Sex between father and stepdaughter

Diana opened the buttons of her blouse. She was-
n’t wearing a bra. Her small, well formed breasts stood
straight out. Topped with lovely pink nipples. My mouth
dropped open as I stared at my stepdaughter’s tits. Diana I
said, button your blouse.

She smiled as she slowly removed it! She walked
over to me and placed her slender hand on my lap, gently
squeezing my erection.

“Stepdad”, she said, “You want me as much as I want
you. Come on.”

She unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my pants.
When she pulled my pants down, my cock stood straight up
betraying my excitement. I couldn’t deny it any longer.
I wanted to fuck Diana. What surprised me was that she
wanted me to do it!

“Stepdad”, she said, “Your cock is really nice, so
big and hard, but so smooth and soft too, I really like

She began gently stroking the length of it, her
slender fingers caressing my hard-on as she admired it.
She knelt in front of me, then looked up at me and then
still looking into my eyes, she slowly lowered her head
and opened her mouth, and began to suck me.

Diana’s mouth enveloped my cock with its warm
wet, softness, her tongue moved along the sensitive
underside, her lips held me firmly as she sucked. Moving
her head back and forth. My cock moved into and out of
her mouth. I looked down at the sight of my cock in my
daughter’s mouth. I couldn’t believe what was happening
to me. I admit that I fantasized about my daughter Let-
ting me do this to her, but I never let on, I’m not sure
how this has come about.

She pulled my pants to my ankles, my cock still
in her mouth, she pushed me onto the bed, let my cock
slip from her mouth and removed her slacks. To my amaze-
ment she walked over to me and said “pull my panties
down daddy”. I looked at her lovely body as I pulled her
pants down exposing her breath taking pussy.

“Diana”, I said, “We can’t do this, it’s wrong”.

Diana’s body is so appealing, her small tits,
flat stomach, slender legs and arms. She put her pussy
in front of my mouth and said, “Do me Stepdaddy”.

My eager mouth began to lick her pussy exploring
and probing its mysteries I located her clitoris it was
firm and ready. I sucked it into my mouth and massaged
it with my tongue and palate.

“Ohhhh Stepdaddy, she said I knew you would be good.
I’ve wanted this for a long time. Suck on my pussy dad,
it feels so good. Oh Ohhhhhhhh dad! I’m going to come!
Fuck me dad! I want your prick inside me while I come. I
want you to shoot your hot come into my body. Fuck me
Stepdaddy! Fuck me hard!”

I laid down next to her and held her naked body
next to mine. Her skin was so soft and smooth. My hands
explored my daughter’s naked body, touching all parts of
her body as her hands fully explored mine.

My cock slipped easily into my daughter. Her
vagina massaged it intimately as I plunged deeply into
her. I was fucking Diana. I was fucking my own daughter.
My cock seemed to have a mind of it’s own as I moved in
and out of Diana’s pussy. The texture of her vagina
massaging shaft with each movement. Diana moved her
pelvis in unison with me. Out bodies were as one. Plea-
sure our only objective. We were lost in the ecstasy of
the moment, our bodies fiercely humping each others sex-
ual organs against our own. The rapture building second
by second within us both.

Suddenly Diana cried out, “Ohhhhhhh! Stepdaddyyyyyy!
Fuck my cunt! I’m coming I’m commingggggg! Stepdaddy I love
fucking you! Oh fuck! Ooooh Shit! I’m coming! Ahhhh!
Ahhhhhh! Your cock is fucking my cunt! I’m fucking my
father! Its so good. I’m coming! It feels so fucking
good. Oh daddy!”

As I heard my daughters gutter talk my cock
tightened, as ecstasy swept over me. I was fucking my
own daughter, and was about to come inside her! It re-
laxed and tightened again, this time I felt the stream
of hot come shooting from me into my daughter’s body.
My cock was pumping Diana’s cunt at high speed. Building
up passions in me beyond anything I’d ever experienced
before. It tightened again, waves of ecstasy passed
through my body as another stream of my juices erupted
from me to shoot into my daughter’s womb.

“Ohhh Stepdaddy!”, Diana was saying, “I can feel
you shooting into me! Ohhh! My father’s come is filling
me! It’s shooting deep into me! Oh Daaadddyy I can’t
stop cooommming! Your cock is inside me and shooting
your jizz into my body. Ohhhh! Ohhh! Stepdaddieeeeeeee!
Don’t stop fucking me, fuck me with your shooting cock!
Fuck my pussy! Fuck me, Stepdaddy Fuck me!”

My ecstasy is beyond belief. Ohh! Diana My dar-
ling daughter!

Diana pulled away from my still squirting cock
and put her mouth over it. Sucking the come from inside
me, and licking the spilled come from the shaft of my
dripping cock. Her tongue is licking my cock and her
mouth is closed tightly over it as she sucks on me.

And then my wife walks into the room…….OH
MY GOD!!!!!!