The Bar Bathroom

I got out of my car, an old ’96 beat up Chevy Blazer
that I kept around for occasions like this. I loved
these passionate encounters with Nick, but I always
kept my safety in the back of my mind. The less he knew
about the real me, the better.

My real name is Rebecca, but Nick knows me as Kat, I’m
26 years old, and that I’m honest with him about. I
stand at 5’6″, with brown wavy hair that hangs a bit
past my shoulders, and piercing green eyes, or so I’ve
been told. I’m slim but I have an amazing set of tits,
36 D and completely natural. I love it when guys openly
drool over my tits; it gets me hot and makes me want to
surrender myself to them right then and there. But of
course, no one knows about my dirty little secret, so I
just smile and move on, fantasizing about what kind of
creative things they might do to me and trying not to
soak through my panties because I get so damn wet.

But as I walked up to the bars entrance a felt a
nauseating wave of anxiety sweep over me. I took a
moment to smooth down my blue green plaid mini skirt,
and adjust my white, almost see through, halter top to
maximize the amount of cleavage I was showing. Taking a
deep breath I reminded myself that I always felt these
nerves before an encounter with Nick, and he had yet to
disappoint me. I took a last look at my hot red ‘fuck
me’ pumps, they matched the ‘cock sucker’ red lipstick
I wore, and brushed a few wisps of hair that had
escaped my pig tailed braids out of my face. One more
deep breath and I pushed open the door; there was no
turning back now.

The bar Nick had chosen for this encounter was less
then impressive to say the least. It was a dingy hole
in the wall kind of a place, with bad country music
playing faintly from somewhere near the back. It was
reeking of smoke and the sleaze ball occupants who were
in desperate need of a shower. I glanced around looking
for Nick, but he was no where to be seen. It wasn’t
like him to be late, so I figured he wanted me to feel
the stares of every grimy pervert in the place, a bit
of humiliation to kick the night off right.

And stare they did. As I made my way slowly towards a
dark corner booth in the back I caught most of them
staring at me, drooling without shame. I was horny,
worried, and horribly humiliated all at once. Exactly
what Nick wanted and was expecting of me. A few of them
had the balls to whistle or lick their lips at me
suggestively. The thought of their balls instantly made
me wonder how big their dicks were and just how good
they would feel sliding into me, but it was a fleeting
fantasy. Nick had yet to share me, and I highly doubted
he would pick any one of these dirt bags to be the

Only steps away from the booth I was seeking, one of
the men I passed smacked me on the ass as I walked by.
I stopped in my place momentarily, fighting off my
instinct to whip around and demand to know who he
thought he was. That would be my everyday side. The
dark side of me, the side that only wished he had hit
me harder, the side in control tonight, won of course.

I hung my head for a fraction of a second, muttered
“Sorry, excuse me,” as if I were in the wrong, then
looked straight forward again and made it to the booth
without any further trouble. An eager waiter quickly
found his way to me, he appeared to be extremely
disappointed when I denied his offers to get me
anything, even a first drink on the house, explaining
that I wanted to wait to order until the party I was
meeting arrived.

Nick would tell me if I was allowed to drink or not.
Some nights he wanted me so trashed that I could barely
follow orders; it gave him all the more excuse to
punish me. Other nights, like I suspected tonight might
be, he wanted me as sober as a rock so that I would be
sure to remember our encounter.

I waited anxiously for 10 minutes, enduring the stares
and whispers from every man in the bar, tapping one of
my ‘fuck me’ pumps rapidly against the bar room floor.
I was just starting to debate whether to give up and
leave or hang around for another 10 minutes when I saw
Nick come in. A wave of delight washed over me, and I
quickly scooted out of the booth so that I could wait
for him at the head of the table, eyes to the floor, as
expected of me. As his shoes came into view, I heard
Nick’s soft spoken voice greet me.

“Good evening, Slut. Been waiting long?” he asked
casually, but I could hear the humor he was getting out
of this in his voice.

“Waiting is never an issue, Sir” I quickly responded on

“Mm, good girl,” he praised me, smoothing his hand over
my hair. It was a seemingly affectionate and romantic
gesture that took me by surprise and even if I had been
allowed to respond I wouldn’t have known how to. One of
our key rules is that I’m not to speak unless asked a
question or instructed to do so otherwise. Nick always
tells me that he likes his bitches to be seen and not
heard unless their screaming out his name in agony.

“Okay then whore, you seem to have followed my
instructions, get into the booth. You may raise your
face to me.” It wasn’t so much an option as it was a
gentle command.

I slid into the booth until my shoulder pressed up
against the wall, and Nick slid in next to me, his well
toned body taking most of the left over space. The
waiter returned, although not so eagerly this time, and
Nick ordered himself a shot of tequila with a beer
back. When the waiter looked my way, Nick interrupted
his offer and told him I would be having a shot as
well, but without the beer. I was surprised that he was
allowing me alcohol and looked over his way.

“Just one shot,” Nick growled, “I need you loosened up
a bit for what I have planned.”

The waiter arrived promptly with our order “And that’s
going to be all we’re ordering tonight, so I expect
we’ll be having some privacy,” Nick informed the
waiter, who spent a little to long trying to stare down
my shirt as Nick pulled out his wallet. “Got a problem,
you little perv?” He snarled. Nick did not enjoy anyone
eyeing his property in his presence unless he had
specifically invited them to do so.

“No sir,” The waiter nearly yelped, shooting his eyes
to the floor and darting off with the money.

“Don’t even think about slamming that yet bitch,” Nick
warned me, shoving the shot in front of me, as if I had
to be told. He took his shot and then sipped his beer
for a few moments without so much as looking at me. My
stomach was starting to turn and knot up. Nick was
obviously not having a good day, normally he was rough
with me, on bad days like this I was a fair game vent
to his anger. He scared me when he was having a bad

“I can’t stay real long tonight, fuck face, my wife has
some social event she insists I intend” Nicks wife knew
about me, and if there were other girls, that was a
question I dared not ask, she knew about them too. As
long as Nick kept her in the lifestyle she was
accustomed to, and showed up at key events to maintain
her image, she could care less when, where, or who he
fucked. He glared over at me, “So I’m going to say this
once and only once, I expect your complete obedience,
anything less and not only will you be sorry but I’ll
leave you before I finish.” I could feel the look of
horror cross my face, if I failed to make Nick cum, I
failed in my position as his whore, a disappointment I
refused to face.

Knowing I strived to be nothing short of loyal and
obedient, Nick stretched his neck out and sighed.
Finally, he looked my way, slowly running his eyes up
and down me. I knew he wanted me, and as scared as I
was, I was getting wet waiting to feel his rock hard
cock probing deeper into me then anyone I’d ever been

“Okay,” he said, motioning towards the shot. I started
to reach for it and an idea seemed to hit him as a
malicious grin spread across his face. “Wait.” he
reached out and caressed my tits through my halter,
then slid his hand down my shirt and found my right
nipple with his fingers. He took a moment to rub and
twist it softly until it was erect and my breathing was
becoming more rapid. At that moment he pinched my firm
nipple in his thumb and finger until I thought it was
going to pop.

Shock prolonged my reaction and as my mouth flew open
with a gasp, he snapped at me, “Take the damn shot
cunt, do it now, and do it without chaser.”

I fought through the pain and did as I was told,
sputtering for a moment after as the tequila burned its
way down my throat. He eased his grip on me and removed
his hand, smiling as he did.

Nick sipped his beer a little longer, seemingly lost in
thought. He let his hand fall under the table and land
on my thigh. Nick rarely wasted time amusing himself
with just the sight of me.

As he slid his hand farther up and to the edge of
skirt, he hesitated, “No panties, right bitch?”

“No sir,” I replied meekly, already melting at the feel
of his touch.

He allowed his hand to continue moving up until he
found my clean shaven pussy. Again he paused, this time
leaning in close to me nuzzling into my neck as if a
lover would and using his soft spoken charm, begin to
caress my pussy even as he warned me.

“I don’t want anyone in this bar to have any idea
what’s going on under this table whore. Do you
understand me? You are not to show any reaction to
anything I do, unless I tell you otherwise.”

“Mm-hmm,” I mumbled, fighting to control my breathing
even as he separated my pussy lips with his fingers.

“Say it fuck face,” he demanded, still nuzzled into my

“Sorry, Sir. Yes, Sir. Understood, sir,” I managed to
spit out, barely loud enough for Nick to even hear.

“Good girl,” Nick praised me as he straightened up and
rammed two fingers into my wet cunt, roughly and
without warning. Nick rarely gives warning, he loves to
see the shock rippling through his whore’s body, and
you can be sure if Nick’s doing it, it’s going to be
rough. I’ve even taken a minute to wonder before if he
fucks his wife like he fucks his bitches or he makes
love to her soft and slow. The thought was shoved from
my conscious mind when he rammed his solid, and slick
from my cunt, dick into my ass that day. Without
warning, of course.

I managed to keep my composure pretty solid while he
finger fucked my pussy with just two fingers to warm me
up. On one of the back strokes he added a third finger
and rammed me again. My breathing quickened along with
my pulse, I bit down hard on my lower lip, but Nick
said nothing, so I knew I was still doing okay.

The fourth finger he added managed to elicit a soft
moan from me, Nick raised an eyebrow when I did, a
smile playing across his lips, but he still said
nothing. A few more strokes in and out of me and then
he got to me. Nick shoved fingers in as far as they
could go and then dug in and scrapped his fingernails
down me. I closed my eyes and winced fairly hard, he
did it again, on the other side and a small cry escaped
from my lips as I leaned forward onto the table for

Nick ripped his fingers out of my pussy, clearly angry
with me. “Big mistake you dirty cunt.” He clucked his
tongue and shook his head at me as I righted myself,
breathing hard.

Looking disgusted he shoved his fingers in front of my
face, “Clean me off you dirty, fucking, whore. I’m not
putting any shit that comes from your dirty ass-self in
my mouth.”

Feeling hurt, even though I knew he was only doing what
he did best, degrade me, I lapped my juices off his
fingers, one at a time, and as sensually as I could
manage given the throbbing in my cunt and the blow to
my pride. But I knew better then to have pride when I
was with Nick. That was something that in my normal
life was not only acceptable, but expected.

With Nick, I was a piece of meat, his property, and
good for not much more then to get him off. And I
enjoyed being his piece of meat. I got off on being
worth little more then dirt to him. It was easy to
forget, but with Nick, the only pride that mattered was
his, anything that mattered was only applicable to him.

And that’s the way I wanted it, or I would never be in
this grungy bar, pretending I didn’t see the men
staring at us, and wondering what he had that they
didn’t, that gave him such power over me. Because so
help me, everything about Nick and the encounters we
had was just more then amazing sex. It was a vicious
need buried deep inside of me.

Nick took his hand back from me and inspected it
closely. “Decent job fuck-face.” He snarled at me,
wiping the left over spit onto the front of my top,
man-handling my tits in the process.

He slammed the rest of his beer and stood up. “Come on
cunt, I need to use the restroom” I scooted quickly out
of the booth and scurried to catch up with Nick as he
took long strides toward the bathrooms.

Nick pushed on the swinging door of the men’s room and
waited. “After you,” he said, smiling.

I walked in, swinging my ass a little for fun, and
waited right inside the doorway for him. He joined me
and opened the door to the handicap stall, the bathroom
was empty besides the two of us. I stood still, not
sure what to do, he had never used me in a bathroom
before, so I stood still assuming it was to keep me
where he could see me, keeping the other men from
trying to pick me up.

He took a step towards me and grabbed a hold of my left
pig-tailed braid, yanking me roughly towards the stall.
I nearly toppled over in the process but caught my
balance and whimpering, made my way into the stall
ahead of Nick. He swung the door behind us and locked

“On your knees you no good fucking slut,” Nick
demanded. He would be no-nonsense from here on out, and
I did as I was told and I could feel the desire for him
blinding me to any negativity I might feel towards
being used in this shit hole, no toilet paper, grimy,
bathroom. I was on my knees on a floor that looked like
it hadn’t been washed in the last year, the walls
around me covered with graffiti of tits, and phone
numbers to call ‘for a good time’. It was utterly
disgusting and as ashamed as I knew I would feel later,
I was loving it now, and it right now was all I cared

Nick unzipped his pants and dropped them along with his
black silk boxers to the floor. His 9in long, 2in wide,
rock hard cock popped out enthusiastically. He stroked
it for a moment watching me lick my lips, knowing my
pussy was dripping just from seeing it. He stepped
closer to me, so close that if I puckered my lips I
could probably have kissed his balls, it was a tempting
thought, but I knew better then to do anything without
permission. And then he smacked me across the face with
his dick. Smacked it again the other way, and again and
again. When my face was red to Nick’s standards, he
stepped back and pinched my cheeks to open my mouth.

He shoved his lovely cock roughly into my mouth,
grabbing the back of my head while doing so. We’ve had
many encounters already, but I still haven’t been able
to get past my gag reflex, so we do it Nick’s way, he
forces me back and forth onto his cock and I had just
better not bite down.

“Mm, that’s right, suck my fucking cock you whore. Suck
it good, bitch. You’re a good for nothing fuck face.
Can’t even suck my fucking dick without me fucking
helping you. I don’t know why I even fucking bother
with your slutty ass. You’re lucky that tight little
cunt of yours pleases me bitch, I wouldn’t even bother
with you if you weren’t so god damned obedient,” Nick
moaned, thrusting deep into my mouth quickly and

I was fighting the urge to throw up as his cock scraped
the back of my throat, and losing, when he pulled out
and stepped back, quickly removing a gag ball from his
pocket as he did so. Before I could even close my mouth
he had shoved the ball in my mouth and was reaching
back to fasten the strap. The stealth he moved with
never failed to amaze me.

The gag fastened securely in my mouth, preventing me
from throwing up, or at least from it exiting my mouth,
Nick fiddled with my halter, undoing the strap and
letting it fall down, exposing my large tits to him.

“Stand up you fucking cunt,” he snapped at me.

I jumped up to my feet as quickly as could, and he
fondled my tits, bending down, sucking on them, leaving
a large mark prominently where it could be seen if I
wished to show any cleavage.

“Marking you as my fucking property, whore” he muttered
against my tit, then moving his way down to my nipples.
Biting on my left nipple hard, using his hand to pinch
and twist my right nipple. Switching as he went along.
I was getting weak in the knees and my pussy was
soaking, anticipating, begging for his cock to thrust
into me.

“Turn around fuck face,” he growled. I squealed
delightedly against the gag and couldn’t turn around
fast enough. He pressed up against me, his dick
throbbing against my back, warm and hard. Nick moved us
forward until my knees were touching the toilet, then
put one arm around my waist and used the other to bend
me over until my bare ass was exposed to him, he backed
up getting in position to use me to my fullest.

Nick groaned in anticipation as he ran his hands over
my smooth ass, loving the vulnerability of the position
I was in. He smacked my ass hard, once on each cheek,
eliciting a groan of pleasure from me each time,
rubbing away the red marks when he finished. He
positioned the tip of his solid cock at the entrance of
my pussy. I could feel it there and moaned with
excitement, if I hadn’t been gagged, I would be begging
him to fuck me, hard and fast, not to stop, never stop.
I wiggled my ass against him, hoping to coax him into
shoving into me, but it didn’t work.

He nailed my ass hard and fast, five smacks in a row,
and all positioned perfectly in the same spot. I cried
out against the gag as the sharp pain resonated through

“That’s for earlier tonight, you fucking whore. Next
time when I tell you not to react maybe you’ll fucking
listen to me.”

With that he shoved his cock inside of me leaning down
and undoing the gag in the same motion. I gasped for
air as he filled me completely. God I loved the first
thrust from him. Still, under no means was I to speak
until spoken to or given a free cue.

Nick pile drove me from behind. Putting his full weight
into every thrust, filling every ounce of me and then

He grunted as he fucked me. “Dirty fucking slut. Take
it. Take my god damn cock, because you know you want
it, bitch. Don’t even deserve my fucking cock. But
you’re a god damn hell of a fuck, do you know that you
fucking whore?”

Between moans I managed to stammer out, “T-t-tha-nk y-
y-you, S-s-sir!”

That always drove him crazy and he shoved into me
faster yet, I was weak in the knees with pleasure, and
doubted if I could hold up my stance much longer.
Feeling my weight start to slip, Nick removed his hands
from my ass and grabbed under my hips, holding me up.

“You’re nothing but a cunt. A no good deserving cunt.
You’re my fucking property, don’t you ever fucking
forget that bitch. I fucking own you. You’re fucking
lucky that I picked a whore like you to be worthy of my
dick. Tell me the truth bitch, do you want my dick? Do
you want me deep inside of you? Do you want me to fuck
you until you can’t fucking take it anymore? Fucking
tell me fuck face.” Nick was practically screaming now,
I’d be surprised if the men of the bar weren’t piled
outside of the door to the bathroom listening to us and
jacking off.

My breathing was labored, and between gasps of breath
I told him what he wanted to hear, what I wanted to
say, I told him the truth. “Yes, sir. I want you more
then anything. I’d do anything for your cock. I’m not
worthy. I’m your property and I’m not good for anything
but pleasing you. I’m not fucking worthy. Fuck me,
please, don’t fucking stop.”

“Yes, oh god yes, you dirty whore, I’m about to blow.”
Where he shot his cum off was always a surprise, and it
built up my anticipation even more. Just knowing I was
going to get him off started to give me an orgasm.

Nick had fucked me often enough to know when I was
close to cumming. “Yes, you fucking whore, tell me,
fucking tell me bitch. You want to get off? You fucking
get me off first, you god damned slut. Fucking tell me.
Don’t make me fucking tell you again, just fucking tell
me. You know what I want to fucking hear.”

That was my free pass and I took full advantage of it.
“Oh god, Nick, you’re the best fuck I’ve ever had. I’m
not fucking worthy of you or your cock. I live for your
fucking cock. I want nothing more then to get you off.
Please baby, you know you want to cum on me.”

I had gone too far and I knew it the instant it came
out of my mouth. I could feel Nick tense up behind me.

“You fucking slut!” He screamed, pulling his cock out
of me, making me gasp, as much out of shock as out of
fear that he would walk off right then and there.

“I’m not your fucking baby!” he screamed at me, and
rammed his cock full force into my asshole. Because I
wasn’t prepared for it, and even though he was lubed
from my pussy, it hurt like hell and I let out an ear
piercing scream for a maybe five seconds before it was
cut off as I gasped for breath.

“I’m not your fucking baby you fucking whore!” Nick
continued to scream, we had both become oblivious to
the fact that we were in the bathroom of a greasy bar
with god only knew how many men listening to us
screaming as they drank their beer and fondled

“Do you fucking hear me bitch? I’m not your fucking
baby! I’m never going to be your fucking baby! You’re
my fucking property and you need to learn your god
damned place in life you fucking cunt!” he continued to
ram himself into my ass harder then he’d been on my
pussy even. I don’t know that he’d ever fucked me so
hard before, it was brutal, merciless and I didn’t know
how much I could take. My knees were buckling beneath
me, but he was digging in painfully with his grip on my
hips and there was no where for me to go.

I was c*****g on my sobs as I cried out to him “I’m
sorry Nick, I didn’t mean it, it just slipped out. I
know I’m your property. Please Nick, I don’t know how
much more I can take. Please, I’m sorry. I swear it’ll
never happen again Nick, I’ll learn my place, I swear.”

“You bet your fucking ass you’ll learn your fucking
place,” he was starting to calm down but there was
still rage in his voice. His pace slowed, pushing his
cock farther into me, so far that felt as if his balls
were trying to shove themselves into my pussy.

He lay into me like that for a few more strokes,
calming down immensely, he made a point of saying with
each thrust, “I’m… Not… Your… Fucking… Baby…
Cunt… Learn… Your… Fucking… Place! Bitch!” He
groaned as he said it shooting off his load into my
ass. He lay hard into me for a moment, and I could feel
his cocks every spasm as he unloaded into me. I was
crying, but by now I wasn’t sure if it was from
pleasure or from pain. I think it was a mix of both.

Nick pulled out of me and stepped back as I collapsed
against the toilet. I could hear him pulling his pants
up and zipping up, but he didn’t say a thing to me as
he reached down in front of me and fixed my halter top
securely behind my neck as it should be.

He sighed, “Get up, and sit on the toilet facing me
cunt, I don’t want to hear anymore fucking words out of
that god damned awful mouth of yours.”

I nodded my understanding and struggling against my
weak legs I managed to do as he asked. He cupped my
face in his hands and kissed me just once, softly, on
the lips. Then he took off his watch and fiddled with
it for a moment.

“Here,” he said, handing me the watch, “I don’t want
you to even think of moving for 5 minutes. After
exactly 5 minutes, get up, walk out of this bar, keep
your eyes on the floor, and do not stop moving until
you get to your car. Do not speak to anyone. Do you

I nodded and he walked off. I did my best to straighten
my appearance and after 5 minutes I left at a fast
clip, keeping my eyes down. I glanced up once and
caught Nick’s glance for no more then a second, but
that was more then enough.

I saw him waggling his finger and shaking his head at
me with a disappointed look. I knew I was going to pay
for looking up, this wasn’t one of our games, my
departure was always under strict pretenses. Oh was I
ever going to pay. And even as I felt an immense shame
envelop me, and as I picked up my pace, desperate to
get to my car and out of the stares of everyone who had
just listened to our encounter, I felt a wave of
excitement shiver down my spine as I anticipated what
Nick could possibly have in mind for me next time, now
that I had a major punishment coming. I felt a smile
play across my lips and I just had to admit to myself,
I could hardly wait!