Taking advantage of another man’s wife. With a twist

They had been married only eight months when they went
to a party that I was also attending and he left her by
herself and she got drunk. The party turned into an
orgy of sorts with married couples going to others for
sexual pleasure and fun.

I was late to the party and found her almost passed out
from drink, no one noticed when I took her to a bedroom
and enjoyed her naked hot sexy body, leaving it marked
with teeth marks an hickies and a fertile womb full of
hot fertile sperm.

I was enjoying his wife without him knowing it, as he
was enjoying having his cock buried in other men’s
wives. He would find his wife’s body covered with teeth
marks and hickies in those places where there was no
question that someone or many someone’s had enjoyed her


I knew when I slipped it up into her tight cunt, that I
was going to be planting my seed in her belly. I knew I
was going to be filling her fertile womb with my seed.

She didn’t even know I was going to fuck her. She was
passed out. Yes, she was out like a light. I had seen
her at the party, drinking quite a bit. I finally found
her husband in one of the bedrooms drunk as hell with
his cock buried in one of the other wives.

I went back to her and made sure that she had a couple
of more drinks. Talking with her, I found out that this
was her fertile time of the month and she wouldn’t even
let her husband fuck her. Well with what I had fed her,
she began to doze off. I carried her into one of the
bedrooms and locked the door. I then stripped her,
telling her that in her condition she needed to go to
bed. She mumbled her agreement and lay back and was
soon out.

Well with her naked, all I had to do was strip. I
sucked on her tits, leaving large hickies, and bit them
leaving my teeth marks covering them. Yes, I was making
sure that her husband knew his wife had been fucked
while he was fucking someone else.

I even had the pleasure of licking and sucking and
tongue-fucking her tight cunt. Finally I moved between
her legs, and rubbed my cock head up and down her tight
wet slit, coating her with my pre-cum.

I then guided it to her tight entrance and slowly,
slipped it up inside of her. Oh yes, even passed out,
her cunt was tight. She moaned as I slipped my cock up
into her tight hot wet fertile cunt.

I held it deep inside of her just enjoying the feeling
especially the feeling of having it buried inside of
her. I loved the feeling of her hot tight went fertile
cunt on my stiff cock as I slipped it in and out of
her. I knew that this was going to be my only chance at
fucking her. So I would be fucking her as long and as
many times as I could.

In and out of her cunt I fucked my cock. She lay there.
Even in her state, her cunt muscles began milking my
stiff cock as I pumped it slowly in and out of her.

I fucked her for a long time before I pumped my sperm
up into her womb. I didn’t stop. I just kept my cock
buried deep inside of her and continued slowly fucking

Five times I managed to pump my hot fertile sperm up
into her womb. It took me a long time but I did manage

When I had fucked her for the last time, I put her
jeans and shirt back on her minus her bra and her
panties. Of course she had my teeth marks all over her
tits and all around her pussy. She had hickeys all over
her tits and stomach and all around her pussy, on her
thighs. I had even bitten her pussy lips making them
sore and swollen. Of course my cock fucking in and out
of her also helped in making her pussy lips sore and

Her inner thighs were rubbed red from my fucking her. I
knew that they too would be sore for at least a day or
so. Long enough that her husband would know that she
had been fucked or fucked someone else just like he had

I wondered what he would say when he found out she was
pregnant by another man and neither of them knew who
the man was.

Once I had her dressed, I mostly carried her out and
sat her in an easy chair. Then I found her husband with
his cock in another woman. I pulled him off of her and
told him his wife was waiting for him that she needed
to go home.

He quickly dressed, leaving the other wife laying there
on the bed. His place was quickly taken by another man,
who plunged his cock up into the wife lying on the bed
with her legs spread wide, taking anyone who wanted to
plunge their cock into her and fuck her. Oh I knew her
also. I also knew her husband real well. I would visit
them in a few days and I would enjoy his wife then.
Yes, I knew them quite well and I knew they would not
want it to get out that she had fucked any man at the
party that wanted to fuck her. He would not want anyone
to know that while she was taking on all of those men,
he was sitting there watching each and every one of
them fuck his wife.

But that was another story. I help the man who’s wife I
had just spent hours fucking and filling with hot
sperm, into his car. When her dress pulled up as we set
her in the front seat far enough her bare pussy was
visible, I saw him look. I could tell his thoughts,
“where were her panties?” he knew she had worn them.
What are all of those bruises on her thighs? What are
all of those marks? How come her cunt is so wet?”

I knew he would be really looking at her close when
they got home and he helped her into bed. I was sure
that he would completely strip her just to see her
body. Hell just taking her jeans and blouse off she
would be naked and her entire body visible to her
husbands eyes.

He would see all of the hickeys and teeth marks on her
body where no other man should have been able to put
them. He would also see the sperm of another man
leaking from her gapping well fucked cunt. He would
know that she had been fucked by someone else, maybe by
many other men and they wouldn’t know what men had
fucked her, none of them. They naturally would think
that there were probably many men who had enjoyed
fucking her.

I had a feeling that she would also learn that he was
fucking other wives also.

I knew that I would be visiting them soon and I would
let it slip that I too had fucked her that night along
with others.

I knew that from then on I would probably be able to
fuck her again and again, because I was positive,
knowing her, that she would be curious as to what it
felt like to have another man fuck her. I knew that
when she decided to find out, she would pick me. After
all I had already fucked her and enjoyed her, she might
as well enjoy one of the men that had enjoyed her.
Hell, besides she would know that I would never tell
anyone that I had fucked her and enjoyed having my cock
in her tight cunt. Of course she wouldn’t know that her
baby that I was sure she was going to have would be

Why was I sure I would be the one that she would want
to let fuck her. Well, she would know that her own
brother wouldn’t tell anyone, even her husband that he
was fucking her.

Yes, it was my own sister that I had fucked knowing it
was her fertile period. I had no compunction about
fucking her. I had wanted to do it for years. This had
just been the first chance I had. Besides I didn’t
really care for or like her husband of eight months.
Hell he had been fucking other women at the party even
though they had been married only eight months, so why
should it bother him if his wife fucked other men at
the same party while he was fucking other women.

I was sure I would be finding out how much it bothered
him that his wife had other men’s cocks in her mouth
and cunt, at least he would think so.

I was sure she would tell me what his reaction was when
I fucked her again.

Well, it was almost a month after the party, that I
talked to sis. I brought up the party. She blushed and
told me that she didn’t remember much about the party.

I told her I did and I had really enjoyed being with
her for awhile. She looked at me strangely.

“Wha, what do you mean?” She ask.

I then told her that I had enjoyed being one of the men
that had fucked her that night, that when I seen her in
the room naked I just couldn’t resist it. I let her
know that I had fucked her for quite awhile before I
cum in her.

She looked at me, then ask me how many men fucked her.
I told her I didn’t know, I hadn’t seen anyone fucking
her, She was lying on the bed naked her legs spread
wide and her pussy wet. I had thought she had been
fucking others because of some of the other wives so I
had decided that at least once I had to enjoy my own
sister that I had wanted to fuck for years.

That was when she finally told me that she was
pregnant, that she had gotten pregnant that night and
she didn’t even know anyone had fucked her until the
next morning when she found her body all marked up with
hickeys and teeth marks.

Then she looked at me. “Well anyway I know one of the
men that fucked me and maybe my baby is yours.” She

Then she was quiet, finally asking me in a whisper if I
would fuck her again so she would know what it was like
to be fucked by another man. I had been right. She was
curious, now, of what it was like to fuck someone other
than her husband. She also let me know that he had
admitted to her that he had fucked other wives so she
didn’t feel that bad about asking me to fuck her so
that she would know what it is like.

Well I spent the afternoon enjoying my own little
sister. My little sister with my baby in her womb. She
found out what it was like to have another man make
love to her. What it was like to suck another mans cock
and have him lick and suck her pussy. She found out
what it felt like having another man’s cock buried deep
inside of her cunt, sliding in and out and feeling
another man’s hot sperm flooding her cunt and womb.

As we lay there with my cock buried deep inside of her
cunt, after I pumped a final load of sperm up into her
pregnant body, she told me that she wanted me to keep
visiting her so that she could enjoy having me, her
brother making love to her, enjoy feeling my hot sperm
being sprayed inside of her.

After I fucked her and filled her with sperm. She
looked at me. Then she ask. “Most of those teeth marks
on my tits and my thighs were yours weren’t they? I
know you. I know that you don’t care for him and I just
know that you couldn’t resist making sure that he would
know that I had been fucked by other men, just like he
was fucking those other wives.’

“He admitted to me he did, he told me that was why he
didn’t see me being fucked by other men. He was busy
fucking other wives.”

“He doesn’t know what to say or do now that I’m
pregnant and he’s not the father. But he knows if he
had not been fucking other women, I probably would not
have been fucked by another man or men.

“Now tell me the truth.” She said to me, looking me
right in the eye.

“Were you the only man to fuck me that night. I just
have a feeling you were. You said that I was naked in
one of the bedroom, my legs spread wide and my pussy
wet, so you thought I had been fucking others. Well If
you fucked me and left me laying there naked so others
could fuck me, why was it you that got him to take me
home, and I was dressed except no bra and no panties.
I’m thinking, brother dear, that you�re the only one
that fucked me that night. I’m thinking that my baby is
yours, that my own brother is the father of my baby.

I looked at her but didn’t say anything. Finally I told
her. “That maybe, but you don’t know for sure, do you?”

She looked at me, then actually giggled. “Damn you, I
want to know for sure if I am going to have my own
brother’s baby. I am now sure that I am, but I want you
to tell me.”

I couldn’t help it. I finally and to admit to her, as I
lay there with my cock buried deep inside of her, that
I was the only one that fucked her that night. I told
her how when I found her really drunk I had her drink a
couple of more and when she was almost passed out, I
had taken her to one of the bedrooms, stripped her and
spent almost three hours enjoying having my cock buried
in her tight cunt, pumping my sperm up into her, I
knew, fertile womb.”

She couldn’t believe that I would fuck her and
deliberately get her pregnant, not when she was my own

She didn’t get mad at me, she just tried to pull my
cock up inside of her even deeper. She told me that she
was glad that I was the one that planted her baby in
her. She then told me that she was not going to tell
him, that I was the only one that fucked her. She was
going to let him think that there were many men that
had fucked her and cum in her and maybe the father of
her baby. She thought it was exciting him thinking she
had been by an unknown number of men. Especially when
he had admitted that he had fucked four other wives
while she supposedly was being fucked by other men.

She was going to let him go on thinking that.

She told me that it was good enough that she knew I was
the only one that had fucked her and now knew that her
baby was mine. She also told me again and again that
she wanted me to keep on fucking her.

I assured her that I would.

Her husband keeps asking her if she remembers any men
who had fucked her. He kept asking her if she
remembered how it felt to have other men’s cock in her
cumming in her. He even ask her if she remembered if
she sucked any of their cocks or not.

She would tell him that she didn’t know, but then she
would add, that she probably did because she knew that
most of the other women who were fucking other men,
were also sucking a lot of other men’s cocks also. She
let him think that she had too, probably.

Now we are just waiting for her to have the baby. I am
wondering what her husband will do when he is
confronted with the nurse handing him the baby as he
being the father.

I could hardly wait to see the look on his face when
that happened, him knowing that it was not his, but
also knowing that everyone else believed it was.

But it was enough for me to know that my sister’s baby
was actually mine, but her husband didn’t know it. It
gave me a good feeling knowing he actually thought she
had been fucked by a lot of men and impregnated while
he was fucking other women.

I also was looking forward, now, to being able to fuck
my own little sister almost anytime I wanted.

Yes it was a great idea that I had, leaving hickey’s
and teeth marks all over my sister’s tits and all
around her cunt, on her inner thighs and making sure
her pussy lips were sore and swollen. Then dressing her
leaving her with out bra and panties, knowing that he
would undress her to put her to bed and would see her
marked tits and well used pussy. Yes I still believed
it was a good idea “making sure that her husband knew”
she had been fucked by someone else, letting him think
many other someone else’s.

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