The Landlady’s Dog

The big German shepherd panted as if grinning up at the tall,
curvaceous girl with the long, ash-blonde hair, and whimpered in
excitement when she reached down and petted his great head. She
smiled, revealing a perfect set of even white teeth, oohed a pet
phrase at him, then directed her attention to the attractive
brunette standing in the apartment doorway.
“Has he been a good dog today, Peggy?” Carol Dorsett
questioned the older girt with the dark brown eyes who wore her
hair in a brief and flattering bouffant, giving her a kind of
mysterious thirtyish look.
“Sultan’s always a good dog, aren’t you, baby,” the shapely
wife of the building manager complimented, adding her own caressing
hand to the powerful animal’s muscular flanks. “How did it go
today, Carol? Any luck?”
“Nothing,” the young green-eyed divorcee sighed. “I must’ve
filled out a dozen applications, and just about walked my legs off.
God, I never realized it was going to be so difficult finding a job
or I wouldn’t have left San Francisco. At least, I know my way
around there … but this Hollywood … brother!”
“Mustn’t get discouraged, honey. Something will turn up,”
Peggy White assured her.
“I hope it’s soon,” Carol said, trying not to show her acute
dejection. “Six straight days of listening to “sorry’s” doesn’t do
much for a girl’s morale. Anyway, thanks again for looking after
Sultan for me, Peg. D-Do you suppose that Monday …?”
“Of course, hon. Just drop him off with me when you leave,”
the other replied through her attractive smile.
The ash-blonde beauty nodded her appreciation, wondering in
what little way she could manage to repay the super’s wife. Money
was so tight for her … “Well, come on, darling,” she addressed
Sultan. “Carol’s got to bathe some of the ache out of her tired
bones. Thanks again, Peg.”
“Anytime, honey,” Peggy White replied, slowly closing her door
as Carol and her grinning, tail-wagging dog moved along to the next
one where the weary divorcee paused to fumble in her purse for the

Inside, Carol immediately kicked off her low-heeled shoes.
Leaning back against the wall, she took turns massaging the toes
and instep of first one aching foot, and then the other, while
Sultan watched with interest. “Oh, baby, you don’t know how
heavenly that feels,” she breathed down at her loving and constant
companion. “If only you could, I know you’d do it for me, wouldn’t
you, darling?”
The big, sleek-coated animal whined his answer up to her, his
rounded brown eyes glowing with affection. The pleasing sound of
her voice relayed her feelings to him. She was his whole world and
he could not understand why she left him with the other female
person. She was nice enough to him, but never could she take the
place of his warm-eyed mistress.
The shapely divorcee smiled fondly down at her faithful
companion, suddenly realizing, as she had a million times over the
past lonely year, how empty her life would be without him. Even
living with her parents from the moment Jonny had left her, up
until their divorce became final some ten days before, she had
spent more time with Sultan then she had with her own mother and
father. But her folks had seemed to understand, or at least
thought they did, tying her emotions toward the animal to her lost
singer-husband and the heartbreak of her broken marriage. They had
been wrong, but Carol had seen no reason to enlighten them. Her
feeling for her ex-husband had been long dead, ever since the
second year of their marriage when she had found out he was running
around while she slaved in a department store and he chased career
dreams. By the end of the third year, what little feeling remained
inside her for him was breathing its last. She had refused to be
the sole support between them and had quit her job. A week later,
Jonny Gains landed his first worthwhile contract in a cheap Las
Vegas nightclub and began paying the bills … plus flaunting in
her face his open escapades with other women. Now that she could
objectively think back on it, Carol felt certain that he’d brought
home the little German shepherd puppy “to keep her company” as more
of an insult than anything. Hadn’t his favorite term for her been
Well, it was all over and done with now, and the likes of
Jonny Gains, up and coming performer, could never know the joy,
love, and companionship that little puppy had grown up to bring
her. Of the few possessions they had jointly owned when after four
years she had decided to bury the corpse of their marriage, Carol
had asked for only one, Sultan, and had gotten him … plus a
meager alimony which was always late, when it came at all. If only
she were skilled at something to get a good job, but she wasn’t,
not even simple office work … and that she could thank Jonny for,
too. Against her parents’ wishes, after high school she had
foregone college to run off with her bright lights-dazzled lover to
the gambling city where they’d nearly starved before she had found
waitress work in a casino, then lost the job because she was

Eighteen years old she’d been, and living like a wife in a
grubby trailer for six months before she’d landed the clerking
position in the department store! God, what had she ever been
thinking of? Three years of that before she had finally shanghaied
him into one of the local wedding chapels, childishly believing
that a piece of legal paper was going to change everything for
them. She hadn’t even had a decent ring. Seven years of her life
wasted … twenty-five and divorced … thank God there’d been no
babies …!
Sultan’s whimpers brought Carol back to the present. He’d
gotten his nearly chewed-up rubber ball and brought it for her to
play with him. Smiling warmly, she took it and tossed it into the
air for him to catch and fetch.
“Oh you doll … one more time and that’s all for now,” Carol
said, repeating the act, then walking to flick on the noisy and
inadequate air conditioner. Like everything else in the
borderline-shabby, one-bedroom apartment … in fact, the whole
building, yes, the neighborhood, too … it had pretty near
outlived its usefulness. It rattled and groaned back at her, as if
promising nothing but an exhausted attempt. Carol sighed and began
unbuttoning her blouse. Survival in the close, Southern California
summer heat meant wearing next to nothing whenever possible, she
had learned in one short week of local residence.
Of course, she hadn’t been f****d to leave her parents’ humble
home in San Francisco. They had begged her to stay, find work
there and make a new life among the old friends and schoolmates
she’d grown up with. The darlings, bless them … what they hadn’t
realized was that there were no old friends nor schoolmates whom
she wanted any part of, and vice versa, she’d quickly came to know.
Carol Dorsett was the famous Jonny Gains’s ex-wife, the piece he
had shed once success struck, the wild girl who had run away with
him without benefit of marriage and everything she deserved. No,
there was no life for her there in her old neighborhood … but she
was twenty-five and there had to be one someplace for her!
She might have gone a thousand miles or two even, had she had
the money. Los Angeles seemed as likely as any city under the
limited circumstances, and she wasn’t yet sorry that she’d chosen
it, though her job-hunting discouragement and the immediate
stifling surroundings of her seedy three rooms and bath weren’t
helping to reinforce her decision …
The sound of the apartment buzzer startled Carol. Sultan’s
ears stood erect, a little growl sounding in his throat as his
mistress quickly rebuttoned her blouse and approached the door.
Peggy White’s husband Ed, the apartment manager stood filling the
doorway with his big, broad-shouldered frame when she opened the
door inward.
“Hi” he grunted, his puffy red face caught in an alcohol
smile. “Wondered how your air conditioner was working. It gave me
some trouble for awhile before you moved in.”
Carol felt the tightness catching at her throat at just the
sight of him. There was something about the almost leering
expression in his lead-gray eyes, and the twisted smiles he had
shown her the short time she’d lived in the building that gave her
a clammy feeling. From the beginning, she had tried to avoid
contact with him, wondering in the back of her mind how such a
sweet person as Peggy could stand him. He had to be twenty years
older than she … his hair was snow-white!
Sultan growled at him.
“Whatsa matter, mutt? Don’t you know me?”
“Back, Sultan!” Carol commanded, catching hold of the animal’s
collar. “I-It’s fine … working fine, Mr. White. Thanks, though
“Just wondered,” he repeated, and Carol saw his liquor-glazed
eyes drop almost lecherously to the deep cleft between her full
breasts which her still partially open blouse revealed.
Reflexively, she drew the silky white material together, an inner
feeling of thankfulness for Sultan’s massive protection steadying

“Y-Yes, it’s fine, thank you,” she said, half-closing the
He stepped back then and nodded, but the lurid smile she
thought she read was still there. “Just let me know if you need me
… or anything … I’m right next door, you know,” he said, then
licked at his lips. “Anything … anytime …”
Carol closed the door and shot the bolt to lock it, a cold
chill shuddering upward along her spine. God, he’d been drunk,
too! But … but, she hadn’t really seen him any other way since
she’d been there … those lewd, raking eyes … and that goatish
grin …! How could Peggy stand him? Didn’t she know …?
Sultan whimpered, looking up at her and she let go of his
collar. “Thank goodness for you, darling!” the curvaceous blonde
girl whispered, dropping onto her lushly rounded haunches to take
his big head between her slender white hands. “You wouldn’t let
anyone hurt your Carol, would you, baby? My sweet, sweet angel!”
She kissed him on his wet nose as he instantly licked out his long
pink tongue to lave warmly over her lips in retaliation. “You
handsome fellow! What girl could ask for more … that’s what I
want to know?”
The powerful animal whined as he tried to nuzzle closer to her
and she hugged him tightly. “Ooooohhhhhhh … my baby … baby
sweet! I love you!” she whispered, kissing him between the eyes
before straightening up. “Now … now that whatever Mr. White’s
frightening visit meant has passed, I’m going to take that bath,
Sultan baby! But before I do, I’m going to mix myself a little gin
and tonic. If a girl ever needed a bracer, I think yours truly
does. Come on. You can have some Coke and we’ll take them into
the bathroom.”
Sultan trotted along beside her, brushing against her warm
thigh whenever he could, letting her know his excitement with
little whimpers when she poured the nose-tickling dark liquid into
his bowl.
“I never saw a dog who drinks Coke like you do, baby. No, not
here … in the bathroom. Come on,” Carol said, leading the way
and sipping at her gin and tonic, her mind still a long way from
being empty of Ed White. Yes, as soon as she possibly could, she’d
find another place, and hopefully one in a more desirable area.
Maybe the struggling movie stars of the thirties and forties
thought Westland was the “in” section of Hollywood, but she’d bet
her life they wouldn’t believe it if they saw it today. The paint-
peeled stucco buildings and boarded up store-fronts, to say nothing
of the shady-fenced characters, the hippies and obvious prostitutes
of all ages moving along its streets would painfully expose to them
its degeneration. And it was sad … but God knew, there was no
room for any more sadness inside her. It was time for something
uplifting …!
Sultan watched her suddenly laughing down at him. He raised
his head from the bowl of dark liquid that he liked so much and
sneezed. He watched her smooth, soft curves ripple and sway as she
undressed for her bath and laughed warmly at him, the long hair of
her head a little lighter than that between her pretty legs. He
danced around her, and longed to do something that would make her
know how much he loved her.
Carol watched her darling all the time she drew water to fill
the tub. Was there ever an animal, or a human, more lovingly
devoted than Sultan was? God, what would she do without him?
Coming home today, she’d felt miserable. Only the thought of her
handsome Sultan had lifted her spirits. Then, seeing him excitedly
waiting for her beside Peg! And the way he had instinctively
caused Ed White to back off! He’d been protecting her … of
course, he had! The beautiful cavalier! She loved him so much!
He was really her whole life …
The soothing lukewarm water, frothy with bubble bath, slowly
drained the miseries, both physical and mental, from Carol’s
nakedly submerged young body. She caressed the fluffy suds over
her full, rounded breasts, sensing her tiny pink nipples hardening
beneath the water as if aggressively provoked, such moments of
arousal seldom known to her since the remote days of Jonny. Remote
but not forgotten, she thought, stopping the self-sensuous act, but
not before a series of rippling delights stabbed through her
sensitive loins and rapidly incited belly.

It was ridiculous … absolutely ridiculous that she should
feel this way! She’d been able to control her sense of physical
need for a year, and she could continue … couldn’t she? Of
course, she could, Carol told herself, climbing out of the tub!
When the time came, if it ever did again, then she would give
herself without shame to the man she loved. She had loved Jonny
for so long … loved his body … the way he had made love to her,
and she to him … his long thick b***d-hardened penis rushing
wildly up into her welcoming vagina … but always selfishly …
thrust into her mouth with whimpering pleads … his boyish tongue
licking feverishly up between her legs … the moment when he
finally exploded his white-hot cum inside her …
God, she had to kick these thoughts, and right now!
Sultan watched closely the movements of her glistening white
body as she climbed from the tub and began to towel herself, his
keen sense of smell detecting the sudden scent of her female
nakedness in the small room. He had been aware of the exciting,
heated aroma before with her, its meaning confusing him, but she of
the midnight hair had educated him. He sensed the heavy weight
growing in the depths of his own loins as he watched her turn to
look at her curvaceous reflection in the long mirror on the door.
For a moment, Carol stood motionless, consciously admiring the
harmonious balance of her eye-pleasing curves, a tingle of
narcissism fluttering through her belly. She realized her own
physical beauty and had always been excited by it … her full,
pink-nippled breasts and slender waist flowing into generously
arched hips and smooth-rounded thighs. How Jonny had raved over
her long legs, the alluring shape of her calves, slender ankles and
tiny feet, kissing them all over in his passion. But it was the
secret white outline her swimsuit halter left across the resilient
mounds of her firm, uptilted breasts and cupping the ovals of her
full buttocks, that fascinated him most. She dropped her gaze to
the stretch of satiny untanned skin over her hips and the soft
little bowl of her lower belly where the curly triangle of sparse
blonde pubic hair began to fringe the puffiness of her pubic mound
and fleshy vaginal lips, tiny shivers of awakened sensualism
rippling over her. Lord, when was the last time she had done it to
herself? She couldn’t even remember … but evidently, too long
ago, the way she was suddenly keyed-up. She had never been a
sexually oriented girl, but …!
Carol dropped her bath towel to the floor and sighed, letting
her own trembling hands stroke downward over her hips as she
watched herself in the mirror. Her soft breathing increased as she
smoothed her fingers inward toward the base of her incited belly to
the sensitive mound of hair-sprinkled flesh between. She pressured
tauntingly, her slender fingers extended, the pinkness of her
moistening vaginal slit’s momentary exposure captivating her.
00ohhhh … she had to, was all … simply had to, she was that

Sultan whimpered, demanding the long-haired girl’s attention,
and almost shamefully she stopped her lewd caresses.
“Oh darling, you’ll have to forgive your Carol, but … but
there are things even she can’t do without forever!”
The big dog wagged his tail and animalishly licked at his
jaws, then at her soft, sweet-smelling hand when she bent down to
brush it over his head. She couldn’t help but wonder what he was
thinking as his big brown eyes seemed to sweep all over her body,
almost lustfully ogling her soft white nakedness. An impulse of
exhibitionism added to her stimulation as she stood there for a
long moment posing tauntingly before his gleaming animal eyes.
“You … you can even watch me do it if you want to, darling!” she
hotly whispered, that lurid thought feeding more fuel to the wave
of self-infused passion washing through her. “Come on!” she
hissed, quickly leading the way toward the bedroom. “You can sit
right by the bed and watch Carol, darling!”
Sultan followed close beside her, brushing against the warm
smoothness of her thigh as she walked, the exciting scent of her
effluent body-heat filling his nostrils. He paused as she climbed
onto the bed, the soft curves quivering with every movement, and
then she was lying on her back and breathing heavily, hardly
looking in his direction now. The powerful animal watched her long
legs spread slowly open on the bed, her small hand moving down
between them to the blonde-fringed opening to her pussy. He
watched her fingers begin to work in a teasing circular motion,
little sighs of pleasure tumbling from her parted lips, her smooth
white buttocks starting to rise from the bed to meet her
rhythmically moving hand …
And that was when he leaped up to join her!
The German shepherd’s unexpected approach took Carol
completely by surprise. Since he was a small pup, she had never
allowed him on the bed, and now as she stared down between her
lewdly spread legs and watched him move forward between them, she
could only gape in startled wonderment! She withdrew her hand from
its lascivious self-indulgent task and raised herself onto her
forearms, hardly frightened, but simply awed by his abrupt act and
his rather obscene position between her yawning thighs.
Something held the sensuously stirred blonde from speaking as
she stared at him, her widened green eyes reflecting her
bewilderment, watching fascinated as his loving brown ones swept
over her naked curves almost as if he had illicit thoughts in mind!
And then, he was moving in even closer up over her, dropping his
big head to lick out with a hot fluid tongue against the smooth
flesh of her responsively twitching belly!
Carol irresistibly gasped at the astonishing contact,
swallowing at the sudden dryness in her throat as his long pink
tongue began to lick moistly over her muscle-tensed belly! He had
never done, or even attempted anything like this before! She was
speechless now as again and again he did it, while she continued to
lie there beneath the desire-inciting length of his wetly heated
caresses, his fervent tonguing making incredible sensations spiral
through her torso, only adding to her lustful exhilaration.
00ooohhh … this was unbelievable! What was possessing him?
But she wasn’t going to stop him! Just how far would he go if she
let him …? Then, his long, damp tongue licked heatedly upward
over the quivering flesh of her waist, working higher and higher
until he was actually lapping the rounded undersides of her
sensitive breasts! Tenderly, he washed up over them toward the
tiny straining buds of her nipples! Carol couldn’t hold back the
moan escaping her when his searing, moist flesh grazed wetly over
the erogenous, pebble-like buds, first one and then the other,
sending feverish thrills of lewd enticement whipping through her
tremulous flesh!
She knew she should stop him before it went any further! It
was becoming absolutely obscene! And then a sense of
disappointment followed as, abruptly, Sultan stopped of his own
accord and began to back down between her still widespread legs.
The temptation to call him back was short-lived and unnecessary as,
suddenly mesmerized, she watched him poise his massive head between
her lewdly opened thighs, then slowly lower it, his heated animal
breath taunting the fringe of soft blonde curls there!
Carol couldn’t believe it when her dog’s cool wet nose brushed
the warm, sensorial flesh of her inner thigh … and finally, the
pinkly pouting lips of her excited pussy! She heard his little
whimper as he sniffed at her heatedly roused loins, his long nose
probing at her susceptible flesh as though he were actually trying
to seduce her! She felt the coolness of it suddenly exploring the
smooth crevice between her milk-white buttocks, then wetly laving
the exposed little rosebud of her tiny puckered anus!
“Oooooh … Sultan … you naughty darling!” Carol gasped,
uncontrollably lurching beneath the wicked contact. “Wh-What’s
come over you all of a sudden … ooooohhhhhh!”
His hot tongue suddenly shot out to lick feverishly up and
down the smooth vale surrounding her tight little anal entrance,
the tip worming teasingly up into her clasping nether passage! At
that shocking point, Carol wasn’t certain what to do next, whether
to order him to stop, or lustfully goad him on, but that too was a
decision she never had to make! Suddenly, his seething wet tongue
began to lick at the narrow pink slit between her luridly spread
thighs! Moans bubbled up in her throat, little tremors of
unbearable desire rippling over her naked flesh as he lapped
fluidly upward through the entire pink-flushed length of her
vulnerable cunt! Ooohhhh, the wild sensations … and they were
needling inward to stab deep at the nerve centers of her now
intensely fluttering belly!
He didn’t stop! His fiery animal-tongue was spreading through
the yielding, swollen lips of her hair-framed pussy with long
relentless sweeps, erotically splaying the tender flesh wide,
pausing at last to lunge in an invading curl far up into the liquid
heat of her excitedly throbbing vagina! She gasped and jerked
convulsively, dropping flat onto her back to writhe in
uncontrollable delight under the big dog’s shocking oral
lovemaking, mindlessly drawing her legs back to give the beautiful
darling greater access!
Even had she wanted to, the obscenely positioned young blonde
knew that she could never order Sultan to stop, now that the
intense thrills of his long wet pleasure-bringing tongue were
penetrating right through her voluptuously hungering body. She
heard her own desperate moans increase, while her desire-glazed
mind began to slip into a delicious oblivion of velvet sensuality.
Unceasingly, the loving animal-tongue bathed her offered loins,
from the snug little opening of her lewdly working anus, upward
through the hot wet crevice of her cunt. At the peak, he hesitated
maddeningly, his knowledge baffling her when suddenly he penetrated
to flick wetly at the quivering bud of her rigidly erect clitoris,
fanning her ever mounting desire as she whimpered in carnal
On and on it went, time seeming to lose its meaning for Carol,
nothing mattering but the heavenly searing tongue licking
relentlessly through and over her passion-inflamed cuntal flesh
until she was gasping and writhing her entire naked body in frantic
pleading beneath it!
“Aaaaaauuuhhhhhhhhh …!” she choked as he flicked-his
tormenting tongue in a feverish, spearing curl far up beyond the
clutching, long-unused mouth of her burning vagina! “Ooohhh …
yes … my lover! Do it for me! Make Carol cum, Sultan darling!
She needs to so badly! Lick it, darling! Lick Carol’s hot little
pussy …!”
With an animalistic groan of her own, Carol drew her knees
back flat to her palpitating breasts, and reaching down between
them to grasp his head she pulled his long nose in tight against
her wetly yearning vagina! His loving tongue flicked far up the
fire-filled channel like a burrowing mole, his own whimpers
blending with hers as he fiercely lashed and penetrated the
glistening pink flesh between her widespread thighs and buttocks.
“Oh God … yes, baby … lick it! Lick your Carol’s needing
cunt!” she hissed out again, raising her blonde head as best she
could to look down between her obscenely drawn up legs to watch
whatever she could of the bestial ravishing of her loins. Oh God
…! Her wide-split cunt was flushed to near redness, its
shimmering inner-flesh was the most lust-intoxicating sight she had
ever seen! Her b***d-filled pussy lips were spread like a
omnivorous mouth, with her handsome darling’s long furry snout
shoved as far as it would go, right up into the hungering passage
of her seething vagina! She could actually feel his jaws working
when he opened them, stretching the elasticized entrance of her
cunt to thrust his tongue deep into her fire-filled belly! He
seemed to be furiously reaching new depths inside her with every
lurid lunge! Insanely, she began to pull at his head while she
obscenely thrust her greedy loins up at him, trying to force his
long nose like a thick furry cock up into her hotly throbbing cunt!
What might have been a pained whimper came from the depths of
Sultan’s throat, but Carol never heard it! Instead, she felt the
exotic sensation of his coiling tongue smooth against, then worm
its way lewdly into the small, clam-like mouth of her vagina,
spine-shattering sensations of lust overwhelming her helpless
She was going to cum! Oooohhhh … he had done it for her …
the beautiful darling … with his cold wet nose shoved hard
against her wide-stretched cuntal passage and his tongue spiraling
like the licking flame of a candle at her tender cervix!
In nothing short of delirium, Carol clutched at his big
animal-head, burying his phallus-like nose another fraction of an
inch deeper up into the tight-clutching opening of her orgastically
throbbing cunt, holding savagely to his pointed ears as she
lustfully fucked her loins up onto his animal-face and felt the
never-ceasing ecstasy of his searing tongue caressing and stabbing
into her super-sensitive cervix!
“Oooohhhhh loverrrrrr … I-I-I’m cummmmmmiinnggggggg …!”
she wailed, jerking at his head and fucking his snout in selfish
ecstasy, nothing mattering but the overwhelming enchantment
bursting like a huge hot bubble of erotic bliss to flood down
through her long-denied body and permeate her with exhausting
sensations of sensually drained fulfillment …!

Chapter 2

Carol dressed in a somewhat numbed state, slipping on a white
skirt and pullover, still refusing to believe that it had happened
the way it had! She brushed her long ash-blonde tresses more than
usual, studying her own face in the vanity mirror as if trying to
detect some hidden demon. Sultan had trotted off after his obscene
seduction, then returned to sit beside her as devotedly as ever.
She petted him, but didn’t speak. God, how could she? The
precious darling … and he’d been so beautiful …! But never
before had he even done the ordinary animal things, such as
curiously sniffing up between her thighs, or climbing onto her leg
in the usual ruttish fashion.
Why now? Why had this happened? Carol had been asking
herself that question ever since their forbidden performance ended
and her wits had slowly returned. And above everything, she didn’t
like the answer he still unsteady mind kept coming up with. There
had never been anything like this, not even an approach, before …
before she’d started leaving the dog with Peggy! God, was it
possible? She just couldn’t believe it … but where else had he
suddenly gotten such a lustful education?
The young divorcee found herself mentally picturing the
attractive Peggy White in her mind, but she was visualizing her as
never before. Instead, she was inwardly calculating the older
brunette’s curvaceousness, her sultry face, the shape of her
voluptuously up-thrust breasts and full rounded hips … Lord!
What in God’s name had suddenly come over her, anyway … to be
thinking along these lines? She pushed back her vanity stool and
jerked upright to her feet. She needed air, or something to clear
her head!
“Come on, Sully … I think we could both use a good walk in
this sunshine,” Carol said, leading the way to the kitchen where
she kept Ms leash. “I thought I was tired … but I guess I wasn’t
tired enough,” she added in a soft tone to herself, though she
couldn’t deny the overwhelming feeling of release her formerly
tense young body was enjoying. And in truth, she wasn’t really
ashamed for having let him lick her pussy, not really, as she might
have been had a man done it, but admittedly she would have been at
least red-faced had she and Sultan been discovered in the middle of
their obscene little escapade.
Carol tried to shake from her mind the lewd image of Peggy
White “training” her dog, but she couldn’t do it. On the street
with Sultan walking valiantly beside her, her brain continued to
form lurid mental scenes of the pretty brunette nakedly seducing
her handsome pet … showing and teaching him how to … Oh God!
Those lewd imaginings were sensuously stirring her even as her
anger mounted. Of course, she could never prove such a thing, nor
would she even hint at it to the super’s wife, but her mind was
made up. Sultan had stayed his last day in the White’s apartment.
She hardly knew what she was going to do with him while she job-
hunted, but she had the weekend to decide on something.
Unafraid with the massive German shepherd at her side, and
hardly aware of the ogling and shifty pairs of eyes, the suggestive
whistles, or under-the-breath propositions directed at her from
passing and loitering characters, the appealing young blonde girl
made her way toward the open park, which was the last remaining
thing of beauty to her in the Westland area. At least once a day
she had tried to walk Sultan there, but unfortunately she didn’t
dare let him off the leash to romp a little; it just wasn’t safe
around there for a girl without obvious protection. Anyway, when
she could, she allowed the dog a couple of hours of freedom in the
walled backyard of the apartment building where he could get some
measure of exercise.
For a while, Carol strolled along the cinder paths, waiting
while Sultan sniffed and examined certain poles, bushes, and trees,
until finally they found an empty bench in the shade and she sat
down. Sultan saw them first, the other harnessed German shepherd
immediately drawing his attention. The dark glasses and type of
leash made Carol aware of the young man’s blindness. They moved
along the cinder path toward where she sat with Sultan on the
ground beside her, the skilled seeing-eye dog carefully guiding its
He was a handsome man, Carol thought as they drew closer —
tall, with broad shoulders and proud bearings. His hair was dark
and waved, carefully groomed, and his neat, casual dress stylishly
simple, She guessed him to be somewhere in his early thirties and
found herself wondering how he had lost his sight … or had he
been born that way?
Sultan whimpered as the other German shepherd drew closer,
while totally ignoring his existence. Carol saw then that the
dedicated animal was female and demanded Sultan behave himself …
“What is it, Queenie? Is our bench gone?” Carol heard the
young man question when his animal-guide seemed reluctant to let
him move toward the seat.
Carol spoke, then: “I-I think it’s because we’re here … my
dog and l,” she said, hardly knowing how to put it.
“Oh … I’m sorry,” he said, turning toward her voice and
smiling. “Usually it’s empty this time of day. Excuse us —”
“There’s plenty of room,” Carol quickly replied, “if you’d
care to join us?”
“Thanks … we will,” he accepted, still smiling. With the
limited hand movements of a man adjusted to his affliction, he
confidently seated himself, his dog waiting and watching before
lying down at his feet. “I couldn’t understand it at first,
Queenie’s not wanting to lead me over here,” he said. “But when
you mentioned your dog I knew. They’re trained to avoid other
“I see,” Carol said. “Y-Your Queenie, she’s a beautiful dog.”
“Yes … my eyes, companion, and protection,” he said, with a
certain bitterness accenting the last word. “Afraid I’d be lost
without her.”
“I believe I understand what you mean,” Carol replied. “I
know I’d be lost without Sultan.”
“Sultan … that’s an impressive name. What breed is he?”
“German shepherd, like Queenie … and about the same age, I’d
say. He’s three.”
“Well, you’re a pretty fair judge of dogs, Miss …?”
“Dorsett, Carol Dorsett.”
“Mark Cannon,” he replied. “As I was saying, you seem to know
dogs, Miss Dorsett. Queenie’s almost three, but I’ve had her for
only a year. They have to be fairly mature before they start
training them, and that takes quite a while, as well as teaching
the person they’re going to be seeing for.” He smiled. “Do you
live in this area?”
“A couple of blocks from here. We have a small apartment on
Fellows Street,” she answered with a little smile of her own, the
young man’s warmth and good looks giving her a pleasant uplift.
She wondered if he was married.
“Really? I live on Fellows too, number 1322,” he said.
“What’s your address?”
“1315. We’ve only been here a week.”
“Well, we’re neighbors! I’m almost directly across the way
from you!” Mark Cannon informed, inwardly weighing what might be a
stroke of luck. Beyond that, she had a very pleasing voice, young
and gentle, not the hard, expected type that inhabited this grubby
area. Down on her luck, maybe … or perhaps, just a smoother
operating whore. Whatever she was made little difference for his
purposes … if she was cooperative … and if he could trust her.
That could take time to determine … maybe too much time …
Christ, if he could only see her …!
“It’s not a very nice neighborhood, is it, Mr. Cannon,” Carol
He grinned. “Not exactly the place where I’d let my wife walk
the streets unescorted … if I had one. You said you’ve only been
here a week. You mean in Westland, or Los Angeles?”
“Both. I’m from San Francisco. I rented the apartment sight
unseen from a newspaper ad, never dreaming that the Westland
section could be like this,” Carol replied, simultaneously clocking
in her mind the fact that he was not married. “It fit my budget
… but as soon as I’m lucky enough to find a job, I intend to
move. Like you said, I wouldn’t dare walk these streets without
Sultan beside me.”
Hearing his name mentioned, the big animal looked up toward
his mistress, then back to the female of his own kind who was
completely ignoring him. If only he dared move closer and explore
the smell of her, but instinctively he knew that for some reason
this would not be right. There was something different about her
which he could not understand, and again he whined in perplexity.
“Shhh, Sultan,” Carol ordered, well aware of his interest and
the natural reasons behind it. “I’m afraid you’ll have to resign
yourself to being snubbed. The young lady isn’t interested in your
attentions …”
“Does he want to get acquainted?” Mark asked. “It’s perfectly
okay, except Queenie won’t respond unless I tell her she can. Up,
Queenie! Come here, Sultan! Come on, boy! Come over here and
meet my friend. That’s a boy …” he said, Carol watching as he
took both animals’ heads and brought their noses together, Queenie
immediately wagging her tail in reception.
Fascinated, the young divorcee watched Mark Cannon’s strong,
gentle hands manipulate the two massive dogs with obvious, inbred
ability, until the usual animal-type exploration of intimate parts
began and Carol sensed a tiny twinge of ridiculous jealousy ripple
through her.
“Well … I think we better be getting back home, Sultan,” she
said, using to her feet and drawing him to her side by the leash.
“It’s been very nice talking to you, Mr. Cannon. I’ve really
enjoyed it …”
“Oh … are you leaving so soon?” he asked, looking directly
up at her.
“Y-Yes, I think we better. It’s nearly four and I have some
things to do …”
“It’s not very often that I find anyone besides Queenie to
talk to,” he said with a smile, “and she doesn’t say too much.”
“I-I know what you mean,” Carol replied, a warm feeling of
sympathetic understanding filling her. “But maybe … maybe we can
get together again soon. Do you come here every day?”
“Usually … but I will for sure if you say you’re going to be
here,” he said, causing the warmth she felt to pleasantly increase.
“Better yet, why don’t we get together some evening … that is, if
you’d like to?”
His proposal took her by surprise. She smiled. “Why … why
yes, I’d like that very much, Mr. …
“Mark,” he interrupted. “Less formal. Okay?”
“Okay. And mine’s Carol, you know,” she said, finding herself
more and more excited by his casual charm.
“Good!” he exclaimed, getting to his feet, Queenie immediately
rising to attention. “Suppose we walk along with you, Carol,
seeing we’re going the same way? You mind?”
“Of course not! I’d love it!” she answered; then, on the spur
of the moment: “And … and suppose you come over to dinner
tomorrow night? It won’t be anything elaborate, but …”
“Hey! I’d welcome that with open arms!” he said, his face
beaming. “And I’ll bring a bottle of wine!”
“Okay! Do you like meatloaf?” she asked.
“I’m afraid I can’t offer you much better, but I do make a
good one …”
“Meatloaf! My favorite dish!” he said, and then they both
laughed as they walked side by side along the cinder path, their
team of German shepherds leading them.
They had gone only a little way, both enjoyably reacting to
their new friendship, when Carol saw the other man standing beside
a tree a good distance from the path, but definitely with his
attention riveted on them … or rather on her! He was drinking
from a beer can and though he was quite a way off, there was no
question in her mind but what it was Ed White! The clammy chill at
just the sight of him crept shudderingly up her back.
“Is something wrong, Carol?” Mark asked when she stopped in
the middle of telling him her apartment number and what time to

“N-No … no, nothing,” she stammered, tearing her eyes from
the brutish man whose leer she sensed more than distinguished at
that distance. “I-I was just remembering a certain detail I forgot
to take care of today … I’m sorry.
“You were telling me what time and your apartment number,” he
reminded, his discerning mind detecting the falseness of her answer
and wondering why.
“Oh yes, it’s 1-B, and let’s make it around seven for
cocktails … you do like a cocktail, don’t you?” she said,
straining to re-capture the warm mood they had shared only moments

“I thrive on them!” He laughed and shook his head as if
thoroughly delighted. “You know, Carol, you’re taunting me right
where it gets me the most!”
“Oh …? And where’s that?”
“In my unbelieving head! Nothing this good has happened to me
in three years …!”
He hadn’t lied to her, Mark thought later, as he moved
knowingly around his own small, seedy apartment, making himself a
pitcher of martinis, some crackers with cheese, then settling down
in his easy chair. He heard Queenie’s level breathing beside him
and felt the reassuring closeness of her strong body against his
bare foot. He flicked on the small radio and found his favorite FM
station, while his mind raced. If only he could have gotten one
look at her, for Christ’s sake! He turned up the radio to drown
out the clattering worthlessness of the air-conditioner.
She had to be beautiful with a voice like that … and she was
certainly no hooker. Single, evidently, or maybe divorced like
him. He took off his eye-shades and rubbed at his sightless eyes.
Opening them again, he wondered how dead or vacant they looked.
Were they still the same bluish tint? … the color Nancy had told
him she loved so much … the bitch.
He sipped at his martini, then popped a whole small cracker
with cheese into his mouth. They’d told him the acid had never
noticeably damaged the actual eyeball, only destroyed the thin
lids, which plastic surgery had restored … plus his sight, but he
had no way of knowing that was true.
Shit, that was hardly important anymore! In three years, a
man learns to live with a horror, just as he accustoms himself to
the loss of his wife after seven years, the girl he comes to
believe is a part of him, for richer or poorer, through sickness
and in health, till death …! Malarkey! Goddamn, what had gotten
him off onto this tangent? He didn’t want to think of that shallow
bitch ever again! She was gone, on the other side of the
continent, back in her Boston environment where she belonged, and
he was well rid of her. More important things had suddenly, and so
unexpectedly, happened to him!
The sound of Carol Dorsett’s almost sensual voice and the
delicate scent of her perfume shouldn’t play any part in the
picture, Mark knew, but he couldn’t exactly get them out of Mm
mind. Being sightless didn’t destroy a man’s desire … and he’d
still bet his life she was a beauty! All the same, he had a job to
do, and he intended to do that first and foremost! Besides, she
was probably only being sympathetic … lonely too, no doubt. But
he’d hate to put up a man with good eyes as competition and let her
make a choice!
To hell with that crap! It was just sheer luck that he’d met
her, and not to take advantage of it would be stupid! She sounded
trustworthy enough, but he’d have to probe that deeper tomorrow
night. Either she had told him the truth, or she was one slick
operating chick … and if she was that, she damn sure wouldn’t be
wasting her time down in this end of town! No, she was for real,
all right, and above all, he didn’t want to get her marked!
Christ, he couldn’t protect her … couldn’t even protect himself,
but his end hardly mattered. Maybe, he better think about it a
little bit … not be hasty and just get her uselessly involved …
She sounded like a dream, almost too out of date to be true! He
smiled. Imagine that, he reminded himself, Mark Cannon having a
dinner date after all these years? And with what had to be a very
lovely young girl! Damn, he could hardly believe it! The
lingering sound of her soft warm voice taunted his memory. He
drained his glass, flicking the savory olive inside his mouth.
What the hell, he realized, his stupid cock had begun to stir …

Carol made herself a strong gin and tonic, poured a little
Coke for Sultan and eased down into the only decent living room
chair. She had to think things over. So much had happened to her
in the last few hours that each unexpected, overwhelming incident
seemed like a milestone in her too-uneventful life! Her lewd
little episode with the handsome German shepherd beside her hardly
seemed as if it had ever happened now, but she knew it really had
… and only hours before! Again, she examined her conscience as
she sipped at her drink! No! No, she wasn’t sorry … nor ashamed
… and she wasn’t about to tell herself it might not happen again!
And then there was Mark Cannon! He certainly was a very
striking, desirable man, and seemed untouched by the self-sympathy
his affliction could cause. Instead, he acted alive and young,
quite aggressive in fact, ready to ignore his handicap if she
would. Carol hoped she’d shown him it made absolutely no
difference to her, and guessed that she had done just that by
inviting him to dinner. She really wanted him to come. There was
something about him … appealing in every respect. It was
difficult to think of a man like him never to have been married.
He had to be thirty-two or three. Maybe, he’d tell her … and she
would tell him her own sorry story … they would confide in each
other …
Then the memory of Ed White’s frightening appearance in the
park marred her pleasant revery, and Carol drank heavily from her
glass. Why had he so suddenly loomed up? She hadn’t rid herself
yet of the thought that he must have been following her! There was
something terrifying about that ugly man! She couldn’t bring
herself to believe that his being in the park was just
coincidental! Yet, in broad daylight, even with Sultan beside her,
he scared her.
God! Carol hardly knew what to think, except that she wanted
to keep as much distance as possible between her and the landlord.
How his wife Peg could ever stand him was beyond her! … And then
she again thought of her shapely brunette neighbor, and the almost
incredible conclusions she’d come to earlier concerning Peg’s lewd
exploitation of Sultan. They seemed outlandish now … cruel and
hasty accusations she’d readily whipped up to lessen her own
immediate guilt. No … it was impossible … not Peggy! She just
wasn’t that sort of person … was she?

Carol wasn’t hungry. She fed Sultan and made herself another
drink, her third … or was it her fourth? It hardly mattered, she
decided, the liquor’s effects causing a warm, buoyant feeling to
glow inside her, a pleasurable diversion she had almost forgotten
existed. It had been a very eventful day, she thought, reviewing
individually once more all the things that had happened, as she
sipped her gin and tonic. For a change, there’d been a few happy
things! She smiled down at the big German shepherd resting at her
feet, a stimulated little tingle rippling in her belly when she
remembered the lewd hour they’d spent together. Then, Mark Cannon
came excitedly to mind, adding to those provocative stirrings …
Suddenly the door buzzer sounded. For a moment, Carol
hesitated as Sultan’s throaty growl gave warning, mental
reflections of Ed White racing through her mind. Again the buzzer
sounded, and with a staccato urgency this time that she couldn’t
ignore. Carol set down her drink and answered it with her dog
close beside her.

It was Peg White and she was crying, her face flushed and
crumbled, one cheek noticeably redder than the other. Clutched
against her breast she held a purse, and a sob choked from her
throat as she charged into the room!
“Close the door and lock it, please, Carol! Hurry, before he
knows where I’ve gone!” Peggy White gasped in a terrified voice …
locking the door herself when the blonde girl didn’t react quick
enough. “If he finds me, he’ll k**l me! I-I just know it! I’ve
never seen him so raving drunk!”
Without asking, Carol knew that the almost hysterical girl was
referring to her husband. “Wh-Where is he now?” she quickly
questioned hoping to God he hadn’t seen his wife come in there.
“I-in the apartment, still looking for this, I suppose!” Peggy
whispered in a shaking voice holding up her purse. “I-I keep the
rent money in here for the bank deposit. It’s not ours, you know
… we have no right to use it, but that makes damned little
difference to Ed! It’s money … and that’s all he cares! Money
to throw around in bars … and to buy those slutty teenage bitches
Trembling, the distraught wife began to cry again and Carol
tried to comfort her, putting an arm around Peg’s shoulder and
walking her toward the couch. “Here, dear, you sit down and let me
get you something to steady you. You’re safe here …”
“As … as tong as … he doesn’t know where I am …!” Peggy
“Don’t worry. He can’t get beyond that door, not with Sultan
here!” Carol assured her. “Now you sit right there while I get you
a drink, Honey. Then, we’ll see what to do about this!”
The ugly brute had obviously slapped her, Carol thought,
trembling herself as she poured straight whiskey into a small
glass. The red welts from his big fingers were still embossed on
the poor girl’s cheek.

“Here, drink this, hon,” Carol said, dropping down beside Peg
to gently place a hand on the shivering brunette’s shoulder as she
handed her the glass. “Just sip at it … would you like some
water …?”
“No … no thanks, Carol. T-This is fine … and I’m so
grateful. I-I didn’t know where to run to. He was like … like a
maniac when he couldn’t find my purse … but I’d expected this and
… and hid it in a different place!”
Carol didn’t know what to say. She didn’t want to be nosy, or
get involved in the Whites’ domestic problems, but … “What’re you
going to do, Peggy? Will he get over it …?”
“Oh yes … by tomorrow probably,” the still shuddering wife
replied, sighing raggedly as if to shake the fearful quaking
possessing her. “He always does. He’ll be too hungover to carry
on by then.”
“But what about tonight? You just can’t go back there and
take a chance on him beating you?” Carol said. “He’s probably
furious by now!”
Again Peggy sighed, laying her bead back onto the edge of the
couch, a little smile sardonically twisting her pretty mouth.
“That … is putting it mildly, darling! Ten years of experience
with him tells me that he’s in a murderous rage by this time,
vowing to tear me limb from limb!”
“My God! Why do you put up with it, Peg?” Carol gasped in
disbelief. “I’d call the police … have him arrested …
“I know … I know, honey,” Peggy said, lifting her head and
drinking from the glass. “It sounds like the only answer, doesn’t
it, but it isn’t. Believe me, it isn’t! Any woman who has ever
had a drunken, wife-beating man would quickly tell you the same.
So, they’re arrested, fined, and released … and what do you
suppose happens to the poor girl then? That’s right, his vengeance
is even worse,”
“Then, for God’s sake, divorce him!” Carol exclaimed, reaching
a point of exasperation.
“Divorce him …? Oh … I couldn’t do that, honey!” Peggy
replied, shaking her head. “You see, he really needs me … and I
love him!”

Carol stated at her, speechless. Well, so much for
ridiculousness, she thought, draining her glass. What more was
there to say? The anguished wife had pathetically said it all in
six words which had struck a familiar chord in the divorced girl’s
memory … he needs me … I love him! Incredibly enough, Carol
thought, I understand just how she feels!
“Here, let me get us another drink,” she said, taking Peggy’s
empty glass and walking into the little kitchenette. Then, in a
low voice that couldn’t be overheard through the thin walls, she
said: “You better stay here with me tonight, Peg. As you say,
he’ll be over it by tomorrow, or at least too sick to give you any
further nonsense.”
“Thanks, Carol, but … but I don’t want to put you to any
trouble. If I can stay just a little while longer, maybe he’ll
have fallen asleep …”
“Don’t be silly,” Carol said, returning to hand her a second
bracing measure of straight bourbon, then lowering herself into the
chair across from her neighbor. “You know it’s no trouble, The bed
is big enough for both of us, and I’ve got an extra toothbrush and
nightie. Besides, I wouldn’t sleep all night worrying about you,
and here we both can rest comfortably with Sultan protecting us
Peggy White breathed out heavily once more, her radiant smile
showing itself for the first time since she’d frantically entered
the apartment. She set her purse on the couch beside her and said:
“I’m not going to refuse again, darling. God knows, I’ll be safer
in here with you tonight, and especially with Sultan, as you say,
to protect us …”
The big German shepherd heard his name spoken a second time
and raised his head to survey the two females. He studied them
both for a long moment, noting that his mistress’ face and eyes had
taken on an unfamiliar laxness, while hers of the midnight hair
were quickly beginning to appear the same. He listened to the soft
sounds of their voices, then changed his position so that he could
rest his head on the floor and watch them. The confusion which had
tensed him at first was no longer in the room, the quiet sounds of
their voices beginning to gently lull him toward sleep …
How or why Peggy had started talking about that side of her
personal life, Carol wasn’t sure, but she quickly found herself
more than a little intrigued, as well as pitying the obviously
passionate girl across from her. She listened intently to Peggy’s
intimate unburdening, as if she just had to confide the awful truth
in someone.

” I-I have to be loved, Carol … physically … sexually
loved,” Peggy whispered, her dark eyes reflecting her excitement in
the mere talking about it. “And … and this is another form of
Ed’s brutality. Knowing how much and often I need it … he denies
me … or at the very least, makes me beg him … sometimes on my
knees … and I have to say it the dirtiest way possible … like
… please fuck me, darling? Or, please shove your big cock up my
hot cunt … or, let me suck it until it cums in my mouth?”
“H-Has he always been this way?” Carol heard her own raspy
whisper, the curvaceous brunette’s candid revelations easily
rekindling the tingles in her belly that the young divorcee had
been experiencing before her buzzer had interrupted. She couldn’t
resist pursuing the rousing subject, and a much more relaxed Peggy
White, under the soothing influence of the bourbon, seemed just as
eager to discuss it.
“Oh God, honey, he was wonderful … for the first eight years
of our marriage! I couldn’t have asked for more in bed! He not
only has a big one … you know, long and thick and hard, but …
but he knows how to use it to bring out the most in a girl! God
… honest, he makes me cum like … like an earthquake! Not just
once, but five, six, seven times …! At least, he did … before
we came here. In San Diego it was beautiful, Carol. We were so
happy together. He had a good job with an electronics firm …
always came home after work … and we owned a nice house … Then,
he met some people from below the border, you know, Mexico, some
dark looking men who came to the house several times. The next
thing I knew, we were selling everything to come here! I wasn’t
asked; I was told! Overnight, he was a changed man. That … that
was two years ago … and here we are, right up until tonight!”
Carol swallowed tightly, Peggy’s uninhibited description of
her sex life like a bellows fanning the smoldering embers in her
own belly and loins. She thought of Jonny and his lovemaking, but
the memory of him was quickly brushed aside by the fresher memory
of her interlude with Sultan, and even the more mysterious wonder
of Mark Cannon. “The … the teenagers you spoke of, Peg … you
mean those young girls who are all over the neighborhood?”
“I mean those little two-bit bitches, sluts … cunts is what
they are, honey!” the shapely, dark-haired wife vehemently
exclaimed. “They’ll do anything to get enough dough for their pot,
or a fix! Only … only two days ago, I took Sultan with me
shopping. We came home in a taxi because I had so much to carry.
Ed wasn’t expecting me, and I found him on our bed with one of
them! She couldn’t have been more than sixteen, both of them naked
and going at it sixty-nine, you know, sucking each other!”
“My God!” Carol gasped, the other’s lucid description and
four-letter words spiraling through her in a wave of sensuous heat.
“Wh-What did you do?”

“Ranted and raved, of course, ordering the little tight-titted
pig out of there! But she could hardly have cared less!” Peg said
bitterly. “She was kind of cute in the face … all over, in fact,
with almost boyish hips, but full, white buttocks … long, dark,
straight hair, you know, streaming down her back, and the same
curly wispy-like hair on her pussy! Damn, I could hardly blame Ed
… and you know what she said to me?”
“Wh-What?” Carol asked breathlessly.
“‘Come on, Mama,’ she taunted me in a little-girlish voice,
‘Get naked and let me lick your cunt!'”
Carol couldn’t speak; her throat was too dry, as if it had
suddenly been swabbed with a ball of cotton. She drained her
glass, welcoming the wet relief. “And … and what did you say?”
she almost blurted.

“Well, for a moment, I just stood there staring at the
enticing little bitch while Ed laughed! ‘Come on, babe,’ he said,
trying to goad me into it. ‘We’ll have a real party! If Dottie
can eat pussy the way she sucks cock it’ll be a blast-off for you!’
And you know, honey, I almost did … I mean, it wasn’t going to be
the first time for me! A girlfriend and I when we were in high
school used to sleep together often, and licking pussy wasn’t new,
or disgusting. I was getting hotter by the second, but the fact
that Ed brought her right into our apartment and bed was too much!
I just began to cry … and the next thing I knew, she was gone

“Good Lord … what an experience!” Carol breathed, sensing
the moisture seeping warmly from between her swollen vaginal lips
and down against the thin sheer nylon of her panty crotch-band.
She squirmed down into the cheap chair cushion, welcoming its
pressured hardness against the wetly tingling softness of her
roused loins. She raised her glass to her lips only to remember it
was empty. “Sh-Shall we have another … and take it to bed with
us, Peg?”
The vibrant brunette, once more herself, looked with an
eyebrow-raised smile at her empty glass. “If you say so, darling.
I haven’t felt this good in months.”
Carol laughed, a thousand things racing through her incited
mind. She jumped up, took their glasses and tripped into the
kitchen area. Peggy was still talking in that low, seductive voice
of hers, but Carol wasn’t paying much attention as she poured their
drinks. Her thoughts were too filled with the sensual provocation
of her sexy neighbor’s lust-inciting admissions! She too had once
known a girl like that … Barbara Carter, from her old
neighborhood … but she’d never let her do it, and then Barbara
had moved away!
Carol sliced lemon for her own drink as she pictured the way
that girl Dottie must have looked naked with Ed White … her
small, rounded breasts, the swelling, teenage hips, the dark curls
spreading out enticingly between her thighs … damn, the mere
thought was like some sort of aphrodisiac … and that she didn’t
need! What was wrong with her tonight, anyway? Too much to drink,

“Y-You can use the shower first,” Carol said, handing Peggy
her drink. “Come on, I’ll give you a nightie.”
The older girl clasped the hand Carol held out, holding it
with an extra gentle pressure that didn’t escape the young blonde’s
notice. “I don’t wear anything … if you don’t mind,” Peggy
breathed warmly at her. “Carol … are … are you sure you want
me to stay?”
“Don’t be ridiculous! Of course I do! And … and I prefer
to sleep in the raw too!” the young divorcee almost gasped out.
“Now … hustle into the bathroom! I’ll follow when you’re through
Sultan watched them, on his feet now and following closely as
they walked toward the bedroom. He saw them separate, the midnight
haired one leaving the room while his mistress began to shed her
covering. He sat down to look closely, the sight intriguing him.
She would be all curved and white when she finished … like her
friend who had trained him well … but, no, she was putting
something over her, hiding the beauty he enjoyed looking at. Then
she picked up the glass and drank from it. Her eyes were not
normal. Her pretty mouth was pulled to one side. He whimpered …
“What’s wrong, baby?” Carol said, moving forward unsteadily to
reach down and pet her darling’s great head. God, she was drunk!
She was! And deliciously so! Oh darling, don’t hate your Carol,
but … but she just can’t help herself! It’s going to happen! I
know it is! And … and I want it to! It’s really going to happen

Peggy wore her bath towel around her, its upper ridge clinging
and hiding no more than the tips of her full, thrusting breasts and
dropping to her rounded, white mid-thighs. “Your turn, darting,”
she said, her liquor-glazed eyes flashing about the room as she
moved into it, every place but on Carol!
“I’ll only be a minute,” Carol said. “Make yourself at home,
Peg … hop in, or whatever. There’re some magazines there under
the night stand …”
In the bathroom, Carol removed her robe and stepped in under
the shower, wondering if she was losing her mind, or was there
about to be another sensational milestone to wind up this day?
Never in her whole life had she entertained more lustful thoughts
or feelings than those possessing her at that very moment! Was she
right about Peg? God, she was an admittedly passionate girl …
but did she really want to do it with a girl? How would she,
herself, react when and if it came right down to the very moment
…? Oh … she was so damned drunk she couldn’t even think
straight … and hot … like the teenage bitches … cunts,Peggy
had told her about!
Carol stared drunkenly at her own naked curves in the mirror
as she quickly dried off, her usual hedonistic sensations more
pronounced than ever. Yes … it was going to happen! She just
knew it was … Peggy White was out there waiting for her …!
She wore her robe back into the bedroom where Peggy lay
already in bed, her bikini-striped nakedness modestly covered by
the sheet drawn up almost to her chin. Carol saw her dark eyes
sparkling as she watched the robe fall away. Somewhat embarrassed,
Carol quickly slid into the bed beside her neighbor, not a word yet
exchanging between the two women. Her cheeks felt warm with the
little rush of b***d excitedly coloring them at her own momentarily
exposed nakedness before Peggy, and as she drew up the sheet, Carol
sensed the warmth of the older brunette’s soft arm beneath her as
she lay back on the pillow!
Wild impulses spread like firebrands through Carol’ desire-
infused young body as she felt the arm gently drawing her into a
cuddling closeness, Peggy easing over toward her, Carol’s face on a
level with the lush white mounds of the older girl’s voluptuous
breasts! Then Peggy’s other hand began to caress the crown of her
head, almost lovingly stroking her hair as she pressed Carol’s
unresisting face into the sweet-smelling resilience of her warm,
full breasts, their little hardened nipples like ripened cherries
ready to burst!
“Y-You have beautiful hair, darling … like golden cornsilk,”
Peggy whispered, the heat of her breath like a torrid cloud
floating down over Carol’s brazenly nuzzling face. “Yes … you’re
such a gorgeous beauty, baby … and Peggy’s going to love you to

Carol felt her own arm moving as if of its own volition, her
hand creeping over the soft, smooth flesh of Peggy’s slender waist
and around to clasp at the warm hollow of her back. Excitedly, she
embraced the older girl, prepared to give herself fully to this
unknown intoxication. She trailed her eager fingers over the warm
vibrant flesh of Peggy’s satin-smooth skin, returning to trace the
path of her rib cage upward, until she brushed over the softly
yielding ripeness of Peggy’s milk-white breasts against her face.
Carol heard her friend gasp at the sensitive contact, and she
raised her face, their eyes meeting to search into each other. She
stretched out her long legs then, pressing her naked body tighter
against the soft contours that molded so well to hers. Her hand
spread in a gentle cupping caress over Peggy’s firm, full breast,
her own chest heavily rising and falling beneath as she Pressed
against the brunette’s softly undulating belly.
“Oh … you luscious creature!” Peggy hissed hotly, breaking
their embrace. “Move up here onto the pillow and lie on your
Carol did as she was told, closing her eyes in feverish
anticipation. She felt Peggy’s soft hand move to the swelling
mound of one breast and tenderly grasp it, sending a thrill of
delight quaking over her waiting flesh. The sheet was brushed
away, and both of them lay nakedly exposed, while Peggy’s knowing
fingers danced like feather tips over Carol’s tingling body. They
caught at first one tiny nipple, then the other, rolling and
squeezing them with skilled delicacy, and the young blonde’s
sensuously aroused flesh began responding to Peggy’s blissful
erotic caresses.