Showering with sister

I’m a 21-year-old software engineer from the UK. I’m addicted to watching some reality shows ( I cannot think of anything else I could possibly get off to ), and owning all my favorite videogames.

I live in a small apartment with just my little sister. Our parents have given us all the material possessions and have supported me in my goals.I work hard and am just trying to make it through a really rough winter. I am trying to keep up with the monthly food cost, gas, and other living expenses.

My sister is 19 years old and has the body of a supermodel. She is a skinny 5’2″ blond beauty. She has a slender frame but is fit and muscular. She is my best friend and always looks amazing at any time. She has a bikini body, long blonde hair, and red lips. She always looks so good. She has the best personality, kind and caring and she always makes me feel good.

It all started one evening, I was in the shower and had forgotten to lock the door. I hear banging on the door and my sister came in. She’s wearing a dress. I think, “Holy shit, she’s out of his mind, this is crazy!”

I gasped and told her to get out. I guess I said the wrong thing. I didn’t want her to feel dirty or uncomfortable. I didn’t even know what she was feeling. My sister glanced down at my dick. I watched the reflection in the window. She made a sad face. Suddenly my dick seemed less of a powerful arm and more of a scary, unwanted appendage. “Holy crap,” I muttered. I glanced down at her. She was watching my dick. The reflection behind my sister got bigger.

“What’s with the reflection?” I asked my sister in a flirty way. “That’s why I didn’t touch it.” She answered, sniffling. “Your dick is touching me.” “Okay, that wasn’t a very nice comment.” I frowned in confusion, trying to figure out where my sister went wrong.

I’d never seen her flirt with me before, and that I guess is what made it all seem real. “I feel like you’re looking at me and my dick, and thinking about sucking it.” “Ugh, come on, let’s not do that.”

Amy pouted at me. “Can’t we just… you know… ”

“No, that’s too intimate,” I said. I tried to sit down as she entered the shower.

She closed the door and sat beside me. I could see her fingers poking up through the warm water, just glistening. “I want to keep doing this.”

I felt hard and excited. I was really going to enjoy this, and I wanted to share it with her. She leaned over to kiss me, but I pulled her back down so I could kiss her back. She was rubbing my back, and she tried to kiss me as well. Then she leaned over and slid her mouth over my shoulder, I looked down to see her kissing my chest..

“Wow, you’re really good at that, kinky girl,” I moaned as my sister licked me.

“What else are you good at, brother?”

“You’re a great kisser and your hands feel great when you handle things,” I told her.

“I think I can touch you too,” she told me.

She reached over and touched my cock with one finger. My entire body went tense and when she pulled her hand away, I felt shock and embarrassment. I was ashamed of my sexual response.”

“That was the first time she touched me in that way. She must have touched me a million times before.”

Her touch made my cock throb. She whispered to me, “Can I have some more?”

I said, “Do whatever you want. I’ll just watch.”

She had a little moan. Then she said, “Oh shit! This is real.”

Her nipples looked hard. They looked so delicious and familiar. She smiled at me and told me not to worry, that she was happy as well. Then she looked at my cock.

She whispered. “And how long have you wanted to fuck me?” I moved a little closer to her. Her hand still had my cock in her grasp. Her fingers ran all over it. Suddenly, I felt her warm wet mouth on my cock. Her tongue ran over my cock head. The sound of moaning and panting would have surprised me had I not known it was my sister’s. She wasn’t taking it slow either.

After kissing and licking my shaft I began to thrust myself inside her mouth. I opened her mouth wide and started to pump my shaft into her mouth. Within seconds I was cumming. I arched my back, I collapsed to the floor and all I could think about was how lucky I was to have someone as hot and sexy as my sister.

She threw her leg over me and climbed on top. I realized the heat she was radiating. I can’t even begin to describe how hot she was. I began licking her soft tits. I began kissing her, wrapping my lips around her pink, hard nipples. We kissed and groped each other, pressing our bodies together.

I felt my cock pushing against her pussy, slightly parting her lips. She rose up and positioned my cock with her hand. I wasn’t sure what she was doing but I just closed my eyes and slid into her. She felt it slide against her walls and felt me erupt inside her. She pushed her legs further apart, and sank down on my cock. She squealed and cried as I pounded into her. My sister came for me with every thrust and we both climaxed hard together.

My cum started dripping out of her pussy and down her legs.. We spent the next hour getting each other off. She used her body as a vacuum, pumping my rock hard dick to the edge of cumming. I was begging for it, begging to cum. She did everything she could to enjoy it, I could feel the rhythm, the rhythm of her breasts slapping against my chest, I could feel her hot pussy lips wrapped around my cock. All I wanted to do was cum, I used all the resources I had to put my orgasm to an ultimate end.

All of that was lost when she let go, pulled her little body off me, dropped to the floor and slid off my cock. Before I could stop her, stood up and grabbed a towel. I started to slowly pull the towel back, but then I noticed her tearing up.. I looked up and saw her drying off. She smiled at me, looked at my cock, then left the bathroom.

I grabbed the showerhead and water started pouring over me. It was so hot and I was still so so horny. The feeling of water hitting my skin and then it dripping into the basin and dripping onto my chest and all that. It was better than sex.

I dried off and left the shower. I did not have any tans, even after sunbathing. My body was white, but my overall appearance was calm and at peace. When I returned to my room, I could not feel the joy, the warmth, the hope and even the relief in my heart.

So I went to bed and fell into a deep sleep. As soon as I was woke up, I went into the kitchen. There was my sister, bent over the stove, trying to cook food, wearing nothing but a nightie.

Hey, turn that stove down to ‘low’ now.” I groaned, knowing it was a joke, as I had done it a hundred times. She smiled at me. “No.” She replied. “I’m cooking, so I must have them.” She leaned over the stove, to look over some pots. Her nightie rid up her butt, revealing her swollen pussy-lips. Her cunt was wet enough to show its pink flesh in the glow of the lamp.

I watched her, inspecting her delicious pussy. I moved over to her and put my hand under her nightie to feel her tits. As I probed for them, I could feel her erect nipples rubbing against my palm as she pressed her ass back against me.

She groaned and said “You know I loved fucking you. You made me a cum slut, and I love doing it. I just can’t say it. I hate saying those naughty things. I love your hard cock so much I get wet when I think about it. So if you want to, brother… fuck me.”

I started grinding against her ass. She shook her head back and forth, moving her hips back and forth, bouncing against me.

My throbbing cock was aching in the back of my pants. I wanted her pussy more than anything. My sister was the perfect lover.

I pulled my dick out and placed my hand on her crotch. She moaned, cupping my hand. My sister’s legs opened up a bit. She was almost ready for my cock.

“Does it feel good?” I asked her.

“Yes.” She moaned, “Please fuck me, please put it in me.”

I held her hips. I started teasing her pussy with my cock.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck” She said, “Yes, fuck yes!”

I slid my dick in her. Her pussy lips spread all around my cock. Her eyes shut as I thrust deep inside her. She wiggled her hips, I did as well. The two of us were making love like this, our moans combining with each other. It was kind of lovely.

She did not even scream because of my hard cock. When she looked back at me she gave me a smiling smile and said, “This is what you wanted, big brother”. My sister is the natural and the perfect woman that I know she is and I swear she is not the subject of a***e here!

We heard a door open. Standing there was our father. He looked at me with a concerned frown. I kept my expression neutral…

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