Stripping for family

My name is Anthony, most of my friends and family call me Anth for short. I am a 22-year-old guy currently studying in college. On the side to help pay for my college and life in general I have been working as a male entertainer. Essentially I am a male stripper for private parties and functions. Now it is nothing as sex crazed as those dancing bear videos you see on the internet where the guy romps around the room and has several women blow him before finally going all the way with one or two of the women. It’s actually more similar to Magic Mike, the girls holler and get loud occasionally grope and grind, but still keep their dignity. It is much more choreographed to a degree, I have a couple of set routines I perform, or moves I do as I dance around the room. I definitely don’t end up naked in front of all the girls, only getting down to my g-string. I mean it has been pulled off once or twice but everything got covered up quickly. That’s not to say it isn’t exciting, by the end of the night I would hook up with someone but that was after everyone passed out drunk, or made their way home.

I guess a little bit more about me, I am 6″ with a trimmed and toned body. With short black hair. I would say I am average looking guy. I normally wear a black luchador mask and with a fake spray tanned body. I put on a very bad Spanish accent and pretend I am a wrestler. It’s incredibly corny but a great way to hide who I am, in fact the idea was given to me by my Aunt Kathy who actually helped get me the job.

Aunt Kathy was 38 with a more petite figure, she had short hair, and green eyes. Her ass was small and round, but firm and she always had a way of showing it off in tight jeans or tights. Definitely it was something any guy would notice. I always had a good relationship with Aunt Kathy, but even though I took note of her ass I never thought of her in a sexual way. Still, her and I were quite open with each other, which is why it was easy for me to talk to her about work. She actually showed me the ad for my job, and suggested I apply. With her finding out about it, she then had set me up to do some parties for her friends. So it wasn’t a surprise when she asked if I was available to do a birthday party for a friend of hers on the weekend, though I was a little surprised when she said that it would be at her house, and that she would be in attendance. Still it didn’t bother me she would be there, she even mentioned that she would sit back and watch her friends make idiots of themselves that night. It just meant I wouldn’t be letting anyone “accidentally” remove my attire.

I arrived right on time that night, as I usually would. Nothing more awkward than an angry call because people think the stripper stole their deposit. I got an uber to my aunt’s house where the party was being held and I could hear the music from outside playing. Taking my duffle back with bluetooth speakers and a change of clothes, I went up to the front door. Pulling on my mask as I knocked on the door. The moment the girls heard the knock at the door they squealed. My aunt was the one to greet me at the door with a big grin on her face. She dressed in a red corset with a black lace pattern over it. It pushed up her breasts revealing surprisingly ample cleavage of my Aunt, something I hadn’t taken notice of before.

“I hope you don’t mind, we decided to have a lingerie party to get everyone in the mood for the main event, and the girls decided that everyone should dress up in lingerie. They said it would help make you more comfortable, considering you will be dressing down to your underwear later.”

I smiled and told her that it was alright,

I went to respond and almost called her “Aunt Kathy.” But she quickly cut me off and grabbed my hand. “I am Kathy, now let me introduce you to the rest of the girls that are here tonight. Ladies! I want you to all meet Carlos. He is our very own masked wrestler, and if the birthday girl is lucky. She will get to wrestle him all night long.” She announced as she pulled me into the living room. There were four other women dressed in equally revealing lingerie. She introduced me to each of them, Linda, Danielle, Kim, and Michelle. I recognised Kim as she was a friend of my aunts and mother.

“Why don’t you get your music sorted and we will fetch the birthday girl for her first dance.” My aunt said as she went off to the kitchen.

I went over and set my speakers up on a table near the side of the room and got my playlist up on my phone up as the other girls got a few more drinks. The girls were kind enough to grab a dining room chair and place it in the center of the living room as they lead out the birthday girl. She had a mask over her eyes, her curvy body was squeezed into a tight-fitting black corset and black panties, visible as the corset only sat just above the hem of them. Her large white breasts were almost exploding out of her corset as the top of her nipples peaked from the corset.

I was in a state of shock as I stood there staring at the birthday girl. I couldn’t believe it was my own mother that was being paraded out to me so scantily dressed. I instantly looked over at my Aunt Kathy who had the same devilish grin on her face from earlier. For a moment I thought this was some sick joke, but Aunt Kathy wouldn’t do something like that. At least I hope she wouldn’t intentionally try and embarrass myself and my mother. No, she wouldn’t do that, but why did she set all this up? I had so many questions, like did my mother know it was me? Before I could get too lost in thought my Aunt introduced my mother.

“Our Birthday girl isn’t 42 for a few weeks, but we are having a surprise birthday party for her early. So it can be an actual surprise.” Kathy said breaking me out of my train of thought.

Kathy walked over to me and almost pressed her body against mine. I could smell her perfume and felt her breath near my neck as I looked back over at my mother. “Why don’t you strip down for the girls, and then give the birthday girl Liz a lap dance. It has been awhile since she has been on a date, so this will be the highlight of her night.” I was still visibly a little shocked but the other girls cheered the idea and started to encourage me to get my clothes off.

With the encouragement of the girls I turned on my music and began a routine of moving between the girls, slowly removing an article of clothing. They blushed, laughed, and even a the more keen ones reached out rubbing against my body. Linda the thin tall blonde seemed to really enjoy herself, and gave my cock a squeeze through the satin g-string that I wore. She immediately tried to rub up and down my cock as I pressed against her, before I pulled away from her. I managed to avoid Aunt Kathy who just watched on as her nephew rubbed and pressed himself up against her friends. The entire time I kept glancing back at my mother who didn’t take her eyes off of me.

Now that I was finally free of my clothes, with only just my g-string left on. I turned my attention to the birthday girl now, I stood there frozen as the girls encouraged me to give the birthday girl some attention. Once again Aunt Kathy saved me from the awkwardness of the moment.

“Now hold on, you can’t just give her a dance right away, without knowing her. We have some embarrassing questions to get out-of-the-way.”

Almost like a ringleader in a circus Aunt Kathy pushed her hand against my chest and moved me back so she could walk between my mother and I.

“Now Liz, I guess I should start with, when was the last time you got laid?” This immediately got the girls laughing and giggling again. Finally my mother spoke for the first time in the night.

“Oh god it has been far too long since my divorce.” My mother replied, her speech was slurred a little as she spoke. She was clearly drunk.

“Now Carlos here is quite young, would that be a problem for you?” Kathy asked. Before she could respond I heard Kim shout “He is as young as your son I bet.”

“Definitely not, younger guys are far more exciting.” The girls cheered her response and Kathy gestured for me to step closer to my mother and I followed her lead.

“Carlos, are you okay with more… mature women and for reference how old are you?” Kathy asked me. “I am 22 and I enjoy women of any age.” I was caught off guard and responded without thinking and I didn’t even lie about my age.

The girls once again jeered and I heard comments being made about my age. “Well he is the same age as your son, could you imagine him doing this?” Kathy asked my mother as she turned her attention to me and walked up to me.

She grabbed hold of my waistband and pulled it forward, and by virtue me forward. I saw her eyes glance down at the gap she had made, I knew she could see my semi-hard erection. She pulled me in close to my mother.

“I don’t think he would do this, but as long as he has fun and is safe it wouldn’t matter.” My mother replied. Kathy reached down to grab my mother’s hands and bring them up to my stomach. I felt my mother’s soft hands against my abs, and instinctively they began to roam my stomach and edge of my underwear.

“Last question then, what do you think would make this fun for Carlos right now?” Kathy asked as she stepped away to watch the show.

“I would rather show him.” My mother responded as her hands pushed down at my underwear almost exposing my cock to everyone as she leaned forward in her chair. Her lips pressing against my lower stomach, the feeling was electric and I felt her begin to move her mouth down. I quickly almost instinctively pulled away leaving my mother holding the air. The rest of the girls began to boo.

I made my way over to Aunt Kathy a part of me was ready to call it a night, things had definitely gone to far. “Oh no you don’t big boy, I can play DJ for you and play the music.” Kathy said covering for me as she picked my phone up and began to play Pony by Ginuwine.

“You just make sure you don’t disappoint the birthday girl and ruin her night.” I turned around and saw my mother sitting there pouting almost.

I started to dance along with the song, this time my focus was purely on my mother as I danced. I moved over to her, and her hands were on me instantly. This time I went through my dance routine with her. My body pressing against hers, I could feel my mother yearning for my touch. My hands moved up the back of her calves, around to her knees before pulling her legs apart. They then slid down to her inner thighs. I could feel the goosebumps rise on her skin as I got close to her panties before pulling away, teasing her.

I was now supporting a firm cock that was either getting rubbed by my mother, or was being pressed up against her body as I gyrated against her. My body slid up and and against hers. She took any opportunity she could to touch, kiss and even lick my body as I began to encourage more of it. As a finale I pulled my mother from the chair and moved her to her knees. My cock was almost against her face, as her mouth was open a little, as if she was ready for it. She looked up at me, and I am not sure if it was the alcohol, the mask, or just by choice but she didn’t still didn’t realise she was staring into her sons eyes. Her gaze turned down to my hard cock, before I pulled away again teasing her one more time.

The drinks continued to flow through the night, normally I wouldn’t drink while working. Considering the crowd I thought it would be a safe time to have a few to help me loosen up a bit as the girls got more drunk. I gave out a few more dances as they tossed some money around to get my attention, and a chance to grope me. The night dragged on and by the time we knew it Linda, the women who was first to feel me up called me over and tucked her business card into my pants and kissed my cheek. “You need to call me sometime, to arrange a private dance this week.” She whispered to me.

Linda then announced to the girls that her husband was here to pick them all up, Danielle, Linda, Michelle and Kim all said their goodbyes before leaving. With all the girls gone, my mother requested one last dance for the night. As I began the dance she seemed to kick things up a notch and got a lot more hands on with me. Aunt Kathy announced to us that she was going to have a shower and left the room.

The moment she left my mother was grabbing at my g-string pulling me into her lap and began to kiss up and down my neck. “God, I have waited for this all night.” She whispered in between kisses. I couldn’t control myself and grabbed at her body.

It didn’t take me long to start undressing her and removing the corset and panties from her body as she pulled my underwear off to reveal my thick cock. We were quickly both naked with our hands exploring each other’s bodies. My hands found her large round ass giving it a squeeze as her hands reached between us. Her soft palms against my cock, I could feel her fingers wrap around it slowly as she began to pull me off. My throbbing cock was almost painful as it wanted more from her. I wanted more from my mother.

“I don’t normally do this.” She said softly as she pulled me to the couch.

“It’s okay neither do I.” I lied. My mother was right though, I never had seen her with a boyfriend since the divorce. Truthfully I got the impression she was lonely. As much as I was going to do this because I wanted to, a part of me knew my mother needed this. Which is why Aunt Kathy had gone to such trouble to set all of this up.

My mother kissed my neck as she rubbed and tugged on my cock. “Do you want to get fucked?” I asked her, making sure she really wanted this. “More than anything in the world.” She replied.

That was all the prompting I needed and I laid her back on the couch, her plump curvy body on display as I bought her legs up into the air. The head of my cock pressed against her pussy. I could the feel warmth coming off of her, and she reached up moving her hands around my neck. We kissed deeply and I could taste the alcohol on her as I slid my cock deep into my mothers waiting pussy. She definitely hadn’t had cock in her for quite awhile as I felt her tight pussy squeezing around my cock, all the way down to the base.

I was all the way inside of my mother and her eyes closed as she laid back against the couch. With her legs pulled apart she grabbed onto her calves pulling them back to let me begin to thrust back in and out of her. She just laid back, as she allowed me to freely fuck her. She was moaning as she got fucked by what she thought was a total stranger and would mumble at times as I fucked her. Her pussy was so warm as her juices coated every inch of my cock each time I plunged into her. As I drew my cock back from her pussy I looked down watching her pussy lips pull along my cock as it was drawn away before sliding it back into her hard.

“Oh please fuck me hard.” My mother responded, and I obliged and began to fuck her harder. Her fingers were digging into her own legs as she pulled them back more giving me more freedom. I was able to penetrate deeper into my own mother who closed her eyes tightly. Her moans were loud and she seemed lost in her own world, enjoying being fucked like a random whore.

“Keep fucking me like that.” She cried.

“You like being used like this?” I replied.

“Oh yes please! Keep going! Keep fucking me Anthony!” She yelled as I continued to feel her tight pussy around my cock. I froze as she said my real name. Her eyes were still closed as I sat with my cock deep inside my mother. She noticed my hesitation and opened her eyes “sorry.. Carlos.”

“Holy fuck!” I thought to myself, I thought she had caught me. She was just moaning for me. She wanted to fuck me, she was imagining me fucking her.

“You want Anthony to fuck you?” I ask.

She hesitates again opening her eyes as she looks up at my mask.

“Yes I want him to fuck me, just like this.”

“Good, imagine him fucking you like this.”

This made me more forceful, I wanted to make her cum. I wanted my own mother to cum while she imagined herself fucking me. My thick cock sliding deeper into her tight almost virgin like pussy as it stretched out. My mother cried as she climaxed and I felt myself explode uncontrollably inside of her tight pussy. Her hips continued to buck as she rode out her orgasm on my cock before eventually collapsing on the couch.

My hot cum filled my mothers pussy squeezed my cock one last time as I pull back and looked down. Her big puffy pussy lips allowed some of my cum to seep out from her pussy as I watched her curl up on the couch. She murmured something towards me as I took a moment to appreciate my mothers fat ass as she curled up more. “Whoever Anthony is, you definitely need to let him fuck you.” I say lightly as she settles on the couch I turn grabbing up my clothes. My Aunt Kathy came out and put a blanket over my now passed out mother and I stood in the living room still naked as I was grabbing my things.

“Looks like you fucked her well.” She said almost proudly as she looked me over.

“I think I did alright, but you don’t think its weird?” I responded.

“No, I mean you both wanted it. She has told me a long time she wanted that, and I mean I arranged it.”

“Did she know who I was?” I asked.

“No, and I wont tell her. You should, she really is attracted to you.”

I stopped and began to think about the idea of it. The idea of actually fucking my mum, with her knowing about it.

“Let’s freshen you up.” Aunt Kathy said and she pushed me against a wall in the living room and dropped to her knees. She began to suck my cock, delicately moving her nails along my cock and licked up the mixture of my cum and my mothers juices from my cock. I let out a groan and leaned back allowing her to suck and lick my semi hard cock.

She finished and stood up again and kissed my lips for a moment. “Next time you come over, I get to go first.”

I collected my clothes and the last of my things before arranging my Uber and collecting my payment from my Aunt who arranged for me to come over in a couple days.