Spanking in the Coffe Shop

She stopped in at her favorite coffee shop and ordered a
large latte and waited to pay. Checking her phone she
sighed, she was early today, plenty of time before she
had to get to work.

“Your early today,” he said, and she started glancing at
the tall dark man who stood close to her smiling “oh
hi!” she smiled her heart skipped a beat as she
recognized him, they met almost every day, on the same
schedule to stop in for coffee in the morning. She
didn’t remember his name but had come to look forward to
seeing him each morning.

“What is your pleasure this morning,” she purred and
smiled at him, glad she was a little early and they had
some time to talk.

“Just coffee, and the paper, the usual.” His eyes
sparkled when he smiled, it made her want to reach up
and touch his cheek, instead she glanced away at the
counter to see if her Latte was up yet. They set her
latte and his coffee up at the same time and they
reached together for them. They smiled and took their
coffees, but rather than walking out this time she asked
to share his paper. He happily obliged and they sat
together at a nearby table. He took the front page and
she took the business and finance sections.

Stretching out her feet under the table she let her toe
gently rest against his ankle, caressing it gently. Not
raising her eyes from the paper, she could see him look
down, that to her and smirk a little, then back to his
paper, smiling.

“So where do you work anyway?” she asked folding down
the paper and peering over at him.

“The office across the street,” he replied setting the
paper down on the table and sitting forward-looking at

“So you can see when I come into the coffee shop in the
mornings then?” she asked cocking her head to the side
and smiling.

“Yes I can, how else would I be able to know when to
come get my coffee?”

“Would you like more than coffee and a hello then?”

“I would like that very much,” he smiled, his eyes
twinkling and she could see the strength of his jaw as
he licked his lips unconsciously as though savoring the

Her stomach suddenly knotted and she could feel the
excitement tingle through her as she stood up and set
the news paper back on the table. She leaned over
letting her blouse fall forward and slowly moved toward
his ear to whisper to him, meet me back here at 6 this
evening. “You have no idea how hungry it makes me to see
you standing here each morning, maybe we can satiate
that after some dinner this evening…”

She breathed deeply taking in his scent and almost
brushed her cheek against his as she slowly stood back
up collected her purse and walked slowly toward the
door, placing one foot in front of the other deliberate
slowing her pace and making her hips shift as she
walked. She didn’t look back but shivered sensing his
eyes on her as she left. She opened the door and shook
her head trying to clear her mind a bit before heading
to work. His eyes still echoing in her mind as she
walked up the block.

She didn’t look back, just walked quickly to her
building and into her office in the back. Booting up her
computer her head was spinning, his scent still echoing
in her senses. Closing her eyes, she looked at his face
again and sighed.

She sorted email and did some work, met with a client
and was thinking about lunch daydreaming a bit about
this evening when she saw him walk in and come back to
her office. Speechless she watched as he sat down in
front of her desk, and smiled.

“I couldn’t resist following that sultry walk of yours
this morning, why don’t you head to the restroom and
leave the door unlocked.”

She looked at him, her jaw slack for a moment then,
smiled a wry smile and stood up, walking that same slow
deliberate walk around the corner to the bathroom, it
was in a back hallway away from the main offices and it
was a large unisex bathroom, single room.

She stepped in and closed the door but did not lock it.
Looking at herself in the mirror she was startled to see
how flushed she was. “What are you doing are you nuts?”
she whispered to herself in the mirror then turned in a
flash as the door opened behind her and she saw him
coming in.

He deliberately locked the door then slowly turned
toward her smiling, his eyes glimmering as the stepped
quickly to her pressing her against the wall of the
bathroom, and whispering to her, “Let’s play the quiet
game,” as his hand reached for the hem of her skirt and
begins to raise it up.

He breathes deeply in smelling her neck and hair as his
fingers explore her soaked lacy thong. He pulls the tiny
strip of cloth to the side and reaches inside her
soaking wetness, a quiet suppressed moan escaping from
her lips as her knees begin to buckle and her weight
shifted down on his fingers inside of her. His lips
almost caressing her ear he whispers again, “Let me fuck
you here, now, nice and slow, then you can join me for
lunch and we’ll discuss our evening plans…”

Without words she bites her lip and nods a faint moan
escapes from her as he lifts her onto the sink counter
and spreads her legs wide, opening her dripping cunt for
him, his fingers exploring inside of her as she arches
and bites her lip trying to stay quiet.

He looks deep into her eyes, “Say what you want.”

Glazed eyes, she looks back at him, panting quietly,
flushed hot, her cunt arching against his hand, his
fingers glistening with her wetness, “Oh god please…
fuck me, please.” She looks into his eyes hungry, wild
with passion now, needing him to finish what he has
started. He has opened his pants with the free hand and
his hard cock is positioned just before her open
wetness, with her plead he pushed deep inside her,
feeling her muscles clamp tight around him as though
afraid to let him back out of her.

He pulls back against the tight muscles teasing her,
half way and then pushing deep back inside, slow long
strokes enjoying her soft moans as she tries desperately
to stay quiet until she is quivering and shaking beneath
him and he plunges one last time deep holding tight
against her feeling her muscles milking him until his
seed pours inside of her, filling her with hot dripping
white come.

When she stops quivering and her breath slows he steps
away and leans back against the door his cock softening
and glistening with their cum. He examines his
sophisticated lady sitting like a school girl legs
spread, skirt hiked up, hair ruffled sitting on the
bathroom counter dripping cum, and he smiles at her.
“Come clean me girl,” he says in a low, husky voice.

She lowers her legs shakily to the floor and steps on
the counter stepping in front of him as though in a
trance and kneels before him to lick their cum from his
cock, savoring the sweet, tartness of his cum mixed with
hers as she circles the crevices with the tip of her
tongue making sure all is clean before gently placing
him back inside and zipping his pants back up. She looks
up to him and waits for his approval before she stands.

“Good girl, now fix up your hair and clothes and meet me
at Rulof’s in 10 minutes for lunch, I will have a
table,, do NOT go pee.” He turns and unlocks the door
and walks away, closing the door behind him.

Bewildered at what had just happened she lowers her head
closes her eyes and then licks the taste of cum from her
lips and feels the cum seeping from her cunt onto her
thighs. She stands and looks in the mirror and uses the
water to tame her curls that have gone astray. Pulling
down her skirt she straitened the seam and her blouse. A
paper towel suffices to wipe her face and lips and she
has a gloss in her purse to freshen her lip color.

She looks at the toilet and considers sitting down to
pee and clean her sopping cunt but hears his words
echoing and steps out of the bathroom back to her office
to get her lip gloss and her purse. Walking out of the
building she waves to her coworkers nonchalantly and
says she is heading to lunch, they wave as she leaves.
Her heart is racing as she steps out and heads up the
block to the restaurant.

He is waiting watching her as she walks inside. from a
table near the back, She glances round her, conscious of
the cum dripping down her thighs now and the heat in her
cheeks as she walks back to him and stops in front of
the table. He looks at her, appraising her from top to
bottom, smiling a kind of half smirk. “Sit down.”

She pulls the chair and sits next to him and lets out a
breath, she had been holding. “I know what you are… I
know what you need… open your legs.”

The table-cloth hid her from the restaurant as she
opened her legs wide and her skirt crept up her thighs.
Sitting close he reached up and pressed his fingers
inside her stirring the wetness and pulling his fingers
back again. “Go into the bathroom and wait naked, I
desire to fuck you again, here, now.” His hot breath
making her skin shiver as he whispers into her ear while
tracing his wet fingers along her inner thigh.

She is almost unable to stand as she moves trance like
back to the bathroom and quickly removes her clothing.
and sets it aside. She puts her hands on the counter
looking at herself, in the mirror, her breast hanging
gently forward, the steel bars glimmer on either side of
each very erect puckered nipple.

She smiles then drops her head for a moment, wondering
doubting again what she is doing, until she hears the
door open and looks into the mirror and sees him again,
the glimmer in the eyes this time is much more intense,
less playful, more hungry, her legs buckle and her body
shivers, but she doesn’t move, just watches as he locks
the door and turns to her.

Taking her panties from the stack of neatly folded
cloths he presses them into her mouth to bite then opens
his pants without a word and releases his throbbing hard
cock, working inside her wetness and coating his cock
with the slick liquids. She shudders. He pulls her ass
cheeks open and begins massaging them pressing his
fingers into the flesh deeply, his hunger his desire
flowing through his fingers in the intensity of his

She looks forward into the mirror watching him as though
a third person as he positions himself behind her, she
bites and sucks on the panties in her mouth wondering
what he will do next. His fingers probe inside her cunt
then pull the cum up over her ass, puckered and waiting,
He looks down smiles and spits on the little bud then
presses his thumb inside to gauge her response, her back
arches and her knees buckle as she moans and bites into
the panties.

He looks forward and smiles. Placing one hand firmly on
her hip, he uses the other to align himself with her and
begins slowly at first to push inside, he feels her
tense and then relax dropping her head down and rocking
her hips back toward him, excited he pulls her hips with
both hands back onto him while thrusting hard forward
until he is completely inside her.

Her head pops up forward her eyes wide, biting hard into
the panties trying not to scream, moaning and biting
hard down. She looks at his eyes in the mirror, calm in
control, hungry almost evil in his enjoyment of her pain
and desire all mixed up together. She nods ever so
slightly and watches as he uses his hands to control her
hips, pulling and pushing her off his cock. she feels
his balls against her dripping wet cunt each time he
buries deep inside her and she shudders, her legs are
week, ready to collapse and her body is now shuddering
involuntarily all over as orgasms begin to crush through
her over and over again.

She cannot stop watching in the mirror at him at her
body at what is happening, barely breathing she lets out
a gasp and feels his hands begin to support her weight
she is off her feet now elbows on the counter facing the
mirror but no longer in her own control.

She feels him pull her tight against him and she feels
the tension in his hands, his hips, and in his throbbing
cock deep inside her as he fills her again with his cum.
Finally he lowers her feet to the floor again and slowly
pulls clean from her, her muscles milking the last of
his come from her as she tenses down trying to hold him
there. He tentatively lets his hands go testing her legs
stability before letting her go. She is standing now.

“Turn and clean me, girl!” he commands, and she looks at
him, questioning at first then drops to her knees and
quickly begins to lick him clean, his sweet cum still in
the crevices.

She cringes at first at the thought then loses herself
as she feels the silky skin of his cock head on her lips
again. He is delicious, god and so beautiful. As she
kneels she feels the cum seeping from her ass now,
tickling its way down her ass and thighs. She shudders
again at the sensations.

“Very good girl, now clean up and get dressed. I have
ordered your lunch already. You may pee this time, but I
will keep the panties.” He puts his hand out in front of
him and she hands him the wet chewed thong into his
hand. He turns and steps out leaving her kneeling naked
on the floor.

She stares blankly at the door for a few moments than
collects herself and stands up, and glances at her
disheveled hair in the mirror and shakes her head. She
locks the door and sits down to pee and clean herself
up, her cunt and ass dripping come into the toilet as
she wipes herself with the paper tissue.

She stands and dampens a paper towel and washes her
thighs and freshens herself before putting her dress
back on and stepping into her shoes again. She runs the
water and tames her hair. Pulling a lip gloss from her
purse she freshens her makeup and then unlocks the door
and steps back out.

He is waiting at the table sipping a glass of wine and
smiling at her watching her as she walks from the
bathroom to the table. A plate of pasta with white sauce
and scallops is waiting just arrived at her seat. She
smiles and sits down, he has not even blinked as he
undresses her again with his eyes this time.

She flushes a little under his intense gaze.

“You are delicious pet, enjoy your lunch.”

She smiles and her eyes brighten as she looks back to
him relieved that he seems so pleased and not disgusted
by how easy she has been for him to take. She can’t
understand how he seems to cast this spell over her, she
just wants to do anything he asks or even doesn’t ask
her to do. She thought she was being bold with her
little flirt this morning and now in less than an hour
he has reduced her to her knees naked on the bathroom
floor with barely a word.

She looks up at him feeling a little sheepish in her
thoughts and he takes his finger and traces her jaw
line, pushing a stray strand of hair behind her ear.
“I’ll send a car to pick you up this evening from work.
Wait out front. Do you trust me?”

She smiled a moment, tilted her head surprised by the
question then saw the seriousness in his eyes and
lowered her eyes again and nodded. “Yes Sir.”

Lunch is finished with little more conversation, mostly
watching each other, she looks at his eyes studying her,
his eyes are like dark blue wells, swirling with ink,
She smiles and calms looking into them, but there is a
tension deep within her, there is more he is not telling
her, something dark it feels like, she shivers a bit and
looks back at her food and finishes eating. He pays the
bill and escorts her back to the office door. Here he
kisses her hand and sends her inside, flustered and
dreamy to work.


Not much is accomplished in the afternoon as she keeps
looking up, half expecting him to walk into her office
again and take her into the bathroom again. She shivers
and she feels her cunt moisten again and again each time
she thinks of him. Her nipples ache pressing against her
dress all day, Never has she felt so aroused for so
long, and after being so satisfied already today.

She shakes her head, thinking to herself, “God, I am
like a horny teenager all of a sudden, what the hell is
wrong with me?”

She tries to work more and looks at the clock, It is
almost 4:00. She goes to the bathroom and pees, checks
herself in the mirror and freshens up a bit, The odor of
sex still clings to her and is strong in the little
room. She wipes clean the wetness that has accumulated
on her dress since she has not panties on anymore, and
tries to dry away the ever flowing wetness between her
thighs. She goes back to her desk to while away the last
hour of work certain the clock is mocking her.

Finally at 5:00 she heads for the front door, almost
running to see if the car is waiting. A dark car with
tinted windows is idling in front of the building
waiting for her, she opens the door and steps inside,
adjusting her eyes from the bright daylight to the
darkness inside, there is a barrier blocking the driver
from view and on the seat is a small white envelope. An
invitation to spend the weekend at his cabin with him.

She shivers like a cup of ice water has just been poured
down her spine, catching her breath, a moment of fear
washes over her, the weekend secluded away, no one knows
she is here, what if something happens, is it safe? She
closes her eyes and remembering his eyes, remembering
his touch, his control of her, how she felt under him
and she nods to herself, yes she will go and pulls the
door closed behind her.

The car pulls forward. She sits back and closes her
eyes, her entire body is alive, like an electric current
has charged her skin, she tries to rest for the drive
out to the woods.

The car pulled up beside a small cabin with a wraparound
porch, as she grabbed her purse the door suddenly opened
and he was there, helping her set from the car and
closing the door behind her. Looking down into her eyes
she felt caught, unable to move, her muscles frozen for
a moment, not even breathing. His arm went round her
waist and he began to guide her up the steps to the
cabin door. She barely noticed the car leaving and moved
as though in a trance to the door.

As the door closed behind her his manner changed, He
grabbed her by the throat and held her tightly slowing
the air almost to a stop, she grabbed at his hand
startled, trying to pull away, but his grip was to firm.
with his free hand he grabs hold of her blouse and rips
it open exposing her breasts. startled she drops her
hands down and he slaps her hard across the face.

“Enough teasing, with your sexy strut and sultry offers,
now you will feed my desires, now you will do exactly as
I tell you to.” Fear flashes across her face, he loosens
his grip round her throat and she gasps for air and
drops to her knees before him. Tears escaping from the
corners of her eyes as she struggles to get air back
into her lungs.

She raises her head and see’s him removing the heavy
leather belt from his pants, opening the button and
lowering his zipper in front of her, it is almost in
slow motion as her mind reels from the slap and the near
asphyxiation. She watches as he double his belt in half
and then tells her to get him hard, using her hands and

She leans forward taking his cock in her shaking hands
gently caressing it and using her tongue out to explore
him, feeling the veins along the shaft from the base to
the tip then circling slowly with her tongue pointed
under the cap, into the slit and probing inside. She
flattens her tongue and begins to lick across the top
while her hands begin to squeeze and stroke as though
milking his penis forward drawing the b***d into it
making it swell slowly and twitch under her wet tongue
caresses. She closes her eyes and begins to moan
enjoying the feeling in her hands and tongue of his slow
building tension.

CRACK she flinches and grasps her hands tight
involuntarily responding to the sharp sting along her
back as his belt cracks across her shoulders to her
lower back. “Suck you bitch put it in your mouth and
make me hard” She looks up frightened at his blazing
eyes as she opens her mouth and takes him inside her hot
wet mouth, closing her lips tight around the shaft she
begins to suck drawing him inside her more. His hands
take hold of her hair pulling it tight into his fist as
he begins to pull her face close pushing his now
hardening cock deep into her mouth pushing farther until
it presses into the back of her throat.

She tenses trying to breath as he presses harder,
pulling her face close to his groin until she gags and
spits unable to swallow him. He pulls her head back for
a moment letting her gasp for air and then without
warning pushes her back deep on to his cock pressing
into her throat and cutting off her air.

She struggles, her hands pressing hard against his
thighs trying to push her head back away from him as he
holds her firm fucking her throat deeper. She feels a
wetness between her thighs as she squirts her own come
involuntarily her body spasming gagging c*****g on his
cock. Finally he pulls her off sputtering gasping for
air, looking frightened up at him with his hand still
entangled in her hair directing her face up at him. “You
will breathe when I let you breathe slut.”

She tries to nod but he has her head firm. Tears fall
from her eyes and spit and snot cover her chin and lips,
He brings her head to his cock again and presses her
mouth into use again, this time not pushing into her
throat but bobbing her head back and forth over the
shaft rapidly over the length of it.



CRACK! across her back, over and over making an X like
pattern back and forth stinging stripes forming in welts
where the broad leather landed over and over.

“Don’t you dare bare your teeth bitch,”



CRACK! and then pushed hard and her air gone again,
shaking quivering, pissing herself engulfed in the pain
and his cock, nothing else existed at that moment but
the burning stinging of her flesh and his cock buried in
her face, in her throat taking her air.

She began to lose track of things around her, her senses
began to fade she could barely hear the sharp cracks and
her skin now felt warm and glowing. She could feel the
motion of her head but found she was not gagging
anymore, she began to moan gently and felt as though she
was floating, her moans turned to low growls, almost a
deep purr and everything shifted for a moment.

SMACK! she suddenly snapped back to where she was and
what she was doing as she felt the sharp sting of his
hand across her face again. He pulled his cock from her
mouth and slapped her hard back and forth across the
face again. “Pay attention to what you are doing bitch,
be present.” He stood her up pulling her by her hair and
hauled her back to the bedroom throwing her on the

“Strip, get those clothes off now.”

She removed her shoes and skirt quickly, she had no
panties, having relinquished them to him already at
lunch. She let the blouse fall from her shoulders, the
buttons already torn away, and reached back and
unclasped the bra allowing it to fall forward from her

He looked at her, stroking his now semi-hard cock and
smiled an evil twinkle in his eyes. “Crawl up on the bed
and seduce me, make me want to come and give you the
relief you seek, seduce me you slut”

Uncertain she lies her face and upper body on the bed
opening her legs wide to expose her wet cunt and hot red
striped back and ass to him. She looks over her shoulder
at him, uncertain how to lure him closer she presses her
hands forward then arches her back raising her breasts
up off the bed, pressing her pubic bone forward into the
bed, her cunt flexing tight and then relaxing her ass
cheeks pulling in tight and then relaxing as she lowers
herself back down now, arching up on her toes pushing
her face down into the bed lifting her cunt up high
tightening and opening as though trying to pull his cock
inside her from across the room, her hops gyrating from
the pulsing open and close of her hungry hole.

She closes her eyes and envisions his cock slowly
pulling into her as her muscles clamp and open drawing
him in. Her breath staggers as her own hunger builds,
wanting needing to be filled.

SMACK! his hand lands hard and flat against her ass
cheeks and cunt stinging and knocking her off-balance
back onto the bed. “Hungry little slut, you want me, but
you don’t make me want you.”



SMACK! one after another one hand and then the other so
quickly she cannot breathe pressed hard against the bed
he beats a red-hot pattern into her ass, so fast she
cannot tell that one hand leaves before the other is
slapping. tears pour from her eyes and she begins to
float again, the warmth rising I her skin and the sounds
fading from her ears, she is screaming now, but does not
hear her own voice, steady droning almost without
stopping for air.

She begins to drift away, no longer feeling the strikes
on her ass, her screams fade to moans, then growls, and
purrs, he body vibrates from the smacking, but her mind
is calm now. Feeling the warmth radiating out, her
muscles begin to relax and she goes limp, relaxed, as
the muscles begin to quiver and shake involuntarily now,
her entire body quakes and tremors, she has no words,
tears stream down her cheeks and even her jaw begins to
shake, her teeth chattering in her head.

Her eyes roll back and the primal sounds escape her
lips, deep guttural, almost not human in their
resonance. He has stopped striking now and watches as
she crescendos and begins to come back down. He smiles,
licking his lips… now he wants her, now she is ready
for him, his cock now is hard and dripping his desire
for the helpless primal being writhing beneath him…

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