Ted’s family ecounter part 3

“No! I want you to fuck me!” pouted Melissa. The
look of disappointment on her baby-doll features
reminded him of the time he had stolen her icecream cone
when they were little kids.

“You’ll love it, Mel!” said Dennis enthusiastically.
“You bring yourself off and I’ll beat my meat. That way
we can watch each other doin’ it! It’ll be fuckin’ outta
sight!” It wasn’t really what the little brunette
wanted, but it was better than nothing. Besides, she had
to admit that it WOULD be turn-on having her own brother
jerking off as he watched her masturbate. The more she
thought about it the more she liked the idea. It was
the lewdness of her brother’s suggestion that began
began to excite her. “C’mon, Sis, It’s kicks… you’ll

She looked up into his pleading face and then down
at the way he was rubbing his big, beautiful erection
and readily agreed.

“All right,” she gasped. “But you’ve gotta promise
to fuck me soon, okay?”

“You bet!” answered her brother. “… and believe
me, we’re gonna do more than fuck tonight, babe!”

“What do you want me to do, Dennis?” Melissa asked,
looking up at him. It sent shivers of lust through the
boy’s cock as his sister stared at him with those
little-girl eyes of hers. ‘God, she was cute!’ he
thought, `… and so fuckin’ hot! Who would have
thought? His own sister, a horny, little nympho!…
Fuck! It was too good to believe!… This was gonna be a
night to remember!’

“Spread your legs so I can see your cunt, and then
play with your tits,” he said, pumping his cock
frantically up and down.

Melissa spread her legs wide apart. The lips of her
cunt opened wide and she watched her brother’s reaction
with growing excitement. His mouth opened slightly and
his tongue flicked across his lips. She cupped her firm,
round tits and squeezed them into conical peaks. She
rolled them around and around on her chest, rubbing her
thumbs across the nipples, tickling them with her nails
until they were hard and erect. Her brother kept
running his hand up and down his rock-hard prick as his
eyes darted from the magnificent shape of her tits to
the pink, juicy gash of her tightly-stretched little

“Squeeze ’em, Mel! Squeeze those tits for me!”
Dennis said. “God, I can’t wait to suck on one of
those!… Would you like me to suck your tits, babe?”

“Yessss,” she whispered, fascinated by the way he
was stroking his cock. “Yes, I want you to suck them…
and lick them… and chew on my nipples!”

“I will, baby!…” groaned Dennis as he watched her
little ass writhe around on the satin sheets. “Spread
your legs wider so I can see more of your pussy!”

His sister pulled her knees up and spread them wide,
until her hairless little mound poked up into the air
like jelly on a plate. Dennis gasped with delight as her
tight, elastic outer lips parted, to reveal the cutest,
pinkest, juiciest little cuntslit the boy had ever seen.
Melissa watched with pleasure as her brother’s eyes
almost bulged out of his head. She framed her pussy
with her fingers, pulling the partially opened lips of
her little cunt wide open. She was writhing and moaning
with urgent need.

“Ooooooooh! Dennis! I can’t stand it any more! Touch
me! Feel my pussy!”

Dennis immediately dropped a hand to his sister’s
naked pubes, feeling her warm, slender thighs widen
eagerly to the pressure of his exploring fingers.

“Oh yes! God, yes, Dennis! Inside! Stick a finger
inside my cunt! Feel how how hot and wet I am!” moaned
Melissa as she felt his urgent fingers stroking the
moist, pouting lips of her tender young pussy.

Her brother’s forbidden intimate touch electrified
her, and she was having a similar effect on him. Shaking
with excitement, Dennis slid his middle finger into
Melissa’s leaking twat. It was hot alright… real
hot… and juicy too. Her young cunt-muscles gripped his
finger so tightly, Dennis wondered how on earth his big
cock was going to fit into her small hole. There was
plenty of oily lubrication there, but it still felt so
goddamned tiny!

“God, your little cunt is tight, Sis! You aren’t
still cherry, are you?”

“No, I… Ummmmm! I lost that months ago!” she
said, hunching eagerly up against her brother’s drilling

“Who to?… that little pencil-dick Robbie Ward, I

“Ye.. uhhhhh! That’s nice! Um….yes, It was, I’m
sorry to say.” she said.

“Shit! You should have come to me, Sis! If I’d known
how hot you were for it, I’d have tried it on with you

“I wish you had, Dennis!” sighed his sister. “Just
think… I could have had all the cock I wanted right
here at home… any time I wanted!”

“And I could have had all the tight, young cunt I
wanted without spending all day and night chasing it
down at the Mall,” replied Dennis.

Melissa looked up at her big brother with a look of
utter fuck-lust on her pretty young face.

“Ummmmmmm! How about we make up for lost time then?”
she smiled, “… and don’t hold back, I can take
anything you can give me, lover boy!”

“Lover boy, huh?” said her brother, with a devilish
grin. “I’ll give you fucking ‘lover boy’!”

Dennis spread his little sister’s long, slender legs
even wider and thrust a second finger into her gaping
young pussy, stabbing hard.

“Oh, my God, Denny! That’s it, yes! Oh, Christ,

“You like that, don’t you, you hot, sexy little
fuck?” hissed Dennis. “You like my
fingers rammed up your juicy fuckin’ snatch, don’t you,

Melissa bit her bottom lip and nodded, moaning

“I bet you do!” grunted Dennis, finger-fucking his
little sister’s cunt deeply. “But wait till you feel
my cock in there, honey,” he boasted. “It’ll really
blow your mind!”

Dennis moved his fingers ’round and ’round her
squishy little slit in a circle, and then inserted
another, ramming all three into her bubbling cunthole as
deeply as possible, watching his sister squirm with

“Tell me how much you like it, Sis!” he grunted. “I
want to hear you beg for it, and while you’re at it,
grab hold of my dick and keep it hard!” Melissa’s naked
little ass squirmed uncontrollably on the satin sheets.

“Oooooooh! Fuck! I love it, Dennis! I love your
fingers in my cunt! Ooooh! God! Fuck me with your
fingers for a while. Get me ready for your cock!”

Melissa wrapped her tiny fingers around her
brother’s throbbing prick and began to rub her fist up
and down the long, hard shaft, at the same time bucking
her pussy up at his stiffly stabbing fingers.

“That’s it, Sis! Squeeze my fuckin’ cock! Jerk me
off! Christ, for a little girl, you sure know now to
treat a guy’s prick!”

“Ohhhh, Denny! It’s getting so big! I can’t wait to
feel it up my cunt!” whimpered his sister.

“Me either, Mel!… Me either!”

Dennis’ fingers rammed repeatedly in and out of his
sister’s upthrust sex, fucking her slippery little cunt
like a three-pronged cock. He kissed her lips, her neck
and then her heaving tits, sucking the youngster’s hard
stiff nipples eagerly into his mouth. He moved lower,
licking hungrily, covering the creamy flatness of his
sister’s belly with a film of glistening saliva.

Melissa shivered with excitement as she felt her
brother’s mouth burning a hot, delicious trail towards
her itching cunt. And by the time his mouth reached the
top of her slit, she was going crazy!

“Oh, yes, Denny!… Lower! Lower!… Oh, fuck!…
Kiss my pussy! Please?…” Pulling his fingers from her
twat, Dennis flashed his horny little sister a lewd,
devilish smile.

“Okay, Sis!” he said grabbing hold of her tiny
ankles. “Spread your legs real wide and let big brother
eat out your sweet, juicy little twat!”

Without waiting for a reply, Dennis bent his head to
her tiny, virtually hairless mound and darted his tongue
between the parted lips of his sister’s tight little
cunny, lapping eagerly up and down the narrow, dribbling

“Ohhhh, yes, oh yes, Denny! I love it, I love it
like that!” squealed Melissa, tossing her pretty young
head from side to side. She couldn’t believe it! It was
so exciting! Her own brother was licking her cunt… and
doing a damn fine job too! `God, what a hot tongue he
has..’ she thought.

Melissa felt so wonderfully, excitedly depraved! She
wanted her handsome big brother to do and say the most
disgusting things to her. She watched his tongue slide
in and out of her hot, slimy little cunt with wide, wild

“Oooooh, Jesus, that looks so dirty!” she squealed,
stroking her fingers through his ruffled blonde hair.
“What does it taste like, Denny?… Does it taste nice?”

Dennis lifted his head for a moment and grinned
lewdly at her.

“It taste’s like cunt, Mel!” he chuckled. “Hot,
creamy, sister-cunt!”

“Ooooooh, Denny! Your mouth feels so good on my
pussy!” moaned Melissa, “I
get the feeling you’ve done this before, big brother…
more than once!”

“Oh yeah! God, I love eating pussy, Mel!” admitted
Dennis, making a show of licking her wetness from his
lips. “Mmmmmmmmm! …and yours is sweet, so fuckin’
sweet… and juicy! I could eat your hot little cunt all
night, Sis!”

“Mmmmmmmm! Oh, God, I sure hope so!” moaned his
sister. She looked at his handsome face , framed between
her open thighs and her pussy tingled with anticipation.
“Dennis… those girls you pick up down at the mall…
do you suck their cunts, too?”

“Sure! Some of ’em are really hot for it!” he
grinned, knowing he was turning his little sister on
just by talking about his sex-life. “They know I love
pussy-munching, Sis… and usually most of ’em can’t
wait for me to pull off their panties and bury my tongue
in their hot, wet little cunts!”

As she listened to her brother’s lurid confession,
Melissa trembled with incestuous lust, her excited
little cunt exuding even more fragrant, sticky juice
for him to lick up. She still held her brother’s hard
prick firmly in her hand, and before long, just the
feel of it throbbing hotly under her fingers made the
little teenager’s mouth water. On a sudden impulse,
Melissa pulled her brother up beside her and wrapped
her tiny fingers around his hard dick.

“I’m hot for it too, Dennis!” she gasped, pulling
him onto the bed beside her. Dennis was more than a
little bemused by his sister’s actions.

“Hey, what’s goin’ on? I thought you wanted me to
suck you off, Sis?”

“I do, big brother.” she replied with a wanton look
on her angelic little face. “But I
want to suck your fat, juicy prick while you lick my
cunt, okay?”

“Mmmmm, you bet! ” grinned Dennis. “Christ, who
would have thought that my little baby sister was into
this sort of heavy shit! You’re really something else,

Eager for some more mouth action from his little
sister, Dennis scrambled quickly into the bed middle of
the bed and lay on his back. His virile young cock stood
straight up, thick and bulging with blue veins. When
Melissa saw it like that, she had to fight a powerful
urge to jump in top of him and bury that gorgeous,
pulsating hunk of meat deep inside her hot, itching
cunt. But she resisted the temptation. Right now, more
than anything she wanted to suck her brother’s beautiful
big cock while he returned the favour by licking her
juice-filled twat… and was he ever going to get a
mouthful! Her hot, little gash was creaming like mad
just thinking about it!

Melissa turned around and climbed over her brother
on hands and knees, straddling the boy’s head with her
legs. Then, spreading her knees wide apart, the horny
youngster hunched her crotch towards his upturned face,
dropping her hot little ass lower and lower until the
drooling, pink gash of her cunt squished wetly against
her brother’s searching mouth. Dennis moaned, sliding
his arms about his sister’s hips and cupped her little-
girl ass, pulling her pussylips wide apart as his mouth
pressed into her slit. Melissa’s head flew back and a
wanton cry escaped her full, red lips as she felt her
brother’s hard, pointed tongue slither into her
oversexed little cunt once more. His vacuuming mouth
made loud slurping noises as he sucked the seething
juices from her hot, quivering hole. Melissa reached out
and dragged her brother’s erect cock to her lips. She
could just reach it, and found she had to strain to get
it into her mouth, but eventually she succeeded, and
Dennis’s young hips lunged automatically upwards as he
felt the warmth of her hot little mouth surround the
bloated head of his dick.

At the same time, Dennis jammed his whole face up
between her thighs, wallowing in his sister’s tasty,
juice-filled cuntslit. When he began to suck her clit
into his mouth, Melissa took her mouth off his cock and
let out an excited yell.

“Oooooooohhhhhh! That’s fantastic, Dennis! Suck
harder! Oooo, Suck my clit!” Dennis gave the hard little
bud a few more sucks and then took his mouth off her
juicy cunt just long enough to chastise his little
sister for taking her mouth off his cock.

“Jesus, Sis! Get your mouth back on my prick or I
won’t suck you at all!” Melissa replied by swallowing
her brother’s glistening cock to the very base, she
wanted to please him, and the last thing she wanted
right now was for him to stop sucking her… it felt
absolutely wonderful!

She needn’t have worried, since Dennis had no
intention of stopping. His sister’s tender young pussy
was the best he had ever tasted. She may be only
thirteen, but her gorgeous little cunt displayed all the
promise of mature young womanhood as it became
increasingly flushed with heated arousal and wet with
lustful, adolescent passions. Melissa moaned incessantly
as she felt her brother’s artful tongue lashing her
feverish cuntflesh. It seemed to possess a life of its
own as it sliced repeatedly back and forth between her
tightly-stretched cuntlips, the wriggily tip making
frequent electric contact with her super-sensitive clit.

Dennis spread his sister’s elastic little pussylips
with his thumbs and probed deeper, titillating the rosy-
red inner folds of her young cunt. He was avoiding
sending his tongue directly into her fuckhole, and
licked frustratingly all around it, keeping her in the
edge with anticipation. When he finally fucked his
tongue into her steaming cunthole, Melissa moaned loudly
and ground her pussy onto his face, clamping her
brother’s head between her soft, creamy thighs. Dennis
held his breath and fucked his tongue in and out of his
little sister’s open twat, plunging it deeper and deeper
into her tight, juicy cunthole with every thrust.
Melissa reacted by grinding her gaping hairless cunt
down onto the boy’s mouth, and sucking on his prick like

Clinging to his sister’s squirming ass, his fingers
squeezing the asscheeks, Dennis sucked and licked
hungrily. The juices of the youngster’s snatch dripped
directly into his mouth, and he swallowed the warm,
fragrant nectar with pleasure, savouring the fresh,
unspoiled taste of her aroused, adolescent cunt. Her
little-used pussy tasted so young and pure and clean, so
different to the gamey, well-fucked cunts of the older
girls he usually got his tongue into. He twisted and
twirled his tongue inside her satiny pussy, sucking at
her rigid clit.

Melissa jerked her juice-smeared mound up and down
on her brother’s face, rotating her hips so that his
fast-moving lips and tongue came into searing contact
with every inch of her exposed cunt, especially her
quivering little clit. She was very close to orgasm and
she could tell it was going to be a good one. Suddenly,
Melissa stiffened and pulled her mouth from her
brother’s cock.

“Ohhhh, God, Dennis! I’m gonna cummmm!!” she wailed,
sitting back heavily on his face.

She arched her back and threw back her head.
Grabbing his huge, saliva-covered prick with both hands,
she started pulling on it like crazy, jerking him off as
a massive climax washed over her trembling young body.

GORGEOUS BASTARD! MAKE ME COME!” wailed Melissa, literally
sitting on her brother’s nuzzling face. “JESUS! I WANNA

She whipped her cute little ass about, her tits
jiggling. Dennis’ lips were wrapped around his sister’s
tiny, pulsating clit, and his tongue flicked the hard
little bud until Melissa thought she would faint from
sheer pleasure.

With a shout of ecstasy, Melissa climaxed, her cunt
contracting wildly about her brother’s stiff tongue, the
spasms sucking on it. Dennis gripped his sister’s
humping ass tightly, burying his face as deep as he
could into her wide-spread snatch. The little teenager’s
whole body quivered violently as she came, just knowing
it was her own sweet brother’s mouth sucking her cunt to
orgasm made it so wickedly exciting. She squealed with
pleasure, grinding her pussy almost brutally onto
Dennis’ face as hoarse obcenities spilled freely from
her pretty young lips.


Dennis grasped her bucking hips tightly, holding his
baby sister’s cunt against his open lips as she filled
his mouth with hot, sweet girly-cum. Dennis sucked it
all up, grunting and swallowing like mad until Melissa
ceased her wild pelvic thrusts, and the last of her
juices dribbled into his hungry mouth. She moaned in
blissful afterglow as Dennis gently licked and sucked
her pink, slimy cuntflesh until her swollen little slit
was squeaky clean.

“Ooooh, God, Dennis, that was fuckin’ wonderful!”
she gasped, trying to catch her breath. “I’ve never had
my cunt sucked like that before!”

“That good, huh?” panted her brother, licking his
glistening, wet lips.

“God, yes! I thought you were gonna suck my head
right out through my cunt!”

“Mmmmm, maybe next time, k*d! Right now I need a
little sucking myself!”

“Oh, yeah!” giggled Melissa, looking down at Dennis’
raging erection, twitching urgently between her little

All through her wild orgasm, Melissa had been
tugging hard on her brother’s cock. Now, she returned
her tiny mouth to the shiny, purple shaft and sucked
ravenously. In no time at all, Dennis felt the jism
rising rapidly in his swollen balls. He reached a hand
up to her wide-stretched cunt and shoved a couple of
fingers inside.

“That’s it, baby! God, what a tight little mouth
you’ve got! It feels just like a hot, wet cunt! Suck it,
Mel! Suck your brother’s big, hairy prick, you cock-
hungry little slut!” grunted Dennis, excited at talking
to his little fourteen-year-old sister like a common
whore. But by the way she moaned and humped her cunt
down at his drilling fingers, Dennis knew that she loved
it when he talked dirty to her. It turned them both on!
“Wanna hear what your big brother’s gonna do to you,
Sis?… Huh?” Melissa dared not remove her mouth from
his cock, so she simply moaned and nodded her head.

“Well, little girl, after you suck me off, I’m gonna
fuck your hot-pants little teeny-bopper cunt, ’til you
scream for more… and maybe then, if you’re real lucky,
Sis, I’ll screw you where you shit, too!”

Melissa sucked hard on her brother’s thick cock and
began to moan, squirming uncontrollably as she listened
to him describe her innermost fantasy. She couldn’t wait
to do all those things with him… and more! His long,
stiff cock sliding in and out of her mouth, combined
with his deeply probing fingers, began to rekindle the
fires of lust deep within her twitching cunt.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you baby?” continued
Dennis. “You’d like your brother to fuck your little
asshole, wouldn’t you?” Melissa could only nod her
pretty young head in total agreement.

“I bet it’s fuckin’ tight in there, too!” he
growled, sliding a wet, sticky finger up into her tiny
anus. It disappeared up to the second knuckle in the
girl’s hot, buttery hole. “Mmmmm, tight alright!… and
fuckin’ hot!!”

His sister groaned loudly around the boy’s cock as
his finger began to rotate around inside her tight young
rectum. “Mmmmmmmffff! Ummmmmmmmmm!”

“You like that, don’t you, Sis?” asked Dennis with a
wicked grin. “How would you like to be fucked in both
holes at the same time?”

Melissa felt her brother’s thumb enter her dripping
cunt as another of his fingers slid past the tight,
little rosebud ring of her anus. She wanted to scream
out. But not with pain… with pleasure… the hitherto
undiscovered pleasure of anal penetration.

“I can tell you like it, Sis, by the way your little
ass is bouncing around on my fuckin’ hand. God, you’re a
hot little cunt when you get worked up, Mel!”

Melissa was indeed hot! Her little cunt and ass felt
like they were on fire! And it was obvious to Dennis
that his sister couldn’t get his fingers and thumb deep
enough into her two little holes.

“How would you like to feel two cocks in there,
Sis?” asked Dennis, not even waiting for a reply before
continuing. “One fucking your hot, juicy cunt and the
other stuffed up your sweet little butthole.”

Melissa almost bit her brother’s prick with
excitement as she listened to him describe the lurid sex
act in graphic detail. Dennis gave out a loud groan at
the mixture of pleasure and pain caused by her sharp
little teeth scraping sensuously over his cockshaft.

Melissa’s wet lips on her brother’s cock were
rapidly having the desired effect, and soon Dennis was
humping his hips up at her hot little mouth like mad,
fucking the young girl’s face as hard as he dared. She
was so tiny and fragile, and he didn’t want to hurt her.
But, as Dennis pushed more and more of his huge prick
into his sister’s tight, velvety throat, Melissa seemed
able to take every inch her well-hung young brother
could give her. Soon, to his utter surprise and
pleasure, his sister’s tightly-stretched lips were
pressing hard against his wiry pubic hair with every
lunge, her little mouth filled with cock and sucking
like crazy.

“Jesus, Mel! What a mouth! Christ, for a little k*d
you can sure suck cock! No more jerking off in the
bathroom for me, babe! When I get the urge, and we ain’t
got time to fuck, you can come into my room and give me
some head!”

Melissa redoubled her efforts, trying to make her
brother come, this time before she did, because his
fingers and thumb were sending familiar sparks flashing
throughout her groin area. Wild scenes flashed through
her brain as she imagined sucking her brother off while
their parents were still in the house. The danger of
being caught would make it all so much more exciting,
she mused. And the more she thought about being
discovered by her mother or father, with her mouth
around her brother’s cock, the more it turned her on!

“Oh, God! It’s too much! I’m gonna come, Sis!”
screamed Dennis, as he felt a mighty orgasm peak
suddenly in his loins. “Suck it out of me, Mel!… Suck
the cum out of my prick with your hot little mouth, you
horny cunt!…. Oh Christ, are you ever gonna get a

Melissa grabbed her brother’s big, hairy balls and
squeezed hard as she felt the first hot squirts of his
incestuous load hit the back of her throat. She gurgled
and moaned around the hard, twitching shaft as it
lurched powerfully in her young mouth, gulping down the
boy’s thick, creamy ejaculation as fast her little mouth
could swallow. She was like a wild animal, her head
bobbing up and down as she heard the hoarse sounds of
release that were coming from her brother’s throat.


“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” purred Melissa around his
cock, deliciously turned on by having her big brother
pop his nuts in her mouth for the second time that

Her firm little tits were jiggling wildly, the erect
nipples grazing fiery trails over the heated flesh of
Dennis’ belly as she bounced faster and faster, her
brother’s hand still working feverishly in the little
girl’s crotch as it slithered madly around above his
contorted young face. Melissa came just as the last of
her loving brother’s seed left the end of his throbbing
prick. Her entire body rippled with ecstasy as she
fucked back against his hand, coming down harder and
harder on her brother’s plunging fingers and thumb. Now
it was Melissa’s turn to scream as Dennis brought her
off with his hand, his fingers sawing deliciously
against her clitty as they plunged in and out of her
lust-swollen little cunt.

Dennis felt his sister’s climaxing twat jerk and
contract around his deeply buried fingers. Her hot young
anus grabbed his thumb in a tight, powerful grip as the
girl raised and lowered her hairless little crotch on
her brother’s stiffly stabbing digits.

screamed, taking her mouth from his deflating cock.

Dennis’ long slender fingers were driving the
beautiful little fourteen-year-old wild, and soon the
boy felt a hot, slippery wetness cover his hand as his
sister came, her quivering pussy gushing a torrent of
come into his palm.

He wrenched his hand from her twin fuckholes and
pulled the little girl’s still-twitching cunt against
his lips, sucking and licking and tonguing her drooling
little gash until Melissa almost fainted from sheer
pleasure. Within seconds, the carnal siblings were
slumped against each other in a tangled, panting heap.
Melissa was sprawled heavily on top of her brother with
her cum-smeared mouth nuzzling his limp cock. Dennis lay
gasping for breath beneath her, occasionally stretching
out his tongue to lick lazily at the last glistening
droplets which dribbled obscenely from her gaping little

The two exhausted youngsters lay like that for some
time until they finally regained their strength a
little. Melissa was the first to move. She climbed off
her brother and turned around, cuddling up beside him.

“Ohhhh, Dennis! I love you!” she whispered.

“I love you, too, Sis!” smiled Dennis, hugging his
little sister to him.

Melissa ran her tiny fingers over her brother’s
naked body, stroking him lovingly.
It wasn’t long before her fingers curled around his soft

“Awww, Denny! It’s gone soft already!” teased his
sister. “I though you wanted to fuck me… How can you
fuck with a little sausage like that?”

Dennis dragged his fingers through her slippery
cuntslit and smiled at her.

“Just keep talking that way and squeezing it,
baby… and before you know it that ‘little sausage’
will be nailing your precious little ass to the
goddamn bed.”

“Oooooooh! Promises… promises, big brother!”
giggled Melissa, sensuously rubbing her warm, slender
body against him. Dennis saw the look of desire on her
young face as she jacked him off with her tight little

The boy’s cock grew rapidly under her fingers, as he
thought of all the wonderfully dirty things he was going
to do to his sexy little fourteen-year-old sister.
Dennis couldn’t wait to get his cock into her tight, hot
cunt and even tighter, hotter asshole. Soon Dennis’
young prick stood proudly up from his belly, as hard as
an iron bar… throbbing madly.

“Not so little any more, is it, Sis?” asked Dennis
pushing the naked youngster over onto her back. “Time to
fuck, little girl!”

Melissa’s legs flew wide open as her brother knelt
between them, his long, hard dick in his hand. He looked
down at her luscious little cuntslit. It looked so tiny
compared to the thickness of his man-sized cock and
Dennis suddenly had second thoughts about what he was
about to do.

“You sure you want me to fuck you, Mel?” he asked
with surprising tenderness.

Melissa’s glazed eyes were fixed on her brother’s
formidable erection, the tip of which was pointed
directly at her gaping cunt. She was beside herself
with desire. All she wanted right now was him to bury
that gorgeous thing as deeply into her hot, wet
little cunt as possible, and fuck the living
daylights out of her!

“Oooohhh God, yes!” she cried. “I want your dick in
my cunt, Denny! I want it so bad! Give me every fuckin’
inch! Jesus, I can’t wait! Come on stick it into my
little pussy and fuck me to pieces. Fill me up with
cock, Denny!”

“Okay, you sexy little cunt!” grunted Dennis,
grabbing his hot-assed sister by the hips. “Your big
brother’s gonna fuck you like you’ve never been fucked
before, girl! Yeah… you’re gonna feel this fuckin’
thing all the way up to your fuckin’ throat,

With a mighty heave, Dennis lifted the girl’s hips
up clear off the bed and stuffed a pillow under her
perfect little ass. Melissa lay back and spread her
creamy thighs wide. Using the fingers of both hands, she
pulled apart the juicy, pink lips of her narrow slit,
wantonly offering her open twat to her sixteen-year-old
brother. Dennis gasped with delight at the shameless
sight and lunged forwards. He fell over her, and held
himself poised above her naked body with one arm, the
other gripped his cock as he guided his huge hard-on
into place against his sister’s hot, gaping sex.

Melissa mewled softly as she felt the head of her
brother’s big prick press into the wet heat of her
cuntslit. All she could think about was the anticipation
of his cock. She was dying to have his cock shoved
inside her. Melissa’s hands went to her brother’s naked
ass, gripping his strong, flexing buttocks with urgent
need. With guttural moans, she urged him on.

“Oh, Christ! Put it in, Dennis!… Ram it up my cunt
and fuck me!… Oh, please fuck me! Ooooh, I’m so
fuckin’ hot. I can’t wait!… Do it nowwww!”

And Dennis did! Stimulated by the little girl’s
moans and cries of need, he lunged forwards and with one
smooth, powerful stroke, rammed the entire length of his
hard, young cock between the girl’s sweetly parted

“You’re gonna like this, Mel!” boasted Dennis. I’m
gonna give it to you all the way. You’re gonna love
being fucked by your big brother so much, you’re not
ever gonna want another cock in your whole damn life!
I’m gonna stretch your tight little pussy all the
fuckin’ way, baby!”

“Ohhh, Denny! It’s so big!” whimpered his sister,
grinding her hairless little mound up at the base of his
cock. “Mmmmm! I can feel your hot balls on my ass. God,
I’m fucking my own brother!… Wild!… Ooooh, your
prick is so big and so deep inside my poor little
pussy!… Ouuuh, move it in me, Denny! Fuck me and come
in me! I wanna feel your stuff squirt in my cunt!”

Melissa groaned aloud as her brother moved his cock
slowly in and out of her velvety young pussy, the huge
shaft stretching and filling her tiny, pink fuckhole to
the very limit. Dennis couldn’t believe how tight her
little wet cunt was. He had fucked girls his own age
before, but never one as young and as tight as his
gorgeous little sister.

Dennis held her tightly and began to fuck her in
earnest, almost crushing her tiny frame in his muscular
arms as he pounded his prick into her willing little
snatch. Melissa whimpered and panted beneath him as she
bucked her cunt up to meet his powerful downward lunges,
fucking the boy right back with everything she had. Her
brother’s hold on her was so tight and her excitement so
intense, Melissa could hardly breathe, but her little
twat was filled with cock and that was all that mattered
to her pleasure-muddled brain right now.

Dennis plunged his throbbing prick diligently in and
out of his sister’s tiny, clasping cunt, the grunting
sounds she was making driving him crazy. Her hands
clutched the straining cheeks of his ass, trying to
force his lengthy prick deeper into her hungry little
snatch. Melissa didn’t realize it then, but she was
rapidly becoming hooked on sex, especially the
incestuous kind, and wanted every last, solid inch of
cock her big, handsome brother could give her.

“Fuck me, you big stud! Ohhhhhhh! Fuck me hard!…
God, I can’t get enough of your cock!!! Ohhhhh! Ahhhhhh!
God, I love to fuck!… don’t you, Denny?”

“You better believe it, baby…. Uhhh! Uhhhhhh!”
panted Dennis, “…fucking is my favourite pastime…
Uhhhh! God, I love tight, little pussies!”

“Mmmmmmmm, and I love long, hard cocks, so it looks
like we were made for each other, big brother!”

“Yeah! If only I’d known earlier. Just think of all
the prime cock you’ve been missing out on, Sis!” Melissa
hunched her hips up at his imbedded cock.

“Well, dear brother…” she smiled. “Let’s make up
for lost time… fucking time, that is!”

Grinning lewdly, Dennis gave her a couple of quick
jabs before setting down into a slow, satisfying
rhythm… fucking his sexy little sister with long,
deep, penetrating strokes. Oh God, he’s good, Melissa
thought. What a lusty fucker he was! And what a lucky
girl she was to have a horny stud like Dennis for a
brother. He fucked like a dream! Just what the doctor
ordered. She wondered how many other girls at school had
fucked their own brothers! God, if they only knew what a
fuckin’ turn-on it was, they’d be dropping their pants
and into it as soon as they got home from school. At
least that’s what I’m gonna be doing from now on, she
thought with a smile.

With burning desire, Dennis ground his cock into his
sister’s hot, juicy cuntal-sheath, moaning with pleasure
as her tight little hole massaged his cock, holding him
deep inside her young cunt with a strong, vice-like
grip. His hands went under her asscheeks, spreading them
wide, making her trembling little thighs part more
widely than she thought was physically possible. Then,
as her ass squirmed wildly, Dennis began to fuck his
sister even harder… in and out, in and out, back and
forth, faster, faster, in and out, ramming his cock deep
into her clutching, quaking pussy. Her cunt sucked at
him, drawing him in deep… deeper… and when it
slammed into the bottom of her little cunt, she still
begged for more, pleading with him to give her more.

They rocked and writhed, locked together like
rutting animals, fucking each other as only a brother
and sister can, once the unnatural taboo of incest has
finally been broken and sibling love turns to fiery,
all-consuming lust. Melissa sensed an orgasm approaching
rapidly as Dennis continued to pound her upthrust pussy
with powerful strokes of his strong, young cock. It felt
even better than when he had sucked her clit before.
This time her cunt was packed to the hilt with hard,
thick cockmeat and her brother’s heavy, sperm-filled
balls were smacking hard against the crease of her
little ass.

The wonderful sensation that had overcome her so
quickly when he had licked and sucked her tingling clit
was upon her once more. It swept her breath away and her
reason with it. Her conscious mind was dragged into the
whirlpool of her orgasm as it burst upon her young body
like a runaway freight train. Dennis felt her whole body
stiffen and shudder under him as Melissa’s cunt-muscles
squeezed the life out of his deeply imbedded prick.
Although amazed at how easily she seemed to climax,
Dennis was pleased as well. It meant that his lusty
little sister would have multiple orgasms before his own
climax was even close… it gave him an exciting feeling
of power.

“That’s it Mel! Come for your big brother, baby!…
Come!… Come!… Come!…” grunted Dennis, accentuating
each word with a stab of his prick into her little cunt.
His fingers dug deep into his sister’s asscheeks,
leaving livid, red marks in their wake, but Melissa was
past feeling pain, she was utterly lost in the throes of
a wonderfully intense climax. Melissa squealed loudly
and thrust her little twat eagerly up at her brother’s
pounding cock, mouthing obscenities as she came. The
friction of his thick shaft slicing in and out of her
small hole sent waves of ecstatic tremors hurtling
through her tense young body.


“Oooooh, yes, baby, I can feel it!” gasped Dennis,
nailing her thrashing little ass to the bed with each
stroke. “Come on my cock, Mel! COME !!!!”

He fucked in and out frantically, the tightly
stretched ring of his young sister’s cuntlips clutched
at his cock in wild spasms, it felt like a hot, oiled
fist was pumping savagely up and down the whole length
of his prick. Even after Melissa’s spasms ceased, and
her little cunt began to relax a bit, Dennis kept
fucking her… slow and easy. Since he hadn’t come yet,
his virile young cock still as big and as hard as
ever… a fact that his sexy little sister soon noticed.

“Ooooooooooooh, big brother, you’re still nice and
hard!” said Melissa, with more than a little delight in
her husky voice. “Mmmmmmm! And by the feel of that, I
bet it’s not gonna go down in a hurry… am I right?”

“Don’t worry, little sister….” said Dennis, doing
a reasonably good impersonation of John Wayne. “…the
way I feel right now, I could ride your sweet little ass
all damn night!… Mmmmm, speaking of riding just gave
me good an idea. How would you like to ride my pony for
a while, little lady?”

“Oh, I don’t know, mister… ” smiled Melissa. “…
does it buck a lot?” “Yep!… sure does, mam! Best
little bucker in the whole goddamn state” “Oooooooh! In
that case, let me on it, quick!”

Melissa pushed her brother onto the bed beside her
and wasted no time in straddling his hips. His throbbing
cock stood up hard and erect, like a thick, red flagpole
jutting from the tangle of dark pubic hair between his
strong, muscular thighs. Dennis reached up and squeezed
his sister’s firm young titties as she carefully
positioned her juicy, gaping slit directly above his

Trembling with an uncontrollable lust, Melissa wrapped
her tiny fingers around her brother’s b***d-engorged cock
and pulled the long, thick shaft up between her wide-open
thighs, at the same time lowering her shapely young hips
until the tip of his cock came into sizzling contact with
the slippery hotness of her juice-filled little slit.

Dennis groaned as he felt his sister’s tight
pussylips surround the head of his prick, and watched in
awe as the little girl shamelessly began to rub the
large, purple knob up and down between the slippery,
pink lips of her sweet young slit.

“Oh, shit, Denny!” whimpered Melissa, as she writhed
above him, allowing just the tip of the boy’s cock to
enter her narrow slit. “God, that feels nice!”

With her eyes closed and her head flung back,
Melissa used her older brother’s erect cock like a
living dildo, dragging his fat, swollen cockhead through
her little cuntslit from top to bottom, exciting her
already excited young twat to the very peak of sexual
arousal. Her beautiful young body was jerking with naked
desire as she felt her brother’s hands grasp her slender
hips and try to pull her cunt further onto his eager

Dennis was tired of being teased by his little
sister, he wanted to fuck! He couldn’t wait to thrust
his twitching cock up between her slim thighs and ram it
once more into the deliciously wet heat of the
youngster’s ultra-tight little twat.

“Come on, Sis! Sit on it!” urged Dennis, pulling
down on her hips. “Sit down on my prick, baby, and I’ll
give you the ride of your fuckin’ life!”

Melissa looked down at him through sex-glazed eyes.
He looked so handsome and appealing. Her big, wonderful
brother had given her so much pleasure already… how
could she refuse him? She felt obligated to give him
anything he desired, and right now, what the boy desired
was quite obvious!

Melissa hunched forwards, lowering her cunt over his
prick. Dennis moaned deep in his throat as his little
sister’s cunt opened like a succulent, pink flower
around the bulging head of his cock. The boy watched in
awe as her tiny cuntlips parted to admit his massive
organ, lifting his hips eagerly as the thick shaft
disappeared inch by inch into her slowly descending
slit. Dennis pulled his sister forward and kissed her
deeply, the hot, slippery feeling of her tight, little
twat sliding down the length of his cock, and her hard
tits rubbing against his chest was driving him wild. Her
cunt was still incredibly tight, but well-lubricated
with her copious spendings.

“Ohhhh, Denny, your cock’s so fucking big and hard,”
Melissa whispered as she continued lowering her juicy
snatch. “God, it feels like a goddamn baseball bat goin’
up my cunt! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, but it feels soooo gooooood!”

“Well baby, if it’s any consolation, your tight
little twat feels mighty good around my cock, too!”

“I’m not finished yet, big brother,” grinned

She began to squirm shamelessly around on his boner,
trying to get more and more of his big, beautiful cock
into her insatiable little fuck-hole. Soon, the entire
length of her brother’s hard meat was deeply embedded
in her deliciously stretched little cunt. It was so
deep inside her that Melissa could feel his big purple
knob throbbing way up inside her heaving belly.

“Ok, brother dear…” she smiled, once she’d caught
her breath. “… now let’s really fuck!”

With her knees folded on either side of his hips,
Melissa began to move up and down over her brother’s
cock, pressing her rock hard little nipples into his

“Oooooh, Jesus, Denny! I love fucking you!”
whimpered Melissa, grinding her cunt down onto her
brother’s lurching cock. “I love that big, hard prick!”

The lewd sounds of her slippery juices squishing out
around his plunging cock seemed to further excite the
girl. With her head thrown back and her half-closed eyes
burning with passion, Melissa’s long brown hair was
cascading down her naked back.

“Ummmmmm! What a cunt! What a tight, juicy little
cunt you’ve got, Mel!”

“Oh, yes! Yesss… and your big, hard cock is
fucking it so wonderfully!”

Grasping his sister’s naked buttocks in his palms,
Dennis started bouncing the little girl up and down on
his lurching tool. He looked down between their sweaty
bodies and watched excitedly as his cock slid in and
out of her lust-swollen sex.

Dennis gasped as he watched Melissa’s hot pussylips
sucking and clinging wetly to his glistening shaft. He
bucked upwards, plunging his thick hard-on deeply into
his sister’s receptive little fuckhole with ever
increasing speed.

“Oh, fuck! You sweet little cunt!” grunted Dennis as
Melissa began to bounce wildly up and down on his
impaling prick. “Uhhhhh, that’s the way to screw!”

Their two naked bodies lurched crazily on the
rocking waterbed, aware of nothing but their depraved,
incestuous lust for each other. Dennis clutched at his
sister’s jiggling little buttocks, squeezing and
massaging the firm globes of flesh with wild abandon as
he rammed his cock up into her tiny, clasping cunt with
pile-driver force. Melissa suddenly felt her brother’s
middle finger lightly probing the tight, puckered ring
of her little asshole.

“Uuuuhhhh, yes! Do it, Denny!” she squealed with
excitement. “Stick your finger up my ass again!”

Dennis obeyed instantly, and Melissa shrieked with
both pain and ecstasy as her brother’s thick finger
suddenly drilled all the way up to the palm of his hand
in her tight, buttery shitter. The erotic joy of his
finger swirling around in her quivering bunghole while
his prick fucked her little cunt, was driving the horny
youngster wild.

“Eeeeeeghhhhhh! Oh, god! Fuck me, Denny! Fuck me in
both holes at once!” Melissa was whimpering as she
rotated her tingly ass around and around on her
brother’s indecently embedded finger. “Fuck my cunt and
my asshole!”

“I am fucking you, Sis!” grunted Dennis, jabbing his
prick up into her cunt as hard as he could. “Jesus,
girl, if I fuck you any harder, my dick’s gonna be
pokin’ out of your goddamn mouth!”

“Mmmmmm, God! It feels like it would, too, you big
beautiful bastard!”

With his finger rammed all the way up her little
butt, Dennis watched his cock disappearing in and out
of his sister’s tight, juicy quim. Each time the thick
shaft came out, Melissa’s little pink cuntlips pulled
out around it, and clasped his retreating cock like a
hungry, sucking mouth, only to be rammed violently
back in again as his pistoning organ re-entered her
hot, quivering little fuckhole.

Dennis had his gaze fixed on their joined genitals,
and he stared with mounting lust as Melissa’s hot,
sticky cunt-juices dribbled down his glistening prick
and covered his swelling balls. Dennis had never seen
such a thrilling sight as his baby sister’s soft, plump
little cunt sliding lewdly up and down over his erect
cock… nor had he felt anything so tight or so hot
clamped around his young pecker before… never in his
wildest dreams. It was heaven… pure fuckin’ heaven!

He watched the fourteen-year-old’s little tits
bounce as his horny little sister impaled herself
repeatedly on his upthrust prick. She bobbed up and down
on him like a sex-crazed robot, her eyes closed tight,
her hands on his shoulders for support. All the time,
her frothy little pussy was bumping and grinding on her
brother’s thrusting cock, her young cunt-muscles
gripping his prick like a vice. The room echoed with the
sounds of flesh against flesh as brother and sister
continued their energetic fuck.

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