Stranger I know all to well

Charlie was sound asleep, dreaming about crazy stories. He was mid dream when he began to feel kisses on his body. Up his torso to his chest , up his neck and back down he felt these soft lips. His eyes clinched tight to bring climax to this pleasure. Slowly he felt a hand reach down to his slowly expanding cock. It grasped around it squeezing, tugging, stroking up and down. As this set of lips made its way down. His cock began to pulsate at the thought of getting blown.

Charlie scooted down laying flat on the bed. He was in position to fully enjoy this experience. He then felt a mouth sliding along his shaft, accompanied by a hand rhythmically stroking up and down. His cock was fully erect and ready to burst.

But who could these be he thought. Was it my ex Marie. No this was not her technique, Maybe Christy , no she was not this brave. Who could it be he wondered. He thought of looking, but the thought of not knowing was
Making it far more erotic.

The lips ran up and down his cock , licking the tip at each peak. Her hand was grabbing his balls gently and rubbing them softly.

Charlie was curious so he reached to her body grabbing her ass, she was just in panties. He rubbed her ass measuring up her size. It was the perfect size. He felt very little fabric realizing it was a thong. But all his girls wore thongs. He slowly moved the panties over to feel her pussy. She was wetter than anyone he’d ever felt. He slid his fingers over her pussy lips. They were the perfect size. He massages them , getting a slight moan out of her. Then he slowly slid a couple finger into her gushing hole. He was met with thrusts back to his fingers, and more moans. Moans he didn’t recognize.

She kept up her mouth work all through your. Slowly sliding up and down his pole. She was in perfect sequence, suck stroke thrust. Her mouth swirling up and down, twisting, faster slower, up around the tip, deep throating to a gag. She was the best blowjob he’d ever had.

Charlie pulled her thighs over his shoulders and began to bury his tongue in her pussy. He licked around her lips, sucking and biting gently on her small lips. He then swirled his tongue around her clit, slowly sucking it in and out. Licking her pussy while tasting her juices.

Charlie’s oral skills were reflected in this strangers blowjob. The more intense he got, the more intense she got. She was going Mach 2 on his dick for about 5 minutes, clinching her lips all the way up. She was trying to drain him of all his cum, but he was holding out for her. Not a drop until she orgasmed.

Not knowing who this was Charlie decided to push her limits. He slid two fingers into her ass wondering if that would put things to a quick halt. However, it was quite the opposite. She bucked back riding his fingers , deep into her bum. Her moans got more intense as her colon sucked on his fingers, her vagina also began grinding on his mouth. Just then her body began to shake uncontrollably, she was out of control, Charlie felt his face flooded with her cum as she squeezed his head with her thighs.

He thought she would stop, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth. She slid down sliding Charlie’s throbbing cock inside her now swollen love portal. She began slamming her ass up and down on his body. Taking his whole shaft deep inside her tunnel. She had a goal and it was to make him explode. Her hand reached down and began to grope his balls, rubbing them ever so lightly.

All Charlie could do is grab her waist and try to match her so he could push deep into her cervix. This woman was literally fucking his brains out. He’d never been fucked so hard as this stranger had began to perform. Charlie has no clue if the bed could handle this onslaught.

She continued to pound her brilliant ass down on his cock, squeezing her lips on each stroke, Charlie couldn’t take it anymore, he exploded inside her warm nest. Pulsating his cock as he drained all of his cum inside her. She milked every last drop inside of her with her muscular box. Charlie was spent. He now needed a nap to recover.

She slid under the covers and cleaned his cock. Then slid up putting her breasts in his face. He sucked on them , twirling his tongue around her nipples. They became erect which got Charlie hot. Now she slid and began licking his ears. She slid her hand down squeezing his cock as she whispered “ I brought the car back, but I wrecked it. Hopefully this made up for it, Bye Dad.