The Ex-Daughter-In-Law

Lee went into her house and heard sounds from the
bedroom. She walked in and saw Tom her husband tied to
the bed and Jen her ex-daughter-in-law teasing his cock
and slapping it. As she stood and watched, Jen was
calling him bad boy and telling him she was going to
spank his ass. She untied his feet and lifted them over
his head and retied them to the bedpost.

“Bad boys need a good spanking,” she said, and started
slapping his ass as Lee watched in amazement. She knew
she should walk in and put an end to it but her and her
husband hadn’t had sex in a long time and she found
herself getting excited just watching. His ass was
turning bright red and he was telling his mistress that
he would be a good boy from now on and do anything she

Lee’s hand was stroking her pussy watching the hot
action on the bed. She hated Jen since she married her
son but at present she wanted her husband to suffer for
cheating on her. She stroked harder as she saw Jen
pushed two fingers in his ass.

“From now on, you are going to do what I say and not
what that slut wife of yours tells you?” Jen asked.

“Yes mistress, my ass is yours only,” replied Tom
moaning from the probing of his ass.

“I’m going to make you dress up in her pantyhose and
parade around the room while I spank your ass,” Jen
said, untying Tom from the bed. When he was untied, Tom
immediately ran to the dresser and pulled out Lee
pantyhose and started putting it on.

Lee still watching from the door was getting close to
cumming and started putting two fingers in her pussy
with her other hand. She was so close, that she failed
to notice Jen had came around the door and both ladies
stood facing each other with Lee totally red in the
face. Tom was too embarrassed to even look at his wife.

“Well look what we have here,” said Jen, noticing Lee
fingers in her pussy as she froze in embarrassment.
“Slut is masturbating while I beat her husband. Did you
like what you saw slut.”

Lee didn’t know what to say or do. She needed to come
even if Jen had to see it.

“Yes mistress,” she replied and pushed the fingers
deeper in her pussy.

“Get your cloths off slut and get that finger out of
your pussy. I always wanted to get even with you slut
since you help your son throw me out of this house.”
Jen told her.

Lee undressed in front of the younger Jen. She was
fearful of what she would do to her but to excited at
present to resist.

“On you hands and knees slut.” Jen commanded.

Lee dropped on the floor naked on her hands and knees.

“I seem to remember someone telling me I needed a good
spanking. I think it was you.” Jen teased. “Now that
the tables are turned, tell me to spank that fat ass of
yours. Tom get me the paddle.”

“Please mistress, I sorry.” Lee begged. “Please spank
my fat ass.”

“Crawl to the kitchen and get on all fours on one of
the chairs.” Lee told her.

Humiliated, Lee crawled towards the kitchen with Jen
walking behind her. Ever so often, she could feel Jen
toe push between her cheeks. Tom was following meekly
behind in her pantyhose only with the paddle. She
slowly made her way on top of the chair seat with her
ass pointed out in back for a perfect target.

“I own your husband slut so I just as well own you
too.” Jen laughed at her. Taking the paddle from Tom,
Jen leaned back and hit Lee ass hard with it causing
her to yelp from the pain.

“Only the beginning slut,” she said, hitting her again.

Lee was doing a balancing act on the chair trying not
to fall off and avoid the next hit at the same time.
She knew her ass would never be the same again as tears
were forming as she started to cry. When she could take
no more, Lee started begging Jen to let her be her slut
and toy.

Jen seeing she had broken Lee, asked Tom to get behind
her. She lowered his panty hose and pulled out his

“Fuck my new bitch in the ass,” she demanded.

Lee had never been fucked in the ass before but didn’t
resist till Tom penis was in her entrance. The pain was
not as bad as she thought it would be but it still
hurt. She started begging Tom to go slower but Jen
slapped her ass and told him to get it in now. The push
almost knocked Lee off the chair as tried to relax her
ass muscles for the invader. As he started withdrawing
it, she relaxed momentarily till he pushed back in. It
still hurt but she was excited again and her pussy was

When Jen finally saw Lee pushing her ass back with the
rhythm of Tom cock, walked in front of Lee and lifted
her dress showing her pussy to the elderly woman whom
she had despised.

“Do slut want to lick mistress pussy?” She asked.

“Yes, mistress please let slut eat your beautiful
pussy,” moaned Lee feeling the urged to cum again.

“Maybe later,” said Jen. Turning around she presented
her ass to Lee face and pushed back till she felt her
nose buried in her crack.

“Eat my ass bitch,” she said smothering her face with
her blossom ass.

Will the cock pushing in back and the ass smothering
her face in front; Lee started doing the only thing she
could. She pushed out her tongue and starting licking
the asshole edges.

“In my ass, bitch,” demanded Jen.

Lee started working her tongue in the tight bum hole
till she had it loosen enough to work it. Jen was
rocking back and forth as if it was a dildo. She felt
Tom cum in her ass as she herself came shortly
afterwards. The ass in her face silenced her moans as
her hold body shook in rhythm.

Jen moved off her tongue and turned around and slapped
her face.

“Did I say you could cum slut?” She yelled.

“No, mistress, I sorry, I couldn’t help it.” Lee

“Both of you will be punished for cumming without
approval. Tom get down there and clean your mess from
her asshole. I’ll be back in a moment and it better be
clean.” She warned.

Tom got down on his knees and started licking Lee
asshole, as she stayed balanced on the chair enjoying
the feeling.

Jen returned in a moment with two large black dildos in
hand. She pushed Tom head back and preceded to shove
one in Lee ass as she gasped from the onslaught of her
already loosen asshole. It had little trouble getting
in as Jen proceeded to tape it to her ass cheeks with
duct tape. Tom was a different matter however, as he
pleaded for mercy as it was inserted and taped the

“Now we are going to play a little game.” said Jen
helping Lee off the chair as she screamed from the
dildo pushing up her ass farther when she got up. “I’m
going to take a seat and watch you little bunnies hop
around the table and when you get to me you are going
to wiggle those fat asses of yours till I spank them.
Now get moving.

Lee almost fell from the first hop and the dildo pushed
deep in her ass as she descended downward and the tape
held her ass cheeks tight around it. She proceeded on
with Tom doing the same behind her. When she arrived at
the chair again, she wiggled her ass at Jen.

Jen slapped her ass on the dildo causing her to jump up
and then proceed on moaning from the pain in her ass.
She could hear Tom receiving the same dose behind. Her
pussy was soaking wet but her ass was on fire at the
same time. She didn’t’ know which was worse.

After 5 rounds, Jen let the slaves get on the floor in
front of her with head down and ass up. She rested her
foot on each one dildo pushing in slightly.

“Tell me sluts whose ass this is?” She asked them.

Both responded it was Jen as she smiled and pushed
more. She had plenty of plans to get even with these
two. Her dreams of revenge for the way they treated her
when she was part of the family had just started.

Turn around girl slut and lick my pussy. Boy slut stand
up and lick my tits while that slut wife of yours puts
her ugly face where it belongs.” She demanded.

Tom quickly got up and started licking Jen tits as Lee
slowly crawled around and buried her face in Jen pussy.

Jen was stroking on Tom cock so that Lee could watch it
inches from her red face.

“You see this cock slut,” she said, stroking it in and
out. “This wimpy dick is mine now and you are not
allowed to touch it unless I give you permission. Is
that understood?”

Lee looked up from Jen pussy.

“Yes mistress,” she meekly said, burying her tongue
back in Jen pussy.

Jen climaxed on Lee face. Putting her feet on her
shoulders, she pushed her on her back on the floor as
Lee screamed as the dildo hit the tile.

“Just a reminder, whose boss,” she smiled down. “Now
get your ass up and mop the kitchen floor clean. “Tom
go outside and weed the flowerbed in back. No, you may
not remove your plugs.”

Tom hobbled out the house with his ass still plugged in
his pantyhose while Lee slowly got up and went to get
the mop. When she had the bucket full and the mop damp,
she proceeded to mop the floor till Jen came up and
slapped her ass.

“Do the rest on all fours slut.” She commanded her.

Lee protested how she was supposed to use the mop, but
Jen slapped her on the dildo causing her to yelp.

“Use your tits, slut.” Jen laughed. “Dip them in the
soapy water and start scrubbing. It better be clean by
the time I get back from outside.”

Lee soaped her tits and started rubbing the floor with
them. She could hear Tom yelling from outside and
couldn’t resist a peak through the glass door. As she
looked, she saw Jen had picked up a switch and was
swatting his ass as he had his face buried in the
flowerbed pulling grass.

His ass was wiggling up from the bed as if he was stuck
and Jen was striking it at will. She could have watched
forever as her pussy was flowing in wetness, but knew
she better get back to work or no telling what she
would do to her. When she was almost done, Jen came in
with Tom crawling behind with sweat pouring down his

“You are not done yet slut. Switch, switch, she struck
her ass several times with the switch. Hurry up. I have
other things for you to do.” Jen demanded pissed. “Tom
crawl you butt to the living room. I’ll be there

Tom crawled past as Jen stood on Lee side as she
increased the pace of cleaning the floor.

“Now you know what those flabby tits of your are good
for slut,” she smiled down. “When you get done clean up
the mess and come to the living room. I’m going to ride
that stiff cock of your husband for a while and
afterwards you are going to clean my pussy. Aren’t you

“Yes mistress,” said Lee not looking up. She needed a
cock herself but dared not tell Jen for fear she would
hit her with the switch again. Finishing the floor and
cleaning all the tools, she walked into the living room
to see Tom on his back with Jen sitting on his cock
bouncing up and down. Both were moaning in lust as she
saw Jen body shake from her orgasm.

“Don’t just stand there slut,” she said, looking up.
Rising from Tom cock, she proceeded to lower up to his
head and turning around lowered her pussy on his face.
“Clean boy toy,” she said. “Slut get down here now and
clean boy toy cock.”

Lee dropped to the floor and crawl over till her head
was above Tom cock. She pushed her tongue out and was
about to lick his cock when Jen grabbed her hair and
told her to open wide. When she did, Jen shoved her
head down so that Tom cock was buried deep inside.

“I want you to get all of it slut. It may be awhile
before I let you have more.” She laughed.

Lee was bobbing her head up and down on Tom cock with
Jen directing her speed.

She hoped her son and daughter didn’t show up today to

Lee finished cleaning Tom cock as Jen kept forcing her
head lower and lower on it. She was being treated like
a dog yet she loved it. Maybe this was what she needed
all her life. She was really getting herself off when
the door open. She looked up and saw Lynn her daughter
who was supposed to be in college standing there
looking down. Fear took her as she tried to rise up and
run but Jen had a good grip on her hair and wouldn’t
let her remove her mouth from Tom cock.

“Don’t worry slut,” said Jen, “your daughter has been
my slave for over 3 months along with your husband. I
had a boyfriend meet up with her and have trained her
very well. Remember all those names she used to call me
and then brag about how much better she was? Doggie get
over here and remove all your clothes now.”

Lynn walked over with head down and started removing
all her clothes in front of Lee eyes. Lee was shocked
that her daughter had been caught in the web like she
was. There she was with her mouth stuffed with Jen
holding her head down and watching her own daughter
removing her clothes.

When she had them all removed, Jen made her turn around
and bend over to show Lee her ass. There was a tattoo
on one cheek that said property of Jen. Lee almost
gagged in surprise. Jen let loose her hair.

“Don’t you want to go over and kiss this slut daughter
of yours like you normally do. Go ahead give her a kiss
on her better half, her ass.” Jen laughed.

Lee got on her knees and waded over to Lynn bent over
ass and started kissing her ass cheek.

“So nice to see a mother kissing her daughter ass,”
said Jen laughing. “Your daughter found out that her
face wasn’t that pretty after all. The guys much prefer
to have her lick their asses and stick their cocks up
her ass, which they say is prettier. Puppy tell mama
here what you are.”

Lynn sobbing said, “I am mistress Jen puppy dog. I love
to crawl around and play doggie games. I love to lick
ass and have mine fucked. I am nothing but a dog toy to
be used.”

“Good doggie,” said Jen, “now get on the floor like I
showed you and show your mother how a doggie crawls
around. ”

Lynn got on all fours and started crawling around the
room and wiggling her ass as she crawled. She was
barking as Lee watched in amazement. Tom having seen it
before laid and didn’t move.

“Isn’t she cute,” said Jen, “come here doggie and do
what you do best.”

Lynn crawled over and buried her face in Jen ass as Lee
could hear slurping sounds from underneath. She was
ashamed of what she had just witnessed almost as much
as to what she herself had become.

“I been thinking of making Lynn into a maid but then
I’ll lose my doggie to lick me when I want. What do you
think slut? Do you want to be my doggie and let Lynn be
my maid? How about you Lynn? Do you want your mother to
take your place as my doggie?” Jen teased them.

Lee didn’t speak for a while as she was thinking of her
situation. Jen was giving her a chance to let her
daughter out of a most embarrassing situation but only
if she agreed to replace her. She couldn’t make up her
mind what to do as she felt Jen squeezed her right tit

“Well slut? Do you want to be the doggie or maid?” She

“Ashamed of herself,” Lee replied. “Mistress I want to
be your doggie.”

Jen smiled down and told Lynn to get up and go to the
bathroom and prepare her a bath. “Take Tom and tie him
to the toilet. I want him to lick the toilet cover his
slut wife sat on before I have to go. I love to pee on
his face while I sit on it. Be sure to have his ass
nice and red for me to look at.”

She smiled as Lynn got up and grabbed Tom by the hair
led him to the bathroom

“Well slut, let see how well you can perform.” She
stared down smiling at Lee. “Start crawling and be sure
to wiggle that large ass of yours while you barked. You
better make it good or I slap you ass raw.”

Lee started crawling as she had seen Lynn do earlier.
It was totally embarrassing as she yep like a dog and
tried to wiggle her large fanny. Several times, Jen
came over and slapped her hard on the cheeks to get her
in the mood. The plug still taped to her ass made it
very unnatural. She crawled at least 3 times around the
room before Jen called her over to do her favorite
doggie chore. Picking up Lynn panties she made her come
over and then grabbing her hair, started rubbing them
all over her face.

“Get a good whisk, doggie.” She told her.

Throwing them across the room. She demanded Lee fetch
them and bring them back. She laughed as she saw her
crawling and barking wiggling her fanny. Picking them
up in her mouth she brought them back as Jen patted her
head and proceeded to do it again. After 3 tosses she
tired of the game and dropped them on the floor.

“Come here doggie and turn around. You can hump your
pussy on my leg.” She demanded.

Lee was totally humiliated and crawled forward. Turning
around she started rapidly pumping her cunt on Jen legs
panting like a dog in heat. She heard Lynn return to
the room and announce to Jen that her bath was ready,
but she didn’t care. She was a dog in heat. She came as
she looked up to see the look of disgust on Lynn face.
She kept rubbing her cunt till Jen pushed her ass away
with her other foot. Demanding Lynn get the dog collar
and her mother’s panties off the floor, she attached
the leash to her neck and told Lee to chew on her
panties till she returned from the bath.

Laughing at her chewing on her own panties, her and
Lynn left the room towards the bathroom.

Jen walked into the bathroom and saw Tom tied to the
john with his head resting on the lid. His ass was all
red in back as she admired Lynn handiwork for a moment.

“You call this red.” She turned and faced Lynn. “If you
are going to be my maid you had better learn to take
care of my pets. Turn around and bend over. Spread that
fat ass of yours.”

Grabbing the brush, she took careful aim and spanked
Lynn between the ass cheeks with the bristle part of
the brush. Lynn cried out in pain.

“Next time, his ass better be red inside and out,” Jen
said hitting her again.

“Yes ma’am,” said Lynn as the blows rained on her
asshole. “Please I’ll do better next time, I promise.
Oh, please. She started crying promising to do a better

Jen finally ceased and sat on the toilet with Tom face
in her pussy. “What do you say, boy toy.”

“Please mistress, pee on my face.” Tom begged.

Jen let loose peeing on Tom face as she look down as it
splattered down his chin.

“Now that your wife is my doggie, I can live here
forever. Want that be so nice. You won’t have to hide
and come over anymore. I can spank you anytime I want.”
She taunted him.

“Yes mistress,” said Tom with piss all over his face.

She got up and got in the tub, demanded Lynn come and
bathe her. Lynn immediately fell on her by the sides of
the tub and started rubbing her hands with soap.

“That’s it slut. You are to clean me all over with your
soapy hands and then tongue each part to make sure it
clean. I don’t want to have to spank you again.” She
warned her.

“Yes mistress,” said Lynn running her hands up and
around her breasts as Jen laid back and closed her eyes
to enjoy it to the fullest. The bitch was always

bragging about how rich and beautiful she was and now
she was nothing other than

a slut she would use for her pleasure. She was getting
wet as she started on her pussy and raised her ass up
slightly so she could get underneath. She now had the
whole family except her ex-husband whom she had a
friend already working on. His ass would be hers soon
also. She was horny with the thought as she gripped
Lynn hair and pushed it down between her legs in the

Ah, that tongue feels so good she thought as she
started moaning from the licking she was getting down
there. The slut thought she was getting it better going
to doggie to maid, but she had another thing coming,
she smiled as she continued to enjoy the tonguing
guiding her face down lower to her asshole. Looking
towards Tom, she could see his cock pointed out from
beneath his legs as he was watching from the john.

“Get your head in that john,” she said. “I didn’t give
you permission to look did I?”

Tom put his head back in the john which hadn’t been
flushed yet as Jen finally came. Gosh, that felt so
good. Pushing Lynn head aside, she told her to get the
towel and dry her off. As she got out Lynn fell to the
floor and dried her feet off.

“Maid, untie Tom and let him clean his face in the tub
before you let the water out. Be sure to flush the john
too. I’ll see both of you when you’re done cleaning in
the living room. I think I’ll play with my doggie again
for now.” Leaving the room, Lynn started untying Tom
from the john, neither dared to disobey from fear of
punishment. She couldn’t help rubbing his cock as she
was untying him wishing she had a cock in her pussy
right now, but knew better without permission.

Jen entered the living room to find Lee still chewing
on her panties with her ass up still taped and plugged.
What a lovely sight for the woman who had treated her
so bad when she was part of the family. It’s just for
starters she thought as she walked up behind her.

“Does doggie love chewing on my panties?” She asked.

Lee glanced up barking and returned to the panties. She
had heard most of what had happened in the bathroom and
wished she had seen it. She was so hot at present, that
she knew she must have made a puddle on the floor.

“I’m glad,” said Jen. “You have lots of panties to chew
on since you don’t need them anymore. I’ll even let you
chew on Lynn since she won’t either. Isn’t that nice.”

Bark, bark.

“I think its time for you to use the bathroom.”
Grabbing her leash, she led Lee crawling behind and
outside the backyard. Lee was too excited now to
protest any longer. Finding a spot by the bushes, she
pointed to it and said, “This is your new potty. We
haven’t trained you yet for the house so you’ll have to
use this till we do. Now go pee.”

Lee crawled forward and squatted on the ground and let
loose. She was a dog in heat and didn’t realize how bad
she needed to go till she had felt the breeze of the
cool air on her cunt. She hated what she had become but
didn’t know how to resist it anymore. She had always
been a proud woman who could dominate others and now
found she was more excited by being a slut than any
other time in her life. Yes she needed it no matter how
humiliating it was.

Finishing her duty, Jen had her crawl forward and rub
her pussy on the grass to clean it. Pulling her alone
she led her back into the house. Tom and Lynn were
already in the living room as they arrived with Lynn
standing up and Tom on his knees on the floor. Jen led
Lee to a chair and then had a seat.

“I have decided that I am going to stay here full time
so let�s get the rules straight. You Lynn will be my
maid and serve my every need. You will be responsible
for anything boy toy and doggie does and will be
punished with them. So I suggest you learn to control
them. I have enough on you to keep you as a slave for
as long as I want. Since I cannot blackmail Tom anymore
with the pictures of him and me, he has the option to
leave but I will send them to his company and friends
and try to destroy is career. Do you want to leave boy
toy?” She asked.

“No mistress, I am here to please you.” Tom begged.

She looked down at Lee humped on the floor watching
what was going on. “Doggie you may leave now if you
want but your husband and daughter is mine and you can
take only what clothes you can get in your hands. The
choice is yours. You can start a new career moneyless
or you can be used by me and live to regret it. Which
will it be?”

Lee didn’t need anymore time to think. She was now as
obsessed as the rest of her family and immediately
replied that she was only a dog to be used.

Jen decided to test the situation. Lynn you are to take
doggie and boy toy over to the corner of the room and
spanked their asses till I come. You know how I like to
see red asses. She laid back in the chair and watched
as Lynn pull Tom by the hair to the corner and then
came back grabbing Lee leash and led her to his side.
Pushing their heads down in the corner she started
slapping their asses while Jen started masturbating her
pussy slowly. She wanted them bright red and didn’t
want to come too early.