The Dare

The weekend came fast and Niki and her husband Karl
couldn’t wait for the fun to begin. At least once every
month they promised each other that they would have a
sex weekend where the doors to the apartment were
locked, the phone shut off and they did nothing but
have sex all weekend long.

They didn’t have c******n yet but they did have Max
their big dog who they spoiled and treated like one of
the family. Niki loved Max and often paraded around the
house naked without a thought of how it might affect
the animal. But Karl could see the way it drove the dog
crazy even seeing Max lick himself and then hide in
some corner frustrated.

God he knew that Niki was one hot pussy. Though she was
petite she was perfectly proportioned. Her body was
slim and athletic. Her breasts nice handfuls with thick
hard nipples. And the best tight round ass you could
ever want.

Niki had few inhibitions and that really turned Karl
on. They liked to share fantasies during their weekend
sex romps that only heightened the pleasure they were
giving each other. Karl loved her being so dirty and
nasty. Any other time she was quiet and completely
different to those who knew her. She loved her sex
weekends because she could be a whore for Karl and not
feel the least bit bad about it.

Karl bought the liquor for the weekend and any food
they might consume. Though food was the last thing both
had in mind. That night they quickly shut and locked
the doors and shut the phone off and got naked. Karl
made strong drinks and put a porn film on their big
plasma set.

Niki loved to watch the girls fuck on the screen and
commented on what she loved about them. How they sucked
cock or pussy driving Karl wild. She made sure to suck
his cock between comments making him harder than a

Tonight Karl had a plan. Mostly a desire to make
something very hot and sexy happen. After they made
love Karl got another strong drink for his hot wife and
relaxed in front of the TV. She was watching two girls
eating each other out as her hand was rubbing her clit.
He knew she was so horny and ready for anything.

“Let’s play dare babe,” came Karl’s whispering in her

Niki moaned as he kissed her ear. Her fingers played
upon her clit faster.

“You mean that game where if you lose you have to do
whatever the person asks of you?”

The coy smile made him smile also. Her nipples were so
hard and swollen. Even her cunt was soaked and her
ministrations were making her vaginal lips make sticky

“That’s right babe. You lose and you have to do
whatever it is I want you to do. The word ‘no’ is not
in the equation.”

She moaned as he leaned down to suck on one of her
nipples. On the screen the two girls were now sharing a
double ended dildo and taking it deep.

“Anything?” She whispered sexily.


“How do you get started?” came her slightly slurred
voice. The drinks were a godsend. She was always so
damn fucking horny when she was drunk.

“We get a deck of cards and see who gets the higher
card. If you lose…” He smiled.

He went to get the deck of cards and shuffled them and
placed them face down on the floor between them. He
left the living room door open on purpose in case he

They began. He lost the first round and Niki made him
suck her clit till she came. Her pussy squirted hard
over his tongue and face. Her body shook from the

The next round was lost by her. He looked at her with
mischievous eyes and she smiled waiting for her sexy
punishment. Instead he whistled loudly. Niki confused
saw Max come into the room his tail wagging and his
nose in the air smelling the sexual heat.

Karl began to kiss her hard his tongue deep inside her
mouth as he opened her legs wide. His fingers found her
clit and began to pull on it making her cry out in

“Are you ready for your dare?”

She looked at him with half closed lust filled eyes.

“What are you up to honey? Why is Max in the room with
us?” She asked as her body was experiencing the
ministrations of his fingers on her pussy.

“Your dare is to make out with Max for thirty seconds.”

His finger slid deeply into her wet cunt as her legs
opened wider allowing him better access.

“Come on honey you cant be serious.” Came her breathy
voice as she felt her next orgasm coming on strong.

“I am babe. I see how Max wants you and you know how
much you turn him on parading around the house the way
you do.”

She could see Max standing close by her watching Karl’s
fingers dipping into her wet pussy and closed her eyes
as a wave of pleasure overtook her. She knew that her
body made Max crazy and he often licked himself.
Tonight it seemed he had a friend who wanted to let him
get his licks in elsewhere. She would do it only to
play the game out to the end.

“Alright honey Ill do it. Thirty seconds?”

“That’s right babe. I bet you like it too. Poor Max is
been wanting to get to you for a while.”

“Mmmm, I know honey, I know.”

Karl called Max over and told his wife to start by
kissing him. She placed both her hands on either side
of Max’s face and planted a wet kiss on his muzzle. But
Max wouldn’t have any o that and licked out catching
her mouth full sliding across her lips and partially
entering her mouth.

At first she drew back a bit realizing that Max was
kissing her too. She could hear her husband counting
down and moved close to Max again this time allowing
the dog to lick her better. He was quick to respond as
his tongue drove into her open mouth tangling with her
own. Her body responded much more to this sexy kiss
than she realized as she moved closer to him her
breasts pressing into his furry chest.

His wet long tongue licked in and out of her mouth as
she pressed her mouth against his. His front paws were
on either side of her and it was then that she felt the
hot wet thing resting on her leg. Max’s huge cock was
out in full, knot and all, resting against her leg. The
hot read spear of a cock made her breath catch.

Karl had gone way past the thirty seconds watching with
a smile on his lips. She was caught up in the sexual
heat of the moment and didn’t realize he had stopped
counting. Max was slowly beginning to rub back and
forth against her leg leaving a wet trail.

She looked at her husband and smiled wickedly.

“You planned this didn’t you, you bastard.”

Max licked at her mouth and she responded in turn by
taking his tongue deeply into her twisting her tongue
with his.

“Yes I did.” He laughed.

“My god Karl he is a handsome devil isn’t he?”

Karl his hand pumping his huge cock only smiled. Max
his body pressed against hers only whined as she
reached down to grasp his huge doggie cock.

“It’s so hot Karl… so big.”

“And it’s all yours babe. He’s been wanting to fuck you
for so long. Its time to give it up to him you hot
little whore.”

She smiled sexily. Her body on fire at just the thought
of letting this beautiful beast fuck her. His cock was
bigger than Karl’s. She also noted the big knot behind
it and that only made her hotter for it. She stroked
his cock lovingly and Max began to hump her fist.

“You poor baby. You need to fuck a hot little bitch
don’t you. I can be your hot bitch Max. Want me?”

She turned around her body resting on the couch behind
her and her ass high in the air. She spread her legs
wide giving Max the ultimate view of her assets. Her
cunt was soaked and wide open and she patted her ass
and called him to her.

Max waited all of a second as he mounted her. His front
paws wrapped around her tiny waist and he began to hump
against her. She reached around and grasped his cock
and placed it at the entrance to her wet cunt and felt
Max drive deep. She grunted as he wasted no time
fucking her fast and hard.

“Ughhhhhhhh! Oh god Karl! He’s so fucking huge!
Ohhhhh!” She cried out.

Max’s cock slid wetly and deeply into her with each
thrust till his knot banged against her pussy. The
sounds of wet sticky cum emanated from Niki as she
fucked back against the dog driving him deeper into

She began to cum hard squirting around the big cock.
Max his body against hers pumped harder driving the big
knot further and further into Niki till it popped past
her opening and slid deep into her locking them

Niki grunted feeling the pressure of the swelling knot
and then the hot splashes of his cum as he shot load
after load into her hot pussy. She cried out in orgasm
as she felt his cum heat her womb and slowly dribble
out of her.

He remained still for about ten minutes and then pulled
out of her. Hot rivers of dog and human cum oozed out
of her to the floor below. She looked at Karl who also
came hard and smiled.

“I hope your both happy now. I guess this means I have
to men in the house to take care of?”

“Max will appreciate it babe.”