Romance with aunty

That was a weekend and after office I was come to my room and getting relaxed. I have got a missed call from a number and I call back again to that number. There was lady voice and she said it was wrong number.I just took it as lite and moved on to the streets for eye feast. After some time I have got message from the same number that they have called me intentionally.I have called the number and the lady introduced herself to me. Her name is vishala, age 28 and she lives in some area in hyderabad and she have seen me somewhere in the shopping mall and she got my number from a particular shop.So I got impressed to her and we decided to meet her. I have asked to meet her at inrobit mall that evening.She came there with red salwar. Guys if you see her in that dress you will directly go and fuck her at that place itself. Somehow I managed my excitement and I went to her and greeted and we came into shopping mall.Guys here measurements are 34-30-36 and she was really a sex goddess. Same I have told to her that she looks really sexy.Later went to movie and I she told me everything that she is married 3 years back and no c******n and her husband stays in bangalore for job purpose. She was living alone she used to masturbate using brinjal and carrot she told me very openly. I was shocked by her discussion.I have told her that I am a software engineer and works with some big mnc and age 24. She was really impressed withthis and kept on talking to me for 1hr and later she silently moved her hand towards my dick. You know guys it was already rock hard from the time I have seen her. Later I told her.I didn’t resisted her in doing so. Because am feeling really very great and she was pressing my dick over my jeans.She now took my hand and kept it on her pussy over her dress, my god over her dress her pussy was very hot. Then she held my hands again and placed them on her boobs and pressing them.Now I started to fold them and they cannotbe fitted in my hands. They were very big. She removed my pant button and took my dick outside and giving blow job. I was in heaven.I was pressing her boobs over the dress and I asked her to take here boobs out of here dress. The thing I have not noticed is,here dress had the hooks in the front and now I can see her boobs in the bra. I kept my hand into the bra and touched her bareboobs, she let moan with pleasure mmmm.She was saying that fold it and squeeze them…my total body is yours….. She caught my head and placed her nipple in my mouth and telling suck my boobs and drink my milk…bite me squeeze them hard.And she was moaning there in the theater.And she again started to stroke my dick very fast. And I asked her to suck my dick.She immediately took my dick in her mouth and sucking it like a lollypop.After some time of sucking I was going to cum. I have told here the same. She didn’t stop and sucking my dick vigorously and I have cum in her mouth. She swallowed every drop of my cum and raised from there and I was seeing a great happiness in her face.She cleaned my dick with here napkin and she adjusted her dress and she asked me to come to her house if there were no works for me that night. I immediately to that and followed her.In the way we took some biryani and cool drinks and we went home. She went to herbed room and changed her dress to nightywithout bra as I can see her nipples clearlyover the nighty. After that we had dinner there and chit chat for some time and started watching tv. But I was not in mood to watch tv. She was watching very seriously.Now I slowly went to near her and put my hand on her thigh and started rubbing her thigh. She neither responded not rejecting.Now I have placed my hand around her shoulder and started to press her boobs over the nighty and with the other hand I was rubbing her thigh and movingm y hand towards her pussy…Slowly she stared to react by moaning mm hhhsss aaaaa
Now I have got full courage and rubbing her pussy over the nighty and kept my hand inside the nighty nad pressing the boobs. Now she asked me- sunny(my nickname) lets go to bedroom.. I can’t hold anymore. And we went to bed room and she switched off her lights but I have asked her to keep the lights on she readily accepted. And I started removing her nighty and I made it,I was in great excitement that I was with such a beautiful lady. I was calling her as aunty you are such a beautiful…Uncle must be very lucky fellow to marry you…Then aunty told he was not as lucky as you my sunny….She was lying on the bed without any piece of dress on her body. She suddenly raise up and held my tshirt and dragged it off from me and she unbuttoned my jeans and along with pants she removed my underwear too.She was licking my whole body like a dog and she came on me and kept my dick in her pussy and riding like a horse… And shewas moaning very loudly…And I was in great pleasure and enjoying every moment. She raided for 10 minutes and she cum on me but I didn’t and still my dick was stiff.She leaned on me as she lost some energy…She was lying beside me and I took her boobs started to suck them like a small baby…She opened her eyes and smiled at me and said…Oh my baby are you drinking your aunties milk….Drink babydrink as much as you need…And she was doing this to me like am a c***d. I got full mood and sucking her boobs and biting them. And she got full mood and she hold my head tightly towards her boobs and I was pressing her boobs and biting them.I came top on her and kissing and licking and biting her from the head. Ears, cheeks,eyes, lips, neck, boobs and navel and then thighs and pussy lips and up to toes.Meanwhile she was moaning very loudly. Mmm aaaa please fuck me sunnyyyy…..But I was not listening to her and she was almost begging me to fuck her.Finally I started to kept my dick in her pussy to fuck her. It was really tight pussy.I got some time to get in that pussy. Finally I have done it. She let a loud moan with pain, when my ful dick entered into her pussy.I started to fuck her and moving to and fro….With great pleasure she was moaning very loudly. The time was almost 2 in the midnight. There was no sound outside too.She was really shouting very loudly. After 10minutes of fucking I told her that I am going to cum…She asked to cum inside… I did he same….And slept on her.

This is how i made romance with aunty

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