Smoking Mother

“Hurry up Toby, you’re going to be late,” Marissa Jones
called up the stairs to her 18 year old son.

“Ok mom, I’m coming,” he yelled down to her as he came
running out of his bedroom.

“God I really hate going out for dinner with Aunt
Jackie. All the grown ups do is talk, while I sit there
for three hours in silence. It’s going to be such a
boring evening.” Toby thought to himself as he went down
the stairs, out the front door and made his way to the
mini van in the drive way.

Toby and his mom were going to their annual dinner with
Aunt Jackie. Jackie was Marissa’s sister, but she had
left home at an early age to marry a much older man. The
two then moved hundreds of miles away to the big city,
and Marissa got to see her sister once a year, during
the Easter break. Marissa loved her sister very much,
and enjoyed these annual visits immensely. For Toby, on
the other hand, these little visits meant time when his
mom and aunt would talk for hours, and basically exclude
him from conversation. It was t*****e for him.

They always went to the same restaurant, Jack’s Pub,
because Toby really liked the chicken fingers. Toby and
his mom waited outside the restaurant for about ten
minutes when Jackie walked up.

“Hi Marissa,” she called as she approached them.

“Hey Jackie,” Marissa replied as the two hugged each

“Hello Toby, you’re getting tall,” Jackie said to her

Toby just shrugged and smiled. As the trio walked into
the Pub, Toby kept thinking about what he could possibly
do to make the time go by faster. He had brought a book
along for the occasion, but didn’t know if he was going
to actually read it.

“Smoking or Non?” the host asked them.

“Smoking,” Jackie and Marissa said in harmony
accompanied by a little giggle.

As soon as they were seated at their table for three,
both Jackie and Marissa reached into their purse for
their cigarettes. Jackie smoked Benson and Hedges
menthol 100’s and Marissa smoked Du Maurier Light King
Size. The two put their cigarettes between their lips
and Jackie produced a lighter, first lighting Marissa’s
cigarette, then her own. They sucked greedily on their
cigarettes for about five seconds, inhaled their first
drags, and then exhaled into the air.

While this was going on, Toby had opened his book. He
knew, however, that he wasn’t going to be reading the
book. It was merely a diversion. Lately, Toby had been
noticing something strange happening when he saw a
female light up a cigarette.

It all started about two months ago when Toby and a
friend had gone to the local pool hall to play video
games. Toby had just finished playing a game of Time
Killers, when he saw a beautiful girl who looked about
fifteen pull out a pack of cigarettes and begin to smoke
one. He stood there dazed as the young girl continuously
took drags of her cigarette and blew the exhales out in
a tight stream.

He began to feel a strange sensation in his stomach as
he watched this and he felt his penis get hard. The only
time he had ever experienced this before was when he
woke up in the morning. The girl must have surely
noticed the awkward boy with a lump in his pants staring
at her, but she just kept smoking the cigarette anyway.
Ever since then Toby had taken to watching girls, or
women for that matter, smoke.

Toby was thinking about this first experience when he
lapsed back into reality. His mom and Aunt Jackie were
discussing taxes or the government, or something boring.
While pretending to read his book, he lifted his eyes to
his Aunt Jackie’s mouth. She drew on her long, white
cigarette, opened her mouth while thick clouds of white
smoked drifted out, then sucked it all back in before
exhaling the drag through her nostrils. Toby suddenly
noticed that his penis was once again quite hard. Good
thing he had a table there to cover the bulge.

His Aunt Jackie was actually quite beautiful. She had
long blond hair, a nice body, and gorgeous blue eyes.
People often told her that she resembled Suzanne
Summers. Toby had probably seen her smoke a hundred
times before, but this was the first time he had
actually noticed it. His aunt was a great smoker, and
she was making his dick hard. He started to feel a bit
guilty about this, so he tried to concentrate on his

He had read about ten or so pages, when a woman in her
early twenties came walking by with a man who looked
much older. The girl had short brown hair, a pale
complexion, big brown eyes and a nice set of juicy lips.
That was Toby’s impression anyway. He also liked her
large breasts and very shapely ass. Since she had walked
by Toby’s table, he knew what this meant. She would be
sitting in the smoking section.

Sure enough, the woman and man were seated right in
front of Toby’s table. He was even within earshot of the

“I’m dying for a smoke, it’s been hours,” the woman said
to her companion.

“No problem,” he said as he pulled out a Zippo.

The woman pulled a king-size Craven A out of the pack
and put it up to her lips. The man then lit his lighter
and put it up to the cigarette. The woman then sucked on
it a few times before taking her first drag and exhaling
it high into the air with relief.

Toby just sat there with his book opened to page 32,
watching every second of the action. The woman simply
wouldn’t stop smoking. She kept the cigarette in her
hand constantly, taking drag after drag. She would also
play with the smoke, sometimes not even inhaling, just
letting the smoke pour out of her mouth. She would do
snap inhales, and blow the smoke out a variety of ways-
through her nose, through her mouth in tight streams,
through her mouth in a thick stream or even combination
exhales. It was the best thing that Toby had ever
witnessed in his life. His little four-inch dick was

After the woman chain-smoked four cigarettes, displaying
every trick in the book, Toby was no longer thinking
straight. He looked over at his aunt and mother who were
busy discussing some movie they’d both watched recently,
so he knew they wouldn’t be paying attention to him.

There was no one really around in the restaurant except
for the woman and man who were at the table in front of
him. Toby got a wicked idea.
He had first heard about masturbation from his friend
Jeff two days earlier. It all started when Toby told
Jeff about the boners he had been getting lately.

“Why don’t yeah just jerk it then?” Jeff asked.

“What do yeah mean, jerk it?” Toby asked back.

“Well, when you get a boner, take out your dick and play
with it for awhile. After a few minutes, it starts to
tingle and you get this really good feeling through your
body,” Jeff responded.

“Really? That actually works?” Toby asked, almost unsure
if such a thing could occur.

“Yeah Toby, I do it every night,” Jeff said to his

Toby decided that he was going to try it. Jeff had told
him to do it when he got a boner. There was a problem
with that. The only time Toby got them was when he got
up in the morning and when he saw a girl smoking. The
morning would be a terrible time for this experiment,
Toby concluded. He wanted to try it when he was relaxed
and had energy and time on his hands. But doing it when
he watched girls smoke would mean that he would have to
do it in public. He was pretty sure that this sort of
thing would be unacceptable though.

At the restaurant, however, Toby saw a window of
opportunity. No one could possibly see him doing it. His
aunt and mother were too busy talking and besides, with
the table there, they couldn’t see anything. The only
other people were the man and woman. The man couldn’t
see because of the way he was positioned. Toby was
fairly certain, however, that the woman would probably
be able to see him, if he was to do it right there.

“I don’t care if she can see me,” Toby thought “I’m
going to do it anyway.

With that, he unzipped his fly and pulled out his fully
erect, four and a half inch dick. He felt sort of bad
about pulling it out in a restaurant but after rubbing
the head for a moment, there was no turning back. He
looked up at the woman who had a freshly lit cigarette
between her lips. She just held it there, in the corner
of her mouth. Every few seconds, she would suck on the
cigarette, inhale the smoke through the other side of
her mouth, and exhale out the corner of the same side,
all while keeping the cigarette pursed between her full

Toby began stroking his member while watching this. It
felt so good. Every time the woman took a drag, a shiver
would shoot through Toby’s body. He was stroking it
gently though because he didn’t want to get caught.
The woman then took the cigarette out of her mouth with
her fingers and flicked the ashes off in the ashtray.

“I just love holding it in my mouth like that, it drives
men wild,” the woman said to her companion while
smiling. She looked in Toby’s direction, then took a
very deep drag. She did a picture perfect snap inhale,
then began doing smoke rings. She was blowing them in
Toby’s direction. He caught a smell of her smoke and it
made his dick feel amazing.

He was scared though, that she had caught him
masturbating under the table. He put away his penis and
decided to go to the bathroom to finish himself off.

“Ma, I’m going to the washroom, ok?” Toby asked.

“Sure Toby, whatever,” she replied, too involved in her
conversation to care.

He got up and moved quickly to the washroom. Luckily, he
had been wearing a long shirt untucked, as to conceal
his little embarrassment.

When he reached the bathroom, he discovered that it was
deserted. “This is great,” he thought.

He couldn’t decide which of the three stalls to go into.
He ended up just taking the one in the middle. He walked
in, locked the door and pulled his pants down around his
ankles. He began stroking his dick, only this time he
was doing it a lot faster. He thought it felt great as
he kept on doing it, the faster he went, the better it

All of a sudden, the bathroom door opened and Toby
stopped what he had been doing. He was petrified that it
was some guy coming in to kick his ass for being a
little pervert. The person locked the bathroom door. He
heard footsteps approaching. A scent came into the air
that Toby knew all too well… it was the smell of
smoke. The person began knocking on the stall. Toby was
so frightened but he didn’t know what else to do. He got
up and unlocked the stall.

When he opened the door, he saw no six-foot tall biker
with a closed fist. Instead, there stood the woman who
had been at the table in front of him, chain smoking. In
fact, she had a cigarette recently lit cigarette pressed
between her lips. Toby was astonished. He tried to talk,
but no words would come out. He realized that he had
left his pants down. His hard dick was jutting out into
the air.

“I see that I make you hard,” she laughed.

Toby didn’t know what to say. He was embarrassed,
shocked and incredibly scared. Yet, his dick was still
rock hard.

“My name is Colleen,” the woman said while taking a drag
on her Craven A.

“I’m Toby” he responded, looking down at the ground.

“Hi Toby,” she said while exhaling smoke through her
nose and mouth “do you like watching girls smoke?”

“Uhh,” he muttered.

“While, I think you do because out there in the
restaurant I saw you playing with your little pecker
while your eyes were fixated on my mouth.” she said with
a smile on her face.

Toby was ashamed of himself. He started to apologize to

“No Toby it’s ok. But you shouldn’t be doing that out in
public, it’s wrong,” she said kindly. “As a punishment,
you have to let me do something to you.”

“Ok,” Toby answered.

Colleen sat Toby down on the toilet seat and lowered her
head to his dick. She took a big drag on her cigarette
and blew it all over Toby’s member. He began moaning and
squirming. She then began to lick and suck on the head
of it. Toby just groaned in pleasure as this was
happening. She took a double pump on the brown filter of
her cigarette and then wrapped her lips around Toby’s
cock. She then exhaled two thick streams of smoke from
her nose. Toby could feel the pressure inside his dick
rising. He didn’t know what was going to happen.

Colleen then took a drag on her cigarette and blew the
smoke right in Toby’s face. Then she moved her lips
right in front of his nose and whispered “I love smoking
for people. I want you to come for me Toby.” As she said
this, she jerked his little dick harder and faster than
he ever could. It felt so good.

Toby started shaking and all of a sudden he felt the
sensation that Jeff had explained. Not only that, but
something shot out of his dick. It wasn’t a full cumshot
or anything, but it was a little bit of an ejaculation.
Colleen kept jerking him while she took the last drag
that was left on her cigarette and blew it on Toby’s
cock. Then she flicked the butt into a urinal.

“Bye Toby,” Colleen said as she got up and left the

Toby just sat there on the toilet puzzled. He couldn’t
believe what had just happened. He had a huge smile on
his face. “Maybe dinner with Aunt Jackie isn’t as bad as
I thought,” Toby thought to himself, as he pulled up his

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