Stripping For My Uncle

I make extra money stripping at parties. But I never
perform in my home town. I have seen some familiar
faces but I don’t think they’ve recognized me. In
makeup and a wig and no clothes, they don’t think for
a moment that it could be me. But last month I was
doing a gig at a bachelor party 60 miles from my home
town and who should I see but my father’s brother,

He recognized me right off. Our eyes met and he smiled
and winked to let me know it was cool. I danced and
strutted my stuff, shaking my tits and even letting
the groom-to-be finger my pussy. The entire time I
kept my eyes on Uncle George who watched me with a
leer and an obvious bulge in his lap. I was hot, a
usual state for an exhibitionist, but the thought that
my own uncle was watching and lusting for me rang my
bells like crazy.

Uncle George managed to corner me after my number. I
had put a robe on, but it wasn’t tied and I wanted to
see if he’d do anything. No one else knew he was my
uncle and they figured that he was just hitting on a

“Nice job,” Uncle George said, getting his eyes full
of my knockers and pussy.

“Bet this is nice, too, Uncle George,” I said,
touching his bulge and rubbing the hard-on straining
to get out. He reached out as well, cupping my cunt
and slipping a finger in me.

“Why don’t you come over to my place tomorrow for
dinner,” he said. I was humping his hand then. “I’ll
fix spaghetti.” He removed his hand and stuck a juice
covered finger. “Hmm. You bring dessert.”

The following night I knocked on his door at ten
minutes before 6. My uncle’s raised eyebrows assured
me that I had dressed accordingly. I wore a short
white mini-dress that hugged every curve. I wore no
underwear, so Uncle George could see my nipples and my
triangular pubic region. I noticed that he was wearing
tight pants and wasn’t hard.


I stood on tip-toe and kissed him hello and managed to
slip my tongue teasingly into his mouth. I could feel
my uncle’s eyes on my ass as I wiggled past him into
the living room. I sat in a chair and slowly crossed
my long legs, knowing he could see my blonde cunt. I
could see the swelling in Uncle George’s pants.

“Can I offer you an appetizer or a cocktail?” he asked
as he stood beside me.

“I’ll have both,” I said, running my hand up his thigh
and massaging the middle leg beneath the cotton. I
unfastened his pants and tugged his zipper down. My
uncle wasn’t wearing underwear either and his prick
sprang out and I gasped when I saw how big it was. The
thing was as big around as my wrist and at least 9
inches long. It would have to be the perfect model for
any sculpture of a cock or maybe dildos. The head was
thick, big and dark red with excitement.

My mouth watered. I inhaled and smelled a freshly-
scrubbed smell with more than a hint of manly musk. I
pointed his prick toward my mouth, parted my lips and
planted a kiss squarely on the head. Uncle George
moaned, put his hand on the back of my head and pushed
his prick forward. I let that massive tool part my
lips and slide over my tongue.

“Ooh, yeah, Kelly, that’s good,” he said as I reached
up to massage his swollen balls. “Suck it, Sweetums.”
He’d always called me by that nickname, though of
course never in this situation with his throbbing
prick in my mouth. Already I could taste the sticky
sweet pre-squirt as it oozed from the piss slit and
onto my tongue. Hmm, good stuff!

I pulled my mouth off and laid back, spreading my legs
wide. “Your turn, Uncle George. Eat me.”

“Say ‘please,’ young lady,” he said sternly.

“Please eat my pussy, Uncle George!” I reached down
and traced my slit with my finger and rubbed my
clitty. My clit has always been big, sticking out like
a tiny cock the size of my little finger. Whenever I
get the slightest bit turned on, my clitty swells and
rubs against my panties (that’s why I don’t wear any)
and gets me hot.

Uncle George was staring at my swollen clitty with a
look on his face like he was starving. He got on his
knees, grabbed my thighs and buried his mouth between
my cunt lips. I put my hand on the back of his head,
thrust my hips forward and guided his mouth. And when
he latched his teeth onto my clitty, my body jerked
and I came.

“Jeez!” I screamed as my uncle ate me out and drank
every drop of my hot flow. His tongue drilled deep
into my pussy, his teeth nipped at my labia, his lips
caressed the sensitive raw flesh. I rode his face hard
as wave after wave of pleasure rushed over me. My
thighs held his head in a vise-like grip and I crossed
my ankles, locking his head in my fork. I wailed and
shouted and came as no man had ever made me cum

I was half-conscious when uncle George picked me up
and carried me to his big bed. He gently laid me down
on the satin sheets and kissed me. His open palm
rubbed my tender nipples and I could feel his big cock
tapping against my hip. I spread my legs and when my
uncle climbed over me I bent my knees, elevating my
pussy. I watched as his beautiful cock split my cunt
lips and rubbed my clitty as it slowly filled and
stretched me. I had my hands on his shoulders and
looked into his eyes. I seemed blissful at the
sensation of fucking his own niece.

“Oh, Uncle George, your big cock feels so good going
into my pussy! Does it feel good to you>”

“Yes, Sweetums, your pussy feels wonderful. So
tight… wet… hot!” When his balls mashed against my
asshole and his cock was buried inside me, I put my
arms around his neck and held him tight.

“Fuck me, Uncle George! Fuck me hard!”

And he did just that. My Uncle George always had the
reputation of being a ladies man and I was finding out
first hand why that was so. He held me tightly but
tenderly and he fucked me with the energy and passion
of a 20-year-old but with experience and a genuine
consideration for my pleasure. No wonder women loved
him: he knew how to make a woman feel special.

I had one long orgasm, punctuated by the sensation of
my uncle’s cock swelling inside me and then spraying
his hot love lava over the burning walls of my cunt.
My legs flailed; my feet spurred his flexing ass; I
shouted and groaned and cried. I felt juices overflow
from my stuffed cunt and pour down my ass onto the bed
sheets where a wet spot grew beneath me.

After his drained cock slipped out of me, we went to
the bathroom for a shower. Uncle George soaped me,
kneading my breasts and squeezing my nipples. He
fingered my cunt and soon I felt myself needing to
tinkle real bad. Uncle George told me to do it in the
tub and then he shut off the water and laid down
between my legs.

“On me,” he said. “Pee on me.”

I squatted over his chest and he was staring at my
split cunt. It took several seconds for me to relax
but finally a few drops trickled onto his hairy chest,
then a strong flow of amber. Uncle George held my ass
and moved my spraying pussy to his mouth and started
gulping my pee. I couldn’t believe it! I hadn’t ever
met a golden shower lover but my uncle sure did enjoy
drinking my pee. I reached behind me and grabbed hold
of his cock, again hard and throbbing.

“Now, pee on me,” I said when my bladder was empty. My
uncle stood and I sat staring at his giant cock in
front of my face. Uncle George strained to piss out of
his hard-on and suddenly a hot torrent of pee gushed
onto my tits and I shuddered with perverse delight.
The salty, acrid smell made my nostrils flair and I
closed my eyes and moved my head into the stream,
letting the hot flow splash on my face and cascade
down my naked body. So hot; so filthy and wicked; so
fucking good!

Well, Uncle George has taught me a lot since that
first time. As soon as I finish writing this, I’ll be
visiting him and he’s going to suck my asshole before
he fucks it with that big cock of his. He taught me
about anal sex, too, and I love it. Every girl should
have an uncle who’s as attentive and loving as my
Uncle George!

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