Sex Addicts Anonymous

Pam flipped the black woman onto her stomach. Sarini’s
tight butt was like a rich pastry on the table. I took
two big handfuls of her ass and spread her cheeks. As
soon as I touched her, I was destroyed. Again.

“Oh what a prize,” said Pam. She stepped behind me but
I could see her from the corner of my eye. Pam was the
real prize. My savior. My destroyer. I kept track of
her wherever she was in the kitchen. I felt Pam’s
presence while I kneaded the black woman’s ass.

Sarini rolled her hips and then looked at me over her
shoulder. Her profile was queenly and proud. She
blinked her dark brown eyes at me and whispered, “Get
your cock out.”

Pam said, “It’s time.” She reached around my hip and
touched my erection through my pants. Though we had
talked about sex constantly for the last six months,
this was the first time she had ever touched my cock.
I felt like I could smell her in my mouth, I wanted
Pam so badly. “You heard Sarini,” Pam said, unbuttoning
my pants. She slipped a hand over my arching dick and
pressed it against my belly. “You’ll do whatever I say,
right, Mitch? Let’s get your cock out. Let’s fuck this
horny bitch, shall we?”

Somewhere faraway a thin little voice was trying to
get my attention. It cried for me to remember how far
I’d come from this world of sex obsession. It called
my wife’s name. But while it made it’s chicken-little
cries, Pam tugged down my underwear, and the only
thought in my head was how muscular this proud woman’s
ass was. “If I fuck her, I’ll need a condom,” I groaned.

The girl stopped rotating her ass. She looked over her
shoulder, over my shoulder, at Pam. “No. No condom.
Ride me bareback. That’s what you said, Pam.” I thought
we had picked this girl up at random. I was being set
up. By Pam. I didn’t really care. I said, “No. I need
a condom if – ”

The girl kept her hot eyes aimed at Pam. Pam stroked
my dick and whispered in my ear. “I promised Sarini
that you’d get her pregnant.”

I tried to back away from Pam’s kitchen table and
Sarini. “What?”

Pam’s words slipped into my ear like a tongue. “I know
your lusts. You’ve told me everything, Mitch. Fuck her
bareback. She wants it. Feel her pussy skin against
your cock.”

I rolled my eyes. “No. I can’t.”

Pam reached out and slapped Sarini’s ass. “You see that
booty shake?” Sarini closed her eyes and braced her
perfect butt for another blow. Pam slapped her again,
much harder, and I watched the dark cheek jostle.

“You want to get pregnant?” I whispered to Sarini,
knowing I would cave. Pam was all-powerful. Everything
I had — wife, job, self-respect — was due to Pam and
if she wanted to knock it down, well, that’s just the
way it was. “Why do you want to get pregnant with a
stranger?” Pam pushed me forward until my naked cock
brushed against the girl’s inner thigh.

“I’m infertile,” Sarini said. She lowered her head and
pushed back against my dick. As she did, her leg and
ass muscles flexed, so close now I could grab her. And
I did. I took both flanks in my hands. “Just do me up,”
said Sarini, getting impatient with my resistance to
this game or this destruction or whatever it was Pam
was doing to me. “Come on, Mitch,” said Sarini. “Ride

Pam held me at the root. She painted my pink cockhead
over Sarini’s pussy. Pam’s chin was on my shoulder and
I could smell her breath as she said, “Tell me what
you told me at work last week, Sarini.”

Sarini’s mouth was agape. She burned from waiting for
me. “I said, ‘I need a man who can take me until I’m

Pam slid her hand up my shaft until she held me below
the crown. Then she gave me a very tight, hard handjob.
She milked me until a tear of pre-cum appeared at the
mouth of my penis. She hissed in my ear, “Until she’s
pregnant from your come.”

“Oh, stop teasing me you two. His dick is so nice and
big! Stick it in me, Pam! Stick his big dick inside

That’s the kind of talk that got me. Over and over. I
pushed Pam’s hand away roughly and still holding
Sarini’s left leg, I took aim and felt her wet lips
yield as I jutted my hips forward. She stiffened and
her pussy spread for me. I sank my cock in. I was home.

Sarini reacted instantly. She sounded possessed.
“That’s it! Yes. Yes. Aw, yeah, you big, fat dick!”

Pam sighed in triumph behind me.

I held Sarini’s hips and got a good deep drink of her.
We fucked each other hard with a lot of pushing and
shoving. Sarini spread her hands wide, bracing herself
and sticking her ass up at me with slutty thrusts. As
a sex addict, this was like crack to me and I was
shattering an old vow to myself. To my wife. Even to
Pam, who was my sponsor in sex addicts anonymous. But
it was all over now. No use for guilt. No regrets now.
As soon as we hit the first plateau, accustomed to
each other’s bodies now, I yanked her back towards me
hard so that I went all the way in, and Sarini fell on
her stomach and big tits. The table’s thick wooden legs
scraped across the floor. Sarini seemed to approve.
“Ow. Ha. Oh yeah. Aaah yeah…”

I grabbed a handful of her thin beaded braids and
pulled her head back. I poked deep inside her and
flicked her uterus with my cockhead like it was a
light switch. Then I pulled her coarse hair in time
with hard thrusts. A little trick I learned while
fucking a sorority whore in Ann Arbor. She became
my slave with this trick. Pull-flick. Pull-flick.
Sarini went limp in my hands, just as that poor girl
had some fifteen years earlier. “Think I’m man
enough?” I jammed all the way in, still pulling her
hair. “Think I can give you that baby you want?”

Sarini’s eyes narrowed to slits as she let me probe
her and she felt with her cunt what I was doing. “Oh
do it. Oh I hope so.”

Pam was masturbating behind me. This was crack to her

I settled into a second rhythm. This one was less
urgent and thirsty one. More like a conversation. I
had my hips pressed all the way forward. My cock,
deep. But I was still fucking her, stretching out her
pussy with long, hard strokes. A few more minutes of
this, and I knew she would come the minute I told her
to. I could see by the look on her face that she was
paying attention to every sensation in her pussy right

Felicity. That was the sorority girl’s name. Yeah. She
told all her sisters about me and how I could fuck like
anything, outlast the batteries in a vibrator. I fucked
all twenty-three girls in that sorority house over the
course of that spring, but Felicity was my special
little slut. I could take her to the cliff and push
her over, make her lose her mind, speak in tongues,
crack like glass. Pam loved that story and asked me to
tell it to her on the phone quite often.

“All right. No more fucking around,” I said and took
Sarini’s black hips in my hands, ready to show Pam
what I would eventually do to her. “Let me see it,
Sarini. Come for me. Come your brains out. Right now,
you fine bitch. Come for me!”

That’s all the encouragement poor Sarini needed. When
she came she made a high whinnying noise, a half-
panting, half-laughing scream. She grabbed the table.

She arched her back to give me deepest access and
scrunched up her nose, baring her straight white teeth
like an animal. She screamed three or four times until
I was slamming my dick into a sopping sponge of a cunt
and she kept coming, seemingly every time I pounded
into her.

Finally she started to skitter down from her chain of
orgasms. But because I had driven myself so deep inside
her, minimizing my friction, but maximizing penetra-
tion, I had held on, I held on without coming. Not bad
even for me, Sarini’s body was so sexy, and her need
was such a turn on, I amazed myself at my self-control.

She started to flinch and seize up as I kept fucking
into her. “Oh. It’s too much. No. I need to rest.” She
laughed. “Hang on back there, big man.”

I slapped her ass even harder than Pam had. “Fuck you.
We got business, girl.” I leaned back so I could flick
her uterus some more and she jerked as if I was sending
volts through her spine.

She begged me to stop. “It’s too damn much. You’re
fucking me raw! Stop!”

“I don’t stop until I come in your pussy.” I could
feel Pam’s presence behind me like a torch. She wanted
to interfere. I could feel it. She wanted to smooth
over the edge that this little drama had taken. I
looked over my shoulder and said, as much to Pam as to
Sarini, “You pretty bitch, you’re all mine. What is
this, a prom date? Get your ass in the air. You wanted
something from me!” I pulled Sarini up on all fours.
“You better ask me for it now. You better beg me for
it now. You better make it good or I’m gonna come in
your ass instead, Sarini.”

“Oh man,” said Pam. She was finger fucking herself
behind me.

Sarini hung her head, defeated and loving it, and her
voice raged. “Give it to me. I’m ready, Mitch. I can
take it.”

“Slut talk me. That usually does it, Sarini. Make me

“Oh yes, give me your load.” She ground back against
me trying to get me to come. She rolled her shoulders
and gave me the whole slut show. “I want it. Please.
I want it. I’m your whore aren’t I? I told you I would
be! I’m your whore!” Sarini began bouncing back against

I pictured Pam’s tight white ass as I fucked Sarini
dog-style. I said, “You’re my whore.”

“Shoot it in me! Shoot it in me, Mitch! Right now!”
Sarini’s heavy tits shook until they heaved up in her
face. “Give me that come. Come on now.”

I liked the show. It felt like fire in my heart to
control this black queen like a slut. Her inner thighs
looked like someone had spilled juice in her lap. She
shook her tits like a stripper and she swore like an
old prostitute. “Oh. Oh. You’re gonna give me your
jizz? You gonna spray me now, baby? You gonna give me
a baby, baby?”

She wasn’t really infertile. She was on the pill and
this was all part of Pam trying to crack my resolve.
Well, bravo, Pam, you won. I decided I’d play it up.
I reached under Sarini’s chest and grabbed a tit in
each hand. I spread my fingers and palmed them. With
the globes of her ass bouncing against my stomach and
her boobs in my hands, I felt like I was holding an
armload of melons. “Gonna feed my baby with these big
black tits?”

Her voice dropped an octave. “Oh yes…”

I pushed her breasts together. Then I held them tight
by the nipples and twisted. “He’s gonna bite your tits,
you know.”

She ground her tits into my hands. “Bite me!”

“My baby’s going to bite you hard.” I twisted her long
nipples and Sarini started her whinnying again. “My
baby’s gonna come into this world grabbing for your
pretty tits.”

She really looked like she was going to lose her mind
this time. My whole stomach and chest were slick with
her cunt juice. “Ohh! I want it,” she screamed. “I want
your goddamn jizz you mother-fucker. Mother-fucker!
Mother goddamn fucker, you fuck my pussy up, fucker!”

Watching her crack and hearing her beg for my come, I
decided my time was up. So I let her tits go and they
swung from her chest. Then I grabbed her shoulders. I
started panting loud like a runner at the finish line.
That sound set her off even harder and she whinnied
like a wild horse with her eyes rolling up into her
head, back arched, butt aimed high. She breathed spit
down her chin and onto the table as I fucked her harder
than I had before.

“Here. Here,” I said, thrusting and inching that heavy
table forward with each push of my cock into Sarini’s
cunt. “Fuck. Here it is. Ah! There’s my come. There’s
my jizz. You’re a momma now. Yeah. You’re a momma now.
Ah!” I came like a monster shoving into her until her
voice sounded like it was coming from another room,
another world.

“Momma now. Momma now.” She collapsed. I eased her
down to the table top.

Behind me, Pam gasped as if she were being surprised
over and over. I couldn’t lift my head to look at her.
I was so beat. Her cool hand rested on my back.

“One pretty bitch,” she said, and I knew she didn’t
mean Sarini.