Sharon was visiting her Aunt’s farm

“Oh, that black horse is lovely!” Sharon cried. “Can I
ride him, Aunt Pearl?”

Pearl glanced sideways at her niece. She had been
surprised and pleased at how nubile the girl had
become since she’d seen her last. There was something
about nubile young girls that Aunt Pearl always found
very interesting.

The horse was a brawny brute, his sleek coat jet
black, his main flowing and his tail silken. He eyed
the girl and his dark, moist lips curled out from his
big, blunt teeth as he nickered softly.

Sharon stroked his arched neck and the animals black
nostrils flared slightly. He regarded the girl with a
big, white eye, in almost the same way that Aunt Pearl
was looking at her.. in a sort of horsey speculation.

“Well, Ebony is a stallion, dear,” Pearl started.

“Oh, I’m sure I can handle him,” Sharon said.

Aunt Pearl almost burst out laughing.

The girl didn’t realize how appropriate the word
handle was in this situation.

“I’m not talking about riding him. He’s broken and
gentle enough. But a stallion… well, Sharon, he can
get a little worked up with a girl on his back…”

Sharon looked wide-eyed at her aunt. “You mean horny?”
she asked, grinning.

“Exactly. It can be… embarrassing.”

“Like when a guy gets a hard-on in the movies, huh?”
said joked.

Pearl was surprised and delighted at how bold the
teenage niece was. Not at all modest and Aunt pearl
was starting to see a whole lot of possibilities for
the weekend.

“When, as you say, a guy gets a hard-on on a date…
and you don’t intend to let him screw you… I suppose
that sometimes you might give him a hand-job, right?”

Sharon blinked, then blushed, but nodded.

“Well, it’s the same with a stallion.”

Sharon looked intrigued and not at all shocked.

“Usually, when I’m going to ride Ebony, I jerk him off
beforehand. That way, his big balls are empty and he
doesn’t embarrass me by getting a stiff prick while
I’m riding him.”

“Oh, wow!” Sharon gasped, showing surprise for the
first time.

The stallion snorted and pawed at the ground. Aunt
Pearl’s pussy had been simmering a bit and now
Sharon’s cunt began to heat up and the animal was
pleasantly disturbed. His enormous prick was hanging
down in a hunk of thick, black meat. Now it began to
twitch and rise.

“See what I mean?” Pearl giggled.

Sharon looked at the stallion’s cock. The long rod was
lifting towards the horizontal, like a thick lever. As
she stared at that impressive erection-in-progress,
his leathery sheath drew back and the glossy tip of
his jet-black cockhead came sliding out.

“What a whopper!” Sharon cried.

“I’m afraid that one of us will have to jerk him off
now,” said Aunt Pearl. “He gets very rambunctious when
he has a hard-on. He might kick his stall down. I-I…
don’t enjoy jacking him off, you understand. It’s just
a thing that needs to be done!”

“Gee, it looks like fun, to me,” Sharon blurted out,
and then she giggled, making it sound like a joke.

Both pussies were steaming fragrantly by this time,
and the horses cock was rock hard and throbbing. His
haunches bunched with muscle and he jammed his prick
out. His swollen balls rolled out like oranges.

“If I frig him, can I ride him?” Sharon asked.

In fact, at the moment, she was much more interested
in the frigging him, whether she rode the brute or

Aunt Pearl had been about to offer to empty the
stallions balls, herself. Now she felt a rush of
excitement at the thought of her sexy young niece
doing the job.

“Okay,” she said. “Err… I’d better stay here
though… to make sure that you can manage him.”

And to watch you do it, you lovely little nymph, she
added to herself, thrilled by the prospect. She
figured that Sharon was certain to get hot after she
played with that huge prick–and hot little girls
needed attention.

Sharon started to move closer to the beast’s
hindquarters, running her hand along his flank.

“You’d better take your blouse off, honey,” Pearl
suggested. “Horse cum shoots all over the place, and
there’s no sense getting it all slimy, easier to was
skin than silk!”

Sharon saw the sense in that. She started to unbutton
her blouse. Then, for some reason, she turned so that
she was facing her aunt as she removed the garment.

She arched her slender back, thrusting her pert tits
out as she slowly drew the blouse from her shoulders.
Her firm little tit-globes jutted out, needing no
support. The rosy tips stood out taut and stiff and
tantalizing, like twin pink rockets ready to be
launched. She posed like that for a moment, staring at
her aunt in a knowing, challenging way. Aunt Pearl was
trembling slightly and licking her lips, her eyes
glued to those succulent tits.

Sharon could tell that her little show had affected
her Aunt… in an unexpected way. That made her

Then, tits bouncing, Sharon spun back to the stallion
and knelt beside his rippling flank. Aunt Pearl
stepped closer, looking over the girls naked shoulder.
Sharon was staring at the horse’s formidable cock, not
as if she were intimidated by the gigantic prick, but
as if she were wondering about how to go about the
job. She knew how to jerk a guy off, to be sure, but
the horse’s prick was a different prospect. She
guessed that she would need both hands for that job.
The process would be the same as with a human cock,
but that the quantity was the difference.

Reaching out tentatively, Sharon cupped the animal’s
balls in her upturned palm. She lifted slightly, as if
she were weighing the amount of jism they held.

“Oooooh! He’s sure full of it,” she whispered, her
voice sounding all husky.

She heard a rustle of clothing as her aunt knelt, weak
kneed, behind her. A moment later she felt the woman’s
hot breath on the back of her arched neck and the
heaviness oh her tits as they rubbed against her
shoulder. Sharon grinned impishly. She figured she was
right her aunt’s inclinations.

Sharon had fooled around with some of her girlfriends
from school and she wasn’t naive about deviant
desires. Girl’s bodies were nice. Sharon didn’t mind
at all.

But there was a whole weekend for anything like that
to happen–if it happened–and at the moment the
naughty girl was more interested in stallion cock.

She fondled his balls for a while, using both hands
now and tugging those bloated bags up and down as if
she were milking a cow. But the load in his balls was
a lot thicker and creamier than anything milked from
an udder. She could feel his cum slosh around inside
the leathery sacks.

Her little, upturned nose wrinkled as she sniffed the
gamey aroma of that overheated cock-meat

Sharon wondered what horse prick tasted like.

But she couldn’t very well find out, not with her aunt
watching her.

She pulled her hands up onto the stallion’s cock-
shaft, gripping it between her palms. His prick was so
thick that she could barely span it in a double grip.

She gave his prick a slow push-pull. It throbbed
violently in her hands as the brute snorted and
humped, fucking his cock out through her caressing
palms. The action was the same as with a guy–but a
whole lot more thrilling.

Tightening her grip, Sharon began to frig up and down
on his potent prick pillar.

“Am I doing it right, Aunt Pearl?” she asked, with an
innocents she did not feel.

“Y-yes dear,” the woman croaked. Pearl was dizzy with
desire, hardly able to believe this was actually
happening. Her fat nipples felt explosive and the
crotch of her jeans had filled up with a slimy pool as
her cunt overflowed.

Sharon frigged back and the stallions naked cock-head
skinned out, a looming slab of ebony meat. His piss
hole rippled open and a thick glob of pre-cum squeezed
out. It looked like a moist pearl.

“Ooooh, look!” Sharon squealed in delight. She pumped
his prick faster, her hands skimming down toward the
hilt, then dragging back to the knob. She could feel
the rock-hard core of his cock pulsating and vibrating
inside the coarse, leathery sheath.

Snorting and blowing, the stallion stepped up the
pace, shoving his cock frantically through the girl’s
hands. His tail swished behind his powerful ass like a
propeller. His head went up and down, mane flowing,
neck twisting as he turned to look down at the girl.

The beast’s whole mighty body began to quiver, the
sinew rippled like steel cords under his glossy coat.
More goo oozed from his open cleft. The jet black
wedge of his cock-head looked like it had been

“He’s gonna shoot!” Sharon gasped, feeling his
thundering prick buck and throb.

She leaned sideways, moving her firm, jiggling tits
over in front of the animals cock-knob. She was
staring right down his prick as her hands flew
frantically up and down that pounding cock.

Sighting down his cock, the girl saw the stallion’s
huge balls quiver, ready to explode.

She waited in excitement.

As she pushed back on his cock shaft, she felt that
vibrant stalk shudder as his cum came rushing up
through the core. His prick was so long that he seemed
to be cumming in slow motion, the juice taking moments
to span the distance between his balls and his piss-

The horse spume was spurting out in a torrent. The
steaming slime splashed heavily on Sharon’s tits,
running like boiling oil over the mounds and onto the
nipples and frothing into her smooth cleavage. Sharon
whimpered, staring at his cock head in awe as the
juice pumped out, lathering her belly and tits. A jism
jet shot over her shoulder, just missing her face. The
animal drove his cock out and squirted again.

Aunt Pearl was moaning and shuddering, creaming her
jeans and drooling as she watched her sexy little
niece milk the stallion to the bone.

A last heavy wad hosed out and the horse blew,
spraying slobber. His humping slowed and his balls
hung slack.

Sharon kept on pumping his prick, coaxing out a few
last trickles from the cleft.

Finally the teen movedd her hands up and held him just
behind the knob, squeezing and teasing out one final
fat glob that clung lick quicksilver to his cock head.

When she released his prick, his cock stood upright
for a moment, trembling. Then it collapsed, falling
like a tree, the knob almost reaching the ground.

The stallion was finished and now it was time for a

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