The family farm

Ralph was eighteen years old and still a virgin. So
because of that he spent lots of time looking at porn on
the Internet and jerking off late at night. He could
jerk off three times a day thinking about fucking a sexy

Ralph lived alone with his mom, Brittany. She was a sexy
chubby forty year old and divorced. She raised Ralph as
a single mother for the past sixteen years.

It was July and Brittany and Ralph went to their family
farm at her grandparents farm thirty miles away. Even
though the grandparents passed away a few years ago, the
farm was still kept in the family. Brittany and her
family would take turns staying there to enjoy the
countryside. Everybody agreed it was time for a long
weekend for a family reunion.

Brittany and Ralph were greeted at the farm by her
parents, Mickey and Dee both in their late sixties and
in excellent shape.

Then arrived Brittany’s forty-two year old brother Gary
and his forty year old wife Nicole with their twenty one
year old daughter Cindy.

Ten minutes later, Brittany’s thirty-eight year old
sister Janelle arrived. Janelle was single and her
career as a scientists kept her too busy for any

Ralph looked at Cindy and loved the sight of her shapely
body with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. He
hadn’t seen Cindy since the last time he game to the
family farm. That was six years ago and he was in awe
with how she had grown into a sexy woman.

Cindy looked at Ralph and even though Ralph was still
skinny, she thought he had grown into a cute guy.

“Hi Ralph, it’s been a long time,” said Cindy.

“I know,” he said then they hugged.

The family reunion was going to start.

The family farm was on thirty acres of land with a creek
that ran through it. The farm house had three bedrooms
down stairs and a large attic that was turned into an
additional bedroom. The attic was where Cindy and Ralph
would sleep when they were younger. The only problem was
it only had one queen size bed that Cindy and Ralph
shared during those past visits. But they were younger
and didn’t mind.

So again to repeat history, Cindy and Ralph were
instructed by their parents that they would again have
to share that bed in the attic. Ralph didn’t object and
the thought about sleeping next to his sexy cousin
started to get the b***d flowing to his cock. Cindy
wasn’t sure she wanted this but knew if she objected her
grandparents would be upset. So she figured she could
tolerate it for five nights.

The first day of the family reunion was everybody
relaxing around the farm. During the past six years,
Cindy and Ralph hadn’t keep in touch so they hung around
and chatted about their lives during the past six years.
They started to become the buddies they were when they
were younger.

It was nighttime and everybody retired to bed.

Cindy and Ralph headed up to the attic to their bed.

Ralph slept in a tee shirt and gray sweet shorts without
any underwear. He felt kinky and wanted to go commando
with Cindy in the bed next to him.

Cindy also felt a little kinky and slept with a tee
shirt, no bra, and white panties.

They climbed up into the bed and Cindy slept to Ralph’s
left side.

It was two in the morning and Ralph woke up. He glanced
over to his right and saw Cindy asleep on her back with
her face looking at the ceiling. He could sense that she
was sound asleep and started to get horny then felt a
little brave.

He cautiously leaned over and planted a light kiss on
Cindy’s forehead to see how she would react. She didn’t
move or wake up.

He ever so cautiously leaned down and let his lips
lightly touch Cindy’s lips. She didn’t move or wake up.

The feel of his lips lightly touching Cindy’s lips gave
him a boner. He was so turned on by Cindy that he had to
relieve himself.

So he felt brave and slowly removed the covers off his
body. He looked and Cindy was still sound asleep so he
felt it would be safe. He removed his tee shirt then he
reached down and lowered his sweat shorts down to his

There he was on his back with his seven-inch rock hard
cock exposed to his sleeping cousin. This was such a
turn-on for Ralph.

He grabbed his hard shaft with his right hand and
started to stroke his cock. While he stroked his cock he
glanced at Cindy. “Fuck me Cindy,” he whispered. Cindy
didn’t wake up.

The feeling of being naked next to his sleeping cousin
was too much for Ralph. It spurted out globs of hot cum
all over his chest. Cindy didn’t wake up.

Ralph still felt kinky for just jerking off in front of
his sleeping cousin so he got some cum on his index
finger of his right hand.

He moved his hand over to Cindy and lightly placed the
cum on Cindy’s lips.

Even though she was asleep, she felt something on her
lips and used her tongue to lick it off. She moved and
slept on her side with her back to Ralph.

Ralph put his tee shirt back on his chest even though
his cum was still splattered on his chest. He pulled up
his shorts and fell asleep.

The next day was the same and Ralph was a little nervous
that maybe Cindy might have noticed what he did last
night. After lunch that subject wasn’t mentioned by
Cindy so he knew he was in the clear.

The rest of the day was relaxing and it was time to hit
the bed in the attic.

It was one in the morning and Ralph woke up horny again.
He thought about last night and decided to try it again.

He looked to his left and saw Cindy sound asleep on her
back with her face in Ralph’s direction.

He removed the covers off his body. He removed his tee
shirt. Cindy didn’t wake up. He lowered his shorts to
his ankles. Cindy didn’t wake up.

His cock was rock hard thinking about Cindy’s face in
his direction to where she could see his cock.

Ralph started stroking his cock thinking about Cindy.

After a few seconds of stroking, he didn’t notice that
Cindy stirred a little. She opened up her eyes and it
took a few seconds for it to dawn on her that her cousin
was jerking off in bed.

“What the fuck are you doing?” she said but actually was
impressed with the size of his cock.

Hearing her voice startled Ralph and he knew he was
caught. He frantically pulled the covers on his body.
“I, ah, I, ah,” said Ralph and didn’t know how to

“You were jerking off. That’s what you were doing,” said

Ralph looked ashamed. “Yes, I was,” he said. “Don’t tell
anybody, please,” he said and his cock went soft.

Cindy looked at Ralph and thought about the situation
for a few seconds. “Okay. I won’t but under one
condition,” she said.

“What’s that,” said Ralph and was curious.

“You let me watch you.”

“You want to watch me jerk off?”

“Yes. Jerk off for me.”

Hearing that got Ralph excited. He flipped the bed sheet
off his body and removed the shorts off his feet. He was
now bare naked in front of his cousin. He grabbed his
cock and started to stoke it. It was hard again.

Ralph moaned and loved jerking off in front of his

Cindy reached down and started to rub the crotch of her
panties while she watched Ralph jerk off. She liked the
size of his cock and she couldn’t resist. “Mind if I
stroke it?”

Ralph couldn’t believe his ears. “Please,” he said and
removed his hand off his thick shaft.

Cindy used her right hand and grabbed the shaft of
Ralph’s cock. She started stroking him. “You have a nice
cock,” she said while she looked at his cock head and it
was so inviting to her.

“Thank you,” moaned Ralph and this was the first time he
had a girl jerk him off.

“Ah, would you mind if I suck on your cock for a few
seconds?” she asked as she couldn’t resist his cock.

“Oh, no. You can suck my cock,” he said and couldn’t
believe his ears. He wondered if he was actually

Cindy moved over and wrapped her mouth over the head of
Ralph’s cock. She moaned and loved the taste of his
meaty head.

Ralph couldn’t believe that he finally had a woman give
his a blow job. He didn’t care if it was his cousin. She
was sexy and that’s all that mattered.

Cindy moaned with her mouth full of Ralph’s cock while
she took it deep into her mouth.

Ralph figured it would be safe so he reached over with
his left hand and he fondled Cindy’s tits though her tee
shirt material. He could feel her erect nipples and that
was a first for him.

“I want to fuck you, Cindy,” said Ralph without
thinking. He cringed when he realized what he said.

Cindy took Ralph’s cock out of her mouth and Ralph
thought he killed the moment. She looked at him. “You
want to fuck your cousin?”

Ralph decided to be honest. “Yes, I want to fuck you,

Cindy smiled while she removed her tee shirt now
exposing her tits.

Ralph looked at her perky C-cup tits with rock hard
nipples. He leaned over and sucked on her nipples for a
few seconds.

After he was done sucking on her tits she removed her
panties and was bare ass naked with her cousin.

Cindy got on her knees and elbows. “Fuck me, Ralph,” she
said and wiggled her ass cheeks.

Ralph got behind Cindy on his knees. He looked down at
her tight and shapely ass cheeks. “I want that cock,”
said Cindy.

Ralph thought he knew what to do from jerking off to all
those porno videos on the Internet.

He ran the tip of his cock up and down the slit of
Cindy’s pussy. Then found the opening and didn’t waste
any time and shoved it in deep.

“Ah yes,” moaned out Cindy. She placed her head on the
bed and arched her ass up at Ralph.

He started pumping Cindy and she moaned. “Yes, yes,
yes.” It had been a year since Cindy had been fucked and
she was really horny. So who cared if it was her
cousin’s nice cock that satisfied her again.

Ralph grabbed Cindy’s hips for a hand hold while he
pumped. Cindy moaned.

Cindy couldn’t hold back. “Ahhhhh!” she softly cried out
having an orgasm.

Ralph couldn’t hold back. “Ahhhhhh!” he cried out and
without thinking, he spurted out his cum deep into
Cindy’s pussy.

After he was done spurting out cum he pulled his cock
out of her pussy.

They both got on their backs then Ralph’s eyes widened
in fear. “I could have gotten you pregnant.”

Cindy placed her head on his chest. “Don’t worry, I’m on
the pill,” she said and she reached down and started to
massage his soft cock. “That was good,” she said then
closed her eyes.

Ralph placed her left arm around Cindy and he closed his
eyes with a huge smile. He was no longer a virgin.

Four-thirty that morning rolled around.

Cindy woke up and felt horny again. She reached down and
felt Ralph’s crotch and noticed he had morning wood.
“Nice,” she said and felt like some more cock again.

She leaned over and ran the tip of her tongue up and
down the shaft of Ralph’s hard cock.

She opened her mouth and started sucking on the head of
his cock.

Ralph woke up to the feeling of a warm mouth on her
cock. He looked down and saw the back of Cindy’s head
while she gave him a blow job. “Feels good,” he said.

Cindy knew that would wake him up. “Good, it’s about
time,” she said then moved her head off his cock and got
into a 69 position on top of him.

Ralph stared up at her hairy pussy and again this was
something he knew what to do from watching those porno
videos on the Internet.

Cindy lowered hairy snatch over Ralph’s mouth while she
sucked on his cock.

Ralph ran the tip of his tongue up and down the wet slit
of Cindy’s pussy. He found her clit and started sucking
on it. Cindy moaned with a mouth full of his cock.

“FFFUUUCCCKKK!” cried out Cindy when she had an orgasm
from Ralph’s tongue licking her pussy and from his
sucking on her clit.

Ralph couldn’t hold back. “AHHHH!” he cried out and
didn’t think about asking for her permission before he
filled her mouth with her cum.

After he was done, Cindy pulled his cock out of her
mouth and got off him.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cum in your mouth,” he

Cindy swallowed it all. “It’s okay, I like the taste of
cum,” she said then smiled. “I’m a cum whore,” she added
with a smile.

Ralph couldn’t resist and he grabbed Cindy’s head,
brought it to his and planted a kiss on her lips. She
accepted the kiss and they started to French kiss. Ralph
could taste some of his residual cum in her mouth and he
didn’t mind.

After they were kissing, they cuddled in bed and sleep
for a couple of hours.


It was another relaxing day at the family farm and
dinner was a barbeque.

Everybody retired to their bedrooms and were soon

It was two in the morning and Ralph woke up to some
moaning that came down stairs.

“Cindy, wake up,” he said.

She woke up. “What?” she said a little groggy.

“Someone is fucking down stairs,” he said.

Cindy listened and heard the sound of a female moaning.
She smiled. “I think you’re right.”

“Let’s go check it out,” said Ralph.

Cindy thought about his suggestion for a few seconds.
She liked that idea and it sounded kinky. “Okay.”

Cindy and Ralph got out of the bed and headed

The where in the kitchen when the moaning was louder
from a bedroom.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” cried out Brittany.

Ralph knew that voice. “That’s my mom,” he said and was
really curious who came to the farm to fuck her. But he
was also curious as he wanted to see his mom naked and
being fucked.

Cindy and Ralph inched their way to the bedroom where
the door was cracked opened. They peeked inside and both
of their eyes widened in shock. Brittany was naked on
the bed with her legs up in the air. On top of her
pounding her pussy was her father.

“Fuck me daddy,” cried out Brittany.

“Mom’s being fucked by grandpa,” said Ralph.

Cindy nodded in agreement and actually enjoyed that

There was some other moaning coming out from the second
bedroom. That caught the attention of Cindy and Ralph so
they went to investigate.

They went to the other bedroom and their eyes widened in
shock with what they saw in that room. On the bed was
Cindy’s mom Nicole naked on her back with Aunt Janelle
eating her pussy while on her hands and knees. Their
grandmother Dee was naked and straddled Nicole’s face
grinding her pussy all over Nicole’s mouth. Behind Aunt
Janelle was Cindy’s father Gary pounding her pussy
doggie style.

“We have a family that loves to fuck each other,” said

Ralph nodded in agreement then he looked at Cindy. He
couldn’t resist and he grabbed her and brought her body
close to his. He planted a kiss and they French kissed
outside that bedroom.

Ralph and Cindy looked at each other. “Let’s fuck in the
living room. I want everybody to see us,” said Cindy and

Ralph smiled and loved that idea.

Cindy and Ralph held hands and walked into the living

Once they got their they immediately stripped naked.

Cindy got on her back and opened up her legs.

Ralph got on top of her and Cindy guided his cock into
her pussy. He started humping her.

“Fuck me, Fuck me,” cried out Cindy loud enough for
everybody to hear them.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me,” yelled out Cindy.

After a few seconds of Ralph humping Cindy, they looked
over and saw Brittany, Gary, Nicole, Mickey, Dee, and
Janelle standing in the doorway to the living room naked
and watching. They all had smiles on their faces at the
sight of Ralph fucking Cindy.

“They’re really part of the family, said Gary.

Brittany nodded in agreement and placed her left arm
around Gary’s shoulder.

Ralph and Cindy were out of breath and moaning. The
feeling of being a live sex show in front of their
family was extremely hot for the both of them.

“I’m cumming!” yelled out Cindy.

Ralph huffed and puffed while he humped Cindy’s pussy.

“I’m cumming!” yelled out Cindy and shot her legs up in
the air with her toes pointed at the ceiling.

“Cum in my daughter’s pussy,” called out Gary.

“Yeah, cum in my daughter’s pussy,” added Nicole.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” cried out Cindy and then she
couldn’t hold back. “FUCK!” she cried out and had her
orgasm with her feet shaking in mid-air.

“I’m cumming!” cried out Ralph and he again filled his
cousin’s pussy with his hot cum.

Brittany, Gary, Nicole, Janelle, Mickey and Dee all
clapped for a job well done by Ralph and Cindy.

Ralph pulled his cock out of Cindy’s pussy and got off
her. He got to his feet then helped Cindy get off the
floor. They looked at their naked family members.

“Welcome to the family,” said Mickey.

Ralph placed his left arm around Cindy’s shoulder. “So,
how long has this family stuff being going on?” said

“Well, we only make sure everybody starts after they
turned eighteen,” said Mickey.

“And this family gathering was your initiation, Ralph,”
said Brittany.

Ralph watched while his mom with her sexy body and perky
C-cup tits walked over to her.

Brittany planted a kiss on Ralph’s lips. “It was
Cindy’s job to get you started,” she said.

Cindy smiled at Ralph in agreement.

“So that means that my grandpa and uncle fucked my mom?”

“Yep,” said Mickey and he smiled.

“Cool,” said Ralph.

So the rest of the family gathering days was spent with
Ralph getting exposed to his entire family.

First he fucked his mom doggie style in front of

He watched while his Uncle Gary fucked his mom in the
missionary position.

He fucked his Aunt Nicole in the missionary position.

He watched while his mom and Aunt Janelle were in a 69
position eating each other’s pussies.

He watched while his grandmother Dee ate his mom’s

He watched while he grandfather Mickey fucked his Aunt

He watched while his Uncle Gary fucked his daughter
Cindy and this wasn’t the first time.

He watched while Gary fucked his grandmother Dee.

The family gathering was over and Brittany and Ralph
went home.

And the first thing they did was Ralph got him mom naked
on her bed and he fucked her doggie style.

He loved his family life.

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