The Adventures of Rachel Roundheels, Teen Slutpuppy 3.

I stashed my panties under a cushion on the couch just as
Dad’s key clicked in the front door lock. I’d rushed over
the instant I finished my homework and my housecleaning
chores, bribing Chris to drive me with the promise of a
blow job on the way. When he and Jess heard what I was
planning though, we decided maybe he should wait till
Saturday, so his balls could build up a really big load
of cum.

I only hoped he’d be able to wait that long without
jerking himself off thinking about it, or being ravaged
by his slut sister. I barely had time to undress and get
my collar and chains on before I heard Dad’s car in the
drive. I quickly curled up on my side on the sofa,
angling my bottom so my asscheeks and my perfect pink
vulva were the first things he’d see.

“Greetings Master,” I purred as he walked into the room.
“Pussy?” I spread my legs and rubbed my hand over my
bush, slipping a finger between my tender nether-lips.

“I’m so glad you’re here,” He said, yanking at his tie
and walking over to smile down at me as he undressed.
“I’ve been thinking about you all day.” I believed him -I
could see the big lump in his pants even before he
reached for his belt buckle and began to undo them.

“Mmmm, -and what delicious things did you think, Master?”
I asked, still slowly massaging my moistening slit.

Dad discarded the rest of his clothing and stepped into
the middle of the living room, motioning for me to join
him. As I did he lay on his back, and flipping over, came
to rest with his shoulders and head still on the floor,
and his butt in the air, legs dangling over his face,
touching the floor behind his head. His big cock jutted
stiffly down toward his face and I knew we were both in
for a yummy meat treat.

He grabbed the base of his cock with one fist and began
squeezing and stroking it firmly, till the clear cum
began to ooze out. I crawled over on all fours and put my
face right next to his, so close I could feel his hot
breath on my face and smell the warm, fleshy musk of his
engorged cock. His clear anticipatory fluids drooled from
the swollen purple head of his hard-on in a shiny wet
strand, which he caught on his outstretched tongue. I
moaned in sheer flaming lust from the kinky, erotic sight
and leaned forward to lick his tight, wrinkled scrotum.

“I’ve been thinking about sharing this with my daughter.”
He whispered, lapping at his own dickhead, then offering
the moistened erection to me. I sucked the pretty head
into my mouth, flicking the sensitive underside with my
tongue a few times, then guided it back to his lips.

“In fact,” He said,” I’ve been thinking how hot it might
be to share it with my daughter and her fine young
fuckbuddy Chris.” He took the stiff cock halfway into his
mouth and slowly drew it out, obviously savoring the
taste and feel of it in his mouth. “How beautiful it
would be for you and I to suck my cock and Chris’ cock at
the same time -together… to lap at both heads
simultaneously… to rub the rigid shafts together… to
drench my face in a shower of warm sperm… ”

As he spoke, I could almost see it happening. I felt like
my pussy was actually dripping juice like a leaky faucet.

“Yesss Daddy,” I sighed, kissing his beautiful cock.
“Let’s have a fuckparty -you told Jesse we would -this
weekend, remember?”

“I’ve never forgotten it for a minute, baby. Can you get
Jesse and Chris here Saturday night?”

“And a couple more, I think. There’ll be enough pussy and
hard cock to make a porno flick.”

I had a brainstorm and got up to turn my body around,
backing up to Daddy on my hands and knees. I inched back
over his face, so he could stay in position while he
eased his hard-on into my pussy.

“Oh, beautiful!” He said, watching from underneath as I
pumped my ass back and forth, fucking his huge dick. His
hands grasped my butt cheeks as I rocked, and I felt him
swelling inside me.

“Ohhh, yes, Daddy.” I grunted, my cunt clutching at his
shaft as I came. He was cumming too, I could feel the
first couple jets of steaming sperm squirting into my
slick hole. Then he pushed my bottom forward and popped
out of me. I looked underneath, between my legs, to watch
as the rest of his gooey warm cream spurted straight into
his own face, covering his cheeks and squirting into his
open mouth, dripping from his wriggling tongue.

I saw him swallow the big dollop of cum he’d caught on
his tongue, and I turned around quick so I could get to
his face and share some before he’d scooped it all up and
eaten it. I licked the sperm from his cheeks, pushing
some over to his lips where he could lick it off, as we
shared his sticky essence. Then he uncurled his pretzled
body and I lay in his arms for awhile, absorbing his
warmth before I had to go home.

“That’s a great idea, y’know.” He said, matter-of-factly.
“We should do it.”

“What?” I asked dreamily, willing to do anything he

He grinned, warming to the idea. “Let’s make a porno


“Morn-ing, Mother,” I sang, plopping my butt down on the
edge of her bed and leaning over to kiss her on the ear.
“Can I lick your beautiful big tits?” I whispered, softly
biting her neck.

“Mmmm,” Mom moaned sleepily, turning her head to kiss me.
“You can start there.” She grinned, reaching over to
caress my bare thigh. I was wearing just panties and a
big oversized T-shirt. I still like to curl up on the
couch on Saturday mornings and watch cartoons sometimes,
and the huge T-shirts are great for keeping warm while I
play with myself.

I like to pull my arms down inside the loose cotton tent,
so I can fondle my breasts freely. Sometimes I just sit
and rub my tender lil’ nipples for hours-occasionally
dipping a couple fingers into my wet cunt for a little
slippery fluid to twirl them with… or to taste.

Mother slipped the covers down, exposing her boobs,
rubbing them and squeezing them, offering the soft globes
to me. “How ’bout some ‘Mom’ for breakfast, baby?” She
ran one hand down her smooth belly and her middle finger
disappeared beneath her thick pubic hair. It was so
wonderful the way my parents were opening up to me all of
a sudden. I love them both so much, and I absolutely
adored being this close to them.

I leaned over and licked one of Mom’s nipples, catching
it between my teeth and flicking the nip hard with the
tip of my tongue. She moaned and her hands ran gently
down my sides to lightly caress my warm ass. I wanted so
badly to put my face in her fragrant crinkly bush and lap
at her soft labia, drinking her slick juices, but I
mustered all my willpower to stick to my master plan.

I ran my tongue around the curve of her breast and broke
away, sitting up again. “Sorry, Mom-not this morning. I’m
supposed to meet Jess in a little while. I did have
something kind of fun in mind for later though, if you’re
up for it.”

“Is it slippery and hot?” Mom asked, rubbing my thigh.

“Very.” I said emphatically, winking at her. “But it’s
kinda kinky… ”

“This week I have fucked my teenage daughter with a
dildo, and eaten her pussy repeatedly. Why should I let
kinky stop me now?”

“Cool.” I said, getting up to leave the room. “I like
your attitude, Mom. Put on your sexiest lingerie, and
wear a long coat over it. We’ll pick you up about seven.”

“We?” She queried warily, looking at me suspiciously.

“Trust me, Mom.” I smiled, and waltzed out the door.


I held up the old cloth belt and inspected my handiwork.
I’d glued two halves of a ping-pong ball cups-out to the
inner side with craft glue, but I wasn’t at all sure they
were going to be secure. On the counter in front of me
were a pair of handcuffs, an old pillowcase, some
clothesline rope and a few other odds and ends we’d been
experimenting with.

“Well,” I asked Jesse. “Whaddaya think? Will it work?”

“I dunno,” Jess giggled. “It’s the weirdest looking bra I
ever saw.”

“Very funny.” I sighed dryly. “But this is serious. It’s
gotta work just right, or the whole thing’ll be a major
disaster. ”

“Okay, okay,” Jesse smirked. “I think it’ll work, as long
as your balls don’t fall off.”

I smiled back at her calmly, trying really hard not to be
bitchy. “Normally I would find all these remarks very
intensely funny, I’m sure. Right now, I’m a little
nervous about pulling all this off, so please try to be a
little bit helpful, before I completely lose control,
hold you down, and bite your nipples off.”

“Sorry.” She said, leaning over and kissing me lightly on
the lips. “I’m kinda nervous, too. Do you think they’re
gonna be mad?”

I thought about that for the millionth time, ran my
tongue across my lips apprehensively and shook my head.
“Nah, I don’t think so. Not if they’re having fun. We’ve
just gotta keep the secret till the fun starts.”

Jesse slid behind me, reaching around me in a hug, and
undid my jeans. Her right hand slipped into my panties,
her slim fingers gliding through my pubic bush, curling
under the mound of my mons to slip between my pussylips,
one fingertip lightly tickling my clit. I relaxed
instantly, my head rocking backward on my shoulders.

“… And we never waste time getting to the fun stuff, do
we?” She whispered.

I took a long slow deep breath and let my moisture ooze.

“I don’t know about you,” She said, her tiny soft hand
reluctantly pulling out of my pants. “But I’m not saving
up a big load of cream for the camera-and I couldn’t
possibly be any wetter tonight than I am right now. How
’bout letting me gnaw on your crotch till you
hyperventilate and pass out?”

“I don’t-” I began, then I heard the jingle and click
just as the left cuff snapped onto my wrist. Jess whipped
my arms around behind me, actually hurting my right
shoulder as the other half of the bracelets clamped onto
my right hand. I wasn’t going to struggle, but Jesse was
taking no chances. She shoved me over the counter and
yanked my jeans and panties down to my calves.

“Rachel Roundheels, thanks to you, I have never been more
ragingly horny in my entire life. As your best friend, I
swear I will fuck and suck tonight until I melt in a pool
of sweat and warm sperm. But right now I have got to cum
or die, and you are going to cum with me.”

She dropped to her knees behind me, grasped my asscheeks
in her hands and buried her face between them, lapping at
my butthole and flicking her tongue deep underneath to
part my moist labia. I could hear her, muffled in my
flesh, grunting and growling like an animal as she
lapped. I would have reached between my legs and spread
my pussylips for her, but my hands were cuffed
uncomfortably behind my back, so I just lay there, my
breasts mashed against the countertop, and moaned as she
slapped her tongue against my cunt like a dripping
paintbrush, soaking my golden bush in her saliva.

Her flickering tongue tickled and swirled, stopping only
to probe my sensitive butthole like a tiny wet finger. I
felt Jess’ right hand slip around my thigh, and her thumb
slid gently up my cunt and began wriggling rhythmically
round and round, her middle finger rubbing the perennial
wall between my vagina and anus.

“Oh god, Jesse, I love you so much.” I whined, beginning
to quiver with my first orgasm.

It was true, but the scene playing out under my half-
closed eyelids was of what I’d be doing at the party
tonight. I could just see my Dad’s huge erect cock
plunging wetly in and out of my Mom’s dripping slippery
cunt for the first time in almost ten years- and me, my
young face beaming in rapture, only inches away from
their musky crotches.

Darting in with my tongue to lick, kiss and caress that
beautiful prick and pussy-and the hottest part of all,
when they’d finished, I’d lap and slurp every tasty drop
of Dad’s wonderful slimy sperm as it ran in an oozing
stream from my Mother’s warm and satisfied snatch. I’d be
eating the very cum that created me, and it would be sooo
delicious… so intimate… so fuckin’ kinky! The thought
made me so hot, it was like a narcotic high, and with
Jesse’s mouth dancing around my own sex, I came
shuddering and screaming, my entire body wracked with
seismic waves of orgasm.

I wanted very badly to turn around so Jess could open my
blouse and lick my tits. With some effort I raised my
head off the kitchen counter, panting and nearly
drooling, to ask her to uncuff me so I could touch her,
caress and squeeze her velvety skin.

My eyes were barely open, just languid slits-I was so far
adrift in an ocean of warm pleasure that for a long
moment I didn’t even recognize Jesse’s parents standing
in the kitchen doorway. When it did begin to slowly dawn
on me that they were standing there, watching us, I
didn’t even care. Jess’ tongue and fingers had me in an
altered state of consciousness and I couldn’t register
any other reality. I saw her father whisper something in
her mother’s ear, saw her mom smile and reply.

I opened my eyes wider, trying to decide whether I should
speak. I saw Jesse’s father slide his arms around his
wife’s waist and run his hands up the front of her dress,
squeezing one of her tits through the fabric, then
fumbling with the buttons at her collar. The dress came
open, then the lacy bra, and he cupped her bare breast in
his hand as they both continued to stare at Jess and me.
I smiled, and they smiled back.

Jess’ mom mouthing a sexy “Ssssh,” to me as she reached
behind her and began rubbing her husband’s crotch and
tugging at his fly. I took a deep breath and shook off
the fog. “My turn.” I said quietly to Jess, and stepped
around her. “Hop up on the counter, my mistress.”

She pulled her panties down to her knees and backed up to
the counter, lifting her bare bottom onto the Formica so
she could snatch the panties off her feet as her shoes
fell to the floor. She lifted her short black skirt and
spread her legs to show me her furry dark pussy, already
glistening with beads of lubrication. I wanted to look
over at her parents, to make sure they got a good look at
my tongue flicking out to bathe their daughter’s juicy
slit, but I didn’t want to give them away to Jesse. It
was enough to know that they were watching as I leaned
over, my hands still cuffed behind my back, and buried my
face between her legs.

I lapped and slathered, my tongue slurping wantonly at
Jesse’s cunt. Without my hands to stabilize me, there was
no finesse possible, so I just ate her-massaging with my
entire mouth, jabbing my tongue deep into her hot vagina,
sucking on her labia and clitoris with passionate

Jesse thrust her pelvis at me, grunting like an animal.
“Oh god,” She moaned, “I gotta cum-make me CUM, baby! Eat
my cunt, you fucking WHORE!”

She began bucking against me so violently, I couldn’t
keep my tongue in her pussy, until finally she was just
fucking my face, rubbing her engorged clit and labia
against my mouth, nose and cheeks, covering my face in
cunt-juice. Her hands released their death-grip on the
edge of the counter and she buried her fingers in my
hair, pushing my face harder against her crotch as she
trembled and shook, squealing incoherently as she came.

Finally she let go of me, her head falling forward
against her chest as she panted and giggled quietly to
herself in relief.

“Thank you.” She sighed. “I really needed that.”

“Uhmm.” I concurred, my head resting against Jesse’s
thigh, the deep warm fragrance of her sopping cunt
filling my nostrils as I smiled at her mother and father,
still standing in the doorway. Her dad’s hands were still
massaging her mom’s soft tits through her open dress, but
her mom’sright hand was behind her, gently stroking her
husband’s hard cock, a thick load of creamy cum dripping
from her slowly pumping fist, coating her dainty fingers.
As I watched, she raised her sticky hand to her lips, and
looking me straight in the eye, licked off every gooey


Mom sat quietly beside me in the backseat of Chris’ car
as we turned down the street toward Dad’s house. The
blindfold had worked like a charm, the ping-pong balls
perfectly covering her eyes so that she couldn’t see so
much as a hint of where we were taking her. I’d
handcuffed her wrists in front of her, gagged her mouth
with a winter muffler and as a final coup de grace, I’d
stuck rubber plugs in her ears. I wasn’t taking any
chances that she’d catch on to what I was up to and try
to back out.

All she knew so far was that it was kinky as hell and
involved lots of sweaty sex. I knew the constraints I’d
put her in were uncomfortable, and it must have made her
jumpy as a cat to sit there wondering what was about to
happen to her, unable to even to babble nervously about
it to the rest of us. Frankly, I was incredibly relieved
that she was being such a good sport about it, but I
think the great sex we’d been having the past few days
had loosened her up a lot.

We pulled into Dad’s driveway and I unfolded a pillowcase
from my lap and put it over Mom’s head- Dad still didn’t
know anything about this particular partyfavor, either. I
reached inside Mom’s long coat, caressed one of her
breasts through the lacy black bra she was wearing and
kissed her lightly on the neck as reassurance. She moaned
a little in response, and Jesse and Chris helped me guide
her out of the car and into the house through the garage.
Thank gods it was pitch dark outside or the neighbors
would’ve probably called the FBI.

In the kitchen I slipped Mom’s coat off and handed it to
Jesse to put away. Chris’ eyes widened appreciatively.
“Mmm, this is your mom?” He whispered, softly caressing
my mother’s firm bottom through her red satin panties.
“Hot! I do get some of this before the night’s over,

“You pig,” I smirked at him, “You’ve just never got to
play with tits that big.”

He stepped back and gave Mom’s shapely breasts a critical
evaluation. “And won’t they look perfect a la mode?”

The mental image of flying spunk just made my nipples
tingle and I went to the kitchen doorway and looked into
the living room to see what Dad was up to. He and Jesse
were already getting underway, Jess sitting on the edge
of the pedestal coffee table coyly opening her blouse and
running her hands over her breasts, while Dad kneeled a
few feet in front of her, adjusting his camcorder,
capturing her tease on tape.

While Dad was occupied, I moved into the room and began
to place small candles here and there, lighting them as I
went. Then I built a cozy fire in the fireplace while
Jesse slid her jeans down her legs and wriggled her ass
at Daddy’s camera. When I finished, I went back to the
kitchen door, turning the dimmer switch for the living
room lights.

“That thing does adjust itself for dim lights, right?” I
asked Dad, nodding toward his camcorder.

“No problem.” Dad mumbled, still staring through the
viewfinder at Jesse, naked on her knees, ass toward him,
sensuously fingering her cunt.

As I stepped down the hallway toward Dad’s bedroom, I
heard the doorbell ring and Jesse call for Chris to
answer it. When I came back seconds later with one of
Dad’s thin leather dress belts, Chris was introducing Dad
to Daryl, who couldn’t quit glancing over at Jesse. She
was now sitting naked in a big padded rocking chair, legs
crossed, massaging her own breasts.

“Hi Daryl,” I greeted him, “Do you know how to work one
of those things?” I asked, indicating Dad’s camcorder.

“Yeah-sure.” He replied. My dad’s got one just like it.

“Good.” I said, looking at Dad. “Turn it over. I got
something better for you to do right now.” I realized
that I was probably gonna get my little slave-girl ass
strapped later for the pushy tone I was using toward my
master, but I couldn’t leave Mom standing alone blind,
deaf and dumb forever.

I hurried into the kitchen and led Mom out into the
living room, watching Dad’s eyes carefully for signs of
recognition. He only looked mildly surprised at the well-
developed body I was leading in.

“Who’s this?” He asked.

I tapped Mom against the backs of her knees, and guided
her to lie face-down across the coffee table. I knelt
down beside her and pulled the red panties halfway down
her thighs, exposing her near-perfect bottom. I heard
Chris somewhere behind me in the shadows grunt

“Somebody I want you to beat the shit out of.” I said,
looking Dad straight in the eye and offering him the

For a moment Dad looked a little unsure, suspicious. “And
how does she feel about that?” He asked.

“You don’t hear her protesting, do you?” I smiled at him,
running my hand gently over one of Mom’s beautiful

Dad lowered himself to his knees, ran his hands over the
smooth tan hemispheres, slipped a finger underneath to
tickle the clam of her mons, parting the delicate labia.
I could hear Mom’s breathing intensify and her bottom
began to rotate slowly in small circles. Dad leaned over
and kissed the warm flesh, inhaling her scent.

“Nice.” He said.

He stood up, long enough to kick off his shoes and drop
his pants to the floor, then tossing the rest of his
clothing across a chair, kneeled behind her again,
caressing her ass and gently fingerfucking her until the
rest of us could hear the moist sucking noise of her
pussy clinging to his probing digit. Mom was moaning
quietly and humping her butt back and forth toward him.
When she was really juicy and lubricated, he slid her
pretty panties down over her knees and off, pressed up
against her behind, and guided his thickened cock into
her warm tunnel.

“Oh, that’s good.” He groaned, slowly fucking against her
gyrating behind. For a moment he just closed his eyes,
pumping in and out, with a blissful smile on his face.
Finally, he opened his eyes, turned to me and held out
his hand. I lay the belt across his palm and leaned over
to kiss him.

“She really likes it to hurt.” I whispered.

“Mmm,” He grinned wickedly. “So do I.” As he stood again,
brandishing the belt, I yanked my T-shirt dress over my
head, quickly tossed my panties aside, and motioned Jess
over to the low table. I prodded the backs of Mom’s
thighs until she got the message and moved up, then
positioned her knees onto the tabletop, her butt poking
up in the air.

Jess and I kneeled on either side of her, each taking
hold of one ankle to keep her from thrashing. I ran one
arm across her back, caressing her gently, as if I were
soothing a skittish horse. She probably though she was
about to get some more stiff cock in her wet snatch, or a
sloppy mouth lapping at her clit. She must’ve been
completely freaked when that narrow leather strap came
blistering across her soft smooth ass. At least, that’s
the impression I got from the bloodcurdling scream that
burst from under the thick fabric gag.

I began to pant and tremble in excitement, and I think I
actually had an orgasm of sorts, without anyone even
touching me. I couldn’t tell you WHY- until I’d seen her
standing in the kitchen, in her slutty lingerie, her
hands chained in front of her and the pillowcase over her
head, like some pornographic terrorist’s hostage, I’d
never even thought of doing anything like this.

I had to lean aside as the strap came whistling past my
face again to snap sharply against Mom’s soft thigh.
Realizing that that first lick hadn’t been just an
overzealous love-pat, Mom began to struggle and yell, her
screams muffled by the heavy cloth gag in her mouth. It
was all Jess and I could do to hold her in place as she
thrashed about.

KA-RAKK! The belt snapped across her firm round behind
again, and I could see the red tracks appearing at odd
angles on her pretty tan butt, the edges raising as deep
red welts. Mom began to bellow and sob under her
pillowcase, but her hips continued to wriggle, trying to
wrench away from Jess and me, to escape the hot blows of
the leather belt that sliced the air more and more
rapidly, a torrent of incandescent blistering stripes
cutting her beautiful sexy buns in a crisscross pattern
of glowing red tracks.

As I watched the bumpy mottle of red welts bubble up
under the rain of hot lashes, it did occur to me that I
might have gone too far this time. Dad had spanked me
before as part of my discipline training as his sex-
slave, but he’d never beaten me the way he was thrashing
Mom. I wondered if I should ask him to stop, but I
couldn’t -the sight of Mom’s scorched and scored bottom
was too beautiful, her screams and sobs were making me
too horny. ‘She’ll get over it,’ I figured, ‘Once the
pain subsides- especially if she gets laid really good.’

Jesse must’ve been feeling the same sort of perverse
thrills I was, because the minute Dad paused for a
breath, she let go the ankle she was holding and dived
onto his cock, grabbing it at the base and plunging her
face onto the shaft, engulfing it in one fell swoop, to
hammer her lips back and forth, sucking hungrily.

Across the room, Daryl held the camcorder, silently
following the scene, moving from one angle to another to
record all the action. I think he was afraid to say
anything or ask any questions. Chris sat in one of the
big chairs, his jeans crumpled on the floor at his feet.
He still wore his shirt, but he was pulling his cock in
long, slow strokes while he watched, looking back and
forth from Jesse and Dad, to Mom’s upturned bum. when he
met my eyes, he just smiled, still pumping his dick.

“Wow.” he said.

I turned my attention to Mom’s ragged bottom, its
tortured surface radiating heat like a toaster oven. I
gently kissed her sweet soft butt, gently savoring the
feel of each swollen ridge with my tender lips.

She trembled, still sobbing under the pillowcase. Her
nose was running from all the crying she’d been doing and
I knew I’d have to remove the gag so she could breathe.

While Jesse sucked Dad’s dick, I popped into the kitchen
to find a pair of scissors. Returning to Mom’s side, I
pinched a handful of the pillowcase in the front and
snipped it off, leaving a ragged hole in front of her
mouth. I lifted the cloth and pulled the rubber plug from
one ear.

“Don’t speak or he’ll beat you again,” I whispered.

Mother nodded. I replaced the earplug and yanked the gag
loose at the back of her head where I’d stapled it
together. She gasped and breathed deep.

I motioned to Chris.

“Come put that over here.”

“Sure!” He said instantly, and clambered over on his
knees. I held the cloth against Mom’s face to expose her
lips and Chris rubbed his engorged dickhead against them.
Mom opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around Chris’
cock, sighing and moaning, but she didn’t say a word.

I went back to the other side of the coffee table to
caress and kiss Mom’s red striped ass, lying against the
table and leaning my head back to get under her cunt. I
parted her labia with the fingers of one hand and reached
up to keep stroking her bottom with the other. My tongue
flicked out to lap and taste her tender clit and lick her
sweet slit.

From somewhere above, I heard Daryl’s voice ask “Okay
folks, I’ve only got one camera. Who am I shooting?” and
Dad’s voice reply “Get that.” He must’ve been pointing at
me, ’cause seconds later I could see Daryl from the
corner of my eye kneeling beside me, the camera aimed up
between Mom’s legs to get a clear shot of me feasting on
her wet snatch.

I crooked a finger toward Dad and Jesse. “C’mere, you
two.” I said. Dad took his cock from Jess’ mouth,
reluctantly, I’m sure- Jess gives really hungry head, and
moved down to his knees on the floor. He straddled my
body and eased his stiff dick back into Mom’s sloppy wet
fuckhole, while I continued to slurp her cuntlips, and
now, his thick shaft.

Just the smell of their sweaty sex juices made me
shudder. The sight of my Mom and Dad fucking each other,
just inches from my face, while I licked their swollen
sex organs, was a mind-blasting thrill! Jesse knelt
between my legs and began nuzzling my pussy, kissing my
tummy and mouthing my soft bush. Her tease was the cherry
on the high, and I couldn’t help moaning out loud, my
mouth sucking hard on Dad’s dick and balls and Mom’s
sopping pink hole, as if I were trying to leave little
hickeys on them both.

I reached in, entwining my fingers around Dad’s plunging
pole, jacking him off into Mom’s cunt as I lapped at his
hairy balls. I felt his hard meat swell up in orgasm, and
I gripped it tight, pumping it into my mother’s squirming
snatch. I could feel the jerking and pulsing as his
searing cum squirted in jetting streams of boiling fluid
into Mom’s hungry vagina.

She slammed back against him when she felt his jism
spurting into her, wriggling and writhing up against his
crotch. I just held his iron rod tightly, encircled
between my thumb and forefinger, until it’s throbbing

Jesse’s tongue danced lightly around my soft pussylips
and my swollen little clit, while I gently eased Dad’s
huge, dripping meat-stick from its warm sheath and began
to lick the gooey cream from it’s length. I was trembling
from head to toe with erotic not missing a drop of their
creamy mingled essences.

When Dad’s cock was clean, I turned to Mother’s
glistening slit, where gobs of my father’s heavy spunk
were just starting to ooze thickly from between her
tender pink lips. I buried my young face in her furry
crotch and jabbed my tongue deep into her cunt, scooping
the thick pools of Dad’s sperm into my mouth, so I could
savor the heavy cream, rub my face in it as it drooled
from Mom’s well-fucked hole.

Mother grunted unevenly as she continued to suck Chris’
cock, as he pumped into her face, fucking her lips
freely. She couldn’t reach up to hold it, her hands were
cuffed together, and she needed them both to support
herself as she knelt on the coffee table. I couldn’t see
from underneath, but I could guess what was happening
when I heard Mom groaning plaintively, and Chris grunting
aloud at the same time.

He’d been fucking her face violently for about ten
minutes, slamming his dick into her throat, his balls
slapping up against her chin. Suddenly he pulled free,
just inches from her face-that was when she groaned in
complaint, just as Chris’ boiling white seed lurched in
low arches from his shiny erection, spattering in thick
splotches across the exposed part of Mom’s face. Blobs
clung to the pillowcase, some landed -plop!- on her
outstretched tongue, a few fell to the carpet- Chris had
sure kept his word about saving up a big load!

“Bitchin’!” mumbled Daryl, on one knee beside Chris,
capturing the whole beautiful cum shot on tape, close-up
and personal.

I know how perfect it all looked because Daryl did such a
great job with the camcorder, though frankly, at that
precise moment I was kind of wrapped up in fucking
Jesse’s tongue.

I think it was about this time, too, that Dad took the
camera back and covered the filming for awhile, ’cause
when I looked up to see why Jess’ had stopped eating me,
Daryl was just rolling her over on the carpet and
crawling between her legs. In seconds, Jess had Daryl’s
hard cock inside her and her slim legs wrapped around his
back, bucking and humping him like a wild animal.

Dad zoomed in with the camcorder and got a great close-up
view of her dark-furred teen pussy sucking and pulling
the length of his erect meat as she slammed up against
him over and over again. On the tape-in slow motion- you
can even see her swollen, purple-shaded-labia caressing
that stiff shaft as it plunges in and out of her snug
cunt. Every time I watch it, I get hotter and hotter as I
watch Daryl’s cockshaft get shinier and shinier with the
lube juices Jess’ slit is oozing as he fucks her.

“Hey Rachel,” Chris said as I crawled from under Mom, “I
got an idea.” He guided Mom down from the coffee table,
removing her black lace bra, and lay her down beside
Jesse. He motioned toward her upturned face, still half
exposed through the pillowcase.

“Have a seat.” he grinned, as he lowered his own face
onto my mother’s big breasts and began nuzzling the soft
globes and licking her erect nipples. I crawled over to
straddle Mom’s face, spreading my cuntlips with my
fingers and slowly lowering my crotch until she could
feel the pressure of my pussy against her lips. She
immediately began licking and nuzzling, trying to get a
sense of where my labia and clit were positioned.

I sighed and rubbed my wet slit back and forth across her
face, occasionally pushing her nose into my tender
vagina. I watched Chris greedily reveling in Mom’s big
tits, sucking first one, then the other, rubbing his face
between them, his cock growing stiff again as he made
love to her large firm breasts. Eventually, he slid his
rigid dick into her already creamy pussy.

“Mmmmm,” He moaned. “VERY hot.”

I leaned over toward him and opened my mouth. Chris got
the idea and met me in a slow, wet, sensual kiss. Mom’s
hands fumbled up to caress and fondle my own breasts,
while Chris continued to twirl one of her nipples between
his fingers.

Suddenly Chris broke the kiss. “I’m gonna cum again.” He
said, jabbing his cock into Mom in quick short strokes.

“Already?” I said, genuinely surprised. I mean, it was
his second time in an hour. It didn’t seem like Chris.

“It’s those tits.” He grunted. They’re so nice’n… BIG.”

I laughed aloud. “You PIG!”

“Let’s make it nice and visual, Chris.” Dad said,
focusing in with the camcorder.

I decided it was time to let the cat- er cunt- out of the
bag. I reached underneath me, and jerked the pillowcase
off Mom’s head. Pointing at the place where her tongue
was lapping at my pussy, I looked at Chris.

“Right here.”

“Unnh!” Chris grunted hard, pulling his cock from Mom’s
snatch and swinging one leg up to kneel over her belly.
His cum spurted in quick, thin streams, drenching my bush
and Mom’s mouth, running in creamy rivulets down her
chin. “Ummm.” She moaned, stabbing at the air with her
tongue, blindly trying to catch more of it in her mouth.

I grinned at Dad, rubbing the sticky liquid into my pubic
hair with my fingers.

“Surprised?” I said.

He smiled, still taping the slippery scene as Mom licked
the last of the cum from her lips.

“Nope.” He said. “You didn’t think I wouldn’t recognize a
pussy I’d spent so much time in, did you? I knew that
wriggling bottom the minute I sank my cock into it.”

“Damn!” I exclaimed. “I wanted to surprise you!”

“You’re not trying to do something crazy, like get us
back together, are you? He said, eyeing me suspiciously.

“No, Dad,” I laughed. “I just wanted to taste you both
while you fucked.”

“My daughter the slut.” He laughed. “Hey- she still can’t
see or hear us, right?” Indicating Mom.

“I don’t think so,” I answered, “I tried to be sure.”

“Hmm,” He said. “She’s being awfully goddamned
submissive. Did she agree to all this?”

“Well, pretty much.” I said, looking sheepish. “I kind of
improvised the whipping. She seems to have handled it
pretty well, though, dontcha think?”

A wicked looking smile unfurled across his face.

“So far.” He grinned.


“Unh! Unh! Unh!” Jesse grunted, as Daryl slammed his dick
hard all the way in. Her pelvis was reaching for him so
hungrily, her bottom was curled upwards, her legs wrapped
around his hips as he drove down into her.

“Cum! Gotta have sperm! Pleeeaasse, cum on my tits!” She
wailed, the sound of their bodies slapping together
audible from anywhere in the room.

Daryl pulled back just far enough for his cock to spring
free, the cum already rocketing from it’s purple tip to
splatter across Jess’ belly and breasts. She instantly
reached up began to massage the warm fluid into her small
tits, rubbing it into her skin like a lotion. When she
was done, I leaned over her and took those delicious
mounds into my mouth one at a time, sucking off the salty
sheen. I then knelt over her and frenched her mouth
deeply, gently sucking my best friend’s tongue.

“Okay kids,” Dad said, handing the camera back to Daryl.
“My turn again.”

He nodded toward Mom, who was still lying on her back on
the floor where Chris and I had fucked her earlier. She
lay quietly, her handcuffed wrists at her belly as she
discreetly stroked her pussy with her fingertips.

“Turn her over.” Dad said.

I went to Mom, guiding her back to her knees, sitting in
front of her to cradle her head in my lap. Her butt was
in the air again, and I saw Dad pick up the leather belt.
I felt a pang of guilt when I saw that- she’d been so
good about not speaking after I removed the gag. Until
then, anyway.

“Could I please have some more cock?” she said, almost
whispering. “I don’t care if you beat me, just please
fuck me again, somebody. Use me, please- you can all
cover me with cum. Just PLEASE fuck me.”

“Oops.” I muttered.

“Can’t disappoint the lady, can we guys?” Dad smiled.
“Jess, you make sure they’re hard and ready to go again.”

“Want me to help?” I volunteered, getting nervous.

“I want you to hold HER.” He said.


I wasn’t sure at first, but as the lashes began to stripe
her in earnest again, I became convinced that my mother
WANTED to be whipped, that she’d spoken aloud with the
express purpose of eliciting the punishment. As Dad’s
leather tore across her already ravaged bottom, she
cried, she screamed, she trembled violently- but for
awhile she remained virtually still, not jerking or
struggling to pull away, but submitting obediently to the

After awhile though, it just became too much. This was no
pretend S & M game- Dad was really whaling the holy shit
out of her. The pretty pink welts and stripes he’d
crisscrossed her sexy buns with before, had given way to
a solid fiery-red terrain of blistering ridges and
grooves. I held tight to my mother’s head and shoulders,
hugging her to my breasts as she screamed. I was crying
myself, at the savage treatment I’d betrayed her to, but
all the while, my pussy tingled in a hot electric thrill.

I wanted it to stop, but I wanted to watch it, too-
preferably while somebody fucked me with a large hard
cock. Most amazing of all, even when the screaming agony
became too much and she couldn’t help cowering and
flinching, Mom never once tried to pull away. I think
that, like her daughter, Mom truly loves being a complete
slut- the nastier and more forbidden it is, the more
surely we have to do it.

Unlike me, though, my mother seems to feel that somehow
she’s less worthy for wanting it, so she needs to be
f****d to do the dirty stuff, then punished for it.
Somehow it sort of absolves her of the responsibility for
being so uncontrollably horny. I guess I sort of
understand that, in an intellectual, clinical sense. What
I can’t figure out, is why I get so creamy hot watching
her get thrashed so viciously.

When I saw the b***d smears appear across her tattered
behind, and the first thin trickle run under the curve of
one cheek and down the back of her thigh, I knew I had to
say something- but I couldn’t. The truth is, my gut
reaction wasn’t revulsion or even pity. I wanted to get
down on my hands and knees behind her and rub my tits
across her butt, smearing the warm b***d across my aching
nipples. I wanted Dad to cum on her ass, so I could
massage my breasts against her torn cheeks, and mingle
the two precious life-fluids into my own flesh.

Finally, the hail of lashes stopped. I was so relieved-
I’d begun to wonder if he was going to k**l her. Dad
tossed the belt aside and knelt behind Mom’s tortured
bottom. Mom’s breath was ragged and full of tears, but
she must have been experiencing something close to my own
excitement, because she raised her head and began kissing
my breasts, sucking at my throbbing nipples.

She gasped harshly when Dad put his hands on her glowing
hot asscheeks and pried them apart. She screamed loudly
and incoherently when he plunged his stiff, thick
erection into her tight puckered and unlubricated anus.
Her scream vibrated against my chest and she clutched me
desperately when he began fucking her steaming butthole
deeply and rhythmically without even giving her a chance
to adjust to the intrusion.

“Oh god, you BASTARD!” She wailed. “”You vicious bastard

Dad leaned forward, hunching over her back as his swollen
cock slid roughly in and out of her snug sphincter. He
reached up and pried the plugs from her ears, whispering
against her temple.

“Make me CUM, you dirty fucking whore- milk my cock with
your asshole and make me spurt your butt full of
steaming, creamy jizz!”

Mom’s jaw dropped, just for a second, as she recognized
the voice.

“It’s YOU! Goddamn you! GOD-DAMN YOU! You bastard!” She
began to slam her tormented flanks back against him,
ramming his big beautiful cock all the way up her
asshole, impaling herself on his hard meat.


Dad grabbed her thighs and shoved deep. If I couldn’t
tell by the look on his face, Mom’s screaming and
writhing let me know she was getting the asshole full of
cum she’d been begging for. I reached across Mom’s back
and took the base of Dad’s dick in my fingers, pumping
the shaft, to milk every last drop of his cum into her
anus. Both of them groaned and grunted, and for a long
moment we all three just sat there, sweating, not saying


After Dad had pulled his shrunken and satisfied dick from
Mom’s battered butthole, he lay on his back on the carpet
beside her. She was curled in a fetal position, her head
in my lap. The belt with the ping-pong balls still
covered her eyes as her tears ran out from under them,
rolling across her cheeks to dry in streaks along her jaw
line. I reached down as I stroked her hair and took the
blinders off. Still sniffling a bit, she grasped my hands
in hers and looked around her cautiously.

“So who’s brilliant smart-ass idea was this, anyway?” she
asked quietly, trembling against my chest.

“Mine, Mom… I’m sorry. He didn’t even know who you were
when we started.”

She glanced toward Dad. “So do you treat every woman you
fuck like this?”

Dad smiled slightly without looking toward her. “Only the
ones I care about.”

Mom’s eyebrows furrowed. “What do you mean?”

“I mean,” He answered, “If I hadn’t cared so much then, I
wouldn’t enjoy punishing you so much now. Besides, it
really pisses me off that you’re such a hot fucking slut
now, when you wouldn’t do shit for me when we were

“I’m sorry.” She said gently, and I could tell she meant
it. “It wasn’t that I didn’t want to. I was just afraid
you wouldn’t like me anymore if you knew how horny and
slutty I really was inside.”

“You stupid bitch,” Dad chuckled. “Horny and slutty was
just what I always wanted. I came to resent you because I
wanted horny and slutty and I wasn’t getting it!”

“I’m sorry.” Mom said again. This time there was a long
moment of silence, while both of them just stared into
space. I wasn’t sure what either of them might be
thinking, but I wasn’t going to stick my nose in this
one, it was way too heavy for me.

“So what if you were to get it now?” She said finally.

Dad’s reply came slowly, thoughtfully. “Do you really
think you can be submissive and obedient enough for me to
put up with you?”

Mom rolled sideways and got up on her knees, her hands
still handcuffed before her. She bowed her head to her
chest, facing my Dad.

“Yes, Master.” She said smiling.


A few feet away, Jesse was straddling her brother Chris,
humping up and down on his stiff dick, while he lay on
the floor beneath, caressing her small soft breasts.
Daryl stood next to her, trying to aim the camcorder
nearly straight down to capture the sight of Chris’ cock
as it appeared and disappeared beneath Jesse’s furry
crotch. All the while, he was feeding his own erection
into Jess’ mouth with his other hand.

“Nice grouping,” Dad said as he crawled toward them. “But
let’s see if we can organize something a little more

He took the camcorder from Daryl and set it on it’s
tripod across the room, where it could see us all at
once. Then he returned to where we were all gathered,
around Chris and Jesse.

“C’mere,” He grunted to Daryl, grasping him by the waist
and guiding him around behind Jess and Chris. He brought
Daryl to his knees behind Jess and grasping Daryl’s cock
in his hand, stroked it firmly a couple of times,
squeezing it to engorge the head, swelling the pretty
lavender mushroom to full size. It looked delicious! Then
Dad leaned over and drooled warm spittle all over Daryl’s
swollen cockhead.

Pressing a palm against Jesse’s back to bend her over
into a doggie-crouch, Dad spread her buttcheeks and
rubbed the saliva from Daryl’s fat tip against Jesse’s
pink carnation.

“Mmm, yeah, put it up my ass, baby,” Jess growled. “Gotta
have it!”

I saw Daryl’s big round knob pop past Jesse’s sphincter
and she gave a guttural grunt.

“Uhmm!” She moaned, rotating her ass in little circles
and pressing back against both the hard dicks fucking her
tight holes.

“Wow.” Daryl marveled to Chris. “I can feel your dick in
her cunt!”

“Cool!” Chris agreed. “Mmm, your cock’s rubbing right
against mine!”

“Oh god!” Jesse squealed. “Fuck me! Cum! Big loads of
sperm! Squirt it! Cum in my cunt and ass- gotta have it!”

I didn’t wait to see what else Dad had in mind- I swung a
leg over Chris’ head and lowered my sopping pussy onto
his face. I rubbed my slippery slit back and forth across
his chin and nose while he jabbed his tongue deep into my
hole, lapping the walls of my vagina. I reached out and
buried my face in Jess’ hair, until she looked up and
kissed me, gently sucking my tongue and purring into my

Over Jesse’s back, I caught sight of Mom and Dad crouched
behind her, and nuzzling her ear, I stretched to see what
they were doing.

“Too fucking cool.” I breathed in Jesse’s ear.

Mom and Dad knelt on either side of Jesse’s upturned ass,
both leaning in close, to tongue the two adolescent cocks
that slid in and out of Jesse’s lower openings. While Mom
ran her lips up and down the side of Chris’ shaft, Dad
was gently tongue-bathing Daryl’s balls.

“Oh, Man!” Chris exclaimed suddenly, looking up at Daryl.
“You’re cumming! I can feel your dickhead swelling up!

“Wait!” Daryl exclaimed, “Wait! I wanna try something!”
He yanked his cock out of Jesse’s asshole and pushed her
out of the way. Jess scuttled sideways, complaining
loudly at the loss of both hot cocks as Chris’ came
slipping out of her cunt.

Daryl hobbled up on one knee, to straddle Chris’ prone
body and grabbing Chris’ shimmering erection, still slimy
and wet from Jesse’s warm pussy, guided it to the opening
of his tight brown butthole. He sank down on the stiff
penis, impaling himself with a groan.

“Aaah, goddamn, that’s SO HOT!” He sighed, grabbing his
own hard cock and stroking it with his fist. Instantly,
spurts of white-hot cream began streaming from it’s
length, arcing high into the air and falling in large
sticky splotches onto Chris’ belly and chest. A couple of
the thickest gobs spattered across Chris’ cheeks and
lips, just as he opened his mouth to release a long low
cry of his own.

“Oh, god, YES!” He cried, humping his pelvis up, shoving
his cock deeper into Daryl’s ass. From the grimace on
Chris’ face, I knew Daryl was getting a hot sperm enema-
a hunch confirmed seconds later, when the thick white
fluid came oozing from Daryl’s butthole, around the thick
shaft of his friend’s beautiful hard cock, to trickle
past Chris’ balls and down between his buns.

From behind the two guys, Mom and Dad looked at each
other, smiling in amazement.

“Good gods, these kids are hot!” said Mom. “How long have
you been teaching them this stuff?”

“I can’t take credit for this,” Dad laughed. “I think
Rachel did it.”

I crawled to them, kissing them both and pushing Dad onto
his back. “You guys,” I smirked,” I swear, you think
you’re the only people in the world who like to fuck.”

I reached underneath me and gently pulled on Dad’s cock.
“Got one more load in there?” I begged. “I haven’t been
fucked at all tonight.”

“Nope.” He grinned, but he was already getting hard.


By the time Dad shot his last load of sperm into my cum-
hungry cunt, everybody but Mom had adjourned to the
kitchen for munchies. Finally removing her handcuffs, Dad
ordered her to clean me up, and like a dutiful slave, she
slurped every last drop of his cream from my lil’ pink

Daryl went home after that, and Chris and Jess slept
together curled up in blankets on the living room floor,
while Mom and Dad and I all snuggled together in Dad’s
big bed. In the morning, Mom and I managed to milk
another load out of Dad’s poor tired cock with our mouths
and vaginas, while we all watched the videotape of the
party, from Dad’s bed.

“Man,” Jesse whined as she and Chris were dressing to
leave, “I wish my family gave way cool parties like
this.” I just smiled and winked at her.

“So ask ’em.” I said. I think she thought it was a joke,
but the idea of seeing Chris done by his dad was really
weighing on my horny lil’ mind. ‘If something doesn’t
happen pretty soon,’ I decided, ‘I’m gonna go over there
and make it happen.’

All in all, I guess everything sort of turned out happily
ever after. Mom and Dad didn’t get remarried or anything,
but they actually get along much better. Mom’s really his
number-one sex slave now- and married or not, she
wouldn’t fuck or suck anyone else- at least not unless he
ordered her to (which he sometimes does). I’m still his
slave-girl, too, although Dad’s never asked me to be
faithful, so I kind of do what I want, most of the time.
He just calls the shots in bed.

Daryl and Chris and Jesse and I kind of come and go as we
please. We all know where to go if we’re horny. In fact
sometimes I think Jesse is kind of developing a thing for
Dad. A romantic thing, I mean. In a way, that would be
kind of fun. Just think, if she married him I could do my
Mom and my stepmom at the same time.

Too fucking cool…