Rosa’s Dog Adventure

Rosa stood at the edge of the dusty road and gazed
off into the distance. The unforgiving South Texas
sun baked the landscape and buildings, and brought
out beads of perspiration on Rosa’s arms and forehead.
She had no idea why she continued waiting by the road
each afternoon, Jimmy wasn’t coming home. Not today,
not tomorrow, not ever. The slender, young woman
turned to see Pablito, a young pitbull, standing in
her shadow. She wiped her forehead with the back of
her hand, and brushed back her long, dark hair.

“Come on cachorrito,” she said to the dog, “it’s too
hot today, let’s go in the house.”

Rosa had given Jimmy the dog for his birthday about
a year and a half earlier; she noticed how much he had
always admired pitbulls that belonged to his friends.
Whenever he saw people walking them on the street, he
would remark that he was “gonna get me one of those
dogs.” Rosa smiled briefly as she remembered the
expression of utter delight on Jimmy’s face when she
had plopped the fat, gold-and-black brindled puppy into
his lap. It was Jimmy’s twenty-first birthday, and his
friend Pablo had stopped over with a couple of six-
packs to help him celebrate. Pablo offered beers to
Jimmy and Rosa, and spotted the pup in Jimmy’s lap.

“Hey, you guys got a puppy! What kind is it?”

“It’s a pitbull. I’m gonna train him to bite you if
you come here when I’m not around!,” Jimmy joked.

“Aww, I wouldn’t do that, Jimmy. Rosa’s all yours,
and she don’t even like me! That reminds me, when you
guys gonna get married anyway?”

“Next year… maybe June, we’re thinking.”

“Cool. You could name a k*d after me, maybe.”

Jimmy grinned. “I think I’m gonna name the dog after
you instead, Pablo.”

“Hey that’s OK, too. He’s gonna be a tough guy like
me, and not one of those wimpy li’l Taco Bell dogs!”

“Ohh, he won’t be too tough,” Rosa chimed in. “And
he ain’t gonna bite nobody. We’re gonna raise him

Pablo nodded. “Yeah, I know. Like the one my brother
Santo has. He’s just a big baby… the kids ride him
like a horse.”

The three jokingly, at first, called the pup Little
Pablo or Pablito, and the name stuck.

Pablito grew very quickly over the next several
months, but he didn’t outgrow his friendly, outgoing
temperament. The neighborhood kids all knew him by
name, and they would stop to pet him as they walked
home from school. One evening after dinner, Jimmy
was sitting on the floor with Pablito, rubbing the
pup’s chest and belly.

“Pablito’s getting to be a big boy, eh?,” Jimmy

“Yeah, the vet said he was 85 pounds when he was
there last time,” Rosa added.

“No, I mean a macho guy. You know…” Jimmy pointed
to Pablito’s substantial undercarriage.

“Maybe he’s gonna make you jealous someday, Jimmy.
And he’s culeco, just like you!”

“I know, he’s pretty horny. He tried humpin’ my leg
the other day.”

“We should have him fixed, no?”

Jimmy scowled. “No way! That turns him into a pussy.
He’s a teenager now, but he’ll learn some manners when
he gets older.”

“You didn’t learn any manners, Jimmy.”

“So you’re gonna have me fixed too?”

An evil grin came to Rosa’s face. “Only if I catch
you with another woman!”

Jimmy clasped his hands over his crotch in mock
horror. “Oh, no! I married Lorena Bobbitt!”

Rosa’s mind wandered again. Some months later, Jimmy
had called her from work. He was meeting some friends
at a bar for a couple of beers, then he would be home.
He was late. Maybe a couple of beers turned into a
couple too many. Around midnight, a knock came at the
front door. Rosa got out of bed and opened the door
slightly. A deputy sheriff stood outside with his hat
in his hands.

“Se�ora Ramirez? I’m afraid I have some very bad
news. Your husband has been in a terrible car

Rosa struggled to keep calm. “Is he… all right?”

The deputy bowed his head slightly and fumbled with
the brim of his hat. “No… I’m sorry…”

The whole awful scene replayed itself in Rosa’s mind
almost nightly, as if it were a movie that she just
couldn’t walk away from. The call from Jimmy. Waiting
for him to come home. The deputy at the door. Identify-
ing the body. The funeral. Even after more than a
year, the nightmare was still as vivid as if it had
happened yesterday. The doctor had given her some
pills…Klonopin, he called them…to help her with the
anxiety. They did nothing for the emptiness she felt,
but they at least let her sleep. She put one of the
blue-gray tablets under her tongue and lay down, trying
to think of happier times.

As the d**g took effect, Rosa drifted into a fitful
state somewhere halfway between asleep and awake. She
tried remembering how wonderful it felt when she and
Jimmy made love. He was always so gentle yet so satis-
fying… He would first kiss her softly on the lips,
then as they both became more aroused, they would share
more and more of the mouth, the tongue. He would gently
fondle her small, firm breasts, and slowly walk his
fingers down her chest, her stomach, across her navel,

Rosa could feel herself becoming moist, and cupped
her hand over her mound and began massaging her clit,
as closely as she could to the way Jimmy had done for
her. As her fingers pressed and circled, she drifted
further into a dream. The lover of her memories
continued his gentle ministrations as her tongue
explored the inner recesses of his mouth, as he did
hers. She caressed his growing member and guided it
into her, their coupling eased by the combined juices
of their arousal. He began with slow, gentle strokes,
which gradually increased in both speed and intensity
as she tried matching them with her own movements.
Faster and faster, as her insides squeezed and pulled
at him, and Rosa felt a burning shudder building deep
within her. The lovers simultaneously exploded into
a beautifully intense, gloriously wet and heart-
pounding release, though fleeting it seemed to possess
more energy than both bodies combined could produce.
A mind-numbing, tingling-all-over sort of feeling.
She’d had a few other men, but Jimmy was the only one
who had ever made her feel this way.

This dream somehow seemed more real than usual, the
feelings of fullness, the caresses, the movements, the
wetness… In fact, Rosa began to think in the back
of her mind that she had never felt quite so filled
before, even when Jimmy was here and made love to her.
She opened her eyes a little, as she had done many
times before and had seen Jimmy’s familiar, smiling
face with an expression of utter ecstasy. The grinning
face she saw before her now had that very same
expression, and while it was a very familiar face, it
was NOT Jimmy’s!

“Pablito!,” Rosa screamed. “What are you doing?
You are a very bad dog!”

She tried pushing the dog off her, but the more she
struggled with him, the more tightly he became lodged
in her. Rosa had seen dogs mating a few times, and
she was aware that they frequently were locked together
for a considerable amount of time. She had also seen
the enormous bulge that Pablito got sometimes when he
was rolling on his back, and he was feeling especially
good about himself. She decided that the best thing
to do was not to panic, but just wait it out and not
risk injuring herself or the dog.

The woman and the dog remained tied for over a half
hour, and though she told herself that she must not
enjoy this, Rosa found herself orgasming again and
again. They eventually separated, and Pablito padded
off to clean himself. Rosa lay there in the chair,
battling conflicting feelings. Everything she had
been taught told her that what had happened was wrong,
a mortal sin. But it felt so wonderful! No, she had
done nothing wrong, and Pablito was just an animal,
driven by instinct and hormones. It was just an
accident, a mistake, he doesn’t know any better. She
had read in the Bible about ‘laying with beasts.’ By
rights, she and the dog should both be killed… But
the beast had taken it upon himself to do this! Rosa
considered talking to the Padre about it, but decided
she would be too embarrassed and ashamed to admit to
such an act.

“�Dios mio! I guess I’m going to go to Hell, then,”
she thought.

No, she wouldn’t tell the Padre, or anyone else; she
would simply keep it a secret. After all, Pablito had
probably just taken the opportunity to mount her when
she was both aroused by an erotic dream and under the
influence of the tranquilizer… he wouldn’t try it
again, would he? He was a good dog most of the time,
a very good dog…

Morning came rather quickly, and Rosa got up and
took a shower, then fed Pablito and took him outside
to relieve himself. As the dog raised a hind leg to
pee against the corner of a retaining wall, Rosa
caught herself looking at…no, admiring…his under-
parts. She winced and shook her head a little in an
effort to put the nasty thought out of her mind.

“I am crazy,” she thought to herself. “No, I’m
just culeco, horny. It has been too long since I have
had a man.”

She simply dismissed the incident as leftover
feelings from what had happened the night before.
She let Pablito into the house and left for work.

Rosa worked in a small but very busy office with
one other woman. Anita also happened to be one of her
best friends. With customers, the phones, and paper-
work, Rosa didn’t really have time to think about much
else, least of all feeling sorry for herself. But
during a short break, she found herself thinking once
again about what had happened between her and Pablito
the previous night. The whole incident seemed unreal,
almost like a strange dream. She had very mixed
emotions about it; the thought of copulating with an
animal was disgusting and perverted, yet the physical
sensations associated with the act were undeniably
some of the best and most exciting she had ever
experienced. The thought of it brought a smile to
her face, though she hoped no one would notice.

“Rosa, you seem very happy today,” Anita observed.
“Happier than I’ve seen you in a long time. You got
a new boyfriend or something?”

“No, I’m not seeing anyone yet. I was just thinking
about a real strange dream I had last night. It was
so weird it was kind of funny!”

“What was it about?”

“I dreamed I was making love with Jimmy, and then
he turned into a dog.”

Anita made a face. “Eeeww! That’s gross! I hope
he turned back into a man. You know, I heard about
some girls that really did that, with a dog, I mean.”

“Yeah, me too. They say there’s nothin’ like it,
but it’s still pretty crazy, no?”

Anita shrugged. “Whatever floats your boat, I guess.”
Rosa didn’t give it much more thought until several
weeks later, when she was getting ready for bed.
Pablito jumped up onto the bed as he did almost every
night, and Rosa petted him and talked to him. The dog
rolled over onto his back, and Rosa began rubbing the
short, white fur of his chest. She playfully tickled
him, and Pablito rolled from side to side, waving his
legs and sneezing as he did.

He accidentally swatted Rosa’s hand, sending it away
from his chest and toward his lower belly, her finger-
tips landing on his sheath… Rosa was a bit shocked
at first, and was about to snatch her hand away, but
the soft, warm skin of Pablito’s belly and sheath felt
surprisingly pleasant to the touch.

Somehow, the sensation was very familiar; almost like
touching Jimmy in the same area, although somewhat
warmer and drier. As she caressed him, Rosa noticed
that Pablito had become very still. She thought at
first that he might be annoyed, but when she turned
around his face told her a different story. He was
lying quietly, his head tipped back slightly, his eyes
half-closed, and his front paws crossed on his chest.
His massive jaws gaped open a bit, and his tongue hung
out sideways.

He looked so silly that Rosa couldn’t help but
giggle! This is a bloodthirsty, killer pitbull…
right? Pablito raised his head briefly and gave her
a rather indignant look, but lay back down…and very
deliberately pushed her hand back down to the area
that he wanted her to rub.

Rosa did not understand why, but she felt a strong
desire to continue gently stroking the dog’s intimate
parts. A slight bulge began to form at the base of
his sheath, then quickly increased in size. She
cupped her hand around it, marveling at the odd shape
and texture of the knot. A glistening finger of pink
appeared from the opening, and a droplet of clear fluid
formed at the tip. Rosa became aware of a tingling
feeling and a warm wetness between her thighs. Her
body was preparing itself for a man, but the only male
nearby was this dog!

Pablito looked up and sniffed the air. The bulge in
his sheath shrank very quickly, and he rolled over and
jumped to his feet. He nuzzled Rosa, and placed a
front paw on her shoulder, wagging his tail briskly as
he looked at her with a peculiar expression on his

Rosa struggled with her conscience; she knew that
what she wanted to do was wrong, but with her animal
desires… she desired this animal! She had not been
thinking clearly the first time she’d coupled with
Pablito, she was in a d**g-induced state and he had
simply taken advantage of the situation. This time
she had taken nothing, nor had she been drinking, but
contrary to everything she had ever believed or felt
before, she wanted him!

“Oh, what the Hell…,” she muttered to herself, as
she moved over to the big chair and sat down on the

Pablito jumped off the bed, trotted over in front of
Rosa and stopped a short distance away, as though he
was unsure of what was expected of him. She raised
her nightgown and spread her legs, and beckoned to the
dog to come closer.

He lunged forward and pushed his cold, wet nose
between Rosa’s legs, causing her to jump a little.
Pablito licked at her, tentatively at first, then more
boldly as he became aroused by the smell and taste of
her. A few drops of precum dripped from his sheath
and he began humping the air. Rosa gently lifted
Pablito’s front legs so his paws rested one on either
side of her chest while his hind feet remained on the
floor. She reached down and wrapped her hand around
his sheath, stroking it rapidly as she guided the
exposed tip of his penis into her.

The dog gripped her tightly around her middle with
his front legs and thrust into her with a speed and
intensity that no human male could hope to match. He
continued pounding away for several seconds until his
knot expanded to the point where it locked him inside
of her. At about the same instant, Rosa’s body was
wracked by powerful waves of orgasm, as though it had
been building up inside of her for the year or so that
she had been alone. Rosa wrapped her arms around
Pablito and hugged him tightly against her body as she
felt the hot spurts of his juices splashing over her
insides. The throbbing bulk of his knot stretching
her slightly, and the short, bristly hairs on the end
of his sheath tickling her clit combined to bring her
to climax repeatedly.

For the better part of an hour, the strange couple
were locked together in the chair. Eventually, the
contractions and the passion ofthe physical and
emotional release the woman and the dog had shared
trailed off. When they finally separated and Pablito
had finished licking them both clean, Rosa held him
for a very long time, gently stroking his short, soft
coat, kissing him on the forehead and muzzle, and
talking softly to him. She had never had a human
lover who could satisfy her like this, not even Jimmy.
Though she meant no disrespect to Jimmy’s memory, she
very much needed this release.

She no longer thought of it as nasty or dirty; it
had been wonderful, but she would have to keep it a
secret. Such things did happen, but they were only
whispered about. Rosa had no idea how her family and
friends would react, but if Anita’s reaction to the
description of the “dream” was any indication, she
didn’t want to find out. Perhaps some day she would
take another man, maybe even remarry. But she would
never forget Jimmy, of course, and his memory was
still much too strong right now to even consider
another man. So for the time being, Pablito the
pitbull would fill the physical part of the role of
Rosa’s lover. And he would do it very well.

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