Small Town Girls

Two girls, Christa and Sara, decided to spent Christmas at Holiday’s Inn in small mountain town of Brucksberry. They have other school friends to meet there. Both just recently turned eighteen and parents reluctantly allowed them to drive there along in Christa’s new red convertible. “But beware of snow and ice on a roads, it can be nasty in the mountains, told them Sara’s father. Stay on the main road and make sure you have shovel and good pair of warm coats and boots with you. ”

“Don’t worry, we already thought of everything, ” said Sara cheerfully.

In a reality they did not think about supplies or shovels or warm coats and boots at all. Because they lived in sunny Santa Barbara on a coast. The girls hardly ever saw snow before. But they were an excellent swimmers and spent hours on windsurfing boards. They never wore wetsuits, even in winter when water was nearly freezing, so they we accustomed to the chilly waters of Pacific. Their skins were always tanned, with exception of narrow white strips left under bikinis.

All their dresses in suitcases consisted of pairs of long leather boots, small skirts and sexy translucent sweaters with large cleavage. They did not intend to go much outside, they we going to a masquerade ball. They loaded their little luggage in convertible, kissed mom and dad, and off they go.

The road fly by quickly, as they chatted about their things, dreams, and of cause, boys.

But when they approached mountains, the weather become gloomier and small chilly rain started dropping. They stopped to close the top of the convertible and kept going. They turned CD music on maximum volume, and turned heater to the maximum to keep them warm in the car.

The road winded up. Soon wet snow appeared on a road around them. Since they turned music on and did not look at the weather alters on the phones, they did not know about big snow storm coming from other side of the mountain.

Soon they stopped in a long row of cars, idling along the summit road. “What’s happening there?” asked they a driver in the next car. “Road is closed today, snow blocked everything. ” Police turned everyone around. “But we need to get to Brucksberry today, complained the girls, is there any other road which is not blocked?”

“I don’t know”, answered the driver, “there is one country village road you can try, it is not blocked by cops probably. ” “it starts on the fifth mile marker on the right. ” “But it is not likely that your ‘little car’ can drive through that road”, said he smiling shrewdly.

“My car can ride anywhere”, said Christa defiantly. She was so proud of her new convertible which her parents just bout for her on eighteenth birthday.

“Well, try on your own risk, said the drive doubtfully, but don’t blame me if that would not succeed”. “And make sure you have shovel and spare gas canister, there is no gas station on that road. ”

“We’ll manage”, said Christa indifferently. She turned her little car on a spot and revved engine back driving to the fifth mile marker.

Episode 1. Country road

When they approached country road entrance, they paused to turn to the narrow road, hardly visible in fresh snow. Sara said cautiously “May be he was right, we cannot manage driving on this road in your car?”

“Nonsense, said Christa, watch me, we will be in the Brucksberry by evening. Christa revved the engine and continued driving the narrow winding road. After about 20 miles, road become covered in so much snow that their little car was hardly moving, revving engine and spinning wheels almost in one place. After an hour and a half they noticed the gas gauge indicator showed almost no gas at all.

“We need to find a gas station and soon”, exclaimed Sara.

The girls lived all their life in a city. They could not imagine a place without a gas station every three miles or so. They could imagine be without a food or cell phone service but without a gas station, that was impossible. Just the same, their cell phones showed no service, they have no food or beverage in the car, and no gas in the gas tank. Soon they car stopped moving at all, just revving and spinning wheels in snow.

“Where is your snow shovel?”, asked Sara, climbing out of the convertible, against the wind. Her hair and blouse immediately covered in white snowflakes.

“What shovel, I never had it in my car, why would I?”, said Christa.

“Did not my father mention that?”, asked Sara perplexed.

“I do not remember, ” said Christa, confused.

“He mentioned to us something about warm coats and boots too, ” added Sara reproachfully, “Why we did not listen?”.

“I did not pack them either”, said Christa, holding her short skirt with both hands to stop it from flapping in the wind. The harsh reality of a fiasco started to down on her.

“I guess we would not get to the Brucksberry ball tonight?”, said Sara, absently.

“Nonsense, I won’t give up just yet, ” said Christa, “Let’s go and find some house and ask for a canister of gas and a shovel!”

“And a pair of coats and boots, if they give it to us”, added Sara, halfheartedly.

The girls stepped from the convertible, and started walking, stepping through 4 inches of fresh snow.

“How do you know which way we go?”, asked Sara, stepping in snow behind, and holding her blouse.

“I saw a small cottage in the woods on the left side of the road recently, said Christa, it can’t be more then 500 yards away from here. ”

“I hope you are right, ” said Sara complacently.

In a few minutes girls saw a narrow side way, leading to a shabby old cottage. Light was on in one window and a white smog was coming through the chimney.

“Here it is, ” exclaimed Christa. Her cheeks were pink from the cold wind, and her lips were blue from cold, but she was feeling cheerful nevertheless.

They climbed a few steps to the front patio and ringed the bell.

A large bearded shabby man in big trousers and sweater opened the door, looked at two girls gloomy, and gestured them to come inside without saying a world.

It was pleasantly warm inside the house, which created sense of home and security.

Two girls looked around curiously.

Large room was filled with old furniture, dust and food leftovers covered the table. Fire crackled in a large fireplace.

“At least its warm here, we are safe now. ” exclaimed Christa. Little she knew how far she was from the truth.

“We will just warm up if you don’t mind, and then we will need a canister of gas and a shovel to dig our car, and then we will be off on a road again!” she said, smiling to the bearded man. She was always very open and easy coming, even with strangers. “And we will be very grateful to you if you give us a cup of tea, sir, ” she added more politely, seen moody expression on the face of a bearded man.

Episode 2. Cruel man.

“You little prats don’t know how to be grateful, ” said big man finally, “I will teach you about gratuity, ” he said glumly. Unkind notes sounded in his rough voice.

“I am sorry if we upset you, sir we just wanted some help, ” exclaimed Sara, feeling big trouble.

The man pulled a semi – automatic pistol from his pocket and pointed it on two frightened girls.

“Step over there where I can see you better, ” he said pointing gun toward big sofa.

“Please, sir, we did not do anything wrong, please forgive us, ” pleaded Christa in thin voice.

“Now we will see what you will do for me”, said the men.

Take your skirts and blouses, both of you”, he commanded.

“No, please no”, cried Sara, but man motioned his gun threateningly.

The girls quietly obliged.

“Give me the keys of you car and your wallets, ” said man.

The girls gave him keys and wallets they had.

“Now, girls, listen carefully, ” said man. “Take of your stalkings. Slowly. Very slowly. I want to enjoy watching it. ”

Girls obliged.

“Now, take your bras, slowly, too. ”, said cruel man.

Christa bit her lips and said nothing. Sara wimped and cried quietly.

“Do it, now, ” said the man.

Girls did it.

“Now, give me your panties, both of you, ” he commanded loudly.

“Please, no, ” pleaded last time Sara, but it was no use to argue.

Soon both girls took their panties off and stood completely naked, covering their small breasts and genitalia with both hands.

“Put your hands down and stand still, ” commanded cruel man, I want to take a better look.

Girls complied, wimping and shaking.

It turns out that Christa’s pussy was neatly shaved, and Sara’s pussy was a bit hairy, with small curly red hairs.

“You, hairy one, ” called man to Sara, step here, close to the fireplace.

“Nice, ” murmured he when she complied.

“Now you, shaved one, ” he said, “Step close to fireplace, too. ”

“Close, close, ” repeated man, pushing them close to the fireplace.

“Why are you dong this?”, asked Sara, frighteningly, “Have not you punished us enough already?”

“Or I have not punish both of you, little brats. Not yet, ” said bearded man.

“ I just want you to stand close to the fire and remember how nice and cozy it is, ” said strange man.

Both girls felt strong heat coming from logs in a big fireplace.

“Please let us leave now, ” asked Sara.

“Oh yes, said big man, I am letting you two little brats leave now. ”

Then he grabbed both girls by the arms and pulled them across the room, to the hallway and front door.

“Please let me go, “ screamed frightened Sara, twisting her hands and trying to get away from him. But the man was much stronger.

In a matter of moments he opened the front door and pushed both frightened girls out and into the snow under the door.

“Now, get out of my property and not come back!” screamed the men and then he locked the door shut in front of them.

For a second both girls stood there dumbfounded and confused. They started felling prickles of icy cold in their feet and chill of a wind on their naked backs and legs. But it was not bad yet, because they were near the fire just a seconds ago and chill did not get too deep yet.

“I cannot believe that, ” screamed Christa angrily, “I cannot believe what that moron did that to us!”

She punched the door with her hands and feet but the door was closed shut.

They pressed on a bell a few times but it was no answer to that too.

They stood completely alone, naked and helpless, barefooted, in a snow, in a middle of winter.

They stood there for a minute, wimping and shivering, feeling how cold is getting in their bodies more and more.

“Why did he do that to us?” asked Sara, swallowing tears.

There was no answer to that question.

“Come on, we have to do something, ” said Christa finally, with shaking lips, “We cannot just stand here, or we will freeze to death. ”

“What do you suggest?”, asked Sara feebly. She used to it that her friend Christa always have a solution, always knew what to do. Both in the school when they did not finish their home work on time, and in the ocean, when they riding windsurfing boards against the tide.

“Besides, ” added Christa, trying to cheer up her friend, ” its not much worse then swimming in Pacific water in December, and we did that all the time. Remember, we went on a beach last weekend?”

“That was different, ” said Sara.

Indeed, both girls used to go on the beach almost every day, even in winter. The weather is always shiny and warm in Santa Barbara, but Pacific ocean carries a cold waters from arctics.

The water was freezing cold but they went to swim for a couple of minutes, and then they dry themselves with towels and lay on a sun for a winter tan.

Both we accustomed to the cold water, and used to swim a lot, but what they had to endure now was entirely different experience.

Sara looked around on a snow covered patio and furniture, looking for some shelter or hiding place from wind. Her gaze fell on thermometer, hanging outside.

“It’s 12 degrees Fahrenheit, ” She said quietly. “We are doomed. We will freeze here. ”

(12 degrees Fahrenheit is approximately – 11 degrees Celsius below zero. )

“We have to go down the road, walk back to our car and try to hide inside and get our closes from the trunk, ” said Christa after a pause.

So they started slowly walking, dragging bare feet in 4 inches of snow, toward their car.

When they came to the convertible, they were already chilled to the bone, shivering and feeling numb in their soles and toes.

By that time, wind and snow subsided as suddenly as it started. A bright winter sun shined on the blue cold sky. The whether changes quickly in the mountains.

The car was still in place, half covered in snow from wind side. They tried to open door from other side, but the car was locked and they did not have a keys.

Christa tried to open a trunk, where their suitcases with closes were, but it was no use either.

Sara shook car door madly and started crying.

“Come on, get a grip on yourself, ” Christa pushed her friend, “We have to go now!”

“Why?” asked Sara, weekly.

“Because we will freeze here if we stay longer. ”

“But look, I am naked, ” protested Sara, “ I never went naked out before. I feel so ashamed. I wish I had at least a bikini. What if somebody will see me naked?”

“It makes no difference now, ” reasoned Christa, “In bikini or not we freeze just the same. ”

“Imagine that you are wearing a bikini, if that helps you, but let’s keep going. ”

So, off they went, walking naked and barefooted, on a snow covered road.

Episode 3. Damsel in distress

Two girls walked down the road and saw another house standing on a side of the road.

“May be we can find help here?” suggested Christa in feeble voice.

“I hope they won’t do something worse to us then that mad man, ” answered Sara. “But I would risk anything to get inside and be warm now. ”

Girls passed through the gate and walked into the snow covered yard. In front of the house they saw a stranger, an older woman. Woman was dressed in old long heavy overcoat and winter boots. She was cleaning her sidewalk from snow with a large broom. A woman was surprised to see two young naked woman walking in snow. It was hard to say who was more embarrassed, the stranger or the girls.

Sara covered her lady parts and breasts with hands and hid behind her friend’s back. Christa was more upcoming. It was not the time to think about decency, she decided.

Woman looked over both girls and asked them in unfriendly tone “Why are you naked, isn’t it cold out here ?”,

Christa cleared her throat with little cough then said “We are very very cold, and we need help. ”

Her lips were hardly moving, throat was sore from cold.

But the stranger was not sympathetic to them. Instead the old woman humiliated them even further.

“Shame on you, ” said old woman reproachfully, “You are two sluts, why are you going naked like that on our streets in the middle of winter? I saw nudists like yourself going naked around the camp all summer, having sex with men at every corner. But it’s the first time I see sluts like that going naked in winter. Not even cold and snow can stop you from showing yourselves. Don’t you have any decency to cover your bodies?”

A woman went on and on calling them “sluts” and “whores”.

Her harsh words made girls even more upset, then the cold itself. They were nearly crying.

Turns out there was a nudist camp colony near the village, on a river, where men and women of all edges sun – based and played naked every summer. The old woman had had enough of them and hated everyone doing nude activity.

“But we need help, please, let us inside to warm up, or at least give us some closes!”, pleaded Christa, “We were attacked by a man, we are freezing, don’t you see?”

But the woman did not care why two girls are standing naked, and what would happen to them.

The woman said reproachfully “You got what you deserve, young whores. You shouldn’t go on a streets of our village naked like that. It’s no surprise that some men would attack you. ”

“Why are you treating us like that?, ” screamed Christa, “I’d rather die from cold than take such treatment, ” she said. Christa sneezed, then wiped her nose with her hands.

Finally the woman told them “I won’t help you anyway, what do you expect me, to give you my closes?”

Then she added “There is a village about one mile down the road, and maybe you can find help there, if anyone in the village would agree to help sluts like you at all. We don’t take nudists like you kindly. ”

“Now get out of here or I will call a police on you and get you arrested. ”

So the poor girls have no choice but to keep walking down the road.

Episode 4. Meet another stranger

Two girls continued walking down the snow covered road, naked, shivering and nearly crying from cold and mistreatment. “Why did she treat us so cruelly, what did we do to her?”, asked Sara.

Tears were running on her cheeks, leaving cold wet traces. Then she blew her runny nose.

“If even old woman refused to help us then who would?” “May be all people here are like her?”, “What if they all will treat us same way?”

“Then let’s just not go to that village, but keep going along the road till next town?”, said Christa.

“Or freeze on the road”, quietly said Sara.

Then, they met another stranger who walked on a road in opposite direction, a young woman. She too was surprised to see two naked girls.

“Oh, poor darlings, isn’t that too cold to go out like that ?”, she ask them.

“Yes, we are very very cold”, said Christa defiantly, “But we will not take any more humiliation.

“Why would I do such a thing?”, ask a woman surprised, “did somebody hurt you before?”

“Yes, one man took our closes off and left us naked, and an old woman scolded us for been naked. ”, said another girl.

“No, I won’t hurt you”, said woman, quite taken aback, “But I don’t know how to help you. ”

“You need to get warm soon or you will catch a cold. ” “But I cannot warm you or give you my own closes because it is freezing. Then I would catch a flue or pneumonia too. ”

Freezing girls just looked at her, and from her warm worlds they started feeling better already.

She was concerned about the girls health.

“You both can catch a pneumonia or get a frostbite, ” said woman. “It’s so freaking cold. ” “you need to restore your b***d circulation. ”

She approached the girls and started rubbing their naked backs and hands and shoulders, first Sara’s, then Christa’s. She even bent down and rubbed their cold frozen soles and toes until red color started to appear on their skins.

“Thank you, I feel better already, ” exclaimed Sara,

“You already helped us to feel better. ” “I see that you are kind, and if all people in that village are anything like you we will find help there. ”, said one of the girls.

“I am not from here, said woman. ” “The people in this village are very conservative, and may not take you nicely. But I know one person there, my cousin Vicki, she owns a small grocery store in the village, and she will sure help you, especially if you say that I asked her for that. ”

The woman gave them what she can: a pair of her warm red mittens and a woolen scarf, and some money to by closes as soon as they get to a village.

“Thank you, ” said Sara.

“Good luck to you, ” smiled young woman, and hugged both of them. Then she left.

“So, which one of us gets mittens and which gets scarf?” asked Sara, clearing her runny nose again.

“Which do you choose?”, asked Christa as indifferently as she could.

“I want scarf, to cover the throat!”, said Sara. “Besides, when somebody comes next time, I can cover my lady parts with the scarf too. ”

“Fine, ” said Christa, “I though about the same, but you asked first. ”

Then Christa gave Sara the scarf. Sara wrapped scarf around her neck tightly, and she immediately looked happier.

Christa pulled mittens on her cold hands and soon started feeling little warms in her hands. At least she could again move fingers on her hands now.

How a small thing given by a stranger, can change mood of a person in an instant, even if it does not solve all problems.

Episode 5. Snow fight

Two girls started running down the road, then they started doing warm – up exercises, jumping and pushing one another. That warmed them up quickly. They did not feel so cold any more, and their mood improved. Then they started laughing. Christa took a ball of snow and threw it to Sara. Sara giggled, and threw another ball of snow to Christa. Soon they engaged in mad snow fight, laughing and giggling when a pieces of snow hit one of them. Christa even fell on top of Sara and they rolled wrestling one another in snow, giggling and screaming loudly. Surprisingly, at that moment they did not feel cold at all. Then they stopped and stood up to catch their breath. Both were breathing heavily, smiled and shook lumps of snow which stuck to their skin and hair.

“That was, refreshing, ” said Christa excitedly.

But soon cold started squeezing their bodies again. Harsh reality of situation came back on them.

They looked around, on snow covered field and road.

“Come one. Let’s keep going, it’s a long road ahead. ” said Christa, in a low tone.

“I want to pee, I always want to pee when its cold, ” said Sara feebly. “Where is the bathroom here?”

“What bathroom do you expect to find?’ exclaimed Christa, annoyed by her friend’s silly request.

“Just sit down an pee on a road, nobody is looking at you, silly”, she added.

“But you would not look?” said Sara indignantly, “You never saw me peeing before. ”

“Sit down and pee, you silly nude dummy, ” exclaimed Christa, “ I would not look how you peeing even if you asked me to do so. ”

So, Sara sat down and started peeing, warm liquid poured on a frozen road. A small white cloud of condensed vapors hang in the chilly air from the warm liquid.

Of cause, Christa looked at it with a shrewd smiling expression on her face. Then she giggled, sat down and started peeing too.

They peed and peed, laughing and covering snow with yellowish icy frost.

“Enough, ” said Christa, finally, “We have to keep going. ”

They stood up, cleaned their lady parts with small lumps of white snow, and prepared themselves for the long chilly walk ahead.

A man stood quietly near, looking at them. Sara screamed and covered her groins with long end of her scarf. Christa did not scream, but looked at man defiantly, as if challenging him for action.

Episode 6. Sex for closes

“What you two ladies are doing here?” said man ironically, “Do you think this is public bathroom?”

“No, but there is no bathroom here, and we needed to pee, ” replied Christa.

“We are freezing here, we need help, ” pleaded Sara in feeble voice. She did not know what to expect from that man.

“Yes, we are very cold, please help us, ” added Christa.

“I can see that you are cold, ” said man.

“Why are you walking here through the snow in you birthday suits?” he inquired. ‘Are you some kind of nudists or whores?” “We can use girls like that in our pub for striptease show tonight. ”

“We are not whores, ” screamed Christa. “And we are not dancing in striptease shows. ”

“If you are not whores and not striptease dancers, than what are you doing here peeing and jogging naked on my private property?” inquired man ironically.

“And how is it your property?” asked Sara silly.

“All this field and road across it lays on my private property, ” explained man, “This is my farm land. I can do anything I want here. ”

“We are victims of the mad man attack, and we need help and closes. ”

“I can give you help and give you closes, if I want to, ” said man slowly.

“But for that you can do something for me, in return. ” he added smiling.

“We will do anything to get closes and warm, ” said Sara in a feeble voice.

“That is very good, ” said man slowly. “I want any one of you come here and do me a good long blow job. ” “Then I will give you closes and let you stay at my farm. ” “Then may be in the morning, another one of you girls will do me the same, ” he said smiling.

Girls exchanged dreaded looks with each other.

“Are you out of your mind?” screamed Christa at him.

“Other girls do that all the time, sometimes for 50 bucks sometimes ever for free, ” said man patiently.

“Why two of you girls would not do that to save you naked asses from the cold?”

“We are not that king of girls!” answered Christa defiantly. ‘We won’t do that to a stranger. ”

“And what about you, little frozen sister?” the man asked Sara, “Wouldn t you do a small favor to a man, for a pair of warm closes and boots?

“No, ” said Sara defiantly, clutching Christa s hand in hers. “We are not the kind of girls who do that. ” she said firmly.

“Suit yourselves, ” said then man indifferently. “Freeze here on the field, if you want to. If you change your mind, my farm house is over there, you can come back for me any time. But I will expect your mouth action, ” he said, turned on his hills, and started walking across the snow covered field toward his house in a distance.

“Why didn’t we do that, we could just suck up and do it and be in warmth now, ” asked Sara, her frozen lips slowly moving. Chill ran down through her, freezing to the bone. She had a hiccup.

“We did the right thing, ” said Christa quietly but firmly, in uncharacteristically grown up tone. “He need to be taught a lesson. He and other bullies like him. ”

“Besides, my lips are dry, and my throat is sore. I could not do that for him, even if I’d wanted, ” she added quietly.

Episode 6. Hypothermia

If anyone would look on the country road winding through the field that day, he would see strange picture. Two young women walked down the snow covered road, naked and barefooted, dragging their numb feet through the snow. One of them, with dark hair and clean shaved pussy waked in front, covering her breasts with both hands, and sneezing periodically. She was completely naked, except by some strange oddity she wore a pair of warm mittens on her hands. Second young woman, with small red head curly hair on her pussy, walked behind her. She did not sneeze that much but she had hiccups, and cleared her runny nose with right hand. She was completely naked too, but she wore a large woolen scarf wrapped tightly around her throat.

They no longer complained about the cold to one another. Both were miserable enough without it.

Slowly, a hypothermia started to sink in on them. Their minds were no longer clear. They no longer felt cold at all. Instead they felt like going barefoot in a bikini on a hot hot sand on the Pacific beach on summer afternoon, and that eyes of all boys and men on a beach followed them.

“Do you know where we going?”, asked second woman, slowly, her lips moving in slow motion.

“To the north pier for a swim, answered another. And for a cold beer with boys. ”

“Then why sand is so hot and white?” asked second, “And where is that pier anyways, its just sand and sand and sand everywhere. ”

“It should be just over there, after these palm trees, ” said first one, “By the way, why are you wearing that large woolen scarf? It’s so hot outside, I never saw you wearing that scarf on a beach before. ”

“Really, ” said second woman, unconsciously touching scarf around her neck with numb fingers. “I don’t feel any scarf here. ”

“Suit yourself, ” said first one.

“That sand is so hot, I cannot stand on it, ” complained second woman, moving numb feet through the snow. “Where is that pier again?”

“Just over there, behind these palms, ” said first woman confidentially, pointing toward snow covered pine trees around the road, “See these little houses in front?”

“What are these?” asked second woman confusingly.

It was getting dark, the sun was almost hidden behind the mountains. A few small village houses stood behind the trees along the road.

“Beach shops, I suppose, ” answered first one. “We need to by some supplies, I think. ”

“Which supplies?”, asked second one.

“I don’t remember, grocery, I suppose, ” said first one.

They dragged their feet along the Main street of the village. They did not look for address. Luckily for them it was the only street in this village. After a few blocks they came to the snow covered window of a small grocery shop. The window was brightly lit from inside, with a Christmas tree and bunch of decorations displayed in it. It was the only one shop on the street still opened at such hours.

“Here it is, we must get inside, ” said Christa feebly.

“What for?”, asked the second girl.

“I don’t know, I think we need something here, ” said Christa absentmindedly.

Christa took a door handle, opened the door and almost fell on the floor inside, so week she was.

“Oh my God!” screamed little woman behind the counter. “You must be those poor cold girls, my cousin called me hours ago about you, asked to keep the doors of the shop open until you come. ”

“Poor girls, you must be so freezing!” the little woman came from the counter and helped girls went inside, sat them on the cheers and wrapped them with thick warm blankets. Then she quickly closed the doors of the shop and called an ambulance and police. The girls practically passed out.

After some time the girls came to life, they opened eyes and looked around them curiously.

“I guess we finally managed to went to that shop, ” said Christa cheerfully.

“Yes indeed you have, ” exclaimed woman.

“And you are not going to scold us for been naked outside, or for indecent behavior?” asked Sara cautiously.

”No, not at all, “ said woman, “You two are very brave and lucky young ladies. ”

They spend a night in the woman’s little store. She gave them cups of hot cacao and wrapped them in blankets.

In the morning a medical helicopter came and airlifted both girls to the nearest hospital. They spent a few days in the hospital room for observation. Doctor checked them, but did not find any sign of pneumonia, just a few small frost bites on a little toes and fingers.

“You two are surprisingly strong and healthy young ladies, ” said doctor.

In a few days they checked out from a hospital. The sun was shining, the snow melted, and green forest trees and mountains were in the distance.

“So, are you gong to walk naked in the snow again?” asked Sara sardonically, as they went outside from hospital doors.

“I sure will do that again, ” answered Christa cheerfully. “Only next time let’s choose Alaska, or Minnesota, because it is not cold enough for us here!” They both laughed.