The story of a woman’s busy and adventuresome sex life from mid-teens

She started in her mid-teens with an older brother who
satisfied her curiosity about why she got those
feelings between her legs. He was quite experienced
and quickly taught her the potential her pussy had for
pleasure but also the delicious feelings of good
foreplay and oral sex as well.

After a year or so of fucking at every opportunity and
developing her erotic skills, another older brother,
and then her younger one, found out and joined in on
the fun. Christi learned to focus on appreciating
whichever man she was having sex with at the moment.
The differences in their kisses, caresses, and fucking
styles made it all the more interesting. Because of
the easy access to three males, she experimented with
multiple partners both serially and simultaneously.
While that was very stimulating, she preferred one-on-
one as more satisfying.

She dated in high school but it was mostly social
since there was no need to “put out” as she got plenty
at home. She could concentrate on getting good grades
instead of being “boy crazy” like many of her peers.
She developed a deep enough friendship with a few boys
to welcome them between her legs on a long term basis.
She found out that she usually had to be their sex-ed
coach at first and had to ask a brother to take care
of her satisfaction after returning home.

That was a turnabout since she frequently prevented
blue balls after her brothers’ dates. The siblings
enjoyed telling the others about their sex lives,
especially when naked in bed together. With the common
bond of family and Christi’s cunt, the brothers were
not homophobic. They had often fucked in another
brother’s cum deposits so some brother-brother
touching or sucking wasn’t unexpected, especially if
Christi’s cunt was occupied or otherwise unavailable.

When she went away to college Christi got her needs
taken care of by a small stable of regular boyfriends.
She had learned to not let any one guy “own” her but
keep them competing for the goodies. Thus they were
more motivated to please her and she liked the variety
in lovemaking. She wouldn’t date a guy very long if he
couldn’t handle sharing her. Her brothers still got
laid by her on school breaks and whenever they came to

In her senior year she met her future first husband
Tom. He rocked her boat better than anyone before but
she made sure that he was well aware that it was “her
pussy” and she decided who would enjoy it. Even though
they fucked often, she would regularly spend time with
other lovers. When Tom next slid his cock inside her
pussy, Christi would ask him if it still felt as good
as ever, just to remind him how sexual she was.

He invariably rose to the occasion and fucked her
furiously as she told of her latest coupling. When it
became apparent that Tom, and their sex life, thrived
on her enjoyment of other lovers, she became receptive
to a more permanent relationship and they married
after graduation.

Tom not only accepted and enjoyed her fucking other
guys (and also her brothers when circumstances
permitted) but occasionally came up with scenarios to
make it even more interesting. One notable example was
the time Tom planned to get Christi fucked as many
times as possible in one day. The day started with Tom
having a quickie on awakening. After breakfast Christi
went to see lover “A”.

They fucked twice then she came home for a “lunchie”
with Tom. Then off to see lover “B” who she was able
to coax two cum dumps into her pussy from. After a
shower she then met lover “A” at a restaurant followed
by “dessert” (two courses) at his apartment. Arriving
home, Christi was greeted by a naked, well recovered,
and eager Tom. A gentle fuck, due to her wet and
rather tender pussy, finished off a very busy day for
a total of 9 cum loads.

Christi & Tom separated after about 8 years. All of
her life Christi was not very consistent or careful
about birth control yet never became pregnant. A
medical evaluation showed that she was highly unlikely
to have c******n. Tom really wanted c******n and that
drove them apart. After the divorce they still enjoyed
an occasional horizontal dance for many years even
after he remarried.

When I met Christi she was in her early 30s and I was
about 10 years older. If you think of the classic porn
star Christy Canyon with dark red hair above and
below, and blue eyes you have a good picture. We
clicked immediately. On the first “morning after” as
we lay in bed, she launched into her sexual philosophy
talk. She told me, “My cunt was designed to enjoy hard
cocks. I use it for that as often as I can. It’s my
style to have several men available to fuck at any
given time. I look for a few long term lovers, not one
night stands, and I enjoy each one as an individual.
If you want to have more of me, and I’d like that,
then you need to be ok with sharing.”

I asked her a few questions about her current
situation (two regular fuck-buddies) and my hard cock
soon gave her the answer she wanted. As we spent more
time together and Christi realized that her non-
monogamous sexuality did not threaten me as it had
many less secure men, she began to share more and more
of her past adventures with me. I marvelled that a
vagina that had welcomed hard cocks thousands of times
and received gallons of semen could still feel
practically brand new. Proof of the saying “you can’t
wear out a pig’s snout or a woman’s pussy”.

I wasn’t yet ready to hear the details of her current
“other men” though the idea of it was erotic enough to
stiffen my dick a bit extra while I was fucking her. I
had dated and had casual sex a bit since my wife’s
death and wasn’t a prude, but this was new territory
for me. In every way she was a delightful person but
I had no illusions that I could keep up with her
sexual needs singlehandedly.

When her apartment lease was up I suggested she move
into my house providing household help in exchange for
room and board. She accepted but with the condition
that she have her own room, thus maintaining her all-
important independence. She would now have sex with
her fuck buddies only in their beds, which she
preferred anyway so her partner would have to deal
with the wet spot. I have two boys, Bill 18 and Corey
16. They already got along well with Christi and were
getting used to her often being there in the morning,
so having a “mom” in the house was just fine. Actually
it would lighten their housekeeping chores.

As we settled into the new domestic arrangement
Christi was the model of discretion about her other
sex life. She would call me on the occasions when she
was going to be absent for dinner or the night. When
this happened I would usually find myself in bed that
night with a hard cock thinking about what she was
doing. We didn’t talk about it but I would usually be
extra horny & aroused the next time we fucked. One
memorable night she was out for the evening and I was
lying in bed with my usual hard-on when I heard her
come home.

She soon came into my room naked, reached out to feel
my erect cock, and without a word climbed in bed,
straddled me and took my cock fully into her cunt in
one stroke. I was getting “silky seconds” fresher than
ever before. A very short time later we both came, she
rolled off me, and we slept. That became the norm on
those evenings.

Christi patiently taught me that her rich and varied
sex life was no threat to our relationship. She
soothed my male ego and insecurity with her obvious
ardor whenever we coupled. Her gentle reassuring
discussions and demonstrations helped me to realize
how her sexual variety actually enriched our
relationship. I recognized that I was often extra
aroused when she had recently been fucked by another

Christi explained that was a natural male reaction
often referred to as “sperm competition”. A male wants
his sperm to compete with the others in the race to
impregnate. Even if there was not fresh sperm inside
her, she was a little bit “different” with each sexual
experience. This kept our lovemaking from becoming
monotonous. I was constantly reminded how sexy she was
and that kept my desire strong. We both reaped the
benefits of that.

The boys eventually noticed her overnight absences and
asked me about it. I told them that she was her own
person and I loved her enough to let her do what she
needed to do. My thoughts had begun running towards a
more formal arrangement, like marriage, and since I
already had two teenage sons, more kids was not an
issue in my life. When I mentioned the subject,
Christi quickly shot it down with the argument that a
wife with the sexual freedom that she needed would not
be a good role model for the boys. She said that she
had grown to love me and the boys but I should just
“enjoy the ride”.

Twice a year my job took me out of town for a few
weeks. The night before I left I was enjoying the
afterglow between Christi’s legs when she said that
there were two things she wanted to talk to me about.
The first was that if I had an opportunity for some
good sex during my trip I shouldn’t turn it down it on
her account. Fair is fair. The second was more
complicated. She had noticed that the boys did not
date and seemed to have little confidence around

My absence would be a good opportunity for her to
provide sex education and training that I hadn’t. With
a grin she added that she had not had two virgins
since her brothers. My cock went into overdrive and I
put a second cum shot as deep into her pussy as I
could get. Christi then reminded me that once they
were trained, regular practice would be necessary
until they found girl friends of their own…and even
then refreshers might be in order *grin*. An early
morning fuck sent me on my way with a lot of erotic

My evening phone calls were full of questions which
Christi answered very matter-of-factly. She had
developed a week-long curriculum with education
segments on female physiology and psychology, STDs,
birth control, and the law. Each day also had a
“hands-on lab” covering foreplay, oral sex, and
eventually intercourse. I left on Sunday and Bill was
scheduled to start on Monday. When Christi informed
him of the subject matter he was rather apprehensive
until she reassured him that I had approved. Then he
became an eager student! Corey was told that Bill was
receiving special tutoring and next week would be his

Friday was graduation and Christi spent Saturday
celebrating with one of her fuck-buddies. Corey became
a dedicated learner on Monday with Bill getting daily
sessions to improve his endurance, very important for
his partner’s satisfaction. After Corey’s graduation
Christy spent some catch-up time with her other fuck-
buddy and the next week started Corey on practice
sessions like Bill’s.

I arrived home the following Tuesday. Christi took off
the day from work and sent the boys away. She met me
at the door wrapped in Saran Wrap and a big red bow.
We didn’t make it to the bedroom…as quickly as we
could her unwrapped she was riding my rod and her
talented cunt was doing its best to extract all stored
up my male juices. Thinking about my cock stroking
where my two sons had recently been cumming made me
blast off in her so hard that it hurt.

After recovering consciousness, and before I could
question her, she asked if I had any fun on my trip. I
told her about the two enjoyable nights with the
middle aged female executive who supplemented her
marital sex life a couple of times a year, and which
her husband always looked forward to. Regarding the
boys, Christi was quite clinical and complementary in
her report which made it a little easier for me to
absorb the new family situation. She flattered me by
saying I had raised a couple of fine studs…and she
should know!

We all settled into our new sex lives. Bill practiced
with Christi on MWF mornings and Corey on TTS for the
next month. Evenings and Sunday were just for me.
After the practice sessions ended Christi told me that
our family was really all the sex she could handle &
needed so she was going to cut her fuck buddies loose.
They were feeling neglected lately anyway. The next
two Friday nights were spent saying goodbye to them. I
actually felt sorry for their loss. With no further
need for modesty at home, she encouraged us to reduce
the amount of clothes we wore around the house. She
enjoyed being nude in front of her three lovers.

Wiggling her luscious tits and ass, she proclaimed,
with a big grin, that she was enjoying being the
“house whore”. That kind of attitude, along with the
easy access afforded by her uncovered body, would
surely result in some spontaneous cunt visits by any
erect organ. She also confided to me in bed, always
the best place to have a discussion involving sex,
that when the boys returned from dates, she would
sometimes go to their room and ask them if they had
been laid. If not, she would offer a quickie so they
could get to sleep more easily. I’d bet they lied a
few times! It didn’t matter if she got off since I
would get to finish the job. I didn’t ask, but thought
about her busy pussy on the occasional night that both
boys had dates! My cock couldn’t tell if it was being
coated with one or two flavors of cum.

I reflected that she had developed her own moral code
of sex behavior. Even though she had several lovers at
any given time, she was not promiscuous. A couple of
group sex sessions arranged by her ex-husband helped
her decide that good sex for her needed 1) to be with
someone she could trust and 2) to be private. When she
fucked you, she fucked YOU. Even if she had been with
someone else shortly before, you got her full
attention and desire for mutual pleasure.

She loved nothing better than having an excited man
with his hard cock pumping deep inside her. When her
talented cunt brought forth the sprays of cock juice
on her cervix it practically guaranteed an orgasm for
her. I never got to watch her, although she knew that
I would enjoy it, and rarely heard details of her
other encounters. She never hid the fact that she had
been laid & knew that I enjoyed fucking her with a
pussy slippery with fresh cum. With two teen boys
around, that was now a more common occurrence.

A few weeks later Christi was sliding up and down on
my hard cock with her lovely tits swinging when she
asked me, “Now that I can no longer set a bad example
for the boys, is your offer of marriage still open?” I
hugged her to me as I shot my answer deep inside
saying, “Only if it doesn’t change our sex lives!” She
came with me.

It was a small ceremony with the boys and her brothers
as guests. The wedding night was spent in a hotel
suite where, after we consummated the marriage,
Christi got up, my cum trailing down her thigh, and
went to the bedroom door. As she announced that this
was a special, one-time, wedding surprise, she opened
the door to reveal her brothers and my sons, all as
naked as we were, waiting in the next room. Returning
to the bed with her oldest brother, Christi had me sit
up against the headboard as she lay on her back with
her head in my lap.

I had a perfect vantage point as each of the men, in
the order that she had first fucked them, opened her
nether lips with their mushroom cock crown and slid
inside to fill the bride’s familiar pleasure place. As
they withdrew on each stroke, I saw their shaft shiny
with first my cum and later the combined mixture.

She actively fucked them just as if they were alone.
Her words and cunt muscles quickly brought each to
climax. I was fascinated and caressed her breasts and
upper body as I watched them repeatedly pump their
cocks into her cunt and finally tense as they
ejaculated in her newly married pussy. She had to move
her head when my cock became hard with this wonderful
spectacle but that allowed her to turn and kiss it
when she wasn’t kissing the man in her cunt.

As each one finished they left with a kiss and a cock
squeeze from Christi and sent in the next one. Having
me watch their wedding night deposits was her present
to me! Between men I fingered her wet pussy, spreading
the abundant juice all over it and bringing some to
her nipples and mouth. After Corey shot his semen into
his new stepmother, she pulled me on top of her to
slip easily into her sopping love box. We made love
slowly on the huge wet spot, mixing the 6 different
cums with my cock until I added one more load. She
whispered, “I’ve never had that many different lovers
in a row or even on the same day. I am so glad we
could share this special time.” And then we slept for
a long time.

A two week honeymoon cruise had been booked with the
boys in an adjoining stateroom. In a manner of
speaking they had married her as well. The relaxing
atmosphere allowed lots of bed-hopping with long,
enjoyable sessions. Christi’s cunt was kept
continuously wet. With three of us hot for her bod,
and a wide open schedule, she may have equaled or
beaten her fuck record with Tom more than once!

Returning home, Christi moved into my room. Hers
became the guest room for entertaining her brothers
and ex-husband when they visited. She didn’t want
marriage to change her life TOO much. She still loved
them, after all. Family visits got very interesting
too. Her two oldest brothers were married, no
c******n, and their wives were aware of the family

When we visited each of them the sister-in-law figured
it was her chance for an expanded sex life. She bunked
Christy with the brother and herself with me. Of
course she had to “tuck in” the boys which took about
a half hour each. When she finally got to me she was
flushed, dripping, and extremely aroused. Of course I
enjoyed new pussy, especially when it was very hot and
wet. At breakfast the SIL commented that she had
fucked teens with that much vigor but few of her older
lovers had the technique or endurance of the boys.

I gave Christi full credit for their abilities. By the
time we left the SIL was busy planning the next visit
and Christi’s brothers later reported that they were
fucked senseless for a while after we left. The boys
were also eager for more of that good experienced
mature pussy. The two SILs were also talking about a
family reunion where they could have six cocks to
enjoy. They envied Christi’s cunt.

A couple of years before I met her, Christi had
started on the hormone implant to stop her menstrual
cramps. With all the changes going on in her life she
had overlooked the replacement notice. That wasn’t a
big deal because it took a while before her periods
would start again. However, at her 35th birthday
party, she addressed the small family gathering, “This
is my best birthday ever. I have people I love, a
wonderful sex life, and the best birthday present
ever… I’m pregnant!”

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