Taboo – Slot A into Tab B

He went into her room even though she was sleeping. His wife was sleeping too, the mother to this eighteen year old beauty who didn’t know he was there. He pulled the covers down without waking her up, and saw that she was sleeping in an over-sized T-shirt that was pulled up enough for him to see her pink panties.

He started rubbing her crotch lightly, fingering her clit with his thumb and pressing his index finger against the softness of her opening, which made her moan in her sleep and roll onto her back as she opened her legs a little more. His other hand moved the front of her shirt up but was unable to expose her breasts because she was laying on he back of it.

He pushed up the front of it far enough to see the she was not wearing a bra, so he exposed one little pink nipple and took it between his lips, teasing it erect with his tongue. She moaned in her sleep and tried to push his head away, with little success. He just moved with her hands but them came right back and put his mouth on her again.

“Joey, no, you know we’re not supposed to…” she mumbled, still asleep. Joey was her boyfriend of the last two years. “Ohh, Joey, no, we can’t! You’re not even supposed to see them; let alone put one in your mouth… ohh, if feels nice, though, don’t stop, baby, do the other one…”

His hand pushed her shirt up a little more and exposed her other breast, so he moved his mouth over as his hand slid back down her belly and onto her panties. She opened her legs little more as his hand cupped her mons.

He heard her moan again, and kissed her on the mouth, licking her lips apart with his tongue so he could taste her.

“Ohh, Joey, no, we can’t do this; we just CAN’T!” she whispered then woke up with a start.

“Wh-what’s going on? You’re not Joey! Daddy?”

She was awake, he knew, so he pretended to be asleep himself, and muttered her mother’s name.

“Maria, come on you know how much I need this! I can’t stop once I get going; you know this!”

Becky froze with fear as his fingers began rubbing her clit more firmly and began pushing the hem of her panties down. Before she could protest, he had his whole hand inside them and touching her most intimate flesh. She reached down one hand and grabbed his wrist as one finger wormed it’s way inside.

“I’m not my mom!” she whispered, as a second finger found it’s way inside. They curled upward and found her G-Spot, making her whimper again. “Daddy, I ‘m not my mom!”

“Open your legs, Maria, let me in, okay? You know I need this!” he said, using his knees to open her legs.

“Daddy, I’m not my mom!” she said urgently, feeling his hardness rubbing against her down there as he pulled her panties aside. “I’m not my mom!”

An instant later, his hard cock penetrated her and pierced her virginity. “Noo!” He pushed it the rest of the way in and she closed her eyes, shaking her head in denial of what was happening. She missed the little smile on his face as he felt her warm insides gripping him tightly.

“Daddy, please let me go.” she whispered, trying to close her legs but his body was in the way. She pushed up on his chest, but he shook his head and sank even more of it into her. She moaned as she felt it bottom out against her cervix. “Please take it out and let me go?”

“No, Maria, you’re going to feel my come inside you, this time, unless you want it the usual way, in your mouth.” he said, smiling to himself. He knew she had never even seen a hard cock before, let alone sucked on one, but he also knew that her last period had ended only two weeks before because of the soiled pads in the bathroom trash. She was right in her fertile period of the month.

“In my mouth?” she whispered, her face growing pale. “You want me to suck it?”

“No, I want you to carry my baby, but I’ll allow you to suck it like you usually choose to do,” he said. “You should get started, though, I’m pretty close right now. Your pussy feels a lot tighter tonight.”

He pulled it out and allowed her to scoot down. She took it in her hand and looked at it for a long moment then opened her mouth and allowed him to push his hips forward enough to get it between her lips. She stopped him with her hands when he was halfway in, though. She didn’t want to c***e.

“Suck it, Maria, suck it so that I can come in your mouth, then let me see it before you swallow,” he said, driving his hips forward again and pulling down with both hands in her hair. It went deeper this time; almost all the way before he pulled it back.

It spurted in her mouth just then, and she used her tongue to push most of it out. It drooled down her chin, then the second spurt did the same. She choked on the third and turned her face to the side, letting the rest of it go onto her cheek.

“Let me see in your mouth, Maria, show me the come in there.” he said, looking at her. She looked back at him and saw that he was awake.

“Daddy?” she asked. He looked at her, seemingly surprised.

“Becky?” he asked blinking several times. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m in my bed, Daddy. You just came in and… you…” she faltered, her voice trailing off.

“I did?” he asked, his voice sounding pained as his eyes screwed shut. “Are you okay?”

“I- I don’t know, she said, almost weeping. “You… I’m not a virgin anymore,” she said, beginning to cry. “You put it all the way inside me!”

“I did?” he asked.

“Yes, and then you made me suck it!” she protested, tears streaming down her cheeks. “Why did you do that?”

“I thought you were your mother!” he said. “Did you come?”

“Twice,” she said, sniffling as she wiped her nose with one forearm. His cock was still right in her face, almost touching her cheek as she still had her face turned to the side.

“Will you suck it again?” he asked, smiling down at her. “I’d really like it if you did it willingly. That way, it won’t feel like r**e.”

“You want me too… You want me to?” she asked, sounding astonished. “I thought you’d be mad!”

“I’m not mad, honey,” he smiled. “I want you to do it. Will you?”

“I…” she said softly, then looked at it again. “I… sure. I’ve never really done I before, though, so forgive me if I do it wrong, okay?”

“You did it a few minutes ago, right?” he asked, bringing it close to her mouth again with his hips. “Just do it like you did before.” He pushed it forward again, and this time, she opened her mouth willingly.

“Ohh, baby, that’s really good,” he sighed as she closed her mouth with him inside. “Suck it, little girl, my pretty little girl, suck it good for Daddy!”

She turned her head to the side and smiled up at him. “You like he way his feels, Daddy? I’m doing it okay?”

“Perfect, little pretty girl; you’re doing it perfectly!” he said, smiling down at her. “You’re better at I than your mom, in fact. I don’t think she likes to do it very much, but you like it, don’t you?”

“It’s fun!” she agreed, then took it between her lips and began sucking again. “ I can’t wait to do it to Joey Keene!”

“Keep sucking it, princess, you’re gonna make me come again, and I want you to swallow it this time!” he told her, holding her face in place with one hand on the back of her head. “Get ready baby, swallow it!”

She thought about it for a short moment considering the taste of the last load her had give her and decided it wasn’t that bad, so when she felt it begin to pulse, she began to swallow.

There wasn’t as much as last time, and it tasted the same, so she didn’t mind, and the expression on her father’s face as he looked at her afterward made it all worth it. She never felt as loved as she did in that moment, and she knew it was a memory that would last her a lifetime. She felt the love for her father bloom in her heart, and instantly forgave him for taking her virginity.

To her surprise, it was still hard as he took it from her mouth, and she looked up at him.

“Didn’t I do it good enough? It’s still hard, Daddy!” she said. “I thought they usually go don’t after a man finishes.”

“They do,” he told her, scooting down to look her in the eye, face to face. “I usually have to do it three times before I finish.”

“Three?” she goggled at him, her eyes wide. “But you only… well, twice, right?”

“Don’t worry about it, sweetie. I’ll go wake up up your mother,” he said, but she grabbed his arm to keep him from getting up.

“You can put it inside me again,” she whispered. “If you want to, that is. I know I’m not mom, and after all, you married her, not me, right?”

“Your mother and I are not married,” he smiled at her. “And I’d love to be inside you again, awake this time. Are you sure this is what you want?”

“I want this,” she whispered with a little smile touching the corners of her mouth. “After the first flash of pain, it actually felt pretty good. I want to feel that again.” She looked at him, her eyes a little sad. “Does that make me bad? Am I a slut because I like it?”

“A slut is just a girl who likes sex,” he explained. “ I guess that makes you a slut, but you’re not a a bad person, honey. I love you!”

“I guess that makes me a slut, then, because I want to do it again. I want to do it all the time!” she smiled. “You can do it to me whenever you want! I’ll even do it with my mouth again, if you want. I liked it.”

“How much do you like it?” he asked, his smile getting a little bigger. “Would you do it in front of your mother?”

“My mother?” she asked, surprised. “No! Why would you want me to?”

“So that she can see what it looks like when a girl who like it gets it. She doesn’t really like doing it that much,” he told her. “I want to fuck you in our bed; right beside her. That would be kinky.”

“In bed with my mom?” she asked, considering it.

“Come on,” he said, getting up and holding out his hand to her. “We’re going in there.”

Her hands flew to cover her breasts, even though her T -Shirt covered them perfectly modestly. “No… I can’t! She’ll know! She’ll know that I’m not a virgin anymore, and she’ll yell at me. She’ll call me a… she’ll call me a slut!”

“Wouldn’t she be right?” he smiled. She shook her head quickly, but then caught the look he gave her and nodded sheepishly.

“Okay, I’m a slut, but I wasn’t when I woke up his morning! It’s all your fault for coming in here!” she retorted. “ She doesn’t need to know that about me.”

“Yes she does!” he replied, helping her out of bed and not letting go oh her hand. “She treats you like a little k*d, and this will change that for all time!”

He led her out of her room and down the hall to the room he shared with her mother, but Becky balked before going in.

“She can’t see me like this!” she protested in a loud whisper, consternation written plainly on her face. “She’ll KNOW!”

“Especially after I tell her,” he grinned, and dragged the poor girl inside, closing the door behind them. It woke Maria up, and she rubbed her eyes after seeing her daughter there too.

“Tell me what?” she asked, then sat up, more awake now that he stripped the T-Shirt off the girl, leaving her in just her panties. Becky hid both breasts behind her hands, blushing furiously, but didn’t speak. “What will I know”

“I just found out that Becky is not a virgin.” he said, looking at Maria. Maria looked at her daughter, beginning to become angry.

“Is this true?” she demanded, and Becky nodded, still unable to speak. “Come here!”

Still speechless, her daughter came forward and looked down at her mother.”What do you have to say for yourself, you little hussy. Who was it? That boy from school you went to the prom with, I suppose?”

Becky shook her head, still unable to speak.

“I’ll tell you who the second person to fuck her was,” her father said from the doorway. “She ASKED me to put it inside her. Demanded it, really, the little slut. She should have to suck me hard again. Hard enough for me to fuck her ass!”

Maria’s eyes lashed with anger as she looked at her daughter. “Good idea, honey. Kneel down, Becky! You’re going to give him what he’s been asking ME for but never gotten. You deserve this as much as he does.”

“But mom!” she protested, and her other sat up in bed to slap her right across the face. Becky sa down in shock, speechless once more. She just held one hand to her cheek where she’d been hit and looked at the woman sitting in bed.

Maria was topless, both breasts exposed as the covers fell to her waist, unheeded and she looked with a pleased expression into her daughter’s eyes. She knew her husband was looking at her, but she didn’t care right now. She wanted him to get hard for what was about to come next.

“Becky, why don’t you get undressed?” Maria said, smiling sweetly at her daughter. “After all, you already fucked him, right? Why not let him see all of you, since you’ve already seen him?”

“I didn’t really see him, Mother. Not really.” Becky said, blushing.

“Well, you get to see me right now,” he grinned, pushing his boxers down and exposing himself to both his wife and his daughter. “Open your mouth, baby, you get to taste it first!”

“Daddy, no- MMPH!” she said, and then her mouth was full of his cock as he grabbed two handfuls of her hair and pulled her face onto him. Her mother grinned at her husband as he drove his whole cock into their daughter’s mouth.

“She’s deep-throating you,” said Maria. “I’ve never been able to do that.”

“I’ve never pulled your hair this hard,” he said, smiling at his wife, then let his daughter gasp for air several times before jamming his whole length back into her throat and cutting off her air before she could speak any protests.

“I’d never let you do that to me,” she said, grinning. “You like doing that to Becky?”

“I like fucking throats,” he replied, letting the girl up for air again and then pulling her face onto him again. “Feels really fucking good!”

“How about fucking assholes” Maria smiled. “You’ve got a virgin asshole right in front of you. I bet that shit is REALLY tight!”

“Yours? I bet is IS really tight, little tight ass!” he joked, and Maria paled.

“Not me; Becky!” she said, and her daughter grinned at her.

“What’s the matter, mother?” she asked, smiling at he woman. “You have the one he’s been after, right? Why keep denying him?”

“I don’t let him come in my pussy, either,” she said bluntly. OR swallow his come. You’ve done both this morning, so why not the third thing, too?” She looked at her husband and smiled sweetly. “Enjoy, sweetheart!”

“Mom?” she asked, and then looked at her father, alarmed as he pulled her to her feet and turned her around, then pushed her facedown onto the bed, as she was still standing up, and he looked with delight at her lack of panties.

She looked over her shoulder as her father used both hands to move her ass cheeks apart, exposing her tight little anus. It was mostly pink, with a light tannish tinge close to the center. She tried to brig her hands back to cover it up, but he brought them together and used one large fist to hold them both in place while his other fingered her pussy.

“Let me go?” she asked him, almost begging. She remembered the conversation he had had with her mother and didn’t really expect him to do it, especially when she felt his hardness rubbing her between her legs back there. “Daddy, please, I don’t want this! Not again; not like this, please?”

“It’s the last of your virginity. Don’t you want me to have it as well?” he asked, placing his cock against her little pink backdoor. “I want to feel how tight you are back here.”

“Daddy, I’m scared,” she whispered. “I’m afraid it’s going to hurt!”

“I won’t hurt hurt you, baby girl,” he promised, and hen began pushing his hips forward, but she was clamping down to prevent him entry. “Just relax, Becky; let me do this!” he urged her, but she kept the muscle closed as tightly as she could.

“This will help,” he said, taking his cock away. A moment later, he spread a fingerful of Vaseline over her rectum and worked his pointer into her to the first knuckle. “Just relax; this doesn’t hurt, does it?”

“N-no,” she said softly, and then his other hand was fingering her pussy, his thumb making small circles over her clit.

“Just relax, baby,” he said, and moved his cock back into position. Both hands were on her hips now, and he pressed the head of it into her as she moaned.

“You’re inside?”Maria said excitedly, looking at Becky’s eyes screwed shut. “Fuck her, Alex; I want you to!”

“Mom?” Becky asked, feeling her father push more of it inside. “Why would you want THAT?

“I want him to do more than that,” came the woman’s reply, with a wry smile. “I want to see him fuck you properly, too!”

“Mother!” Becky said, scandalized. “What are you saying?”

She laughed. “I’m not your mother,” she said. “And he’s not your father. You’re adopted!”

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