Seduced on the farm

This happened a few years back. I had recently left the service. I was in the Navy, CB’s, and after 6 years, I finally left. I was only 25 at the time, and came back home, to Oklahoma. The town I am from was okay size, around 20 thousand people, so there was plenty to do there, but jobs were hard to come by.

When I moved back, I stayed with my mom and younger sister, Julie. My sister was 21 and just finishing up college, and lucky for her, she could live at home while attending school. Our dad had taken off when I was real young, so we pretty much grew up without a father, since I had not seen him since I was in puberty. But somehow, mom made it work and we may not have had a lot, like other families, but we had what we needed.

When I was in the service, I would send back half of my pay to mom, to make sure she had enough to pay bills and help out with anything she may need. Little did I know, she saved most of it, and upon my return, gave it back to me. I was shocked, and saddened, since she didn’t use it for those two. But now, I had to use some of it, just to live on, since I was having a hard time finding a job.

One day, I was sitting at the dining room table, and mom was on the phone with her cousin Jackie. She was filling in Jackie on everything happening up by us, since Jackie lived a couple hours away, down by Rosedale, near the Canadian River. She has a farm there, which was her father’s and when he passed on, Jackie and her husband moved there to help her mom. That was almost 20 years ago. Then her mom died a few years after her dad. Her mom and my grandmother are actually first cousins, which makes mom and Jackie, second cousins. Jackie’s mom had one other daughter, but she is like 20 years older than Jackie. Jackie was an oops baby, you could say.

My mom is 44, and Jackie is 42, and she has one daughter, Allison, who is 21, like my sister. I guess that makes her my 4th cousin, or something like that. Anyway, about 3 years ago, Jackie’s husband Bruce, was working in the barn, up in the loft, and slipped and fell to the ground and broke his neck, and died. Since then, she has had a few part time workers there to help with the farm needs. But keeping good help is hard to do. In fact one had to be arrested for trying to get a little more than he should of, from my cousin, Allison. Luckily, her mom heard her scream and came running. When she saw the guy had Alli pinned down, she picked up and shovel and started beating him with it. I guess even as small as Nikki is, no one messes with her k*d.

After mom hung up, she gave me the gist of what is happening there at the farm. I guess the house needs a lot of repairs, but finding credible people to do such work is hard around that area. Mom asked if I could do anything like that. Since it was things like replacing a roof and some general repairs to the outside and inside, I said I could. She then said Nikki was willing to pay me a good wage, plus room and board, if I wanted to come help her out.

I thought it over for a while and decided, since work was hard to come by, that I had nothing better to do. Plus, it would give me an opportunity to get out of the house, and sort of be on my own. Since being back, I sometimes felt like an intruder, even though it was where I grew up.

Once I told mom I would do it, she hugged me, then thanked me. She then said I should take care of any needs those two may have, when I am down there. I told her not to worry and that I would look after them as well as do the work requested.

Chapter 2

Luckily, my mom had kept my old pickup, so I still had transportation. Not the greatest looking truck, but it still ran good and could get me anywhere I needed to go. I wasn’t sure how long I would be down there, so I packed most of my clothes, and toiletries, packed up the truck, and headed down the next morning. Once again, mom stating to me to take care of any needs they may have.

Now it had been over 6 years since I last saw them. At that time, Julie, Alli and I would explore all over the area. Since both girls were younger than me, they kind of looked up to me, since I was older. So the last time I saw Alli, she was this girl, who was just starting to look like a woman. She had dirty blond hair, and her breasts were just forming, just as my sisters were. She was also a little on the chunky side. Now her mom, last time I remember, was a good looking woman. 5’ 4, maybe 100 pounds, and also blond headed, but had these gorgeous green eyes.

When I finally rolled in, it was close to 11am. The two ladies came out to meet me. The day itself, was sunny and quite hot, in the 90’s, which is normal for summertime in Oklahoma. Jackie had not changed a bit. Still pretty and thin. She was wearing cut off jeans and a t-shirt. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra too. Damn shame we are related. Alli had changed though. She was now as tall as her mom, yet still had some of that chunkiness. She was wearing a tight pair of shorts, that were quite short, since when she turned around, you could see part of her butt cheeks. She had a button down top on, that was tied at the bottom, showing off her midriff and her boobs definitely grew from that last time I saw her. Easily C cup. After hugs and kisses, we chatted a bit.

After helping me get my stuff, we went inside. Jackie took me down to her basement, which had a huge bedroom, and a bath, plus a family room down there. She thought I would like the privacy better down here, than up in one of the bedrooms on the second floor. I told her this was great, and thanked her.

After settling in, Jackie said lunch would be ready in a few. So I cleaned up some and then joined them in the kitchen for lunch. As we ate, Jackie informed me what she would like done. Her biggest concern was a small leak from the roof. She asked if I could fix that first, but if I could avoid reroofing the whole house. Then told me about the porch and all that needed done. Inside she hoping to have her bathroom remodeled. Something Bruce was always going to do, but never got the time. Then, if she hadn’t scared me off by then, maybe redo the kitchen, which looked like it was right out of the 40’s, except for the appliances, which were newer.

Once lunch was done, I helped them with dishes. When we finished, Jackie gave me another hug and held me close to her. As she held me, she whispered in my ear, “God Travis, you have turned into such a fine looking man”, then kissed me on the cheek. When she stepped back from me, I could see her nipples protruding through the thin material of her t-shirt.

Alli then suggested taking the four wheelers out and go for a ride. That sounded like fun to me. I remember when we used to do that, back when we were teens. So we took off. After riding for a good half an hour, we ended up by the river, which backs up to their property. That took me back to when Alli, Julie and I would go swimming in the river. Sometimes we’d have bathing suits on, and sometimes we would just go in our underwear. But back then, we never thought much about it.

We were sitting on a stump, near the edge of the water, just talking about life and what we’d both been up too. Alli asked if I had a girlfriend, which I didn’t. She told me about a guy she had been seeing for a bit, about 2 years ago, but that ended after 6 months, when she said he was cheating on her.

“Not sure why he would have to cheat. Christ, we had sex almost 5 times a week. The only thing I wouldn’t do was anal. No way, no how. That’s an exit only hole in my book.” she said, then laughed.

That made me laugh too. I couldn’t believe she was being this open with me. She thought it was also her weight. But I told her she looked great and she was pretty. It wasn’t like she was obese. She did have thick thighs, and a little belly. I would say she weighed like 150 pounds, but they were solid pounds, not fat. When I told her what I thought, she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and thanked me. She said I looked damn fine to her as well, as her hand rested on my bare thigh, after she kissed me.

One thing I had noticed, since I got here, both ladies liked to touch, a lot. Not only me, but they too, did a lot of touching, and hugging. I thought that pretty strange. Mom and Julie never touched one another much. Lord knows, Julie rarely hugged me.

That night, after everyone showered, the girls told me to join them in the living room and watch a movie. I put on a pair of running shorts, sans underwear, which was normal for me, and a t-shirt. When I got back upstairs, Jackie had on a pale yellow, satin nightshirt. It was unbuttoned about 3 buttons from the top. All Alli had on was a flimsy t-shirt, that definitely hugged her C cup breasts. Since it was white, you could easily see her areolas, which were dark.

“Fuck” I thought. Looking at these two lovelies, like this, could give me a boner in no time. I tried hard to concentrate on the movie, which was some romantic thriller, that even had a sex scene to it. Just some boob and ass was shown, but, to a guy who hadn’t had any sex in 6 months, it was enough to get the b***d stirring. I tried anything I could not to pop a hard on, and embarrass myself. It didn’t help that I could catch glimpses of Nikki’s fine looking legs, as she had them folded under her ass. Same with Alli, who I saw, during the sex scene, wiggling about.

When the movie ended, I said I was tired and hitting the sack. Both girls stood when I did and gave me a hug goodnight. Nikki’s hug lasted a tad longer than need be, but I didn’t mind. Then she kissed my cheek and told me she’d see me in the morning.

Alli too, gave me a long hug, but kissed me on the lips. “Good night Trav. It’s so nice to have a man around the house” then hugged me again, making sure her tits formed into my chest. “Damn” I thought. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say she was coming on to me”.

Chapter 3

The next couple of weeks went by quickly. I found the leak from the roof, which turned out to be the flashing around the chimney, so that was an easier fix. It did affect Alli’s ceiling in her bedroom though. So I needed to fix that up. One thing I did notice in her room, is that she is not the neatest person. Mostly clothes strewn all over. Mostly bras and undies, and shorts. Her undies were all thong style.

Another thing too, how the girls dressed in the evening. They loved wearing those nightshirts, like the first night. Many a night I went to bed, thinking about them, which gave me a hard on. So it was almost nightly now, I found myself jacking off. Mostly thinking about Alli. But sometimes I even thought of Jackie. She may be 42, but she was a good looking woman, and to be honest, family or not, I’d love doing it with her.

Also, during the day, the girls did busy themselves with farm chores. They had dairy cattle, so a lot of their time was put into that. The crops growing on their land was not theirs though. They leased the property out for that. They did get some of the corn that was raised, at a reduced price, than what they could have bought it anywhere else.

Also, on a few occasions, after going to bed, I could have sworn I heard like a bed squeaking, and then moaning and whimpering. Of course my mind went to someone having sex. But how, I wondered. I was the only man in the house, unless someone is sneaking a guy in. Either that, or my mind is playing tricks on me.

I did talk with my mom the next morning, just to give her an update on my progress. She was happy that I was getting things done around here. She had talk with Nikki

I had just finished up one section of the porch, on a Friday. It was around 2, or so. It was hot too. Alli asked if I wanted to go for a ride. So off we went on the four wheelers. After a bit, we got to the river. Once there, Alli suggested swimming. I looked at her and said, “Uh…no suit”

She laughed and said, “So. We’ve swam before in just undies. Hell, I’d go skinny dipping now, with you.” Then proceeded to strip off her shorts, which revealed a black thong. Then pulled the top she was wearing over her head, revealing a lacy bra. Then she damn near shocked me. She unhooked her bra and let it fall to the ground.

I just stood there and stared at her. She looked hot. I mean a total babe. Cousin or not, I was starting to lust for her now. As I stood there and stared, I was mesmerized by her succulent tits. They were nice and round, no sag to them. Her nipples were growing hard now, like they were waiting on a set of lips to come suck them. I also took notice of her thong, which was riding up between her labia. If she had any hair down there, it had to be a strip, and nothing more.

She smiled when she saw me staring, then asked, “What, Trav? Haven’t seen a naked girl in some time?. Come on, get your shirt and shorts off, and let’s cool off.”

So I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it to the ground. When I did, I heard her gasp slightly. Now I am no hunk, but I have a decent body. Just under 6’, 170 pounds, with some definition to my chest and abs, and arms. Then got rid of my boots and socks, then my shorts. I had on a pair of blue boxers, that wasn’t hiding the semi erection I was starting to sport. I noticed that she was looking too, and was grinning a bit.

We both made our way into the river. The water was refreshing, and helped in bringing down my erection to its normal flaccid state, thank god. We swam for a while, then splashed each other for a bit too. I was definitely enjoying watching her tits bounce around. Then we decided to get out and lay out in the sun and start drying off.

I was laying on my back, in the grass, and Alli was next to me, laying on her one side, elbow bent and her head rest on her hand. Her other hand came to rest on my chest and she started talking.

“Trav? Do you find me attractive?” she asked.

“Of course I do Alli. You are very pretty and quite sexy”

“Well then, I guess you are alive. Then how come you haven’t made any attempt to make out with me? Lord knows, I have given you enough signals.” she said, and as she said this, her fingers were tracing all over my chest and stomach.

“Christ Alli. You are my cousin. If you weren’t, I’d love nothing more than to be with you.” I said

She laughed. “Look bonehead. We’re what, 4th cousins. Shit, in this state, 2nd cousins can marry. So us fucking would not be a big deal. I know it wouldn’t for me. I think you are super hot and I have had a crush on you since my early teens. Hell, I would have let you back then, if you wanted too.”

“Get out. I never knew that. Julie never said anything either.” I stated as I felt her hand start playing with the waistband of my boxers. As she did this, my cock was growing.

“I never told Julie how I felt. But I still have that crush and I want to have sex with you.” as her hand reached under the waistband and her hand encircled my hard cock now. Oh fuck, that felt good.

I pulled her close to me and started kissing her. As we kissed, my one hand went to her mound, and found its way under her thong and started rubbing her wet lips. Her pussy was soaking wet and on fire. As a finger went inside her, she cooed out, “Oh Fuckkkkkkk”

Then she broke the kiss and moved her head down and took my cock out of its constraints, and lowered her mouth to my aching member and started licking the head. Pre cum was oozing out of the tip and she savored every drop I was producing. Then her mouth took in a third of my cock.

“Oh Fuckkkkkkkk Alli” I said.

Her mouth came off and said, “Damn Trav. I knew you’d have a nice cock……… Hope you enjoy”

“Really Alli……. Oh God” I said as her mouth engulfed me again. I was going to say we shouldn’t be doing this. But, damn, it felt good.

“Why don’t you give me something to lick too” I asked her.

She didn’t hesitate at all, and swung her leg over my head and brought her pussy down to my waiting mouth. I pulled the thong off to one side and saw she had a nice little strip, just above her clit. One thing she did have was big pussy lips, which were soaked with her juices.

We must of ate each other for a good ten to fifteen minutes. She would get me close to cumming then stop, let me calm down, then take me back up that roller coaster. This girl was one of the best at oral that I have ever had. She tasted divine too. She came just minutes into starting this, and I hadn’t even touched her clit yet. I did that to prolong this pleasure, not knowing if I’d ever get to do this again with her.

Once I started sucking her clit though, and fingering her tight little pussy, she started to orgasm all over me. She quit sucking at that point, and just moaned out. Then as her orgasm subsided, she really started sucking me and pumping my cock with her hand.

“Alli… Shit…….. I’m gonna cum Baby” I yelled out, but she didn’t stop. Now only her mouth was on the head, as she pumped it even faster. Then I could feel the tingling in my balls, letting me know my own eruption was going to take place, “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” I yelled as I shot rope after rope of cum into her mouth. And she swallowed every drop of it too, except for a little the dribbled down the side of my cock, which she then licked off.

When I finished, she rolled off and turned around and came up by me. “Kiss me” she said.

At first, I hesitated, and she said, “Damn Trav, if I can swallow, you can at least kiss me afterwards, or no more swallowing” so we kissed. It was a very hot, passionate kiss. I could taste my own cum in her mouth and I am sure she could taste her juices on my mouth as well.

As we continued to kiss, I rolled us so I was between her legs. My cock still stiff and nudging against the entrance of her love tunnel. I wanted so badly to just push in, but I held back. When the kiss broke, she smiled up at me.

“Oh God Travis. I know it is right there, aching to slide in, but let’s not do it here. Tonight, after we all go to bed, I’ll be down to see you and we can fuck all night. I promise you that. I’ve waited to long not to enjoy this.”

“What about your mom?” I asked. “Don’t worry about her. I’ll be down. And as long as I can keep you hard, you will be inside me. And, I am on the pill, so cum away tonight Baby.”

Once back at the house, I went and cleaned up, while Jackie was cooking dinner. Alli also went and showered, then helped her mom. When I came into the kitchen, I could hear the two women giggling. About what, I had no idea.

During dinner, not much was said, but Jackie kept looking my way and smiling. That kind of unnerved me, a little. I thought maybe she knew what happened. If so, then you would think she’d lay into me about it. Alli, on the other hand, would smile at me, and when Jackie wasn’t looking, would lick her lips, seductively. She even got brazen enough to bring her foot up and rest it in my crotch. Damn, this girl is one horny lady.

Since it was a Friday evening, Jackie broke out a bottle of wine. That didn’t take long for the three of us to k**l off that bottle. Once it was finished, both ladies got up and said they were changing for the night. Once again, they wore very light colored nightshirts. Jackie’s had a front and back tail to it, and cut high up to her hips on the side. This time it was peach colored, and of silk material that was kind of sheer. I could easily see her nipples and dark areolas. When she brought another bottle out, and then sat down next to me, her top sort of rode up her body. I could see her hip easily, but no panty waistband, even if it was a thong, I would have at least seen the string.

Alli was similarly dressed, except hers was white, and damn, she looked hot. Both women did actually. After refilling her glass, she took the chair, that was angled towards the TV, but sort of behind her mom. As she sat down, she looked at her mom to see which way her head was. She saw she was turned away from her and Alli, spread her legs to me, showing me her pantiless pussy. “Oh God” I thought. No way can I keep looking at her and not get hard, after remembering what we did earlier.

This night, Jackie found a movie on Netflix. I had no clue of the name, but it was interesting. It even had more skin than the other movie we watched, which included a lesbian scene. Now that was hot to see. Then my mind went to the sounds I have heard a few times, which had me wondering if these two explored that type of sexual relations.

As the movie wore on, Jackie curled up next to me and laid her head on my shoulder, as she fought to keep her eyes open. The wine was having an affect on her. Alli noticed this and smiled, and then shot me another brief look at her pussy. At this point, I knew her and I were going to have sex later, which made the b***d go to my cock now. Couple that with the sex scenes on TV, there was no way I wasn’t excited.

Jackie then sort of woke up and said she was going to bed. As she stood, she weaved a bit, and tried to take a step, but fell backwards and sat in my lap. Her ass came down, directing on my semi hard cock.

She giggled a bit then said, “Sorry Trav. The wine just hit me good tonight. MMMMM, do you have a flashlight in those shorts Sweetie?” then got back up and started walking to the stairs.

Ok, now that was a bit embarrassing, but in my mind, I would have loved it if she had been naked when that happened. Alli was giggling as her mom went up to her bedroom. I was turning red in the face, which is why she was giggling. Then Alli got up and moved to the couch, to sit next to me.

Once situated, she leaned in and kissed me. “Damn… I have wanted to do that all night. I’m not sure how much longer I can wait Trav. I really want you in me.” as her hand unbuttoned my shorts and pulled the zipper down, then fished my now hard cock out.

I moaned then said, “Alli, shouldn’t we wait a bit, till your mom is asleep?”

“She’ll be out as soon as her head hits the pillow. Let’s get down to your room. We’ve waited long enough.” she cooed in my ear, as she started licking the ear, then my neck.

Chapter 4

By the time we got to my bedroom, Alli had stripped off her top and was completely naked .”Fuck” I thought. “What a gorgeous ass” I thought more, as I was stripping off my clothes now, while Alli sat on the edge of the bed.

I walked up to her and she immediately grabbed my cock and stroked it, then placed her mouth over the head, and I could feel her tongue working its magic. “Oh God” I softly said.

But then I told her to get up on the bed and lay back. I crawled between her legs and leaned over her and started kissing her lips. Her tongue shot right into my waiting mouth. My cock rested on her mound as we playing tongue tag. But this time, I wanted to pleasure her. So I started kissing down her neck, to her hardened nipples and started kissing and sucking those.

As I paid attention to those, her moans grew louder. I told her to keep it down, but she said no way. Her mom was dead to the world. When my tongue started tracing down her belly, she must of got self conscience, because said, “Please Trav, leave my fat belly alone.”

“No way. It’s too sexy not to pay attention too” I said.

After a bit I made my way down to her treasure and started eating her. God, she was a wiggle worm then. Her ass kept coming off the bed and gyrated all over as I ate her.

“My God Trav. You eat pussy so good….. Make me cum Baby” she moaned out.

That’s all I needed to hear, and started lapping her pussy lips, then drove my tongue in as far as it would go. It was when I slipped two fingers in, and found that glorious spot, she really started bucking me. Then I latched on to her clit, and she lost it, and moaned out real loud, that she was cumming. She kept repeating Oh God and Oh fuck, over and over, as her orgasm took over her body.

I had always prided myself in my ability to bring a woman, or girl when i was younger, to an orgasm with my tongue. But Alli was the first to really get into it like this. As I watched her come down from her sexual high, I moved up, and over her. She put an arm around my neck and pulled me to her face and kissed me hard. She licked my face and lips then, and cooed out how sweet she tasted.

Her hand then reached for my cock, and grabbed it, then lined it up with her super wet sex. “God damn Trav. I need this. Put it in pleaseeeeeeee”

Once the head entered her, she let out a long moan. I was going slow, savoring this woman’s tunnel of delight. This could be the only time I would ever be allowed in her, but I highly doubted that. Once I was seated all the way in, her muscles contracted around my swollen member, and got even tighter than she already was.

“Oh My God Travis. You feel so big inside me… Just go slow to start. It has been a while since I had a dick inside me.”

Now I am no porn star size man. Just around 7 inches, and fairly thick, or least I have been told I am thick. But, I have never had a woman complain about my size, yet.

One thing I have noticed, Alli is very vocal. As we started to fuck, she would moan and say Ahhh, and Ohhhhh, or that’s it, that feels so fucking good. I don’t know about others, but hearing your partner moan and make comments is a turn on. I really don’t enjoy a woman that just lays there, letting you wonder if she is enjoying it, like you are. With Alli, there was no doubt whatsoever.

I only lasted 10 minutes with her the first time, as we both reached orgasms, pretty much together. Then we rolled over, without me pulling out and she started fucking me slowly again, making sure I stayed hard. While we fucked, we kissed or sucked on each other’s nipples. I did get her to cum while she rode, and I wasn’t even close to cumming.

We tried doggie then. She said this was one of her favorite ways. She loved it because I was so deep inside her. She even enjoyed it when I spanked her ass, as we started getting into it more. The second time I spanked a cheek she said loudly,

“Oh Fuck Yeah Baby. Spank me, Fuck me harder”

When she came from this way, her face was buried in the pillow, which was a good thing. She was really loud then, and it muffled the sound. Had she not, the next county would have heard her.

After a brief rest, we started up again. We fucked in two more positions before I finally came for the last time that night. I was, to say the least, worn out. I’m not to sure she was though. I really think if I could get it up again, she would have been all over it.

After laying there for a bit, she cuddled up to me. “Oh My God Travis. You are an amazing lover. I’m yours anytime you want me…… Holy shit. I’ve never been this well fucked before.”

Of course I complimented her as well, letting her know how great she it too, and how beautiful I find her. As we lay there, I thought of the few nights I heard bed squeaking, and couldn’t refrain from asking.

Alli? I have to asked. I have laid here on a few nights and could have sworn I heard a bed squeaking, and moaning, like two people fucking. Am I crazy?”

Alli’s face scrunched a bit and her face then reddened. “ Please Trav, keep an open mind. But that was Jackie and I having” she paused, “ We were, uh, having sex.” She said softly.

“ Oh wow” I said. “ Really?”

“ Yeah. Really. Trav, you got to remember it’s just us out here. We have needs and mom never dates anyone, and most of the guys I dated are real tool bags.”

“ Alli, I’m not judging you two. To be honest, it sounds hot.” I said.

“ Hot huh?” She said and giggled. “ Did you get hard and jackoff?”

“ Uhhhhhh. Yeah I did.”

She sat up and grinned, “ I wish I was there to see that. Maybe one day you’ll let me watch. I’ve never seen a guy do that”

I laughed, “ only if I get to see you doing it too”

“ Hell yeah. I mean after what we’ve done today, this is not going to be our last time. And to let you in on a little secret…… Jackie wants to fuck you too.” she said then smiled.

“ Get out. No way would she want me” I exclaimed.

“ Oh yeah. You got to remember she hasn’t had, nor seen a cock since daddy died. And she thinks you’re super hot too.”

I just shook my head and thought about that. I was surprised when I felt my dick start to grow again. Alli noticed too and her hand gently encircled my cock, then said,

“ Mmmmmm, you must like that idea too. Wish I wasn’t so tired or I’d take care of this. But I better get up to bed now” she said.

After she left, I laid there thinking about her and Jackie having sex with one another. Then wondered if my own mom and sister ever did anything like that. Now I really never really thought of my mom, or sister in a sexual way. I did, as a teenager try to sneak peeks at mom’s boobs or ass, when she would wear shorts or a loose top. Same with my sister, when I would come home on leave. Both are pretty and have nice figures. And, I’ve seen Julie in bikinis on many occasions, but never lusted for her. My last thought though, was of Alli, on top of me riding me hard and fast.

Chapter 5

I guess after the long week of working, then last nights sexcapades, I must have been pretty tired. I woke up after 9am. I am usually up around 7, so I could eat and get on with my chores. When I did wake, the sheet was off of me and I was naked, and of course, sported a morning wood.

I got up and cross the hall from my bedroom, to the bathroom, did my business, then showered. The water felt so good as it washed away the previous night sex from my body. Just the thought of Alli and her amazing blow job she gave me the day before, had my member becoming hard again. I had thoughts of jacking off then, but figured I better save myself for later, with Alli.

As I dried off, I tried to think about everything Alli told me, last night. Was it true, that Jackie also wanted to have sex with me. Then my mom’s comments of “Taking care of all their needs” came rushing back to me. Is this what she really meant?

After drying, I opened the door and stepped into the hall, as I did, I ran right into Jackie. The way she was walking, she must have come from the laundry room, which was right down the hall. Here I was naked, semi hard, and Jackie, who was still in the nightshirt she had on the previous night. I froze, and immediately, placed my hands over my groin area.

I apologized to her, for running into her. She was looking at me, then smiled softly. I have no idea why I just didn’t move on, to my bedroom, but it was like my feet were in cement right then, and Jackie was definitely checking me out.

She giggled, then said no problem, then said “I like the dress code down here too”

“Sorry” I said. “I didn’t think anyone would be down here now”

“It’s okay Sweetie. In fact, I like how you look. You’ve definitely grown into a very handsome, sexy man. And, you don’t have to hide that thing either. Trust me, I have seen enough dick in my life, and I would enjoy seeing yours.” she said as she put a hand on top of one of mine, and moved it away from my groin.

I just stood there, not moving, after my other hand went limp to the side of my body. Then she shocked me, when her hand reached out and encircled my half hard cock. Then she slowly stroked it. My mind was reeling. “How far do I let this go, or should I stop her?” I thought.

She made my mind up for me, when she stepped back, and grabbed the hem of her shirt, and pulled it up and over her head. Then stepped forward again and grabbed my cock, once again.

“MMMMMM that’s better. Now we’re both equal and naked…… Damn Trav, you are a very sexy man, and nicely endowed.” she cooed next to my ear, as my cock was almost to its maximum stiffness. All I could say then was, “Oh Fuck”

Jackie giggled, “MMMMMMMM, that sounds like a very wonderful idea. Let’s go in the bedroom.”

She led me in, still holding me by my hard dick. I asked, “Where’s Alli?”

She looked at me and smiled, “She’s over at the Baker farm, then has a dentist appointment, and won’t be back until 2, or so. So we have a few hours to pleasure one another. Just like you two did last night?”

My mouth went agape, “You know?” I asked.

She laughed, “Sweetie, Alli and I have no secrets. Plus, I stood at the top of the steps and listened for a good while. In fact, I love the taste of your cum too.”

“Oh wow. Jackie, you are one sexy lady. You sure about this?” I asked

She sat on the bed and pulled me close, so she could take my cock into her mouth. “Oh yeah. Very sure” she said, as her mouth began sucking me. I let her do it for about a minute, but then pulled out, and fell to my knees. I pushed her legs apart, wide, and dove in and started licking her pussy. Unlike Alli, who had a small strip, she was bald as a baby. Damn she looked hot.

After eating her to an orgasm, she moved onto the bed and invited me between her legs. Once I was between them, she reached down and guided my cock into her heavenly hole of delight.

“Oh Trav. Go slow. It’s been 3 years since a cock has been inside me…… Fuck you feel so good”

Once I was seated all the way in, I just lay there, letting her get used to the girth. As we lay there, we start kissing passionately, until she started rocking her hips up and down. Then we started fucking.

She felt amazingly tight, and it felt as though with every motion to pull out some, her pussy would suck it right back in. She was oohing and awing, or make a grunting sound. At one point, about 5 minutes into it, she lifted her ass off the bed and yelled out, “Cummmingggggggg”. As she came, my mouth latched on to one of her nipples, which were longer than Alli’s. I suck each one as her orgasm subsided.

Then I held her tight, and rolled us over, so she was on top now. “MMMMMMM, I love a man who likes variety. Fuck Trav, your cock feels so good”

“Oh my God Jackie, your pussy is the finest. You are so tight” I said.

“It should be. It hasn’t had the real thing in so long….. Let’s fuck baby. Make that beautiful cock cum deep inside me.” she instructed.

And we did. We go fast for a bit, then slow down, then speed up again. The whole time, kissing or even lightly biting each other’s shoulders, or me on her tits. Since they were B cup, most would fit into my mouth, which was driving Jackie wild.

Then I would spank her ass a bit, which made her moan loudly. Then she sat up and placed her hands on my chest. Mine went to her tits, and squeezed. Not real hard, but she enjoyed it.

“Fuck me Trav. Fuck me deep, I am sl close Baby”

As I pumping up, she was coming down hard. Skin slapping loudly, as our body’s met.

“Jackieeeeeeeee. I gotta cum Baby.” I yelled. “Give it to me Sweetie. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” she said as she started to cum. This set me off with my own orgasm. Pumping deep inside her.

As we came, we were kissing and moaning in each other’s mouths. I couldn’t believe how hot she was for fucking. I was hoping I would stay hard, like last night and do this again.

She stayed up in that position and then just gyrated her hips around, making sure my cock stayed good and hard. I was glad too, that it was staying up. She is one hell of a lover, and sexy as hell too. As we started to come down, I had to ask,

“So how long have you two been bi, together?”

“Well, I think you can handle the truth.” she said, then continued. “Since Alli was 17. But she was already, before that time. Your sister and her have been lovers since they were 15….. Which is about the time, I started to like girls too, when I was 15. Your mom and I had many a play time here at the farm, when we would stay together out her”

My eyes got wide. It was one thing to learn your sister was bi, but another to hear about your own mom. I wonder now if mom and Julie got together. Jackie just smiled down at me and said,

“Now don’t go all judgmental on us. It’s just how we all are. In fact, after your dad left, Bruce and I were you mom’s only sexual relief. But now, we meet about once a month, and we still have fun.” Jackie said.

“Oh wow. That’s cool though. I always wondered why she never dated. But hey, as long as she is happy, and you are too.” I said.

“Good attitude Trav…. Think you are up to taking care if us Halston girls needs now?”

I chuckled to myself, now knowing what mom really meant by that. To answer her question, I wrapped her up again ,and rolled us back over so she was on the bottom. Then put my arms behind her knees and placed legs back by her head.

“Fuck Yeah Baby……… I think you are more than man enough to take care of us… Fuck me good now Baby, and wait for tonight.” Jackie said, with a very seductive smile.