Sex education from a much older woman

I have for some time been writing about a relationship
with my partners, 76 year old, Aunty Jean and her
daughter Jane. I feel it is time to commit to paper how
my attraction for much older women started some 31
years ago when I was 19. Like a lot of young men of
that age I was obsessed with girls and sex and spent
most of my waking life thinking about and trying to get
plenty of the latter.

Having been brought up in a morally strict household
the opportunities were few and far between and thus far
my experience had been limited to a couple of hurried
sessions with my then girlfriend. It must also be said
that they bore no comparison with the lurid couplings
one read in books and friends boasted about. So as I
approached my 20th birthday the missionary position in
a darkened room was the limit of my experience. So onto
Aunty Elsie.

Aunty Elsie was my grandmother’s cousin and at the time
this all took place was a sprightly 71 and also the
black sheep of the family. By this time she had been
married 4 times and was known to be a “bit of a girl”
as Gran would often say.

By now I had stopped holidaying with my parents and
younger sister so while they were away my Grandmother,
who lived with us, invited Aunty Elsie to stay for some
company and also I suspect to help keep an eye on me to
prevent me from getting up to any mischief.

It was two days into her visit that events took place
that I feel have had a major impact on my life. I had
gone up to my bed sitting room to listen to music while
the two oldies but Goldies sat watching some rubbish on
the television. I had persevered for a while but soon
found the programme terribly boring and their incessant
chatter about the good old days was doing my head in.

The only thing that had kept me in the room that long
was that every time Elsie (as I shall call her) crossed
or uncrossed her legs I got a good glimpse of thigh and
stocking tops. Why on earth a youth of nineteen should
be turned on by the sight of a woman’s leg especially
one some 52 years older than me I do not know; but
turned on I was.

Around 10.30 pm I heard the usual sounds of them going
to bed and by 11.00 the house was quiet and I was left
to my own devices. Images of Elsie’s legs came unbidden
to my mind and thoughts of what dark secrets lay beyond
started to fill my thoughts and as a result I was soon
conscious of a very solid erection. One thing lead to
another and before long it was in my hand; my eyes were
closed and I was mentally fucking Aunty Elsie.

Imagine my shock, horror and embarrassment when a voice
quietly said; “Would you like a hand with that?” at the
same time as I felt fingers other than my own, close
round the top of my cock.

My eyes flew open to see Elsie kneeling in front of me
her hand firmly grasping my throbbing erection and a
wry smile on her face.

“Has no one ever told you that masturbation will ruin
your eyesight which I noticed earlier on is 20/20 every
time you were looking up my skirt. Were you thinking of
me just now, you naughty boy?”

My blush and silence gave her the answer she was

“That is fine by me and rather flattering as at 71 I do
not get as many admiring glances as I used to . Now it
has been some time since your dear old Aunty Elsie had
some fun so why don’t you just sit back in your chair
while she teaches you a few new tricks.” With that she
pressed one hand against my chest then lowered her head
and took my cock into her mouth.

Even now some 31 years later I can still remember the
feel of her hot mouth and the tightness of her lips
round my shaft. As she sucked on me she worked with her
fist and in less than twenty seconds I exploded into
her mouth and was conscious of her swallowing but
despite her best efforts my come oozed out down my
shaft and over her fingers.

After a moment or two she sat back and looked at me.
Her lipstick was slightly smudged and a dribble of come
was running down her chin from the corner of her mouth.
Languidly she wiped her chin with a finger and popped
it into her mouth then meticulously licked my juices
from her other fingers before leaning forward again to
lick up the last drops that had pooled on my belly.

“I think perhaps that that was your first experience of
oral sex; yes?” a nod from me. “Mmmm, I just so love
the taste of fresh come and it is not often that I get
the chance these days.” With that she got up and then
dropped into my lap before kissing me hard on the
mouth, her tongue probing until my lips parted and it
slid into my mouth lapping all round as she mashed her
mouth against mine. The taste of her mouth was such
that I assumed it was from my come but if she enjoyed
it then who was I to complain?

After a while she pulled away and stood up giving me a
chance to study her in this new found situation.

Five foot one in her stockinged feet with a head of
white, permed, curly hair; Elsie was wearing a sensible
white towelling bathrobe cinched round her middle with
a belt and I wondered what else beneath.

Looking me straight in the eye she told me that she
suspected that like most boys my age I would soon be up
for it again but whilst we waited she had a little job
for me. Her hands went to the belt of her robe and in
seconds she was shrugging it off to reveal a black
corselet encasing her body and hiding her charms and a
pair of dark nylons. The image of my dreams and
fantasies since secretly looking at such items in my
mother’s shopping catalogue.

Next she went and sat on the edge of my bed then lay
back before pulling her feet up so they were resting on
the bed edge with her knees and thighs wide apart
exposing the black crotch of her foundation garments,
with its poppers, just beckoning me.

“I don’t suppose you have ever pleasured a lady with
your mouth Jonathan but now is the time to learn so
kneel down and get on with it; Elsie will tell you what
to do if needs be.”

I stood for a moment taking in the image of Aunty Elsie
spread on my bed. He pubic hair was evident either side
of the crotch of her corselet and her thighs though
still relatively shapely showed signs of her age with
some loose skin, wrinkles and a few cracked veins.
“What about Gran” I asked. “Oh do not worry about her
she has taken her sleeping pills and will not wake
until 6-ish so come on, dear boy, get on with it.”

Dropping to my knees in front of her I reached out and
with shaking fingers undid her poppers one by one and
then gazed on her sex. She had a veritable forest of
hair; darker than that on her head and coarser. Nestled
amongst them were the flaps of her sex which I could
see were already moist at their edges. Gently I pressed
my finger against them seeking the edges before I
managed to slide one into her wetness and then up into
her vagina which produced a low moan from Elsie.

As soon as I was in I began to finger fuck her only for
a hand to grab my wrist and stop me.

“NO, no, no. I know that is probably what you do to
your girlfriend but I want you to use your tongue on
me. Open me up with your fingers by all means but then
run your tongue up and down my crack and into my vagina
and most of all I want you to work on my clitoris. It
will take practice but I am sure you will get the hang
of it and with a bit of luck will bring me off. Now get
your head down there and start licking me out.”

Slowly I bent forward and noticed her smell. Soap;
predominantly, she had clearly washed before coming to
my room, but an underlying muskiness. With the fingers
of my left hand I parted the flaps of her sex and
lowered my head and with the tip of my tongue touched
her inner flesh. She had a bitter sweet taste better
than I had expected and so wet.

Slowly I ran it up the length of her slit from bottom
to top and as I reached the top Elsie gasped as I
flicked her clitoris. Down I swept it and paused a
moment before pushing it into the opening of her vagina
working it as deep as I could before going back up to
her clitoris.

“Ooooh yes, yes, yes; flick it! Lick, it that is the
way now lower and into my cunt again; then back up to
my clit. Faster harder softer deeper oh my god I am
coming, I am coming!!” With that her hands clasped the
back of my head pressing my mouth hard into the soggy
space between her legs and her thighs clamped on my
head as she shook against my probing tongue and sucking

I sat back on my heels, the lower half of my face
covered in her juices and a wonderful feeling of pride
that I had managed to bring Elsie to a climax so
quickly. I was also conscious that I was now sporting a
raging hard on and wondered if I was going to get a
chance to fuck her.

Standing I moved between her spread legs and tried to
get on top of her. “NO, no no. Patience is a virtue and
any way I do not like it like that. I prefer it from

With that she got up from the bed and turning knelt on
the bed with her back to me and dipping her back
presented her bottom for my attention. What a wonderful
sight she made; her pert buttocks framed by the black
elasteen of her corselet and her sex, obscured
partially by the flap of its crotch.

Elsie spread her legs again and looking back instructed
me to stick it up her and give her a good fucking.

“Cunt”, “fuck”: for a 71 year old Aunty Elsie’s
language was choice and added a certain spice to the

Still no point in prevaricating; so I moved in close;
fisted my cock and felt with its head for her hole.
After a moment or two’s fumbling Elsie’s hand came to
the recue and with her assistance I found the spot and
with a thrust slid the whole length of my cock up her
cunt to the accompaniment of a groan from Elsie.

“Oh I say; that is quite a big one. Now get fucking
please!” She gasped.

The moment I was composed I began to bang away slamming
my belly against the cheeks of her bottom and soon the
room was filled with the sound of flesh on flesh and
Aunty Elsie’s cries of passion.

“Now slow down, slow down, this is not a race take it
easy change the angle and depth of your thrusts. You
can do a woman damage with something that big. It is
technique not speed that makes for a good lover and I
want to help train you to be the best. Now pull back
until just the head is in the suck on your thumb and
when it is nice and wet stick it up my bottom.

“Gently now, gently it is quite tight up there. OOOH!
Yes that’s it! Now press down and slip your cock back
up my cunt. You should be able to feel it through the
walls of my bowels and vagina. Now get fucking again
but keep that thumb up my arse please, it helps bring
me off.”

Slowly but surely I started to fuck her again and
enjoyed the additional sensations my thumb was
affording me. Then I felt her hand slip back between
her legs and her fingers played with the underside of
my cock, my balls and I suspect her clitoris. The pace
of my thrusts increased and soon I could feel it
building and then with a final thrust I am balls deep
in her cunt and filling her with my second outpouring
in half an hour.

Elsie is shaking and shuddering as she climaxes and
falls forward onto her belly causing my cock and thumb
to exit her with a pop and I am left standing with a
semi limp cock glistening with our juices.

That is how it happened and was the first of many happy
hours we spent during my parents’ vacation. Aunty Elsie
certainly started my attraction for the much older
woman and also enhanced my sex education; something for
which I am eternally grateful.

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