The big wife share

My wife and I were going to meet some friends at a bar
and then go to dinner. Sue was dressed to k**l in a short
black dress that was cut low enough to feature her small
breasts in a very sexy way.

As we sat at a table near the bar waiting for our
friends, a tall, good-looking man sat down at the bar. He
ordered a drink for himself, then turned around in his
stool and looked over the people in the bar. His eyes
locked onto Sue. I glanced over to her and realized she
was staring back at him.

He spun around in his stool to take a sip of his drink,
but then he spun around back again and resumed staring at
Sue. I studied Sue for a reaction and watched her first
shift in her chair and then sit back in it. She dropped
her arms to her sides so as to give him a good view of
her breasts.

A few minutes went by with the two of them communicated
via stares. I sensed my wife starting to breath more
shallow and quickly. Suddenly she stood up and went to
the bar. She was standing right next to him as she
reached for a napkin. He pulled another stool up for her
and said something to her. Without so much as a glance
back towards me, she sat down on the empty stool.

He ordered her a drink. By the time it came, his hand was
on her knee, working its way up her inner thigh. There
weren’t that many people who could see it, maybe five or
six, but I seemed to be the only one noticing.

As Sue took a sip of her drink, I watched his hand move
all the way up under her dress. She reacted by turning
straight at him and opening her legs. He stared down at
her breasts as his hand went exploring around her

He said something to Sue and then got up, put some money
on the bar and headed out. Sue closed her legs, stood up
and came over to me. Without a word she took me by the
hand and led me out of the bar and down a hallway. I
didn’t know where she was taking me, but it was clear she
was following him.

He headed towards the rest rooms. At the end of the hall
there was a room with five or six public phones in a
screened off little room. When Sue and I got there, he
was waiting.

Sue dropped my hand and went to him. He pushed her up
against a wall and looked down her breasts, which now had
a layer of perspiration on them. Then he reached up to
one of her breasts and starting massaging it. He was very
physical with her, holding her entire little breast in
his hand and massaging it hard.

With both hands he pulled her straps down her shoulders
and exposed her breasts in her black push-up bra. She was
now exposed enough to not to be able to recover fast
enough if someone came in to make a call.

Then he pulled up her dress and looked at her panties.
Without a word, Sue reached down and pulled off her
panties, exposing her snatch to the tall stranger. She
threw the panties to me.

Then Sue grabbed the bottom of her dress and kept it held
up above her cunt, so that the man could free his hands
to play with her cunt.

But before his hand could get to Sue’s cunt, we heard
footsteps in the hall. Sue frantically dropped her hem
and tried pulling her dress straps back up on her
shoulders. We heard the footsteps disappear into the
men’s room and we knew we were safe for the moment, but
the near-discovery had really excited Sue.

The man immediately dropped her straps back down so that
her breasts were once again exposed in her bra. Sue
pulled her dress back up again and this time opened her
legs. His right hand went to work on her cunt.

Again, he was very physical with Sue. His hand verged on
being rough as he rubbed her mound and worked her cunt
lips. I watched him reach further under her and heard Sue
whimper as he found her ass hole. Then he brought his
hand back to her front and starting stroking her clit
with his fingers. Sue started to get weak at the knees so
he held her up as his fingers entered her.

He started finger fucking her fast and hard when again we
heard steps coming down the hall. This time there was no
pretense at cover up. Sue just hung onto him limply as he
forcefully finger fucked her cunt. I saw Sue’s leg
muscles tense up and I knew she was about to cum. Once
again the footsteps disappeared into the men’s room as
Sue came hard on his hand.

At this point Sue had no strength in her body. He picked
her up and put her on a ledge by one of the phones. This
was just the right height for him to fuck her. He stood
back and unzipped his pants. His cock was erect so it was
difficult for him to get it out. Once it was freed, Sue
just stared at it. It was very long, especially in this
excited state.

Again without a word, he just marched his cock up to
Sue’s cunt lips and gently worked the head in. Sue opened
her legs wide and thrust her pelvis up to accept the big
cock. Then he drove it into her. Sue gasped out loud. She
looked down to see that only half of it was in her. She
watched him pull it out a few inches, and then prepared
herself for the next thrust.

This one came in her even harder, and I saw her face show
signs of concern. He pulled out of her again and got
ready to really fuck her. His hands reached around her
buttocks so that her cunt would not be able to escape.
Then came the third thrust, then the fourth. The fifth
was so hard that he was completely in her.

Now that depth had been established, he held her in place
and unleashed sheer fucking energy into her cunt. Before
he even picked up speed, Sue was cumming. As she spasmed
into a deep orgasm, he increased his pace. Each thrust
penetrated Sue to the hilt, and each thrust came faster
and harder.

At the time Sue’s orgasm ought to have subsided, he was
reaching full steam. He kept fucking her and fucking her
and fucking her. I saw tears welling up in her eyes, but
then I noticed her leg muscles tightening up again. She
was being engulfed by a third orgasm in what couldn’t
have been more than five minutes of sex with a stranger.

As this orgasm peaked, he stopped deep inside her,
letting the walls of her cunt shiver along the entire
length of his shaft.

He released her buttocks and Sue slumped back against the
wall. Slowly, he pulled his still erect cock from the
depths of Sue’s cunt. His cock was coated with his precum
and Sue’s cum, but he had not cum yet. Sue realized this
as she looked at his huge erection.

Sue got up and pushed him against the wall. Then she
dropped to her knees and looked right at his cock. She
undid his belt and pulled his pants and shorts down, out
of the way. Then she licked his head. The taste was rich
and salty. Slowly she took the head into her mouth. This
caused the man to start rocking slightly.

As she took more and more of him into her mouth, Sue
realized she would not be able to take most of it, let
alone all of it. She realized she wanted this stallion to
cum fast, before he inadvertently hurt her. But Sue knew
how to make a guy cum during a blowjob. As she sucked his
cock and her left hand worked his balls and shaft, Sue’s
right hand started working its way towards his ass hole.

As her finger rimmed his anus, he let out a long sigh and
started fucking her mouth with more energy. His hands
reached around her head so that her mouth could not
escape his thrusts. This movement made it easier for her
finger to work its way into his ass. She felt his anus
muscles relaxing as he took her finger deeper up his ass.

Her finger was working the magic Sue wanted as he started
to cum. I could see that he wanted to deep throat Sue as
he changed his angle of entry and started thrusting
harder and faster. With each thrust into her mouth, he
brought Sue’s finger deeper into his ass.

He was cumming now, but still trying to get his cock down
Sue’s throat. I even saw her throat bulge up with each
thrust, but he was cumming now and wouldn’t last long.

The combination of his length and the enormous amount of
cum were starting to c***e Sue. One thrust took his cock
so far down her throat that she panicked, wrestled free
of his grip, and removed her mouth from his cock.

His cock was still pumping and he started to cum all over
her. The first spurt hit her in the face, as did the
second. The third was weaker and went all over her
breasts and bra. Before he had moved back, he had dripped
cum all over the front of her dress.

Once again we herd footsteps coming down the hall. This
time, however, they got louder and headed for the phone
room. None of us moved, just waited for the inevitable

Into the phone room came the couple Sue and I were
supposed to meet at the bar. “The bartender said he
thought you were back here,” said our friend David. “But
he didn’t say what you were doing,” laughed his date

All of laughed except the stranger. He put his cock back
in his pants and, without a word, went to the men’s room.
Stacie took Sue into the women’s room to clean up while
David and I went back to the bar to wait for them.

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