The Urologist Sex-Examine

I turned 68 in December and retired. As many guys at my age we need to visit the Urologist on a regular basis; I started 3 years ago when my PSA became elevated. So every April and October I go to the office and get “examined”.

It doesn’t happen every time but more than a few of us can get erections from the stimulation of the prostate exam. Fortunately it didn’t happen to me with the male Dr. but the last visit was with his PA, a 30 something beauty. She was very professional and tried to not notice what happened and then assured me that is was common and not to worry about such things. She finished and we concluded the exam with most of my dignity intact.

Fast forward 6 months to last week. Another exam and the same beauty came in to the room. After the normal check list of questions for me she asked if I might have a little extra time to participate in a research study as I was in the target age group. The study was to see if a prostate massage might be a better way to provide erections than medicine, you know the little blue pill (there must have been an entry in the notes from before about my reaction). After qualifying me she did explain the methodology that was to be used. First, she would provide prostate exam and continue the massage until I achieved an erection that was adequate to initiate intercourse. How long that took would be on me to decide from past experience. After a relaxation period, the examiner would than stimulate the penis in the more traditional way, timing both methods. To confirm that I could still function, that time the examiner would continue to ejaculation and measure the quantity. This seemed all formal and sterile but underneath that façade, knowing she would be performing such things to me was way more than exciting.

Ms. Oh is oriental at about 5′-4″ with the typical black hair and about 34″ breasts, maybe a C cup. She was wearing scrubs but had a way about her exuding sexual attraction. Maybe it was pheromones or maybe just a type of woman I had never known, but I certainly was not going to say no to this. After signing a bunch of forms, she excused herself for a moment to prepare. One additional item that will become important, I don’t have problems driving at night as many retires do so I often can get into Dr. offices much more quickly by taking a late appointment. That was the case this time, it was 7:45 PM and I was the last person for the day.

It took about 10 minutes but she returned and asked if I was ready. Of course I was and she asked to have me assume the position over the exam table (you guys know what this means). I dropped my pants and did so. A moment later I felt her finger entering me and she quickly found the right spot. Of course I had actually gotten worked up some just thinking about her while I was waiting so it took about 90 seconds to get a noticeable reaction and I about 3 minutes in I indicated that I was as hard as I typically get. She asked me to get up and then measured my length and girth at 13 cm and 5.4 cm respectively. Not too bad for 68!

To go on to the next step I had to relax. She and told me to lay down exited the room to wait and dimmed the lights so help. It seemed to be way too long but she returned and I thought there was something different in her. I could not get a handle on it but she seemed a bit flustered, like this experiment was getting to her. So she again asked if I was ready and she commenced to lube up and took my member in her hands. It certainly took less than a minute with such massaging to get me hard but I was determined to be sure I was totally as large as I could get so we went on for another minute.

Then I told her “that’s it, I’m full size” so she stopped to get the tape measure. She fumbled around for a moment while I basked in the stimulation and knowing I’d be getting sweet satisfaction in a moment. It seemed to take a forever but then I felt her hand again but it wasn’t in the same position as before. I opened my eyes and found her straddling my legs and sliding my dick inside her. I know I was to have an ejaculation but this wasn’t in the ***********! Her body slid down until I was fully inside. She then told me “I am so horny doing this experiment by the book 6 times today and its just too much. I need you to cum with me”.

With that she took charge and slipped off her top (the bottoms were long gone). I saw those lovely breasts just shimming with her every move and I just had to hold them. She moved me in and out of her. Eventually she bent over so I could suck those soft orbs in and circle my tongue around the nipples which she apparently loved. It only took about 2 minutes before I felt her muscles contract around my dick and she started moaning. A moment later everything tightened as stiff as a board and she came hard. There was no controlling what she was doing, the orgasm took over. I was almost ready to join her but had the enjoyment of seeing this display of animal arousal. Then it took over my body as well and that tightness in my dick started pulsing hot cum inside her. I joined in making moaning sounds and had no control but to take a ride. 5 maybe 6 pulses of cum came out then it started to subside. She by then had collapsed on my chest, almost passed out but still a bit aware of what we had just done.

It took several minutes before either of us could do anything but eventually she pushed up a bit and off my chest. “Oh, Mr. Russell, I am sorry I lost my professionalism and did things I had no right to do.” I simply told her that “Ms Oh, you did things I will always remember and reminded me I can still be a sexual being with the best of them, it is I that should be thanking you”.

Well, we laid there for a few more minutes and then Ms. Oh took to cleaning everything up including me. That also felt soooo good but I was spent for at least a few hours by that point. After dressing she told me that we still hadn’t collected the sample so the experiment is not yet complete. “Would you be available next week for a follow up?” I told her that “you pick a time and place and I’ll be there”.

So the next experiment is at her apartment where she can do even more advanced tests. Wow, I might not make it though these tests but what a way to go.

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