Sandy comes home only to be pushed into her apartment by a large black man

My name is Sandy I am 23 years old female, blond hair,
blues eyes and my measurements are 34-24-36 5′ 8″ in
great shape long legs and a flat hard belly. I am
presently working at a gym and dream of becoming an

I was walking home from work always being careful of
being followed or watched, I don’t live in the best
section of the city I was thankful when I reached my
apartment building. My apartment is on the third floor
in a walk up building. The first two floors were well
lit and when I reached the third floor it was dark with
only one light at the far end of the hall.

I had my keys out and my hands were shaking I rushed to
my door and tried to find the keyhole, after a second
which seemed like an hour my key went in and I turned
the lock, as I opened the door I was pushed from behind
with a hand over my mouth. The voice said, “You scream,
you die. You understand?”

I shook my head up and down saying yes. Still holding on
to me he closed the door and found the light switch.
Then I saw him he was a very tall black man that towered
over me.

He pushed me on my knees in front of him and unzipped
his trousers and pulled out the biggest cock I have ever
seen. It had to be 9 to 10 inches long and very fat with
these bulging veins on both sides. He said, “Open your
mouth and suck me good bitch,” he grabbed me by the back
of my hair and push his cock to my lips he yanked my
hair so hard I tried to scream but his big cock went in
my mouth, he push in till it hit the back of my throat
and I choked and started to puke, he pulled his cock out
of my mouth so I was able to puke.

When I was done puking he push back into mouth and told
me to start sucking I tried the best I could but it was
so big, his cock hit the back of my throat and again I
puked. He pulled his cock out of my mouth stuck his
fingers down my throat and make me puke again and again
until there was nothing left to puke He then went around
me put my head between his legs and shoved is giant cock
down my throat till his balls were resting on my nose he
push in and out picking up speed then he pinched my nose
as I tried to gulp air I felt his sperm flowing down my
throat I must have been turning blue because he released
my nose and pulled out his cock still dripping juices
which he rubbed all over my face.

He pulled to my feet and said, “Where’s the shower

I pointed down the hall he dragged me there turned on
the shower and told me to strip. I took off my clothes
and his eyes bulged at my beauty he grabbed me by my
breast and pushed me in the shower the water was cold
but he held me there and adjusted the water he stepped
in behind me grabbed the soap and washed every part of
my body stopping at my breast and pinching my nipples
which were hard already from the cold water, he then
reached down and started to wash my pussy he kept
rubbing back and forth till it hurt then he shoved a
finger into me, it felt so big I tried to push away he
spun be around and slapped my face so hard it made be
black out.

I awoke a minute later I had a gag in my mouth and my
hands were tied at the wrist we were still in the
bathroom he said, “Are you ready for this big black
cock?” holding it in his hand it was sticking straight
out looking bigger than before.

My eyes were wide opened I was so scared, he put my
hands over his head so they were tied behind his neck he
lifted my right leg so that it was over his shoulder his
big cock was between my legs, he grabbed his cock and
kept rubbing it up and down between my pussy lips then
he found my opening and the head of his cock was at the
entrance to my pussy he pressed forward I felt the head
go completely inside me. He grabbed one of my nipples
pinched so hard and when I tried to scream he plunged
his cock up into my pussy.

I felt as if I would pass out or fall but in this
position I had nowhere to go he was holding me up. The
gag in my mouth would not let me scream and I thought I
would die from the pain. He kept pulling his cock almost
all the way out and driving his cock back into me I felt
the veins on his cock on my tender pussy lips, then he
hit the back of my vagina with the head of his cock and
I blacked out for a second from the pain but he kept
pounding my pussy then he made a grunting sound pushed
his cock into me as far it would go and held it there I
felt him shoot load after load into me.

He held me there few more minutes until his cock
softened in me and he pulled out. He put my leg down and
took my hands off his head I fell to the floor with his
juices dripping out of my pussy and my mouth still
gagged. I closed my eyes hopping the he would leave. He
pulled me into the kitchen and took the container of
milk from the frig, popped something into his mouth and
then took a drink.

Sitting on a chair he just stared at my naked body, I
turned my head away from his gaze. He said to me, “You
know you’re a real beauty. I’m gonna take a few pictures
before I leave.” Then he said, “I’m waitin’ for the
Viagra to kick in then we’ll continue.”

I could not believe my ears this guy wanted more. I had
to go pee so bad I thought I would burst I kept shaking
my head he came over to me he said, “I’ll take off the
gag but if you scream, you die.”

I shook my head and he lifted the gag I took a deep
breath and said, “I have to pee.”

He lifted me up untied my hands brought me back to
bathroom and I sat on toilet when I wiped myself there
was a mixture of pee, cum and b***d.

He took me to bedroom and sat me on the bed came over to
me held out his cock and told me to start sucking he was
semi hard, but after a few seconds his cock harden like
a steel rod. I tried to get him to cum fast but he had
other things in mind. He put the gag back in my mouth
pushed me flat on my back and lifted my legs over his
shoulders. He grabbed my breast held them in his hands
then he took my nipples between his fingers and pinched
them so hard I thought I would pass out. Then he took a
nipple in his mouth and bit so hard it started to b***d.

His cock was so hard it was jabbing me. Then he took his
cock and started rubbing my asshole I went crazy trying
to push him away with my arms he sat up and slapped me
across the face harder than before and my mouth started
to b***d. He said, “Move one more time, and I’m gonna
slice your face.”

He lifted my legs higher spit on his fingers and
inserted two fingers into my asshole the pain was
unbearable he pushed them in and twisted until I became
wet, he took his monster cock placed it at the entrance
of my asshole leaning forward shoved and with a pop the
head of his cock entered me- pushing harder that big
cock strengthen by the effect of the Viagra slowly went
in inch by inch. He bent over and began biting my neck
and pinching my nipples so hard I passed out again.

When I awoke he was smiling and he said, “While you were
out, I was able to get my whole dick up your ass, baby.”
Then he started to pull his cock out and slam back into
me over and over again it seemed like hours until he
slammed into me to the hilt pumping his sperm in me. He
let my legs down and lay on top of me crushing my whole
body. He rolled off of me got up put on his clothes and
pulled a camera and two giant dildos out of a bag he
brought with him. He grabbed a pillow case and wiped the
b***d off my neck, mouth, and breast.

Then took gag out of my mouth said again if I screamed
he would slice my face and pulled out a switchblade and
put it near my face. He inserted one of the giant dildos
into my pussy and started taking pictures. I tried to
look away but he pointed the knife at me and told me to
smile and pull the dildo out and push back in. He took
second dildo push into my ass so now there two dildos in
me he took more pictures. He said he knew what gym I
work at and would pass pictures out if I ever said
anything. He told me to take dildos out of my ass and
pussy which I did at once.

He stood over me for a few minutes then he put gag back
into my mouth he put his hand on my pussy and started to
rub. I said to myself that he surely couldn’t fuck me
again, that he’d just cummed three times. But he
continued to rub, taking some of the juices from my ass
and rubbing into my pussy he inserted two fingers in me
then three fingers really making me wet he then put all
his fingers together and push.

It took about five minutes until he slammed his entire
hand into me and for the third time I passed out. When I
came to he was gone there was b***d and cum all over the
bed I took gag from my mouth and being in so much pain I
could not move for hours. When I was able to get to the
bathroom and look into the mirror my lip was a mess my
neck was black and blue with teeth marks and my nipples
were dark red from the pinching and biting.

I knew if I called police I would have to admit that I
was raped by a black man and he also had those pictures
of me. My life would be ruined as if it isn’t now. I
decided not to report what happened I decided to get
even if he knew where I worked then I must have seen
him. I will find fine him somewhere-someplace I will get
even that black mother fucker that is a promise.

Watch for my next story.

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