The Blackmail Begins

I sat at my desk at work one morning, when my phone starts ringing, its a withheld number. I answer it, slightly cautiously, and I am surprised when I here my ex girlfriend’s voice. She sounds quite authorative as she speaks, not starting with any pleasantries. I am listening and can’t believe what I am hearing as she describes how she will phone my wife and tell her I have been having an affair with her. I start to interupt telling her she’d better not, but she just carries on by telling me to get my ass over to her house after work and hanging up.

I sit and worry, thinking about what she said. My new wife has always been a worrier and has been quite self conscious that she doesn’t do as much sexually with me as my ex. I know this would cause problems even if I deny it so decide to go straight over after work, thinking I will talk her out of it.

I turn up on my ex’s door and ring the bell; she opens the door and invites me in then tells me to stand in the middle of her kitchen. She starts making herself a cup of tea and without turning round tells me to strip. I start to object, but think about my wife and the problems she could cause so I quickly take my clothes off, thinking this may appease her.

As I’m stood there naked she finishes making her tea and is leaning against the side watching me with disinterest. She tells me to start wanking, and as embarrassed as i am i do so. After a minute or so she tells me to go faster, and keeps doing that every minute. Before long i can’t help but spray my seed over her tiled floor. She now tells me to lick it up… I can’t believe I am doing this but i don’t see any other choice. As I take my first lick i see a flash and realise she is taking photos. I know at this point she’ll use these photos to make me do many more things and my ordeal is just beginning!

The next morning I’m sat having breakfast with my wife re-living yesterday’s events. I can’t believe I let it happen and now I’m worried what will happen next. I don’t have to wait long as while i sit there I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pull it out and it simply says ‘Come over now, or you know what happens’.

I nervously get up and make my excuses to my wife saying I need an early start at work. She looks surprised as I hadn’t mentioned it, but didn’t complain as I grabbed my bag and went out to the car. I pulled up at her house and get out of the car and knock on the door. There’s no answer… I’m scared to leave without seeing her so I try the door handle.

It’s open and i tentatively step inside, hearing her yell for me to come upstairs. I walk into her bedroom and she is tucked up under her duvet. She tells me to strip, which I immediately do having thoughts of a repeat performance of yesterday. When I’m naked she tells me to get under the covers and make her cum as quickly as I can…

I slide under the covers and immediately start licking and sucking her unwashed pussy. It’s quite strong smelling this morning but partly just a bit of a stale sweat smell. I soon get a rhythm as I remember how to please her and have her cumming in no time.

I start to come out from under the covers but she stops me telling me she will say when to stop. I carry on and about ten minutes later she is cumming again. This time she tells me to stop sucking her… and after a pause tell me to clean her pussy of all her cum. I start delving my tongue inside her creamy pussy and at first feeling a little disgusted but after a while I savour the taste and almost feel disappointed when she stops me and gets up.

She walks out the room and climbs into the shower shouting to me to leave. I feel so used, as I realise I am her new toy to be used and disposed of when she is done with me.

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