Taboo in the Tent

Sammy’s Mom said that Jimmy and I could stay over Saturday night but since Sammy’s sister was visiting with her kids we would have to sleep in the tent in the backyard. I had just turned 15 and Jimmy and Sammy were a bit younger. I was excited about having a whole night to have fun, but I was also nervous because I didn’t really know how things were going to go. The three of us had been hanging around together since we were little kids, but over the past few months Jimmy and I had taken “fun” to a new level. That summer we had begun to suck and fuck like crazy, but we hadn’t included anyone else in our games. Jimmy and I had talked about Sammy joining us, but we hadn’t yet got up the courage to do anything about it. Of the two of us, I was the more adventurous (I was the only one to get fucked to this point), but Jimmy was starting to get turned on by the idea as well. In fact, we had talked about it after school the day before while we were sucking each other off. I could just imagine seeing Sammy naked. He was shorter than both Jimmy and me with olive skin and curly black hair, but he was very muscular and a great athlete. I had seen his cock a couple of times in the locker room—it was cut with a big head and some hair around his balls, and I couldn’t help but wonder how big would it be when it was hard!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to jerk off before my Mom came home and took me to Sammy’s, but that just meant that I was even more ready for action. Jimmy was already there when I arrived, and we all headed into the back yard to play some hoops. We had fun the rest of the day, but I couldn’t wait until Sammy’s parents went to bed and we could hang out in the tent. It was a really nice tent with lots of room and was set up way in the back of his yard where no one could see us. We played cards and told stories until late, and, though we talked about some pretty hot things and I could see Sammy getting worked up, we just couldn’t seem to get up the courage to take action. Finally, we turned out the light, and Sammy said he was going to sleep. I caught Jimmy’s eye and we took our sleeping bags a bit over to the side. In the sleeping bag I quietly slid down my shorts and boxers. It felt great to let my rock hard dick out. It was almost 7” cut with a pink head and a smooth shaft. I gently stroked it until I thought Sammy was asleep. When I thought it was safe, rolled over on my side facing Jimmy and unzipped my sleeping bag. He had already done the same, and I could see in the light from the moon coming through the tent window his beautiful banana-shaped cock with its helmet head sticking out and pointing towards me. He scooted his slipping bag around so that his head was turned down towards my feet and his cock was facing right at my mouth. I leaned over and put his dick in my mouth. A second later, I felt his hot tongue on my cock. It was so intense to suck and be sucked while trying not to make any noise!
We were both so horny that it didn’t take long before I felt his cock swell up and his cum start to pump into my mouth. I knew that I couldn’t spill a drop, so I swallowed every bit. I was so turned on by it all that I didn’t stop sucking him after he had finished. He didn’t seem to mind; especially when I began to pump my load into his hot mouth. By this time, he was getting into again so he kept sucking me. I thought I was going to go soft, but instead I felt my penis begin to pump back up with b***d, and just like that I was rock hard and ready for more.
We were both really worked up and wanting more. I stopped sucking Jimmy’s cock and pulled my cock out of his mouth. He made a tiny grunt of unhappiness, but he quickly changed his tune when he saw that I was quietly turning back around so that my hard smooth ass was hanging out of my sleeping bag and pointing right at his stiff dick! He scooted over, and I felt his wet, sticky head slipping between my cheeks. I reached around, grabbed his shaft, and pushed his cock against my pink hole. He groaned softly and pressed against me. Suddenly, it slid in right up to his balls. I thought I was going to shoot on the spot, but I held it together as he began to slowly slide his cock in and out. At this point, I gave up trying to keep the sleeping bag covering me up, and so, when the flashlight suddenly lit us up, Sammy saw me on my side facing him with my cock in my hand and Jimmy—stark naked right behind me—with his hands on my hip pumping his cock into me.
Sammy, flashlight in hand, exclaimed: “Jesus, what the fuck are you guys doing!” Jimmy and I both froze, while we squinted at Sammy and our eyes adjusted to the light. Nobody said anything for what seemed like forever, but when Sammy shifted the light away from my eyes and down towards my cock I could see that he had his shorts and underwear bunched up under his balls and his wonderful olive colored cock with a purple head in his hand. He had been jerking off listening to us!! With this evidence literally in front of me, I knew what to do. I reached out and ran my hand down his stiff shaft. He jumped and almost dropped the light, but he didn’t pull away. I quickly took advantage of his indecision and took firm hold of his cock and stroked it—his pre-cum making my hand slip up and down so smoothly. Sammy put the flashlight down and moved a bit closer to me. Jimmy had started up his rhythm again, and I let his thrusts push me closer to Sammy until his penis was within reach of my mouth. He groaned as he felt my mouth wrap around his sensitive cock-head. The way his eyes kept shifting back and forth, I knew that he couldn’t tell which was hotter—seeing me suck his cock or watching Jimmy’s cock slide in and out of my ass. It was clear that both Sammy and Jimmy wouldn’t last long, and I didn’t want to miss out on the final bit of fun, so I reached over and took Sammy’s left hand and put it on my own stiff piece of meat. It didn’t take long for him to get the hang of it. Soon he was pumping my cock like an expert, and we all get into a final, wild orgy with everyone pumping together and groaning more and more loudly. Finally, Sammy couldn’t take it anymore. I could feel his cock get even bigger, and, though he tried to pull out, I grabbed his ass and sucked even harder just as he began to pump shot after shot of hot cum into my mouth. What a load! Of course, Jimmy couldn’t hold on when he heard Sammy moan and saw me swallowing like crazy, so he jammed his dick as far as he could up my hole and blasted away. It felt so good to get it from both ends that I couldn’t take it and felt myself reach that glorious moment when your orgasm is unavoidable and you just let it go. I don’t think that I had ever cum so hard or so good. To feel my load shoot out into Sammy’s hot hand and onto the tent floor was incredible.
Finally, our cocks had stopped pumping, and we collapsed onto our sleeping bags in various states of sticky undress. After a moment, I looked up at Sammy and saw a sly look on his face. He leaned back, his hand sliding down to squeeze his cock, and said: “So, you guys have anymore surprises?” Jimmy and I looked at each other and just smiled.