The telling of a voyeuristic weekend spent engaged in carnal lust with the mother in-law and my wife

When we were a new couple, pretty young, 20 and 19, we
had an insatiable appetite for sex. Even having kids
very young did not slow down the wife and me. In some
ways, it made us more adventurous, trying to find time
to sneak away and get a little was an ongoing game. We
lived near our parents and so on occasion, we would go
camping together. This is the account of what happened
one week we went camping with my mother in-law.

We were staying in her small camper with our two kids
and my wife’s mother. She knew we were adventurous and
always hand our hands on each other. Young dumb and full
of cum they call it. One late evening, the kids were
fast asleep and we lay on the tiny fold down bed in her
camper talking. I was behind my wife and feeling frisky.

At some point I must have begun rubbing my hips against
my wife and it must have been obvious because her mother
noticed. Rather than make something embarrassing out of
it, she was real good at making it a fun joke. “Sheesh!
Yu two, why don’t you just go out and get that out of
your system” she said. My wife looked back at me, and
much to my surprise, she said “Ya, let’s do.” and jumped
up. I followed my wife out the little door of the

It was very cold that night and the prospect of going
out into the dark to freeze didn’t appeal to us much. My
wife guided me to the pickup, parked in front of the
camper, lit only dimly by the light of the big bay
window on the front of the camper.

We crawled inside the pickup and my lovely wife
proceeded to get naked. She encouraged me to pull my
pants and underwear off and put her head in my lap. My
wife sucked my raging hard-on in the pickup as I stared
off into the darkness. When my erection was sufficiently
hard she got on her knees on the front seat of the
pickup and waved her rear end at me. I didn’t hesitate
to get on my knees and sink my cock into her waiting
pussy. It wasn’t long before I found myself bucking back
and forth against her thighs. What a wonderful feeling.

That’s when she stopped pushing back against my hips.
“Look, look right now.” she said. I was too occupied
with my own pleasures to listen. “No, look, she’s
watching us.” I turned my gaze to the camper beyond the
bed of the pickup and sure enough, there was my wife’s
mother, pressed against the large bay window of the
camper watching me fuck her daughter. I paused for a few
moments, looking to see if she was really doing what she
was doing. Then I began moving my hips again.

I found myself turned on by the idea that my mother in
law was watching me, watching me have sex with her
daughter. I found myself thrusting harder and deeper,
trying to put on a good show. My wife put her head down
and her hand between her legs, enjoying the ride.

Eventually I couldn’t hold out, I buried my shaft in my
wife’s pussy and shot a heavy load deep into her pussy.
The whole event had really turned me on. We cleaned up
and went in to bed. Not a word was spoken about what had
happened, perhaps she didn’t really know what we were
doing or she was just worried about us. Who knows?

The next day, the kids went down for a nap and my wife
announced that her and I were going to go skinny dipping
in the natural hot springs that are right down the path.
This was a major part of the reason we stayed at this
camping spot. The warm sulfurous water was a delight
when it got cold. My wife and I gathered our towels and
headed for the springs, a small pool maybe 8 feet across
and only 4 feet deep or so. We stripped off our clothes
and jumped in the hot water naked, more than a little
horny from the night before.

We had just begun to kiss and fondle each other under
the water when my wife’s mother came walking up the path
with a swimsuit on and a beach towel under her arm. She
looked at us in the water, holding each other and said
“go ahead, it’s not the first time I have seen two young
people enjoying each other.”

My wife kissed me again before I felt her hand move back
onto my erection. We masturbated each other and kissed
for a long time. I was too scared to look at my mother
in law in broad daylight as I fondled her daughter.
Convincing myself she probably couldn’t see anything
anyway we worked each other up into a pretty horny
state. I had to have her.

“Should we just do it right here?” I asked my wife.
“Yes” I pushed my wife to the side of the hot springs
against a rock wall and put my hands under her legs.
Lifting her against the wall to the height of my hips as
I stood up. I inserted my hard dick into her pussy and
began to fuck her for real.

Her mother had to know what was going on now. She had a
great view of my buttocks and her daughter gets wrapped
around them as I thrust into her sweet pussy. The
electric thrill I got out of knowing we were being
watched as we made love was amazing, if not a bit
strange knowing it was her mother. My wife started
making little noises to go with the slapping splashing
noises of the water as we made love.

My wife held on to me with her arms as we fucked in that
hot water on a wonderfully sunny day.

Later my wife would tell me her mother watched us the
entire time from the other side of the pool. Sitting in
the water feeling the waves we made as we fucked.

That was the first time we ever had sex in the presence
of her mother or father, but it wouldn’t be the last.

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