The Taking of Ali – Home Alone

Mike sat on the sofa in Ali’s apartment. He looked at
the clock. 5:45. Good. She would be home soon. In
anticipation, Mike undressed. His 9-inch cock was
already beginning to harden. Soon, he heard her car
in the parking lot.

Ali put her key in the lock and opened the door, step-
ping inside. She closed the door behind her and
entered the living room. She saw a pile of clothing
on the floor. It looked like man’s clothes. After a
moment of confusion, Ali’s jaw dropped as she realized
“Someone’s in my house!”

Ali turned for the door, but Mike stood before her.
Ali couldn’t believe the site of him. He towered over
her, his shoulders broad and chest full and wide. Then
Ali realized that Mike was naked. His cock thrust out
like the horn of a rhinoceros as he eyed her. Oh my
god, she thought, he’s going to r**e me!!!

Ali opened her mouth to scream, but Mike slapped her,
stopping the scream that was about to come out of her
mouth; sending her sprawling to the living room floor.
Ali struggled to her hands and knees and Mike lifted
her up roughly to her feet. He grabbed a handful of
Ali’s hair and kissed her on the lips.

“I want you, bitch.” He hissed at her.

“Oh, God, please no!!” She pleaded.

“Shut your mouth or I’ll hurt you real bad, you dig?”
He said as he gave her another little slap.

Ali wept quietly as Mike looked her up and down.

“Now, get up on the coffee table and strip.” He com-

“No! I wont!” She said.

Mike belted Ali with a backhand and she went flying,
landing on her back with a thud. She tried to get up
but the room was spinning.

Mike grabbed her by the hair and roughly lifted her
off her feet and onto the coffee table.

“Now bitch, Strip!!!” Ali had no choice. She started
to fumble with her blouse when Mike hissed at her “HEY,
easy. Nice and slow. And move around a little. Yeah,
baby, like that. Dance for me!!”

Ali was crying now, tears rolling down her cheeks as
she danced clumsily on the table stripping for him.
Mike sat back on the sofa and stroked his cock as he
watched her slowly undress. Finally, she was naked
except for her three inch heels. Mike licked his lips
as he eyed her from top to bottom.

She was unreal. Short, slim and shapely. Gorgeous
legs, small firm tits and a trimmed bush of pubic hair
around her sweet little pussy. Mike’s cock grew almost
painful as it reached its full 9-inch length and
achieved maximum hardness. He motioned Ali to come over
to him and she did, too afraid to argue anymore.

Mike dragged Ali to the floor, his hands running all
over her body, roughly grabbing her tits and squeezing
them. He put his lips to her firm nipples and sucked
each one deeply into his mouth. Ali pushed against
him as he sucked her tits, but she couldn’t budge him
one bit.

Mike ran his hands down Ali’s legs and grabbed her
feet. He slid her shoes off, exposing her small,
pretty feet. He licked at Ali’s feet, kissing her
arches and heels, and sucking each of her sexy toes
one at a time as Ali squirmed. He licked his way up
her calves and thighs and pulled them apart, exposing
her beautiful pussy. Mike stuck out his tongue and
dived into Ali.

Ali’s whole body jerked as Mike’s tongue scored a per-
fect bulls-eye, driving deeply into her cunt. Mike
lifted her ass off the floor to get a better angle as
he sucked at her pussy. He bit Ali’s clit and dragged
his tongue through her pubic hair. He ate her pussy
for a few minutes, and then kissed his way up her body
until he was in position to mount her.

Mike grabbed Ali’s face and kissed her, shoving his
tongue into her mouth. His mouth smelled and tasted
funny to Ali. Then, in horror, she realized what the
strange taste was. It was her pussy. Oh my God!!!
she thought, I’m tasting myself!!!” She wanted to

She felt Mikes cock press against the opening of her
cunt. Then, she felt him shoot his hips forward.

Ali cried out as Mike entered her. Her pussy was wet
from Mike eating of her, and his big cock slid in
easily, breaching her with one strong, slick thrust.
Mike positioned himself on top of her for maximum
penetration and then rammed forward again, bottoming
out in Ali’s cunt and thumping against her cervix. He
quickly got into a good rhythm, fucking in and out of
her with strong strokes that rocked Ali back and forth
on the floor.

Mike licked Ali’s face relentlessly as he raped her.
His tongue dragged across every inch of exposed flesh.
Ali’s cheeks, eyes, nose, forehead, were all soaked
with Mike’s saliva. She couldn’t get a break, even
when she turned her head away from him, he simply
buried his tongue into her ear, driving it in deeply,
grunting into her ear with each violent thrust of his

After a few minutes, she felt him start to stiffen,
and she knew he was going to come. He grunted out a
few last thrusts and then shoved into her all the way
up to his balls. Suddenly, he cried out as he shot

Ali felt Mike’s cock explode inside her, his sperm
flowing heavily into her womb. He shot again and
again, waves of sperm flooding her and spilling out
of her battered cunt and down the crack of her ass,
pooling on the floor between her body.

Mike called out her name as he came. “Ali, Ali, oh
baby!!!” he yelled, kissing her passionately. “Oh
yeah, Ali, yeah. Oh baby. I love you. I love you.”
His cock spasmed inside her for what seemed like an
eternity. Suddenly, Ali felt Mike go limp and he
collapsed on top of her.

Mike lay on top of Ali for a while, feeling her breath
against his skin, and listening to her crying. He nuz-
zled his face into her hair and kissed the top of her
head, his hand caressing her small finely shaped tits.
Finally, he got off her and began to get dressed. Ali
couldn’t move. She was completely defeated and humili-

Mike finished dressing and picked up Ali’s panties. He
gave them a sniff and then shoved them into his pocket
as a souvenir. He walked to the door and paused with
his hand on the handle, turning to her. “I LOVE YOU,
ALI!” he said and blew her a kiss.

Then he left, closing the door behind him.