Taken In The Dark

Don’t read this if you’re offended by
bondage, f****d sex, humiliation, etc. or any of the
other nasty kinky stuff in this story.

It was darker out that usual, since it was the night of
the new moon. She shouldn’t have been walking alone, not
at night. It’s a small town, but not that small. It’s
dangerous for a young woman to be out alone, this late,
and she should know it.

I made my move quickly, without hesitation. They say he
who hesitates is lost, and I don’t like to lose. I
didn’t lose her. I closed with her quickly, and before
she even realized someone was behind her I had my arm
around her neck, flashing the knife in front of her

The blade wasn’t that long, only about six inches, but
it must have looked terrifying to her as it reflected
the light of the streetlights in her eyes. “Don’t yell,
don’t do anything stupid, and I won’t k**l you.” I
hissed in her ear. “Do the sensible thing, bitch. Just
keep walking. The knife is right behind you.”

To her credit, she didn’t scream. Her eyes were huge and
her lips were a thin, compressed line of barely
controlled terror, but she didn’t make a sound. She kept

“The car, that Lexus by the curb,” I hissed to her,
“Open the door. Get in. Carefully, and don’t make any
sudden moves.”

Trembling, she opened the door and got in carefully,
smoothing her skirt down. I locked the door. “If you try
to run while I’m getting in, you’ll regret it,” was all
I said. I slammed the door shut and hurried to the
driver’s side. She didn’t bolt. In the dark, in a
strange car, it’s pretty hard to find the controls to
open a car with electric locks anyway, which was one of
the things I was counting on.

I was in the car and driving before fifteen seconds had
gone by. I had the knife in my right hand again. “On the
floor there are two pairs of handcuffs. Put the first
pair around your ankles.” She hesitated. “NOW!” I
ordered. She bent over and I heard the cuffs click into
place. “Put the second pair on your right wrist, then
hold your arms out toward me.”

Again, she did as she was told, and I quickly locked the
cuffs around her left wrist, securing her. The Lexus had
tinted windows, so I doubt if anyone could see inside at
all. Earlier in the day, when I had rented it, I found
it difficult to see in the side windows even in full
sunlight. “What… what are you going to do to me?” she
asked, her voice filled with fear.

In a way, the question annoyed me. It was a stupid
question. “What the fuck do you think I’m going to do
with you, bitch?” I demanded. “Just what the fuck do you
think I want?”

She sucked in her breath, either from my sudden
profanity or from my bluntness, I don’t know which.
“Please don’t hurt me,” she begged. “You won’t get hurt
– much, at least, as long as you do what I say.


She nodded, unable to speak. Her lip quivered a bit,
then stopped. She was strong, I’ll have to admit.

I didn’t have far to drive, and soon we were there. The
house had a pull-in garage which opened to the signal of
my automatic door opener. I waited until the door had
descended behind us, all the way, before moving. We were
completely in the dark. I had taken the light out of the
door opener earlier. I reached across the seat and ran
my hand up her thigh, gently. “Now it’s time for some
fun,” I said, “Let me be a gentleman and open your door
for you.”

She started to cry, softly. I opened my door, got out,
and walked around to open the door for my victim.

“Get out,” I said, “and kick off your heels. Leave ’em
out here.” In the dim light of the car’s door lights,
she got out, kicked off her high heels, then stood
before me, still bound hand and foot by the cuffs. She
was about five inches shorter than I was, now that the
pumps were off. I pushed her toward the door that opened
up to the inside of my house. “Move,” I ordered.

I kept giving her little pushes as she shuffled in until
we stood in the thick carpet of the living room. All the
windows, of course, had the curtains pulled. No one
could see in. I turned on the lights, to get a good look
at my catch for the first time.

She was beautiful. A petite girl of about twenty three,
with straight, shoulder length auburn hair and alluring
green eyes. She was dressed for business, with a smart
looking gray blazer over a white blouse, and a matching
gray skirt. She was wearing stockings, but they were
such a light color I hadn’t even noticed at first.

“Very, very nice!” I murmured, causing her to blush.
“What’s your name?”

“S-Sandy,” she stammered. “Please let me go.” “Let’s get
something straight, S-Sandy,” I said mockingly, “You’re
mine now. I caught you. You can’t get away. You’re
standing here in chains. If you do whatever I say,
whenever I say, you just might come out of this all

Sandy looked down at the rug. I walked behind her and
slowly put my arms around her. She stiffened as I cupped
her breasts in my hands. “I can do anything I want,
bitch,” I whispered harshly in her ear, “I can do
anything to you at all. You have no power here.
Understand?” She whimpered and nodded. I found her
nipples through the fabric of her blouse and bra and

She sucked in a breath and moaned. I released her and
stepped back. “There’ll be time enough for that later,”
I said. “Right now, I want to look at my prize. That’s
you, Sandy. That’s what you’ve become now. A prize. An
object. My prize, since I caught you.”

I took a large pair of scissors from the shelf behind
me. The girl’s eyes got even bigger, and her knees
started to give way. “No….” she said softly,

I grabbed her by the hair and pulled, making her stand
straight. “Another word, bitch, and you’ll regret it.
Now stand still.”

It was more work than I’d thought to cut off her jacket.
She was still wearing the cuffs on both ankles and
wrists, of course, so there was no way I could pull it
off. By the time I had the last of it cut off her face
was streaming with tears.

“Please,” she sobbed, “Please just let me go now. I
won’t tell the police. I won’t tell anyone! Just please
let me go!” I grabbed her by the shoulders and threw her
onto the couch. It was an old couch, and sturdy, which
was a good thing since she landed hard. I rolled her
over onto her belly. “What did I tell you about saying
another word?” I hissed.

She was lying on her hands and her feet were still
bound. Her ass was mine, literally. I smacked her once,
twice, then a third time with my open palm, causing her
to yelp. My hand was stinging like hell by then, so I
took off my shoe – a Nike sneaker, if it matters, and
gave her five more with it. I pulled her head up by the
hair. “Ready to be a good, quiet little bitch?” I

“Yes,” she sobbed, “I promise.”

“Good,” I said. I pulled her up to her feet again. Then
I handed her the scissors. It surprised her, I think,
because I could see the surprise in her eyes, and the
flash of a thought – the scissors were sharp, a weapon,
and maybe… It was like I could read her mind. The idea
was born and dead in the space of a second. She was
still bound. She was smaller than me. She was in my

“What… what?” she stammered, looking at the scissors.

“I thought I’d let you help me,” I said.

She got a devastated look in her eyes. “You want me

“Cut ’em off, bitch!” I snarled. “And do it quick! I’m
running out of patience with you.”

She could see the bulge in my pants by then. It was
turning me on like crazy to have such a beauty in my
possession, and to know she was assisting in her own

Sandy started sobbing, louder than before, but slowly,
carefully, she began to cut. She started with the
buttons on her blouse. I made her cut the fabric, right
up the font. I helped out with the sleeves. She started
to unfasten the skirt, since it could be dropped around
her ankles. I stopped her. “The skirt too,” I said, “cut
it. I don’t care if it could come off intact. The point
is to get you nude by your own hand. You don’t control
your actions, I do.”

Sobbing again, she obeyed. She stood there in a plain
white bra and panties, looking at me.

“Don’t stop now,” I ordered, “You don’t think I brought
you here just to admire your undies, do you? You asked
before what I was going to do. The answer is, I’m going
to make you get yourself nude, then you’re going to beg
me to r**e you. Beg me to fuck your lousy brains out!
Beg me to bend you over and fuck your ass like it’s
never been fucked before! So get those fucking panties
off, NOW!”

I shouted the last words, maybe a little louder than I
had meant to. She was sobbing again, but all resistance
was gone. Soon the panties and bra were shredded and on
the floor with the rest of what had been a nice outfit.
I pushed her toward the stairway. “Crawl, slut,” I
ordered, “Crawl up the stairs. I have a bed I’m going to
tie you to so we can have a little fun.” I watched the
girl’s naked ass swaying up the stairway, as she worked
her way up step by step, still bound hand and foot.

At the top of the stairs I pulled a key from my pocket
and removed her ankle cuffs. I refastened one loop of
the cuffs to the chain between the girl’s hands, then
jerked her up by her arms and threw her onto my bed, a
nice king sized job with lots of room to move. I didn’t
give her a chance to react. I cuffed her hands to the
rail at the top of the bed, then quickly got undressed.

Her eyes got big as she saw my huge, swollen cock jump
out of my pants. I was dying to sink it deep into her
tight little captive snatch, and she knew it. Naked now
myself, I climbed on top of her. “Beg for it, bitch!” I
snarled. “Beg for me to fuck you like you’ve never been
fucked before. Say it!”

She averted her eyes as she mouthed the words, softly,
“Please… please fuck me…”

I grabbed her head in my hands and turned it so she was
f****d to look deep into my eyes. “This is your last
chance, you cheap little slut of a whore! Beg for me to
fuck you!”

Something changed in her eyes, and it was almost like
she was looking through me to someplace above, seeing
something else. “Oh, God!” she cried, “Oh God, please
fuck me! I can’t stand it! Shove it in me! Fuck me you

I took her then, shoving my hungry cock deep inside her.
Her pussy was already soaking wet, her entire body
blazing hot and rigid. She wrapped her legs around my
back, squeezing, pushing me deeper inside her, moaning
and bucking.

It was all I could do to ride out the storm then, as the
girl went wild beneath me. She thrashed wildly, trying
to free her hands from the cuffs, yanking and tearing at
the steel holding her.

I’ll be damned if I know how she did it. Maybe I hadn’t
fastened the cuffs on her wrists as tight as I should
have. Her hands were pretty small, which probably
helped. Maybe all the sweat made it easier for her to
slip her hands free. At any rate, she managed to get
both hands free at once. She wrapped her arms around me
and tore at me with her nails, which felt razor sharp.

I yelled, and then with a sudden stiffening she came in
an explosive, tearing orgasm. I felt her nails tear into
the flesh of my back again, and my second, louder shout
was drowned out by her scream of pleasure. Her
tightening orgasm was the final straw, and I came
suddenly, almost painfully, shoving myself deep inside
her and filling her with load after load of hot cum.

I collapsed on top of her, and lay there panting. My
victim was quiet for a moment, then gave a little grunt
and rolled me over. After a few minutes, she finally
stirred, reaching up to run her fingers through the hair
on my chest.

“Was that the way you wanted?” I asked.

“Perfect,” she said, sighing. “You didn’t tell me you
were going to rent a goddamn Lexus. I don’t even want to
know how much that cost. But we’ll have fun driving it
for the weekend.” She shuddered a little. “The knife
scared the shit out of me. Where’d you get it? And those
cuffs? It was perfect. For a while there it didn’t even
feel like it was you. I could really believe you were a

“For a while there,” I said, “It felt like I was. It
scares me a little to say this, but it really turned me
on to have you in my power, tied up. And your tears sure
looked real. It all felt real.”

My wife poked me in the ribs, a little harder than she
really had to. “Those tears WERE real!” she said loudly,
“That was one of my best outfits! I thought I was at
least going to be able to save my skirt! I almost used
the safe word! Do you suppose the neighbors would’ve
come running if they’d heard me screaming ‘Beer Party?’
at the top of my lungs?”

I laughed. “They’ve heard you screaming everything else
tonight. They probably figured it was the Second Coming
since you screamed ‘Oh God!’ so often.”

Sandy didn’t answer. She reached down and squeezed my
cock, which immediately began to respond. “It scares ME
to say this, but it really turns me on to be in your
power, you big oaf. When you spanked me on the couch, I
wanted you to fuck me right then and there. It was a
perfect r**e fantasy. Thank you.”

I let her straddle me and begin to ride, and at just the
right moment I slapped her on the ass, hard. She yelped.
I pulled her back down onto me. “Looks like we have a
new hobby then,” I said, “I’m glad the neighbors are

“Yeah,” Sandy added, “and deaf.”

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