Son finds that his mom’s story of working for a bookmaker is not quite true

I am twenty years old and had recently broken up with my
girlfriend. She was fairly inhibited and we enjoyed our
sex together. I had been reading an erotic book and got
a sudden urge for some sexual activity.

I decided to go to a massage parlour but not one of the
local ones where I may be seen so I decided to visit one
about 30 miles away in a town where my mother worked in
a bookmakers office. No possibility of her seeing me has
their working hours are practically identical. I paid my
50 to the woman inside and was told to go upstairs to
the first bedroom and await the lady who would be up in
a minute or two.

I sat down on the bed and was amazed when my mother
walked in dressed in an open type of smock, a bra and
small panties. “What the hell are you doing here?” she

“You know what I’m here for,” I replied. “But what the
fuck are you doing here?”

“Get out of here at once!” she said.

“I’m certainly not going to,” I replied, “I’ve paid $50
for a fuck and that’s what I’m going to get!”

“Not with me you’re not. I’ll get them to send another
girl up for you.”

“No,” I said, “you’ll do just fine. Now get that bra and
pants off and let me see your cunt before I fuck you.”

“Stop using that language to me and I’ve told you to get

“I don’t think you understand me,” I said, “unless you
do exactly as I say, Dad’s going to hear about you “job”
and all of our neighbours will find out what you do at
these so called bookmakers.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” she said.

“Just try me,” I replied. “It’s very simple, either you
do as I tell you or all the whole town will soon know
your nothing more than a prostitute.”

“Now as I said before, get those pants off! I want a
good look at you.”

“You can’t do this,” she said. “It’s incest and that’s

“I don’t care what they call it, to me it’s just the
sheer enjoyment of a good fuck, which I’m sure you can
give me, and maybe you’ll enjoy it too.”

After hesitating for a few more moments, she slowly
opened the smock to reveal her bra and pants. My mom’s
breasts are 38D which I knew from looking at her bras at
home. She took her bar off and I was pleasantly
surprised to see a nice brown ring around her nipples
her tits looked really beautiful I couldn’t wait to get
my mouth on them.

She then slowly lowered her pants and again I was quite
surprised to see a black hairy patch of pubic hair round
her cunt. “I thought all the women in massage parlours
were clean shaven,” I said.

“I’ve found men like hair round women’s pussies'” she
replied, embarrassed, “they seem to like it like that

“Well I certainly do,” I said. “Now get down on your
knees and give my prick a good sucking before I fuck the
arse off you.” I couldn’t believe what I was doing, just
shoving my dick in and out of my mother’s mouth and
feeling her tits, (Mentioning arse reminded me) “I think
I’ll fuck your arse as well!”

“You’ll do no such thing!” she answered. “I’ve had
punters here offering me another �50 to do anal but it’s
filthy and I won’t do it.”

“You’re forgetting who’s boss here aren’t you, I’ll do
just what I like,” I said. “Anyway how many punters do
you take on each day? At least 10 I’d guess. As you work
six days that must be at least 50 a week, over 200 a
month, that’s 2400 per year and you’ve been working here
just over 5 years, so that amounts to 12,000 shags! Your
cunt must be as big as the Mersey tunnel by now.

“Now stop sucking my prick and stand up so I can feel
this fucking big cunt of yours.”

She stood up and I put my hands between her legs and
started feeling all around her twat. It felt quite large
and I stuck a couple of fingers in and I’m sure I could
have put my fist in if I’d tried. My prick was now like
a steel rod so I said, “Right, now let’s get started.
Get on your hands and knees so I can fuck you doggy
style. That way I can also stick it up your arse when
I’m ready.”

She now seemed to be resigned to her fate. She knelt
down and I stuck my prick as far as it would go up her
cunt. It went in very easy but it was so smooth and warm
I was in sheer ecstasy in fucking my mother. I said, “I
came out of this hole twenty years ago and I’m going to
get back into it again for the rest of your life, so get
used to it.”

She was now groaning and started moving in tandem with
me as she now seemed to be enjoying it. Then I knew she
was for she suddenly moaned, “Fuck me harder son! Just
fuck me… I’m going to cum!” Which she did, with a long
drawn out squeal.

“Yes! That’s great, you’re such a willing slut,” I told
her. “I’ll use some of that cunt juice to put on my
knob, so it’ll slide in to you arse easier.” I stuck my
cum covered prick behind her bum and gently pressed my
dick slowly in. Inch by inch until it was all in and
then started to fuck her arse.

It felt so tight after being in her big cunt so it
didn’t take me very long before I shot my load up her
backside. She has now got quite used to me shagging her
at every opportunity I can find and I am now enjoying
having free sex for the rest of my life…

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