Sibling relationships sometimes take a turn for the bizarre

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The evening light cut through the mini blinds in Alan’s
room, creating streaks of orange, red and yellow. There
was complete silence throughout the house except for
the sounds of strained breathing and the rhythmic
squeaking of Alan’s bed.

Alan loved fucking his sister, she was the tightest
piece of ass he had ever had, the vise like grip of her
pussy was like magic on his cock, and when he came it
was like nothing he had ever experienced in his 17
years on this earth. Erika equally enjoyed fucking, his
cock was the longest she had ever had and she almost
passed out when ever he went down on her. Every since
they began fucking six months earlier they had never
missed and opportunity to fuck.

Alan and Erika had never gotten along well and often
they were at each others throats, sometimes for no
reason at all. It was because of one of these arguments
that their incestuous relationship began.

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon, the gloomy
atmosphere permeated through out the house. Their
mother had left Thursday for a business trip and would
not be back until Tuesday afternoon. Erika sat alone in
her room steaming, that bastard Richard canceled their
date and now she was home alone, horny and frustrated.
She had hoped to maybe get laid tonight, but now that
was blown and she was irritated, extremely horny and
with nowhere to turn. “Damn asshole,” she hissed. She
was beginning to feel really depressed when the idea
came to her. “Why not do something to piss off Alan?”
she thought. She knew that fucking up Alan’s mood would
make her feel much better.

Alan was laying face down on his bed reading the latest
issue of The Source magazine and listening to his
stereo, he was totally immersed in his music and didn’t
notice his sister enter his room until his music
suddenly stopped.

“What the fuck!” Alan cried in surprise, he always
hated when a song stopped in the middle. Looking up
from his magazine he suddenly knew that this was going
to be a long night filled with constant bickering.
“What are you doing?” Alan said trying to push down his
rising anger.

“Nothing, just borrowing your DMX CD,” she responded
with a smile. Alan cringed at this smile and he trying
to suppress his anger he spoke.

“You don’t even like DMX, put the fucking CD back and
get outta my room now,” the last few words Alan spat
out at his sister, he was pissed. Why in the fuck did
she have to screw with him today? He had just gotten
off work at the local video store and was looking
forward to just relaxing with his magazine and
listening to some tunes.

“Make me, shitwad.” Erika said turning on her heels and
walking towards his door. Before she could make it out,
Alan had jumped up and stood blocking the exit to his
room he leaned against the door closing it.

“We can do this the hard way or the easy way. Either
you a) give me the CD and leave or b) I take it from
you and throw you out. What is it gonna be?” Alan said
crossing his arms.

Erika made a similar pose obviously attempting to mock
him. “How about c) you get the fuck out of my way and I
keep the fucking CD?” Alan was fighting the urge to
slap the attitude from her, but he restrained himself.
After all he didn’t hit girls, even ones who were being
complete bitches.

“I’ll move when you give me the CD, bitch.” Erika
smiled, she was really enjoying getting into it with
her brother. It was starting to make her feel better
but she was still extremely horny. Well, that’s what
hands are for, she thought. Standing here with Alan was
beginning to get her turned on even more. She knew it
was wrong but she got some kind of perverse pleasure
from knowing what she was thinking was wrong.

“Make me give it up, faggot.” Alan finally grew tired
of this little game, he grabbed her wrist and attempted
to pry the CD from Erika’s hands. “Let go asshole!” she
kicked Alan in the shin and he fell to the floor in
pain, when she tried to step over him he grabbed her by
the legs and pulled her down on top of him.

“Let me go you bastard!” she screamed, struggling to
free herself from his grasp, but he had her. He rolled
them over and pinned her to the floor.

“Now! You give up or do I have to get really rough?”

She struggled futilely for a few more moments before
conceding defeat. “Fine, now get the hell off of me.”

He began smiling, having her under him was exciting. “I
think you like it down here under me, that’s why you
came in here screwing with me.”

She made a gagging sound. “Yeah right, you wish you
could fuck someone like me, turd, you’re just a sick

He began laughing out loud. “If I’m so sick how come
YOU are the one that’s dripping cunt juice on my leg?”

Suddenly she realized that she was wearing a very sheer
pair of panties and that she was in fact wet, she could
feel that her whole crotch was soaked.

“I bet you came in here to fuck me, but then got cold
feet and decided to mess with me.” He moved his knee in
between her legs, grinding it into her crotch. Then he
leaned forward and kissed her on the lips.

“Stop it!” Erika said in between deep gasps.

“Do you really want me stop? If so then tell me to stop
again,” he said as he began kissing her ear and neck.

“I, uh, stop… don’t… stop.”

Alan leaned forward and whispered into her ear. “Don’t
worry I wasn’t going to even if you asked me, I know
you’re hot and need this.”

Alan began kissing lower and lifted Erika’s hips so
that he could remove her panties. Once they were
removed he immediately began licking the pink lips of
her pussy. Erika’s breaths came out in gasps, she began
grinding her hips into his face. She couldn’t believe
she was doing this it was so nasty, so wrong, so good.
The idea of her older brother eating her was feeding
her arousal.

She never imagined fucking her brother even though she
did sometimes get hot from looking at him, especially
when he had his shirt off but she always suppressed
those thoughts. She wasn’t far from a tremendous
orgasm. Alan was amazed at how wet she was and how good
she tasted. He had thought about fucking her before,
but often dismissed it as just being horny. It felt
good to know he was making her cum.

“I do should this every time I want her to shut the
hell up,” he joked to himself.

“Oh…I’m going… to… cum!” she screamed. She
stiffened and her back arched into the air, Alan was
almost suffocated when her legs clamped shut on his
head, trapping him. Her orgasm swept through her and on
to his face and waiting tongue. Finally she collapsed
back on to the floor and released his head from between
her legs. “God Alan, that was amazing.” Alan moved up
and kissed her again, allowing her to taste her own

“Glad you liked it, we should fight more often.”

After that they had sex at every opportunity. Erika
especially got off on the fact that they were brother
and sister. She loved knowing that what they were doing
was wrong and that if they got caught there would be
hell to pay, but she would never stop fucking Alan.

Alan drove into Erica with slow and powerful strokes,
he loved fucking her this way, the way she would whine
and beg for him to speed up and he loved the intense
orgasms he would give her. He never felt satisfied
until she was left gasping for air and unable to speak
or move. She was grinding her hips into him trying to
get him to pick up his pace.

“Please, I need to cum now,” she would plead. Over the
last six months she had become a lot less bitchy and
they rarely got into arguments, but when they did it
would always end in sex. Today he was having trouble
holding back, actually he always had trouble inside of
Erika; she was so warm and wet, and she was tight as
glove. He picked up his pace and began fucking her fast
and hard, the way she liked it.

“Yeah, that’s it, fuck meeee, harder.” Alan was
concentrating on pounding his sister and didn’t notice
when someone entered his room. He continued to pound
her with all of his strength, oblivious to the third
person there.

Alan was pounding faster and faster his orgasm
approaching quickly, from the look on Erika’s face he
knew that she was close also. They were racing each
other towards orgasm, they were both in deep
concentration. Alan tried to beat her, but Erika was
first, the sharp wave of her orgasm hit her hard and
she began screaming at the top of her lungs in pleasure
and pain. Erika’s pussy tightened and nearly sucked
Alan into her. That sent him over the edge and his hot
come began flooding her insides, he threw his head back
in ecstasy and then he opened his eyes and looked
forward directly into his mother’s eyes.

He immediately pulled out Erika, come still pulsing out
of his dick, and jumped off the bed. Erika let out a
scream of surprise at the loss of him inside of her.
When she saw him staring in terror towards his door she
looked also and saw her mother there just watching.

Their mother had gotten home early from her business
trip. She had heard the noises and wondered what was
going on. When she stepped into Alan’s door way she
received the answer why she had noticed a change in
their attitudes towards each other in the last few
months. They were having sex!

“Mom – I,” Erika said as she jumped up and wrapped
herself in the bed sheet. They both felt their hearts
sink, they stood there silently for what seemed an
eternity, until their mother spoke.

“When you both get cleaned up I want to speak with you
down stairs,” she told them calmly.

With that she turned around and walked out of the room.
Alan and Erika looked at each other in surprise. They
had been feeling so good just minutes before, and now
they both felt like hell. Erika grabbed up her clothing
and walked to her room to get dressed and cleaned up.
Alan picked up his own clothes and got dressed,
wondering what was going to happen now.

Alan came out of his room and waited a few minutes
before Erika joined him. They walked down the stairs to
the living room where their mother was waiting. Their
mom pointed to the couch, and Alan sat at one end and
Erika the other. Both teenagers had long faces.

“My goodness, you two. Whatever am I going to do?” Alan
looked at Erika and back at his mother, but couldn’t
seem to say anything. Erika was remaining silent as

“I guess I should have known something was going on.
You two used to fight like cats and dogs, but a few
months ago you stopped. I was happy at first, then I
started to worry you might be on drugs or something.”
She looked at each of them. “You’re not taking drugs, I
should hope?” she asked.

“No, mom,” they both said simultaneously.

“And what about protection, eh?” she asked.

“Uh, I’m on the pill, mom. I have been, for, you know,
a while,” Erika offered.

“Well, thank goodness for small miracles, I suppose.”
Their mother shook her head, and stared down, as if
trying to decide what to say next. Alan was almost near
tears, but Erika was confused. She thought her mother
would be really angry and yelling at them, yet she was
acting instead like she had caught them stealing apples
from a neighbor’s tree or something.

“Uh, mom, I – aren’t you, like, pissed or something?”
Erika asked.

“Young lady, I’ll ask you to watch your mouth please,”
her mom replied. Erika mumbled ‘sorry’ under her

Alan broke out of his stupor. “But, mom, you don’t seem
real mad. I mean, you know, what we were doing. I guess
we let you down and all. I mean, it’s incest, for chr-
um, I mean, well, you know.”

“Well, Alan, I suppose I might be a bit upset, but I
have something I need to tell you, something that I
probably should have told you a long time ago. At least
after your poor father died, bless his soul.” She
looked at Alan, then Erika. “You two should know
something about yourselves. You see, I was a pretty
wild teenager, myself. I didn’t have any brothers, only
your two aunts as sisters. But I went out with quite a
few boys back then. In fact, the reason your father and
I got married so quickly, was that I was pregnant.”

Erika and Alan were both shocked. That would have been
almost thirty years ago, long before either of them
were born.

“But, we don’t have any other brothers or sisters,”
Alan said, looking confused.

“No, sadly you don’t. The baby died before she was
born, just a month after your father and I got married.
Of course, we really were in love, so we stayed
together anyway.”

“Je–ez, mom,” Erika said, “You and dad messed around
when you were my age. But what does that have to do
with Alan and me?”

“Well, let me finish, whydontcha? Your father and I got
along for over ten years by ourselves, but we both
eventually decided we wanted to have c******n.
Unfortunately, after my miscarriage, we couldn’t. So we
decided to adopt. At first, we were just going to get
one cute little boy,” she looked over at Alan, “but the
adoption agency had this newborn girl, and said we
could adopt you both.”

Alan and Erika looked at each other and back at their
mother. They were astonished at this news and didn’t
know how to react.

“So, we – we aren’t – aren’t brother and sister?” Erika

“Well, you are both part of this family, but no, you’re
not related biologically. I wish I had told you both
this years ago. I’m so sorry.” She was near to tears.
Erika got up and went to hug her mother.

“Oh, mom, it’s okay. You’re our mother, and we love
you, you know that.” Alan got up too, and the three of
them hugged. Their mother leaned back and wiped her

“You know, you two, it’s probably not a good idea for
you to be, well, you know, even if you aren’t related.”
She turned to Erika. “Surely, young woman, there are
other boys at school you could date? And you, Alan,
I’ll bet there are girls just dying to go to a movie
with you.”

Erika and Alan both said ‘Oh, mom’.

“Well, it’s pretty late, and you both do have school
tomorrow. What say you run on upstairs and get ready
for bed?” Erika almost laughed at the unintended joke
her mother had made, but she got up and headed for the

Before Alan left the room, he turned to ask his mother
a question. “So mom, how did the Tupperware convention

“Oh, just great, Alan. They have this new kind of
container that …” She went on about the products she
was going to be selling, and Alan regretted bring the
subject up. Finally, she finished and he made his way
upstairs to get ready for bed.

After brushing his teeth, Alan went past his sister’s
room and found her still awake, sitting on her bed
reading a textbook. He went into her room and sat in a
chair near the bed.

“This is all just so weird,” he told her. She closed
her book.

“I know what you mean. Mom fucked around when she was a
k*d, just like me. Well, not exactly, ‘coz she didn’t
have a brother to fuck. But, you’re not really my
brother, are you?”

Alan stared at the floor. “Well, I am, but just not,
you know, biologically. We’re like step kids or

Erika looked at her brother, but all she felt was
tired. “I gotta get some sleep. Goodnight, Alan.” He
took the hint and got up, heading for his own room.

The next day at school, they both were in a fog. For
the rest of the week, they mostly avoided each other,
not sure of what to say.

Their mother basically stayed out of their way as well.
Then, on Saturday, she went out in the rain to give a
Tupperware party.

“You two behave yourselves, now, okay?” she said as she
was leaving.
“I’m going to be gone all afternoon and probably into
the evening. There’s stuff for dinner in the fridge,
if you want. Now the blue containers have beef in them
– ” Erika interrupted her mother.

“We know mom, we’ll be fine. You have fun selling that
stuff,” she told her as she helped her out the door.

As her mother drove off into the rain, Erika turned to
her brother, who was sitting on the couch watching TV.
“You hungry?” she asked him.

“Nah, not really,” Alan answered. She went over and sat
on the couch next to him, to see what he was watching.
After a few minutes of flipping through the channels,
he clicked the TV off. “Not much on,” he offered.

“Yah, guess not,” Erika replied. They sat there in
silence for a few minutes. Then Erika said, “Alan, do

“Well, uh, do you?” he asked.

She leaned over to kiss him on the mouth. He reached up
for her breasts, grabbing them through her shirt. In
just a few seconds, they broke off the kiss, and Alan
released her.

“Something’s not – something’s not right,” Alan said.

“It’s just not, the same anymore,” Erika agreed.

After sitting there for a few more minutes, Alan got up
and went to his room. Erika sat a while alone, then
turned the TV back on.

When her mother finally came home, Erika was sitting at
the kitchen table, doing homework.

“So how’d it go?” she asked her mother. Her mother
looked a little flushed, Erika supposed, from running
in from the rain.

“Oh, just splendid. A wonderful party. Darned if it
didn’t rain all evening. People don’t have anything to
do on a rainy day, so they come to buy Tupperware.
Sales were very good indeed.”

“That’s great, mom.” Erika said. She went back to doing
her homework, but her mother interrupted her.

“So,” she asked, slightly concerned, “how were things

Erika caught her mom’s implication. “Nothing happened
mom. It’s, it’s all right.” Her mother sighed a little.

“Well, I’m glad. You need to be careful in this town,
Erika. It’s small, and people would talk if they found
things out, you know.” Erika nodded, but wasn’t sure
what her mother’s point was. Instead of going into
further detail like Erika expected, her mother got up
and headed for the stairs. “It’s been a kind of rough
day selling, so I’m going to take a bath and head on to

“K’, mom, g’night,” Erika called after her.

In the week that followed, Erika and Alan made several
dates with other kids at school, but they both found
that they weren’t having much fun. Friday rolled around
and instead of having dates, they both stayed home to
watch TV while their mother was out at another
Tupperware party.

“This is the fucking pits,” Alan told Erika. “We’ve
can’t fuck each other anymore, and we can’t seem to
fuck anyone else, either. What the hell is the matter?”

“I don’t know. The sex we had was the hottest I’ve ever
known, but it just doesn’t seem to happen anymore. I
liked it better when I thought we were related.” She
shocked herself by admitting it, and Alan too.

“Christ, you’re right, Sis. It was so damn hot when we
thought we b***d relatives. Are we fucking weird or
what?” Alan sat there dejected, but Erika started to
get a sly look on her face.

“You know, Alan, we know we had different mothers, but
don’t know who are real fathers are.”

“Yeah, so, who gives a fuck?” he snorted back. He was
started to get pissed off at her all over again.

“So, asshole, maybe, just maybe, they were the same
guy!” Erika was smiling, and her hand rubbed her crotch
through her pants.

“So what, I – holy shit!” Alan exclaimed. “You’re
right! This is a small town, and maybe both our mothers
were knocked up by the same guy.” For some reason, Alan
was starting to get turned on. He could tell his sister
was; her nipples were poking through her blouse, and a
wet stain was appearing in the crotch of her jeans.

“Come on, Sis, let me help you out of those pants,” he
told her.

Reaching over, Alan unzipped her jeans. The sweet smell
of her cunt almost over powering him, he eagerly peeled
the nearly soaked jeans off of his “sister”. Once he
had removed her pants and panties he began kissing up
her thighs. Alan loved performing oral sex on Erika,
she was so sweet, yet tangy, and he loved to hear her
screech in pleasure as she came. “Mmmm Alan, I’ve
missed my BIG brother sooo much.” Erika said running
her hands through Alan’s hair.

Alan made his way to her damp crotch, he slowly slid a
finger in her quivering hole, pulling it out he
licked.” I’ll never be tired of this,” he said sucking
hungrily at his juice covered finger. He inhaled deeply
taking in her sweet smell, then he dived in like a man
dying of thirst would dive in a pool of water. Alan
pursed his lips and began sucking roughly on the hard
button at the top of her juicy slit.

“Ohh, suck it mmmm…yea,” Erika babbled almost

Alan was enjoying himself, only the ache in his balls
kept from spending the whole night at his “sisters”
slit. Reluctantly he pulled himself away from her hot
hole, a bridge of saliva and pussy juice mixed
connected his mouth with Erika’s hot box, his face
covered in her secretions. He reached up and kissed
Erika, allowing her to taste her own wine. She lunged
forward and pushed her hand into his grey sweats
grasping his throbbing dick. “Fuck me now before I r**e
you!” she growled.

In all honesty, Alan was afraid of what may happen if
he didn’t fuck her now, she has demonstrated in the
past that if she’s left horny and unsatisfied she can
get VERY violent, and he wondered if he could fight her
back. Not that he would try to.

Meanwhile, across town, their mother was talking with
her aunt’s son. “So, what do you think this time?”

“It surprises me that you, whatchacall, sell lingerie
and Tupperware both,” he said, amazed at the sight
before him.

“Oh, yes, dontchaknow. People seem to like to buy them
together. Sometimes I model a few items, but nothing
this revealing.” She twirled around for him and the
short nighty she was wearing flew up, showing him her
thong panties. She jumped into his lap and he reached
up to stroke her nipples through the nighty.

“Well, I wouldn’t mind buying something like this, as
long as you, whatchacall, wear it for me,” he told her.
She leaned into him and kissed him deeply, feeling him
respond as a bulge hardened in his pants. She was
always glad to use the “party ran late” excuse to see
him. “Of course, you ain’t gonna be wearing it too
long,” he added smiling.
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

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