – mine.

“This is some prime time footage here.”, he said to himself, “Might even get some myself…”

There were lots of faces now, the door was held open, people were bustling to see inside. How are we going to get out of this, I thought, what if the police show? Shit.

“Hey Mike! There you are, get a load of this!” The cameraman called. “Come on get in here, Lola’s already found a playmate.”

“Woah, dude… this shit is off the hook.”

“Here, Mike, why don’t you introduce yourself to this young lady?”

No. Fucking. Way. None other than senor Mike himself entered the ring. And he was gonna fuck my sister.

He turned to the cameraman. “Dude, she looks kinda young…”

“Come on, man..” The american whispered back. “No-one gives a shit. Besides, don’t ask and no harm done.”

Olivia looked at me. “Fuck him, and give them a show.” I said and planted a sloppy kiss on her inner thigh as Mike picked up the little girl.

Even as the professional sex star gyrated and bounced up and down my shaft I could not take my eyes off the sight of my petite sister positioned facing into the corner with one leg held in the man’s arms. Any guilt, any protective feelings I had felt the first time I had watched her get roughly fucked were gone. I wanted to see her manhandled. On cue, bathed in the camera mounted light now illuminating the dim cubicle, Mike thrust his penis inside Olivia’s asshole, reaching round and digging three fingers up her pink pussyhole. He rammed her from behind and pistoned with his hand, lifting the girl off the floor. Her moans turned to yelps, then to cries.

The Cameraman, Dick in one hand, camera rolling in the other, was squeezed between the Black guy, who had moved on so that the two girls he commanded were jerking and sucking him, and the White guy, still lamely slumpled with his fingers prodding the lesbo’s holes. A number of thighs and torsos of various hues, I don’t know who’s, rubbed and jerked all around and against me. The confined sex box was rank with the smell of sweat, dick, pussy and ass, the whole place permeated by lubricants of all kinds.

Arching my head back I had a perfect underneath view of my sisters writhing legs and arms, Mike was having trouble controlling her. She was flailing and wailing as the double stimulations from a professional coursed through her, hitting everyone around her and knocking the walls. Mike was having none of it, without warning he dropped her on her knees and gave he ass a mighty cracking wallop which reverberated. So sharp was the slap she was knock into the wall in front of her and everyone paused for a second to look round. Turing her over he grabbed her thighs and lifted her crotch to his, jamming her head in the corner of the floor. Her wails rekindled as he slid his eight inches deep into her vagina, and resumed remorseless fucking. Increasing in speed and forcefulness Olivia’s hands gripped his ankles, she was panting heavily, almost gasping for breath, her head aflood with b***d.

Without missing a beat he lifted her up so her knees were wrapped around his waist and supported her lower back with his hands. Her legs were spread around him, her exposed pussy and mound curving downwards to her stomach and breast hanging nearly upside down, jiggling with each thrust of his cock. This flipped wheelbarrow fuck was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. She began to gasp and gripped the man’s ankles even tighter. Mike was red faced, breathing through his gritted teeth. He let out a muffled cry and redoubled in effort. At the same time Olivia went rigid but nearly still, clamping the slick rod inside her. Then she began to spasm and moan uncontrollably, letting out shrieks of utter ecstasy. As she contorted beneath him, he let out another, longer moan, and slowed down to the tell tale conclusive strokes. A small squirt of girl-cum escaped her, landing on top on her stomach and dribbling down around her rising and falling tits His cock popped out and spurted cum all over the corner, onto the walls, cascading down Olivia’s pronounced breasts onto her neck, and criss-crossing her open mouth and eyes. Mike motioned to the cameraman, and he stepped over, barely believing his luck. The American tugged at his dick, probably the first time he had been able to get himself in on the action. A second shower of white semen spattered over her body, collapsed and breathing heavily on the floor.

So fixated was I on watching my sister get fucked I didn’t even notice the pornstar had stopped riding me and had joined in with the girls, French kissing one and lapping at the other’s asshole. Meanwhile I was just laying there prostrate, my feet poking out the door, my dick standing proud. I was suddenly very conscious at being naked with all the curious faces ogling in, while craning my neck backward on the floor to stare.

I needed to cum. My feelings were writhing with pent up sexual energy, but my balls wouldn’t give up their goods that easily. I needed something warm, soft and slippery to bury my dick in. Half in a robotic sex trance I stumbled to my feet and surveyed and scene. Of all the holes just feet or even inches from me, which would be mine? Which would bring this days events to a close?

I decided to join the lacklustre White guy and began feeling up and down the three females pleasuring each other. Suddenly giggling quite madly to myself, getting an odd look or two I stepped over them thrusting my dick into the focal point where two female mouths and one pussy and asshole met. Rubbing my shaft along the asshole and crack of the Shy girl, I f****d the other two attend to my bell-end. They licked and they slurped, no longer opposing the male intruder. I turned around, feeling the butterflies begin to blossom in me. I squeezed the tip of my cock into Shy girl’s poohole, grabbing her mouth and pulling back to muffle her shriek, my other hand held her upper arm firmly. Slowly but steadily I sank. A mouth engulfed my balls. A tongue caressed my gooch. Inch by inch my cock entered the struggling girl. I closed my eyes. Four inches. Five. Six. All the way. I remained there for a moment then simultaneously the girl’s gut reacted to my presence, contracting and pushing, and the tongue behind me flick up ad onto my tight arsehole. SLAM!!! I shot my first load into her. WHAM!!! My hips bolting forwards, thrusting hard with each ejaculation. BAM!!! I hit into her so hard her knees gave way and she fell forwards onto her face, crushing the girl beneath with my full weight added weight. I could think of nothing, the complete, mind blasting orgasm rocked through my body and brain, the convulsions seeming to match my heart.

I came to still lying on the girl nibbling her trembling neck. My dick was going limp inside her, emptied of everything it had. I made no effort to wipe a satisfied grin off my face.

The haze slowly cleared and the rush in my ears died away, replaced with the sounds of people talking excitedly behind me. I looked around as if first noticing the crowd watching. Some had their hands in their pants, others craned their necks to get the best view of our juicy bits. The sun was beginning to fall lower and cast its rays into the cubicle, illuminating the ongoing efforts.

I removed myself from the girl with a sucking sound and slumped against the wall, absent mindedly searching for and putting on my shorts.

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