The Computer Lab Consultant And The Dog

Like many computer lab technicians, Maud was rather homely
and shy. Although she was as bright as all her peers in the lab,
she found it difficult to relate to them on a personal basis.
Besides, they were all disgusting because of there continuing
habit of looking at pornographic gifs and grasp animation.

“What could they see in those ega screen graphics?”, she
queried to herself. The question nagged her and still was not
resolved by the time the lab started to close. As the last lab tech
left the room, Maud decided to view some of the gif that the others
had left on the hard disk drive. One particular file caught her
eye. It was labelled under K9-LUST and compressed. With a flick of
wrist, she decompressed the file and discover that it was
constructed as an animation program.

Just as she was about the run the file, the janitor entered
the room and proceeded to clean up. “Darn!”, she muttered as she
proceeded to made a copy onto her diskette. “Might as well view it
in the comfort of my own home…”

After she laid down her bag of groceries from the car, a
large object sped up to her and pinned her up against the wall.
“Whoop!”, barked Rover, her pet german shepard; he was happy to
see his master come home. With tail wagging, he obediently followed
her to the kitchen where she tossed a doggy snack up in the air. He
caught it without blinking a eye.

What a day this has been. Long hours and unrelenting demands
from the administrator. Maud quickly stripped off her clothing for
a long, hot shower. The conservative undergarments revealed that
she was quite prudish. The white playtex underwire bra and the
plain cotton panties blended quite well with her untanned skin. Her
public bush was trimmed neatly to avoid that terrible itching she
felt “down there.”

Shedding all her clothing, she proceeded to turn on the
shower and get a bottle of shampoo from the mirrored cabinet.
“Whoop!” echoed throughout the bathroom as she dropped the bottle.
Quickly turning around she saw that Rover had trotted into the
room. “Naughty boy!”, she lamented as she bent over to pick up the
dropped bottle of shampoo. As she bent over, Rover quickly sniffed
at her outer vagina area and barked again.

“Rover…please behave yourself!” Maud tested the tempera-
ture of the water, drew the shower curtain and proceeded to shower.
Soaping herself quickly and efficiently – especially around the
vagina, she was about to rinse off when Rover stuck his head
through the shower curtain. Maud sternly looked at him and said,
“One more step and you’ll end up wet!”

Wouldn’t you know it, he jumped in and made a splash. “Just
for that…I am giving you a dog bath now!” So she stoops over and
pours a dab of shampoo and starts to lather him down. Being the
efficient person that she was, she did not neglect his genital
area either.

She didn’t realize that the soapy shampoo combined with her
fondling hand motions would cause Rover to have an erection. “What
the…?! Oh Rover, I am terribly sorry!” Maud had never seen Rover
erect when he was given a regular doggy bath. She was amazed at the
size and thickness of the dog’s penis. She quickly put that thought
out of her mind.

Turning around to change the temperature of the water, she
knocked the bottle of shampoo over and proceeded to pick it back
up. As she bent over, with her back to the dog, Rover jumped right
on top of her: pinning her against the wall. Luckily, she managed
to prevent her head from smashing into the wall by quickly planting
her palms in front of the tile wall. The only problem was the silly
dog was on top of her and preventing her from straightening up.

“Rover!…Off! Off!”, she quickly commanded. It was to no
avail. She started to panic when she felt a knob-like item stabbing
at her vagina opening. “No! Off! Off!”, she reiterated to Rover.

There she was pinned up against the wall, with her legs
spread apart and her body all soapy. It may be one in a million
chance but it happened: the dog hit the mark and his mushrooming
head slipped pass her labia lips.

With one final thrust, he was in with cock space to spare.
She gasped and moaned in fear and strangely enough – pleasure. You
see, Maud never allowed herself the luxury of playing with herself
“down there.” It just was not in her nature to do so. A presence
in her sexual area stopped her momentarily. She was confused.

There was no time for her to think rationally. The dog
started thrusting and the vulva sensation was strangely pleasant
and stimulating to her. With one hand supporting her body, she
reached between her legs and accidently touched her clitoris. Her
legs became taunt and her hips started undulating involuntarily.

Her hip started to thrust back in rhythm to the dog’s motion
and moans started to escape from her lips. What was this strange
sensation that she was experiencing? Suddenly the dog stopped and
spurted something into her. Her hip motion continued as the sucking
vagina latched onto the spewing cock.

Maud’s head started to buzz as her body became rigid and her
vagina started to spasm uncontrollably. She felt the dog’s cock
expand as her orgasm subsided. She felt her balance going and
attempted to grab the shower curtain to avoid falling over.
Unfortunately, the curtain held but the curtain rod didn’t. So she
fell to her knees and hands.

She was on all fours and she suddenly realized that she was
positioned like a bitch in heat. All she wanted was to fuck…”Yes!
That’s the work…FUCK!” With Rover’s cock still inside of her, she
continue to hump the cock: back and forth. “Yeeessss…” she
uttered as her breasts swayed in geometric motion and her head
tossed back and forth. Fuck, fuck, fuck. She lowered her head to
her resting elbows and continue the animalistic motions. Her
swaying breasts’ nipples glancing off the cold tile floor sent
shivers up and down her spine.

All the former years of inhibition gave way to this lust
that overcame her mind and body. “Fill me up…”, she moaned. “Uh,
uh, uuuuuuh, yeessss!” she cried out in frantic heat. Her body
grew taunt and she froze as her vagina gripped the cock even
tighter. A warmth covered her as she allowed her orgasm to reach
its potential and with a long sigh, she glanced behind her and said,
“What do you want for dinner tonight Rover.”

After drying off, Maud sat down in front of her computer and
started the K9-LUST file and she smiled in amazement. You see, it
gave her an idea as to what her evening activities would be…

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