Summer With My Cousins

I was 18 and a half, and it was the summer after my
sophomore year. My parents were going away for a week to
visit some old friends, so I was going to stay with my
aunt, and two cousins who lived about 6 hours away. My
aunt, who was my mom’s older sister, was extremely nice
and welcoming. My two cousins were girls, Jennifer and
Taylor, 16 and 14, and were cute, sweet girls, who I
could relate to, since we were about the same age. Their
dad had left the family just after Jennifer was born, so
none of us kids knew him.

My aunt and cousins were very friendly and I enjoyed
being around them since I was an only c***d, although we
very rarely visited them. I always assumed it was
because they lived so far away. After the long drive, we
arrived to the warm greetings that family brings. My
parents visited for a while and then left hastily to
catch their flight. I hadn’t seen my aunt and cousins
for about 2-3 years, so we had a lot of catching up to

We spoke for a while, laughing and chatting away. My
cousins had grown up to be very cute. Jennifer (the
older one) was about 5’5,” and was a light brunette with
plump lips and big round eyes. They both had light
olive/white skin, and were the same tone as me, for we
all looked more or less alike. Taylor had a slightly
lighter complexion, and was a dirty blonde. She had
beautiful blue eyes, and soft features and stood about
5’4″. About the same size, they both had petite bodies,
and small-medium sized breasts. Their rounds butts fit
their small size perfectly.

I couldn’t help but find them both very sexy, and I got
turned on while visiting with them. I felt uncomfortable
by this, knowing that they were my cousins and we
weren’t supposed to have sexual feelings towards each
other. The talk went on, as I zoned in and out,
fantasizing about these two lovely girls. Their perky
breasts stood up as they moved around the house,
giggling and laughing in their summer outfits, small
“booty” shorts and tank tops.

Nightfall came and we enjoyed a great steak dinner, with
salad and bread. Soon we were all tired and ready for
bed. The girls were going to share Jennifer’s room, and
I would sleep in Taylor’s room. Both rooms were across
the hall from my aunt’s room. As I was falling asleep, I
kept hearing a rustling sound in the girls room, but
despite my curiosity I quickly drifted off and fell

The next day, we all woke up in a good mood. By noon, we
headed down to the lake to go swimming. Out in the
country (where they lived) there was literally no one
around so the girls decided to swim topless, only after
approving it with me.

I said I didn’t mind, as long as they were comfortable
with it and they claimed it was the usual practice. At
first it was a little awkward for me, but I quickly got
used to it and soon forgot they were even topless. Their
breasts were beautiful, b-sized, little mounds that were
illuminated by the sunlight on the lake. Their nipples
became hard and erect upon first entering the cool
water. The light pink coloration of their nipples drew
my eyes in, and one time Taylor definitely caught me
staring as she giggled and turned away to swim off
around the lake.

My aunt returned from work at around 4 o’clock and
before we knew it, it was dinner time. We stayed up late
playing games, and by 3 am we were all exhausted, and
headed to bed.

Laying in bed I became very horny from looking at my
cousin’s naked breasts I began stroking myself. I
couldn’t help but imagine Jennifer and Taylor playing in
the water, bearing their nude little boobs joyously. I
jerked myself to climax. I felt a little weird about
thinking about my cousins like that, but couldn’t help
what I’d done. They were beautiful girls after all!

The rustling persisted that night as well, though after
my orgasm I quickly passed out.

The next day was lazy. My aunt was off to work around 9
am, and the girls and I just laid around all day in the
heat. We hung out on the front porch, drank lemonade,
and shared childhood stories and well as school stories.
The girls gossiped and reveled they had had boyfriends,
but were both still virgins. I told them I was a virgin
as well. They thought that was cute. I didn’t bother to
share my unusual past encounters with them, for I was
not sure how they would react.

We had a late dinner that night and all headed off to
bed early. My aunt seemed exhausted from staying up late
the previous night and a long days works, so she was out
early. My cousins and I stayed up a little longer before
saying goodnight. I wasn’t super tired after not doing
anything all day, so I laid awake in bed for a while,

Soon enough, the usual rustling sound began and grew
louder, so I got out of bed and put my ear up to the
wall. I heard what sounded like light bumping, and if I
wasn’t mistaken, quiet moaning. Curious, I quietly open
my door and slid down the hallway a few feet to the
girls door. It was partially open, so I put my head up
to it, to catch a gimps of what was occurring inside.

I could hardly see the bed, and could barely make out
the shape of one of their heads as she lay on her back
on the mattress. The other one was under the covers,
bumping up and down and lightly panting. The one on her
back (which was Taylor), was lightly moaning and jerking
around. Although I couldn’t believe my eyes, this had to
be what I thought it was!

Before I knew it, my penis was rock solid and dripping
with pre-cum. This is nuts! I thought. I slid my sweats
down, and grasped my dick, and began slightly stroking
it, trying to remain quiet. The girls continued for a
while, as I zoned in and out of what they were doing and
the amazing sensation of getting off.

My eyes naturally closed for a moment, and I was close
to cumming, it was building up when all of a sudden I
noticed the noise had stopped. Oh shit! I thought. I
quickly began to pull up my pants, when… WOAH!!! The
door flung open and I was caught, red handed.

It was Jennifer investigating a slight noise at the
door. She stood there stunned, with her mouth wide open,
staring at me. She had a XL sized shirt on, thrown over
her otherwise nude body. Her eyes were fixated on my
exposed penis. I quietly stammered for words to explain.
What to say!? I had just been caught jacking off while
watching my two cousins do it! Her eyes slowly traced up
my body, as her surprised expression turned into a

She caught my eyes, “What did you just see?” she
questioned me.

“Uhh, nothing,” I lamely responded.

“Yeah right, you’re just standing here outside our door,
with your dick in your hand?” she continued. “Listen,
this is weird, I want to know what you saw!”

I didn’t know how to respond. Finally I said, “I just
heard some sounds, became curious, peeked in, and I
thought I saw you two…” I paused, I couldn’t go any

“What?” she asked. “Doing what?”

I could hear Taylor’s signature giggle coming from the
bed. My penis began to get hard again. Are they messing
with me? I wondered.

“Listen,” Jennifer continued. “We can keep a secret, if
you can. Come in.”

I entered the room, as Jennifer closed the door.
Taylor’s beautiful, nude, young body was sprawled across
the bed, as she quickly hid beneath the covers as I
approached. Jennifer came over to the bed and sat down,
motioning for me to sit down.

“Okay, we know you saw us doing it. We have been doing
this for a year or two now, and you’re the second person
to find out.”

“Second?” I replied.

“Yeah our mom caught us in the beginning, but said it
doesn’t matter as long as we both want to do it. That we
couldn’t get into any trouble doing it between just us.
We even invited her to join, but she didn’t feel

This is nuts I thought, my two cousins are lesbians
together and their mom knows!! And they invited her to
join! (WTF?!) “What do you girls do exactly?” I asked.

“Woah, wouldn’t you like to know!” Jennifer exclaimed.

“I-I’m just curious,” I responded.

“How curious?” she asked.

“Curious enough to find out!” I replied.

The girls glanced at each other and giggled. Taylor
slowly pulled the blankets away, to get closer, exposing
her heavenly body. “We think you’re kinda cute,” she
said softly, looking into my eyes. “Care to join us?”

I didn’t know what to think. I was so horny by now, my
stiff penis actually ached, and I wanted these girls in
the worst way. At the same time, these were my cousins
and I had never expected anything like this. However, I
was not about to pass this up.

I responded that I would love to join them, and stood
up, sliding off my pajamas and removing my shirt. Taylor
giggled with glee and Jennifer quickly removed her big
t-shirt and got in bed. I was standing there, naked,
with my two gorgeous cousins looking at me with inviting
looks in their eyes. “Get In!” Jennifer said.

I got in the queen size bed and laid on my back, the two
girls sat up and ran their hands all over my body.
“Oooooh, we’ve never had a naked boy in bed before,”
said Taylor. She began kissing me, starting at my neck.
She worked her way down my stomach, sucking and licking
as she went, until she reached my genitals.

“Let ‘me’ show you Taylor how this is done,” stated
Jennifer. She then grabbed my penis and inserted it into
her mouth, and began sucking away, as Taylor watched
studiously. I could feel Jenn’s tongue vigorously
stroking my head, as my dick ran rapidly between her
lips, she moaned and gulped. Finally, she stopped for a
gasp of air and a break. Taylor began going at it,
mimicking Jennifer, and sucking rigorously. She buried
my cock deep into her throat, and gagged, sliding it
back and forth.

I moaned loudly as I thrust my hips and arched my back.
Jennifer began licking my scrotum, and tickling my
testis. The combination of the two drove me wild as I
thrust deep into the back of Taylor’s throat. Soon, the
feeling took over and I blew my load into Taylor’s
mouth. She choked at first, but slowed down and
swallowed some. Her and Jennifer began making out as
they shared my semen, swallowing slowly, and wiping it
off their lips.

My head was spinning as I sat up. The girls laughed. I
kissed both of them, and told them that it was simply
amazing. I laid on my back panting, as the girls kissed
and rubbed each other. After about 5 minutes, Jennifer
went down on Taylor and the pleasure continued. Taylor
jerked her head back and squeaked and moaned, she looked
over at me and brought my head to her breast, and I
began nibbling and sucking away at her beautiful plump

Jennifer pulled my head down and we both went at it,
giving Taylor an immense orgasm. She screamed as we
licked and bit away at her vagina. Our tongues touched
and our faces soon became splattered with Taylor’s
juice. We all lay there exhausted in bed, resting.
Finally Jennifer decided it was time to lose her

She asked me if I was up for it, and I responded
enthusiastically. She rolled onto her back and spread
her legs. “Come in Danny,” she said with a smile.

My penis became as hard as steel, as pre-cum wet the
head. Taylor straddled Jennifer’s face, as I moved in. I
was finally about to do it! I guided the head, and
slowly slid it in to her tight pussy. I was so warm,
moist, soft and squishy! Jennifer moaned and Taylor’s
crotch muffled her mouth. I began pumping faster and
faster, feeling the walls of my cousin’s sweet vagina
expand and contract around my dick.

I couldn’t help but moan.

Taylor got off of Jennifer and they began making out
right in front of me, as I thrust away. Then, Jennifer
whispered something in Taylor’s ear, and Taylor moved
and got behind me. What was she doing? I wondered. “You
ever touch your butt Danny?” she asked.

“Woah, no. I haven’t!” I responded, “I’m not gay!”

“You don’t have to be gay to try anal masturbation
Danny, I think you’ll like it,” she continued. “Besides
Jenn and I aren’t gay, we just like the feeling of what
we do to each other.”

I nodded my head and continued thrusting in and out of
Jennifer’s vagina, the sensation was unexplainable.
Taylor licked her finger and rubbed it around my anus,
at first it felt weird, but soon it just felt good as
she pushed harder and rubbed around on my but hole.
Slowly she slid her finger into my anus, and I felt a
whole new sensation in my genital area as my backside
became stimulated.

She moved it in and out slowly as I pumped my cock into
Jennifer’s pussy. After about 10 minutes of this I felt
the buildup coming and I told the girls I was gonna cum
soon. Jennifer grabbed my hips, and Taylor thrust her
finger into my anus to stimulate my g-spot, and I burst
my load deep into Jennifer’s hole.

We both climaxed together with small screams and muscle
spasms. Taylor removed her finger with a giggle, and got
up to wash it off. Jennifer and I laid their making out
for at least 5 minutes, and then Taylor joined in, and
we all three swapped spit, licking each others’ tongues.
Then, my two cousins informed me of something about my
family I had never known. Jennifer and Taylor were
actually my half-sisters, half-cousins.

I found out my dad used to be with my aunt, they had
Jennifer, then my dad cheated on my aunt with my mom
(her little sister) and had me. But before my aunt found
out, they had Taylor, then she discovered the truth, and
my dad left with my mom. This came as a total shock. I
had been having sex with my own half-sisters!

At first it grossed me out, but the girls told me it was
natural and OK to experiment. We all fell asleep in the
same bed, only to wake up late the next morning to find
my aunt away at work. The door was open, revealing that
she had peaked in before she left, which made me uneasy,
but the girls assured me it was alright. Upon returning
home, my aunt had a little secretive look in her eye and
I knew that she knew, although she never mentioned a

The next few days were spent doing the usual activities.
We swam in the lake, although this time the three of us
went in fully nude, and we played with each other in the

At one point, Jennifer got out to lay in the sun, as
Taylor and I flirted in the water. We swam up to each
other and began kissing, embracing each others’ bodies.
I felt her legs come around my hips, and my erect penis
slowly slid into her hole, my head fell back. Just as it

SPLASH!!! she pushed away, pulling her body off of my
penis, and swam backward. she said subtlety, “I know how
bad you want it Danny, but you’ll have to wait!”

That little taste of her pussy felt so good! It was
tighter that Jennifer’s and just as warm, god how I
needed that girl!!

The next few nights we decided to lay low and not do
anything. But the following night was my last night, so
we had an orgy again. We did all of the same stuff,
except Taylor and I ate Jennifer out this time. I wanted
so bad to fuck Taylor, but they both agreed she should
wait a year.

The fact that she was off limits made me want her virgin
pussy even more! Soon enough it was time to go. Upon
leaving, Taylor gave me one of her used thongs (bearing
her sweet/sour smell) for me to remember her by, and
promised me that next year I could take her virginity.

We all kissed in the room as our parents visited once
again. This visit had changed my whole view of sex, as I
gained my first real, full-on experience…

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