Tess finds herself roped and gagged in a dark dungeon

He leans over my ear and whispers: ‘Are you going to
obey me, or am I going to have to hurt you?’

His blue eyes glimmer in the twilit room. I am gagged
and roped. I know I’m sitting down, but I can’t move
her arms or legs.

‘Do you want me to untie you?’ He asks.

I nod instantly.

‘Then you will not try to run, because, for one, you
would get nowhere, and second, I will punish you.’

I slightly nod again.

He suddenly removes the tape that was gagging me, but
doesn’t untie my limbs.

I look at him pleadingly, whispering, begging,
‘Please, please let me go.’

‘No.’ He answers coldly.

‘What do you want with me?’

‘I want to fuck you.’

That catches me off guard. I start to panic right now,
wriggling around the ropes, not wanting to face what’s
about to happen.

‘Stop that, you’ll only hurt yourself.’

‘Please!!’ I scream. ‘I’ll give you anything! Money,
is that what you want?’

‘Don’t play dumb,’ he continues coldly. ‘I already
said I wanted to
fuck you.’

I hang my head low, defeated. Afraid.

‘Also, I should just let you know by now that
screaming won’t help you. We’re underground, no one
will be able to hear you.’

I start to tremble uncontrollably, my mind whirling. I
was going to get raped, and there was no way to

‘Do you know who I am?’ He asks.



‘Does he know me?’ I think.

He picks up scissors from a table and approaches me.
He then passes one thumb over my cheek to dry my
tears. He proceeds to look intently into my eyes and
starts cutting my shirt, from the bottom, to my neck.
My bra is black lace, which he saves no time cutting
too. Suddenly my breasts are bare; in front of this
man I don’t know. I instinctively try to cover my
chest with my hands, so I pull on the ropes, but it is
impossible to budge. He smiles at my attempt.

My breasts aren’t big, but round and firm. He starts
touching one, and my face turns in revulsion. First
softly, with the palm of this hand; then the grasp
gets stronger and I shudder. His fingers close around
a nipple and I wince as he presses it, unmercifully.
Again and again, till it is hard and pointy. He does
the same with her other breast.

‘Do you like that?’

I was terrified to answer, but something made me just
a tiny bit brave.


He pinches harder. ‘What’s that?’

‘Yes,’ I mutter through the discomfort.

He picks up a collar and put it tight around my neck.
He smiles again as he takes a step back and looks at
me. I blush in embarrassment, and turn my gaze to the
floor. He searches for something in a drawer and
returns with what I think resembles clothes line
clamps. He reaches for my left nipple and I wince in
anticipation, as he squeezes the nipple with his
fingers and places the clamp on it while I am able to
muffle a scream of pain. When he clamps the other
nipple, I start breathing heavily, trying to sustain
the agonizing t*****e.

‘I will warn you again,’ he said coldly, ‘not to try
to escape. I will hurt your pretty little face.

I manage to nod in agreement, and he turns around to
untie my feet. I stand up, even though my legs are a
bit numb.

‘No, no,’ he says then, ‘kneel.’

How much more humiliation can I sustain?

‘No!’ I yell, defiantly.

I didn’t see it coming, the hard slap on my face. It
stings like hell and tears fall from my eyes again. I
had never been struck before. He grabs my long hair at
the base of my neck, holding my head back and pushes
me to my knees. ‘Don’t ever make me tell you anything
twice again.’

I obey him and he touches my chin, lifting my head and
making me look at his huge blue eyes.

‘Unzip me.’

I kneel and do as he says.

He then takes out his huge cock, and I start trembling
again, terribly close to weeping.

‘Suck my cock.’ He demands.

I look up at him pleadingly. He looks deep into my

‘What’s your name?’

‘Tess.’ I mutter.

‘Tess,’ he says slowly, ‘you already know what happens
if I have to tell you to do something twice. Don’t

My hands bound behind my back have me confused and off
balance and I struggle to maneuver his erection over
my lips. Once it is fully in my mouth, so warm and
hard, I start moving my head back and forth, slowly.

‘Is that all you can do?’ He sneers.

I look up, the head of his shaft still in my mouth.
It’s helpless. I have never done this before. He
grunts and pushes it all the way to the back of my
mouth, making me gag. The huge cock fills my mouth,
stretching my lips wide as he holds my head firm. With
each thrust he hits the back of my throat, making me
gag and convulse from head to toe. A sick feeling
takes over me as I feel the bile rises up. But I tell
myself to keep it down, it’s already too demeaning. I
make ridiculous noises each time his shaft hits the
back of my throat and my eyes get watery again.

He picks up speed and I close my eyes with a deep
frown, trying my hardest not to retch.

‘Open your eyes,’ he commands, without slowing the
movements of his hips.

I open them, but it’s tough to see through the tears
that were already spilling out. He slows for a moment
and, hopeful, I imagine he is close to finishing, but
he holds my head tightly and shoves his entire cock
inside my throat. I feel the head passing through the
back of my throat and lodging deep inside of me. I
convulse and gag and try to shake my head free but he
is too strong. I struggle for breath, but he is not
letting me go. It seemed like an eternity, but finally
he takes his cock out of my throat in one quick motion
and I fall back, gasping for air.

He doesn’t spare me one minute to recover, as I feel
his hands on my hair, pulling me back to my knees. I
pant and my chest heaves, but he is still not done. He
again pushes his cock into my mouth; he pulls it back
slowly and then and pushes it in fast, all the way
deep down my throat. He repeats that about a dozen
times. He finally pulls it out. Is it done?

‘Open wide.’

I do so. He positions his cock in front of my open
mouth and jerks off for about ten seconds. The first
thick shot hit my nose; then I feel one go inside my
mouth, the taste is terrible, spreading on my tongue.
He holds his cock in his right hand and uses it like a
paintbrush to smear his cum onto my face. I can feel
it in my forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth! dripping down
on my bare breasts.

‘Clean yourself up.’ He says when he’s done.

I look around for a towel or a cloth, but there’s

‘What are you looking for?’ He asks, with a chuckle,
‘drink all of it.’

I stare in terror.

‘Go on. Use your fingers, guide it all into your
mouth. And swallow it.’

I do as he says and gag with each gulp. When I’m done,
I feel like I’m about to puke. And I convulse, and my
stomach turns, but nothing comes out.

‘Didn’t you like it?’ He asks coldly.

I knew better this time.

‘I did.’

‘Great, there’s more later.’

He takes off his shirt. His muscles gleam in the dim

‘Stand up,’ he says while taking off his pants.

He comes closer, turns me around and unties my hands.
Only to tie them back, this time in front of me.


I kneel.

‘No,’ he smiles triumphantly. ‘On all fours.’

My heart drops. How much humiliation is too much? But
I didn’t want to feel his heavy hand slapping my face
again. I got down, staring at his feet, my hands and
knees on the dirty floor of what started to like a

He stoops to the floor to take hold of the leash and
starts walking. I felt a tug at my neck and remember I
am wearing the collar. I feel humiliated, walking
around the room on all fours being led by a leash,
like a dog. I have to walk very slowly because my
hands are tied, and he clamps on my breasts make it
difficult to crawl, the side of my arms keep hitting
the clamps, sending me new waves of pain with every

We arrive in front of a bed. He reaches for the nipple
clamps and takes them out slowly. The pain is even
bigger when the clamp leaves my nipples, and I almost
scream. He grabs me by my neck, chocking me, and
shoves me onto the mattress on my belly.

‘Bottoms up!’

I had learned not to disobey him. With my cheek on the
mattress, my butt is in the air, completely exposed
and helpless.

I see him propping himself on the bed, kneeling in
front of my vulnerable ass. He raises one hand and
lands it with extreme force on my ass. I flinch.

‘Don’t you dare move!’

He alternates ass cheeks, never softening the blow. My
butt is feeling red hot and I start sobbing again.

‘No! Please, please, stop!’ I scream.

But it was no use. When he finishes I am without a
breath, and my legs are so tired I can barely sustain
my weight anymore.

‘You don’t have a boyfriend, do you, Tess?’ He wants
to know, while a tear trickle down the side of my nose
and he massages the welts on my ass.

I shake my head barely.

‘But have you ever been fucked?’

I averted my eyes. His smile gets wider.

‘Oh. So I’m about to fuck a virgin.’

He touches my sex and I start to flinch away from him,
but he grabs my leg with his other arm.

‘But look,’ he says, ‘you’re already all wet. You like
this, don’t you, Tess?’

I refuse to look at him.

‘I think you are a slut at heart, don’t you agree?
Aren’t you going to answer me, slut?’

‘I don’t know what you want me to say.’

‘Have you ever played with your pussy, though?’

I blush deeply and I don’t need to answer this time,
because he already knows the answer.

Suddenly his finger slips into my pussy. And I shiver,
trying to get away.

‘Stay fucking still, slut!’

His finger fucks me for a while, then he takes it off
and he walks to where my head is lying on the bed.

‘Taste it,’ he commands.

I open my mouth and his fingers touch my tongue.

‘Clean it, slut.’

I lick and suck it clean, trying not to breathe, so
the taste is less horrible.

‘Good doggie,’ he mocks.

He props me up, sitting me down to face him, with
extreme ease. Why does he look at me like that? So

He leans down and touches the skin above my breast
with his lips. He plants soft kisses on the sore
nipples, with a tenderness that I can’t seem to
understand. It starts feeling good, and I let go a
little bit. Next thing I know he is looking at me with
a sly smile on his face. He saw me.

He noticed I was enjoying that. I blush.

He reaches for the scissors again and this time unties
my hands.

‘Stand up,’ he instructs sharply. ‘Go over to that
desk. Bend over it. I want your ass in the air, so
stand on your toes and lay your cheek on the desk; I
want to see your face. Hold on to the edge of the
desk. Yes, that’s it.’

He takes a step or two back and objectively surveys
the scene. He walks over, leans his body over mine for
a moment and when he straightens up, with his left
hand gripping the desk for extra support, he slaps my
ass hard with his right. I think to myself, yes, I can
handle this, it stings, but it’s not so very bad.
Don’t start crying again, you can take this! I am so
very wrong.

After a couple more blows I hear something rattling. I
turn my head around toward him and see he’s holding a
think brown leather belt. All the while he watches my
face intently; I try desperately not to look at him,
but the sight of the belt got me panicking again. I
take my hands off the edge of the desk. I don’t know
what to do, but I’m certain my already sore ass won’t
be able to bear a belt.

‘Don’t you dare move, I am far from being done. You
will stay still, you hear me?’ His tone always calm
and devoid of emotion.

It frightens me enough to overcome my weakness and I
grip the edge harder, forcing myself to remain erect
as he desires.

‘Count it out loud.’

The first strike of the belt shocks me even if I
already expected it. It feels so much more raw and
brutal then his hand had on my already tender ass.

‘O-one,’ I manage to let out.

When I get to five I just can’t control my body
anymore, which trembles relentlessly, and my chest
racks with sobbing.

‘Six,’ I whisper with conspicuous hurt on my voice, in
between sobs.

The seventh one lands with a little bit less
brutality. And I still sob while I wait, terrified,
for the eighth. But it is taking too long. My crying
gradually simmers down and after a few more seconds I
apprehensively turn my head to look at where he’s
standing. He is still there, holding the belt in his
right hand. I stare at him a little more and when I
realize he’s not going to strike me again I sink to my
knees. I’ve never felt weaker.

My chin is tucked into my chest and my hands cover my
face as I sob as silently as I can. His hand seizes my
hair, so tightly that I realize he must have wrapped
it around his fist, and he pulls me up and tosses me
back on the desk.

‘I’m still not done,’ he says, hoarsely.

I’m too tired to even beg. I feel something touching
my pussy, trying to intrude. And all at once I am
aware again. He’s going to fuck me now. I freeze at
the touch of the head of his cock on my pussy. He
grabs my ass cheeks and pushes. One single shove that
penetrates me whole. I scream as it feels like my
pussy is being torn apart. He begins ramming at it,
mercilessly, and I muffle screams and sobs. He takes
his cock out.

‘Do you want my cock in your ass?’

‘Oh, please, no!’ I beg. ‘Haven’t you had enough?’

‘No,’ he answers dryly.

I feel something cold and slick on my butthole and I
realize he’s rubbing lube on it. Seconds later he
places the tip of his cock there and pushes. I see
stars at the pain; nerve endings scream and as he
continues to push harder and harder; he whispers in my
ear, ‘If you resist my cock it will only be worse for

My knuckles have turned white from grasping the desk
so tightly. I resign myself to it, so that I can
quickly get it done with, despite the fear and the
pain. I finally feel the head of his cock break past
my anus and the pain changes into something else,
emanating through my whole body. With his head totally
inside me, he pushes the rest of his cock in further
and further until I feel his balls against my ass and
know he is fully inside me.

He moves the hair from my neck and kisses me there. I
have no time to register how stunned I am at this
unexpected tenderness because as soon as his lips
leave my neck, he proceeds to fuck my ass vigorously.
I can’t catch my breath; I am so shocked at the pain
of his erection impaling me over and over again. He is
all the way inside of me, his balls banging against my
shaved pussy. He reaches down and picks up his belt,
still warm from beating me earlier, and wraps it
around my neck. I wheeze as it cuts into my windpipe.
He takes the end of the belt and pulls it tight
against my throat and begins fucking me again, pulling
his cock nearly out of my ass and then slamming it
back in, with my back arched as he pulls on the belt
secured tightly around my neck.

Finally he pulls out of me and I feel the tug of his
hands on my hair, positioning me at his feet, kneeling
me in front of his cock.

‘This time you won’t spill a drop,’ he warns me.

He puts his engorged cock inside my mouth and
instantly shoves it inside my throat. When it is there
I feel it shake, ready to explode. He doesn’t let his
cock budge inside of me, and he knows I can’t breathe.
My chest convulses as the gag reflexes inevitably
come, and then I feel hot thick salty cum filling my
throat, gushing through its walls. Some of it suddenly
fills my mouth, but most just keeps flooding down my
throat, making me gag and c***e. For one second I
thought he was going to remove his cock, but he starts
drilling my mouth, pumping and pumping its goo into
me, which starts dribbling out of my mouth and nose.

When he’s done, I crumble to the floor, coughing and
gasping for air. He grabs me by the arm and throws me
on the bed. This time he doesn’t tell me what position
to take, he forces my body where and how he wants it.
I am on all fours on the bed, my face pushed into a
pillow, and my ass high, totally naked.

‘I’m thirsty,’ he says, ‘I’m going to get a drink.
I’ll trust you not to move, not because I trust you,
but because you know how much you’ll regret it if you
do. Tell me you’ll be a good slut. I want you to say

The hoarse sound of my voice startles me as I reply,
‘I’ll be a good slut.’

When he returns I’m still lying in the bed on the same
position, even though my neck was very uncomfortable.

‘Good slut,’ he says. ‘Sit up straight.’

When I’m sitting down he comes over and sits next to
me on the bed. I am so scared of him, and yet, a part
inside of me wants him to want me. A part of me wants

He softly roots his hand on the side of my neck, just
above my jaw line, looks deep into my eyes and kisses
me. A tender, but passionate kiss, that lasts a while.
When he’s done, he looks at me and smiles.

‘Same time next week, Tess?’

I don’t even hesitate to find my answer, and I can’t
believe I’m saying it.


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