The Adventures of Rachel Roundheels, Teen Slutpuppy 1.

“I wish we’d been born sisters.” Jesse said, gently
daubing ‘Watermelon Pink’ lipstick onto my pussylips. I
was sitting on the edge of the bed in just an oversized
T-shirt, legs spread wide, while she sat on the floor
between them in just her panties, her face just inches
away from my hole, decorating it. I could feel her humid
breath on my cunt and it was making me really horny.

“How come?” I asked, although I thought I knew the
answer. I know her pretty well, I think. Besides, we
think a lot alike.

“‘Cause,” She said, leaning forward and lightly licking
my labia, letting her tongue just dance across them,
teasing. “I just think it would be so cool to be doing
this stuff with somebody I was like, related to -wouldn’t
that be incredibly kinky?”

“For a moment I couldn’t answer, ’cause the feeling of
her tongue on my cuntlips made me catch my breath and
close my eyes. I opened them, sighing impatiently.

“God-damn, Jesse, if you’re gonna lick me, lick me! I
hate it when you get me all hot like that and don’t let
me cum.”

“Alriiiight -god, don’t be such a bitch, Rachel… this
stuff won’t go on right, anyway -you’re too wet.” She
leaned forward again, sucking my nether-lips into her
mouth and lapping her tongue into my slit, then up along
the clit. I lay back on the bed and closed my eyes,

“Don’t you think that would be hot, She continued between
licks, ‘to like, fuck someone in your own family?”

Actually, I thought it would be very specifically hot,
but I wasn’t ready to tell her about that particular
fantasy -not just yet… it was too weird.

“Mmmm… maybe, ” I said, wriggling my ass under her
tongue, “What do you mean?”

“I don’t know,” She said, holding my pussylips apart with
her thumb and forefinger. “I guess it’s just exciting
’cause you’re not supposed to do it, ever.” Her tongue
began rapidly flicking back and forth across my clit and
I nearly screamed from the intensity of the sensation. I
ached down to her head and lightly touched her hair,
caressing her ears.

“Ooooh, god.” I groaned, my back arching up off the bed.
I was wishing for a mouth at my nipples. One very
particular mouth. I could almost see him, feel him.

“haven’t you ever imagined making it with somebody that
you’re never supposed to think about that way -like an
uncle, or a cousin… or your dad?”

Jesse reached across the floor, almost without looking
up, and snagged the slim lipstick tube from the carpet.
Still licking my rigid little clit, she started easing
the small plastic cylinder into my tight, puckered
sphincter. The intensity was too much -I thrashed and
writhed in wild orgasm, biting on my fist to keep from
screaming out loud.

“Yess!” I squealed, my teeth leaving deep marks in my
first two fingers, “Oh god, YEESSS!”

Jesse sighed, looking out across the backyard. Against
the back fence, her brother Chris fought with a lawnmower
that seemed tangled in something too far away for us to

“Mmm-mmm… hunky-dory, huh?” She said. “I gotta have it.

“Okaaaay,” I said, “Go ahead -have it.”

“Her shoulders fell, her face dropped into a pout. “I
don’t know HOW,” She whined, “I’m scared, Rachel. What if
he thinks I’m a gross ol’ whore?”

“He’s a guy, Jess,” I told her, “It doesn’t matter what
he thinks -he’ll do it anyway. You’re a hot little
hardbody. Sister or not, he’s not gonna say no to a
pretty piece of pussy.”

Across the yard, the sound of the mower died. Chris began
pushing it back toward the house and the back deck where
we sat lounging in the Saturday morning sunshine. He left
the mower in the grass next to the house and bounded up
the wooden steps of the deck, headed for the backdoor,
into the house.

“Good morning!” I quipped, peeking at him over the top of
my heart-shaped sunglasses. He stared at me as he walked
past. I smiled sweetly, knowing he could see my pretty
pear- shaped tits through my thin T-shirt.

Jesse leaned forward in her lawn chair as the french
doors closed behind him, to get a last look at his buns
in his cutoffs.

“Gotta have it!” She growled through clenched teeth.
“Hey, slut -what are you tryin’ to do, steal my action?”

“Huh?” I said, a little bewildered, until I realized she
was staring at my lap. I looked down to see that my long
T-shirt had ridden up over my crossed legs, to expose my
blonde bush and my pouting cuntlips, still glistening
with my moisture, Jesse’s saliva, and a sheen of
‘Watermelon Pink’ lipstick. “Oops!” I grinned sheepishly,
and we both burst into a hail of demented giggles.

“Ssssh…” I whispered to Jess, my hand turning the
bathroom doorknob slowly, silently. I opened the door
just a hairline crack and peeked in. Through the steam I
could see Chris’ silhouette behind the frosted glass of
the shower stall.

Opening the door a little more, I slipped inside, Jesse
following close behind, both of us naked. Amid the
clothes scattered on the floor was a Penthouse magazine,
opened to the centerfold of a girl with dark indian-like
hair, like Jesse’s, looking back over her shoulder, her
ass to the camera. The girl’s mons was puffy and dark,
almost a lavender color. Jesse stared at the picture,
engrossed -she loved to eat a pretty pussy.

“Shit,” I whispered in Jesse’s ear, pointing at the
magazine. “I hope he didn’t cum yet.” She burst again
into hysterical giggles, I pressed my hand over her
mouth, but it was too late.

“Jesse!” Chris yelled, “What the hell are you doing in

I let go her guffawing yap and snatched open the shower

“Snack Attack!” I said, and climbed into the shower,
pinning a very surprised Chris against the tile wall with
a passionate kiss. I felt my breasts press against his
chest, the nipples instantly stiffening. Chris instantly
stiffened, too. I grabbed his lengthening cock in one
hand and pumped it, feeling it grow rigid in my fingers.
I looked up at Jesse, still standing outside the shower
watching hungrily.

“Have some?” I queried, offering her the meat. She
stepped into the shower with us and I moved aside to give
her some room -it was awfully crowded with the three of
us in there. I stood under the showerhead, pulling Chris’
back against me, so I could kiss his ears and neck and
watch. Jesse knelt before him and began to devour his

Chris was so stunned by the soft pink ambush, he could
only stand there, eyes wide, mouth agape, saying “God-
Damn! … Jesus! God-Damn!” over and over again, as his
cute little sister’s luscious full lips bobbed up and
down the length of his cockshaft. After a while, he just
groaned, his head rolling back loosely on his shoulders
while I snaked my tongue into his ears, bit tiny teeth-
marks into his neck and ran my hands up and down the
sides of his body in sensuous caresses

“We wanna make you cum, baby.” I whispered in his ears.
“We’re gonna fuck your balls blue, would you like that?”

“Uh-HUH!” He grunted, thrusting his hips, plunging his
dick deeper, faster into his sister’s bloated cheeks. She
pulled his hard pink stick from her mouth, rubbing the
slick shaft along her face, licking his wrinkled scrotum.

“Mmmm… wait… don’t cum yet,” She said. “You gotta
fuck me first -I gotta have it!” She clambered up from
the shower floor, almost slipped and fell as she turned
around to offer him her ass. When she looked back over
her shoulder, grasping between her legs for his cock, to
guide it into her pussy, she looked just like the girl in
the Penthouse magazine. Chris put his hands on her firm
young asscheeks as his prick eased into his sister’s
sweet snatch.

“Aaaah, god,” he groaned, “That’s so good… so fuckin’

“It not only feels good,” I said from behind his
shoulder, “It tastes great, too.”

“Oh, man.” He smiled, still thrusting his hips back and
forth, his shiny wet dick poking in and out. I could tell
he was imagining the picture of his hot little sis an’
me, locked in a sloppy sixty-nine, each with her face
buried in the other’s soft tender crotch.

“Are you gonna fill ‘er up,” I asked him, “Or can I have
the jizz?”

“GOTTA HAVE IT!” Jesse cried, slamming her bottom back
against her brother’s lap. “Fuck me, FUCK ME! CUM INSIDE
ME!” She ground her ass against him, pressing for every
inch of cock she could get. “CUM, baby, CUM for me! GOTTA

Chris grabbed her hips hard and pushed deep. His body
locked into position and he froze. From deep in his chest
came a long, low, guttural grunting moan, that seemed to
last almost a full minute, while Jesse screamed and
writhed like a banshee on the end of his dick. I could
almost see the gallons of hot, thick, steaming cum
pumping rhythmically from down in his balls, up through
the length of his prick, to spurt in hot, gooey jets far
into the core of his sister’s sucking cunt.

Finally, he relaxed, loosening his hold on Jesse’s hips.
She collapsed to her knees on the shower floor, still
moaning and panting, his cock coated thickly with their
juices, popping free, half-hard. Chris leaned back
against me, exhausted, breathing deeply.

“Wow.” He said softly. “That was incredible.”

“Oh you’re not done yet, are you?” I whined at him,
grinning. “I was just gonna lick that sticky cock off for
you, so we could start again.”


We stumbled into Jesse’s room, the three of us still
soaking wet, giggling and groping -Chris couldn’t get
over the fact that he had not one, but two naked girls
pawing him, eager to please him sexually in any way the
bunch of us could dream up. Jess was in drooling ecstasy
over the fact that she had a warm cuntful of her
brother’s fresh jizz, the fulfillment of her longtime
fantasy. I was just really, really horny after watching
the two of them fucking each other into a lather in the
shower, and more than ready to get a little orgasm action
of my own.

As we all climbed onto the big bed, I rolled onto my back
and pulled Chris toward me. “My turn.” I said to him,
kissing his lips lightly and reaching for his cock as he
climbed toward me. I fondled his hard-on as he kissed and
nuzzled my soft firm titties and began to kiss his way
down my belly. I could feel the inner walls of my cunt
contract in anticipation as he moved his mouth slowly,
aimlessly toward my pussy.

“C’mere.” I grunted, tugging on his thighs. He got the
message and turned himself around into a sixty-nine, his
gorgeous young pink erection grazing across my face. I
grabbed it roughly and stuffed it into my mouth. I was
really horny and didn’t feel like waiting.

That thick fleshy cockshaft stretching my lips, the
swollen knob under my roiling tongue, tasted so good I
couldn’t get enough. Chris was circumcised, but the skin
on his shaft was still loose enough to slide up and down,
sheathing about half the head. I pumped and milked,
squeezing out small pearly drops of cum and lapping them
up with the tip of my tongue.

Chris buried his face in my crotch and began to lick. He
didn’t know nearly as much about eating pussy as his
little sister, but he was hungry for it. He lapped and
poked and probed, his tongue jabbing deep up into my cunt
and painting my labia in broad, flat strokes.

I could feel Jesse moving around on the bed, could see
her moving over us, hands caressing Chris’ ass, but it
wasn’t till I heard Chris moan that I realized what she
was doing. She had pried his cheeks apart directly over
my slurping blowjob, and was licking and probing his
asshole with her talented tongue. I knew how delicious
that felt, she’d done it to me plenty and it turned me on
even more to know Chris was getting that exquisite
sensation for the first time. I ran my tongue up his
dickshaft and tenderly kissed his balls, slathering them
with my saliva.

“I gotta fuck you, Rache.” Chris said, almost
apologetically as he gently pulled his prick from my
mouth and turned around to kneel over me. He kissed me
deeply and tenderly, our tongues twirling, mixing the sex
juices we’d been lapping. He prodded my fuckhole with the
blunt head of his dick and it slid right in.

“Oh, man.” He sighed into my ear. “Nice cunt.”

He began to fuck me in a smooth, steady back and forth
motion, his crotch ever so lightly slapping against mine.
The easy pistoning felt great and I held onto his arms,
letting myself rise toward the hot contraction I knew
wasn’t far away.

Jesse had moved back around behind her brother again and
I could see her burying her face in his ass, still
teasing his crinkled little butthole with her tongue. It
must have gotten difficult with him pumping up and down
into me, ’cause after awhile she stopped, looking around
his body at me and winking. I was just about to ask her,
“What?” when I felt Chris stiffen and grunt sharply and I
knew what she was doing.

“Aaaah,” Chris groaned, “man, that’s intense!”

His fuck-strokes became shorter, sharper, more jabbing
from the hip. My clit was tingling and I came in warm
waves, wrapping my ankles around his legs.

I felt his cock start to throb and get rock-hard inside
me, and I knew he was gonna cum any second, so I slipped
my hips back and pulled him out of me with my hand.

“Let me see it, baby.” I said, pumping, milking him,
without breaking rhythm. “Show me your cum.”

“Oh, god!” He groaned and let go.

It squirted from his cock in long, thin streams, not
nearly as thick this time as the goop I’d licked from his
dick in the shower, but still creamy and beautiful. I
felt the warm spray spattering my tits, laying cum-trails
across my nipples. Some splattered on my face and I
flicked out my tongue, hoping to catch a drop or two in
my mouth. I continued to stroke him, even after he
stopped pulsing and jerking in my hand, the sticky semen
drooling over my fist to drip onto my belly.

“Woah.” He said, and rolled over to lay beside me.

Jesse leapt into the breach and began to lick up and down
the length of my torso, painting my belly and breasts
with her brother’s jism, licking the slimy fluid from my
firm young flesh. She continued even after she’d
completely cleaned the cum from my entire body, even
licking my face clean. She seemed fixated on my tits,
nuzzling and sucking them gently, almost purring.

“Boy,” Chris said weakly after awhile. “I need a nap.”