The Evolution of Carol 2.

Carol broke the kiss and sat up looking at Bob as she said,

“I love sucking your cock now and the taste of your cum. I love sharing
it with you. Do you like your own taste? I love it.”

Bob smiled and kissed her and sucked her tongue into his mouth. She
knew he enjoyed the idea as much as she did. She had been stroking his
bare ass with her hand and now she raised her hand high and came down
sharply on his ass. Bob’s eyes popped open wide and Carol winked at him
and said,

“Now earn your keep Robert. Get down and eat my cunt again if you know
what is good for you. And finger fuck my cunt and ass till I can’t take it
any more. Be my good little pussy eater.”

Bob was more excited than he could remember, as commanded, he dropped to
her pungently aromatic cunt and didn’t stop until Carol, having gotten off
almost continuously for several minutes finally f****d his head up saying,

“Oh damn baby… stop … stop …please. I really can’t stand
anymore for awhile… my clit is too sensitive…. I can’t stand for it
to be touched, at least for little while….”


The next morning when Carol got to her office at the college she found
several messages from Joe. In the last one he told her he would pick her
up at 11:00 that morning, he had two hours before he had to be back at the
clinic. Carol smiled and reached for the phone. Joe was with a patient,
and Carol wondered how many of his female patients he had sex with. Then
he came on the phone and she told him to meet her at her house. She would
be waiting for him just like the day before. Lunch sounded very
interesting today Carol thought.

During her lectures that morning she looked over the male students in
her classes with a very new interest. A couple of them were real cute.
Things certainly had changed.

Lunch was everything she expected it to be. In fact it was so good they
both called and cleared their schedules for the rest of the day so they
could continue. Joe left at 4:30 right after filling Carol’s sweet pussy
for the fourth time that afternoon. Carol felt so full of Joe’s cum. As
she lay there still bare ass, she grinned from ear to ear as she had this
really nasty idea.

When Bob came in the back door Carol heard him. She hadn’t changed
anything since Joe left. Her hair was disheveled. If you looked closely
at her cunt it was wet and dripping a thick white substance onto the
sheets. So was her anus. Her nipples were very swollen and red from Joe’s
mouthing. She looked just like you would expect someone to look who had
been well fucked all afternoon. Carol’s heart beat faster and faster as
she waited for Bob to reach their bedroom. If she was right about her
loving husband’s feelings, their sex life would get even better, hotter,
and a whole lot wilder. If she was wrong … Bob might leave her, but she
didn’t think that would happen. She hoped she was right in her guess but
she knew she had to do this no matter what the outcome.

Bob stepped just inside the door to their bedroom and froze as he saw
his wife laying there on their very messed up bed. His eyes ran from her
tousled hair, her face and it’s sleepy fresh fucked look, her red nipples,
her swollen pussy. He felt his cock spring to life as he thought, ‘She did
it, she actually did it, she let another guy fuck her. Damn she looks

Carol noticed his hard cock through his pants and breathed a sigh of
release of the pent up tension. Then she said,

“Bobby, honey, hurry… get your clothes off, I need you and I have a
really interesting story to tell you….”

He stripped rapidly and crawled onto the bed beside her. He kissed her
open lips tentatively, then deeper. Carol thrust her tongue in his mouth
and the taste of cum was strong. Some other man’s cum in my wife’s mouth
Bob thought. Bob returned the passionate kiss without hesitation and then
Carol broke it. She looked up into his eyes and stroked his face lightly
as she said,

“Honey….My pussy is so full. I need you to clean it out for me …..”

Bob pulled his head back from her a little, shocked by what she had just
suggested. He stared at her disbelieving what he had heard. Carol spoke
again in a firmer voice,

“Bob….. now don’t be a spoil sport. I want you to eat me now damn
it. Clean all that sticky white stuff out of me…. and while you do, I
will tell you how it got there.”

Bob stared into her eyes and then Carol pressed on his shoulders firmly

“Do it sweetheart… eat me good.”

He slid downward a little as he said in an extremely husky shaky voice,

“Carol….. someone else fucked you….”

“Yes baby… that’s right… in fact several times… now do me like
I asked…”

Bob slowly continued downward as Carol pushed firmly. Encouraging him
with her words. Then he stopped, his face just above her naval.

“Who was it Carol?”

“Don’t worry about that right now baby. It was a good friend of
ours…. now….I want you to lick all his cum out of me. That idea makes
me crazy hot…. do it now!”

Bob’s face now was just above her outer labia, still open. He could
smell and see the cum in his wife’s pussy. He stuck out his tongue
tentatively tasted her. Much like his own, he thought. Then he said,

“Tell me …. everything.”

And he buried his face in her overfull cunt. Carol groaned and spread
her legs wider to grant him total access. She placed her hands on the back
of his head and ran her fingers through his hair as she slowly hunched her
hips up to meet his mouth and active tongue. Then she started her story,
in a soft low voice.

Bob honey, you knew I was dying to have some

other man fuck me. I thought about it a lot and

I started to want it so bad.

The man who fucked me has been flirting with

me for some time and touching me a lot. He

made it clear he wanted to fuck me. I was

afraid at first but the more I thought about

it, the hotter our sex got here at home. I

knew I had to do it. When you didn’t object

to the idea, I knew you wanted me to do it


Bob was licking and sucking her clit and her

full little cunt rapidly. It was clear he

was very much enjoying what he was doing…

and the story. Carol felt him slip two

fingers into her ass. They went in easily

since it had been well filled too. Bob

raised up briefly and looked into Carol’s

eyes, his own eyes full of lust, and he


“He fucked your ass too?”

“Yes honey, and my mouth, and obviously

my pussy several times. Now go back to doing

me and I will tell you all about it.”

She pushed his head back to her throbbing

cunt and she continued her story.

This morning I called him from my office and

asked him to meet me here at 11:00. We fucked

all day until just before you got here. I loved

it Bob. Almost as much as with you. I sucked his

cock a lot, he ate me a lot too, he fucked my pussy,

my ass. We rested and talked about sex. I got him

hard again several times with my mouth and he filled

my cunt with more cum. I came and came honey. I love

the idea of fucking another man. Maybe lots of other


Carol was having trouble talking as she built up to this huge orgasm.
She wrapped her legs around Bob’s head and screamed as she came and came
and came. Bob finally came up gasping for breath as Carol relaxed her legs
and fell back limp.

Bob sat up, gasping for breathe, licking his lips and looked down at his
slutty unfaithful wife. He got this big grin on his face and winked at
Carol saying,

“You did it. I wasn’t sure you would.”

Carol replied,

“I hope you can get used to it, I’m pretty sure it will happen again.
In fact I know it will.”

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The Evolution of Carol

Chapter 6

School Gets Better, A Lot Better

Again Bob smiled and repeated his comment,

“You really did it. I wasn’t sure you would, I knew you wanted to.
Hell the truth is I wanted you to do it too. And you did. You obviously
enjoyed the hell out of it. So did the guy, damn he came a lot.”

“Hmmmm you are right honey….I did enjoy it. It was so exciting.
Knowing I was being fucked by some guy not my husband. The sex was great
but the idea of doing something so taboo really made it even better. I
hope it doesn’t bother you too much. I want to do it again… and soon.”

Bob thought for a moment as he looked at his well used wife.

“It doesn’t bother me Carol. I have secretly wanted you to do this for
some time. It has been my favorite fantasy. The idea of other guys
fucking you… The only thing that bothers me is how much I enjoyed
cleaning his cum out of your cunt. I love it when you insist I do that. I
guess I wanted to do it but I needed you to ‘force’ me, to command me. I
guess I am a bit of a submissive huh? I like for you to tell me what to do

“So what honey… if you enjoy it, so what. I loved the idea you were
licking another man’s cum out of me. Maybe I can arrange for that to
happen often. I have a confession too, I was pretty submissive with him. I
did everything he wanted me to do. I loved it when he ‘made’ me suck his
cock and everything else. When we were fucking, he treated me like a slut
and I loved every minute of it. Maybe sometime I can be your slut too.
The way I feel I would do anything you wanted me too.”

There was a pause as both thought it over. Then Carol asked,

“Do you want to know who it was? Who fucked your wife?”

“Yeah… at least I think so… yeah I do!”

“Think about it. He is a good friend of ours, his wife too. They are in
the hiking club and as I learned, into open sex big time. In fact he
suggested it would be nice if you could get comfortable with him fucking
me, and maybe the two of you could do me at the same time. I love that
idea, I can just imagine two men doing me at the same time… wow!”

“Hot idea Carol, I could get into that. So his wife knows he screws
around and she does too? I have a pretty good idea who it was. My good
friend Dr. Joe Daniels fucked you?”

“Yeah … I figured you suspected it was Joe. Do you want to hear all
the details?”


“Well Joe has been trying to get me to let him for some time. Saturday
night he started playing with me under the table at the restaurant. It was
terribly exciting with his hand on my thigh as he sat and talked to you as
if nothing unusual was going on. I let him touch my pussy through my
panties. I was so hot. I almost came right there as he played with me. I
wanted him to do more. Yet I was afraid. Then Sunday morning when we were
over there, we went out to the pool house after you and Janette went into
the den.

I was horny as hell.. and nervous. When Joe started touching me, my
ass and my pussy under my skirt, I didn’t want him to stop. I had dressed
sort of sexy for his benefit. I let him play with me and he started to
finger fucked me … until I came. I had this fabulous orgasm as he had
fingers in my ass and my pussy. The truth is I wanted him to go ahead and
fuck me then. If he had tried I wouldn’t have stopped him. But he didn’t
try. Instead he pulled his hard cock out and pushed it into my face. I
gave him head until he came in my mouth. I had just sucked him off when we
came back into the house. That was when I learned I loved giving head. I
wish you had insisted I do that to you.”

Carol had been stroking Bob’s hard throbbing cock and now she said,

“I need you to make love to me baby. I need you to tell me you are glad
about Joe and me. Talk to me nasty… about Joe and me … while you
fuck me… please.”

Bob eased into her cunt, now freshly cleaned by his tongue. They were
into an easy slow swing of their hips, meeting each other’s strokes and Bob

“I’m thinking right now about Joe’s cock being where mine is. It is
exciting…. to think about another guy fucking my wife. What I really
want is to watch… him fuck you Carol. I also want he and I to double
fuck you. I want Janette too. I want you and Joe to watch while I fuck

Much later they lay in each others arms after a long refreshing shower.
It was almost midnight. Carol snuggled up close and said,

“Honey… I can’t tell you how much I loved letting Joe do me and I am
so glad you are OK with it. I can’t tell you how much I liked spanking
your cute ass today and ordering you to do nasty things. I also like being
told to do things. When Joe ordered me around I loved it. I liked it when
Alex spanked me. It made me hot as hell instantly. There are lots of
things I am learning about myself that I never dreamed were there. I am so
eager for you to have Janette and Alex that I can’t believe it. I’ve been
thinking about doing some other things. Like some of my students, the
other men in the hiking club, my Dean at school… the list seems endless.
I guess I should be satisfied with you and Joe and Alex and Janette in my
sex life. But I keep thinking about lots of others too. I need to know
from you…. how far are you comfortable with me going?”

“Carol, a real tiger has been freed. I don’t know for sure. If you came
home and told me how a student had fucked you I know I would enjoy hearing
about it. Same with Dean Edgers and the guys in the hiking club. I want
to hear all about what you do. I want to watch you with some of them.
Join you with some. I know how you feel. Janette suggested we become
lovers and I think I will call her in the morning to set it up. I want
Alex too.. I want Sue and Vickie and some others. I think we should let
it go where ever it goes and share with each other openly. As long as we
are both comfortable with what happens. I am learning there are parts of
me that scare me a little. When I am really totally turned on I think I
could learn to enjoy almost anything, even being spanked like you said, and
if you ordered me to do something, almost anything, I think I would do it.”

Carol tucked that little communications away for future reference as she
smiled to herself, kissed Bob goodnight and cuddled closer to go to sleep.


The next morning as she and Bob left for work she held him close and
kissed him and said,

“Honey .. don’t call Janette. Not yet. I would like to be there the
first time you are with another woman. I think it might happen this
afternoon with Alex. I want you to wait until then.”

“Sure … I can do that. But I will be home about 4:30 to watch you
and Alex… don’t disappoint me.”

When Bob had been gone for a few minutes Carol grabbed her books and
headed for the College. As she drove she thought about the late events.
She was horny… she had had more sex lately than she could have imagined
and it just made her hornier. Lots of things had changed. She thought,
her dress style – briefer and sexier with no bra, her attitude – more free
and more open, her walk – swinging her hips much more, letting her breasts
swing and bounce, even the way she looked at men – with a twinkle in her
eyes as she wondered how they would be in bed. That part of her has been
submerged far too long she decided. But no more…

She had a note to meet with the Dean about her fall schedule after
lunch. She had solid lectures the rest of the morning. Her first class
that morning was Old English Literature. As she walked into the class she
decided to put aside her regular lecture and to have some fun. Today they
would cover anglo-saxon mores, words, and dialects compared with the
Victorian view of life.

She walked into her class and she noticed the way a number of her
students looked at her. She had made quiet a change. It pleased her the
way she was being ogled and she thought, ‘I’m easy guys… make a move.’

As she announced her subject change there was a buzz of excitement. A
real hunk in the back row raised his hand and when Carol nodded he asked,

“Anglo-saxon words like fuck and cunt? Like that?”

There followed a number of nervous laughs and Carol maintained her
‘lecture’ face and replied,

“Those are the ones Dan. There are many more. The folks in that era
had good solid down-to-earth words for anatomy and the sex acts. Today we
have sanitized our language with terms like intercourse or coitus and
vagina. I don’t know about you folks but I don’t find our modern words
very interesting. I want each of you to spend some time in the library
looking up more of these words and the meaning. Also I want a one page
story using as many as possible. Perhaps if some of you like, you can read
your story to the class next time.”

A cute young lady in the second row raised her hand, then said,

“I have always been told not to use those words. Of course that made me
want to use them. I guess for shock value. Is that why we find them so

Carol smiled and said,

“Right Candy, some people feel they shouldn’t ever be used but I was
taught words are just words. If they bother some people then you have to
make a decision, either to respect their space and edit your words or to go
ahead. I try to use the proper set of words according to the environment.”

Dan raised his hand again and said,

“When do you use the anglo-saxon words, Dr Maddox?”

Carol smiled and answered,

“When I am frustrated with something, or angry I use them one way. I
use them entirely differently in bed. Angry I might throw something at you
Dan and scream, ‘FUCK YOU Dan Mathews’. In bed I might say, ‘oh Dan, fuck
me.’ It makes quite a difference doesn’t it?”

There were lots of questions and the class passed almost too rapidly.
After the bell sounded Dan stopped by her desk, he stood and stared at
Carol’s full breasts and the cleavage showing down her open blouse. Carol
noticed and shifted knowing they would sway nicely for Dan. Then he broke
his eyes away and said,

“Dr Maddox… would it be OK if I wrote an erotic story for the
assignment… maybe one about a student and his sexy female professor he
has been fantasizing about f-f-fucking?”

“That would be interesting Dan. As I recall you write quite well. You
would want to be careful and not embarrass anyone publicly tho.”

“Yeah I will… Dr Maddox, do you really like those words?”

“Yes Dan… in fact sometimes I love them, they can be a real turn on
for me.”

Carol looked around to see they were the only ones left in the lecture
hall and she smiled at him saying,

“I really get verbal in bed Dan. The words turn me on and I love it.
As you know I have to be somewhat careful as a faculty member, you have to
keep my little secrets. But the quickest way to turn me on is to say those
words softly to me.”

“You mean if someone said something like, ‘Dr Maddox, you are such a hot
looking lady I would love to eat your cunt and fuck you’, that would turn
you on?”

Carol glanced at his trousers and he had a large bulge indicating his
excitement. She smiled up at him and said, “Yes Dan…. of course the
setting has to be right too. Icould easily get turned on now if I didn’t
have to run to anotherclass so I can’t let your words effect me too much.
But I haveto admit Dan… what you just said excites me. Another time
…another place who knows.” Carol just looked in his eyes. If he could
have read hermind he would have known without a doubt she wanted him to
pursuethe subject. Then Carol stood and walked to her next class. Sheknew
Dan would be looking at her ass and she gave him somethingextra to look at
as she walked out. At the door she turned andsmiled warmly, thinking, ‘If
he makes a move he is in for onehell of a ride.” Her next two classes
passed without note and Carol foundherself waiting in the large outer
office of Dean Edger. Hissecretary smiled at her and said, “I love your
outfit Dr Maddox. You usually dress soconservative but that looks great on
you. Should cause a fewcomments from the students.” “Thanks Beth, I
decided I wanted to dress a bit more freefor a change. Do you think anyone
will object?” Carol noticed her eyes go over her body appreciatively
andthen she said, “Nope…. certainly not me. I think you look fabulous.
Itmight be fun to have lunch with you some day and watch thestudents ogle
your body. I’m sure the Dean will enjoy it too. He appreciates the female
body …. a lot.” Carol noticed that Beth was dressed a lot like she was,
ahot looking lady. Did she and the Dean….? Her thoughts werebroken then
as the Dean came out. Carol said to Beth, “I like the idea of lunch Beth…
call me.” And she walked into the Dean’s plush office. She felt hiseyes on
her body and then he said, “Carol, new wardrobe? I remember you as the
conservativeone. Nice change.” She sat down and made sure the Dean had a
good view of herlong legs. He seemed to appreciate them. He started
talkingabout the fall schedule as he ran his eyes over her cleavage.
Hetalked about how he had booked her pretty heavy with classes,maybe too
heavy. He wanted to talk to her about working with himon a new book he had
in mind. If she would be interested hewould leave a couple of hours open
each morning in both theirschedules so they could get together regularly.
It was clear to Carol the book was not all he had in mind. She was
delighted. She assured the Dean she would love to workwith him… on
whatever projects he had. He talked about theoutline of the book and
droned on and on. Carol got a littlebored and uncrossed her legs in an
exaggerated manner, sure thatDean Edgers got a good glimpse of her tiny
pale blue panties. The view disappeared and Dean Edger had stopped his
briefing. Hestood there silent for a moment. Then he smiled at Carol
andsaid, “Forgive me Carol my Dear, I get carried away sometimes. Wecan
discuss the book next fall when we get started on it. Howare you? You
certainly look fantastic.” “Dean Edger I…” He interrupted her and said,
“Please Carol, call me Don. I would hope we could work a lotcloser.” “Don,
I am doing wonderfully. I have been experimenting abit with a different
life style. I have taken up hiking in themountains and a number of other
fun things. I decided I wasn’thaving near enough fun or excitement. It is
difficult as afaculty member, one has to be so careful, but I decided it
wastime for me to loosen up a bit, at least off campus. I hope youdon’t
get complaints about the new me.” “I see Carol, well Dear… times have
changed a great deal. Even College Faculty can have a bit of fun now.
Even Deans. Thenew rules seem to be if you leave the young minors alone
anythingelse is OK. I had to speak with a fellow Professor recently.
Hehas a taste for the younger freshman girls. The way some of themdress
and act I can’t say I blame him. But unfortunately a fewof them tend to
tell their parents afterwards, when the goodProfessor moves on to new
fields, and they are left ’empty’ shallwe say. A couple of times it has
gotten a bit nasty.” Carol thought, ‘Damn was I the only one in the world
notscrewing around?’ Then Carol stood up noticing their scheduled time was
aboutup. He didn’t miss a beat as she flashed him again. He put hishand
on her waist as they slowly walked toward the door. Hepaused and asked as
he stared obviously at her large breasts, “Carol dear, how is your marriage
doing, Bob isn’t it? Nicefellow.” Carol smiled as she chose to interpret
his message her way,and she said, “It is great Don, we recently have opened
our lives to somenew friends and some new experiences. Very exciting. I
have toadmit I am only sorry we haven’t tried this long ago.” “That sounds
very interesting Carol. I would like to hear alot more about that. One
could interpret that a number ofways…. even sexual. Like in an open
marriage.” Carol smiled and felt his hand lower on her back. She wasfree
the next period, plenty of time before Alex was due. Wouldhe make a play?
She hoped so. Carol looked up at him and placedone hand on his chest and
said, “I don’t want to shock you Dean. I had always been so trueand
faithful to Bob. Then someone I admired a lot made a pass atme. I don’t
know what came over me but I didn’t even try toresist his advances. I was
an easy lay I guess. Afterwards I knewI would never go back to my old
life. Now Bob and I have agreedto a open marriage as you suggested. I am
new to it but I findI love it. I hope you aren’t disappointed in me
Dean… uh Don.” “Not at all Carol, I am delighted. The truth is I find
yourstory more than a little exciting. My wife is so reserved… Ienvy
you. Tell me Carol, how open do you mean? Are you planningon limiting
your activities to just this one man?” Carol smiled into his eyes and they
both knew the answer.His hand dropped under her short skirt onto her near
bare ass. As he caressed her Carol smiled, “Don…. I feel like I have a
lot of catching up to do. More than just one mentor would help a lot I
think. In fact Iwas looking for another mentor. Would you have any
suggestions?” “Carol I don’t mean to be crass, but I have an appointment
Ican’t get out of in 20 minutes. Could we….?” Carol smiled and lifted
her skirt catching the top of herbikini panties and shoved them down,
stepping out of them. Shehanded them to Don and sat on the edge of his
desk, spreading herlegs and said, “Hurry Don, at least we can enjoy a
quicky this time.” Don unzipped his trousers and Carol guided his hard
toolinto her easily. It was exciting, getting fucked in his officeby the
Dean. Not near long enough but good. He was older butgood… very good..
and he whispered into her ear little thingslike how nice she felt. She
loved that. They had a couple of minutes to repair their clothing andCarol
kissed him lightly and said, “Anytime Don… just call.” As she stood at
his door before opening it she looked at himand said, “Are you sleeping
with Beth?” He just smiled. “Students?” Again he smiled. As Carol walked
out she smiled at Beth and she noticed agorgeous, voluptuous young girl
sitting on the couch, waiting.Carol walked out with a huge grin on her
face. Back in her office she called Bob. When he picked up thephone and
said Hello, Carol replied in her sexiest voice, “Hi Bob, this is your wife.
I just let Dean Edger fuck me.” And she hung the phone up without giving
Bob a chance to sayanything. Maybe she would call Bob everyday with a
message likethat. And she headed for her car. As she drove toward her
homeshe smiled as she thought about she and Alex and Bob and…???

end chapter 6

The Evolution of Carol Chapter 7 Alex

Carol rushed into her home and jumped into the shower. Minutes later
she walked downstairs with only a towel wrappedaround her body. As she let
Alex in the front door, she lookedradiant and said, “Sorry Alex… I am
running late.. just got out of theshower, please come in.” Alex stepped
inside and her eyes opened wide as she lookedat Carol appreciatively. Carol
appreciated the way Alex was looking at her as shecontinued, “Alex, I need
to talk to you, I think you have a lot ofthe answers I need.. Sorry about
being so abrupt but that seemsto be the way I work lately. Last time you
said a lot of thingsI’ve been thinking about ever since. I would like to
talk aboutwhat you said…. about a female lover, about domination….
somuch has happened in my life. All of a sudden I seemed to havegone a
little crazy… Alex, I want to fuck almost everythingthat walks. And I
have all of these ‘unusual’ ideas.” Alex laughed delightfully and sat on
the couch as she said, “OK darling lets talk.” Carol stood in front of her
and looked down into her eyesand asked, “Are you a lesbian Alex?” “No baby,
actually I am bisexual Carol, but lately I seem toprefer women. I still
enjoy men frequently but I relate betterwith women. The truth is I like to
dominate men… make them dowhat I want. You would be amazed at the
number of men whowelcome that…. there are of course all degrees of
domination.From very mild to really sadistic. I don’t care for the
latterat all but the former…. Women enjoy it too…like you did
lasttime.” “Alex I am pretty confused. The things you did to me
lasttime…. how hot it left me. All that has happened….” And she told
her about Joe and what she had pushed Bob intodoing. About having sex with
Dean Edger. Alex laughed softlyand said, “Carol… we have a lot to talk
about… and do. I see youare a lot like me sweety, into it all. But
first come over hereand sit down next to me.” Carol smiled and sat down.
Alex said, “Closer baby.” Carol shifted over until her thigh pressed
against Alex’s. She looked up at Alex and smiled. Alex slid her arm
aroundCarol’s waist and pulled her closer as she bent to kiss her
lips.Their mouths opened and tongues explored. Carol felt one ofAlex’s
hands on her full bare breast as she pushed the towel outof the way. Carol
said into Alex’s mouth as the kiss continued, “Yes Alex…. tell me what
to do…”Alex broke the kiss as she pulled the towel open completely.
Sheleaned over taking a erect nipple in her mouth. Carol sighedloudly and
as she felt Alex’s hand drop to her love nest shespread her legs wide for
Alex’s exploration. Alex spread Carol’slegs wide apart and dropped on her
knees in front of Carol’s barepussy. Alex’s lips and tongue were soon
probing, licking andsucking Carols wet cunt. Carol was going wild in
response. When Carol was on the verge of her huge orgasm Alex stopped
andstood up. Carol looked at her and whispered, “Alex please don’t stop,
come back, I need you.” Alex smiled as she stripped her sweat suit off and
said, “I know you do baby. You will want it a lot more before weare
through.” Alex stood there nude and she was spectacular. Full bodiedand a
look of lust on her face. She placed one foot on the armof the couch
opening up her cunt for Carol to see. Then shesaid, “Carol get on your
knees and get busy.” Carol smiled and slid off the couch and buried her
face inAlex’s open crotch. Carol was busy as Alex crooned to her, “Yes
baby, lick me there, suck my clit honey…. yes youare learning fast….
put your fingers in me….” Alex came strongly and after a moment, sat on
the couch. Carol started to join her but Alex stopped her and instead
pulledher face back into her spread legs. Carol happily resumed her’work’.
Later, after Alex had gotten off several more times, Carollooked up at her
and asked, “Shall I stop for a while now?” “Yes baby come here and kiss
me.” As they kissed Alex played with her breasts and her open wetpussy, but
expertly stopped each time she started to cum. ThenCarol groaned, “Damn it
Alex don’t stop.. I need to cum so bad..” Carol heard Alex’s harsh voice
respond, “Don’t be insolent you little bitch.” And she pulled Carol across
her lap and spanked her threetimes rapidly, and hard. Carol rubbed her
ass. It stung but itwas starting to feel good too and she was so wet….
She wasexcited and wondered what was next. She also wondered how aspank on
her ass could make her pussy so wet. Again she feltAlex’s hand and she
cried out. One more time and then she feltAlex’s hand rub lightly across
her tingling ass and go straightto her open cunt. She slipped two fingers
into Carol and said, “You little slut. Your pussy is all wet and open.”
Carol picked up on the game and smiled to her self as sheducked her head
and whispered, “Yes…..” Alex slowly slipped her fingers in and out and
Carol moanedwith each stroke. “You are such a fucking little bitch, you’re
like a bitchdog in heat. Dying to fuck anything that comes along
aren’tyou?” “Yes Alex.” “You like me to finger your hot little pussy like
this,don’t you?” “Oh Yes Alex.. please.” “What will you agree to if I let
you get off Carol?” “Oh Alex… anything… please.” “If I had a female
friend her would you suck her pussy?” “Yes Alex…” “If I had a male friend
and ordered you to suck his cock,would you do it?” “Yes Alex anything…
only please get me off….” “If I had a group of ten men here would you
fuck them alllike the slut you are…? “Oh Alex please… yes… yes …
ten … twenty… yes.” Alex had been manipulating her clit and now as
she crossedthat line she let Carol shudder and cum…and cum, so hard
sheblacked out falling back on the couch unconscious. When Carol came too
Alex stood over her smiling, then shedropped her mouth to Carols pussy and
ate her lovingly until shecame, screaming, several times again.
Fortunately not as severeas before, this time she didn’t black out but
wonderfulnone-the-less. ***** When Bob came in the door he found Carol and
Alex in themiddle of the floor in a 69. He sat down on the floor next
tothem and watched fascinated. His cock was hard and throbbing andhe stood
up and stripped, sitting again stroking his hard cock ashe listened to the
wet slurping, gurgling sounds of these twomagnificent looking women eating
each other. They first noticedBob only after they both had an explosive
climax and Carol, whohad been on top fell on the floor beside Alex. Bob
scanned their two hot sexy bodies and he was dying tofuck something. He
didn’t much care what. Alex first noticed himand said, “Look Carol, we
have a guest.” Carol smiled up and said, “Hi honey, did you like watching
us?” “Yeah Carol, so much… damn you two were….are hot.” Alex pulled
Carol into her arms and hugged and caressed heras Bob watched. Then she
kissed Carol’s lips in a long heatedkiss. When she broke it she said to
Carol, “Well my little sweetheart, I think Bob is interested injoining us.
Why don’t we use him. You can sit on his face andlet him eat you while I
sample that nice hard cock I see.” Alex motioned for Bob to lay on his back
beside him. Bobsilently obeyed. Carol and Alex mounted him facing each
other. They rode Bob as they talked softly, kissed and played with
eachother’s breasts and clits. After a few minutes of this Alexstood up
letting Bob’s hard cock fall free. She smiled at Caroland holding her hand
out helped Carol to stand up. Carol atfirst said, “No Alex I’m so close.”
Alex swung hard, her finger tips just catching Carols hardnipple as she
slapped it. Carol moaned and looked up at Alex. She lowered her head in
submission and then quickly allowed Alexto help her up this time as she
heard Alex say, “You must develop control Carol. Make it last. Don’t
thinkwith your pussy. There are so many games to play.” Bob groaned as he
felt them leave. Looking up he said, “Why did you stop, Carol honey come
back and sit on mycock… I need you so bad…” Alex smiled, “Bob… of
course we both will come back, when we are ready.Until then be quiet, be
patient and do what you are told…” Bob’s eyes glistened with lust and
pleasure as he said, “Yes Alex….” Alex said to Carol, “Now baby, you sit
on his cock while I enjoy his tongue. Ifhe gets close to cumming stand up
and I will too. We will seehow long your husband can pleasure us.” Carol
eagerly joined the game. After the third time the twoladies stood up Bob
literally growled in his throat. Alex kneltbeside him and whispered in his
ear, “Carol is being a real slut. I want you to grab her andthrow her on
the floor and r**e her if necessary. Fuck her roughand hard do you
understand.” Bob nodded this animal look in his eyes as he slowly got upand
headed for Carol who was standing in the middle of the room.When she saw
the look on his face, she was unbelievably excitedas well as a little
afraid. She started to back away and Bobreached out and caught her wrist
forcing her to her knees as hedropped behind her. He pushed her face into
the floor hard as herammed his cock to the hilt in one movement. He fucked
her likean animal, hard uncaring… just trying to get off…. Carol
looked back at him as he plowed into her so rough. She started to speak,
“Bob…” But Bob slapped her ass hard and told her to shut up untilhe was
through fucking her. Carol shivered and came the first ofseveral times,
dropping her head to the carpet as her husbandcontinued ravishing her wet
pussy. They soon lay spent on the floor. Alex sat on the couch andwhen
they looked up she clapped her hands in applause, “You guys were
fantastic.” Carol slowly sat up and looked at Bob with new respect asshe
said, “Shit I’m going to be sore for a week you bastard.” Bob just smiled.
Alex dressed and kissed each of them roughly and left aftertelling them
both to be there at four on Monday of the next week.That they would skip
Friday this week. ***** Bob and Carol slowly walked up stairs arms around
eachothers nude body to the shower. They touched and kissed lightlyas they
showered. When they got into their bedroom still dryingthemselves Carol
saw this box on the bed from Victoria’s secret.She looked at Bob and he
smiled saying, “It’s for you my love.” Carol opened it and found a pair of
red shear hose, redgarter belt and red half bra, the kind that cover the
bottom ofthe breast revealing the top and the nipples completely.
Carolslipped it all on and as Bob whistled as she posed seductively infront
of the full length mirror. She looked gorgeous and exposedand so damned
sexy. She looked at Bob, “No panties, and my tits showing, I look like I’m
ready forone hell of a party.” Bob smiled and he felt his cock stir as he
said simply, “Yeah. I figured we were heading to an orgy soon.
Seemedright for that.” Carol walked over and slid her arms around his neck
andkissed him tenderly. Then she said, “I love you. Don’t ever forget
that no matter what we getinto. I love you and I appreciate the way you
let me go wild. Remember…Anything you want me to do, let me know.” They
dressed and decided to go out for dinner. When they returned it was about
eleven and the phone wasringing. Bob picked it up and heard Alex, “Bob
tell Carol that my girl friend and I are waiting forher at my apartment.
And Bob… she won’t be back until in themorning. We three girls are
going to have a party. Can youimagine what we will be doing Bob. You can
lay there in bed andmasturbate while you think of what three naked women
can do toeach other.” Then she hung up. He related the message to Carol
exactly.Carol began to undress. She folded the red lingerie neatly andsaid
she was saving that for him. Then she pulled a clean loosesweat suit out
of her drawer and started to put it on. Bobrealized she was dressing to go
meet Alex and his cock gotinstantly hard. Carol noticed and walked over
kneeling in frontof him saying, “I want to take care of this first baby.”
When she left she had brushed her teeth packed a small bagand kissed Bob
goodnight. As they walked to the door Bob asked, “If that had been Joe
instead of Alex, would you still begoing to spend the night with him.”
Carol kissed him, her tongue wild, she could tell he wasextremely excited.
She broke the kiss and said, “You mean if Joe called me some night and
wanted me to comefuck him all night, would I do it?” “Yeah,….. would
you?” “Yes my darling… I would… eagerly.” Bob smiled at his wife and
they kissed once more at thedoor, then Carol added, “Or I might ask Joe
over here so you both could fuck me.” She walked to the car and drove to
spend the night with twonew friends. Bob walked back to his bedroom
thinking, “What next?” He had a hard time going to sleep as visions of
three hotwomen together kept running through his head. ***** Carol returned
looking very tired at 8:00 the next morning.She obviously had slept little
if any. Bob was up and dressed. He kissed Carol, “Have fun?” “Ummm yes,
you have to meet Andrea, Alex’s friend. Hot…so hot.” Bob left after she
promised to tell him all about it thatnight. Carol showered and dressed in
one of her new outfits. Shegot to the campus just in time for her classes.
When shereturned to her office after her third class she found a largevase
of roses with a card. From the Dean, “Carol, darling…. I am delighted
to know the new Carol. Hope to ‘see’ a lot more of her soon.” No signature
but just the initials DE. She smiled… she loved flowers. She picked up
the phoneand dialed his office. Beth answered, and then Don. “Thank you
for the flowers… I love them…… I have thenext hour free if you
would like to drop by……. I will bewaiting Don.” As she hung the phone
up she smiled. She slid her handsunder her skirt and slowly removed her
panties dropping them inher desk drawer. Shortly, as expected, she heard a
knock at herdoor. Don stepped in and closed and locked the door behind
him. Carol stepped to meet him and slid her arms around his neck asthey
kissed. She felt his cock getting hard and she squirmedagainst it like
some teen-ager. Then as the kiss broke Donsmiled at Carol as he ran his
hands over her, “Carol darling, I hope soon we can find more time for
this,and a bed, maybe we can get away for a week end.” “I would like that
Don but don’t hesitate to come by for aquicky…. I love this it seems so
hot to rush together and fuckour brains out.” Carol stepped back and leaned
over on her desk and smiled atDon, “This give you any ideas?” Don stepped
up behind her, flipped her skirt up over herbare ass and entered her.
Later as he kissed her goodbye andleft, Carol smiled thinking, ‘I love
getting fucked’. Carol picked up the phone and dialed Janette’s
officenumber. “Hello, Dr Janette Daniels here.” “Hi Janette, how are you?
This is Carol.” “Carol… good to hear from you. I am fine. Joe says
youare real fine too honey.” “Janette you are going to embarrass me, but
now that youmention it Joe was great too. I called to see if you and
Joewould like to join Bob and I for drinks and dinner Friday eveningor
possibly longer?” “We would love to Carol. Joe said he was eager to see
youagain. Can I watch honey?” “Anytime Janette…. but about Bob…. I
am eager for thetwo of you to get together but let me tell you what I am
tryingto do with Bob.” And Carol shared some of what she had discussed with
Alex about training during the night at her apartment. Janette
wasdelighted, “Suppose that would work with Joe?” “We can try Janette. Can
you imagine having several menready to do absolutely anything you told them
to do.” “Yes I can Carol and it makes me wet.” “Me too Janette… we will
see you and Joe Friday then?” “We will be there… and Carol.. I am
delighted that youhave opened up. I have always thought you would be hot.”
“Thank you Janette, I like that. I must say you are myideal of a sexy
woman. Your complexion, those dark eyes, thatbody.. I can understand why
everyone wants you in bed. I bet youare good.” “Carol can’t wait til
Friday….. can we dress sexy.” “Yes please do…. the sluttier the
better… should befun.” Carol told her about her new red lingerie and
then shebroke the connection and dialed Bob as she thought about beingwith
Janette…. Bob may have to wait his turn with her. I factit might be fun
to make Bob wait and wait. “Hi Bob, … honey I just wanted to let you
know a couple ofthings, first Dean Edger just left my office. He fucked me
againhoney, it was very nice. I bent over my desk and he pulled myskirt up
and shoved his hard cock in me so deep… he reallyfucked me hard. I
think this might get to be a regular thingwith Don. The other thing is
leave Friday night open hon, theDaniels are coming over for dinner….
probably the night. Ihope you are ready to watch Joe fuck your wife? If
things workout you may get to fuck Janette. Maybe I will too.” She broke
the connection again and sat down and grinned fromear to ear.

end chapter 7

The Evolution of Carol Chapter 8 The Movie

Carol was waiting for Bob when he came rushing in the door.After Carol’s
call all he could think of was the image of Carolbent over her desk and the
Dean fucking her hard. It had excitedhim so much he had to leave work
early. Now he moved toward thebedroom eagerly. She was laying on the bed,
in a lot of waysjust the way the Dean had left her. No panties, her skirt
uparound her waist and her cunt full of the Dean’s cum. Bob stopped and
looked down at his wife. As he stared ather downy haired pussy Carol
spread her legs and said, “I kept it warm for you baby.” Without a word, he
went down on her and eagerly licked andsucked her pussy clean as she
started to cum repeatedly. Then hemoved up her body and filled her up
again, cleaning that out too.Training does work Carol thought as she
shivered with pleasure. They showered together and talked excitedly about
thepossibilities for Friday night with the Daniels. They dressed,Carol in
a very low cut blouse that showed most of her largebreasts, just barely
covering the nipples, and a very briefmini-skirt with no bra or panties.
Carol posed for him and asked, “Do you still love your sexy slut wife? Do
you like it whenI call and tell you someone just fucked your wife, again?”
“I do Carol…. I love you playing the slut.” Carol kissed him deeply and
said, “I love it too Bob. I guess I have always been a slutunderneath.
Now I love acting it out. I love fucking other menand telling you all
about it. I cum so wild when you eat theirstuff out of my cunt. I can’t
think of anything that would makeme hotter. But if I do I will want you to
do it.” They ate a light dinner and then decided to see a movie.Bob asked
her if she were going out like that saying, “You are really going to turn
some heads.” “Do you mind? Might be fun to expose myself to the men Isee.”
“I think I will enjoy it… almost as much as you.” They were early when
they got to the theater so they walkedacross the street to a small bar for
a glass of wine. To hersurprise and delight she noticed her student, Dan
Mathews sittingat the bar. She explained who it was to Bob and told him to
getthem a table… she wanted to say hello to Dan. Bob watched asshe
stood talking to her student. He could see the guy lookingdown at Carol’s
mostly exposed breasts and he wondered if Carolhad fucked him too. He
decided not yet or he would have gotten aphone call. Carol’s arm was
resting lightly on his shoulder, herhand trailing lightly up and down the
back of his neck. Then he stood up and the two of them walked toward
thebooth. Carol walked ahead of him and Bob smiled as he watchedthe way
Dan stared at his wife’s cute sexy ass. Carol slid inand introduced Bob
and Dan. They shook hands and Dan sat downbeside Carol. Bob mentioned he
had already ordered their wineand then Carol said, “Honey I talked Dan into
going to the movie with us, youdon’t mind do you? I like having a good
looking man on each sideof me. Especially in dark places.” Bob smiled
knowing exactly where Carol hoped to take this. He was feeling the
excitement as he was hoping for the samething she was. It was time, he
thought, that he saw his hotlittle wife in action with another man, not
just hear about itafterwards. He assured Dan he was welcome. As they
sipped theirdrinks Carol winked at Bob and turned her attention to Dan.
Bobwatched as she charmed him, and Dan enjoyed the view of herlargely
exposed breasts and her now hard nipples peeking outabove and showing
through the thin material of her blouse. After a moment Bob mentioned it
was time for the movie. Thethree of them walked across the street. Carol
slipped a hand ineach of her male escorts and squeezed them as her
excitementrose. She was glad she had nothing on underneath her blouse
andskirt. How far could she go with Dan in the movie? Sheremembered the
movie house had a balcony, usually used by teen-agers to make out. When
they waited in line Carol said, “Honey get three tickets in the balcony
will you please?” Bob smiled as he turned to get the tickets – Dan smiled
ashe looked at the sexy teacher he was so hot for and said, “Carol you are
gorgeous and so sexy. I never dreamed Iwould have a college professor that
looked like you.” Carol leaned against him and kissed his cheek lightly as
herbreast pressed against his chest. “Thank you Dan, I love that. Be
careful you might startsomething.” Bob returned with the tickets and the
three of them headedup the stairs. They sat in the very back of the
balcony which toCarol’s delight was very dark and deserted. When they
wereseated she asked Bob to go get a box of popcorn for them toshare. Bob
smiled to himself and headed for the lobby, decidingto take it slow and
give Carol some time to work on Dan. He wassure Dan was ready to jump
Carol but not with her husband around. When Bob left, Carol leaned over
closer to Dan and asked, “How is your anglo-saxon story going Dan?” “Really
good Dr Maddox. I am enjoying writing it. But itmakes me so damned
excited.” Carol stopped him and told him to call her Carol outside ofclass.
Then she asked him what it was about? Dan looked at her for a moment then
replied, “Carol… it is about this guy who is a student, like me,who has
this literature class with this gorgeous sexy professor,like you Carol.
She drives him wild with her hot fucking body.” He stopped and looked at
her and said, “Excuse me Carol but that’s the way the story goes,
rememberlots of a-s words.” “Don’t apologize Dan… I love it. I
especially like tohear you use them. Remember what I said…. about how
theyturned me on. Well they are doing it now.” And she touched his arm and
leaned into it until her largebreast pressed hard against him. Dan dropped
his eyes to herbreast rubbing on his arm and when he looked up at her,
Carolsmiled at him, then urging him to continue his ‘dirty’ story. “Well
anyway this guy is dying to fuck this sexy professor. Every day he tries to
look down her blouse hoping to see her bare tits. He tries to look up her
skirt to see her tight cunt.”

Carol smiled and placed her hand on his leg, interrupting him and

“How do you know her cunt would be tight Dan?”

“I just knows it would be. I … I mean he dreams about how tight her
wet cunt would be on his hard cock. Anyway one day he goes to her office
planning on trying to fuck her but when he gets there he is interrupted by
another teacher and they just talk.”

“Too bad Dan… I wanted him to would fuck her. Does this student know
that his professor frequently gets hot and bothered over some of her
students, especially this one guy. The student should tell the professor
exactly how he feels, and what he wants. He might be pleasantly

“Damn I wish….”

“You wish what baby?”

And she squeezed his thigh.

“Oh fuck Carol… you are so hot. You make me so fucking hot. You
know I am the guy in the story and you are the sexy fucking professor. I
have been dying to fuck you since the first class period.”

Carol leaned over and lightly kissed his lips, letting her tongue dart
out. Then she smiled at him and said,

“I know baby… I have been hoping you would make your move. I have
been wanting you too. I want you to fuck me. You are a hot young man and
you turn me on so much. Right now I am very wet.”

She caught his hand and kissed it and then placed it on her breast. He
squeezed gently thrilled with the feel and the idea of what he was doing.
Then he remembered Bob and pulled back.

“What’s the matter honey?”

“Your husband will be back any time.”

Carol slipped her hand into his lap and wrapped her fingers around his
hard cock through his pants. She looked him in the eye and said softly,

“Darling, Bob knows I fuck other men. He approves of it. Don’t worry,
what ever you do to me Bob will enjoy watching.”

“Are you serious Carol?”


Then Bob came around the corner with the popcorn. He saw Carol’s hand
in Dan’s lap on his cock and he sat down and smiled at them and offered
them both some of the popcorn. They weren’t hungry for some reason and Bob
sat there and munched on it as he watched his wife play with this young
man’s rigid cock. He saw her hand move up and down on his cock. He saw
Dan nervously look up at him knowing he could see what his wife was doing.
Bob smiled and nodded to Dan, trying to put him at ease. Then Bob almost
choked on the corn as he heard Carol say,

“Dan honey.. take your cock out.”


“Yes here… now.”

“Bob watched as Dan unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock free.
Carol’s hand encircled it and she stroked it’s full length. Dan couldn’t
believe what was going on. Then he heard her say to Bob,

“Honey keep watch for me for other visitors… I’m going to suck Dan’s
beautiful big cock.”

And Carol dropped on her knees in front of Dan. Soon her head was
bobbing up and down on his cock rapidly. Dan threw his head back as he
enjoyed her mouth. It didn’t last long and Dan blew in her hot mouth.
Carol drained him and sat up licking her lips as she returned to her seat.
In a moment she looked at Dan and said,

“I want you to come home with us tonight. I want you and Bob to fuck me
all night long. Interested?”

“Hell yes Carol.”

Carol got up and told Bob they were all three going home. Then she
whispered to Bob,

“You won’t have to wait til Friday to watch me get fucked.”

In the car Carol sat in the middle between them and she leaned over and
kissed Dan deeply. As the kiss went on Carol caught Dan’s hand and placed
it under her short skirt on her bare pussy. Dan lightly stroked her at
first but soon was rapidly finger fucking her cunt as Carol moaned loudly.
The odor of sex in the car was strong and Bob was hard and damned excited
as he watched this young man play with his wife.

As he pulled the car into the garage, the three of them almost ran to
the bedroom, stripping and strewing clothes along the way. Carol jumped on
the bed on all fours and commanded Dan to fuck her dog fashion. As he
mounted her she motioned for Bob to kneel in front of her and she soon had
his cock buried in her mouth. Carol moaned as she enjoyed two cocks in her
for the first time. The idea of it drove her wild as she came… and for
another first she deep throated her husband as he came down her throat.

A bit later the three of them sat on the bed talking and Carol told them
how hot it made her to have both of them. Then she looked at Bob and said,

“Honey, you are neglecting your duty. Clean me please baby.”

Bob’s eyes glazed and without hesitation he turned Carol on her back,
spreading her legs wide as he lowered his face to her full cunt. Carol
came immediately and as Bob continued licking and sucking, she smiled at
Dan and said,

“Maybe you can add tonight to your story baby.”

Dan was hard again and Carol reached over and took it in her hand. She
stroked him and said,

“I love sex so much.”

And she stiffened and came again for Bob’s tongue.

They showered and walked bare ass into the kitchen. Carol poured more
wine and as they stood around the kitchen sipping it Carol smiled and said,

“Damn I love this. Two sexy men, standing naked with me. You guys are
both fantastic in bed.”

Then she looked at Bob and said,

“Honey did you enjoy eating Dan’s cum out of my pussy?”

Bob dropped his eyes smiling as if embarrassed but said,

“You know I did.”

“Well Bob don’t be embarrassed, after you fuck me I plan on Dan eating
your cum out of me.”

Then she looked over at Dan and said,

“You will do that won’t you Dan honey. You won’t mind eating my pussy
full of Bob’s cum, will you?”

Dan smiled and answered,

“Carol I will do anything you want as long as you let me fuck that
incredible body.”

Carol sat her wine down and dropped on her knees before Dan and sucked
his cock deep in her mouth. She motioned for Bob to move beside Dan and
she alternated sucking both of their cocks.

The rest of the night was a blur as Dan took her from the rear and she
sat on Bob’s cock. As predicted Dan cleaned her hot little cunt out

Later Carol slipped on a robe and drove Dan back to the bar to get his
car. As Carol drove Dan said,

“Carol this is like my wettest dream, I can’t believe I fucked you.”

Carol laughed and said,

“I remember that big cock of yours for sure baby. In fact I would like
to have it again soon.”

“Carol anytime you want…. this is to die for. I still have trouble
realizing I fucked you, especially with your husband watching. That is so
fucking hot.”

“It is…. I’m getting wet all over again thinking about it.”

“I’m hard as hell Carol, could we….?”

“Yes… as soon as I get in the parking lot.”

Shortly Carol killed the engine and slid down in the car seat as Dan
crawled between her legs. The car rocked for some time. When Carol sat up
she smiled at Dan and said,

“Thank you baby, your cock feels so good in me.”

Dan kissed her goodnight and moved to his car. As Carol drove off she
thought, ‘Bob, Joe, Don, Alex, Dan…..’

Later as she crawled into bed with Bob, she cuddled upagainst his back,
pressing her bare breasts into his back and Bobsaid, “Have fun tonight?”
“Yes…I loved it. Bob I am changing so fast. I sometimesthink I want to
fuck the entire male population and a good dealof the females too. Did you
like watching Dan fuck me tonight.” “I did…. but I especially liked
watching you blow him inthe movie theater. I wanted you to fuck him right
there… inpublic.” “Maybe next time I will…..I think we could arrange
that.He fucked me again in the car in the parking lot behind the bar.”
Carol was delighted then as Bob, without a word, rolled overand went down
on her again.

end chapter 8

The Evolution of Carol

Chapter 9

The Dinner Party

Carol spent the next day getting everything ready for the Daniels that
night. Carol didn’t think much would go on before they were all ‘fucking
their heads off’. All four of them knew Joe had been with Carol several
times. Carol thought, ‘what if I had sex with Joe while Bob watched, then
had sex with Janette but didn’t let Bob do anything except lick Joe’s cum
out of me. Maybe I could make Bob do something even hotter…. before I
let him have Janette.’

Mid afternoon Carol called Janette with several ideas. Janette loved
Carol’s plan and arrived as requested about four. They had each called
their husbands and told them to be there at 6:00, and not a minute before.

Carol and Janette sat over wine and chatted. As they talked Janette
told Carol how glad she was that she and Bob had decided to swing. Carol
shared with Janette the details about everything that had happened to her
lately, including making love with Joe, Alex, Don and Dan. She told
Janette all about Alex’s instructions on how to train her husband. She
told her all about the night with Alex and Andrea and the love making and
conversations. Janette smiled and said,

“You have really come out of your shell with a bang, no pun intended.
And you enjoyed making love with other women?”

“Very much, in fact I loved it…. Janette… I was hoping maybe you
and I ……”

“Yes Carol I would like that very much.”

Carol stood up and took Janette’s hand in hers and lead her to her

It was over an hour before they were done. In that time the oral sex
had been fabulous. Janette told her that the next time she would bring her
strap on dildos. Carol made a mental note that she should get herself one
of those… for Bob. When they finally showered, dressed and returned to
the den, it was just in time for the men to join them. Joe and Bob were
right on time and let themselves in together. They walked toward the den
calling. They found Carol in the red lingerie outfit Bob had given her and
Janette was in an identical white outfit of her own. Both of the ladies
were posing displaying all of their tempting assets soooo nicely.

The guys just stood and stared at them for several moments. They looked
at each other feeling a little strange that each of their wives were
posing, better than nude, with everything open to view for both of them.

Then Joe started toward Carol. But Carol held up her hand and said,

“Not so fast lover… tonight is going to be different. Tonight is
ladies night. You and Bob are not allowed to touch anything or do anything
until Janette or I tell you to. If you are both very good, you will get
even more than you hoped for. If you don’t obey us, you may go without
pussy for a long time. The guys smiled, this was a new game and they both
liked games.

Carol spoke again,

“First dinner, no touching unless it is done by Janette or me. Over our
meal I expect to hear lots of sexy stories, about your sexual conquests
boys. Maybe Janette and I have some to share too. It can’t be anything
any of the rest of us is aware of. It has to be a new, previously untold
story. Now sit down boys and lets dine.”

As they ate, Janette said,

“Joe honey, why don’t you start off with a story.”

Joe started to relate a story about one night when he was out of town on
business. He had been sitting in a bar when this couple walks in. They
were both attractive and obviously scanning the room for something. When
their eyes found Joe they both smiled and headed for his table. Without a
word they sat down and then she looked at Joe and said, ‘Hi… this is a
bit unusual but we are looking for a man, like you, that might be
interested in an exciting night.’ Then the guy says ‘This is Jane and my
name is Gene, you see, I like to watch my lady having sex. Sometimes I
join in as a threesome, sometimes I just like to watch. Are you
interested?’ Joe told how he looked her full body over and just smiled and
said, ‘Let’s go’. They took him to their apartment nearby and as soon as
the door closed Gloria attacked him. It lasted most of the night. The guy
just watched. It seemed like a dream as I left, but it was great sex.

The others applauded and Janette went next. Her story was about how she
had been at a medical convention, she and Joe always went separately. She
had been in the elevator going to her room when these three Doctors got on
the elevator (still wearing their name tags, as was Janette). Janette told
of how they looked her over in her brief mini outfit and one guy whistled
and said, ‘Damn Doctor, I wish I had a MD like you.’ Janette was feeling
pretty horny and she smiled and said, ‘You don’t want me for a MD baby..
that would get in the way of all the fun.’ Another of the guys chimed up,
‘What kind of fun were you thinking about, Janette?’ (from her name tag)
She replied, ‘The same kind you are Paul.” The third guy said, ‘Which one
of us?’ To which Janette replied, ‘How would you all like to come to my
room?’ She told about how she had entertained all three of them, all that
night and half the next day.

Then Carol interrupted the stories to instruct the boys to strip out of
their clothes, and then sit back down. Janette and Carol watched as they
did it and they were both sporting huge boners.

Janette smiled and said,

“Damn this is nice, maybe we can get all the hiking club involved?”

Carol quickly asked,

“Are any of the others ‘active’ Janette?”

“I suspect so. Vickie and Ray are into light bondage according to what
Vickie told me. She came to me professionally after they got a little
carried away one night. She had strained against the ropes so hard she had
a nasty rope burn. Nothing serious. And Sue is a real nympho. I
understand from some mutual friends that Sue can’t say no… to any guy..
or gal. Tom is totally unaware of his wife’s outside activities.”

Bob reached out to touch Janette and got his hand slapped. The guys
looked at each other and sat down again. Carol suggested Bob next.

Bob started with how he had already told Carol everything except this
one occurrence he had held back. It was a little embarrassing. Then he
started to relate how in high school, when he was 16, he had been seduced
by this female teacher. She was married to another teacher so Bob and his
new lover only made love in her apartment when her husband was gone. Then
one day after it had been going on for about a month, he ‘caught them in
the act’. He acted mad but somehow Bob said he didn’t seem mad. Then he
told me I was in big trouble if I didn’t do exactly what he wanted. I had
no choice so I did what he wanted. It ended a few weeks later when they
were caught trying to seduce this 12 year old female. They were run out of
town and I never saw them again.

Bob acted like he was through but Carol smiled and jumped on it,

“Wait a minute Bob. Not so fast, you can’t just tease us. You haven’t
told us what happened. What did he want you to do?”

Bob looked very uncomfortable, then he looked at Carol with this look of
pleading, but to no avail as Carol said,

“We’re waiting Bob. Honey we will enjoy hearing about it no matter
what. None of us will be shocked. I think we all know what happened but I
want to hear about it…. tell us baby.”

And she dropped her voice to a whisper,

“Did he make you suck his cock honey?”

Bob stared at her for the longest time and then said softly,

“Yes… and the other too.”

Carol said equally softly,

“He fucked you in the ass…”

“Yes, but it always had to be as I was fucking his wife in the ass too.”

Carol said,


Janette touched his arm and said,

“I know that may have been hard on you Bob but remember, Carol and I do
that all the time, we love to suck cock and get it in the ass. Don’t be
embarrassed sweety. Just think, you have much more in common with Carol
and I, and a lot of other women, hell men too.”

Then everyone looked at Carol,

Carol started saying,

This happened a long time ago too. I have never told Bob about this,
afraid what it might have done to him then. It happened one time a year
after Bob and I had met. I had been very sexually active before meeting
Bob. Then I fell in love with him and it all stopped, except with Bob.
Then one summer I spent a week with Bob and his family in their home. It
was a couple of months before graduation and our wedding. This night Bob
and his Mom and Dad went out shopping. Bob’s older brother stayed at home
with me. I loved Bob but I also had a crush on Bill his brother. Bill was
something of a shit. Anytime no one was looking he would feel me up, my
breasts, my ass, and if he could between my legs. I would slap his hands
but he would just laugh. The truth is I enjoyed it. Bob and I hadn’t had
sex since we got to his home and I was getting hornier and hornier. After
Bob and his folks had gone, Bill came into my room. He closed the door
behind him and he looked me over and said, ‘Baby I am gonna have me some of
your pussy.’ I told him to get the hell out but all he did was to pull his
hard cock out. It was huge. As I stared at it I knew I wanted it. I
fought, but less and less and I finally gave in and let him fuck me. By
the time he finished I was eagerly going after it too, he had gotten me off
several times. I loved every minute of it. For a while I reverted to the
old Carol and fucked his head off. Later we dressed and he said, “I know
you aren’t going to say anything about this. Bob couldn’t handle it. The
wedding would be off and I know you love Bob. I want more of your pussy
baby, so until you and Bob get hitched you are mine anytime I want you.’
After that night, he came into my bedroom almost every night until I left.
I never argued with him.

Now Carol looked over at Bob for his reaction, Bob smiled at her,

“I suspected something Carol. But I didn’t want to know, not then. I
was so in love with you I didn’t even want to entertain the idea. It’s
funny, I’m still in love with you but now I find it exciting. Maybe we
should ask Bill to come visit us.”

Everyone applauded again and Carol stood up. Dinner had been finished
for some time and she caught Joe’s hand in one of hers and Bob’s in the
other and lead them to the living room. Janette knew what was coming and
she smiled broadly.

In the living room she said,

“Remember what I said earlier, unless you want to be cut off for an
extended period, you both will do exactly as I say. We are going to start
with a nice threesome. Bob honey I want you to eat me while I go down on

Carol lay on her back and pulled Bob into place. She was already so
ready, as were the others, from the stories and the nudity. As Bob’s
expert tongue went to work Carol gasped and it was a few seconds before she
could motioned Joe to straddle her chest and feed her his cock. As she
sucked him she strained silently as Bob got her off. When Joe finally
exploded in her mouth she pushed him away and pulled Bob to her lips where
she kissed him deeply filling his mouth with Joe’s cum. Bob was so worked
up he swallowed it immediately. Carol broke the kiss then and told Joe,

“Joe honey, fuck me please. But I want Bob to put it in for us. Would
you do that please baby. I want to watch you guide Joe’s cock into me.”

When Bob hesitated Carol frowned and said,

“Damnit Bob, you heard what I said. Grab Joe’s cock and guide it into
my hot cunt.”

In a daze Bob felt his fingers wrap around Joe’s hard cock and he
started the head of it into the outer lips of Carol’s swollen cunt. Joe
shoved it in to the hilt as Bob watched from inches away. Carol was
groaning and then she told Bob to straddle her like Joe had and she sucked
him eagerly, stopping as he got close to cumming. When Joe let his load go
in Carol she squealed and came again with him. Then Carol told Bob,

“Go sit on the couch honey. I want you to watch while Janette eats me
and Joe fucks Janette dog style.”

Bob groaned, his cock hurting so bad, needing to get off. But Carol
smiled at him and said,

“If you are a good boy I will let you fuck Janette soon. First you have
to start Joe’s cock in Janette.”

Bob took his seat and watched as Janette crawled between his wife’s legs
and started eating her pussy. Carol bucked and went wild but Janette
stayed with her. Then Joe was up again and stepped up behind his wife.
Bob walked over and helped him find his wife’s cunt. Joe again sunk his
shaft in one stroke.

Later Carol lay spent on the floor. She motioned for Bob to lay beside
her and she kissed him deeply saying,

“Damn this is great. Are you dying to fuck something baby? I know you
are. Soon maybe, after you eat Janette and clean her up good I will let
you fuck her… maybe.’

Bob shivered. He wasn’t sure who he was anymore. This waiting… the
need to obey Carol… it thrilled him to the core. His anticipation became
his pleasure too. He moved over to Janette and soon had his tongue buried
between her trim legs. Carol and Joe watched and Joe whispered to Carol,

“What are you doing to Bob? Seems like you are trying to make him your
slave or something.”

Carol smiled sadistically at Joe and said,

“Your turn is coming Dr Daniels.”

She let Bob bury his flagpole in Janette’s freshly cleaned love box
then. She marveled at how Bob threw himself into it. She grew jealous of
Janette the way Bob plowed into her. Janette groaned and gasped and
came,… and came, never slowing Bob a bit until he finally came in a
horrendous climax. As he strained trying to shove even more into Janette
he passed out, rolling over on the floor.

Having two MD’s around was comforting. They both quickly checked on Bob
and pronounced him OK. Joe and Janette dressed and left then after setting
a ‘dinner party’ at their house the following week. When Bob came around,
Carol was laying beside him stroking his face gently, tenderly.

He looked up at Carol and smiled…. Carol kissed him sweetly and told
him how much she loved him. Then she lead him to the shower and to bed.
Bob was on his back and Carol lay on top of his chest and beside him. Now
she raised up on her elbow and looked at Bob for some time before she said,

“Darling, why didn’t you ever tell me about the teachers?”

“Because I found it embarrassing. I know I’m not gay and what he made
me do was difficult to talk about.”

“Then why did you bring it up tonight?”

“I’m not sure…. I think it has to do with all we have been doing
lately… I think I wanted to purge….”

“How many times did you do it?”

“A lot… until they got caught. Maybe 25 – 30 times.”

“Did you do both things every time?”


“Did you like it honey?”

Bob stared off into space for awhile. Then he returned his gaze into
Carol’s eyes and he swallowed hard. He didn’t say anything and Carol
kissed his cheek and said softly,

“Baby…. understand me, I see nothing wrong in what you did. I do
both all the time and I love both. It might be nice if you did too. It
could open up some really wild parties. I can just imagine ‘forcing’ you
to go down on some guy. Wow that would be a trip. The other too. Anyway
I am glad you told us about it.”

She kissed him and lay her head on his chest and soon they were both
asleep…. but Bob did dream….

end chapter 9

The Evolution of Carol

Chapter 10

Alex’s Party and Sue

Saturday was a very ‘normal’ day. All morning and into the afternoon,
Carol and Bob did their chores around the house, Carol was especially
tender with Bob. He had done everything she had wanted him to with the
Daniels. He had also revealed a lot that surprised her. Now she slid her
arms around his neck and kissed him and said,

“Honey… I appreciate what a ‘good boy’ you were last night. I love
how obedient you have become at times. How can I show you my appreciation?
Would you like to take control sometime or do you prefer the other?”

“Carol, I don’t know…I feel very strange about it all even yet. I
guess it will take some getting used to, but it felt so good just to do all
the things as you ordered me around last night. Even the weirder things
you had me do like handling Joe. I admit I enjoyed it all. I’m not sure
what that makes me…..”

“Bob honey, you are the psychologist, you know I am just tapping into
some hidden parts of you. Getting you to do things you want to do anyway.
I think you should relax and enjoy it. You know I won’t insist you to do
anything you don’t really want to do. I was envious of you last night…
the waiting… the obedience… getting off so hard that you actually
passed out.. wow! You know I love you, and I appreciate you for doing all
of it for me. I loved the way all three of you did my bidding last night.
It was quite a circus wasn’t it?”

“Yeah… to say the least. By the way, I would like to discuss you and
my brother Bill a bit more. I want to hear more about what happened that

“I would love to share it all honey… I’m sorry I didn’t tell you
before but I was afraid what you might do. What would you like to

She was interrupted by the phone. As Bob listened he heard her say
‘Hello … Oh Hi Alex… Of course, I would love to… Oh really… that
does sound like fun. Right I will see you at 7 then.’

As she hung up the phone she smiled at Bob and said,


“I gathered.”

She wants me to come to a little party at her place tonight, … all
night…. you don’t mind do you baby?”

“No… not as long as I get a full report tomorrow.”

“Bob…. it will be Alex and Andrea as before ….. plus ….three
male friends of Alex…. maybe a few others…..”

So there it was, Bob thought, Carol was going to a ‘small party’, an
orgy, at Alex’s. Bob knew what she would be doing with the other two women
….and the three guys…. and any others. Bob felt the excitement
building in his gut, and his growing erection.

He didn’t say anything and Carol continued,

“Bob honey you OK? I won’t be doing anything I haven’t already done…
at least I don’t think I will.”

Finally Bob smiled and said,

“I hope you enjoy it a lot. While you are at Alex’s would you object if
I called someone… like Sue Parson? Remember what Janette said about Sue
and I know Tom is out of town for the next week.”

“Bob that is a great idea.”

And to Bob’s surprise Carol reached for the phone. In a moment he heard
another conversation, “Hi Sue, Carol….. Yes thank you. Sue would you
like to come over this evening for a quiet dinner and some conversation,
since Tom is out of town. Bob especially wanted you to come over…. you
would, that’s great. Oh yes Sue, Bob has always admired you. He tells me
all the time how sexy he thinks you are. And Sue maybe you might want to
bring an overnight bag in case we talk late into the night and you decide
to stay over. I know going into an empty house is a real drag late at
night. Great, at 7:30 then…. Bye hon.”

She put the phone down and smiled at Bob,

“It’s all set. She is coming prepared to spend the night. You and she
can have a nice dinner that I will prepare for you and then from what Joe
and Janette said, all you have to do is lead her upstairs to our bed.”

“I think I can handle that…. Carol, it’s only you who can control me
the way you do… I think.”

“Honey I do think we are both going to have a great night. But while I
am fixing dinner for you and Sue, would you rinse out my new red lingerie
set…. I think it will make a hit at Alex’s party tonight….”

Bob smiled as he rinsed the outfit thinking he had to get her some more
like this. Then he started getting excited about it all, Carol at an orgy,
Sue… tiny, petite, sexy Sue.

Carol fixed their dinner and let her mind play with the possibilities of
her coming evening. She was nervous and excited…. three new guys….
and others… Alex had promised her a surprise…..

At 6:45 Carol kissed Bob good night and told him to have fun. She had
slipped on a loose long dress over her red party suit, as she had started
to call it. Bob smiled and wished her the same as she left for her all
night party.

Dinner was ready to put on the table. Bob went upstairs for a shower
and then he dressed in slacks and a sport shirt, no shorts. At 7:15 the
doorbell sounded. Bob smiled and opened the door, glad she was early. Sue
stood there, all five foot of her. Bob took in the sight. Short but well
proportioned. He breasts were her most dominant feature. Full and firm,
they showed nicely above the low cut top of her dress. In addition to
being low cut it buttoned all the way down the front. The first button was
undone revealing a good deal of cleavage between her great tits. Her waist
was tiny and swelled into nice wide hips. Trim legs revealed from mid
thigh down. Bob felt his cock twitch as he looked at her. All of this
took only a fleeting second as he asked Sue in.

“Sue, I apologize but Carol had to leave… emergency, won’t be back
until tomorrow sometime, after lunch probably. But I would love to have
you stay and have dinner with me. Save us both from having to eat

“Oh… I’m sorry Carol had to leave. But I’d love to have dinner with
you Bob.”

But the way she smiled at Bob she didn’t look sorry. She walked in past
Bob and touched his chest as she walked by. Bob closed the door and smiled
to himself… very pleased so far, excited… and horny.

He poured both of them a glass of wine and turned the CD on to some soft
slow music. Sue sat down on the couch, as she did her short skirt raised
higher on her nice thighs. Bob glanced down at her legs and then up to her
eyes. As he passed her breasts the cleavage was damned impressive. Sue
didn’t miss his glance and she smiled saying,

“This is a good chance for us to get to know each other better Bob. We
hike together, been to a few parties together, dinners but I can’t remember
ever having a chance just to talk with you. Sometimes I’m nervous when a
guys wife is around.”

Bob sat down on the couch a foot or so away and nodded,

“I agree Sue. I think this will be very enjoyable….”

He was interrupted by the buzzer in the kitchen. He stood up and
offered Sue his hands to help her up. She took them and slid forward. As
she did her skirt hiked up and Bob had a brief view of sheer black panties.
Her dress dropped as she stood and Bob lead her into the dining room. Over
a delicious dinner they chatted about a number of things. Sue seemed to be
getting more comfortable. She kept touching Bob’s hand and arm as they
talked, even his face lightly with the palm of her hand.

Bob dropped his eyes to her breasts. Her top just barely covered her
nipples now. Some how her top seemed to be creeping downward. After one
look that lasted a little longer as Bob ogled her nice breasts Sue smiled
and said,

“Bob you make me feel a little funny the way you look at me… there.”

“I’m sorry Sue but you really have lovely breasts. Forgive me for
staring but they are beautiful.”

“Thank you Bob, I appreciate complements like that. You are very

They looked at each other for several seconds without a word. Sue
licked her lips over and over. Bob was well aware now how easy it would be
to get Sue in bed. But instead of going for it then he changed the subject
to the hiking group. Sue said,

“Bob… how well do you know the guys in the hiking club?”

“I don’t know Sue… I guess some… not a lot…we just hike…

“I hear the Daniels are pretty open…”

“Open…. what do you mean?”

Bob enjoyed playing the word games as he started to get more excited.
He knew very well what she was leading up to. Sue smiled and touched his
hand lying on the table for just a second. Then she pulled back and said,

“I’ve heard from some friends of mine that they have an open marriage.
That they both see other people…. for sex.”

“Really Sue. Are you sure of that?”

“My friend said Joe asked her and her husband to ‘party’ with he and
Janette, in a hotel room in the city.”

“And did they?”

“Yes.. at least according to my friend, they spent the week end
together, with nothing off limits…. you know sexually. They did
everything according to my friend.”

“Wow Sue…. that sounds interesting. Damned exciting. Do you and Tom
do that?”

“Oh no, are you kidding. Tom and I enjoy sex a lot but Tom would never
even consider that.”

They had finished eating. Bob stood up knowing his semi erection was
going to be obvious. Sue glanced down and smiled as he said,

“How about moving to the den, much more comfortable?”

Sue stood up as Bob pulled her chair and strolled into the den ahead of
Bob. In the den she turned and faced Bob. The music was slow and easy and
she said,

“Dance with me Bob?”

Bob pulled her into his arms and they shuffled slowly to the music. He
loved the feel of her breasts against his chest, her loins against his
semi-erect cock. He also knew she couldn’t miss it pressing into her. She
buried her head in his neck and slid both arms around his neck. Bob’s
hands dropped low on her back. They seemed to have stopped moving but just
swayed to the music. Bob felt her press against his cock harder as she

“I like the way you dance Bob.”

Bob’s answer was to run his hands down over her trim ass cheeks and then
up her sides brushing across her full breasts from the sides, returning to
her ass as he squeezed and stroked it lightly, saying,

“Hmm Sue you feel so good…. You said you and Tom didn’t play around
with others,…. have you ever….?”

Sue’s breath was heavier, she was obviously turned on as she said,

“Bob…. sometimes I just get so horny….”

Bob moved to meet her full parted lips. The kiss was long and deep.
They both were breathing very hard as they kissed and Bob’s hands cupped
her beautiful breasts. Sue only moaned softly as he pinched her nipples
and he felt her slowly hunching against his fully hard cock. Bob
unbuttoned three more buttons on the top of her dress and it was open to
her waist. His hands slipped in on her bare beauties and Sue moaned loudly
and broke the kiss saying,

“Yes Bob honey… I love that.”

Bob picked her up and carried her to his bed. She kissed him wildly as
they walked the short distance. He pulled her dress off leaving her hose
and panties as he lay her on the bed. She posed sexily for him as he
stripped. Standing beside the bed Bob stroked his hard cock and said to

“Slide your panties down baby.”

Sue made a production of it and Bob enjoyed the show, her full breasts
bouncing nicely. Bob spent the next ten minutes his face buried in Sue’s
love nest. Sue gasped and came in a frenzy that almost scared Bob. Bob
slipped up beside her later and Sue guided his weapon into her extremely
wet cunt.

Bob found Sue was a very active lover, each time Bob came she let him
rest only minutes as they talked and then she played and kissed and sucked
him back to full erection to fuck him again. Two hours later having cum
four times in Sue’s hot cunt, Bob smiled and cuddled her to him and said,

“Tom is one lucky guy Sue… you are great in bed.”

“Thank you sweety… Tom and I screw a lot…. but I still always seem
to be horny. I was delighted when you said Carol wasn’t going to be here.
I have thought about this with you for some time but we have never been
alone. I loved doing it with you. I hope we have other opportunities.”

Bob cupped her full breasts and rolled them in his hands as he said,

“I’m sure we will Sue…. but tell me, have you ever been in a
threesome? Or more?”

“Hmm Bobby, what do you have in mind? Yes sweety I have enjoyed
threesomes with 2 guys and with couples a few times. Well maybe more than
a few. Damn, if Tom ever found out he would have a fit.”

“I sure won’t tell him Sue… I want to play with his wife a lot more
in the future.”

“Bob… are you asking would I like to join you and Carol in bed? The
answer would be yes… anytime… or you and another guy, yes to that too
baby. I seem to be ready almost all the time…”

Bob kissed her and smiled sucking on her hard nipples briefly then
looking her in the eyes.

“How often is Tom out of town? Seems like a lot.”

“It is… usually about ten days a month. It’s not all bad.. like

“If there was a party… like an orgy type party, would you like to be
invited, if Tom were out of town?”

Sue caught his growing manhood and sighed,

“I think I would love it honey, who would be there?”

“Well Joe and Janette, Carol and I have been partying with them some
lately too. Mmaybe Vickie and Ray, I hear they are a little kinky…
haven’t approached them yet. Plus a small group that Carol knows. Maybe a
dozen or so in all.”

“Bob…I would love it. You can count on Ray and Vickie….. they are
one of the couples I have threesomes with frequently. Vickie likes to tie
people up and do all kinds of things to them… I loved it. And tell
Carol for me… I like girls too… a lot.”

Bob was hard again and Sue mounted him slowly, getting into a slow easy

“Sue next time Carol will have to be with us. Can you come back
tomorrow night? Let me warn you… Carol is pretty dominating at

“I like that too honey. Hmm I really love your cock… Damn I just seem
to love everything about sex.”

The phone rang. Sue continued her movements as Bob picked up the phone.
Bob told Sue,

“It’s Carol.”

Sue smiled as Bob heard Carol say,

“Hi honey… you and Sue having fun?”

“Right now Sue is sitting on my cock for about the fifth time tonight.
She is one hot little lady… for sure… wants to be with both of us…
and even more.”

Carol replied,

“Good honey, and I wanted to tell you I was wrong about tonight. I told
you I wouldn’t do anything I hadn’t done before, … well I did…. like
three guys at one time…. wow… it was fabulous… one of the men here
is bisexual… I thought of you and your teachers. I loved watching the
men doing each other. We need to talk honey. I want you to come with me to
Alex’s next party. But I gotta go now… someone wants me again…”

Carol hung up. Bob let the phone fall out of his hand onto the bed as
he was cumming in Sue’s wildly hunching pussy at that moment… his head

It was mid morning the next day before Sue left. They had gotten a
couple hours of sleep. Sue kissed Bob and said,

“I’ll be back about 6 tonight honey… I can hardly wait. If I didn’t
have to be home later today for some of Tom’s business stuff I would just

And Sue was gone, for a little while. Bob waited for Carol as he sipped
his coffee. And thought about her phone call the night before…