Sharing The Love 2.

Following the breakthrough when Luke and his mother came to enjoy watching each other, Luke decided to increase the stakes by telling Andrea about his peeping and voyeurism.

Andrea was initially shocked by her son’s admission but as she thought about it and Luke gave her some stories of his past, she got quite interested.

They had been careful to exclude Shannon, and waited until she was working away before Andrea agreed to go out one night with Luke. Luke had been watching “his people” for some time and had their habits well established in his mind.

Andrea and Luke both dressed in dark clothes and Luke took his mother’s arm so they walked as though they were a couple. Luke explained it looked so much better if they were seen. They acted as though they were enjoying a late night walk, a bit of exercise. Luke took a circuitous route around the area, coming first to one of the couples that he liked to watch.

Luke would normally find a hiding place but that wasn’t so easy with both of them, so he stopped and pretended to fasten a shoelace while he told Andrea were to look. She gasped, it was exactly as Luke had described it, the couple were both undressing for bed, chatting to each other, removing all their clothes and doing it close to their bedroom window. Andrea was sure the couple knew what they were doing.

They walked on further and this time they came to the house where the single woman lived. Luke took hold of Andrea’s hand and pulled her into a spot which hid them and gave a good view of the woman. Like the previous coupe the woman made no attempt to hide, the lights were on, she was close to the window, she made no attempt at discretion. She simply stood and removed her clothes. Unfortunately for her two secret watchers the ange only allowed them to see above her waist, but they got a full view of her breasts. Luke was standing close and behind his mother, she could feel his erection pressing against her. She reached behind and started to rub his cock. Luke undid his pants and gave his mother access. Andrea watched the woman undressing and wanked her son. She could feel him coming and stepped sideways so he shot his load on the ground. At that moment the woman looked out of her window. They stood completely still, apart from their hearts beating madly. The woman walked away from the window, Luke pulled up his pants and he and his mother walked home.

They chatted and were very aroused by what they had seen. Luke told of the other couples he had found and they discussed the woman they had watched.

When they arrived home Andrea handed Luke a small package.

He asked what they were.

“Condoms, give me five minutes then come upstairs.”

Andrea and Luke had watched each other masturbating and Luke had sprayed semen over his mother but they had never touched. Now was a huge step and Luke got nervous. This was something he wanted but was frightened of what might go wrong. Having sex with his mother was a huge turn on but it had lived in his imagination, now it was about to be real.

Luke stripped naked, wanked for a minute and then put the condom on, rolling it along his cock. The previous times he had asked his partner to do this, it made it special for him, but tonight was already better than anything before.

He walked upstairs and into his mother’s bedroom. She was lying flat out on her bed. She had blindfolded herself and her hands were holding the headboard. Her legs were spread out wide. She was offering herself to her son, to do as he pleased.

Luke brushed his hands over her breasts, he slowly skimmed over her stomach. She had pubic hair and he could see it glistening. He was aware that they enjoyed watching each other and that was now ruled out. So he would have to make her whole body tingle, she would feel him over her. He kissed her feet, then kissed her knees. He slowly slid his fingers up the insides of her thighs.

“Oh fuck Luke, that feels so good.”

Luke then kissed the insides of her thighs. Gentle butterfly kisses, left thigh, right thigh, so very close to her vulva.

She arched her legs and bent her knees pressing down on the mattress. She raised herself up and now he had an uninterrupted view of her vagina and anus. He resumed kissing her thighs. He could hear her moaning, but was not looking at her face. He did something he had never done before and kissed someone else’s anus. Andrea shivered and screamed in delight.

“Do that again, please, please.”

He did, many times.

Andrea writhed but held tight to the headboard. She was lifting her hips as high as she could.

Luke had to stop foreplay, he would not last.

He grabbed her hips and crouched down so that his cock was resting at the opening of her vagina. Andrea was begging him to stick it in. Luke held out for a moment longer until she screamed at him.

And then he thrust into her. She was so wet that he slipped straight in. He hooked his arms under her legs and bent her forward, getting every inch of his cock in as deep as was possible.

Then he banged her as fast and as hard as he could manage.

They both screamed and shrieked and swore.

Then Luke exploded. He was sure he had never produced so much semen before.

They were now both gasping, sweating and intertwined, arms and legs mixed together.

“Quick empty the condom.”

Luke had to think for a moment then he understood.

He straddled his mother’s chest and brought his cock over her face, he removed the condom and squeezed the semen over his mother’s face and hair.

She drank what she could reach and then started to lick his cock, so he moved forward and she cleaned him up. She let go of the headboard and using her fingers she found the spunk and sucked it.

Finally she removed the blindfold.