Orgy on the Horse Farm

First a little about me: I’m 22, 6’1″, very good bulky build, lightly
tanned skin, forest tattoo up left bicep, long dark light brown hair
(usually in a bun), light stubble, brownish-green eyes, neatly trimmed
pubes, fat 8in cut cock, kiwi sized balls.

My buddy owns a huge horse farm out in the country, and he happens to be
going away for a month on his honeymoon, and guess who he asked to watch
the farm? He said he’d pay me $2000 bucks and he’d give me his credit card
to buy food, as long as I didn’t go crazy with it! I decided it was a good
idea and I could use the cash, so I drove out to meet him.

It was beautiful farm, away from everything and he only had about 6 horses
on the premises at the moment, all happening to be male, he took me through
the day to day of taking care of the horses. And these weren’t your regular
run of the mill horses, they were all massive draft horses, big, thick, and
tall. Interestingly enough I couldn’t stop looking at their massive balls,
the smallest pair were the size of cantaloupes and the biggest were as big
as my head!

“Now in addition to these six, there’s my dog Wes too, but he’s up at the
house” he took me up the the porch and opened the door, I thought he had a
fucking miniature horse inside, Wes was a beautiful English mastiff. He had
a nice sandy brown coat and these long, slobbery, leathery jowls. He came
almost up to my hip and he was at least 240 lbs. He bolted out the door and
knocked me down, licking at my face and neck, when my buddy finally stopped
laughing and pulled him off I was soaked in slobber… and half hard! My
buddy tugged Wes back inside, I could see the dogs tight black tailhole and
massive baseball sized balls, oh this was gonna be fun.

My buddy finally took his wife and left. I was going to waste no time,
being the animal slut that I am, I stripped down and walked around the
farm, an animal among animals. Wes followed me dutifully, he was actually
very well trained despite knocking me down earlier. The horses had already
been taken care of for the day so I just took a quick walk through, the
smell of the barn making me hard. Wes took notice and started to lick my
fat cock, his rough, extra slobbery mouth felt so good, my cock was
dripping precum and dog slobber. I finally led him outside and turned him
around, noticing that he was getting hard himself, his cock was partially
out and a deep red color, he definitely had a big cock too. I turned him
around and filthy fag lifted his tail, his balls were low and full and his
ass was twitching. I placed the head of my cock on his hole, he let out a
low moan as I entered him, his tail lifting higher. God he was tight, and
hot. I fucked him slow and hard, eventually speeding up as the fag dog
loosened up, my fat nuts slapping his even bigger ones. As I felt my orgasm
coming I pulled out and walked around him, I came all over his face and
muzzle, he opened his mouth and caught some too! There was a lot and he was
loving it! I saw his fat red rocket fully hard finally, the fag loved
getting ass fucked, it was about 10 inches long and fatter than a beer can,
his knot was at least the size of a softball. I got him to lie on his back
and started to lick and suck his big doggy pole. I started to play with his
balls before shoving two fingers in his loose tailhole. He came quick after
that, it looked like half a gallon, and it tasted incredible, even though
most of it was all over my face and chest.

I laid down beside him in the grass, the warm breeze felt nice on my cum
covered skin. Wes eventually got up and walked around me, he raised his leg
and pissed all over me, I let it wash over my body and then opened my mouth
and drank some, it was incredible! I let him mark his territory, then I got
up and marked mine, he loved my piss as much as I loved his! Then we laid
back down and took a nap in the grass