Stories of the students, teachers and parents who attend a school dance

Mike smiled at the girl on the couch. She returned an
inviting smile and he took a seat at her side, touching
her from shoulder to thigh. He had always thought that
Susan was the prettiest girl in his class, but he had
never worked up the courage to tell her. He turned his
face sideways and her face was right there, waiting to
be kissed. So he did.

He kissed her softly at first and then he moved his
lips on hers and then he slipped his tongue in her
mouth. He slid his hand across her flat tummy and
cupped her full, soft breast. Her leg crossed his and
nestled in his crotch against his erection. He began to
hunch his cock against the hard muscles of her thigh.
He didn’t know what to concentrate on most, her mouth,
her breast or the feel of his dick as it slid along her

Mike awoke with a gasp. He rolled away from the pillow
that he had been groping and probing with his aching
cock. When he caught his breath, he smiled in the dark
of his bedroom. That had been a pleasantly erotic
dream. He hadn’t thought of Susan in forever. He hadn’t
seen her since high school and that had been almost
twenty years ago.

But the ache in his cock was more than sexual. He had
to use the bathroom. He threw back the blankets and sat
on the side of his bed. The only light in the room came
from the glowing green numbers from a clock-radio. It
told him that it was two in the morning. He groped his
way to the bedroom door and opened it. The bathroom was
just past his daughter’s room and he was almost there
when the bathroom door swung open and the hallway was
bathed in blinding light.

“Uh,” said Mike squinting his eyes shut against the

“Sorry Dad,” said his daughter, Michelle. She slowly
slid past him and then popped into her room.

Mike got over the toilet and reached down the front of
his pajamas to pull out his cock. It was then that he
realized that his fully erect member was already
jutting from the opening. He snorted. Michelle had
certainly gotten an eyeful. He was blessed in the penis
department. By the time he had become her present age
of sixteen, he had taken to laying a ruler along the
top of his erection. Without any strain at all the tip
of his cock would lay past the nine inch mark. The guys
at school, who had seen him in the shower, had taken to
calling him B.M. which stood for Big�Meat, a nickname
that was the source of much pride and embarrassment.

Mike finished urinating and returned to bed. Should he
tell his daughter that most guys weren’t as well
endowed as he was? Boy, he could just imagine that
conversation. Or worse, did she already know from
experience how big a normal penis was? She went out on
dates. She was cute. Hell, she was beautiful when she
bothered to dress up.

He knew from his own horny teenage years that her dates
would have constant erections. He could just see his
little girl wrapping her fingers around a bulging cock
and milking the cum out of it, or worse, stuffing it
into her eager pussy. Mike rolled over and moaned into
his pillow. He longed for the days when the biggest
worry he had about his daughter was whether or not she
was wearing her bike helmet.

Michelle settled into her bed. She had always known
that her father was a good looking man. He stayed fit
and trim, and her girlfriends were always telling her
how sexy they thought he was. She could just imagine
what they’d say if they knew that he was hung like a
horse. She had seen only one other cock in the flesh
and it had belonged to a past boyfriend named Johnny.

Johnny and she had progressed quickly from a heavy
make-out session on their first date to mutual
masturbation on their second. After a few weeks they
had moved on to steady sex. Given a generous
measurement, Johnny’s cock may have been six inches
long. Michelle had taken to teasing him by asking, “Is
it in yet?” Johnny would just growl and bang her pussy
faster and harder. Their sex lives had ended when
Johnny’s father had taken a job a thousand miles away.

Michelle rolled over and fluffed her pillow into shape.
She imagined her father’s big cock belonging to Johnny.
It would have looked like a third leg hanging from his
thin frame. She began to feel a warm heaviness settle
into her pussy. It would be nice to feel a cock like
that filling and stretching her pussy lips wide and
then sliding in, and in, and in even further.

She began to dream with a smile on her face. In her
dream, she was completely naked as she walked from her
bedroom in the city house into the living room of their
lakeside cabin. Johnny was there, sitting on the old
couch, he was equally naked. A penis a big as his
forearm jutted from his crotch.

“Where did you get that?” Michelle asked, nodding at
his throbbing erection.

Johnny shrugged. “I’m taking those hormone pills you
see on the Internet.” He gave her one of his slow, sexy
smiles that had won his way into her pants after only a
few dates. “Would you like to try it out?”

Michelle couldn’t deny the tingle in her pussy. “Yeah,”
she answered. She straddled his hips and tried to stuff
the huge cock into her pussy. She swayed her hips and
twisted and turned and tried to every way to get the
thing between her wet lips, but nothing worked. “It’s
too big,” she whined. “And the head’s too soft.”

“You’re just not big enough yet, honey,” said a voice
much deeper than Johnny’s.

Michelle looked up into her father’s face. It didn’t
bother her in the least that he had taken Johnny’s
place. “Oh daddy,” she said. “I was fully grown three
years ago.” She renewed her attack on the huge cock,
but she finally had to settle for hunching her clit
against its soft skin.

Michelle’s eyes popped open. Her hips continued to sway
back and forth, but there was no giant cock there. She
had managed to gather the overstuffed comforter of her
bed covers between her legs. She stopped moving when
she realized that an orgasm wasn’t going to show up any
time soon.

The next morning Mike’s mind was more at ease. He was
driving Michelle to her private school before he went
to work. The twenty minute drive gave them time to
discuss their plans for the day. “I got a call from
John Hardwick yesterday,” he said. Hardwick was the
principal at Michelle’s school.

“What did he want?” asked Michelle, suddenly leery
about what a principal might tell a parent. She was no
angel, but she couldn’t remember any deeds that would
warrant a call from her principal to her father.

“He asked if I could help chaperone the dance tonight.”
The school was hosting a fall social event that night.

“Oh, that’s cool,” she said, relieved.

“You don’t mind?”

“No,” she said. “We can ride together.”

“Don’t tell me that you don’t have a date?”

Michelle gave him a sly smile. “Well, I kind of told
four or five guys that I would meet them there. I hope
they don’t complain when I just happen to walk in with
the best-looking guy there.”

“Hey, nice suck-up to the old man there, k*d,” laughed
Mike as he pulled to a stop in front of the school.

“It’s the truth,” said Michelle. She reached over and
squeezed the top of his thigh. “You are a very sexy
guy.” Before Mike could say anything she was out the
door and on her way. Mike could still feel the heat of
her hand on his leg. A little sexual tremor ran the
length of his cock. Now what the hell was that all

Late that same afternoon, Mike was pacing the floor at
home. He checked his watch for the tenth time in the
last five minutes. He was ready to leave for the dance
but his daughter was still dressing. “Come on honey,”
he called. “I know it’s a social faux pas, but we have
to be there early.”

“If you’re waiting on me, you’re backing up,” said
Michelle as she swept into the room.

Mike gave his daughter an appreciative look. Like her
mother, she was almost six feet tall in her heels. But
unlike her mother, who strove to stay stick-thin,
Michelle had a much healthier look. Her sleeveless
dress of smoky silver silk had thin straps above lacy
trim that accented a large amount of cleavage. After
hinting at a waist, the dress fell to half way down her
thighs where the hem was trimmed in more lace. “That’s
a pretty slip, Michelle,” said Mike. “Now why don’t you
hurry and put on a dress.”

“Oh Daddy,” said Michelle. “That’s why they call it a
slip dress.” She took his arm and tucked it hard
against her breast as she led him to their car.

Even through the combined layers of the fabric of his
blazer, her dress and her bra, Mike could feel the mass
of Michelle’s breast move against his arm as they
walked. I really need a date, he thought. I’m fixated
on the feel of my daughter’s breast, and I think my
dick’s half hard. His wife had walked out of his life
three years ago and he hadn’t had a woman since.

When they arrived at the school, Michelle and Mike were
met at the door by Principal Hardwick. “Thanks for
coming, Mike,” said Hardwick. “And Michelle, you look
very pretty in that dress.”

“Thank you,” she said to the principal, and then her
eye was caught by someone’s waving arm. “Dad, I see
some friends. I’ll talk to you later.”

“OK, honey,” said her father. The two men watched her
walk away for a second and then turned to each other.

“They sure grow up fast,” said Mike.

Hardwick laughed. “For me, they stay the same age; it’s
the faces that change.” The two men chatted for a few
minutes, and then they noticed a pretty, young lady as
she approached. Hardwick greeted the woman and
introduced her. “Mike, this is Joan Preston. She’s been
on our faculty since the summer session. I’m going to
let her train you in the art and science of being a
chaperone at our school.”

“Hi,” said Joan, giving Mike a friendly smile. She had
brilliant, white teeth and short-cut straight blonde
hair. She was wearing a narrow skirt cut a couple of
inches above the knee and a form fitting red blouse
that had a ruffle down the front. “Let me give you a
tour,” she said as she steered Mike into a room large
enough to hold a couple of basketball courts.

“The dance is going to be in here,” said Joan. “It’s a
multi-purpose room that’s usually divided up into
classrooms and activity areas. You can see that most of
the curtains and room-dividers have been pushed to the
walls to make way for the dance floor. They make for
lots of nooks and crannies that the kids can hide in.”

“Now why on earth would they want to hide?” asked Mike
in a mock serious voice.

Joan laughed. “About what you’d expect. Some of them
want to smoke. Although why they think they won’t be
noticed is beyond me. And some want to drink – they’re
pretty hard to catch. But most are couples who want to
make out, or worse.”

“Or worse?” said Mike.

Joan laughed again, tossing her hair off her pretty
face. “Yeah, after several slow dances a lot of the
guys and some of the girls are little sexual bombs
eager to explode.”

“In the old days we never did that sort of thing at
school,” said Mike.

“No? You were all good little boys and girls?”

Mike laughed. “Not really, we just waited until we were
in our cars.”

Joan gave him a sexy smile. “I bet you messed up a seat
cover or two in your time.”

Across the room, Michelle watched as her father and Ms.
Preston walked and talked and laughed with one another.
Michelle heard a voice from behind say, “Isn’t that
your father with Ms. Preston?”

She turned and saw that a friend of hers, Tommy Rice,
was also looking at the couple. “Yeah, that’s him. It
looks like they’re having fun.” She and Tommy had known
each other for years. She knew that Tommy had a crush
on her that flared up from time to time. Michelle
thought he was cute but he had a reputation as a geek,
and she was at an age where coolness outweighed
friendship by a wide margin.

Tommy turned to her and said, “You know, I’ve got
something you might want to see.”


“Come on,” said Tommy. “The dance won’t really get
going for a while.” They left the room and went down a
hallway as if they were going to the bathrooms, but
they went past that point, rounded a corner and entered
the school’s library. Tommy went to one of the
library’s computers and switched it on.

“You’re not going to show me some porn site, are you?”
asked Michelle. “I’ve seen all I want of women screwing
animals, and everything but the kitchen sink stuck in a

Tommy chuckled as he typed and clicked. “No, it’s more
interesting than that.”

She looked over Tommy’s shoulder and saw a list of e-
mails scrolling down the screen. “You’re hacking
somebody’s e-mail?”

“Yeah, it’s Hardwick’s. He had me set up his account
to filter out spam, and I left a backdoor so I could
take a look.”

She slapped him on the shoulder. “You’ll get caught and
expelled, or jailed.”

“You mean old lady Smith will get arrested. That’s who
I’m signed on as.”

Michelle had a mental picture of the obese and very
snobby English teacher being led away in handcuffs. She
giggled and said, “Can you make sure she gets caught?”

“Here it is,” said Tommy. He clicked on one of the e-
mails. “Read this.”

Michelle peered over his shoulder at the screen. It

I was looking through a trade magazine this morning and
saw that Joan Preston had joined your faculty. No doubt
you saw that her last position was as an instructor
over here at Harmon Junior College. I don’t know what
reason she gave you for leaving there, but it was a
real scandal. This isn’t a rumor; I got the story first
hand from some of the people involved. It seems that
cute little thing is a real sexual tiger. She was
stringing along several of the richer male students.
She collected more jewelry than the Queen of England,
and there were very few weekends or holidays that she
didn’t spend in the arms of one stud or another
somewhere very expensive.

She got away with it until she dropped one of the
students who just happened to have an uncle on the
board of directors. The young man ran to his uncle and
an investigation ensued. The board fired her and
threatened to invalidate her teaching credentials if
she made a fuss. Well, Ms Preston knew exactly what she
was doing. All the young men that she had ‘dated’ were
adults, and what they had received for their presents
and attention certainly didn’t have anything to do with
school work.

She threatened to take the board to court where she
promised to testify in excruciating detail about what
she had done with those students. By the time she was
through with the board, she had received a year’s
severance pay and a glowing reference in return for her
resignation. I doubt that she would try anything with
the boys at your school, but I know there are a lot of
wealthy fathers of those students who might think that
she would be a pretty little thing to play with. I just
wanted to give you a heads-up on Ms Preston. Now about
our ongoing golf bet.

* To read more about Joan Preston, page down to ‘Joan’s

Michelle skipped the rest of the e-mail. “How about
that? Ms. Preston is a real gold-digger.”

“And your father’s the mine she’s picking at tonight,”
said Tommy. He hit a couple of keys and the printer
next to the computer hummed into life. A few seconds
later, he handed a printed copy of the e-mail to

She took the paper, glanced at it, and then folded it
neatly and put it away in her clutch. “Thanks,” she
said, “but come on, my father wouldn’t be interested,
she’s not all that pretty.”

“Are you kidding? She’s the cause of half the hard-ons
in school. Have you ever been in one of her classes?”
Michelle shook her head. Tommy stood up and perched on
the edge of the computer desk. “She starts out like
this. She sits on a stool in front of the class. And
she crosses her legs, like this.” Tommy gave his
impression of a woman smoothing down her skirt and
crossing her legs as she sat. “She starts to lecture,
and then she really gets into what she’s talking about
and she switches legs and crosses them the other way.”
Tommy did so. “But like I said, she’s really into it,
so she forgets to pull down her skirt. Then guys start
asking questions and she’s squirming around on that
stool. Pretty soon, the bottom of one of those short
skirts she wears is practically in her lap, and oh-my-
God does she have great legs.”

Michelle felt a twinge of jealousy. Tommy was supposed
to have a crush on her, not some old teacher who was
pushing thirty. She stepped between his legs and
trailed the tips of her fingers along his thighs. “Well
thanks for the warning,” she said as she tilted her
head and lifted her face in invitation to a kiss.

The last time Tommy had kissed her he had smashed his
lips on hers so hard she was afraid that he might
loosen a tooth. But tonight he lightly pressed his lips
on hers and only when she didn’t pull away did he kiss
more firmly.

Wow, who’s been teaching him?, thought Michelle. It
felt very natural when his tongue slipped into her
mouth. She responded, and in a few seconds his hands
were on her ass, pulling her closer. Their tongues
played for a long minute as her hands moved around on
his lap until she found something long and thick with a
pounding pulse. “Still thinking about Ms Preston?” she
asked as she began to pull away.

“Ms who?” he said with a wicked grin. He put his hand
on hers and pressed it onto his rigid cock. “But how
can I go back to the dance with this big bulge in my

“Probably the same way you walk out of Ms. Preston’s
class with one,” she said dryly.

“Oh, come on Michelle,” pleaded Tommy. He slid her hand
back and forth on his still-hidden cock.

Michelle measured the length of Tommy’s cock as she
allowed him to use her hand like some jerk-off toy.
Wow, she thought, he’s big. I wonder if he’s as big as
my father? Of course there was an easy way to find out.
She used her free hand to unzip his pants.

“Oh, yeah,” said Tommy. He eagerly helped her pull his
rigid cock from the confines of his pants. In a second
it was jutting obscenely from his fly. Maybe not quiet
as big as Dad’s, thought Michelle with some pride. She
wrapped her fingers around his dick and started to jack
him off with practiced ease. He certainly wasn’t the
first guy that she’d done this to. Her fingers bumped
over the head of his thick member with a steady rhythm.
Tommy pushed himself off the desk and spread his legs.
He thrust out his hips to give Michelle plenty of room.
In a couple of minutes he hissed. “I’m going to cum.”

Michelle adroitly slid to one side as she quickened her
hand job. She could feel his cock swell in her hand.
Tommy grunted, and three health streams of milky white
cum erupted from the tip of his cock to land on the
library rug. Unfortunately, one last string of cum
oozed over both Michelle’s fingers and the head of
Tommy’s cock. The two teens froze in place, not wanting
to soil their clothing. Their eyes met and they started
laughing. “Now what do we do?” she asked.

Tommy reached inside his blazer, and with a flourish,
he pulled a handkerchief from an inner pocket. “My
stepmother always said to be prepared.”

Michelle took the proffered cloth and cleaned the warm,
slimy stuff from her fingers and Tommy’s slightly
wilted cock. “I don’t think this is what your mom had
in mind,” she said as she carefully folded the
handkerchief and handed it back to Tommy.

“You’d be surprised,” he said, putting the handkerchief

Michelle started to ask him what that was supposed to
mean when a sudden blare of music sounded in the
distance and the two teens headed to the dance.

** To read more about Tommy and his stepmother page
down to ‘Tommy’s Story’.

For almost two hours, Mike circumambulated the hall. He
had faithfully checked behind drapes and partitions,
but so far there were no misbehaving students to be
found. He stepped behind yet another set of heavy
curtains bunched near an outside wall. There was an
open space there, but it was pretty much filled with
stacks of chairs. He was about to move on when he heard
a giggle from beyond a far set of curtains. He quietly
sidestepped the chairs and pulled aside the curtains
just enough to see what was going on.

He was not quiet surprised to find yet another hiding
spot. This one was formed where the heavy wooden panels
of a sliding partition were folded against the outer
wall. A young man was standing in front of those
panels. He had his head thrown back, his eyes were
closed and a smile played on his lips. Mike’s eyes
moved downward and there he saw the young man’s date.
She was calmly sitting in a chair with her lips wrapped
around his cock. Her head was moving back and forth in
a steady rhythm. The boy had his hands on his hips,
which twitched whenever the girl hit a particularly
sensitive spot.

Mike felt his cock swell like a balloon. He knew that
he ought to break up their little tryst, but they were
going about things in such a very matter-of�fact manner
that he hesitated. Clearly, the girl wasn’t being
f****d. If anything, she looked downright enthusiastic.
The boy suddenly took a deep breath and grimaced in
ecstasy. “Oh, yeah,” he sighed as he released his
breath and jutted his hips forward.

The girl pumped her head a few more times, then took a
long final pull on his cock. She sat back and his
still-stiff member popped out of her mouth and waved in
the air. It looked moist, but not messy. Clearly, the
girl had taken care of his cum. She stood and Mike gave
a silent snort of amazement. In her heels, the girl was
more than a head taller than the boy. Not only that,
she was drop-dead gorgeous. Why in the world was she
sucking off this ordinary little shrimp of a guy, he

Mike stepped back and grabbed at his crotch. He
rearranged his aching cock and gave it a couple of
strokes through his pants. I sure could use a pair of
soft lips like those stretched around my dick about
now, he thought.

“Eddy, you’ve danced with every girl here but me,” said
the girl’s petulant voice from the other side of the

“Yeah, Beth, but you’re the one I’m going home with,”
said the boy. He sounded totally sure of himself. “Or I
could get you off right here.”

Oh wow, thought Mike. He’s going to eat her pussy, or
maybe the little stud is still hard and he’s going to
fuck her. Mike took a step back toward the crack in the
curtains, but he froze when his foot struck a chair and
sent it screeching across the floor. By the time he was
able to take another peek, the young couple had fled.
He turned to rejoin the dance when suddenly, the lights
dimmed and the music took on a slower beat. It was so
dark in the little alcove that he had to feel his way
back to the dance floor.

Mike watched the couples slow dancing. The organizers
had certainly poured on the atmosphere. The lights had
been turned down low, except for a couple of spotlights
that reflected off a mirrored ball that hung in the
center of the room. He wondered about the couple he’d
been watching just a minute ago. He found them a few
minutes later. They were at a far edge of the dance
floor. Mike wandered closer to the couple. Beth and
Eddy they had called themselves, he remembered.

***To read more about Beth and Eddy, page down to ‘Beth
and Eddy.’

Mike moved slowly until he could see the young couple
against a background of other dancers. They were the
picture of awkward teen love. The taller girl had her
tan arms around his neck. His face was nestled into her
bare shoulder. The innocent picture changed as Mike’s
gaze lowered. He grinned and shook his head. Eddy’s
hand had lifted the front of Beth’s short skirt and
dived into her panties. Mike watched the muscles of her
long legs ripple as the boy’s finger swirled in her

Mike’s cock had fallen to half-mast, but now he felt a
fresh surge of hot b***d. These kids are going to have
me running to the restroom to jerk off, he admitted to
himself. He had taken a step forward to break up the
horny couple before they ended up fornicating on the
dance floor, when Joan appeared at his side.

Mike glanced at Joan and said, “Look at that.” He
nodded at the young couple.

Joan sniggered. “We’ve been looking for horny kids in
the nooks and crannies, and here they are, doing it on
the dance floor.” She squinted her eyes to get a better
look at the couple, then Joan gasped and put her hand
on Mike’s arm. “I know those kids, they’re cousins,”
she said in a scandalized voice.

“You’re kidding, I better go break them up,” said Mike.
But before he had gone two steps, the girl seemed to
stumble. She hugged the boy fiercely, and then just
that quick, his hand was out of her panties and they
were walking off the dance floor, hand in hand.

Mike turned back to Joan. She had her hand over her
mouth and her eyes were crinkled in laughter. “I think
you were too late,” she said as Mike drew near.

Mike shrugged and shook his head. He smiled and said,
“I think you’re right.”

Joan checked an expensive-looking gold watch on her
wrist. “The dance is almost over. What say we two
diligent chaperones take a turn around the dance
floor?” she asked.

“OK,” agreed Mike. He held out his hands in the
conventional manner, and was surprised when Joan put
both of hands on his shoulders and snuggled close. He
put his hands on her waist and began to sway to the
music. His erection throbbed against her rocking hips
and never had a chance to fade away.

When the music stopped, Joan stepped back with a
playful look in her eyes. “Thank you, that was very
nice,” she said.

“I enjoyed it too,” agreed Mike.

“I know you did,” she said with a laugh. Before Mike
could respond, she continued, “Why don’t you check out
that area next to the storage closets for the divider
panels?” She casually pointed in that direction with a
finger under her chin.

“But I just came from…” Mike started to say, and then
his voice trailed off when he saw the look in her eyes.

Across the dance floor Michelle watched as her father
and Joan danced. Tommy, hands in his pockets, came to
her side and nudged her with an elbow. “See?” he said.
“She’s moving in.”

Michelle sounded annoyed when she said, “I guess you’re
right.” She saw Joan point and then she watched as her
father nodded his head in agreement, and then
disappeared into one of the room’s make-out spots.
Michelle grabbed Tommy by the shoulder and said, “Go
dance with Ms. Preston.”

“What?” he said in surprise.

“I know you’ve got a thing for her. Go ask her to
dance, and don’t take no for an answer.” She shoved him
in the direction of the sexy blonde.

Mike could hardly see a thing. He found the chair that
the girl had used to suck off her date earlier, and
took a seat. He wiped his sweaty palms on his pant legs
and took a deep breath. He felt as if he were fifteen
and waiting on his first date. At least he thought that
he had read Joan’s meaning correctly. She was going to
join him, wasn’t she?

The curtains parted and Mike saw the faint outline of a
feminine form before the curtains shut and all that he
could see was a shadow moving in the gloom. He felt
fingers on his shoulder and then a soft caress of his
cheek. “Listen, I…” he started to say, but then he
felt a finger across his lips.

Mike saw a dark shape before his face, and then he felt
a pair of soft lips on his. The kiss was long and
tender. He groped in the dark for the feminine body he
knew was attached to those sensuous lips, but a hand
stayed his arm. “Let me,” said the faintest whisper of
a voice.

Mike relaxed as much as he could in the bare, plastic
chair. Hands worked at his zipper and in a second his
cock was free. He felt fiery fingers wrap about his
erection and begin a firm stroke. Her hair tickled his
face, and its fragrance was somehow warm and
comforting. He couldn’t stay still. He was a second
from crushing her body to his, when all the pent-up
sexuality of the evening erupted from the tip of his
cock. It felt as if he were practically pissing cum.
She pressed his cock against his groin, and Mike felt
his lap grow warm. Suddenly the curtains opened,
closed, and then he was alone.

Aw shit, thought Mike, as he put away his cum-covered
cock, she could have taken care of this load. He felt
in his coat pocket for a handkerchief, but there was
none to be found. He sighed; how was going to clean up
his pants? A thought occurred to him. He pulled out his
shirttails � his shirt had a generous cut � and cleaned
up his pants as best he could.

Mike buttoned his coat over the dark spot on his pants
and made his way back to the dance floor. He decided
that he could explain away any stains to spilled punch,
and he would just have to ignore the squishy feelings
in his pants.

Michelle appeared at his side as he returned to the
dance floor. She put her arm through his and pulled
herself close. “Can we go home, Dad?” she asked. “The
dance is over and I don’t feel good.”

“What’s the matter?” asked Mike as he patted her hand
absently. He looked around for Joan, wondering where
she could have gone. He finally found her. She was
dancing with a student. Mike caught her eye as her
partner turned her about. She turned the hand that
rested on the boy’s shoulder palm up, in a sort of
shrugging gesture. Then she curled a finger about and
pointed at the boy.

Mike frowned in confusion. What was all that hand
waving supposed to signify? He felt a tug at his arm
and Michelle said, “I think I’m going to be sick.”
Although she sounded more disgusted than weak and ill.
Mike did his own version of sign language for Joan,
gesturing first at Michelle and then the door. He could
always get together with Joan later.

“I’m sorry, honey,” said Mike. He began to lead them
toward the door to the parking lot. “How was the dance,
other than being sick?”

“Enlightening,” she said warmly, as she snuggled her
breast against his arm. “We’ll have lots to talk about

End of the main story.

*Joan’s Story*

Joan Preston checked her watch as she entered the
library at Harmon Junior College. She had an hour
before teaching her next class. She wanted some peace
and quiet, so she headed to the second floor of the
library and one of the solitary study desks that were
scattered among the stacks. She slipped a ‘Vogue’
magazine from her bag and settled down to a quiet hour
of reading.

“Hey babe,” came a whisper from behind her shoulder.

Startled, Joan snapped her head around to see Mason
Rouge, one of her former students, standing a few feet
away. “Hello, Mason,” she said, her voice was flat and
emotionless. She turned back to her magazine and
noisily snapped through several pages.

She felt a hand sliding from her shoulder to her
forearm and Mason’s breath on her ear. “I thought I’d
find you here,” he said softly. Joan suppressed a
shiver. Mason had been one of her past lovers. Harmon
Junior College was a jumping-off point for the well-to-
do young men of the area who needed their education
tweaked before they went on to more prestigious
colleges. She took full advantage of her teaching
position to meet and seduce the good looking ones who
had money to burn. She provided ball-bursting sex, and
they couldn’t spend money on her fast enough.

Breaking off the relationships usually wasn’t a
problem. The studs moved on due to graduation, or due
to the fact that Joan could be one cold bitch if she
needed to be. But Mason had been the exception. He was
devastatingly handsome as well as very rich. Plus, he
knew how to fuck like a tireless machine. The problem
was that he could cling like a suffocating vine. When
he had begun to propose marriage, she had tried to be
rid of him, but he wouldn’t take loud, emphatic
rejections for an answer.

“Have you resorted to stalking me, Mason?” she asked.

“I just wanted you to know that I’m graduating,” he

“Oh really, did your uncle finally fix enough grades
for you?” Mason wasn’t much of a student, and she
couldn’t resist the barb. Mason’s uncle, Talbot, was on
the school’s board of directors. The man was a fat
lecher who had to depend on Mason’s side of the family
for his money.

Mason shrugged. “I’m not above using my family ties.”
He moved his hand to gently cup her breast and snuggled
his mouth to her ear so that it tickled her when he
said, “How about one last fuck for old time’s sake.”

Joan writhed in his grasp. She looked around to see if
anyone was watching. “We broke off, Mason, let’s just
let it go at that.”

His hand went to her knee and then slipped its way
under her Donna Karen skirt. “Right here, right now,”
he said, “you know you like it when it’s dangerous.”

Joan felt a spasm in her pussy as she clasped her
thighs around his hand. He knew how to push her
buttons, but this was not the time or place, even if
she were so inclined. “I’m not going to screw you in
the middle of the library,” she hissed.

“In the rare books section then, you can get us in.” He
ran the tip of his tongue along the line of her jaw.

Joan felt herself weakening. Her current boyfriend knew
how to shower her with gifts, but he was a dud in bed.
Mason, on the other hand, had a good-sized cock and he
knew how to use it. “OK,” she said, licking her lips,
“one last time, and then we’re out.”

Mason followed Joan to the third floor of the library.
Over the years, various alumni had donated hundreds of
irreplaceable books, and they were kept in an area with
limited access. Few people ever used the room. Any
teacher had access, but only a few of the students
could enter without authorization. Joan ran her school
identification card through the reader of the
electronic lock. There was a click, and then she and
Mason were in the room. Mason took the lead and in a
second they were out of sight amongst the shelves of
old tomes.

Mason kissed her hungrily. He ran his hands all over
her body and undid the one button that kept the top of
her dress closed. He kissed down her neck and nuzzled
her cleavage. He skillfully lifted one of her firm
breasts from her demi-bra and ran his tongue over her
erect nipple.

Joan clasped Mason’s head to her sensitive tit. She
steadied herself with her free hand while she lifted
her foot to rest on one of the book shelves. Mason took
the hint and lifted her skirt. His hand zeroed in on
her pussy. He pushed and rubbed at the crotch of her
panties until they were slick with her juices.

“You ready, baby?” panted Mason. “My dick’s about to
break off in my pants.”

Joan didn’t say anything. She just caressed Mason’s
back and shoulders as he frantically fumbled at his
zipper. He pulled out his cock so that it thrust
obscenely from his fly. He wrapped his hand around the
shaft and gave it a couple of strokes. Clear precum
oozed from the slit and dripped down his engorged dick.
With a well-practiced move he sheathed his cock in an
extra-large condom, and then he fervently threw up the
hem of Joan’s skirt.

Joan felt Mason pull aside the crotch of her panties
with his finger. He looked awkward as he bent his
knees, arched his back and thrust his hips forward, but
then she felt the head of his cock on her pussy lips.
With a masterful lunge, Mason shoved his cock upward
into her sweet vagina and shoved his tongue down her

Joan was overwhelmed. She couldn’t catch her breath and
she had to wrap her arms around Mason’s shoulders to
keep from falling. He lifted her entire body into the
air with each thrust of his cock. Her clit was being
thoroughly massaged, and she felt her orgasm surging

Mason broke off their kiss and buried his face on her
shoulder. His hot breath blew across her exposed
breast. Joan felt the first hot, swell of her orgasm
roll through her pussy. A few seconds later came the
next pulse, stronger than the first. The surges through
her cunt came faster and harder. Joan knew that
sometimes the quick orgasms could be the sharpest and
keenest. The next rush of sexual tension heaved her
over the edge into a pussy-cramping cum. High pitched
gasps escaped Joan’s lips that were drawn back in a
rictus of bliss. Seconds later, Mason shivered in her
arms as he came.

“Let’s go,” said Mason as he looked at his watch. He
had put away his shrunken cock and now he was almost
dancing from one foot to the other with impatience.

Joan ran a finger under her bra strap to settle it into
place. “Go on if you want,” she told him, “I think I
can find my way to the door.” Mason stuck his hands in
his pockets and flared his nostrils. Then he took a
deep breath and sighed in the way that men do when
they’re f****d to wait on a woman.

Joan smoothed her hair into place, and then motioned to
Mason to lead the way. They were almost out of the rare
books room when she heard the muffled thud of a book
hitting a carpeted floor. She let the door swing shut,
locking Mason on the outside as she turned back into
the room. She heard his low voice and a tap on the
door, but she ignored the sounds. She walked softly
down the rows of books until she was just past the
place where she and Mason had been fucking moments
before. A large fat man was there. He was putting a
book back on a shelf with one hand while holding what
looked like a video camera in the other.

“Hello Talbot,” said Joan. Her voice was calm and flat.
Everything clicked into place for Joan. Mason’s
seduction had played out just as he had wanted it to.
Now she had to find out what Mason and his uncle
intended to do with the tape he’d just made.

“Hello Joan,” said Talbot. He tucked the camera under
his arm as if he were a football player about to charge
through the line.

The stiletto heels of Joan’s Jimmy Choos thudded into
the carpet as she strode toward Talbot’s fat figure.
“What are you up to?” she asked, hands balled defiantly
on her hips.

“Well,” said Talbot, drawing out the word, “since
you’re here, you might as well know. Mason is
desperately in love with you. He asked me for help in
getting you back together again. I thought that some
direct action in the form of blackmail would do the


“Yes,” said Talbot. “He’s quite infatuated with you,
although he thinks it’s love.”

“And I’m supposed to agree to some sort of relationship
under this duress?” asked Joan in a scathing tone.

“It’s either that, or I go to the board of directors
with this tape,” said Talbot.

Joan drew a long, thoughtful breath. “Well, I think
that it was actually Mason who came up with this
situation-comedy scheme, and you went along with it to
keep whatever scraps his family throws your way. I
guess he thinks that I’ll run crying to him so that he
can manfully handle the matter to my everlasting

“No, no,” said Talbot quickly, “it was all my doing.”

Joan looked down for a second and then turned her
attention back to Talbot. She said, “I see that you
must have enjoyed our little show. There’re cum stains
on your pants. You should be more careful when you play
the voyeur.”

Talbot craned his head forward and down in a vain
effort to see his pants over his enormous belly. What
he did see was a flicker of movement just before Joan’s
open palm slammed into the side of his face. Through
tear clouded eyes, he watched as Joan massaged her
hand. “Tell that cowardly weasel that you call a
nephew, that I’ll rip his dick out by the roots if he
ever comes near me again,” she said. She turned and
headed for the door.

“I’ll break you,” Talbot hissed through his aching jaw.

“Do your damnedest, you lecherous old asshole,” she
threw over her shoulder as she marched away.

*End of Joan’s story*

** Tommy’s Story**

Tommy grabbed a grenade and positioned himself in front
of the metal alloy door. He took a step forward and the
door’s automatic sensor snapped it open. He tossed the
grenade through the opening, and then stepped back in
time for the door to close him off from the explosion
that followed. There was a muffled cry of pain from the
other side of the door. Tommy smiled and took up his
rifle. He stepped through the door just in time to see
his enemy turn and raise his weapon.

Tommy could see that the soldier was heavily wounded,
but the bloody figure was still able to pour a heavy
rate of fire in his direction as it backed away down
the corridor. Tommy’s body armor was being degraded as
it absorbed hit after hit, but he took his time as he
raised his rifle and settled the sights right between
the eyes of his enemy. He fired, and the enemy
soldier’s head exploded in a shower of b***d, bone and
gray matter.

Tommy walked over to the headless, twitching form. A
bloody red stain was pooling around the body. A black
rectangle appeared over the corpse and words began to
form in the box. ‘I really, really, really hate it when
you do that,’ Tommy read.

He pulled his keyboard closer and typed, ‘u r getting
better…I was lucky 2 get behind u.’

‘Good game,’ typed his opponent, ‘c ya later dude.’

‘OK,’ typed Tommy, and he pushed away his keyboard. He
heard a couple of taps on the open door of his room and
he turned to see his stepmother standing there.
Catherine was dressed � immaculately as usual � in
white linen slacks and a blue Oxford cloth shirt. Her
shoulder length honey blonde hair was swept back and
held in place with a gold clasp.

“Is the world safe for democracy once again?” she asked
with a smile.

Tommy pumped his fist in the air and said, “Yes, I have
triumphed over the forces of evil.”

“Well, I hate to drag you away from your solemn duty,
but your dad laid down one of his edicts before he left
on his trip this morning.”

Tommy groaned. His father was a good guy, but when he
said jump, it was best to get both feet off the ground.
“What now?” he asked. Last week he had been tasked with
cleaning and painting their swimming pool before his
father would allow it to be filled for the summer.

Catherine took a seat on the edge of his bed. “He said
that it was time for you to…uh…spruce up a bit. Get
a haircut and some more mature clothing.”

Tommy looked down at his wrinkled tee-shirt and below-
the-knee length baggy shorts. “I dress like every other
teenager,” he said.

Catherine raised her eyebrows and said, “I think that
was his point.”

Tommy sighed and ran his fingers through his uncombed
hair. Being the rebellious youth really wasn’t in his
nature. It was worth a haircut and some new clothes to
keep his father happy. He said, “I guess that’s not too
bad. At least I won’t get sunburned and dehydrated,
like I did in the pool.”

“And,” continued Catherine, “there’s a formal party at
the country club next month. He wants you to put in a
good appearance there.”

“So as I am now, I embarrass him in front of his
golfing buddies. Is that it?”

Catherine shook her head. “Your father is very proud of
you. You make excellent grades and you stay out of
trouble. He just wants me to tweak your social skills.”

Tommy frowned and studied his shoes for a few seconds.
This wouldn’t be so bad, he decided. He stood and
walked over to Catherine. He took her hand, bowed over
it and gave it a loud smacking kiss. “Madam,” he said,
“I am ready to be tweaked. Where do we start?”

She laughed and wiped the back of her hand on his bed
sheet. “I guess we can skip over hand kissing and go
shopping first.”

For the next week Tommy felt as if he’d gone back to
school. He learned more than he cared to about dining
etiquette, and he and Catherine talked about current
events endlessly. Not that he minded spending time with
her. She was certainly pretty and she seemed more like
an older sister than a stepmother.

Catherine had been raised by an overprotective father.
She had gone to private girl’s schools, and graduated
from college with an advanced degree in English
literature. After graduation she had planned on
traveling for a couple of years, and then maybe
accepting one of the many proposals of marriage that
came her way. But then her father passed away, and she
learned that his estate was nearly bankrupt. She was on
the verge of having to consider actually working for a
living, when Tommy’s father, Randolph, appeared like
someone out of a romance novel.

He was fifteen years her senior, but very good looking
and he possessed an overwhelming personality. He
courted her with the same passion that he ran his
successful businesses and soon they were wed. But after
a romantic honeymoon, Randolph turned his attention
back to business. Catherine began to feel as if she was
more of a social secretary than a wife. She hardly ever
spent time alone with Randolph, and their sex life was
nothing to shout about. It was like, OK, I shot a load,
you had your orgasm. Let’s cross that off until next

Tommy grabbed his skateboard and headed for the door.
After a week of lessons, he had managed to avoid
Catherine all day. Now he was anxious to take advantage
of the long, paved driveway in front of their house,
and get in some boarding. He was almost out the front
door when she called, “Oh, Tommy.”

He turned and saw that Catherine had appeared in the
foyer behind him. He groaned, “Not more lessons right
now. I was going to get some exercise.”

She gestured for him to follow her. “Come on, you’ll
get plenty of exercise.”

“Doing what?” asked Tommy as he followed her into the
family’s exercise room. Catherine used the various
machines therein to keep her slim figure fit and toned,
but Tommy and his father could hardly ever be found

She punched a button on an executive-sized stereo and
soft music began to play. “It’s time for you to learn
to dance.”

“Oh please,” whined Tommy. “I’ve got two left feet.
I’ll break your toes. I don’t really need to dance, do

Catherine pointed to his skateboard. “If you can ride
that thing, then you can dance. Besides, girls love it
when a guy masterfully leads them across the dance

Tommy wasn’t so sure about that, he did absolutely
nothing masterfully when it came to girls. On the other
hand, Catherine was looking pretty hot in her form
fitting workout clothes. He threw up his hands and
said, “OK, where do we start?”

An hour later, Tommy was soaked in sweat. His legs
ached with the effort of moving precisely to
Catherine’s instructions. But he was finally beginning
to enjoy himself. Instead of worrying about his feet,
he began to focus on the feel of Catherine’s body in
his arms and the fragrance of her herbal soap and
shampoo. In fact, he had worked up a terrific erection.
Fortunately, his cock was wadded up in his jockey
shorts so she couldn’t notice.

“I guess that’s enough for now,” she said as a song
ended. “The next time we’ll do some fun stuff, like
this.” She lifted Tommy’s hand and spun about under
their upraised arms. But Tommy hadn’t expected her move
and he stepped into her turn. Their bodies banged
together and he had to hold her close and hard to keep
her from falling to the floor. Catherine laughed, but
the only thing that Tommy could think of was the feel
of her breasts on his chest and her thigh on his
crotch. She looked into his eyes, and the next thing he
knew, he was mashing his lips hard against hers.

Tommy was in bliss for about two seconds, and then he
felt the pressure of Catherine’s forefinger on his brow
as she pushed his head back. “I’m afraid your poor
dancing is way better than your kissing,” she said as
she stepped out of his embrace.

Tommy clamped his hands to his face. “I am so sorry,”
he moaned between his fingers. “I don’t know what

“Raging teen hormones, I suspect,” said Catherine, as
if it didn’t matter.

Tommy was relieved that she was being so cool about the
situation. But then he suddenly remembered what she had
said about his kiss. “Was it really worse than my
dancing?” he asked.

“Look, it’s OK. You have to learn how to kiss just
like you learn everything else.” She felt sorry for his
embarrassment. “Here, let me show you how this works.”
She pulled his hands down from his face. “Let’s say
it’s the end of a date. You walk the girl to her door.
You say what a good time you had… yadda, yadda,
yadda. Now you put the fingertips of both hands on her
shoulder or arms. Don’t grab her ass or anything.”

Tommy managed to chuckle and lightly touched Catherine
on her shoulders. “That’s the universal dating signal
for a goodnight kiss,” Catherine continued. “If she
looks at you and doesn’t pull away, then you can go
ahead and kiss her. Now keep your lips together and
pucker them just a little.”

Tommy did as he was told. When he closed his eyes he
was rewarded with Catherine’s warm, soft lips on his.
There were no fireworks, but it was certainly a
wonderful sensation. His cock began to throb with
renewed enthusiasm.

“If she pulls away, then you’re through,” said
Catherine matter-of-factly, as if she were giving more
dance instructions. “If not then you can do this. Close
your eyes again.”

Catherine’s lips landed on his once again, but firmly
this time. Then they began to move around in little
circles. She even kissed his top and bottom lips
individually. “The idea is for you to do it too,” said
Catherine without completely removing her lips from

“Mmmph,” said Tommy as he complied. When he began to
move his lips opposite to Catherine’s the sensations in
his cock jumped ten fold. His heart was beginning to
pound and his face felt like it was going to burst into
flames when Catherine broke their kiss and stepped

“And that’s about it,” she said, catching her breath.

Tommy stood there, stunned. He couldn’t find any words
to say, but he certainly didn’t want the lesson to end.
Finally he found inspiration. “But in the movies you
see guys kissing � you know � like their mouths are
open and stuff.”

“Yeah, there’s that,” said Catherine, “but it’s not
usually done on a first date. Don’t worry, you’ll pick
it up.”

“Please?” pleaded Tommy. “I’m a big enough nerd as it
is. Help me get it right.”

Catherine hesitated, but then she looked into his big,
puppy-dog eyes and relented. “OK,” she said, moving
closer. “Kiss me again; just keep your lips softer this

Once more Tommy did as he was bid. He felt Catherine’s
lips moving on his again and then something new was
added. The tip of her tongue was on his lips. And then
it was inside his lips. He immediately got the idea.
His tongue played with hers. Their mouths opened more
and more and their tongues probed deeper and deeper.
Tommy began to rock his hips against hers, but his
aching cock was so bound up he couldn’t really feel

Suddenly, he was standing there by himself. Catherine
was across the room where she picked up a towel and
wiped the back of her neck. “You… uh… got it right
on the first try,” she said, not facing him.

“Yeah, thanks,” said Tommy. He picked up his skate
board, dropped it, and then picked it up again. He
practically ran from the room. He forgot all about
skateboarding though. He made a beeline for his room
and threw off his clothes. His cock practically snapped
into the air when he freed it from the confines of his
shorts. He jumped into the shower and soaped up his
cock as the warm water flowed over his body. He relived
Catherine’s kisses over and over as his hand flashed up
down his hard-on. In less than a minute he was shooting
streams of cum across the width of the tiled shower.

The following morning, Tommy awoke with another
throbbing hard-on. He freed his cock from his under
shorts and rubbed it back and forth against the bed
sheet. Memories of kissing Catherine flooded back and
he began to stroke his cock in earnest. Suddenly, there
came a tapping at his bedroom door. “Are you up?”
called Catherine through the door. “The fitting for
your tux’ is this morning.” The formal party that
Tommy’s father insisted that he attend required a

“Damn,” muttered Tommy. “Yeah, I’m up,” he called out.
He pulled the sheet away from his body and waved his
cock in the air. “Up and ready for you,” he murmured to
himself. He half hoped that Catherine would come
through the door and see him.

But all that happened was that she said, “OK, we leave
in twenty minutes.” Then he heard her footsteps as she
walked away.

It was more like thirty minutes later when they pulled
away from the house. Catherine drove a convertible BMW
two seat sports car with a manual transmission. She
knew how to push the car and Tommy loved to watch her
drive. This morning she was wearing a pair of white
shorts that had wide, cuffed legs. She had on a loose
fitting cotton top that buttoned up the front. Whether
by design or accident, her shirt was unbuttoned one
button too many.

The top on the convertible was down and as the wind
swirled around inside the car it floated the material
of Catherine’s shirt outward so that Tommy could
glimpse her bra and cleavage. He soon felt his cock
growing once more. But today he was wearing boxers and
his privates weren’t nearly in as much pain. When they
arrived at the haberdashery, he had to stuff his hands
in his pockets to hold down his erection. But after an
hour of examining tuxes in a dozen styles and fabrics,
he felt as if his penis had shriveled to nothing.

Tommy stood still stoically as the tailor tugged and
pulled and pinned and marked the material of the tuxedo
coat and pants. Catherine and Tommy had finally found a
style that she liked and that he could tolerate. The
mirror lined fitting room was tiny and when the tailor
finished, he had to leave in order for Catherine to
enter so that she could give her approval. She went
through her own version of the tugging and smoothing of
material ritual. Even though her touches were business
like and impersonal, to Tommy they felt like loving
caresses. His cock began to swell once more.

I am one horny little bastard, thought Tommy. I’ll have
to whack off again as soon as we get back home.

Then Catherine squatted down to examine the cuffs of
his trousers. Tommy could see right down the front of
her blouse. He could see her lacy bra and all the
smooth skin above it. His cock ballooned and began to
tent the front of his trousers. He froze in place,
trying not to draw attention to himself. If my dick
sticks out any more, he thought. It’s going to poke her
in the eye.

That’s when she looked up right into his groin. “That
pleat certainly doesn’t hang right,” she said. She
reached up to straighten the material and that’s when
her fingers bumped over the head of Tommy’s cock. She
didn’t say anything. She slid her fingers up and down
the pleat in his trousers, rubbing the back of her
fingers along the length of his cock. Then she stood
up; her face was inches from Tommy’s. She looked into
his eyes and Tommy put his hands on her waist. A second
later they were frantically kissing. Tommy slid his
hands onto Catherine’s ass and pulled her hips hard
against his cock.

“I’m sure the fitting room will be free in just a
minute,” they heard the tailor say to someone.

Catherine broke their kiss and looked at Tommy in
surprise. Then she grinned at him and left the little
room. Tommy heard her say, “I think that’s a perfect
fit. He’s going to change. He’ll be right out.”

Catherine drove home like a woman on a mission. Tommy
didn’t know whether to be in fear for his life or
excited over Catherine’s enthusiastic car handling. He
didn’t dare disturb her concentration to ask, but he
hoped all this speed was for his benefit. In the end,
his horny teen libido won out over his fear of a
flaming death. Tommy’s cock was throbbing painfully by
the time they pulled into the garage back home. He
grabbed the shopping bag containing the shirts and
socks that they had purchased and followed Catherine to
the house door.

Catherine fumbled with her keys as she tried to open
the door. Tommy came up behind her and took advantage
of the situation by rubbing his hard-on against her
firm ass. Catherine finally got the door unlocked and
then she shoved her butt backwards, sending Tommy
staggering back across the garage.

“Hey!” yelled Tommy. He ran after Catherine as she
crossed through a utility room, and then he caught her
just as she was about to enter the kitchen. Tommy
smacked her on the ass and Catherine squealed as they
stumbled, laughing, into the kitchen. They both came up
short when they practically ran over Mrs. Parker, their

The old lady jumped off the stool where she had been
sitting at a counter. There was a plate of food and a
large glass of wine on the counter, as well as a
television that was showing a soap-opera. “Ms
Catherine, I’m sorry. I didn’t think you were going to
be home so soon.”

Catherine looked as startled as Mrs. Parker. “Oh,” she
said. “Yes…well, I remembered something I had to do.”

“Can I get you some lunch?”

Catherine waved her back to her chair. “No, we’re fine.
We’ll get something later. Go back to your soaps.” She
and Tommy coolly left the kitchen together. They passed
through the dining room and ascended the stairway to
the second floor of the house. Catherine turned and
poked Tommy in the ribs with a stiff finger. “Go take a
shower,” she hissed. Then she turned and disappeared
into her bedroom suite.

Tommy walked to his room in a daze. He took off his
clothes. His cock waved around in the air as he entered
his bathroom. Did she mean that I stink, he wondered.
Or was that ‘Take a shower,’ as in ‘take a cold shower
boy, because nothing’s happening between us?’

Tommy shrugged. He could never understand why a guy
would take a cold shower to get over being horny, when
he could just as easily whack off. Tommy adjusted the
water in his shower stall until it was just right and
then stepped in. He was two seconds from soaping up his
cock and relieving himself when the door to his
bathroom opened and closed. He sent up a silent prayer
and peeked around the shower curtain.

It was Catherine and she was busily undressing. Off
came her shirt and shorts, then her bra and panties.
Tommy watched as she neatly hung her clothing on a
hook. She has a great ass, he thought. It was heart
shaped with a firm, sleek look. She turned and his eyes
went straight to her breasts. They weren’t large, but
they were nicely shaped with jutting areolas and

Tommy made way for Catherine as she stepped into the
shower. He was about to wrap his arms around her when
she stuck her finger in his ribs once again. “Listen,”
she said in a soft but menacing voice, “this stays
absolutely between us. No little hints to your father
or friends that you’ve got some secret girl. OK?” She
emphasized each word with another jab of her finger.

“Ouch, OK…you don’t have to draw b***d,” he said
turning away from her finger and its sharp nail.

“Good,” she said. “Now, hand me the soap.”

Tommy did as she asked. She took the soap and lathered
her hands. She seized his cock with both hands and
began to stroke. “I don’t know who you got this big
cock from. It certainly wasn’t your father,” Catherine

“Really?” said Tommy. He felt his cock swell even
larger with pride and then the feeling became
overwhelming. “No, wait…stop,” he cried. But it was
too late. He shot a string of cum up to Catherine’s
elbow and then he gushed more onto her hand. Catherine
continued to caress his cock until the falling water
had washed away the mixture of cum and lather. “I’m
sorry,” he mumbled. “I went off like a firecracker.”

Catherine stifled a laugh. “That’s more like your
father. But don’t worry about it. Here, take the soap
and lather up your hands.” Tommy took the soap as she
turned her back to him. He gingerly ran his hands over
her inviting neck and back. He massaged her shoulders
and ran his hands down her arms. That was when
Catherine put her hands over his. She moved his hands
over her breasts.

“Like this,” she whispered as she showed Tommy how to
caress and hold her tits. He ran her nipples between
his fingers and rubbed them with the palms of his
hands. Then Catherine took his right hand and slid it
down the smooth skin of her tummy and then lower. She
pressed on his middle finger and he felt it slip inside
her pussy.

Tommy couldn’t believe what was happening. His finger
was engulfed by hot, wet, slippery flesh. He struggled
to imagine how that would feel on his dick.

“Do it like this,” whispered Catherine. She moved his
hand in a circular motion that also sent his finger as
far as it would reach into her pussy. “That way you
catch my clit too.”

Catherine leaned back against Tommy. Her ass swayed and
played with his cock, which was beginning to show signs
of life once more. Tommy held her breast and finger
fucked Catherine until her breath grew faster and her
hips gyrated wildly. “Faster, do it faster,” she
moaned. Tommy stabbed his finger into her clinging
pussy harder and faster until a slapping sound filled
the shower stall. Catherine grunted and convulsed. He
could feel her pussy gripping and releasing his finger
and he knew she was cumming.

Catherine turned in Tommy’s arms and gave him a big,
sloppy kiss. “That was nice,” she said as she turned
off the flow of water. They stepped out of the shower
and dried one another off with big fluffy towels.
Catherine spent plenty of time with her towel in the
vicinity of Tommy’s cock and soon it was as stiff and
throbbing as ever.

Tommy watched as she picked up a foil packet that had
been lying on the bathroom counter. She opened it and
pulled out a flesh colored condom. She struggled a bit
getting it started, but then she got the latex to roll
smoothly down his cock-shaft, although it lacked a
couple of inches for complete coverage. Catherine
giggled and said, “Be sure you ask for the extra large
size when you buy these things.” She folded one of the
bath towels into a pad and placed it on the edge of the
counter, and then she hopped up to sit on the towel.
“Come closer,” she said.

Tommy didn’t say anything; he thought he might wake up
from this wonderful dream. Catherine took his cock and
guided it between her legs. He felt pressure on his
cock-head and then it popped into her pussy.
Catherine’s hot thighs wrapped around his hips and
pulled him even closer. Tommy felt inches more of his
cock surrounded by slick, hot flesh. Tommy stood there,
hardly daring to breathe.

“Like it?” she asked.

“Are you kidding?” said Tommy in a voice two octaves
higher than normal.

“Then fuck me, silly.”

“Oh, yeah,” said Tommy. He moved his hips tentatively
at first. He was scared that his first fuck might end
as quickly as his recent hand-job. But between the
condom and the fact that he had cum only minutes
before, Tommy realized that he wasn’t going to pop off
immediately. He began to move his hips faster and

“That’s it baby,” whispered Catherine.

Tommy shagged his ass as fast as he could. There was a
tingle in the tip of his cock and he was doing his best
to turn it into another cum. He steadied himself with
one hand and ran the other one over Catherine’s tits.
Her face and chest were blushing bright red.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard,” whispered Catherine fiercely.
She clasped her hand over her mouth to keep from
screaming and then she practically doubled over as she

“Oh yeah,” moaned Tommy. “I can feel your pussy working
on my cock.” He slowed his fucking to a more manageable
pace. He was screwing a grown woman and he’d made her
cum. He’d made her cum twice. His cock swelled with
pride and lust and then he was shooting his wad into
the condom. His cock ached and throbbed as he grabbed
Catherine’s ass and he tried to jam his cock even
deeper in her hot pussy.

Randolph, Tommy’s father, returned from his business
trip the next day. Things returned more or less to
normal in their household through the weekend. Tommy
was very careful not to give any sign that things had
changed between him and Catherine. Although his palms
broke out in a sweat if there seemed to be a chance
that they might be alone for a few seconds.

Then Monday morning came. Tommy awoke at nine, hours
earlier than his usual summertime schedule. His cock
was like a piece of steel. He had a tough time managing
his morning piss. He had got along without masturbating
since his experiences with Catherine. But now he was
literally and figuratively aching for her. And if his
father was out of the house, he was going to let
Catherine know about it.

First, he had to do some reconnaissance. He ran to the
guest room that was across the hall from his own room.
From there he could see into the open garage below. His
father’s Jaguar was gone as well as the Ford that Mrs.
Parker drove. His father would be at his office all
day, and Mrs. Parker usually spent her days off with
her mother who lived fifty miles away. Mrs. Parker
shouldn’t be back until late on Tuesday.

There was one last thing to check on. Tommy peeked out
the window in his room. Yes! Catherine was still on the
terrace where she and his father shared their breakfast
in good weather. Tommy tossed off the sleep pants that
he had worn to bed and slipped into a pair of bikini
briefs. He grabbed a thick cotton bathrobe and headed
for the stairs.

Catherine laid down her newspaper, took a sip from her
cup of coffee and sat back. The sun warmed her face and
legs. She was wearing shorty-pajamas and a thigh length
robe that left her slim legs exposed. She felt warm and
snug and knew that she should feel utterly content.
Unfortunately, she was also absolutely horny as hell.
Her little excursion with Tommy the other day had
really put some zip in her libido. But she had resolved
to not to go to Tommy again. She was married and her
husband would have to be enough man for her, despite
their difference in sexual desire.

She had tried to be subtle and seductive with Randolph,
but all her efforts had gained her exactly one orgasm
since he had returned from his trip. Well, she thought,
if he can’t warm up then I’ll just have to cool down.
Catherine crossed her legs and winced as her clit was
squeezed. She could resort to masturbating. Once or
twice a day for a while until she could shake off her
adolescent horniness should do the trick. She sighed.
Yes, that was the way to go she decided firmly.

She heard something on the terrace behind her, and when
she turned to look she saw Tommy standing there in a
bathrobe, his hands thrust in the robe’s pockets.
“You’re up early,” she said.

“I couldn’t sleep.”

“Something wrong?” she asked.

“Yeah, this,” said Tommy and he spread his hands,
opening his bathrobe.

Catherine looked. Tommy was wearing a pair of bikini
briefs that were much too small. His cock had pushed
out the material so much that she could see his cock-
shaft and his balls through the distended leg holes. As
she watched, a wet spot appeared where the tip of his
cock pushed against the material of his shorts. “See?”
he said, looking down. “I’m dripping for you and I
haven’t even touched my cock.”

Catherine shook her head. “No, Tommy. We can’t.”

“Please,” he begged. “I’ll do anything. I’ve just got
to get my cock in your pussy again.”

Catherine felt a twinge go through her vagina and her
resolve of a few seconds ago evaporated like the
morning dew. Her husband treated their love life like
an item on a checklist. And once checked off it wasn’t
to be addressed again until its proper time. And here
this young stud was begging to please her. Suddenly,
opportunity and passion overcame her propriety. “Come
closer,” she said. She had to stretch the waistband of
his shorts almost to the breaking point in order to
free his cock. Before she could change her mind, she
popped the head of Tommy’s leaking cock into her mouth.

“Oh shit,” gasped Tommy. The feel of her mouth and,
especially her tongue, felt like heaven on his cock.

Catherine knew he wouldn’t last very long. She sucked
on the head of his cock; ran her tongue over the
sensitive skin just underneath the head, and bobbed her
head back and forth a couple of times. Tommy’s cock
erupted inside her mouth like a juicy fruit that was
too ripe.

Tommy couldn’t believe it when Catherine sucked his
cock dry and even swallowed the stuff. “That…that was
incredible,” he said breathlessly.

“I thought you might like it,” she said in a dry tone.
She grasped Tommy’s flagging penis and pulled him into
the house. They made a stop by her bedroom to get more
condoms. Catherine took a couple from a box in her
husband’s nightstand, but then Tommy picked up the
whole box. Catherine laughed and asked, “Do you think
you’ll need all those?”

He smiled sheepishly. “You never know.”

They went to Tommy’s room where Catherine took off her
clothes and sat back on his bed. She crooked a finger
at Tommy and said, “Come here.”

Tommy was frantically stroking his cock. He gave her a
plaintive look and said, “I can’t get it hard again
this fast.”

She laughed and patted the bed between her legs. “Don’t
worry about that. Come here.”
Tommy crawled between her thighs. He did his best to
stick his tongue down her throat while he groped at her
breasts. Catherine put her hands on either side of
Tommy’s face and pushed him back. She looked him in the
eye. “You said you’d do anything, right?”

“Yeah,” said Tommy, suddenly wary.

“Don’t worry,” she laughed. “Learn how to do this well
and your girlfriend’s will practically beg you to have

Tommy was suddenly all ears. He had a mental picture of
a band of cheerleaders at his feet, begging for more of
his manly cock. “What…how?” he asked.

She positioned Tommy’s face between her legs. “You
begin by using your tongue to separate my lips.” After
the lightest and most tentative of touches, Catherine
said, “Harder Tommy, nothing down there is going to
bite.” A second later she moaned, “Mmmm…now that’s
much better. Now lick from bottom to top and kiss my
pussy like you mean it.”

Ten minutes later Catherine had stopped giving detailed
instruction. In fact she was past saying anything
coherent. She moaned and gasped and held Tommy’s lips
and tongue fast against her pussy as her hips rolled
and bucked.

** End of Tommy’s Story**

***Beth and Eddy***

Eddy tapped on the open door of Ms. Preston’s office.
At least it was supposed to be an office. He suspected
that the room had begun its life as a broom closet.
There was a small desk, two file cabinets and two
chairs that filled the tiny space. Ms Preston looked up
at the knock and said, “Come in Eddy; please have a

Eddy shuffled sideways past the desk and sat down. The
chair was practically behind the desk with Ms Preston.
She picked up a file and opened it across her knee as
she turned and crossed her legs. Eddy could feel his
dick begin to stiffen. That was nothing unusual, he was
seventeen years old; his dick got hard twenty times a
day for practically no reason at all. But the sight of
Ms. Preston’s slim legs was certainly the stimulus in
this case. She hadn’t been at the school for long, but
her short skirts and long sexy legs were a frequent
topic of discussion among the male students. She was
Eddy’s new academic advisor as well as one of his

Ms. Preston looked up from the file and gave Eddy a
faint smile and a shrug. “I’m afraid there’s not much I
can advise you on. You’ve already been accepted at
Western State. You have a nice B average, although it
should be much higher.” Eddy winced at that. He knew
that he was an underachiever. He could have had
straight A’s if he tried. But he just never had the
impetus to attain higher grades. When he turned
eighteen in a few months, he was going to inherit
around five million dollars. And unless he was a
complete idiot about his spending, he was set for life
as far as money went.

His life as a teen however, wasn’t any picnic. His
parents had died in a boating accident a few years ago,
and his Aunt Liz and Uncle Alfred had become his
guardians. He lived in their spacious home along with
his cousin Beth. Eddy was only five and a half feet
tall… if he wore thick-soled shoes, that is. He was
slim, with only average looks.

He had a few male friends but no girl friend. He spent
most of his free time in front of his computer playing
games on the Internet. In a private school where
everyone else had money, his inheritance didn’t win him
any points. He didn’t play sports or cause trouble for
his teachers. He had to admit that he was pretty much a
social cipher.

“I see that you took a place on the school newspaper,”
said Ms Preston.

“Yeah,” said Eddy.

“And?” she urged him on. “It’s not as if you’ve been
big on extracurricular activities.”

“I thought it might be fun,” he said. “Tommy and I are
going to write some articles together.” That wasn’t the
real reason at all. He was working on the newspaper
mainly because of his cousin Beth. Although Beth was
two years younger than Eddy, she was already a senior.
She was a member of practically every group in school,
and as a result she was always staying late after most
of the other kids had left.

Since she didn’t have a driver’s license, it was up to
Eddy to chauffer her around. When Beth had become the
editor of the paper, Eddy had joined also so as to have
something to do while waiting to drive her home. After
all, the paper was a joke. It came out once or twice a
year with a bunch of nonsense articles. Like how the
school football team had beaten the New York Jets in a
practice game, or how they cooked road-k**l for lunch
in the cafeteria.

Eddy had talked his buddy Tommy into joining the paper
also, so they could come up with their own piece of
bull. For example, they had gone to the Internet and
purchased various products guaranteed to draw women
like flies. Supposedly, these bottles of liquid had
pheromones that the girls would find irresistible.
Whether they worked or not � and Eddy secretly hoped
that maybe one of them would � he and Tommy planned to
field test the stuff and then write an article full of
sexual innuendo.

Ms Preston checked her watch. “Speaking of the paper,
we’re going to be late for the staff meeting, if we
don’t get going,”

“We are?” said Eddy as he checked his own watch. “As in
you and I?”

“Yes,” she said, rising from her chair. “I’ve been
named as the faculty advisor.”

“Oh, cool,” said Eddy. He and Ms Preston headed for the
classroom where the meeting was to be held.

Once they were in the classroom, Ms Preston gestured to
Beth to begin. Beth walked to a podium at the head of
the room and plopped down an oversized notebook. She
was inches taller than Eddy with a slim body and blonde
hair that fell to her shoulders. She was brainy and
beautiful and she knew it. With a toss of her head, she
shook her hair into place and began to speak. “As you
all know, our school newspaper has been more like a
fanciful tabloid than a real source of news. That
attitude is reflected in some of your proposals for
articles.” She looked meaningfully at Eddy. “Well, this
has to stop. We’re going to turn this paper around and
make it something we can be proud of.”

Eddy moaned internally. He turned to look at Tommy who
simply arched his eyebrows and shrugged his shoulders.
Apparently, their plan for a story on girl-grabbing
pheromones was down the tubes. It was going to be a
long semester.

The following Saturday, Eddy pushed his chair back from
his computer, stood, and then stretched. Two hours of
fierce gaming on the Internet had left him stiff. It
was dark in his second floor bedroom. He had the drapes
closed and lights off in order to let him see the
screen of his computer monitor better. He crossed the
room and peeked between the drapes of his window. It
was a sunny and warm Saturday in the early fall. Eddy
was thinking that he should go outside and get some
exercise when a movement caught his eye. There, below,
on a couple of patio loungers, were his Aunt Liz and
cousin Beth. They were both wearing bikinis and sunning

Eddy parted the window drapes a bit wider. His Aunt Liz
was in her early forties, but she still had the long,
lean body of the successful fashion model she had once
been. Eddy felt his cock grow hard in his pants. He
smiled and reached for his zipper. He hadn’t beat off
today, and right now looked like a good opportunity.

Eddy popped his erection into the open. He pulled on
the head of his cock and thrust out his hips in order
to expose as much skin as possible. He made a circle
with the fingers of his right hand and slid it over the
head of his cock. Eddy stroked steadily as he gazed at
his aunt and cousin. Beth was lying on her stomach. Her
hair was done up on the top of her head and the strings
of her bikini were untied so she could keep her tan
lines to a minimum. She had a nice ass and the tiny,
dark triangle of cloth that lay over it only accented
her curves.

Suddenly, Beth pushed herself up with her arms and
turned over. “Oh fuck, yeah,” whispered Eddy. He had
always fantasized about Beth’s tits, and there they
were. Just as firm and pert as he had dreamed. His
right hand doubled its speed on his cock. Beth gathered
up her bikini top and tied the ends of the bottom
string together. She spun the top around and tied the
other strings at the nape of her neck. Then she reached
into each cup and adjusted her boobs into a comfortable
position. She gave her shoulders a little shake as if
to settle everything into place, and then she lay back
on the lounger.

Handling her tits and shaking them around like that did
it for Eddy. He suddenly realized that he was one
second away from blowing his wad. He barely got his
left hand in front of his cock before it shot its first
load. A half dozen streams of hot cream squirted into
his palm as Eddy came.

“Nice load,” Eddy congratulated himself as he looked at
the semi-cloudy liquid in the palm of his hand. “Now
what do I do with it?” His bathroom was only a few
steps away, but on impulse he grabbed an empty plastic
drink cup that had been sitting on his dresser. He
scraped the cum off his palm with the rim of the cup
and then gave his hand a quick rub on the side of his
pants. As Eddy put the cup back on the dresser, his
eyes fell on the bottles of pheromone solutions that he
and Tommy had gathered for their article.

“Might as well get rid of this stuff too,” he mumbled.
He opened one bottle after another and dumped their
contents into the cup. For good measure, he emptied a
half-empty bottle of cologne into the cup as well. He’d
stopped wearing the scent when some girl had commented
that he smelled sweeter than she did. Eddy took a step
toward his toilet to flush the unlikely mixture, but
just then he heard a beep from his computer. Someone
was trying to get his attention. He put the concoction
back on his dresser and turned his back on the cup just
as it began to fizz and bubble.

It was just before he left for school the following
Monday that Eddy came across the red cup once more. He
grimaced as he remembered what he had poured in the
cup. He could see that all of the liquids had congealed
into an off white substance. When he put a finger in
the cup, the stuff stuck to his finger with the
consistency of toothpaste. He sniffed at the pasty
substance. It smelled like baking bread with a hint of
something sharper mixed in. Eddy shrugged, it actually
smelled pretty good. Before he knew what he was doing,
he had dabbed it on either side of his neck.

He suddenly remembered about the cum content of what he
had just put on his neck and immediately thought about
getting a wet cloth and wiping the stuff off, but then
Beth was calling through his bedroom door, “Hey,
doofus, let’s go.” Eddy grabbed his books. He didn’t
want to hear her lecture him again about how she always
had to be at school early.

Eddy drove his two year-old BMW toward school. Usually,
Beth spent her time talking on her cell phone or
reading from one of her endless notebooks. Either way,
she just ignored Eddy, treating him like a personal
chauffeur. But this morning she seemed distracted.
Halfway to school, she turned to Eddy and said, “You
smell nice. What is that scent?”

“Just something I came across on my dresser,” he said
hesitantly, wondering if she were going to make fun of

“Well, it’s nice, she said. She reached over and put
her hand on his arm. “Listen, I know that I can be a
pain in the ass, but I want you to know that I
appreciate all your help with the driving and stuff.”

Eddy was so surprised he almost swerved off the road.
He finally managed to stammer out, “You’re welcome.”

Beth’s unexpected expression of gratitude was only the
beginning of an odd day for Eddy. Girls that he didn’t
even know smiled at him. Several commented on how good
he smelled. Eddy was bemused; he walked around most of
the day wondering what was going on.

Finally, he came to his last period chemistry class.
The students sat on stools at lab benches instead of
the usual desks. Eddy had been assigned to sit in the
back of the classroom with a girl named Laura. Laura
had red hair and the distinction of having one blue eye
and one brown eye. She also had the reputation as a
drinker and a party-girl. She was usually civil to
Eddy, but he figured that was because she often needed
help, especially when it came to experiments.

That was true today. Laura hovered at Eddy’s elbow as
he mixed various chemicals and noted their reactions.
Usually, she was content to let him do all the work,
but today she helped to fill out their assignment
papers and even cleaned up. They finished early and
Eddy was surprised when Laura pulled her stool next to
his. She put her hand on his thigh, and whispered.
“You’re so nice, thanks for doing most of the work.”

It must be my day for grateful women, thought Eddy. He
smiled at Laura and said, “No problem.” He turned his
attention back to his books, but Laura just snuggled
closer. Her hand slipped between his legs, and suddenly
Eddy was getting a massive erection. He turned his head
to look at Laura, but she was pretending to share her
notes and acting as if she wasn’t actually giving him a
hand-job through his pants.

Eddy felt his face go flush, and he could hear his
b***d pulsing. It was all he could do not to grab the
edge of his stool and begin hunching his hips into
Laura’s hand. She had him aching for release, when the
final bell rang. Laura gave him a wink as she gathered
up her books. Eddy didn’t know what to say, but she was
gone out of the room before he could follow. He had to
pack up his stuff and get his bloated cock better
situated in his pants before he dared to leave the
cover of his lab table.

Three days later, Eddy sat at the desk in his bedroom.
He peered into the red plastic cup and the goo that lay
in its bottom. He asked himself, could this stuff
really have some effect on women? Their attitude
towards his very mediocre body and personality had
certainly perked up since he had begun to dab it on
each morning. Beth was practically babbling at him
during their rides to and from school. Laura hadn’t
stuck her hand in his crotch any more, but then she
really hadn’t had a chance. For the tenth time, Eddy
put the cup to his nosed and sniffed. The goo had a
pleasant odor, but nothing special.

“It’s time for dinner,” his aunt’s voice sounded
through the house intercom system.

Eddy walked across the room and pushed the button to
answer, “I’ll be right there.” It was Thursday night
which meant that it was the cook’s night off, and Aunt
Liz’s chance to stretch her culinary muscles. Tonight,
Uncle Alfred was working late, Beth was at one of her
numerable committee meetings � she had a ride with a
friend – and so it would be only Eddy and Liz at

Eddy looked once more at the cup in his hand. He smiled
and shrugged and dipped his finger into the cup. He’d
see what sort of effect, if any, a doubled dose of the
goo would have on his aunt.

Liz put their plates of food on the table just as Eddy
walked into the dining room. It looked like she had
prepared a beef dish with some green vegetables. Eddy’s
plate held three times as much food as his aunt’s. She
had been a fashion model at one point, and she worked
hard at keeping her figure. This evening she was
wearing tan slacks with an aqua colored silk,
sleeveless top under an apron. She ducked back into the
kitchen and reemerged a minute later without the apron,
and carrying two glasses of wine. Eddy’s eyebrows
arched upward in surprise as she sat one of the glasses
in front of his plate.

“Don’t worry,” Liz said with a smile, “it’s half water,
but I think it’s time you learned how a good wine can
enhance a meal.” Liz had an unusual method of
parenting. She remained aloof from Eddy. She rarely
said much to him; she just sort of expected things to
go a certain way and Eddy tried to meet her

“OK,” said Eddy. He sipped at the wine and made a face.
He would have preferred a Mountain Dew, but by the end
of the meal he had finished off the wine, and there was
a pleasant glow in his tummy.

Eddy cleared the table while his aunt prepared the
dishes for the dishwasher. With a light head, he
watched Liz’s hips sway as she moved from the sink to
the washer. Before he knew what he was doing, Eddy
stepped behind his aunt and put his arms around her
waist. “I don’t thank you enough for what you and Uncle
Alfred do for me,” he said.

Liz stiffened in his grasp, but then she turned in his
arms and looked down into his eyes. She was half a head
taller than Eddy. She drew a long breath through her
nose as if she were enjoying a fragrant flower. She put
her hands on his shoulders and said, “You’re more than
welcome, Eddy.” After a second of hesitation she
inclined her head and kissed him on the lips.

Her lips were dry and firm, but Eddy didn’t care. His
dick was swelling in his pants as he pulled his aunt
closer. She resisted, but only for a second, then her
lips softened. Eddy was no pro at kissing. His only
experience had been during a kissing game, at a party,
with a fat girl who was his equal in unpopularity.
Everyone had laughed when they had emerged from the
closet with their lips and cheeks covered in saliva.

Eddy had never felt anything like this. He was afraid
to move as his aunt’s lips writhed about on his. He’d
never felt anything so sexy in his life, and then his
aunt squirmed her tongue in his mouth. This must be
French kissing, thought Eddy. It was fabulous; it felt
like his tongue was wired to his dick. It felt like he
was going to cum at any second. His hands went to his
aunt’s ass, and he pulled her against his raging hard-

Suddenly, Liz pulled back. She looked fondly at Eddy
and said, “It’s nice to know that an old lady can turn
on a young stud like you.”

“Oh, definitely, no problem,” gasped Eddy.

Liz’s hand ran down the front of his pants. “Let me
finish you off,” she said.

“Finish me?” asked Eddy, hopeful, but not exactly sure
what she meant.

Liz squatted before Eddy and then went to one knee. She
unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. Pulling down
his jeans, she revealed the hard line of his cock
straining at his under shorts. She peeled down his
shorts and his cock sprang straight from his groin. Liz
wrapped her hand around his throbbing meat. She smiled
up at Eddy and said, “It’s not the biggest one I’ve
ever seen, but it may be the hardest.”

Eddy didn’t know what to say to that, and all he could
do was moan when his aunt popped the head of his dick
into her mouth. The feeling of her hot mouth and tongue
was too much. She had barely begun to move her lips
down the shaft of his cock when it exploded. He grunted
as he pumped shots of cum into his aunt’s eager mouth.

Eddy was in heaven for the next two weeks. He stopped
using the goo before school. He had plenty of girls
smiling at him and walking by his side between classes.
Beth still treated him like her best friend. But his
Aunt Liz was giving him all the action. Whenever they
were alone, they groped at one another. If they had a
few minutes alone together, she sucked him or wrapped
her hand around his boner and jerked him off.

But even the power of the goo couldn’t overcome one of
Liz’s bad migraine headaches. So around ten on a Friday
night, Eddy was left horny and hungry. His aunt had
taken to her bed, wobbly from her medication.

Eddy went to the kitchen for a snack, when Beth
appeared with her hands full of shopping bags. “Where
have you been?” he asked, sipping at a soda.

“Shopping with Anne, we were at the mall,” she said.

“Ah,” said Eddy, showing the disinterest most males
have in shopping.

“I bought a new dress for the dance we’re having at
school next week,” she said. “Would you like to see

Eddy shrugged and said, “OK,” He expected Beth to stop
and pull it out of one her bags, but she kept on
walking through the kitchen.

She smiled and said, “Come to my room in a few minutes
and I’ll model it for you.”

Eddy’s interest in that dress suddenly increased a
thousand-fold. Beth never invited him to her room. He
went back to his bedroom and contemplated his little
red cup of goo along with his horny cock and his
opportunity to be alone with Beth. There seemed to be
only one course of action to take. Eddy swiped the goo
on his neck and marched out of his room and down the
stairs. Beth’s bedroom was on the first floor of the
house. Eddy opened her door and strode in.

“Hey, since when don’t you knock?” said Beth.

“Sorry,” mumbled Eddy. He couldn’t help but stare at
his cousin. Her long, lean body was clad in only a
matching set of bra and panties. Actually, Eddy had
seen her in bikinis that were more revealing, but the
sight of her body in the azure under things made his
dick as hard as an iron bar. “You look fantastic,” he

“It’s just some old underwear,” she said.

“I wasn’t talking about your clothes,” Eddy said. She
smiled in appreciation of his compliment, and Eddy
couldn’t believe that he had said something halfway

Beth turned to the shopping bags on her bed, while Eddy
stepped closer. She pulled a black, slim dress from one
of the bags and held it up to her breast. “How do you
like it?” she asked.

Eddy could see that the sleeveless, strapless dress had
a line of sequins that wound around one breast, swung
to the side to accent the waist, and then ended at a
slit that started at mid-thigh. He reached out to feel
the material, while managing to run the back of his
fingers along her ribs. “Very nice,” said Eddy, looking
into her eyes.

He had to stand on his tiptoes to do it, but Eddy
lifted his face to Beth’s and gave her a solid kiss.
For a second he wasn’t sure what she would do, but then
Beth simply dropped her dress at her feet and wrapped
her arms around his neck. “Oh Eddy, I haven’t been able
to get you out of my mind for the last two weeks,” she

Suddenly they were kissing like the two horny teens
they were. Eddy was trying his best to stick his tongue
down her throat, and Beth’s hot breath was blowing
against his cheek. Eddy ran his hands inside her
panties and kneaded the hard muscles of her butt. He
had no idea where to go from there. Just the fact that
he had the elegant Beth in his arms was beyond his wet

“What do you want to do?” he finally resorted to

“Something that doesn’t involve clothes,” Beth said
with a laugh.

Eddy immediately began to tear off his pants and shirt.
Beth leisurely removed her bra and panties and lay back
on her bed. She raised her slim legs and used a finger
to rub at her clit. Her eyes locked on Eddy’s cock as
it emerged from his shorts. It jutted at an angle from
his fine pubic hair and wobbled about as he climbed
onto the bed. He looked down between Beth’s thighs and
saw the holy-grail for a teen male � an eager, hot, wet
teen pussy. He parted her vaginal lips with a nervous
finger and pushed it inside.

He didn’t know much about sex, but he knew that a wet
pussy was a good thing. He patiently fingered Beth’s
cunt while she rubbed at her clit. She ground her hips
against the bed sheets and a minute later she said,
“I’m ready Eddy, fuck me now.”

Eddy didn’t need any further invitation. He plunged his
steel hard dick into the place where his finger had
been just seconds before. Somehow, he didn’t cream
instantly. Maybe it was all the hand jobs from his
aunt, but he lasted until Beth was gasping and moaning.
Her head was thrown back and her eyes were open wide.
Minutes before, he had been worried about pleasing
Beth. But now, all he wanted to do was to plunge his
cock into this heavenly place. He rammed his hips back
and forth until the bedroom was filled with the sound
of skin slapping skin. Beth came, more than once he
thought, and then Eddy’s cock erupted with shots of
creamy cum.

Eddy closed the door as he left Beth’s room. He took a
few steps down the hall away and leapt into the air,
pumping his fist in victory. He was no longer a virgin.
He, a short, very average-looking geek had just screwed
the prettiest girl in school.

Suddenly ravenous, Eddy headed for the kitchen. To get
there he had to pass his uncle’s home office. As Eddy
neared the office, he heard his uncle’s voice. He was
talking to someone on the phone. The door to the office
was opened a crack, and on impulse Eddy paused to

“Yeah, let’s get that money back into the blue chip
stocks. I have to turn that trust over to the boy in a
few months.” There was a pause while the other person
spoke. “No, he just takes whatever I tell him at face
value. As far as he knows, the money has been in nice,
safe low yield stocks. I’ve made a ton over the
management fees that I’m allowed to charge.”

Eddy listened long enough to be sure that he was the
boy his uncle was talking about. The elation of his
first fuck faded away. He felt a growing heat in his
face and a sinking feeling in his stomach. His uncle
had made him feel like a huge burden on his family. For
years Eddy had felt like an intruder. He had felt
guilty that his uncle had to manage his trust for a
relatively low fee. Now Eddy knew that his Uncle Alfred
had been taking advantage of him. Well, thought Eddy
with a grim smile on his face, he already had sexual
control of his uncle’s women; it was time to take
another step.

Eddy pulled Beth playfully into the den of their home.
It was the middle of the afternoon, after school. Liz
was sitting in a chair, leafing through a magazine as a
television played in one corner. “What are you two
doing?” she asked as the two giggling teens came into
the room.

“I don’t know,” said Beth, “Eddy said that he has
something to show me.”

The two women looked expectantly at Eddy who smiled and
said, “Actually, I thought it was time for both of you
to see something.” He wrapped his arms around his
cousin’s waist, stood on tiptoe and gave her a hard
kiss on the mouth. Beth struggled for a second, but
then she began to respond to the kiss. They swapped
tongues for a full minute before they pulled apart.

“Well, well, how long has this been going on?” asked
Liz. She put her magazine aside and folded her hands
neatly in her lap.

Eddy looked thoughtful and said, “I think it started
about two weeks after you began sucking my dick.”

“You what?” said Beth with a stunned look on her face
as she looked from her mother to her cousin.

“Why don’t we get naked and talk about it?” asked Eddy
with a leering grin.

A few minutes later the trio was stripped. They hadn’t
made it out of the den. Beth lay on the couch. She had
one foot on the floor and the other thrown over the
back of the couch. She had two fingers in her pussy,
while her other hand frantically whipped at her clit.
“Oh fuck, you two look so sexy,” she whined in a lust
strained voice.

At the other end of the couch Beth’s mother was on all
fours. Her hair swayed back and forth with the motion
of her hips. Rearing above Liz was Eddy’s naked torso.
He had both hands on his aunt’s hips and he sawed his
cock in and out of her pussy with an easy rhythm.

Liz looked up at her daughter. “He has the sweetest
cock, honey. It makes for a nice mouthful,” she said
with a gleam in her eye.

“Shit,” said Beth in a long moan. “I can’t believe that
you’ve been sucking him off for weeks.” Her hips
bounced up and down in the throes of another orgasm.

Suddenly, the door to the den slammed open and Alfred
stomped into the room. Liz and Beth froze in place, but
Eddy just continued to swing his hips, never missing a
stroke. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”
Alfred screamed at Eddy.

“I’m screwing your women,” said Eddy calmly.
“Particularly your wife, she seems to appreciate the

“Fuck them,” growled Alfred, “you know what I’m talking
about. There’s an army of lawyers and accountants in my
office demanding an audit of your account.”

“Is that a problem?” asked Eddy. “You haven’t
mishandled my trust account, have you? Nothing to
bother the feds with, is there?”

Alfred’s mouth opened and closed, as he struggled to
talk. It was obvious that he was running the situation
through his mind. Finally, he blurted out, “. What do
you want to call them off?”

“Oh let’s say that you triple the original amount of
money that my parents left you and let it go at that.”

“Triple?” Alfred screamed in outrage. “I never made
that much money off of your account. I’ll tie you up in
court for a decade. My people can handle any federal

“Give him the money,” said Liz. Her voice was icy.
“Otherwise I’ll make sure that all of your friends know
that you are such a lousy lover, your little teen
nephew made you a cuckold. And then I’ll tell them how
you tried to cheat him out of his inheritance.”

Alfred looked at his wife as if he had just noticed
that she was in the room, he barely glanced at his
daughter. Once again the man worked his mouth as if he
were trying to say something. Finally he spun about on
his heel and marched out.

Eddy had a small attack of conscience. “That’s not
exactly how it all happened,” said Eddy as he continued
to pound his aunt’s pussy.

“It doesn’t matter, Eddy. His ego won’t let him look
bad in front of his friends, no matter how much it
costs. Besides, I’m the one who’s rich. I just let him
play around with a fraction of my money. You
concentrate on being the man of the house and I’ll make
sure you’re taken care of financially.”

Eddy felt a fresh surge of power in his cock. It was
good to be rich and sexually powerful. He locked gazes
with Beth as he shot his load into Liz’s clutching
cunt. At some point that evening, he knew that he would
be grinding his cock into her pretty pink pussy too.

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