Sleep Over Goes to the Dogs

Our parents wanted to go away for the weekend to attend
a New Years Eve party with old friends and asked our
aunt if she would look after us girls for the night,
which she was happy to do.

All day that first day she kept going into my room
without knocking as if trying to catch us doing
something we shouldn’t be and it pissed me off. So I
went to mom’s bathroom and got a couple of the sleeping
pills mom uses when she can’t get to sleep. They are
prescription and pretty strong, I’m told. I dissolved
them in a coke that I was getting for her and watched as
she drank it down.

The next time she came to my door she seem to be drunk,
and not making any sense, so I took my by the hand and
had her lie down on my parent’s bed. I checked on her 15
minutes later and she was out like a light, so we
started having some fun daring each other to do weird
stuff with each other now that we had no supervision. So
when I dared my sister to get on her hands and knees in
front of Toby without any panties on, I knew she
wouldn’t do it, but she shocked me by doing it!

Toby took one sniff and jumped up with his front legs
around her wrist and I saw in a flash that Toby’s hard
cock was pushing against her butt. I reached over to
took it, moving it to her slit and the dog immediately
started humping, shoving all the way in her. Toby is a
golden lab and has a big cock on him and he was fucking
the shit out of her.

My sister was struggling, trying to move away, moaning,
in pain begging me to help, But I didn’t know what to
do, other then try to pull Toby off her, but he was to
strong and after maybe 3 minutes of furious pumping, my
sister tensed and gasped, and stopped struggling. And
soon, I could tell that Toby was getting off in her, he
whined and held his doggy cock into her slit and his
body jerked over and over again.

When Toby stopped moving, my sister crumpled underneath
him, gasping for breath. I sat back in shock. This was
the last thing I thought would happen to my sister
Carol… but… seem to have enjoyed having him fuck the
hell out of her like that. Toby knotted to her just the
way he does to the female dogs he get paid to do, so
Carol had to wait until his cock deflated and let her
go. Carole was a bit in shock by her experience and
didn’t know what to say.

What we didn’t realize was that Toby is a pure bred and
our folks used him as a stud for other pure bred
females, so I guess that’s why he was so ready to fuck

I looked at Carol and asked, “You weren’t a virgin were

“No, uncle Ron fucked me last year and he has done it 4
more times after the first time. I know it’s wrong, by I
like it, it’s fun.”

I said, “So why did you want me to go camping with him
and you next summer?”

Carol gave me a sheepish smile and replied, “Well, he
thinks you’re pretty and he wants to fuck you like he
does me if you’ll let him.” I didn’t know what to say,
so I just sat there looking from Carol to Toby, who was
licking his still half hard cock.

I wasn’t sure about Uncle Ron, but I was sure that what
my sister had just done with Toby looked interesting and
she’d obviously liked it, so I asked, “Do you think he
can do it again right now, or do we have to wait?” I
wasn’t sure what I was feeling, but I knew I was
curious, “If I’m going camping you guys, I don’t want to
be a virgin.”

I undressed and got down on my hands and knees like
Carole had and we got Toby’s nose very close to my slit,
and that’s all it took, once he got the whiff of pussy,
he was ready for round two. Toby began licking my pussy,
making me moan with pleasure, and after a few minutes of
that he climbed on top of my back and mounted me. But he
missed his target and rammed himself up my backside,
making me scream. He was furiously fucking my asshole
and it felt like he was killing me. This time Carol was
the one trying to pull him off me, unsuccessfully.

But she did get him pulled out of my butt and into my
cunt and he drove deep into my pussy, making me scream
again, I was a virgin and Toby didn’t care about that,
he just wanted to fuck me and was pounding my like mad!

I didn’t cum, but Toby certainly did, after he un-
knotted from me I gushed a lot of white sticky stuff
that I knew was doggy cum. As I got up and expressed my
desire to take a bath, Carol looked at me and said,
“That dog really knows how to fuck.”

Ever since that New Years Eve, I’ve been wondering if I
should give Toby a try again. After all when I told my
friends about it, they said if they had the chance
they’d let him do it to them and they are bugging their
parents to get a big male dog of their own. And besides
I’d think the next time Toby would probably get me off,
and I’d sure like that.

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