Sophie is asked to seduce her granddaughter, while on holiday in the sun

Since Wendy’s school trip to Paris, we had become very
friendly with her teacher, Miss Roberts. Angela, as we
had come to know her proved to be a good companion, and
what is more interesting, an insatiable and imaginative
lesbian. She often used to visit us and her relationship
with Wendy blossomed into a passionate love affair. I
was never excluded, however and after they had slaked
their lust for each other I was always invited to join
them for many come soaked sessions.

Angela often talked of the Paris trip, and she confessed
that the reason she had been so attracted to the
stripper was that she was called Serena, which was also
the name of her own young daughter. One evening, as we
were relaxing over a bottle of wine after a strenuous
sex bout, Angela told us about her concerns about her
own Serena. Apparently her daughter was showing no
interest in sex. She was neither attracted to boys or
girls, although she was now fifteen and her body was
beginning to mature. Angela had taken her to see Doctor
Helen Harrison, who had examined her in her own
inimitable way, and declared her fit physically, but
totally unresponsive to any sexual stimulation.

I suggested that perhaps a complete change of
surroundings might make Serena relax and enjoy her
sexuality. Angela came up with a splendid idea, that we
should all go on holiday together. She said her mother;
Serena’s grandmother owned a villa in Spain. Angela was
sure she would let us all go there, and maybe would come
with us. She asked us both to come to her house for
dinner at the weekend, so we could meet her mother. “The
only thing I am worried about is that, if Serena does
not join in, Wendy may get fed up with having three
randy adults wanting to have sex with her all the time.”
she said. Wendy laughed, “That sounds good to me!”

“Welcome, Pam and Wendy,” said Angela when we arrived at
her house, “Come and meet my mother.”

Wendy and I were overwhelmed to realise that we knew the
lady we were introduced to. It was Sophie, the waitress
at the hotel where we had met Louise and her twins!
Sophie was delighted to see us again. She explained that
she had met us before, but did not then tell Angela and
Serena in what circumstances. We discussed the holiday
and agreed dates. We had a lovely evening.

Angela, Serena and I cleared the dishes away, leaving
Wendy to talk to Sophie about our plans for the holiday.
They sat close together on the couch and I noticed when
we returned that they both seemed flushed. Wendy told me
later that Sophie had kissed her and had finger fucked
her to a lovely climax while they were alone. Prospects
for the holiday were looking up. If only we could find
some way to loosen Serena’s inhibitions.

During the week that followed, Sophie, Angela and I
talked about Serena’s problem. We agreed that Sophie
should be the one to try to break down Serena as she had
shown such skill and delight in fucking the youngsters
at our previous meeting in the hotel. “You can do
anything at all,” said Angela, “As long as my Serena is
willing. I do not want any force to be used.”

The villa was delightful, sitting in the sun all white
and secluded. There was a pool shaded by trees, which
gave complete privacy. There were only two bedrooms, so
we agreed that Serena and her grandmother would share
one, and me, Wendy and Angela the other.

After a simple lunch of salad and fruit we all went out
to the pool. We adults wore bikinis, but Wendy took off
her wrap to reveal that she had been totally naked under
it. Serena wore a brief bikini and despite Wendy’s
promptings refused even to take off her top. She had no
objection to our being openly sexual with each other;
she just was not interested herself. We had a lovely
peaceful afternoon.

Sophie and Angela spent the time openly ogling and
discussing Wendy. I could hear their conversation. “Just
look at those breasts, Mother,” said Angela. “Have you
felt how firm they are?”

“Oh yes, dear,” replied Sophie, “And her nipples get so
puffy. She really is a wonderful fuck. How often have
you had her?”

“Ever since I discovered the delights of girl fucking, I
have gone round to Pam’s house. Maybe twelve or so times
last week. Pam never minds sharing her daughter with
me.” I have only done her once,” said Sophie, “But this
holiday, I intend to fuck her as often as I can.”

I was idly watching Serena. Already, although I had not
seen her naked, I felt I knew every inch of her body.
She was very slender, but her breasts looked firm and
high. Her legs were long, with muscular thighs. Angela
had told me she was a dancer. Her belly was flat with
well-defined muscles, and she had a lovely innocent
face. Serena would make her lovers very happy, once her
sexuality was awake.

She certainly made me very horny, Wendy would of course
help me out later, but I wanted Serena! But not today.
She just lay there in the sun, so virginal and
untouched. Even when the pool boy came around, she
showed no interest. He could not keep his eyes off her.
We tactfully left them together, but she just lay in the
sun with her eyes closed. We saw him come and stand over
her, feeling what looked like a substantial erection
through his shorts while openly lusting over her.

Later, after dinner in a restaurant, we sat on the
terrace of our villa for a last drink before we retired
for the night. Wendy and Serena were both wearing long
dresses. “Darlings,” asked Angela, “Wouldn’t you be more
comfortable naked?”

Wendy gave her a lovely smile and undid the clasp of her
dress and it dropped onto the floor. She laid back on
the sofa so that we adults could see her body in all its
glory. Serena just shook her pretty head. We finished
the bottle of wine and Sophie stood up, “Time for bed,”
she said, taking Serena’s hand. Sophie and her
granddaughter went to their room.

Whether anything would happen would depend on how much
pressure Sophie could bring to bear on the girl and to
what extent the blatant display she had witnessed had
affected her.

For fun Wendy and I decided to give Angela a treat to
take her mind off what we all hoped was happening to her
daughter in the other room. We told Angela to wait in
the sitting room and went to our bedroom, via the
kitchen. We had a double and a single bed. I laid the
naked form of my daughter on her back on the double bed
and arranged her limbs. Arms above her head and legs
spread wide. I teased her pouting cunt-lips apart and
peeled back the hood of her clitoris.

On her body I arranged a salad of fruits and vegetables.
Strawberries on her breasts, figs on her belly and a
cucumber between her thighs. Then I called Angela. She
stopped just inside the door to gloat over the sexy
scene that greeted her. I knew she was hot and lustful
after the day spent in the charged atmosphere of trying
to seduce her virgin daughter. With a groan she threw
herself on the laughing body of my dear girl.

I sat on the single bed watching her ravish Wendy.
Angela sucked and licked the sweet fruit from the creamy
breasts and muscled belly. Then she took the cucumber
and gently used it to tease open the moist pink lips of
my daughter’s vagina. Soon it was not clear whether her
pussy was full of fruit or cunt juice. Angela eased the
full length of the vegetable dildo deep up into the
splayed quim. She bent her head to worship the sixteen
year old’s engorged clit. Inevitably, Wendy’s orgasm
started to build and her skilful lover coaxed the
maximum pleasure from her lust filled girlish body.

They soon relaxed and Angela beckoned me across to join
them. We spent the night with Wendy between us. Every
time Angela or I woke during the night, we frigged the
hot young cunt to yet more climaxes. When we woke in the
morning, Angela showed me her hand. It was covered in
dried puss juice. “Snap!” I said, holding up my hand as

I went to the kitchen and prepared a breakfast for us
all. Wendy and Angela joined me and we waited for Sophie
and Serena. So far so good. But then Sophie came in. She
shook her head sadly. “No go,” She said. “Serena kept
her nightie on all night. Wouldn’t even let me cuddle

Sophie turned to me, “Pam, do you mind if Wendy and I
have a quick fuck after breakfast?” She said, “It was
almost unbearable to lie there with Serena, unable to do
anything, and listening to you two shagging Wendy all
night long.”

As Angela had forecast, poor Wendy was having to cope
with three horny adults. She badly needed help. Maybe
this day would bring a change. While Serena her mother
and I washed up, Wendy took Sophie to her room for that
much needed shag, which she had been promised.

The weather was very hot. The sun shone out of a
cloudless sky and we lay in it beside the pool. Nothing
had changed; we were all dressed as before with Serena
lying face down in her bikini. Suddenly, I noticed that
she was getting sunburned. I thought that even if it did
not lead to anything sexual, at least a little physical
contact could be made if one of us offered to oil the

I threw the oil to Sophie and pointed to Serena’s
reddened shoulders. Always quick on the uptake, Sophie
took the bottle over to where her granddaughter lay. She
poured a little of the sweet smelling oil onto her hand
and spread it onto the lovely skin. Serena looked up in
surprise but did nothing to stop the caressing hands.

Sophie took it slowly and covered the exposed back and
legs with the lotion. She looked up questionally at
Angela and pointed to the clasp of Serena’s bra. The
mother nodded encouragement, and Sophie’s nimble fingers
twitched the garment free. Oil was applied with no
reaction from the victim. So far so good. Now Sophie
took Serena’s arm and gently turned her over.

The three of us watching held our breath. Wonder of
wonders, she just smiled and lay back. Her immature
breasts were lovely. Small of course, but perfectly firm
and they rose from her chest in perfect cones, crowned
with tender pink nipples. Sophie took oil on her hands,
and spread it reverently on her granddaughter’s breasts.
Serena smiled sweetly and relaxed as the caressing hands
lovingly squeezed her flesh and fingered her nipples.

“She loves it,” whispered her mother, as Sophie
continued to use the application of the oil to feel and
pluck at the tits.

“Look, Mum,” said Wendy, “Her nipples are getting up.”

It was true; Sophie’s patience was being rewarded. I
caught her eye and signalled that it was time to step up
the pressure.

Ever so slowly, the randy grandmother slid her oily palm
down the flat belly. She let her fingertips slip under
the bikini panties, and gently caressed the girl’s mons.
With her other hand she loosened the ties at the side of
the bikini panties. Almost imperceptibly, she folded the
front of the panties away from the young girl’s mound.
We watched as the perfect adolescent triangle came into
our view. Just a few wisps of blonde fur and the top of
a well-defined slit. Again more oil and fingers massaged
the muscled lower belly.

This time, the youngster stirred languidly. The
grandmother’s long middle finger slipped for a moment
between the thighs to touch the tempting slit. Imagine
our thrill to see the legs fall apart and the lovely
virgin cunt came into our sight. Closed as yet of course
but it was so exciting to anticipate what now seemed
certain to happen. Sophie pulled the panties away
completely, so that her granddaughter was now entirely
naked. She moved herself so she was kneeling between the
parted thighs and moved her fingers to either side of
the virgin pussy lips. Pulling sideways she freed the
joined labia, which came apart with a sweet soft moist

Sophie grew more confident that the teenager was feeling
comfortable with the situation that was unfolding. With
the fingers of one hand Sophie freed the pink pearly
clit, maybe the first time it had seen the light of day.
She looked at Angela and me and beckoned us over. We
knelt on either side of the now moaning girl and began
to make sweet love to her.

I was worried about Wendy being left out, but saw she
was quietly masturbating while watching us. Angela and I
each took one of Serena’s oily breasts and felt it,
using our fingers to probe for the hidden milk ducts
deep in the young breast flesh and suckled the now
proudly erect nipples. Her grandmother had dipped her
head and was working on her pubescent clit with gentle
lips. I could see her index finger invade the entrance
to the girl’s vagina and using oil as a lubricant she
inserted it up to the hymen. Working together we
lovingly brought Serena up to her first orgasm, which
soon possessed her body.

She enjoyed the new sensations coursing through her
body. When it had abated, with a look of wonder she
pushed us away, and sat up. “I never realised,” she
said. “Now I understand why you all wanted me to have
sex. I thought it was just for your own selfish
pleasure, but now I know you really wanted it for me.”
And she turned and gave her mum a big hug.

The holiday continued, now even better than before.
Sleeping arrangements became flexible with each of us
fucking whomever we fancied at the time and sleeping in
either bed. We adults especially enjoyed watching the
youngsters making love passionately. There is something
special about two barely grown girls in a 69.

One day, I saw the girls deep in conversation. I
wondered what they were plotting. At lunch, Wendy raised
the subject. “You know that cute pool boy?” she asked.
“Serena really fancies him.” We all applauded, delighted
to hear that our little virgin was really getting into
her sensuality. “So why don’t you have him, darling?”
Said her mother. “You have to be fucked one day by
someone and it may as well be him.”

We had a discussion together and decided that Wendy and
Serena should sunbathe together that afternoon. Angela
wanted Wendy there for her daughter’s cherry busting to
make sure that the boy was gentle and to look after her.
We adults sat on the veranda where we could watch
without being too close. The girls went to the pool and
undressed. Naked they lay down and waited for the pool

We saw him coming up the lane, sure enough he was a
good-looking guy and I could see Angela approved. He
went to the pool and was obviously entranced to see the
wonderful sight of the two naked girls. Serena in
particular took his eye. As he went about his duties, he
kept looking at her and she at him. We adults laughed to
see that her end of the pool got all his attention.

It was Wendy who broke the ice. She handed him a cold
drink and motioned that he should sit beside Serena on
her sun bed. She waved at his shorts and he skinned them
off to reveal a good body with a large but still soft
dick. Serena grew bolder and we saw her point at the sun
and then she took the oil bottle in her hand. As her
grandmother had done earlier, she poured oil onto her
hand and reached for his manhood.

Naturally as he felt her soft hand on his flesh, his
meaty prick grew and he rapidly became proudly erect.
Wendy pushed him onto his back and pointed to his
erection and to Serena’s mouth. We watched entranced as
the teenager knelt beside him about to give her first
ever blowjob. His hand went to the back of her neck as
he held the youngster’s head close as he fucked her
willing mouth. Wendy gently took his hand away and
helped her friend to her feet. She didn’t want him to
waste his sperm in her mouth, this first time.

Wendy helped Serena to sit astride the boy’s body and we
could see her guiding the stiff dick up and into
Serena’s quim. She allowed the teen to get used to the
feel of the boy at her entrance and then pressing on
Serena’s shoulder f****d the girl to take him in deeper.
As his prick f****d it way into her vagina, her face
showed the pleasure she was feeling.

We saw the moment he burst through her maidenhead, and
his ecstasy at having his dick fully embedded in her
beautiful body. Serena bent to kiss him and we could
clearly see the large shaft buried between her moist
lips. Then he started to fuck the girl. Sophie and
Angela were leaning forward watching their darling
becoming a woman.

We all saw the moment when she came with a great shudder
and then he followed plunging his organ into her and
flooding her with his sperm. As he withdrew his dripping
prick, we could hear the sucking sound as her vagina
tried to hold him in. His limp dick flopped out followed
by a dribble of white jism, My Wendy bent to drink the
mixed sperm and girl juice from the ravaged cunt. As the
lovers relaxed, we adults all cheered and clapped. The
boy bowed and Serena and Wendy curtsied to take the
applause of their fan club.

The rest of the holiday went by in a blur of lust. We
all staggered off the plane back home promising each
other that we would never forget the sex filled days and
nights we had spent together. Now when Angela comes
calling, Serena comes too. Angela and I each fuck the
other’s daughter and then swap. We always end with a
foursome daisy chain and often Sophie joins in as well.
Serena always gives her an especially good time as a way
of thanking her for introducing her to the delights of

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